Quilting Month II Prizes ~ Week Three

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Comment in any post this week for a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes:

Quilt it With Wool:  Projects Stitched on Tartans, Tweeds & Other Toasty Fabrics

Nathalie Mornu
Lark, January 2010
ISBN: 1-60059-389-5, ISBN13: 9781600593895

Wool is warm, thick, comforting…and one of the hottest new trends with quilters! Not only does quilting with wool add additional coziness to any project, it’s great for embellishments. These 25 projects include wearables, accessories, and home items. Find gorgeous versions of quilted bags and pillows; unexpected objects such as a hot water bottle cozy, a jaunty capelet, a  honeycomb-inspired table runner, and a laptop case. (Of course, there’s also a few traditional snuggly quilts.) A variety of techniques are covered, including appliqué, patchwork, and ideas for charming embellishments.

Giveaway courtesy of Lark Books.

Make! Over 40 Fantastic Projects with 16 Exclusive Designs
by Cath Kidston
St. Martin’s Griffin, January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-59686-6, ISBN10: 0-312-59686-3,
8 1/2 x 11 inches, 176 pages, Includes 75 color photos throughout,

40 fabulous sewing projects with vintage flair from a beloved designer

Inspired by retro vintage prints found at garage and yard sales, and reinvented in cool modern colors, Cath Kidston’s instantlyrecognizable designs have garnered fans all over the world. Now you can create your own projects using Cath’s original motifs. Make! includes over 40 projects, all with complete step by step instructions, and for the first time, pattern templates for many of her best loved motifs. So whether your favorite is Stanley the dog, the vintage florals, the multi-color stars, the appealing polka-dots, or others, you’ll find them all right here and ready to be used on a wide range of gifts, clothing, and accessories.

Giveaway courtesy of St. Martin’s Press.

200 Quilting Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets: An Indispensable Reference of Technical Know-How and Troubleshooting Tips

by Susan Briscoe

St. Martin’s Griffin, February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-312-38862-1, ISBN10: 0-312-38862-4,
7 1/2 x 9 3/4 inches, 160 pages, Includes over 300 4-color photographs throughout,

Want to make a quilt that stands out from the rest? While the basics are easy to acquire, mastering all the techniques needed to create a professional looking quilt can take years. With this book you can learn all the insider tips and trade secrets to create quilts you’ll be proud to display. Whether you’re new to the craft or eager to take your patchworking and quilting skills to a higher level, this is the perfect companion for you.

Giveaway courtesy of St. Martin’s Press.

Jessica Jones Pack ~ 12 Fat Quarters
Retail Value: $30.00

Designer’s Dozen Fat Quarter Pack includes 12 fat quarters chosen by Jessica Jones of How About Orange.

Giveaway courtesy of Sew,Mama,Sew!

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend ~ 23 Fat Quarter Pack
Retail Value: $57.50

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend Fat Quarter Pack includes: 23 hand-dyed poplin solid fat quarters from The Quilts of Gee’s Bend fabric collection for Windham Fabrics.

Giveaway courtesy of Sew,Mama,Sew!

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267 Responses to Quilting Month II Prizes ~ Week Three

  1. Patty says:

    Love reading all the postings..

  2. Michelle says:

    Fun prizes!

  3. Tara says:

    How fun! I ‘ve looked through all of these books! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. SewCalGal says:

    Delightful giveaway. Such wonderful prizes. I love hearing about new products too!


  5. winnie says:

    I love all of the prizes!!!

  6. Audrey Hollasch says:

    Either of the two fat quarter packs would be a wonderful addition to my new but growing stash! Great website!

  7. Sarita says:

    So exciting…:) Alot of inspiration there!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Wow… amazing prizes!

  9. OH MY GOSH! Love all those prizes! I love this site! You all rock!

  10. Cristi says:

    Gotta love quilting month! This is so much fun!!

