February 2 ~ Valentine Inspiration

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Red Felt Triple Heart Love Note Pocket by Rachel, Thinkoutsidethebox*

Hanging “pocket” hearts are a sweet gift for someone special. Rachel writes, “…Everything I create is done from scratch, freehand, and I never know what it will be until I am in it. This is just a basic heart shape; anyone can create their own or download an image or pattern of the internet. The heart is made from felt and stuffed with polyfil. This particular one was machine sewn but typically I hand sew with embroidery thread in the blanket stitch, makes it a bit more personal and handmade looking… The outer portion, the pocket, was created from a fabric remnant… I did not like the whole print so I cut out the heart prints, three of them, and sewed them together (sewing machine and then sewed the edges to create the pocket). I made it into a hanging ornament using thin ribbon and a button to finish it off and viola! The pocket adds a little something special, as it can hold a love note, some $ or a gift card, etc.”

Comment in any post this week for your chance to win one of these great prizes: Recycled Eco-Felt Bundle from Felt-o-rama; $15 gift certificate to Noah and Lilah; $15 gift certificate to The Pleated Poppy; $15 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew! Take a look at the February “True Love” prize master list to see other great prizes we’ll be giving away this month.

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157 Responses to February 2 ~ Valentine Inspiration

  1. Grace Wong says:

    I love these pocket hearts!

  2. Kelli says:

    It’s so cute, I’d love it if someone gave me one of these!

  3. shannon says:

    so pretty!

  4. jennsquared says:

    Really really pretty!

  5. Love felt hearts.

  6. renee says:

    really pretty and a grown up version of the valentine mailbox that I remember.

  7. Ramona says:

    Perfect to send to some college girlies.

  8. catncart says:

    Love this, wonder how it would look with a vintage doiley pocket? I am off to try ..

  9. sherri s. says:

    Ach, how sweet! Perfect to tuck a little prezzy into…

  10. Marcia W. says:

    This is so very pretty for Valentines’ Day.

  11. Cristi says:

    This is great!

  12. moira says:


  13. Daisy says:

    So simple yet so cute…..what a great idea, I just might have to make some of these 🙂

  14. happy says:

    Lovely design, it inspire me to make agift like this. Thank You.

  15. Jolene says:

    so, so cute! love it

  16. Christy says:

    It’s very pretty and romantic!Thank you for the idea!

  17. Joey says:

    Love the feltorama stuff.

  18. Heather K says:

    Love the inspiration and the giveaways! Thank you!

  19. Sarah says:

    That’s a great idea!

  20. Erica says:

    I know someone who deserves a little gift… and this is it! I’m going to get started right now!

  21. pamela says:

    I have tiny little necklaces to give my daughters on Vday. They would be perfect tucked into this little pocket.

  22. Jenni says:

    very pretty, would love to make something with felt, that’s new to me!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I love this! It looks really easy to make (and super cute too)!

  24. Angie says:

    I would love to make this for my mom.

  25. Ana V says:

    Very cute!

  26. Danielle says:

    Great use of scraps.

  27. Amanda says:

    what a great Valentine holder!

  28. Valerie says:

    Great idea! I may have to try it out this afternoon. 🙂

  29. Tong says:

    This is just so sweet!!

  30. Amanda Gaskin says:

    Would make a nice and inexpensive teacher’s gift

  31. Maya says:

    That is so adorable!

  32. Lisa Eichholtz says:

    How sweet!

  33. Amy says:

    Sooooo sweet! I love hearts!

  34. Angela says:

    I wonder if you could make this with a re-purposed felt sweater?

  35. Rachelle says:

    Love This!!! I have some red flame fabric that would personalize it for my boys. thanks for the great ideas.

  36. Liz says:

    love it!

  37. Kristin says:

    Very fun.

  38. Anna says:


  39. terri says:


  40. Muriel says:

    Sweet idea!

  41. Eliane T. says:

    What a cute heart! and great idea.

  42. Teresa Peschke says:

    well thats just to freaking cute

  43. tscd says:

    This is so pretty! Thanks!

  44. Michelle says:

    These are so adorable-I wish I had time to makeof them 100!

  45. Jennifer S. says:

    Cute, imagine a dozen of these hanging in a window!

