Coordinated Wedding & Party Favors

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Jessie from Sweet Jessie (and our fall Sew,Mama,Sew board!) is back today with a series of tutorials to help you create coordinated wedding favors. These would be perfect for any big celebration, don’t you think? You’ll find instructions for Fabric Favor Cones, Favor Bags (two versions) and Muslin ‘Tea’ (or Rice) Bags. We love the cheery colors and how all of the pieces can work together (or stand alone beautifully!). Thank you, Jessie!

There are so many amazing things you can make with fabric to truly customize your wedding theme. Since you will typically need a large quantity of wedding favors, I wanted to keep these really simple for you to make in multiples.

Fabric Favor Cones

For each cone you will need:

  • One 6.5” square of outer fabric
  • One 6.5” square of lining fabric
  • Embroidery floss in a coordinating color

With right sides together, sew around the perimeter of the square (1/4” seam allowance), leaving two inches or so for turning out.

Clip all four corners, and turn square right side out.

Turn under the area that you left open, and press.

Top stitch all the way around your square.

Lay the square flat, wrong side up, at a 90 degree angle, so it looks like a diamond.

Grab the right corner of the diamond, and fold it inward.

Now fold the left corner on top of the fold – adjust to achieve the look you want.

Here I just pinch the folds together and make a couple of little stitches with embroidery floss to hold it in place.

Note: Depending on what the favor cone will be holding, you may want to add a little more strength to the closure. If you do, you could continue to stitch further down the front, or use a couple drops of fabric glue inside the front ‘flap’. I didn’t find it necessary to use anything more to hold the candies pictured.

Favor Bags

These sweet little favor bags can be customized in so many different ways to coordinate with your wedding theme.

For the floral drawstring bag:

  • One piece of fabric measuring 14” wide by 7.5” tall

Lay the fabric flat, and cut one piece 1.5” by 14” and two pieces 7” by 6”

Turn the rectangles 90 degrees, so that the pieces are 7” tall and 6” wide.

If you‘d like to add any embellishments, it’s good to do that now, making sure to allow for a 3/8” seam allowance.

Pin the pieces of fabric right sides together. Mark the space at ¾ down to 1.5” down on the right edge; you will leave that section open.

Begin sewing on the right side, making sure to stop ¾ inch down and backstitch. Resume stitch ¾”’ below that, and continue around until you reach the upper left corner.

Fold top edge down ¾” toward the wrong side and stitch close to the raw edge (this is the casing for the drawstring).

Turn bag right side out.

Make the fabric drawstring:

Fold short ends in ½ inches and press.

Fold long ends in half and press

Fold each top and bottom raw edge to meet the crease in the middle.

Fold again and press so that you have a ½ inch drawstring. Top stitch.

Attach a safety pin to one end of the fabric, and thread it through the opening in the bag until it comes all the way around. Remove the pin.

For the little pink bag:

You will make this just like the drawstring bag, except you won’t thread the drawstring through the bag.


  • One piece of fabric measuring 14” wide by 4.5” tall

Lay the fabric flat, and cut one piece 1.5” by 14” (omit this piece if you want to tie the bag with coordinating ribbon or a raw strip of fabric instead) and two pieces 7” by 4.5”.

Turn the rectangles so that the long sides are vertical.

If you‘d like to add any embellishments, it’s good to do that now, making sure to allow for a 3/8” seam allowance.

To add an appliqué: Choose a piece of contrasting fabric. Iron the wrong side of the fabric to the adhesive side of double sided fusible interfacing, such as Wunder Under. Draw your design on the paper side of the interfacing, and cut out. Peel off the paper backing, and iron your appliqué into position.

To embroider your initials: Lightly trace your pattern with a pencil on the right side of the fabric. Use a simple backstitch to embroider your design. You can use the Sew,Mama,Sew! Pocket Stitch Guide or there are also great stitch resources available at (but full disclosure, I also write for them).

Pin the pieces of fabric right sides together.

