Free Fabric Friday

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We had technical difficulties today, so we’re keeping it short.  We have a lot of beautiful new fabric and patterns in the shop, including Bryant Park from Exclusively Quilters.   

Did you see Jennifer’s awesome Something Special Card + Envelope Tutorial?  Did you read about our contest?  Use the tutorial to make your own fabulous Valentine and enter to win a great prize! 

We’re busy preparing for a month of True Love on the blog. Do you have a Valentine-related tutorial you’d like us to feature in February? Email with the URL and any relevant information.

Tell us about something amazing you’ve seen on a blog lately.  You can include a link in your comment.  We’ll randomly select 5 people to win one yard of fabric on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

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455 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. It’s part of a Christmas set.

  2. mp3 says:

    Happy to have found it! Thanks!

  3. Scot Niez says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  4. Thanks for giving me good advice.

  5. Rubin Motyka says:

    Wow this is a great resource.. Im enjoying it.. good article

  6. Framkallning says:

    Hello, that was without a doubt an awesome post. I had actually been looking for a photo printing related post for a while now. Thanks! Is there a way to subscribe? because I can’t seem to locate the details anywhere.

  7. Barb Gibney says:

    When i read my sisters blog after arriving home from caring for our Mom since her accident, I realize too now that I am home from Mom’s just how precious my time at home and with my husband is…I so thank my husband and sisters husband for their understanding ways as we have spent more of the last 8 months away from home and them than we had ever in all the 30 + years of togetherness…

  8. Marcia W. says:

    Just saw Elizabeth’s Fabric Focus on this blog and want to try it…awesome idea…and I found your blog through the
    SEWN web site which I really like especially Sarah’s blog.

  9. jill says:

    Sewing fabric heart cards for valentines day over on the blog. Made
    Soo cute and super easy love,love LOVE them.

  10. Linda says:

    I really enjoy this blog. She’s a good egg.

  11. Deb says:

    I just discovered Check Out Girl Crafts…and loved everything I saw!!!
    What a sweet give-a-way….would love to win more fabric!!!

  12. Jonna says:

    The girls who are photgraphed on this blog….
    Are found and created this blog….

    A creative blog to inspire the sun loving soul! Both blogs are worth a look!

  13. faith says:

    i’m going to go with I can’t believe how quickly she gets through these quilting projects and with such a great look. definitely inspiring.

  14. angelina says:


  15. Angela says:

    This is a posting about why cooking schools don’t teach chefs how to cook without animal products. Not sewing related, I know, but I really like this.

  16. Sabra says:

    I can’t get enough of Craft Hope for Haiti. It inspires me and makes me cry looking through what people have donated and created for all those suffering to benifit through the proceeds.

  17. Jennifer says:
    I recently read this post from someone who is quickly becoming an online friend, and I can’t wait to try out the recipes for the oatmeal scrub and the avocado mask.

  18. Julie says:

    I just read a blog that is authored by a woman who uses army uniforms as a basis for her bags – and a business. She repurposes them by making them into bags, lining the insides with colorful fabric and making them stylish. I am so amazed!

  19. Jessibee says:

    I loved your mail organizer on your blog! I am always looking for easy projects that help me organize my house and my LIFE!! 🙂 If only it could help me chase around a toddler and newborn and get things done:) Thanks for all your great ideas!

  20. Kristin says:

    I love the improv pieced pillow at

    I definitely want to try my hand at some less planned quilting.

  21. Olelé says:

    Just found a lonesome glove matchmaking service!

  22. Denise says:

    The most inspiring thing I’ve read lately is about a blogger who just discovered her passion for drawing. . . I’ve been keeping creative by sewing and other handicrafts in my adult life. . .but I do recall a young me that was so moved by the act of putting charcoal onto a sheet of white paper. . . It’s making me want to put away the sewing machine for awhile and dig out an old sketchbook. . .

  23. Brownie says:

    I would like to make a lap top cover…several blog tutorials on how to.

  24. Jenne says:

    I loved the “stained glass” hearts on angry chicken. Gonna try to incorporate that into our homemade valentines

  25. Cookie says:

    This is not a new tutorial but it is new to me. I plan on making a 2 hour tunic as soon as I finish the dress I currently working on.

  26. Rochelle says:

    AllSorts is a blog I visit often because I love her little girl embroidery designs.

  27. Monica says:

    I really love the Paintbox Blocks (say that five times fast!) at Oh, Fransson! She really makes me feel like I could do them, and I’m not a quilter. Lovely colors, lovely designs.

  28. alison says:

    This is a crafty one. has anybody seen this gorgeous valentine wreath from Sew much ado? Beautiful!

  29. Annette says:

    The incredible outpouring of love and support that the quilting/crafting/sewing community has shown for Haiti Relief. The generosity of items to be auctioned off as well as the generosity of people’s pocketbooks. It’s a beautiful thing!!

  30. sharon says:

    I would like to reccoment Kellie Wulfsohn’s blog Don’t Look Now. She has great unique tutorial for Josephs Coat quilt. Also she has another tutorial for one of her gorgeous pillows. See her at Really great site and inovative, fun things to make, thanks sharon.

  31. Christine says:

    The rate at which some items sold on CraftHope for Haiti!

    I WATCHED them disappear! they would come across in the posting and the whoosh! they’d be gone….all buying or donating to help.

  32. Christina Davis says:

    I just discovered a link to an awesome contest over at It encourages you to pass on your love of sewing to someone else, and you both could win a Janome machine or sewing supplies. I thought that was a really neat idea.

  33. Deirdre Rozowski says:

    I am very excited to try the sew mama sew card & envelope. I don’t read a lot of other blogs — too many kids and sewing projects!

  34. Jen says:

    My favourite indie designer, Keyka Lou just put out a new pattern. I’m very excited to make it!

  35. Mary Margaret says:

    Wow! I’ll enjoy going through this list of fabulous blogs for a looooong time! Right now I’m lovin’ Jennifer’s Something Special Card and Envelope tutorial Right Here! Thank you again!

  36. Amanda says:

    I am in love with Boo Dilly’s work quilts.

  37. Beth T says:

    I’ve been following the incredible journey of a family with two children waiting for combined kidney/liver transplants. A little over a month ago, their two year old daughter (who was more gravely ill) received her transplant, through the supreme caring of a family whose five year old daughter had died. The blog is “Give Hope to Benson and Claire” and here is a link:

  38. leigh7911 says:

    I think the money raised by Crafthope for Haiti is beyond amazing. So much work, but worth it!

  39. JJ says:

    I love these little house pillows from:
    They look fun and easy to make!

  40. becky says:

    I saw a great article on getting my sewing groove back on.

  41. Michaeleen says:

    A Hound Dog Hoodie. So cute and the model is just adorable!

  42. Kirsten says:

    Crafthope’s Etsy auction raising over $20000 for Haiti. Awesome!

  43. Sherri I says:

    The Craft Hope for Haiti has to be one the most amazing things out in blogland right now. Crafters are very caring!

  44. renee says:

    I’m fixing to make these ( for my lanky 2 year old. The 24 months are high water and the 2T are too big in the waist. I have tons of jeans hanging around but I’ll have to make my own waist band.

  45. Megan says:

    So this may be very silly, but I always appreciate a good laugh in the middle of a long week. January 21st was Squirrel Appreciation Day (my favorite animal… a very contentious choice) and Cute Overload ( had a little post to celebrate. They always satisfy my cuteness sweet tooth.

  46. wendy says:

    I love all the free-motion quilting help that can be found here:

  47. Lauren says:

    I just discovered this quilt binding tutorial at Oh, Fransson. It’s endlessly useful and shown in amazing detail. Mitered corners, here I come!

  48. Lainey says:

    LOVE the dying technique here…have to try it for myself!

  49. JJ says:

    I love these little house pillows from:
    They look so precious and fun to make!!!

  50. Megan W. says:

    A recent post I read about an ER nurse and her re-telling of a recent experience. It was about an older man and his wife who was fighting alheimzers. She recounted how watching the couple really showed her what true love was about — it defininately left my eyes misty.

  51. Beth Ellen says:

    I love the string spool quilt on Freda’s Hive–there is even a tutorial that makes it so doable and easy. I want to make one of these for my own bed, as soon as I get thru the pile of projects I already have going!

  52. alison says:

    I saw some handbags that I loved on Flickr and clicked on this blog

    Even though I can’t read the language she writes the blog in the pictures are wonderful and so inspiring!

  53. Jackie Davis says:

    I saw this quilt top and loved it and a I looked at it more I saw how simpleit it. Of course it doesn have applique, but i can learn. Just love it, with spring coming and all!!!!

    Isn’t this cute?'s+retreat+%232+003.JPG

    A close up's+retreat+%232+004.JPG

    from this blog post:


  54. Lindsey says:

    I just read a woman’s blog who had lost 3 children in the past 15 years…her faith in Jesus Christ and her joyful spirit were amazing in light of her difficulties.