  46. Rachel says:

    Oooh! Another use for felted sweater scraps!

  47. Mary Carole says:

    My Granddaughter’s birthday is Febr 13 and I see this pretty heart as a great holder for her birthday and gift cards. Thanks for sharing.

  48. wendy says:

    Excellent idea for a Valentine’s giftcard holder 🙂

  49. Page says:

    Tres bien! I Heart it! (: ~Page

  50. liz says:

    very pretty, i may try to make some of these!

  51. Kathleen says:

    Looks vintage-y, so cute. Lovely …

  52. Liz P. says:

    Looks like something my kid would love.

  53. Anne Marie says:

    Such a lovely project – love it.

  54. joycie says:

    very cute…just right for the littler loves in my life…

  55. Helen says:

    LOVE the reds and pinks on this CUTE heart!!! So lovely!

  56. Kandyce says:

    such a fun idea! I love how simple it is!

  57. Jaki says:

    love this cute idea 🙂

  58. Beth says:

    So cute!

  59. Jennwith4 says:

    Very cute!

  60. Carra says:

    Ah, a perfect use for the rest of that red wool sweater I felted for Christmas Crafts. 🙂

  61. jm says:

    Love this!

  62. elana says:

    everyone creates such beautiful things…i wish i were that creative. good thing tutorials exist!

  63. Jo says:

    That is too cute, got me thinking of things to make for hubby!

  64. kim says:

    love this…..will be making some for my wee ones

  65. Jessica says:

    This is cute and looks simple enough to make in an afternoon with the kiddos. Looking forward to this month of craft ideas!

  66. JJ says:

    Love the idea of leaving sweet notes around the house for your loved ones!

  67. GrissyPop says:

    Love it!

  68. Southern Gal says:

    I heart this!

  69. Crystal says:

    That is very pretty and original

  70. Debbie Bishop says:

    Very cute. I may have to make some to hang on doorknobs just for a festive look for the day.

  71. Becky says:

    So cute and simple! Love it.

  72. Love the idea!

  73. Jenny says:

    So sweet! Love the traditional feel of the red heart with lace. But then, with the little unexpected pocket! 🙂


  74. Megan says:

    That is just too cute! I love it!

  75. amelia says:


  76. Jennifer says:

    I love this! I especially like that it’s a sweet, simple project that can either by done with a machine or by hand.

  77. mamaTAVE says:

    I think I may try that with felted wool sweaters… looks fun!

  78. sy says:

    cute design and not hard to make, thanks for sharing

  79. Melissa says:

    I think we’ll be leaving these on doorknobs to surprise people! Thanks!

  80. Alyssa says:

    Just what I needed something simple for the kids!

  81. Kim K. says:

    This is such a sweet and cute idea! It’s perfect for my daughter!

  82. Melanie says:


  83. amanda says:

    This is so cute. I love the pocket effect so it can be used for sweet little notes.

  84. Lynn Osborne says:

    This is so simple but so very cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Jackie Morgan says:

    Love this little heart pocket. Bet my little granddaughters will too. Even grandsons will like it. They are little.

  86. Samantha says:

    So cute! I think I’ll make these to hang on everyone’s doors- for secret valentine msgs!!

  87. Lori says:

    Love the idea of having something like that for love notes.

  88. Emily says:

    So nice to work with easy peasy felt!

  89. kelly says:

    really cute!

  90. Morgan says:

    How very cute!

  91. Michelle says:

    She uses the most amazing felt, I think. It looks totally soft and smooth from here! Beautiful.

  92. Regina says:

    so sweet – reminds me of doily valentines!

  93. Linda says:

    What a fun, cute idea!

  94. kelly jo says:

    That is super cute! What a cute way to store valentines too!

  95. Amber says:

    These would be perfect for my girls!

  96. DebbieKL says:

    I like the pocket with the cutout heart fabric – great idea!

  97. Tabitha says:

    This is really cute. I think my daughter would love this to hang on her door!

  98. These are really sweet – I loved looking at all of them.

  99. ~Helena~ says:

    How cute.

  100. sarah says:


  101. Pamela says:

    Very cute and will warm any heart.

  102. Faith says:

    That is a fun idea for a gift card. I need to remember that for birthdays and christmas.