  11. Sheryl says:

    I just love the Gee’s Bend quilts

  12. Kim says:

    Oh the fat quarter pack!! I need to build that stash of mine!!!!

  13. jenn says:

    great prizes! maybe i’ll win?!?!

  14. Erica says:

    Awesome prizes and as always, great information in the post. Thanks for your generosity!

  15. dollcloset says:

    I would love that Jessica Jones fat quarter pack! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  16. Kirsty says:

    Fantastic prizes – I’d be very happy with any of them, especially one of the fabric packs.

  17. Maureen says:

    What great Prizes!!

  18. aSprinkling says:

    I would L-O-V-E to win either of those fabric sets! But the Gee’s Bend one is my favorite!

  19. carmel says:

    i would love to win

  20. Ellen says:

    Love peeking in at Sew Mama Sew to find what you all are up to!

  21. nw nonna says:

    A sweet give-away is just icing on the sew-mama-sew cake! Thanks!

  22. Can’t wait to see that Quilting With Wool book!

  23. Gabrien says:

    Love the choices. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Ethne says:

    Me too please – someday I might win something

  25. Kelly S says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks!!

  26. Connie says:

    Reading Sew, Mama, Sew! is treat! Winning would be even better

  27. ariel says:

    the Make! book looks awesome!

  28. Agnes says:

    Love. love. LOVE!

  29. Janine says:

    I am returning to patchwork after almost nine years and am loving all the inspiration that is out there now and have nine years to catch up on. This site is a fantastic place to drop in on. Love the fat quarter pack.

  30. Mary Ellen says:

    Just signed up for your email. I’m new to quilting, so would really love the fat quarters. Just completed my first quilt for Downey Quilts for Kids and have been following Oh! Frannson for some time.

  31. Estela says:

    Cool Stuff!!! could always use more books 🙂

  32. Rachel says:

    Love the cool prizes! I think I need them all!!!!!!

  33. Zaenna says:

    Wow! So many wonderful things!

  34. Joy Mosley says:

    I haven’t made a quilt yet but I would love to try. I love to look at other peoples’ work.

  35. Kassia says:

    Looks like there are things that would inspire anyone!

  36. Alison Marie says:

    Oooh, Cath Kidston was the inspiration for my laundry room makeover! Would love that book! Am loving Quilting Month II!

  37. JC says:

    Being fairly new to all of this, I am really enjoying looking at the archives and tutorials! Cool prizes!

  38. Jeanne says:

    This is a wonderful idea, Quilting Month Quilt Along. Love the Dresden Plate blocks too. I haven’t ever seen it done in modern colors and it looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Norma says:

    I have just discovered this site and it’s marvelous!!! I’m signing up for the newsletter next. M

  40. Theresa says:

    What amazing prizes! Love ’em all!

  41. Corky says:

    I would love the Quilt it with Wool book!!! Thanks!

  42. abi says:

    Cook prizes. Thanks.

  43. Lina says:

    You’ve completely got me inspired to take up quilting. Now if only I could win a helpful book or some fabric to get me started!

  44. Kerry Leslie says:

    That wool quilting book looks scrumptious!

  45. Jenny says:

    Another round of fabulous prizes!!

  46. WhitneyG says:

    That would be so great to win one! Crossing my fingers!

  47. Paula Munter says:

    The new fabrics are so colorful and fun!

  48. Nicole Lamb says:

    I am trying to get a quilt together for my first attempt. The quilting tips book look awesome!

  49. Kristy James says:

    I just love the dreseden plate tutorial. I will have to try that.

  50. heather says:

    that wool book looks great!

  51. Melissa says:

    I love quilting month! All of the quilts are so fun, and the prizes are great, too!

  52. Aparna Mulgund says:

    OHHH! How I would love to win something.

  53. Carole says:

    Love your site!