  55. Sherrie says:

    While this may not be extremely amazing, I have been fascinated by this for the past couple of days. Perhaps obsessed is a better word. 🙂

  56. Nicole Lamb says:

    I have seen some AMAZING projects on
    She makes all kinds of furniture…and makes it look easy!

  57. Elizabeth says:

    The most amazing thing I’ve seen on a blog recently is this nice Jewish girl from an Ivy league university in NY working with a non-profit group in Boston and a Christian home-schooling family in Virginia to save the life of this little boy in a mental institution in Eastern Europe. Incredible legitimate story of a group of people trying to find a home for this adorable child. You must check it out.

  58. Stacy says:

    I saw this skirt and knew immediately that I need to make one for my little one! Now, off to dig around in my “repurpose this” pile to find fabric.

  59. Jennifer S. says:

    I love this blog, you are on my daily read list! I especially love your theme months. As a new sewer you have lots of tips and tuts. that make like great. i can’t wait to have enough scrpas to make something from your scraps month!!

  60. I always find Kellie’s creations amazing. Just amazing.

  61. Lisa H. says:

    I adore Bakerella’s craftiness with baked goods!

    Here she made some snowmen cake pops:

  62. Adeline Lim says:

    I love these batik dresses

  63. Colette says:

    I am thinking ahead to Easter and filling my dd’s basket… I decided after seeing this absolutely adorable “Semi-fantastic Mr. Fox” by Bird and Little Bird to make him in red and put him in her basket along with the book “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl and some other foxy goodies. She sells pre-cut kits in her Etsy shop to make it super easy!

  64. Sarah Lorde says:

    no so much sewing related, but definitely crafty & organizational.

  65. This doesn’t fit with sewing (although I LOVE the inspiration on this blog) but the other inspiration I found was a way to help children in Haiti at

  66. Jessica T says: I love this WIP at 2 hippos, a selvage string quilt, brilliant!

  67. Tamera says:

    I love this mini album stand made by KMcKay Designs and featured on U Create today.

  68. Elizabeth says:

    I love the fabric on TV link! But also check out Feed Your Soul: the Free Art Project if you’ve never seen it. I love the idea–if only I could make some of this into fabric!

  69. Amy says:

    This post today makes me want to learn to sew clothes! (and draft patterns so that I can make clothes that look this neat!)

  70. Shalinds says:

    I loved the idea of taking ordinary objects or collections and creating art. I have a collection of vintage recipe booklets and have been looking for a great idea to use them.

  71. megd says:

    I just found this woman’s blog:
    i am blown away by her photography and honesty

  72. joy newman says:

    I love this typewriter-inspired piece of art. It’s on my to- do list:

  73. Pam says:

    Peppermint Candy Apron from the Tie One On blog….

    So cute! Makes me in the mood to sew again! 🙂

  74. lisap says:

    At the beginning of the year, Autum at CreativeLittleDaisy blogged about choosing one significant word as a resolution. i was inspired to choose the word COMPLETE as mine, and what is amazing is the difference it has made in my life, and most of all in my sewing and designing.

  75. Emily says:

    I love the snow globe shirt tutorial over at Lil Blue Boo. Super cute! Se it here:

  76. Val Miller says:

    This is hard … since I see cool things every day = but the coolest thing I have seen lately is the new fabric line by Keiko Goke. I can’t remember where I saw it for the first time .. but I know I need to get me some.

  77. Vivian says:

    Wonderful recipe for us Low carber’s! Healthy Crunchy Snack Bars! These are a staple in my house! I love all of Lauren’s recipes and she is a college student! 🙂

  78. dana says:

    I saw a blog where the author had vowed to try something new…..and then did. over and over.

    Just little things, but something new….it was inspiring

  79. I was just on a site that had a really nice fabric basket. I had never thought about wrapping cloth around cording to make a rug like that, lots of possibilities.


  80. Andrea says:

    I’ve been reading several blogs written by folks doing relief and rescue work in Haiti (I got connected through Erin of House on Hill Road). Amazing doesn’t begin to describe it… The people of Haiti are a strong, gentle, resilient people who love and care for one another with generosity when they have little or nothing. The media reports focused on a few people who have stolen in desparation do not reflect the true spirit of the Haitian people. Thanks to everyone who has donated through CraftHope, YarnHarlot, and all of the many other crafters’ sites that have joined hands and voices in support of these good people. Let us hope that this is a turning point in Haitian history, and that hope and peace bless this land henceforth. Kenbe fem.

  81. San says:

    One of my favorite blogs written by Penney, a gracious and generous crafter who got me started crafting with a purpose, and answered all my questions on blogging and etsy. She posted just this week, a darling tutorial on making a fabric cat house! So cute and engaging, check it out on link below. I think she has lots of great ideas on her blog, make sure you point your readers to her. I hope I can learn from her style and kindness…we all can!

  82. Amy says:

    My sister has the most amazing life story! She amazes me every day!

  83. This is what I saw today that is awesome:
    I’m heading to Dallas to see it (sometime). Great inspiration.

  84. alli b says:

    one of the things i’ve seen lately that looked fantastic was here:

    I really want to try to do something like these with fabric. Just need to get going on it 🙂

  85. ara jane says:

    i love what ashley did with the little folks voile. such a simple pattern, but it looks so soft and cheery and makes me want to make something with this lovely new range right now!

  86. amy manning says:

    I’m assuming your own blog doesn’t count? Well, I’ll mention it anyway because I am new to the blogging community and am just now starting to get information posted.

    One of my projects in my near future is this incredibly creative mini quilt:
    Except that I won’t be making a quilt, I will try to make a curtain.

  87. Jena Clare says:

    hmmm… I think I put the web address in the wrong spot! doy! Here it is:

  88. Jena Clare says:

    I thought this was so fun that I want to sew it onto everything… pillows, little girl dresses, framed art… My project lists are forever never ending! I hope others can enjoy working on this applique (that’s perfect for scraps) as well! 🙂

  89. liz says:

    made by rae did valentines garland. maybe it’s not “amazing” but i’m sewing my first ever quilt and need to pause for a minute (and do something EASY) before my brain explodes from all of the geometry. her garland uses heather bailey’s new felt and is so springy and cheerful. my daughter will think it’s fabulous.

  90. Sophia says:

    I LOVE all the fabrics in the Vera Collection. My mother recently adopted a child and this yellow and blue floral would compliment her skin and eyes beautifully. If I don’t win I may just have to buy some for myself!
    Its absolutely gorgeous!

  91. Rosa in Antipodes says:

    The fabric envelope and card is sensational! I loved it!

  92. Already planning my holiday crafting from my lists made from all the handmade holiday lists.

  93. Kami Mandell says:

    Okay I had to go back and find this I know it’s not quilting, but I love it anyway.

  94. Debbie says:

    Oh, I was totally amazed by this 6 year old who sewed her own dresses!

  95. Katie Holeman says:

    Talk about dreamy! This makes me want to redecorate my house!

  96. Emily S says:

    It’s not fabric related – but i’m excited to try the mini bunting birthday card found on How about Orange.

  97. Denise says:

    I am so in love with the rag quilt purse that Chic n’ Scratch posted on her blog…. so super cute…… and then I saw that Patty’s Stamping Spot did a few purses up along with some very
    adorable fabric flower pins… of which i am so anxious to try to make!
    (i have tried to attach the links but can’t get it to attach)

  98. Kelli says:

    Vicki from SewInsprired is doing a darling Simple Squares Quiltalong 🙂

  99. Heidi says:

    This link to improvised life free ebook on what matters most has been the inspiration to my new year and a new outlook!

  100. Katherine says:

    These are so cool looking. And great inspiration for some sewign projects.

  101. Wendy D. P. says:

    I’m loving the paint box quilt on Oh Fransson! Another project to add to my list!

  102. Kailynn says:

    I have a friend that wrote about drinking some hot chocolate that her husband brought home from work to keep her warm. She thought it tasted kinda funny as she finished the last drink from the little straw. When her husband saw her straw he laughed like crazy! Come to find out she had drunk the hot chocolate using one of those WD40 straws that accidentaly got left in her husband’s bag near the hot chocolate!

  103. Elly says:

    I saw these amazing pictures today of a dress made out of cake! (not quite sewing-related, but still wonderful)

  104. Krista says:

    I like this blog by Leah Day. I am loving the daily free motion quilting designs and the videos that go with them. I esp love that they indicate a difficulty level as I am just learning free motion quilting.

  105. Elizabeth says:

    That makes me want to have a little girl so that I can play dolls with her!

    As far as V-day tutorials, any gifts for guys that can be sewn up would be awesome (and fabrics that are manly)! I’m always at a loss for things to make for my husband!

