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We enjoyed reading through all of your nominations recognizing Generous Crafters! The comments and posts are an inspiring, uplifting collection of stories and we wish we could give everyone a prize (or two!). We had 15 fabulous prizes from Fiskars to give away to Generous Crafters; we selected everyone with multiple nominations and then did a random drawing for the rest of the winners. We included small excerpt from the nominations but be sure to look through the comments for more about these generous individuals. We’ll contact winners with prize details later today. Don’t forget: If this all puts you in a generous, sewing mood please join us for our Wrap Them in Love project through January.

Join us in giving our thanks to the sewists who give so much, sharing their time, talents & energy with others…

  • Tia from Camp Follower Bags and Quilts
    “She made an extraordinary effort earlier this year in organising a worldwide quilting bee to make quilts for the bushfire victims in Victoria, Australia… In the end over one hundred quilts were donated. Tia collected the quilt blocks and tops and organised her local quilting group to help with the quilting. It was an enormous job, and would have overwhelmed most people, but Tia handled it amazingly… Photos of the beautiful quilts, and more information about the project can be found in the Flickr group.”
  • Amandajean from crazy mom quilts
    Crystal writes, “She is such an inspiration to me! I have learned so much from her tutorials that she has written on her blog and the best part is if I have any questions at all she gets back to me quickly explaining anything that I need help with. She also is very giving with her talent. She has recently quilted 5 quilts to send to the armed forces as well as sent 3 quilts to Maragerts Hope Chest. I am sure she has done more too. I think she is a very talented and generous woman. She has definitely made an impact on my sewing passion.”
  • Anna from Pleasant View Schoolhouse
    “She periodically donates proceeds from her Etsy shop to help people pay for adoptions.”
  • Bean from Coyote Craft
    She “…organizes a hat and mitten/glove drive for the homeless people in our town. She takes the handmade hats to the downtown library and leaves them, anonymously most of the time, with a little note welcoming people in need to take a hat and/or pair of mittens/gloves. I know those hats and mittens are so appreciated, especially this year since it’s been very snowy and very cold already. In addition, though it doesn’t necessarily require her crafting skills, she organizes an Angel Tree for children living in transient homes (motels) downtown. She gets every child’s Christmas wish herself, prints up all the cards, organizes all the gifts and delivers them herself before Christmas.”
  • Carin from Margaret’s Hope Chest
    “She has selflessly given countless hours to quilting for those who are in seemingly hopeless situations. This non-profit ministry was birthed out of tragedy and has truely given hope to so many. Recently Carin has rallied people from all over the world to make over 400 quilts for the homeless children in Grand Rapids, MI. It was a huge undertaking and it was deemed extremely successful! Her generous spirit and amazing crafting abilities have inspired even a non-quilter like myself to quilt!”
  • Mary’s mother, Donna Holt
    “She started a project about 15 years ago to teach quilting as part of the Art Therapy program at the Children’s Shelter of Santa Clara Valley. She got a regular group of ladies to help twice a week for the last 15 years. She got local fabric shops to donate fabric, and got various people to donate batting, scissors, thread, and sewing machines. The children not only learned how to quilt, but they gained self-confidence, and they made something that they were able to keep for themselves. Sometimes it was the only item they had that was their own… My mom started this whole project and never turned it into an official charity–- it was just something she quietly did without looking for recognition. She is truly an inspiration to me.”
  • Kristin’s husband, IBOL Guy
    His “…request for a few friends and family to clear out our fabric and yarn stashes and donate the goods to needy women and coops in Iraq turned into 3445 boxes of sewing supplies from all over the world.”
  • Jade from Craft Hope & chikaustin
    “Craft Hope is a faith-based, love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate. It is their hope to combine the love of crafting and desire to help others into projects to make a difference around the world… Craft Hope not only lights up the lives of those who recieve various crafts but also those who have the privilege to give.”
  • Jan from Oz Comfort Quilts & Sew Many Quilts – Too Little Time
    Alice wrote, “I’d like to nominate Jan Mac of and and all the women and men who send her quilts to be distributed to the Australian bushfire affected people, and other people in need.”
  • Julie from Joy’s Hope & Project 320
    “She put together a wonderful event this year with project 320. Everyone has been donation handmade goods for the effort to build a well with clean water in Africa. I am amazed by this project and it was made all possible by a little thought that Julie had about how she could give back this holiday season.”
  • Wendy’s aunt, Laurie Armstrong
    She “…makes quilts for Quilts of Valor year round. And she flies from California to Houston every year, where she spends the entire Houston International Quilt Festival volunteering at the QOV booth. This is in addition to her being a full time nurse in the cardiac surgical recovery unit.”
  • Claire’s mom, Tracy Negus
    “She somehow finds time to make great ideas for different sew-able things. She found time to make cloth diapers for my baby sister, she teaches me all sorts of techniques and checks this blog everyday. She has made me beautiful skirts, dresses and purses. She’s very big on reusing scraps that we might have so that we don’t waste.”
  • Sean’s wife, Bonnie from Southern Style
    “For years she and her mother made baby hats & blankets for hospital nurseries, lap robes for nursing homes, hats for the homeless and teddy bears for the children’s hospital, hats and comforters for chemo patients… She has joined a group called the World of Charity Stitchers and they make items for seriously ill children, cancer patients and nursing homes…”
  • Joan Vardenega
    “She is teaching 4-H sewing as well as cooking to a fantastic group of girls in Columbia County, Oregon… Joanie raises the bar.”
  • Mary from HeartStrings Quilt Project & Making Scrap Quilts from Stash
    “She is the founder of the HeartStrings Quilt Project (, which makes and donates quilts to people in need. She works so amazingly hard (by herself, and coordinating with others), and creates, quilts and finishes off an astounding number of quilts every month. Not only that, but she also freely publishes wonderful patterns and instructions for other quilters to use for their own charity projects.”
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    11 Responses to Generous Crafters

