If your house is anything like ours, there’s a lot of extra energy right now. My four year old and I are both very excited about the holidays, and the excitement naturally spills into our crafty efforts all season long. My husband is resigned to finding glitter on his forehead, and we can’t be bothered to put away the mound of felt on the rocking chair.

Luckily, we have Amber’s wonderful Kids Craft Weekly website, newsletter and holiday-themed books to fuel our craft fest. For a second year in a row we are featuring kid craft ideas for the holidays from Amber at Kids Craft Weekly and Cassi at The Crafty Crow (coming Monday). Let’s call it a tradition! You can find Amber’s intro plus Kids Craft Weekly holiday ideas from 2008 on our site. You’ll also want to browse through the incredible Kids Craft Weekly archives, and subscribe to the free newsletter.

Are you hoping for a very crafty Christmas? Do you have excited little ones too?

If you like the Kids Craft Weekly website and newsletter then you’ll love the books! This year, Kids Craft Weekly has two great holiday craft titles on offer. These 20-page full color printable books are emailed to you in PDF format so that you can print them out and get busy crafting straight away.

Christmas Craft is full to the brim with fun Christmas crafts that have been dreamed up especially for young children. It includes ideas for easy tree decorations, ornaments, gift tags and an all new section on crafty gift ideas!

Christmas Cards is the ultimate guide to child-made holiday cards. It has detailed instructions on how to make simple and fun cards, interspersed with images of inspirational cards created by the Kids Craft Weekly community.

You can buy Christmas Cards or Christmas Craft for $6 each or get them both for the discount price of $10. Amber is giving away both printable mini-books to ten lucky readers. Comment on today’s post for your chance to win!

Festive Boredom Busters
From Amber: I still remember that funny feeling that haunts a child in the period between the end of school and the start of Christmas. Desperate for distraction I would hover around my mother and tell her, over and over, how I had *nothing* to do. Sound familiar?

Well, consider yourself prepared! These fun and simple festive craft ideas from Kids Craft Weekly are a proven cure for even the most severe cases of the pre-Christmas fidgets. Remember to check out the free Kids Craft Weekly newsletter for more great ideas like these.

spacer Clothes Peg Placeholders

These cute trees are great fun for all ages and once your kids get started they will be unable to stop at one. Take advantage of this momentum and get them to make a tree for every table guest. They’re easy too. SImply cut out a tree shape from some cardboard. Paint or color the cardboard then pop a wooden clothes peg onto the base of the tree. Decorate using sequins or beads or whatever you have handy. They even look great just made from fancy card or colored in with marker pens.
spacer Scouring Pad Trees

Over at Kids Craft Weekly many of the most popular crafts are often those which re-purpose household items. This craft transforms a boring kitchen scouring pad into a fabulous holiday decoration. You’ll never look the same way at a scourer again! Start by drawing a Christmas tree shape onto the scouring pad. Then cut it out and stick in a whole collection of the fanciest brads (split pins) that you can find! To finish, punch a small hole at the top of the tree and thread through a ribbon so you can hang it up.
spacer Recycled Artwork Gift Tags

These great looking gift tags are as simple as can be. Best of all, they’re a great way to make use of some of the old artwork that every family has an excess of. All you have to get a selection of labels and stick them onto the old artwork. Cut around the outside of the label, leaving a border. Then punch a hole in the corner of the tag to thread with ribbon or string.
spacer Rustic Pastry Ornaments

When I’m busy cooking meals my children often want to get in on the action too. This craft has proven to be a great way to keep their hands busy while I finish off the dinner. I call it my pastry ornament sanity saver! You don’t need any fancy ingredients – just grab a sheet of frozen pastry from the freezer and while you’re waiting a few minutes for the pastry to thaw, open your pantry and put together a selection of nuts, seeds and other edibles to use for decorating. Cut out some pastry shapes with cookie cutters and then press the nuts and seeds into the pastry shapes. Use a pen lid to punch a hole in each of the ornaments before you brush with egg yolk and pop them in the oven until golden brown.
spacer Pipe Cleaner Wreath

Do your kids get happily absorbed in threading beads? There is no better time to take full advantage of this fact! Set up a basket of colorful beads and arm each child with some pipe cleaners. Show them how you can make a simple wreath by twisting a small loop in the center of the pipe cleaner and then threading beads on each side of the loop. When there is only a small amount of pipe cleaner still visible they can join the two ends firmly together, making a pretty wreath. Challenge older kids to make some different shapes.

Don’t forget, you can buy Christmas Cards or Christmas Craft at Kids Craft Weekly! Channel all of that excitement and energy into some crafty holiday fun.