Begin sewing on the right side, and continue around until you reach the upper left corner.

Fold top edge down ¾ “ and stitch close to the the raw edge

Turn bag right side out.

Make the fabric tie:
Fold short ends in ½ inches and press.

Fold long ends in half and press

Fold each top and bottom raw edge to meet the crease in the middle.

Fold again and press so that you have a ½ inch tie. Top stitch.

After you’ve filled your bag with goodies, simply place the tie around the bag and knot.

Muslin ‘Tea’ (or Rice) Bag:


  • One piece of muslin measuring 3” by 9.5 inches
  • one 14” strand of heavy duty cotton floss or embroidery floss

Fold the large piece of fabric in half so that it measures 3” wide by 4.25” tall. Press so that you know where the bottom of your bag is. If you’d like to embellish the bag with applique or embroidery, do it now, making sure to leave at least a ¼” seam allowance all the way around.

With a ¼” allowance, sew down the right side, across the bottom, and back up the left side.

Fold the top edge under ½” toward the wrong side. Press and stitch close to the raw edge. Turn out.

Thread a needle with the floss. Beginning near the upper right side seam, poke the needle through and guide it through the channel created with the seam allowance at the top of the bag. When you get all the way around, poke the needle back out, and leave a long tail of thread on each end – these are your simple ties.

Repeat, repeat, repeat – I’m sure you have a lot of favors to make!

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67 Responses to Coordinated Wedding & Party Favors

  1. Jamie says:

    O. M. G. The cones. Awesome! I love them and will be making some for an upcoming party. LOVE THEM!

  2. AisforAmy says:

    I love the little blue floral drawstring bags! So cute and simple!

  3. Roberta says:

    Love the idea of the fabric cones and the other favors and being able to wash and reuse them over and over again.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Love these!

  5. Ramona says:

    I love these suggestions. Tucking them away for future reference. Those cones are my favorite and I can see them used for many parties.

  6. Where were you when were looking for these kinds of things for my daughters wedding? Wonderful!

  7. Margie Bennett says:

    Such sweet ideas to show off beautiful fabric.

  8. Catie says:

    What a wonderful site 🙂
    I love the many choices just by changing the fabric – wow it is almost endless.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win

  9. jamie bender says:

    thanks for the beautiful tutorials.. they are so inspiring!

  10. Christina says:

    The metal holder is an ice-cream cone stand. If you do a search for it, you’ll get lots of choices.

    I love the fabric cone idea!

  11. Teresa Peschke says:

    this will be great for my daughters birthday party

  12. sharon says:

    Niffty idea! Great way to personalize your wedding, thanks Sharon.

  13. Not only are these great favors, the photos are phenomenal! I love the pink/green color combination.

  14. Kim K. says:

    what an adorable idea!

  15. Christine says:

    Thanks for the drawstring purse pattern. Very well done.

  16. Kelli says:

    LOVE the pink and green fabrics! I used pink and yellow for my wedding, but if I had it to do over again, it’d be pink and green all the way!

  17. Linda says:

    Cute idea that is applicable to so many themes.

  18. Jessica M says:

    These would be great at tea parties, etc.

  19. Betsy M says:

    Wow, great ideas!

  20. Charity says:

    So wonderful!! I am getting married in October 8 and have been hunting around for creative inspiration. Thanks!

  21. Jessica C says:

    I’ve never seen these with fabric before

  22. Barb B. says:

    I LOVE the holder for the cones — any idea where I can get that?

  23. DebbieB says:

    I’m with Amanda and Kristen. How do you keep the candies from coming out at the bottom, just stitch and “x” there too, and where do you purchase the metal ring stands? Thanks.

  24. The cones rock. These would be good for b-day party favors, too!

  25. Krystina says:

    Wow these are so sweet! Thanks for the tutorial.

  26. Jessica T says:

    How sweet! Favors that won’t end up in the back of everyone’s sock drawer.

