Leah’s up next with a video to get you started with thinking about “Quilting Beyond the Ditch.” We’re in awe of her 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs Project, where she shares a new free motion quilting filler design every day of the year! Leah also has a phenomenal collection of quilting resources at Day Style Designs, including a huge selection of free video tutorials and a two-disc Beginner Free Motion Quilting DVD set.

From Leah: Hi! I’m Leah Day, a 26 year old quilter and the author of the 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs Project. Check out the project at: http://www.freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/

I started quilting 5 years ago right before I got married. I really wanted a traditional double wedding ring quilt and of course didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

But I stuck with it, joined a guild, and have steadily gained skills and techniques for piecing, applique, and my favorite free motion quilting.

After my son was born 3 years ago I really wanted to fulfill my dream of starting a quilting or crafting related business. The best solution was to start an online store at: http://www.daystyledesigns.com/

More than anything else, I love teaching and helping quilters learn how to improve their free motion quilting skills. I’m delighted to contribute a video just for Sew,Mama,Sew! and hope it helps you gain more confidence to stitch beyond the ditch.