Make It, Wear It! Challenge

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You heard all about the Make It, Wear It! Challenge, right?!

Sew some clothes in June and enter a photo of your garment(s) in our Make It, Wear It! Challenge photo pool or in this thread in the forum.

To answer a few questions:

  • The garment(s) must be sewn this month (not something from last year or even last month!).
  • The clothing you sew and enter can be for you, for kids, for lucky significant others… Each picture just has to be a piece of clothing you sew in June.
  • Please only enter one photo for each piece of clothing.

By adding a photo (or many photos!) you’ll be entered to win some really great prizes, including a new SINGER sewing machine!

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43 Responses to Make It, Wear It! Challenge

  1. Molly says:

    It’s time for mama to make something for herself!

  2. Kelly W says:

    Looking forward to this challenge!!

  3. vera says:

    I’m on it !

  4. Carol-Renee says:

    I’m in! What a wonderful contest, thank you!!

  5. tanja says:

    I sewed two new skirts for the girls and now I can’s stop! Thanks for motivation month!

  6. PeachRainbow says:

    Sounds exciting!

  7. Amy says:

    Sew excited to get started!

  8. Sarah Z. says:

    I love (and need) a deadline! Now I need to decide if I should make something for myself or my kids.

  9. Jodie W says:

    Yay – I’m in! Hopefully what i make will actually fit me this time 😉

  10. DebbieKL says:

    Can’t wait to try something out!

  11. Claire says:

    Wow! I am so excited to sew some clothes… do aprons count?

  12. momday says:

    I have been eyeing the maternity tops in Anna Maria Horner’s new book. Now I’m inspired. Thanks sew mama sew!

  13. Jenn says:

    can’t wait! I’ve been dying to tackle something for *myself* for about 3 years now. Course now seems like a silly time to start…plus size & maternity!?!? what am i thinking…

  14. Sarah says:

    Awesome! I’m all about sewing clothes lately…I will definitely be entering!

  15. Susie says:

    Just the thing I need to get me back into sewing! I’ve been staring at my fabric stash for weeks trying to get inspired…. I think this contest has inspired me to start. Hope to have a dress made by the end of June and will then wear it to my brother’s outdoor informal wedding on July 3rd.

  16. Jodieth says:

    I am wanting to make some new culottes for my daughter. The teens are loving those. The first outfit I made I was seven and it was culottes.

  17. Maya says:

    I have been wanting to make a skirt so now it looks like I have to!

  18. Unity says:

    I started and I’m combining the sew it wear it with some stash busting. 😀

  19. Sylvie says:

    I have almost finished a gingham top and will definitely enter this challenge!

  20. Norma says:

    I guess I better plan on sewing some clothes this month!

  21. hi
    i just made this dress shirt using tutorial given on prudent baby.
    am submitting it:)
    thank you

  22. Latrilla says:

    I am loving this so much!!!! For the past week I have been trying to start a project. It will happen tonight.

  23. Laurel says:

    Planning on making a skirt for myself first.

  24. Weee! I *just* made a skirt today. 😀

  25. Ramona says:

    Oh I am excited it is for other people too. I have two skirts for my daughters on my list for this month. Who knows, maybe I’ll sew one for me too!

  26. Jill B says:

    Yay! I’m glad kid’s clothes count…it’s all I sew so far, though I’ll try to challenge myself with a skirt for me.

  27. Colleen Butler says:

    I am excited and getting started! Cute summer outfits – my college daughter will benefit from this 🙂

  28. Joy says:

    the prizes are amazing!!!!

  29. liz says:

    great idea! I was dragging my feet about sewing some summer stuff for the girls, this is a great incentive! thanks!

  30. Kelli says:

    Wish I’d waited a day or two to whip up my newest shirt. I finished it up Monday evening! Oh well–now what to make next…I haven’t made anything for myself in years and this is just in time to get me going!

  31. Doris says:

    Great challenge, love this idea!

  32. sy says:

    so many prizes *_* must stop being lazy and sew something..

  33. Marcia W. says:

    have pattern, fabric, and ready to travel… gotta go sew:)

  34. Time to start sewing projects from all those clothing tutorials I have bookmarked!

  35. Jennifer S. says:

    I’m putting the quilt on the back burner this month…

  36. Sara says:

    thinking about a shirt of some sort…:)

  37. Sara says:

    I don’t need a new singer (I love my 1946 tank) but a subscription to ottobre would be fab! I think it is time to tackle that Heather Ross dress I have been admiring but avoiding…

  38. Have used Singer sewing machines for about 58 years. The first one I used was one of my mothers black featherweight style back in the 1950’s. Have an old plain and simple Singer, about 15 years old that does not make automatic button holes. Time for a new Singer sewing machine.

  39. Beth Kickert says:

    I am taking up the challenge. This will be my first sewing project. Hopefully it turns out okay!

  40. says:

    I’ve got my material and pattern so here I go.

  41. Leisel says:

    Yay! I need to get sewing. . .

  42. Helen says:

    I’m so excited about this challenge 🙂

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