  106. Sara says:

    I have to say – the best thing I saw recently – was that great card and envelope you had on here. I’m wild about it…

  107. Georgia N. says:

    Hey there! Happy TGIF! I thought this craft was really cute that I found on blog that I follow:

    Enjoy! And I’ll cross my fingers to be 1 of the 5 to win the material – I love it this week!

  108. Autumn says:

    This girl has amazing food on her blog:

  109. Celeste says:

    This is a beautiful way to spruce up an old side table using sheet music (or another pattern of choice). The end result is so pretty and I can’t wait to try it on my own.

  110. Deb Cameron says:

    Ooops, that was meant to be ‘How does she’…

  111. Deb Cameron says:

    There are soooo many great blogs and free tutorials out there, it’s hard to pick – the blogosphere is full of talented and generous individuals and I love them all!!!! So, with that in mind I though I would keep in the Valentines theme and post this cool link to 11 free valentines card ideas from ‘How She Does’ too much fun!!!

  112. Betsy Madsen says:

    I saw on “Like Mother Like Daughter” where Leila made the prettiest little boy quilt and showed how she had used bible scripture on some quilts she had made in the past. Such a nice addition to a special gift!!

  113. Alisha says:

    I love this tutorial for Love Birds:

  114. Sian says:

    I’ve seen maybe a million things that I love an various blogs. I love all the ideas for reusing materials/thrifting. Fits my budget right now!

  115. Susan says:

    I enjoyed Rachel Cox’s Mountain Baby Blanket Project. It’s got me wanting to be more organized with my time to participate!

  116. Monique says:

    I think this is the cutest DIY ironing board cover ever!

  117. Kim says:

    I’m loving the Paintbox Quiltalong at Oh Fransson:

    I can’t wait for the next installment. I’m living vicariously through her paintbox quilt.


    I just thought this was so cute! You could use fabric scraps too small for anything else instead of paper too.

  119. Jess says:

    I’m in love with the window treatments on this weeks “so you think your crafty” contest

  120. I think that I have over 200 blogs that I RSS feed/subscribe to! I look at all of them daily! I see so many things that are AMAZING:) I just saw my card featured as the CHIC of the WEEK! That was awesome–it totally made my day:)

    Have a great weekend!

  121. Alisha says:

    This looks like a fairly simple pattern…but I loved how cute the bibs turned out. Can’t wait to try it myself!

  122. jessica says:
    I love all of the creativity here – so unique, the combination of fabrics, paint, clothing. everything from paintings to children’s clothing.

  123. Ellen says: I love these pincushions that Pink Penguin has been sewing, they are so bright and cheerful (not to mention a brilliant use for tiny scraps).

  124. Jill says:

    I’m loving this blog & her projects:

  125. Patty says:

    I was just reading a tutorial on how to make a dolly quilt. It was quilt as you go and looked so fast and easy that I’m going to make mone tonight.

  126. Serena says:

    I’ve seen so many wonderful things on blogs lately! One of them actually made me want to make yo-yos, something that always seemed too fiddly before:

  127. Janelle says:

    My goodness! This is such a wealth of wonderful blogs! I just added at least 4 new ones to my google reader. Here is a nice little gift to make for a baby boy – a onesie with a tie:

  128. Ellen says:

    I love the blog She’s got great quick projects for kids, the home, and some awesome clothing refashions too!

    My recent favorite:
    I can’t wait an excuse to make this little car caddy for some lucky friend’s baby boy. What a great toy for church meetings!

  129. MrsNehemiah says:

    this article on how the British used Monopoly to give captured POW’s a “get out of jail free” card was pretty amazing

    Mrs N

  130. Anya T. says:

    On blogs I’ve seen some amazing Modern Quilt Guilds being formed…Thanks for the chance!

  131. kathleen says:

    just read how to make 4 stacking fabric boxes, and how to make a neck warmer filled with organic flax seeds! Would really be fun to win fabric!

  132. Alison says:

    pumpkin risotto! looks so good and in season!

  133. Amber says:

    A tutorial and reminder that I need to get my car organized (this isn’t a recent post, but something I came across recently)!

  134. Stephanie says:

    I love the nursery that this girl created… especially the adjustable crib skirt that will always “kiss the floor” even when you lower the mattress as the baby gets older!!

  135. Sarah says:

    This particular blog about craft organizing helped me a TON recently. She posted several times about organizing and decluttering (as did many other blogs this month), but for some reason…this one got me moving and my crafts are all organized (and most of my house…which is quite an amazing feat because I am one of the most disorganized people I know).

  136. Jenny says:

    I thought this picture was so amazing! Isn’t it gorgeous?!


  137. cinzia allocca says:

    I have to commend Jennifer from for always supporting indie craftspeople. This week especially, I think she should be recognized for rallying artisans to donate goods for an auction to raise money for Haiti. Thanks, Jennifer!

  138. KathlenM says:

    I recently found a link you had posted to tutu t-shirts for little girls. I made three for my neice (3 yrs old). they were an instant hit, she’s going through a serious princess phase and actually had trouble deciding which to wear first.

  139. wendy says:

    I loved reading about how to make a bunch of different embroidery stitches on futuregirl’s blog!

  140. i am fascinated by colorspectrum quilts, and i just stumbled across this one…
    so beautiful!!

  141. Annie says:

    Here’s a cute idea I found on a blog to make some easy to clean chair cushions for a dinning room table:

  142. Sonja says:

    I love checking out Green Bag Lady, she has great ideas. Fabric bags for gifts (reusable). Now produce bags! Making them now.

  143. erin says:

    I’ve fun across FAR too many amazing blogosphere finds this week (Haiti fund raising efforts, refashions that blow my mind, healthy recipes that make my mouth water…). In the spirit of Free Fabric Friday though, I thought I’d share this week’s prettiest find. 🙂
    A friend helping with a lovely young lady’s wedding came across this and is planning on using it as an inspiration for her shower invites. Isn’t it incredible??

  144. Stephanie says:

    Not a tutorial, but I’m truly amazed at Elizabeth’s quilt donation (from oh, fransson) to CraftHope for Haiti’s etsy shop. And the fact that it sold in less than 5 minutes. Now THAT is amazing!

  145. Linda says:

    Hi, I got side tracked checking out all the wonderful blog recommendations. I found quite a few I’ll go back and visit. I especially liked the Valentine Wreath at One Pretty Thing, more valentine ideas at The Long Thread, the canvas tutorial at Joy’s Hope, and the phoebe bag at Artsy Crafty Babe. I also agree that the folks at Craft Hope are pretty amazing.

  146. susan hwang says:–1.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+blogs/Otkg+(Oh+Joy!)&utm_content=Google+Reader

    i saw these colorful objects and it made my day because i’m ready for spring! its supposed to be 43 degrees this weekend.. i’m getting hopeful!

  147. Teri says:

    The thought-inspiring posts on are not all crafting/creative ideas, but insightful and entertaining nonetheless.

  148. Ann says:

    Photos of a big sister loving on her baby little sister. Nice to see such love and joy in the world.

  149. Emily B says:

    I read this lately:
    and am crushing on the cuteness!

    (I didn’t want to be too self-referential and post this, but I LOVED the spring ruffle top tutorial that I came across on Sew, Mama, Sew recently!!!)

  150. nikkapotamus says:

    A baby seat cover. It was posted at exactly the perfect time for me, as my 6 week old was getting tired of riding in his car seat with only a blanket thrown over his head. Now he can ride in style!

  151. christine says:

    Jess over at has the cutest felt food. I have really enjoyed following her crafty blog.

  152. Laurel says:

    Simple Mom posted about her Daily Docket today. Love the Pocket Docket (free download!).

  153. Sheila says:

    Kaffe Fassett Collective Apparel Fabrics. Includes Brandon Mably Corduroy!!!

  154. Bonnie says:

    OK, this is a little old and not fabric related, but it is kind of crafty and it totally blows my mind…love this photo arrangement in the home (from some pro photogs):

  155. Liz says:

    I’m really loving Sew Liberated new baby carrier.

  156. Emily says:

    The coolest thing I’ve seen on a blog recently (which I saw on several blogs) was the link to join a local “modern quilt guild”. I’ve been looking for local modern sewists for a while – which being that I live in a big city should be easy but it wasn’t! Now I can meet some new and local crafters!

  157. Mandy Jordan says:

    I just saw a beautiful quilt on a blog that I am really inspired to make. I’m trying to build up a good fabric stash for it!

  158. hands of gold says:
    love how her clothes matched her quilt!
    she has great info for dyeing…

  159. Camille says:

    Love the idea of taking tights that your girl outgrew and turning them into adorable knee high socks just in time for spring!

