I don’t know about you, but I’m currently wearing a pipe cleaner and bead bracelet/wreath a la last week’s kid craft post from Amber! There is a flurry of kid-related excitement here, with beads, yarn, frosting and more thrown in the mix. Today we have our second annual selection of crafty kid ideas for the holidays from Cassi of the beautiful Bella Dia blog and The Crafty Crow.

The Crafty Crow is a go-to source for every fantastic, crafty project idea that pops up for kids through the year. Cassi organizes featured projects by age range and topic, and offers up favorite book ideas too. Last year Cassi shared an introduction and selected some of her favorite projects for us; we enjoyed it so much we asked her to do the same this year. Enjoy!

spacer Brooches
These sweet brooches were made by kindergartners and would make a sentimental gift for a mother or grandmother.
Photo by Tiny Happy
spacer Weaving
No one will be able to resist making at least one weaving and this small size makes a perfect coaster for dads and grandfathers.
Photo by Full Circle
spacer Kanzashi Flowers
I think these kanzashi flowers would make a cheerful gift for a teacher or neighbor and they’re made from something you probably have around the house right now.
Photo by Filth Wizardry
spacer Felt Play Shapes
This fun collection of felt shapes would make a nice sibling or friend gift. Younger children don’t need to do any sewing, just the shapes would be good enough for lots of quiet play.
Photo by Origami Mommy

Keep the kids busy making holiday cards; they’ll have fun and be helping you out at the same time. Check here for lots of ideas on different cards to make. It’s easy to change the theme of the card by using holiday colors and symbols so don’t let cards that have been made for other holidays deter you!

spacer Embossed Cards
Some of my favorite cards include this embossed one at Art Projects For Kids (if you don’t have access to gold metal tooling try using the bottom of a tin foil pan).
Photo by Art Projects For Kids
spacer Silhouette Cards
These cards at Bethany Actually use the child’s artwork to fill in a silhouette…
Photo by Bethany Actually
spacer Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree
…And this Popsicle stick Christmas tree at The Joy Of Today could be attached to the front of a card and then removed by the recipient to be used as an ornament.
Photo by The Joy Of Today

Here are a few ideas for holiday crafting that children of all ages can participate in!

spacer Hand Print Reindeer
This adorable felt hand print reindeer will be a treasure for years to come.
Photo by Let’s Explore
spacer Giant Gingerbread Man
Set out all your crafty doo-dads and giant gingerbread man cut outs for a fun afternoon of crafting. Brush some areas with glue and sprinkle on cinnamon and other spices to make it extra sweet!
Photo by Jenny Harada
spacer Cereal Box Houses
I have to include my cereal box houses because we have had so much fun decorating them in different ways. Parents can make the houses ahead of time then let the kids take it from there. They can be painted, glued on and drawn on and then made into gingerbread houses, a winter village, gift boxes, and even gifts. I covered one with felt and cut out little felt decorations so it can be styled as a gingerbread house – lots of fun!
Photo by Bella Dia

Be sure to check out more great ideas at The Crafty Crow!