  54. Helen says:

    I have just found this wonderful website, blog and forum. I have signed up for the newsletter and joined the group on Facebook and am loving looking through all the articles, tutorials and posts etc. I have just discovered there are chances to win prizes too…wow! Thank you for producing such a wonderful place for us sewing mamas.

  55. Manechka says:

    Fabulous prizes! Thank you thank you!

  56. Heather says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  57. Kelly P says:

    such great prizes! crossing my fingers for the fat quarters. . .

  58. Jeana says:

    This stuff is great! Hopefully I will be a winner! =)

  59. Ginger says:

    Great prizes!

  60. Stacey S. says:

    Okay, my fingers are crossed. The give-a-ways are great, but I’ve learned a lot of good techniques from the quilting tutorials that you’ve been posting. Thank you.

  61. JenniferB says:

    awesome- thanks for the chance to win!

  62. forestgal says:

    I love love love this Quilt month… so many ideas, so little time! I love the Jessica Jones 12 fat quarter pack 🙂

  63. lorena says:

    Once again, all fabulous prizes up for grabs! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  64. Birdie says:

    Always fabulous prizes! This way we’ll never give up 🙂

  65. Jeanne says:

    Love your site. It’s a great place to go to find fun project ideas.

  66. mary menzer says:

    Hopefully I’m a winner this week! Great books.

  67. Marie J. from A says:

    Waouh! would love to win! Thank you for the chance!

  68. Michele says:

    Wow, more fabulous prizes! Maybe one day I’ll get lucky 🙂

  69. Melissa says:

    And the great stuff keeps coming!

  70. Jennie says:

    Love them, as always!

  71. Madeleine says:

    I love quilt month!

  72. Marianne says:

    Good looking giveaways again! Thanks for the opportunity.

  73. Wow, more great giveaways! Thank you!

  74. kim says:

    cool stuff!

  75. Jenny says:


  76. iris says:

    These resources look wonderful! I can’t wait to get back into quilting.

  77. Rachel says:

    I love the fabric!

  78. Rose L says:

    Can’t believe we are over halfway through the month. THis has been great so far!

  79. Jeane says:

    I would love any one of these prizes. I just received my Picture Day Quilt pattern by Elizabeth. Stop by Oh Fransson to see it.

  80. Fawn says:

    Oh man, the fat packs fabrics look absolutely lovely! I sure would love to win something from week 3 😀

  81. nicole says:

    what exciting giveaways! love those fat quarters.

  82. Terhi says:

    Wow! Love the fabrics!

  83. Margaret says:

    Count me in. I’m really enjoying your Quilt Month features, especially the blocks by Elizabeth at Oh Fransson. I’ve made them both!

  84. Rose Sell says:

    Super cool prizes- I hope I win something!!

  85. stella g says:

    i love all these give-aways. thank you!

  86. Wendy Robinson says:

    Love all the prizes!

  87. Aniza says:

    Wud lurve to have The Quilts of Gee’s Bend ~ 23 Fat Quarter Pack!!!!…wow!

  88. kelly jo says:

    Wow! Very nice prizes!!

  89. Erica Ferguson says:

    Cool prizes. The Quilt It with Wool book is one that I must read!

  90. tara says:

    yay! another chance to win!
    thanks for for the awesome giveaways.

  91. Caroline L says:

    Congratulations to last weeks winners! Anything would make my day! Especially my birthday which is coming up tomorrow! It would make it a special day and would help with my textiles project at school! Which I am miserably having no inspiration with whatsoever..

  92. annie smith says:

    Love your site. Would be wonderful to win those fat quarters (or anything else)

  93. Marcia W. says:

    So many fabulous prizes. Will I win some fabric this week? Hope so.

  94. Liv says:

    Ahh!! lovely!

  95. KT says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! Thank you for running it.

  96. marietta says:

    Thanks for the offer..would love to win!!! Love our site 🙂

  97. Renee G says:

    Wow – these books look fantastic.

  98. Ashley says:

    Ooo, lovely stuff!