  160. leah says:

    it’s not sewing related –
    but in a way it is . . .
    we all have to help the people of haiti…

  161. Charis says:

    This is not sewing related, but I love this wall and I’m currently replicating it (with robin’s egg blue) in my laundry room.

  162. Paige says:

    This toy washing machine from Knock Off Wood looks like the perfect thing for my son who insists on putting everything inside our washing machine (i.e pacifiers, empty bottles, bowls, etc.). I might have my husband tackle it soon!

  163. Shaz says:

    I like Laura Wasilowski’s blog, and she’s been busy dyeing thread lately, and giving away lint. Her work’s amazing and always brightens my day. 🙂

  164. Kathleen says:

    Looking for a fun Valentine’s project? Check out these adorable patchwork fabric hearts with free tutorial and downloadable pattern. Me and my two teen age daughters made a bunch of them over the weekend but instead of filling them with lavendar, we filled ours with polyfill. Very fun to make!

  165. sus says:

    i love everything on this blog:

  166. Kim says:

    I’ve always wanted a dress form, but they’re so darned expensive. I found a tutorial on Etsy for a duct tape dress form, but this is so much classier…

  167. Jon says:

    Holly over at CHEZBEPPERBEBE is hosting a Kindie Gardin Plushie give-away.

    I love the idea of turning a child’s artwork into a tangible item.

  168. Jenna Z says:

    I saw this amazing pattern for a felt Valentine banner:

    I LOVE the color combo of white, red and purple!

  169. Deb says:

    The neatest and most amazing thing I have seen lately is Craft Hope for Haiti,


  170. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been enjoying the sales and giveaways at the Fabric Family Fun blog this week 🙂

  171. Leigh says:

    I found Craft Hope’s fundraising update absolutely beyond amazing!!!

  172. Meredith says:

    The coolest thing I saw on a blog recently would have to be all the amazing craft work going to help those in Haiti. So it’s nothing specific, but I find it very inspiring that so many people can pull together through crafting and blogging to help someone else.

  173. Sandi says:

    I love this cat house from sewtakeahike: (I found it via

  174. marie says:

    I’ve been searching for inspiration, so these posts are just the ticket to finding something new. Pioneer Woman has been running a sunrise/sunset photo contest and the images are smashing!

  175. Keilah says:

    I love Skip to My Lou, she is crafty and thrifty. She made a Burlap Heart Wreath. Pretty Cute.

  176. Tegan and Tage says:

    I think everything going on at Project 320 is pretty amazing!

  177. Cheryl says:

    Victoria did a series on colour questions that was a lot of fun. Some good opportunities for self-reflection.

  178. I’m totally digging this cat house tutorial from sewtakeahike ( Not that my cat would stoop to using something I *made* for her…

  179. Marie-France says:

    Hand-shaped soap! , found via

  180. Melisa says:

    I think the most amazing thing I’ve seen lately is this post by 30 And Quilting: At the beginning of 2009, she set the goal to learn to quilt. She completed about 12 full-sized BEAUTIFUL quilts, gave most of them away…and she has a toddler in the house!! THAT is amazing! :o) And inspiring!

  181. Kate says: – she inspires me to work on my niece’s landscape quilt.

  182. Ariane says:

    A link to a post about growing 100 lbs of potatoes in 4 square feet on Cheap Like Me… I didn’t think you could get such a yield.

  183. carrie says:

    This play kitchen tutorial has been super-inspirational–we’re in the process of painting ours up now!

  184. Mary says:

    I love this mini bunting birthday card:

    I think it is amazing b/c it is such a simple idea that I never would have thought of!

  185. Mama Lusco says:

    I just found some great tutorials for curtains and valences over at Seven Layer Studio.

  186. Kelly Smith says:

    I wish I could remember where to find the link (and give credit where credit is due) I stumbled across a cute blog the other day where the blogger would have her children draw/create an animal or character on paper and then she would turn it into a softy. They were beyond cute. such a great idea.

  187. Sara Hemmeke says:

    I’m always inspired by the vibrant colors and creative photography over at

  188. Brina says:

    I loved this sense of accomplishment in this post this week…simple things in life. Beautiful quilt with my current favorite fabric right now!

    thanks for a chance

  189. Katie says:

    This shirt is so pretty—I need to make one of my own! Via Craft Gossip:

  190. stephanie says:

    not really a fabric craft, but Ana White’s blog – Knockoff Wood – is AMAZING!

  191. Alisa says:

    I absolutely love the beautiful pillow cases with crochet trim made over at Rose Hips blog. The color and delicate crochet work are simply stunning.

  192. katarzyna says:

    I love the idea of turning pretty buttons into jewelry.

  193. Kadybug says:

    I love the fabric stitched on paper for valentines that were shown on:

    I was thinking of combining these with the envelopes that your site featured.

  194. Zina says:

    I totally love the quilt she made on this blog.

  195. LeahD says:

    I have been searching for a fabric stamp pad without success, but foolishly did not think to make my own.

    This lovely tutorial shows you how!

  196. Kelly says:

    Princess Lasertron has a great tutorial for making cute Valentine’s folders:

  197. Heidi Monkey says:

    I saw these and was really inspired to try some more quilting myself!

  198. Missy Knight says:

    Everyone should take a look at As of today they have collected and sold handcrafted items and have raised over $20,000 for Doctors Without Borders to assist Haiti. The blog is really wonderful and crafters of all kinds should take a look.

  199. Stacy says:

    The Etsy shop being ran by CraftHope has amazed me over the time since its inception. The generosity of the artists with their creations is so wonderful. I also can’t believe how fast things are selling, I can’t get there fast enough!

  200. Laura says:

    I was just looking around for a cute top t o wear to a shower I have coming up and I found this I live in Arizona so it’s pretty much spring time here already. Thanks!

  201. I have been really inspired seeing all of the posts about Haiti.

  202. FibreJoy says:

    My contribution: Knitters Without Borders tally of donations. That is at the moment: $913,711, more than 300K up since the Stephanie Pearl-McPhee a.k.a. ‘the Yarn Harlot’ called knitters to contribute to Doctors Without Borders efforts to work in Haiti. You can read the posting here:

    Pretty amazing, isn’t it?



  203. emily says:

    I’ve been trying to move into our new living room and have my furniture feel fresh also. So to that end I have been spending a lot of time at

    I am really worked up about recovering chairs!

  204. Liz says:

    i just loved this! such a great quilt block and such a great interpretation. also excellent scrappy usage.

  205. Leslie says:

    It is amazing that so many people are leaving there homes and towns to help those who are suffering in Haiti. I did not see this on a blog, but it is an amazing act. Selflessly giving of themselves.

  206. Mandi says:

    I saw a felt Mr. Potato Head set at Make It and Love It that I really want to make. My boys would love it!

  207. Mamatini says:

    I love this idea of recycling magazine pages into gift bows. How cool is that?!

  208. Jeni says:

    This really inspirational piece over at Simply Feather:

  209. Amy Wilder says:

    I love the collection of pillows in this post at My Favorite And My Best. So many different looks with great fabrics. I just acquired some vintage barkcloth and might have to try some bolsters with it.

  210. susan says: Made tiny gingerbread houses that perch on the lip of your coffee mug — too cute!

  211. Helen says:

    My friend’s young daughter got her first sewing machine and is working on her very first project… an iPod case! So cute!


    I’ve been looking for something to make for my hubby for Valentines Day, and I thought this Love Notes pillow would be perfect! He works two jobs and it seems we hardly get to talk lately, at least this way I could still let him know how much I appreciate him.

  213. Kelli says:

    I have actually seen this on several different blogs, but I am really inspired by the outpouring of support for Haiti. The Craft Hope shop is a wonderful idea. Sometimes you have to wonder about the state of the world – but then people step up like they did in this situation and that is inspiring!

  214. Melissa S says:

    I’m so inspired by this website. I’ve retaken up crocheting because of it.

  215. Celeste says:

    I love this floor puzzle:

    Lovely and functional! I’ve bookmarked it for my son’s birthday this summer.

  216. Sonya M says:

    I’m enamoured with Wardrobe Refashion lately – I love to see what people have done with their old unwearables!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  217. mon ami says:

    a beautiful embroidery inspired by her son’s painting of space on Tiny Happy:

  218. Claire says:

    One day I ispire to do things like this…

  219. Gwen says:

    I loved the envelope project that was posted here this week. Now I just have to find the time to make it.

  220. Randi says:

    Found out a bloggy friend is pregnant! Highlight of the week!

  221. Katie says:

    Corinne of So September has charming dhild-themed embroidery patterns. A welcome change from the super-hip ones we’ve seen around lately.

  222. holly p says:

    I’m amazed by all the Anthro tags that are on this site

  223. Aimee says:

    One of the many sites and blogs I follow is Tons of ideas for reusing blocks! Mod Pod pictures and making ornaments or picture stands! So fun and Crafty!

