There are three Giveaway Day lists! We’ll leave the lists up for several days so you have plenty of time to visit everyone. Giveaway hosts are organized alphabetically, with different sections for those shipping internationally or just within the host country. If you think we missed you, please check all three lists first and then email so we can add you in.

If you’re hosting a giveaway and you haven’t already done so, please include a link back to so your readers can come back to the lists to enter more giveaways. Have fun! Happy Giveaway Day!

Additional lists: Handcrafted Item(s) + Supplies/Materials, Sewing + Knitting Supplies/Materials

International Shipping
a Case of the Crafties, Chicago, U.S.
A Little Bit Of Everything, Christchurch, New Zealand
A Little Of A Lot
Affectioknit, U.S.
An Artful Life, Texas
andiland, Tempe, AZ
Artful Explorations, Middletown, Delaware
Bearpaw, Edinburgh, Scotland
bettycrockerass, Portland, Oregon
The Big Boat, Lino Lakes, MN
Bountifully, Brisbane, Australia
Boutique Karma, Montreal, Canada
BrowardPatch, North Carolina
Bubbles and Boo, Oakland, CA
The Busy Bean, Utah, U.S.
BusyBeeFree, France
Butter & Sugar, Virginia, U.S.
Button & Bean, New Hampshire
Butzelmännchen, Germany
By Hook and Thread, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Camellie, Virginia Beach, VA
Cat Taylor Design, New Zealand
Cheeky Apple > News, Vienna, Austria
chick chick sewing, Southern California, U.S.
Choochmagooz, Mallorca, Spain
Clares Place, West Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Common Threads, Kinston, Ontario, Canada
Confessions of a Sewing Dork, Canada
the Corvidarium, Canada
CosmopolitanCherry, Spain
Country Girl Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
The Craft Revival, Melbourne, Australia
Crafts for Boys, France
The Crafty Nomad, Western Australia
Crafty Tokyo Mama, Awaji Island, Japan
Creative Passage, Columbia, MO
Curiously Tranquil, Cleveland, Ohio
The Darning Diva, Palatine, Illinois
Das NebeLmaedchen, Germany
DC’s Creations, Willis, Texas
Demoiselle Libellule, Munich, Germany
dislemon, Barcelona, Spain
Draußen nur Kännchen!, Germany
edward & lilly, Australia
einhundertundvierzig plus plus, Germany
Elizadoesverylittle, U.K.
ellyn’s place, Texas
em ay kay ee. {Make}, Australia
The Far Side of the World, New Zealand
Field Wonderful, Kentucky
Flamingo Toes, Carlsbad, CA
Flapper Girl, Portland, OR
Fowl Single File, Washington
Freckled Whimsy, Northern Illinois
girlville, North Carolina
The Glass Mountain, U.K.
Going Kiwi
Greentree, Tasmania, Australia
greta und das rotkäppchen, Germany
GrowMama, A wild west Coast beach, New Zealand
Gooey Knits, Lansing, MI
Handmade bits and pieces, Australia
Handmade Heaven, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Happy Modern Quilts, Canada
hARTylittlepeaces, Melbourne, Australia
Harujion Design, South Bend, IN
The Heartful Blogger, London, U.K.
Ideenkoffer, Halle, Germany
Indigo Honey, Australia
JK Creations, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Janssen Designs, Denver, CO
JazyJae’s, The Blue Mountains NSW, Australia
JOYaum creative, Spain
julie-k, Lincoln, NE
Just Another Day in the Lives of…, Southern California
Kaja & lilla krax, Sweden
Karamat, U.S.
Kay’z Quiltz, Northwest Ohio
kitten delicious, NSW, Australia
La vida compartida…, Guadalajara, Mexico
Liesl Made, NJ, U.S.
Life as a Five Ring Circus, California
Life As I Know It, Orlando, FL
Life on 19th, WI, U.S.
limetrees, Hannover, Germany
Little Hands, Warm Heart, Alaska
little home blessings, New England
Live a Colorful Life, Fresno, California
Living on 4th Street, Kansas
Liz Noonan, Melrose, MA
lovely bud
Make It Give It – Let It Shine, Christchurch, New Zealand
Make It Perfect, Tasmania, Australia
Making This Home, U.S. & Berlin, Germany
mamaTAVE, California
missbossypants, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
mon petit poppet, Brisbane, Australia
Mother Lode, Olympia, WA
mousehouse, New Zealand
Mrs Moen, Stavanger, Norway
Musings of a Mom, Texas
my handmadehappiness, Northern Ireland
My Inner Old Lady, Portland, Oregon
nerines, Tasmania, Australia
Obsessively Stitching, U.S.
Old Days, Old Ways, Utah, U.S.
One Craftee Mumma!, Brisbane, Australia
our hartbeat, Champaign, Il
Patchy Work of Mini Grey, Australia
peacebabies, Philomath, OR
Photographee by Mindee, Arizona
Pin.Sew.Press., Myrtle Beach, SC
A Pocket Full Of Buttons
Poppyprint, Vancouver, B.C.
The Power of Me, Wheaton, IL
The Princess and the Monkey, Sydney, Australia
Pug Possessed, Rochester, New York
Rachel’s Quilts, Michigan
Randomness, Canada
RevoluzZza, Berlin, Germany
Salty Oat, Austin, TX, Panama City Beach, FL
Seaside Siblings, New Zealand
Seedling, Nelson, New Zealand
Sew Chatty, Brea, CA
Sew Chic and Unique, Oman
Sew Joy, Canada
Sew Me Naomi, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
A Sewing With Trudy Blog, Spring, Texas
Shey b, Phoenix, AZ
slow motion fast train
Spun Sugar Quilts, Ohio
Stash Avalanche, Ireland
stephjacobson, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
Stitch/Craft, New Hampshire
Stitch in My Side, Orange, CA
StressTheSeams, Atlanta, Georgia
A Super Stitches Blog, Spring, Texas
Sweet Limes, Canada
threaded basil
Three Turns to Home, Tennessee, U.S.
tinkerfrog, Fort Collins, CO
the tiny hummingbird, Rhode Island
TinyStitches, Kansas, U.S.
traceyjay quilts, Northern California
twirling betty, Australia
Two Cheeky Monkeys, Melbourne, Australia
verykerryberry, United Kingdom
vintagequeen, Mannheim, Germany
Waldeck Dry Goods, PA
Was Eigenes, Cologne, Germany
What A World, Florida
With Blueberry Heart Quilts, Mexico
With love by Ane, Norway
Zanie Zoo, Arlington, Texas