  99. Katie says:

    I hope I win, I hope I win!

  100. Debbie says:

    I just live a hop skip and jump from Gee’s Bend. That makes me qualified to get the fat quarters, right?

  101. Holly Atherton says:

    Really – with wool – I had no idea! Now I can’t stop thinking about it! Such lovely prizes every week!

  102. angie says:

    they all look great to me. 🙂 thank you!

  103. gillian says:

    I love quilting month.

  104. Alegria says:

    Oh! Such a lovely array of prizes…hoping…

  105. Lynn D. says:

    Wonderful prizes!

  106. I’d love to win any of these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. sewlindaann says:

    Very generous gifts, thanks for the chance!

  108. jackie says:

    put me in the draw please I would love to win something.

  109. Kerry says:

    Love the idea of using wool, I’m working on an upcycled sweater quilt now.

  110. Lorene says:

    Lovely prizes! Thanks for the opportunity to play and dream!

  111. Kristy says:

    I think I *need* that Quilting with Wool book! Since I am a knitter first and a sewer second, I am more comfortable with wool than anything else.

  112. Patty says:

    These are great give-aways!

  113. Shannon F. says:

    I’ve never even thought of quilting with wool! That book would be so interesting.

  114. Amanda Gaskin says:

    Great prizes! Thank you for the opportunities!

  115. Beth says:

    Your giveaways are always so awesome. The Make book is so good – saw it at JoAnn’s and added it to my wishlist!!

  116. Shawn says:

    Try, try again….. Thank you sponsors!

  117. Maria says:

    One word. Beautiful.

  118. kim says:

    Wow! Another chance at the Gee’s Bend Fats. The books are great, too.

  119. Melissa P says:

    Lovely prices… I would love to win any of them. 🙂

  120. Ramona says:

    Such lovely prizes for another week!

  121. bashtree says:

    fun prizes! thanks for being so generous!

  122. Laurel says:

    oooo goodies galore!

  123. Chancy says:

    These all look so fabulous, especially the fabric bundles! Yay!

  124. M. Malik says:

    Thanks! Great prizes. Fingers crossed!

  125. ~Helena~ says:

    Such cool prizes. I’m so loving the quilting month, thanks.

  126. Lisa says:

    I hadn’t realized it was quilt month–this is so cool, especially because I don’t have a quilt shop anywhere close! many thanks.

  127. Valerie says:

    200 tips would be a great addition to my sewing library! thanks for the chance and for all the great info and inspiration you provide!

  128. Lynn says:

    Crossing my fingers that may name is drawn for one of these great prizes!

  129. Rebecca says:

    Love that Jessica Jones fq pack!

  130. Lindsey says:

    Another week of wonderful prizes. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  131. Judy D. says:

    great prizes as always…i am loving quilting month!

  132. Katy Yo says:

    I love crafting books!

  133. Lisa says:

    This is my favorite month!!

  134. Cinnamon Sangria says:

    You guys have the best giveaways.

  135. DebbieKL says:

    So many great prizes – I’d love any of them!

  136. Sara says:

    Maybe I will win—maybe!

  137. Rebecca Carey says:

    Love the look of the Quilting with Wool and the tips and tricks, but who could pass up a bunch of fat quarters to actually quilt with!

  138. Julia says:

    Man you guys always have such great stuff!! 🙂

  139. katie says:

    Very inspiring books!!

  140. Eunice says:

    What lovely prizes. I could only dream of making a beautiful quilt from The Quilts of Gees bend fat quarters..Luv them..Luv them all. Thanks.

  141. Emily says:

    Ooo great prizes!!!

  142. Kelly B. says:

    Great prizes!

  143. MamaBee says:

    What a great batch of prizes! Thanks!

  144. Chelsea says:

    UH, they are all so fun! I just started quilting so any of these would make a great addition to my thus far small collection.