  224. jennee says:

    This floored me. I have just recently thought to myself, there must be something you can do with fabric “trash”. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. Beautiful!

  225. Michele says:

    This Quilted Note Cards tutorial on Dana Made it – we plan on making them along with SMS envelope tutorial for our Valentine cards.

  226. leah says:

    i’ve really loved seeing all the craft hope buttons on blogger’s pages: what a wonderful idea to support the earthquake victims in haiti through buying homemade goodies on etsy!

  227. Elizabeth says:

    I recently saw this tutorial for a scrappy quilt. Such a cute way to use up the scraps!

  228. Rebecca says:

    I love the envelope tutorial you have on your site. I just bought some fabric to start the project.

  229. Alina says:

    awesome felt sneakers for an amigurumi doll

  230. Jacquie says:

    Food and not craft related but my latest must-make:

  231. Vanessa says:

    I was over at Elizabeth’s Oh Fransson! and saw she is making another stamp quilt featuring a technique that was published on your site:
    That is amazing! Such an ingenious way to quickly put together so many small pieces and make use of those scrap piles! Definitely keeping this one in my book.

  232. Tiffany says:

    My sister never ceases to amaze me. Her latest creation were these fun valentine’s decorations…

  233. kim says:

    i’ve always been obsessed with morgan moore and her valentine’s ideas are brilliant!

  234. Tricia says:

    Glow-in-the-dark paint and LED lights! Best family fun ever.

  235. Jessica C says:

    I couldn’t believe the results she got with only contact paper! I love this blog, and check it obsessively. Her tutorials are amazing!

  236. Crissy says:

    I’ve been looking for ideas to make a quiet book for my son, and I LOVE this one!

  237. Tina Mackey says:

    Here’s a tutorial on how to make 5 yards of bias tape out of a fat quarter. It’s amazing!

  238. Monah says:

    I’ve been following lately, trying to get ideas and inspirations to finally decorate our new house! Happy Friday!!

  239. Erin says:

    I love the Mr. Postman project that Sarah at Create Studio made for round two of “So You Think You’re Crafty”. So cute!

  240. Alissa says:

    All the burlap projects. I’ve seen them all over.

    One cute pillow tut-

  241. Becky says:

    This is one of my new favorite blogs right now:

    So many wonderful and inspiring ideas!

  242. Beth Bullington says:

    I have seen some inspiring quilts on a blog recently. Makes me want to just sew — forget cooking, cleaning, schooling — just sew.

  243. Sarah S says:

    This tutorial for turning a T-shirt into a tunic looks awesome!

  244. Maggie says:

    I am actually loving JCasa’s idea for the handmade Valentine cards, I have one for each family member planned in my head already. I am also knitting JCasa’s Nieghborly right now for my 4 year old and it is an adorable, quick knit.

  245. Melissa says:

    I love the colours Sherri is using for her quilt! I’m working on one that’s bright and white but might have to try grey next . . .

  246. Emily says:

    My favorite blog is V & co.
    I love the way she mixes tutorials with thrifting and bits about her family. I cant wait to see what she has made next.

  247. Elianne says:

    I really love this bow 😀
    I want to make it on a clip ! 😀

  248. Amy says:

    This makes me want to run to my closet and transform a shirt of my own, so pretty…

  249. Jennifer says:

    Craft Hope for Haiti has been awesome this week. I’m amazed at how much they’ve raised.

  250. Liz says:

    I loved this felt heart wreath on The Idea Room, and I made my own last night. So pretty and fun!

  251. Sarah D says:

    I have found a few amazing blogs in the last few weeks – the one that I am most inspired by is – her crafting and birthday celebration ideas are really creative and set a standard that I hope someday to live up to!

  252. Emily says:

    i’ve been completely amazed by the generosity of crafters from all over to help the people of haiti. craft hope for haiti has been really inspirational.

  253. Becky says:

    Paul Overton of DudeCraft is One of my fav bloggers. This recent post about teaching a young lady to sew really made me happy!

  254. Julie W says:

    I am amazed with the generosity of people who are helping with the disaster in Haiti. Craft Hope,, started a Etsy shop and has been taking donations from crafters around the world to collect money to help Doctors without Borders in Haiti. In one week the shop has made over $20,000. That are taking a break from donations, but the shop is still open with over 150 items for sale and another 300 to be added. They will start taking donations again in two weeks. The shop address is

  255. I love this wonderful tutorial on quilt binding. My bindings finally looks good–
    And I really want to make this baby quilt–

  256. bethany says:

    I love the new Erin McMorris fabric…so pretty. That for the chance!!

  257. wendy says:

    I saw that there is a quilt auction going on, with the proceeds going to benefit Haiti. Win win!

  258. Carmen says:

    I was on the Something’s Hiding in Here Flickr photostream when I saw these incredible Peynet illustrations:

    They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  259. Ana says:

    I have been inspired by this post:

    It’s definitely on my projects list for this year!!

  260. Alisa says:

    Patty at Modkidbotique has had a neat series of blog posts about the printing process of her patterns.

  261. qsogirl says:

    I *love* this banner I saw at Katie Bee Creative. It combines my two crafty loves– sewing and scrapbooking:

  262. Brooke says:

    Love this blog and her amazing ideas:

  263. I just saw the most amazing burlap curtains on a great new blog.

  264. Rebecca says:

    I love the Wardrobe Refashion blog and its inspiration, but today I saw a lovely refashion of an inexpensive flannel shirt and loved it! Enjoy!

  265. Kim B. says:

    A messenger bag made of old cargo pants – absolute genius!

  266. Crystal says:

    I actually have been having a lot of fun with the fabric card and envelope. I am making it for my hubby so I can only work on it a little at a time, but I have really enjoyed it. I like to sit and just look back at all of the different links and items everyone has posted. My favorite of all time is the scrap buster. I hope there is another one of those.

  267. flamgirlant says:

    Here’s an amazing time-lapse stencil video from Dude Craft:

    The work is gorgeous!

  268. Natalie S says:

    I found this cool project idea on this website.
    Summer’s coming and we all need a wetbag for our swimsuits right?!

  269. elizabeth says:

    I love everything over a Cakies nowadays. New baby, sewing and cute family! Amazing how she does it and how she is so honest.

  270. becky price says:

    Etsy tools!!!

  271. Megan says:

    This is not a tutorial, but I loved it, and it was on a blog:

    Made Magazine linked to it. Fun!

  272. Maureen says:

    There is an amazing photo on MayaMade this morning. It is a photo of a crow in a bare tree. Very simple but the contrast and idea as well as the words made me stop and breathe and realize there is a bit of beauty outside even in the middle of January!

  273. lauren says:

    I have been totally inspired by the craft hope for Haiti. It helps me recognize the impact of simple gestures and has compelled me to try some new projects in the hopes of giving back.

  274. Java Jane says:

    I love how a drawing was transformed into an embroidery project.


  275. Carla says:

    I’ve been keeping up with a blog about a man who is in Uganda with World Vision. It is heart breaking.

  276. Megan L says:

    How cute is that baby boy quilt? I love the brown and blue, and the idea of using a novelty print with goldfish? Just plain adorable. It’s so simple, yet so interesting!

    I also stare regularly at her Little Folks quilt. I love a patchwork quilt ( )

  277. Jessica says: is the most amazing thing I’ve seen blogged lately.

  278. Llamabean says:

    This week I found handmade wood toy sewing machines for kids, I am sure is has been around forever, but it was great timing for me as all of my neices and nephews have birthdays coming up. I love hand made wood toys as much as sewn, it was really fun to read about the ones the blogger collected and where she bought them. Some were antiques, and other were from hand crafters on etsy.

  279. Becky says:

    There is almost always something amazing on One Pretty Thing.
    I found this great tute for a fabric bread box there.

  280. Jeri Jo says:

    I follow several blogs, but most recently inspired by Oh Fransson, she is doing a quilt along for her Paintbox Quilt which is amazing.

  281. Andrea P. says:

    I this this paper mache boat is amazing!

  282. Bethany says:

    I know this is incredibly simple, but I just made a fleece hat for my son out of some rocket ship fleece that I had. I found an easy tutorial.

  283. Gwyneth says:

    i LOVE and am AMAZED by the Mario Brothers sweater vest over at Happy Seamstress: check it out!

  284. whitney says:

    i love the dish-painting that she’s been doing lately:

  285. Holly U says:

    I am repeatedly amazed by the cool ways people are giving new life to old clothes (and such) on Wardrobe Refashion:

    I gave up making clothes for myself years ago because I was never happy with the result, but this blog is giving me courage to try refashioning. A few projects are already bubbling around the back of my mind.

