Gabrien blogs at Dahlia Handmade, and you can also find her photos on Flickr. She always does such a great job talking about what works for her with patterns and what seems hard to navigate (Gabrien has done lots of fun Ottobre sewing lately on her blog). We new Gabrien would give us the scoop on Figgy’s Beach Bum Hoodie pattern! Enjoy her pattern review coming up next, and be sure to check out Dahlia Handmade.

From Gabrien: I first learned to sew in middle school but have really gotten serious in the last few years as my kids have gotten bigger and my sewing space has enlarged. I sew lots of different things from quilts to clothing, to hand stitched Waldorf inspired dolls. There are hundreds more things yet to sew on my list and way too few hours in the day, and too few days in a year. I’m happy to join the team here at Sew,Mama,Sew! as a pattern reviewer– I love trying new and interesting patterns.