  103. nancy says:

    I would use wool batting instead of polyfill – it will give it a nice weight & won’t be so icky polyester inside….warm heart.
    Its very pretty.

  104. sharon says:

    What a great idea, Sharon.

  105. eileensideways says:

    that is truly lovely and so sweet.

  106. Sarah says:

    I love it…I have been looking for more v-day ideas for a swap. Thanks!

  107. Leah says:

    I love this idea! I was just remembering with a friend how exciting it was in elementary school to make our valentines boxes. This is a cute grown-up version!

  108. Angela says:

    This would be such a nice place to stash little love notes for your sweetie to find! thanks for the idea!

  109. Bekah says:

    Awww, how nice. I certainly going to be making that for valentines day gifts.

  110. Rachel says:

    we’re making sachets like this, but without the pocket and filled with lavender. My little one loves to sew!

  111. WendyLouWho says:

    Love it! Thank you!

  112. qsogirl says:

    nice way to use up scraps…

  113. Jessica C. says:

    it would be so sweet for a little girl!

  114. Rochelle says:

    So cute! SewMamaSew never disappoints.

  115. Laura says:

    So cute! I love it!

  116. Carol says:

    What a sweet heart!!!

  117. Jessica says:

    Very cute!

  118. Katie says:

    So neat that all Rachel’s stuff is produced so freehanded. I wish I had that skill!

  119. This is adorable. I think I need to make one for my Mom!!

  120. Caroline says:

    How cute!

  121. AmyB says:

    What a cute idea! Felt works up so nicely for projects like this.

  122. Elizabeth says:

    That is really cute! I love it! 🙂

  123. Judi B says:

    Seems like a nice quickie project.

  124. mon ami says:

    great idea! I love that you say you’re not sure what you are making until you are making it;)

  125. Codecrafter says:

    This is really sweet 🙂

  126. Erin says:

    So sweet.

  127. Amy says:

    Such a nice idea for a gift card! And that eco-felt bundle is really making me drool.

  128. Carolyn says:

    I’m sure that would be lovely stuffed with lavender.

  129. Beth says:

    I like that this idea for a pocket to hold little gifts can be adapted easily for other holidays or celebrations by just changing the shape. Maybe a cupcake for a birthday or a tree for Christmas…

  130. Wendy says:

    Great idea!
    Thanks –

  131. Courtney says:

    So sweet! Love this.

  132. Bindu Ann says:

    Cute! I love this series!

  133. Somer says:

    So pretty.

  134. What a cute idea!

  135. Kristen says:

    Such a cute idea for a small treat!

  136. Megan Berry says:

    That is just darling! I can’t wait to make one for my special someone!

  137. SuBoo says:

    Pretty indeed!

  138. Jen says:

    so so sweet. I love felt!

  139. Shorty says:

    What a beautiful valentine! I love the idea, and that I already have the supplies to make one at home. Thank you for the ideas and the opportunity to win any of your wonderful prizes!

  140. MamaBee says:

    How clever! I may need to make one for my little girl now.

  141. Brinn says:

    Pretty! I love that fabric that’s the pocket. : )

  142. MaryAnn says:

    Beautiful and so feminine…

  143. Krystina says:

    Cute idea!

  144. Felt and Valentine’s day seem to go hand in hand. How lovely!

  145. JoAnn says:

    Love it!

  146. Allyson says:

    Very cute. This would be great to collect Valentine’s Day treats.

  147. Heidi C says:

    This is just fantastic! I am loving the True Love tutorials!!

  148. KellyK says:

    Oh, fun! I’m off to check my stash for Valentine prints!!!

  149. alisha says:

    Cute! I really need to get some felt!

  150. Desiree says:

    This is adorable. And looks pretty easy to make. As always, thanks for great inspiration.

  151. Stephanie says:

    That is just lovely!

  152. Coralee says:

    cute note pocket… would hold a chocolate bar quite nicely too, I bet!

  153. Hilary says:

    Adorable – and clever to use just your favorite parts of the fabric!

  154. Becky says:

    February is such a short month filled with so many great inspiration. Great prizes!!

  155. Jennifer says:

    how sweet is this!?! i may have to make one for my son this year.

  156. Katie Wilson says:

    This is just too cute!

  157. Susan W says:

    This is gorgeous. Thanks

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