  286. Mandy says:

    After reading about Kanzashi flowers on Sew Mama Sew I was in love…
    I have found a few blogs that have helped me make a few kinds. I am super excited about them.
    I’ve made hair accessories, pins, and I’m currently working on making a ton of different kinds for embellishments on a sewn bag. 🙂 Thanks so much for posting the initial idea!

  287. Paula L. says:

    Here is a great idea from Martha Stewart – mitten pockets for kids’ sweaters ( I have made this in my daughter’s sweater and it worked really well. A fun and easy project!

  288. Crystal F says:

    Some of the new spring patterns from Vogue at Erica B’s D.I.Y. Style:

  289. Leanna says:

    Saw on One Pretty Thing blog a tutorial for a felt ruffle wreath for Valentine’s. Turned out so cute and my husband even complemented me on it! wow!

  290. priscilla kelsch says:

    I am new to blogs but it seems everything i see on a blog is isperational to the crafter inside of me:)

  291. Pepie says:

    for me it is amazing how many people do something for the haiti relief. my favorite for this is the great painting from cynthia:



  292. Elizabeth says:

    This isn’t fabric related, but what this family is doing and seeing in Haiti is both amazing and heartbreaking. They are working SO hard. This particular link is to a story a couple days ago about getting their wounded on a US ship.

  293. Suzanne says:

    Oh, there are so many wonderful blogs… is very inspiring for me.

  294. liz says:

    I LOVE this party, It’s my favorite blog post that I have discovered this week!
    I’m now on a mission to do this for my sons 3rd birthday!

  295. Lauranie says:

    My good friend Amy at is making a Cathedral Window quilt. It is THE most AMAZING thing I’ve seen recently!!! Such talent! 😀

  296. Kaye Prince says:

    I saw this tutorial ( and just loved it! Not only do you get to recycle a bit of your Christmas tress, but the pillow is so pretty and you’ll have that awesome piney smell around for awhile!

  297. sarah says:

    I’m loving the milkmaid skirt over at crafterhours: . I made one already and have two more cut out. Why is it I always start my spring sewing in January???

  298. Gena Holt says:

    I have found these FABULOUS aprons. I love aprons and wear them every single day and have made several for myself that are near and dear to my heart. However, these are just the most incredible aprons I have seen. I would almost hate to wear one, though, with all of the torture I put mine through! 🙂

  299. Katie says:

    Film in the Fridge is one of my favorite blogs to follow. Her quilts are so colorful and always give me inspiration to try new ideas!

  300. Christine says:

    It has nothing to do with sewing but I came across this site about a teacher who decided to eat the school lunch every day. She posts photos and a review of the lunches. It’s really incredible seeing what is served these days. When I was growing up my schools actually made their meals (mostly) from scratch and seeing these microwave meals is pretty icky.

  301. DebbieKL says:

    I saw this great quilt idea this week where kids draw on panels with pastel fabric paint.

  302. Julia says:

    I love what The Bright Side Project is doing by showing all of the different vendors that are donating proceeds from sales of their items to Haiti.

    What a great think to support.

  303. SuBoo says:

    Would it be terrible to say I see very amusing posts from celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton?

  304. sewwhatifiknit? says:

    I love this simple kid’s craft from reusable materials

  305. Amy says:

    My blog discovery of the week was this simple but “amazing” idea to make a reusable shopping bag from a thrifted pillowcase!

  306. Heather says:

    I’m loving the felt food cook along on Helping Little Hands.

  307. Tiffany says:

    I love the playdress that Ruffles And Stuff posted a tutorial for. Definitely inspired me to try something like this on my own.

  308. duff says:

    This is from a post on Em Celebrates ( ) She took a quilted item (I think it was a tablerunner) and cut it up to make a wonky block. It looks great! I wouldn’t cut up anything I’ve made so I view this action as a mixture of courage and craziness! She posts about twice per day—it’s always a celebration of life, love, and quilting—pictures of wild mustangs, road trips, her husband (he’s an artist also), and more quilting than you can imagine! She totally rocks!

  309. Bridget says:

    A group of women in business have teamed up to try to become a force within the artisan community:

  310. Hi,

    I’m absolutely amazed with Craft Hope and the great iniciative they are having helping Haiti:

    Great job!

  311. Melanie says:

    I think Tallgrass Prairie Studio’s Proposal Moon quilt is absolutely beautiful and I love the story behind it too.

  312. Kate says:

    I found what might become my new go-to pasta sauce on Smitten Kitchen:

  313. Lorenna says:

    I am a beginner sewer so I got excited when I saw this article about the essential items every beginner sewer should have.

  314. Lina says:

    It’s actually an old post but new to me since I just discovered the blog. I’m dying to make this wreath made with pages of a book:

  315. Pam says:
    I took this idea and made three little card table play houses for my nieces for Christmas. They were a huge hit even though I didn’t get to make them as involved and decorated as I had wished.

  316. Water Works says:

    This week, I’ve enjoyed reading Melissa’s posts on her All Buttoned Up blog. She beautifully discusses the plight of Haitian children and offers aid suggestions…and food for thought.

  317. Katie B says:

    I’ve seen so many amazing things on blogs lately! One that really stands out is from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts. I’m in love with her Hope Valley/Bricks and Stones quilt.

  318. Sarah says:

    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen recently – an “Up” inspired playhouse. Love it! 🙂

  319. Melissa says:

    On Try Handmade this week they featured Craft Hope, who set up an Etsy shop (Craft Hope For Haiti). Crafters are donating items, for purchase, with 100% of the dollars going to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Relief. So there are 2 ways to help. Donate a handmade item, or make a purchase! Right now they have already raised over $20,000! I love this this community! Check out the Etsy site at

  320. Meg says:

    One thing I really liked was these button cards ( to do with my kids.

  321. Cheri says:

    I found a fabulous recipe for dark chocolate dipped orange peels on!! yum!

  322. Beth says:

    So many, many great Valentine’s Day ideas. I’ll be making the fabric envelopes for my husband and daughter to leave on their breakfast plates Valentine morning – filled with love notes and sweet treats. Thanks for the great ideas!

  323. Anna says:

    I saw a picture of my friend’s newly born (and amazing) twins and it made me smile from ear to ear.

  324. Tong says:

    Happy Friday! I guess FFF makes it a even happier Friday. I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day crafts, probably because in our house we don’t support excessive consumerism, so using what we already have lying around the house to make him something is what I try to do every year. And I found these cute craft ideas on this week, perfect!

  325. D'Lane says:

    I love this blog! This post was a great inspiration- first for me to figure out one word that I want before me all year and then to display it in such a wonderfully cute way. I LOVE IT!

  326. Line says:

    I’ve just discovered Josephine Kimberling’s fabrics ( ): I think she’s a future Amy Butler or Anna Maria Horner.
    Hopefully, Sew Mama Sew will carry it soon!
    Have a lovely day!

  327. Elyse Mullis says:

    I was recently on the Pretty Ditty blog and she was raffling off two of her aprons that she made and all of the money went to Haiti. I thought that was a great way to get people to donate and she found a special way to contribute. My heart goes out to Haiti and it’s good to see how many people are coming together to help out where they can.

  328. C. Michele says:

    I love the Maddie Flowers Red-Wild Thyme ( fabric! So beautiful.

    cassandra (dot)pendergraff (at) gmail (dot) com

  329. Rachel says:

    I found a Valentine garland that was SO cute–made from colored felt hearts–and the creator just draped it on her mantle. So easy and so cute!

  330. Rachel says:

    Everything about this woman is amazing:

  331. Lindsey Fraser says:

    On Bonnie Hunter’s blog – -I read about a relief effort for the surivivors of the earthquake in Haiti that involves making quilts. These quilts are strictly utilitarian but needed. People receiving the quilts often use them as a ground covering or to craft a makeshift tent over their heads. For more information, go to the website for Lutheran World Relief –

  332. Jennifer says:

    i saw the funniest valentine’s posting this morning:

    ms. humble has the best “nerd” cookies and awesome recipes. plus, most of the time, i laugh out loud in my office…one day, they’re going to wonder what i’m up to in accounting.

  333. lindsay says:

    I just read this post today and bookmarked it for later. What a cute and thoughtful baby gift!

  334. Jackie K says:

    I am new to sewing so I am super excited to have found this site to help me get into my groove. From the pattern reviews to the awesome fabrics (and pricing!)I’ve become so inspired.. just need to focus on one project at a time. I am excited to try the schoolhouse tunic as it seems like something I can do with my very basic knowledge. The reviews are so helpful because if I had picked up this pattern, I probably would have put it down due to intimidation!
    I look forward to seeing everyone’s VDay tutorials!! and hope to win some beautiful fabric as I have just started my collection.

  335. Aparna Mulgund says:

    I am constantly looking for easy to make sewing projects, lately I have been on a tote bag/purse sewing binge. One of the projects I have found on a blog which I am so interested in making is the phoebe bag. The link to that project is

  336. Susan says:

    I loved this monogrammed cupcake tower when I saw it, and I have plans for it!