  145. Erica says:

    lovely giveaway, again!

  146. Patricia Luck says:

    I’m loving the quilting month! LOTS of great ideas!

  147. susieeemac says:

    Cool!Great prizes!

  148. Annette_V says:

    Great prizes!

  149. PaulaK says:

    Such fab prizes! Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be a lucky winner!

  150. liz says:

    sign me up! I’d love to have any of these great prizes.

  151. Rochelle says:

    Cath Kidston books are always so much fun! And that orange fabric would be super for a quilt in our “Wii Room.” I’ll have to check out that orange website. 🙂

  152. lucy says:

    I love the idea of quilting with wool! COZY!

  153. Natalie says:

    Great prizes! Especially the fat quarter packs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. Gretchen says:

    I just love this blog. And if I actually won something it would be a big bonus.

  155. Megan Presley says:

    How fun! Quilting month has been great so far!

  156. Elizabeth G says:

    What great giveaways! I especially like the Jessica Jones pack and the 200 Quilting Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets book. Thanks!

  157. Debbie H says:

    Love the Gee Bend Fabrics.

  158. lisap says:

    What a pleasure it would be, to make a quilt with all those solid-colors from Gee’s end. What an heirloom!

  159. Heather K says:

    So fantastic – would love any of them!

  160. Sarah says:

    Fabric and books about fabric. Can’t lose there!

  161. tonya allen says:

    oooooh how i would love to win one of the fq packs! i <3 both of them!! thanks for the fantastic give aways y'all continue to come up with!!

  162. Kiza M says:

    Such wonderful prizes!

  163. Jessica says:

    Not only do I heart Lark publishing, but as a knitter I am also obsessed with wool. I’d love to win the quilting with wool book!

  164. Kelli says:

    Wow–that wool book looks very interesting, but really, I’d be glad to win any of these prizes! Y’all are great.

  165. Jane says:

    Be still my heart , there are too many wonderful prizes. Love those FQ`s and of course the books….

  166. Sally says:

    I would LOVE that fabric. mmmm….

  167. Susanne says:

    Love it! Fingers crossed over here 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  168. DianeY says:

    What wonderful prizes! And I am enjoying the posts this month so much! I have so many projects I’m ready to leap into!

  169. Rachel says:

    ooooh…. I want the solids!!!!

  170. Linda says:

    I would LOVE to win one of these luscious books!

  171. Again – what a fabulous and generous group of giveaways!! You guys ROCK! Loved the interview with Denyse Schmidt, always enjoy your fabric favs etc. etc. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  172. monique says:

    The prizes are wonderful. Even more wonderful is your quilting month. Each entry is interesting, beautiful and inspiring!

  173. delitealex says:

    Great prizes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  174. Tess says:

    Another week of great prizes.

  175. Becca says:

    Oh, I hope this is my lucky week! I was torn between ordering the Jessica Jones fat quarter pack and the Elizabeth Hartman one…but I went for the Elizabeth Hartman. I’d *love* to win the one I passed up!

  176. Sequana says:

    Nothing I like better than a new book. Except fabric.

  177. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the month of great giveaways!

  178. Becky Perry says:

    I’ve just came upon your site! Wonderful tutorials and I can’t wait to try them out! Your site has definitely been added to my favorites.

  179. Doris says:

    Oh, I’d love any of those, esp. the Jessica Jones pack!

  180. Megan says:

    Books rock! I love adding to my inspirational library.

  181. Becky Ray says:

    Please enter me for the giveaway! Love the blog and quilting month!

  182. Andria says:

    What wonderful prizes!

  183. Melanie says:

    Make! looks like fun, and the fat quarters are great! Thanks for the chance!

  184. Rachel says:

    Great prizes! I really like the books.

  185. Jessica D. says:

    Very cool!

  186. beverlyanne says:

    Great giveaway! I hope I win Gee’s Bend.