No International Shipping
A Touch of Heaven, New York State
All Stitched Up, Oklahoma, U.S.
Allthingsfee, Mechanicville, NY
amy a la mode, U.S.
Annie Get Your Glue Gun!, Oregon, U.S.
B.B. Bellezza, U.S.
Believe In Love, Texas
Cari’s Crafts, U.S.
Cheerios Underfoot, U.S.
Clemz Clozet, Arizona
Coming Up Rosemary!, Brainerd, MN
Crafty Mama Creations, California
Crafty Mom, U.S.
craftytammie, Richmond, KS
The Crazy Life of an Emary, U.S.
Creating for my 4 Angels, Salem, Oregon
Deliberately Domestic, U.S.
Designer Jules, St. Louis, MO (Contiguous U.S. only)
Elle Belle, Florida
Fluffy changes, Southeast Qld, Australia (Australia only)
Gabi’s Love, U.S.
GemmaJoy, Australia (Australia only)
Handmade Therapy (U.S. & Canada shipping only)
Hand-stitched Life, Rochester, NY
The Handy Hippie, Sunny San Diego, CA
inspired mama musings, Northwest
james & bess: random thoughts, Kentucky
juste venteux, Ohio
Kate the Great, U.S.
LBG Studio, Alabama, U.S. (U.S. & Canada shipping only)
Life in PInk Hi-Tops, Georgia
The Life of Lola, U.S.
Made by Loulabelle, Oxford, U.K.
Made for You by Amy Plew, Bluffton, SC
Made With Love, California
Make Mine Blue, NY
Mama Smiles
Mama’s a Mess!, Honolulu, Hawaii (U.S. & Canada shipping only)
Many Crafts, Florida
Margaret’s Hope Chest, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Max and Ellie, Oregon
MooMama, U.S.
Munchkin Things and Strings, Camden, SC
My Spare Time, Texas (Will ship internationally if winner pays shipping difference)
Neat & Tidy, Corry, Pennsylvania
Our Busy Little Girls, Canada (U.S. & Canada shipping only)
pieceLove, Tennessee
Redirected Dreams, Virginia
See Mommy Sew, U.S.
Sew in Stitches, Pittsboro, NC
simple up, California, U.S.
Simply Simon, WI, U.S.
Simply Stylish Designs, Bothell, WA
So I Sew, Kentucky
So Simply Stephanie, Manitou Springs, CO
Studio H Designs, Birmingham, AL
That’ll do, Texas
Think Liz, Austin, TX
Thrift.Nest.Sew, Adelaide, Australia (Australia only)
Thumbelena Dreams, Texas (U.S. & Canada shipping only)
vmjess, Illinois