  337. Deanna says:

    I am impressed with the Life of Hazel Ilene quilt-along–I am a member, but not the author. Shelly Pagliai of Prairie Moon Quilts has put together a one-year mystery quilt using her mother’s teenage diary and her own considerable research. Wow! EVERY DAY she posts the diary entry, history and background (lard making was a recent feature) and the instructions. It is a project worth reading and you might want to join the group, too. LINK:

  338. Tasha Williams says:

    I’m a beginner quilter and I found this blog that gave instructions on how to make a simple, yet quick quilt. I can’t wait to give it a try as I’d love to make several for the new babies in my family. I also love that this site has a special on fabric everyday!!!

  339. Kristen says:

    These laser-cut placemats (with DIY option) are too cute.

  340. Diane Nelson says:

    I love the mail organizer, I have so much clutter in my office so I have decided to make one of these to try and gain control again! Thanks for the chance to win! I love your site!

  341. Julia in WDM says:

    the most amazing thing I’ve seen is a comment on my blog from Marigold, recently featured in Sew Mama Sew’s scrapbusters. I made a yo-yo necklace and was flattered to see that she took the time to check in on others’ work. Just wore the necklace for the first time publicly last night. What a gal!

  342. pamela says:

    I have been amazed at the number of diy valentine card templates and tutorials that have been popping up in the past week. I am having trouble narrowing down the possibilities! And your “Something Special Card + Envelope” is right at the top of the list!

  343. Lisa says:

    Calligraphy tattoos. Whoa. So beautiful. Just love it. I’ve been searching for a way to pay tribute to my Dad though a tattoo, and this has inspired me to get his signature tattooed on my arm. As though it’s saying, Ronnie made this.

    Love your blog btw.

  344. all8garden says:

    I found an amazing blog last night. I know, it’s not sewing but fabric and sewing would definitely set off her beautiful projects. I’m thinking white bunkbeds with beautiful quilts to match the personalities of my princesses.

  345. Jennifer says:

    I love reading “My Mama Made It”. Her t-shirt transformation are fabulous and so easy to follow.

  346. Leah says:

    Valentine t-shirt makeovers!
    Redesign a shirt for a special date with your guy. I have seen two blogs with t-shirt makeovers!
    ~Tea Rose Home at,, shares how to make beautiful flowers with a crinkled look.
    ~Also Hope Studios at,, makes a rosette off to one side.
    Both t-shirt makeovers are Charming!

  347. Terri says:

    I loved Jennifer’s Something Special Card and Envelope Tutorial.
    Have a great weekend!

  348. Morgan says:

    Honestly, this sleeve-saver bib pattern is my current life-saver. The SewBaby blog is pretty cool too, lots of not-so-simple clothing sewing tips.

  349. Ange Peters says:

    I just started sewing and my first project was a cafe apron inspired by this lovely blog:

    I have a post in my blog with how it turned out…& I love it!
    Now I just need to start baking more 😉


  350. Kristen says:

    I know it’s not craft-related, but I am fascinated by reading about this family of missionaries in Haiti. It really puts a face on the unimaginable devastation.

    On the crafty front, I can’t wait to try this tutorial on a great messenger bag from Anna at Noodlehead…

    And I’m generally loving all the beautiful projects I’m seeing with Hope Valley and Anna Maria Horner’s beautiful voile…I’m drooling over the voile…

  351. Erica Hager says:

    Cool stuff on blogs?! I’ve seen so much lately it’s hard to decide.
    I’ve been wanting to start this quilt along but I haven’t been able to find the time – sure is beautiful though!

  352. Becky says:

    Something amazing I’ve seen on a blog is the reaction of people to the tragedy in Haiti. The compassion of people all over the country to want to do something. The human spirit in the right hands is really full of hope.

  353. Jeannine says:

    I always feel a twinge of excitement when I notice Ashley’s blog ( is updated on my blogreader.. 🙂 I love the quilts she makes.

  354. Karen says:

    Hi All
    Sorry to hear about your tech diffs – we have run out of oil here, so I empathize with you!
    The most amazing thing I have seen on a blog lately is the Craft Hope project for Haiti on etsy. It is truly amazing how generous people are.
    Last year we took our children on a medical aid trip to Uganda, partly funded by sales from my sewing projects, & we saw first hand how foreign aide can make to desperate situations.
    So well done to organizers, donors & purchasers!

  355. amy says:

    Strangely I found this today in a sort of random way, but was going to look something like this up anyway as I want to try to design my own quilt:

  356. Tawny Bee says:

    Hmm the most amazing thing I’ve seen on a blog lately was this tutorial:

    I made the t-shirt for my husband last week. It turned out super good. He’s been wearing it to work everyday for awhile. I think I’m going to have to fight him out of it in order to wash it! 🙂

  357. Deb says:

    I just saw over at Fresh Figs that Joanna Figueroa is donating her beautiful Dandelion Wishes quilt to help Haiti…I think that is amazing that she would part with one of her most favorite quilts. You can see her quilt here on her blog: and you can go over to Fat Quarter Shop to bid on it here:

  358. LFinn says:

    I just found this tutorial to turn a grown up skirt into a little girl’s dress–what a great idea!
    Thanks to Little Birdie Secrets for highlighting Blue Cricket Design, which led me to the altered skirt.

  359. trashalou says:

    Am loving following the saga of Ernst the Turtle softie over at

  360. rosie says:

    this isn’t really fabric/sewing related but i thought it was pretty cool:

    i’ve been freezing the last couple of months here in new york and this is a prettier and warmer way to wear a scarf. fun!

  361. Bonnie says:

    I check your blog daily just to see what is new, as for what I have learned from the site. I have learned so much, I love the tutorials, I am planning on making some of the cards just as soon as I finish cleaning out my sewing room. I also loved reading what the other readers were doing on the generous gifters blog, so many quilter’s doing so many good things.

  362. Terriaw says:

    Those Bryant Park fabrics are luscious! I haven’t seen them yet. I love all the fabulous pictures from Paris on Nichole’s littlebrownpen blog lately. She does a color theme with photos of different objects in one color. Very cool!

  363. Karen Utley says:

    Probably not new to anyone else, but I saw a tutorial on Quilter Going Bananas’ website for half square triangles and flying geese. I am contemplating a quilt that incorporates these blocks and her instructions were very helpful.

  364. sarah says:

    I love these bean bag from Chez Beeper Bebe and am moving them to the top of my to-do list!

  365. I’ve been meaning to make a cover for my IPOD forever,I think it’s time I got around to it using this tutorial-

  366. Tepary says:

    Hmmm, does it have to be sewing related? I mean this sort of is. I’m following the Rubbish Diet right now, This blog has me digging through my stash of new and repurposed fabric to make fruit and veg bags to reduce my plastic waste. Got to love that.

  367. Lauren says:

    I refinish vintage furniture, so I’m always looking for new projects, so when I saw the newly upholstered chair on Sticks & Brick’s blog, I fell in love! It doesn’t hurt that her shop is only 20 mins from me, but I think anyone would love this makeover:

  368. Kelli says:

    I am amazed daily by all the beautiful craftiness of my fellow crafters. I have about 50 blogs that I keep up with that keep me inspired and lengthening my to-do list constantly. My latest add to the list was your fabric cards and envelopes and the new paintbox quilt at Elizabeth’s blog Oh Fransson!

  369. beth says:

    I saw this just this morning:

    I think those lovely old apron fabrics are amazingly, sweetly beautiful. And thanks for another giveaway. I think you all are amazingly sweet, too!

  370. Denise says:

    I have been following Oh Fransson!’s blog a lot lately. I was loving her Paintbox Quilt Along, but then I saw this and fell in love all over again.

  371. Beth Lehman says:

    Made by Rae’s simple felt heart garland in so many bright colors in on my list of things to do – as are some blocks for the Oh, Franson’s paint box quilt!

  372. Rachel P. says:

    Anything that has do do with Haiti relief. There are so many people doing wonderful things right now…raising money, promising to build schools, et cetera.

  373. bess says:

    i am loving the ‘oh, fransson’ paintbox quilt-along!

  374. Jessica Vinson says:

    I saw these awesome valentine friendship bracelets that I am going to make with my girls this afternoon. I thought they would be cute to hand out to their friends.

  375. Diane says:

    Whats NOT amazing? I think I love most the wonderful quilts I hav seen this week with Hope Valley that inspired me to go out and get my own.

  376. Karen L says:

    I recently read, There is No Magic Button, on The Creative Mama and it really struck a chord with me. I think Marta really nails it. (

  377. lucy Johnson says:

    i think smartbottom enterprises $13 paper covered wall is amazing

    its just looks so good, like a huge ‘patchwork’ quilt!