  187. Java Jane says:

    You folks at Sew Mama Sew have changed my life. I have been sewing a knit jacket this week, a project that I undertook just to play with the knit stitches on my relatively new sewing machine. Because of SMS, I want to better understand all of the tools at my disposal.

    Thank you!

  188. kristine says:

    What great prizes!

  189. Deb V says:

    Thanks for giving away such great prizes. I would love to win any of them.

  190. Kathy says:

    I’d love to win one of these!

  191. Balinda says:

    These are great prizes. I want that Make It book maybe enough to go buy it.

  192. Donna K. says:

    Great giveaway! I’d be happy with any of those!

  193. kirsten says:

    Great prizes. They’d all be fabulous but I love Jessica Jones fabrics. 🙂

  194. Mary says:

    Terrific books! Any of them would be a wonderful addition to the crafting library.

  195. Tina says:

    Super great list of prizes! I’ve never seen that quilting with wool book. I love working with wool and I love quilting but I’ve never combined them. I will need to check that one out!

  196. Julie says:

    The muted colors in the Jessica Jones’ fat quarter pack are beautiful! What a great giveaway.

  197. Amanda says:

    I would love love love the fat quarter pack!

  198. Very cool! I’d love any of them!

  199. Kaylin says:

    oh so much fun! i would love any of these!!!

  200. Brittany says:

    This is so fun! I’m giddy!

  201. Sherri says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  202. Moira says:

    I’m loving Quilting Month II by the way 🙂

  203. Aditi says:

    What great prizes! I was just thinking about wool batting the other day.

  204. elsa says:

    great prizes! and you are so generous to give them away! thanks for the opportunity to own any of these!

  205. Kristin says:

    What a wonderful bunch of prizes!

  206. Christine says:

    Great prizes.

  207. Pam says:

    Great prizes! Thanks for the awesome give away.

  208. qsogirl says:

    another round of great prizes!

  209. Jessica says:

    Yum, I would take any of these prizes!

  210. Erin says:

    You guys rock! Thanks for all these great giveaways this month!

  211. Bonnie E. says:

    the Gee’s Bend fat quarter pack looks very pretty! It would be great to win!

  212. Danielle says:

    Oh my gosh, I am just learning to work with wool. That book would be awesome

  213. emily says:

    these all look so wonderful!

  214. Deanna says:

    Mmmmm–yummy prizes! Thanks for the chance. I am really enjoying quilt month. Lots of ideas and inspiration. Now–on to the machines!

  215. Marcelle says:

    wow lovely prizes!!

  216. Karen H says:

    Oh those are all very lovely!

  217. Margaret says:

    Once again, great prizes!

  218. Kristen A says:

    Wow, the wool book looks interesting!

  219. Rachelle says:

    Wow you guys manage to give away the best gifts. Thanks for the chance to win. I am just loving all the great info this month!

  220. Trudi says:

    Quilting w/ wool – Wow!!! This looks like a wonderful book!

  221. Anita says:

    What a great selection of books! I just love Cath Kidson.

  222. Beth says:

    Lovely give-a-ways. I”ve wondered about the gee’s bend pack. The Jessica Jones pack looks great, too!

  223. sookhyun says:

    ooh! excited about these prizes!

  224. Sarah E. says:

    Everything looks great, thanks for all the awesome giveaways!

  225. Denise says:

    Love the prizes, any would be fun!

  226. Chelley Black says:

    Great stuff!

  227. Jenna C. says:

    great prizes!

  228. Karen Utley says:

    I have to say, I look so forward to your blog every morning! Such inspiration in one place. I would love to win the fabric – only because I am seriously addicted to the colors. I need to join an FA group. Or start one of my own.

  229. Chay says:

    Great giveaway – thanks. That Quilt With Wool book look very interesting. I think I hear it calling my name.

  230. Stephanie O. says:

    Love the fat quarters!

  231. Lianna says:

    I love the idea of quilting with wool!

