Rebecca joins us today with a pattern review for the new Keyka Lou Half Moon Handbag PDF sewing pattern. Keyka Lou patterns are downloadable patterns by Michelle Webster. This means you can purchase your pattern and start sewing right away! Bags made using this pattern can also be sold in your own online shop, local boutiques, etc.

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Half-Moon Handbag ~ Keyka Lou PDF Sewing Pattern
Description & Materials
From the product description: A sweet bag in an adorable rounded shape made with a simple sewing pattern. This little bag looks so cute peeking out from under your arm or hanging from your wrist.

Supplies List

  • 3/4 yard focus fabric (exterior fabric)
  • 1/2 yard lining fabric
  • 1/2 yard iron-on interfacing
  • Button
  • 4″ elastic
  • Ruler or yardstick
  • Fabric marker or chalk
Fabric Recommendations
I used regular weight cotton fabric, instead of what looks like a heavier weight, almost twill in the pattern photo. They suggested that if you wanted a firmer bag to use an additional lining, and I did that. I used a fusible fleece, that I fused to each piece of the lining that I cut out. I did NOT use this additional lining in the strap, and I’m happy with the way it looks. The bag is firmer, but the strap looks delicate still.

PR531101.jpg title=

Overall Design 4 stars
The design for the Half Moon Bag is simple but elegant. It’s large enough to hold everything you need, including a cell phone, keys, and a small wallet or something for your money. There is pocket on the inside for your license or ID. I’ve used this bag for a few days now, and even when I don’t have the loop around the button all the way, the top seems to stay closed. The only thing that would make the design any better is if it came in two sizes and you could choose a larger size if you needed it. I think what I liked best is that I chose a dark batik for the outside color and the bag looked like a sophisticated evening bag. The shape and size, though, made up in a more whimsical fabric would make it a great bag for a teenager, or a more casual outfit.

Diagrams / Images 4 stars
All of the diagrams were clear, and accurate. The only photo that I think could really be significantly better is the photo that shows where and how to pin the strap onto the sides of the bag. It’s taken from above, and of the full front of the bag. Thankfully, the text was clear enough that even with the photo not showing where to place the strap very well, it was easy enough to figure out.

Written Instructions 5 stars
I found the directions to be super easy to follow, and really, nothing was left out.

Pattern Pieces 5 stars
These pattern pieces are excellent. What I think makes them superb is that there is also a size check box on each page that you print. It’s a 1″ x 1″ square, so that once your pages are printed, you can check to make sure that your relative sizes are accurate and that your printer didn’t fudge up the sizes in printing. This made me very confident that I was getting the end result I was expecting to get. In addition, there were only a few pieces, which made it easy to print and cut.

Pattern pieces can be printed out as many times as needed from the pattern file you purchase.

Overall Level of Difficulty Intermediate or Advanced Beginner
I would say overall that this is an intermediate level sewer’s pattern. Between the darts, and the bag assembly, it might be a lot for a new sewer. I do think however, that an advanced beginner who’s feeling like a challenge could easily complete this pattern and be happy with their results.
Tips + Modifications
I actually liked making the darts for the front and back (and lining of each). If you’re not comfortable making darts, I think this would be a nice easy pattern to practice on. The darts don’t have to be exact, and they are not so narrow that they’re really hard to position correctly. I used a pattern wheel to trace over the lines for the darts, and then marked the dashed lines I created with chalk to sew along. That worked out really well. The only drawback is that I made a mess of my pattern pieces. THIS is why downloadable patterns are so great. I can easily just print another set when I want to make another bag!

PR531102.jpg title=

Lining and Pocket.

The most time consuming part for me was the darts, and assembling the strap. I always find it tough to sew perfectly straight for that long! If I had any recommendations for changes it would be this; sew and trim your strap carefully, and press extremely slowly. This will ensure that your seams come out in the right place. I might even suggest a making yourself a 1/3″ wider strap if you prefer a bit of a more solid strap or are concerned that the strap will curl and fold on your shoulder.

PR531103.jpg title=

Overall, I loved this pattern. It went together really quickly, and the directions were clear, and well written. It took me a total of less than two hours, including cutting, sewing and finishing. A really small time investment for a great little bag. I am 5’4″ and the bag fits over my shoulder perfectly, and hangs in a very comfortable spot.