  378. Muriel says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I made a very special cushion cover for my daughter from part of the Hope Valley FQ set that I bought from you.

  379. Krista says:

    I read about Sashiko on Tiny Happy’s blog. It’s a form of Japanese embroidery. Traditionaly done with a white cotton thread on an indigo cloth it is usually a design made with a running stitch used as a reinforcement on places of wear or to repair tears with a patch. Some of the designs are simple yet beautiful. I can’t wait to find an opportunity to try this out. Here is her blog and a link to a flikr group:

    Thank you, Melissa!

  380. Roxanne says:

    How about the $20,000 plus raised for Haiti from! Awesome.

  381. Jessica B says:

    I think that these Cathedral Window blocks are stunning!

  382. Kacie J says:

    I saw this tutorial on how to make a rugged quilt, and have started making it!! So easy to do and I’m loving how it looks!!

  383. MissMary says:

    I saw a beautiful quilt called “Concrete Garden” by Jaybird Quilts at this address:

    The piece is absolutely lovely, the colors enchanting!

  384. Jen Eskridge says:

    I love the raspberry marmalade quilt tutorial on the TwinFibers blog. Its appliqued and pieced in one step- AND its scrappy + modern.

  385. So sorry about your difficulties!
    I love all of you tutorials! They are so neat and easy! Love the pattern reviews too!

  386. Stacy says:

    I got excited about the plastic canvas boxes over at Craftzine. That’s going to be my weekend project.

  387. Micmacker says:

    Here’s a really fun new blog I’ve been looking at: I hear Melody is planning on releasing her first fabric line soon. I’m pretty excited about this. Go ahead and take a look at the charming illustrations on this blog, and you’ll see what I mean.

  388. Jody says:

    I love envelopes! (except when they contain bills)

  389. Robin D says:

    Moda Bake Shop has a great ironing board cover tutorial. gonna have to try it.

  390. Allyson says:

    I love this colorful and bold baby quilt from Brown Paper Packages’ blog.

    Very gender neutral and Oh. So. Cute!

  391. Elizabeth says:

    I saw a tutorial for making fabric covered shoes on Make It and Love it. I tried it. They are not comfortable, but they are cute!

  392. Nicole says:

    I’m getting ready to convert my 2 year old to a big girl bed, and I’m excited about the possibilities this bed opens up!

    All her furniture is gorgeous! I’m just glad I have a dad with all these handy tools.

  393. cynthia says:

    Tutorial for paintbox quilts at Oh Fransson. Love her blog
    Thanks Cynthia

  394. Dusty says:

    Sweetie Pie bakery posted this gorgeous and adorable felt sushi set a week or two ago. It’s just precious

  395. Debbie Bishop says:

    After following links from your site I ran across and the wonderful acorn wreath/tutorial. I especially loved the pink one and that it could even be made from dried beans. A great project and so many colors to choose from to brighten up a wall or door!

  396. I haven’t really had time to see anything this week, but love these envelopes. I’ll have to make some of those…

  397. April says:

    It is not sewing tutorial but a crafty one… I really want to make this clock:

  398. Jenny says:
    loved this this quilt and tutorial at twin fibers this week…need to find some AMH to go with my Hope Valley now! Thanks for a chance!

  399. Julia says:

    This post about shag carpet made me laugh!

  400. carmel says:

    i have seen a cool picture of some one when she was a yung kid holding her new born brother. and then a picture of her own doghter, today holding her brothers son.
    the 2 pairs lookt exactly the same!
    i think it was pretty cool!

  401. karen says:

    Oh Fransson is starting a new quilt sew along….maybe not amazing, but really lovely!! But she is amazing (don’t get me wrong!)

  402. robin new says:

    i love almost every post i see on this blog….like i was past addicted to the holiday lists:) now i am in LOVE with the something special valentines and envelopes….want to make some! so impressed with this blog!!!

  403. sarah says:

    I thought this blog entry was pretty amazing – spotting favorite fabrics on TV show/commercials!

  404. Benson says:

    I saw a really neat link to origami number art on Whip Up. The example they showed was framed and looked really sharp. Great for a kids room!

    here is the link…

  405. Jenna Nelson says: my newest blog find. Eco crafting extravaganza!

  406. Catarina says:

    Definetly what I loved seeing in the past days in a blog was the JC Casa “something Special Card + Envelope Tutorial”.
    I just loved the idea and I’m really eagger to do it to offer to my dear husband.

  407. Jenny Curto says:

    I saw someone’s pictures of their 102 sq ft apartment. I didn’t know that was possible but apparently… people make it work! Talk about Simplicity (although there was a lot of stuff)

    Jenny C.

  408. Ellen says:

    I love the envelopes. I taught Montessori preschool who would have loved them and now teach college students and this would be so easy to make with them for the children. They can put word cards in them and have each envelope different colors which would attract the children. Thank you so much for this blog as I have used lots of ideas for my personal use and for my teachings.

  409. Kristy says:

    I saw a recipe and photo tutorial for some really cool ‘button’ shortbread cookies over at forty-sixth at grace blog ( Just the thing to enjoy after a long and frenzied sewing session!

  410. Recycling umbrellas into couture bags. What a great idea for all of those umbrellas that get damaged on a windy day.

  411. Lauren says:

    The coolest freaking tutorial out there! A felt heart wreath that was totally fun to make and super adorable!

  412. siona says:

    ¡que gran idea!
    un abrazo,

  413. Georgia says:

    I think Aneela’s ‘Girl on a Tree Swing’ tutorial is pretty amazing. And, she has a great tutorial on how to use backstitch for filling in a hand embroidery project.

  414. Bec Clarke says:

    I read this blog:
    and the post here on drawing with children is so inspiring, I want to teach my children to be creative and to have my own creative time and this is just wonderful.

  415. Anna says:

    Hi, I found this amazing zipper flower at Feathered Fibers:

  416. After reading my friend’s blog ( about keeping paper out of the kitchen, I’m inspired. I’m working on making more cloth napkins, flannel hankies, and more (cute) towels for the kitchen. I’m even making sandwich bags that are reusable. It’s all to help the planet and make my own personal life just a little bit more beautiful.

    Free (pretty) fabric will help! 🙂

  417. camelama says:

    Does it have to be craft related? Because I’m telling you, this “movie” at The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee has me smiling over and over again, because I keep watching it over and over and over again… 🙂

  418. Jessica M says:

    I thought these bags at Quaint and Quirky were super cute!

  419. Aileen says:

    Craft Hope for Haiti! They sold over 1000 items (donated by craftsters) in their FIRST WEEK and have raised over $20k so far!

    Check my blog for the link, I just wrote about it 🙂

  420. bruinbr says:

    Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! has the coolest blocks made out of teeny tiny little squares. I just love her fussy cut prints!

  421. Barbi says:

    The last amazing thing on this blog was Envelope and Card tutorial.

    I just love this blog … it’s full of everything … all usefull … simply amazing. 🙂

  422. Leila says:

    I found the 2010 Zig Zag Piece-along today and I’m so excited about it! I have a few quilts I’m currently working on, but can’t wait to start my first zig zag. =)

  423. April in Autumn says:

    I know it’s not crafty, but I loved this post I read this evening:

    It’s on how we take for granted to tools we use on a regular basis. It got me thinking about the ingenuity of the first person who created a needle. I mean, someone had to think that they’d need a really small needle for some things, but then you’d need something to make a tiny hole so you’d have to figure out a whole other tool for that. And don’t even get me started on who in the world thought up knitting. Mind boggling.

  424. Kaycee says:

    I found this fabulous nursery (complete with lots of inspiration for sewing projects) at:

    Check out the great patterns on the crib linens. And, the mobile was made by the anthropologie design team (notice the birdhouse in the background). Very cool!

  425. Martina says:

    I recently came across this cute ruffle shirt tutorial
    looks easy but the end result looks so amazing

  426. amber says:

    Katie from skunkboy creatures makes the cutest things ever! I am in love with her owls….

  427. Ramona Burke says:
    I was thinking this would be super cool with nice fabric in the back, and maybe just vinyl in the front… easier to sew, for sure… and then just attach a tag with the a”maze”ing bit… there are so many cute novelty valentine ideas out there…

  428. Rie says:

    I’m still completely fascinated by the “how a sewing machine works” post from SwissMiss – all these years and I never knew!
    The post is here:

  429. Fawn says:

    A college friend of mine has a blog about her and her husband’s trials to adopt a child. She posted something today about the adoption of Haitian children in wake of the recent devastation. Her honesty, openess, and hope for a child in the near future is inspiring to me. I wish many blessings on her and her husband and look forward to reading more inspiration and hope on her cheerful blog site!

  430. sara says:

    I just love the fun and vibrant ideas this inspires in my head.


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