  232. Leslie says:

    Great prizes! Winners can’t help but be pleased.

  233. More wonderful prizes for week three – count me in!!

  234. carrie says:

    At first I thought the book was called “Quilting with WOOD,” which I found very intriguing, but then I realized it said “Wool.” However, that realization didn’t lead to disappointment…in fact, just the opposite! I can’t wait to flip through this book. The projects look beautiful.

  235. jm says:


  236. Jessica C says:

    I love the Gee’s Bend FQ pack as well as the Jessica Jones one. Thanks for all the great giveaways and inspiration!

  237. Kaye Prince says:

    Woohoo! All of these prizes look great…hopefully one of these days I’ll be the lucky winner 🙂

  238. Julia says:

    Another bunch of awesome giveaways!!!

  239. Lindsey says:

    Another week of great prizes. Thank you. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Jessica Jones pack as I am currently thinking about making a string quilt with greens & oranges – it would be perfect!

  240. Mary Lou says:

    Awesome prizes as usual.

  241. Southern Gal says:

    Still trying to win one of these wonderful prizes!

  242. Bonney says:

    Each one of these giveaways is wonderful. It really is time to get jump started on something fresh!

  243. Melissa says:

    What fun prizes!!

  244. Melanie says:

    Those are great prizes!

  245. Debbie Bishop says:

    They all look like great prizes, especially the fat quarter pack and the 200 tips book. Thanks for the chance.

  246. Dee says:

    Oh how I would love to win any of these fantastic books! I recently got into the shrinking (fulling) of wool sweaters to make usable felted fabric. I now have two baskets full. I’d so love to win the book of quilting with wool for some great ideas on what to do with it all!!! Love this website and thanks for the opportunity to win great items! I’ll be mentioning you on http://www.maisysplace.blogspot.com

  247. Lindsay says:

    Great selection of prizes!

  248. Wonderful give aways. Seeing all of these lovely books, and knowing of a few others being released this year, no WONDER so many of us have sagging shelves filled with amazing sewing books.

  249. Kacie J says:

    I just started quilting, and would loves that 200 tips, it would be sooo helpful!!

  250. Love the prizes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  251. Mandy says:

    I am loving quilt month! So inspiring.

  252. Linda says:

    Thanks for a chance to win these great prizes!

  253. This month of posts have been my favorite so far! Thanks so much for all the fun and education! Your give aways are great too. Love that Jessica Jones fq pack.

  254. Karo says:

    ouh, that wool book looks very interesting!

  255. Upstatelisa says:

    Fun! Great prizes!

  256. Cara says:

    An amazing assortment of giveaways!! And the first book looks very interesting, off to check it out! :o)

  257. lisa says:

    What a wonderful selection! Especially love the Jessica Jones pack – she has such a great sense of colour and fun with fabrics. Thanks again for the giveaways.

  258. Ineke P. says:

    Congrats to the ladies who won the fabulous prizes of last week!
    Hope I am one of the winners this week as it gets better and better.
    You are very generous!

  259. Laura says:

    Quilting With Wool and the 200 Quilting Tips are resources I am drawn to…one for inspiration and project ideas, and the other for a quick reference manual when I want to refresh my mind.

  260. Lexi says:

    Ohhh!! Pretty! I want to quilt with wool!

  261. PeachRainbow says:

    Amazing prizes!

  262. Melissa says:

    Fabulous prizes!!

  263. Marg says:

    Wow what fabulous giveaways.

  264. Sheetal says:

    oohhh, please, please, please let me win the Jessica Jones Pack! I’d love to lay my hands on that set!!!

  265. Julia says:

    Woo-Hoo! More great stuff!

  266. Lynne says:

    Ooooh, another whole lovely lot of gorgeous prizes – how generous. Fingers and toes crossed!

  267. Kerri Kowal says:

    Yes, please, may I have the fabric, please? Thank you very much.

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