    1. joyce says:

      check out the website for unique shoulder bags- all proceeds going to support displaced persons in the ongoing Darfur, Sudan genocide.

    2. Jan Mac says:

      It was a wonderful surprise to find that I had been nominated for an award with so many generous quilters. Tia and Mary have also been instrumental in helping me to help so many others and thanks to our supporters we have been able to bless others with our quilts. Thank you so much for recognizing so many people who donate their time and resources to help others.
      Hugs Jan Mac

    3. carmel says:

      that all sounds great!
      you all have a big heart! and its great that you all found the time to do and give! i wish i did…
      it feels good to know that there are special artest like you all

    4. tia says:

      Thank you so much for nominating me! It was a fantastic project and the results would not have been possible without all the help I had.

    5. Dianne B. says:

      These all sound like wonderful, kind people. And I’m so pleased to see “our Mary” on the list! Yay, Mary! 🙂

    6. Bean says:

      Thank you so much, it is an honor to be recognized among so many other kind women. I feel privileged to be able to do whatever I can.

    7. Georgia says:

      Very worthy winners! 🙂

    8. jo says:

      A fantastic selection of generous crafters, and maybe I wouldn’t normally pick one out from such an awe inspiring list, but is it possible to use this space to thank Amandajean who has just a few days ago closed her blog? Generous as always she has left her blog up as a resource, and the comments there show what a huge impact she has had on so many, always for good. Thank you Amandajean.

    9. Mary says:

      What an honor to be nominated along with these other generous quilters. I love that I’ve been able to turn my hobby into a full time commitment to helping those in need.

    10. Southern Gal says:

      Wow. What an inspiring collection of wonderful projects. This really amazes me. So many great ideas that people follow through on.

    11. ~Helena~ says:

      What a great inspiration, Thank You to everyone.

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