  27. Jennifer S. says:

    I think I might use these as parent favors for my sons first birthday! Very cute.

  28. Ellen says:

    These are all very sweet! Thanks for a great tutorial!

  29. Christina Davis says:

    I love the colors and how the candy matches. How sweet!

  30. Love the cones. And the whole idea of matching party favors. Lovely.

  31. Marcia W. says:

    These are unique and easy enough to make in large quantities…

  32. Julia says:

    I love these!

  33. tscd says:

    I love these party favors. Brilliant idea

  34. Kristen says:

    I love the fabric cones, but what is that metal thing holding them in the first picture? I think that’s half the battle!

  35. DebbieKL says:

    Great ideas! Love the cones. Thanks!

  36. Melissa says:

    I think it is funny that they are called coordinated when they are all different. Yet they go so well together. And I certainly can see them in use for all different occasions. Baby showers, Halloween parties, birthday parties, anything really. Just pick the right fabric. And they could be filled with nuts or pretzels, too!

  37. Andrea says:

    Adorable! Too bad I’m not getting married again any time soon!

  38. Katie B says:

    These would be great favors for my son’s birthday party!

  39. Brandi says:

    Love it, so simple and wonderful!

  40. Katie says:

    Incredibly cute! Great fabric choices!

  41. Amy says:

    The cones are really sweet. I may use them for my daughter’s bday party.

  42. ~Helena~ says:

    Thanks for the ideas these are cute.

  43. Amanda Gaskin says:

    Just a question–are the cones lined with something? It looks as thought the bottom of the cones are open and instructions do not include any means of closing them (or lining them) that I could see, yet, somehow, the candies stay in :)!

  44. Sarah Gomez says:

    I love these ideas! My brother is getting married in December and these are such great ideas for not only the wedding shower but also the bachelorette party. I can’t wait to make them. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Jenny says:

    lovely idea and GORGEOUS fabrics!


  46. Angela says:

    These are cute, and I love the color choice.

  47. Liz B says:

    These are all so beautiful and would be wonderful to brighten up a winter wedding! You could do double duty with the fabric cones by adding a layer of thin batting, quilting lightly, and guests could take it home as a coaster!

  48. Debbie Bishop says:

    These are very cute ideas and could be used with themed fabrics for so many occasions! This is going in my “favorites” list.

  49. Lisa says:

    Good idea with the fabric cones.

  50. Wendy says:

    Love the pinks and greens!

  51. Stacey Lynn says:

    Those bags would be great for traveling too!! Thank you!

  52. Tong says:

    So cute!!

  53. Maya says:

    These are great little projects. I really like the pink and green fabrics.

  54. Elaine says:

    How smart and LOVELY!

    This gives me some great ideas!!


  55. jm says:

    This is the best yet! I love the cones especially!

  56. Jan says:

    Super cute ideas!

  57. Southern Gal says:

    I’m wishing you all had run this series last year when I was helping my daughter plan her wedding. We had cute ideas and things turned out gorgeous, but I would really have loved to try some of these ideas. I’ll store them away for future reference. Thanks.

  58. too cute! I’m seeing all kinds of possibilities with these!

  59. Beth says:

    Super darling! And they work well for any number of different occasions.

  60. alisha says:

    Love the green and pink fabric combos used on the cones.

  61. Amber says:

    I love those little cones – they are so cute!

  62. fabric cones? brilliant!

  63. what a sweet idea

  64. Cristi says:

    I love the tea and rice bags!

  65. Cinnamon says:

    This is an awesome tutorial. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a drawstring back in my head, and it wasn’t turning out right. Thanks for clarifying!

  66. Faith says:

    If I had had a smallish wedding I would have worried more about favors. But since I had over 350 guests I didn’t have time to personalize as much. But these would be fun for kids birthday parties or small gifts. 🙂

  67. jen guanzon says:

    I just LOVE the fabric cones…how great for Easter! What would we do without Sew Mama Sew?!?

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