Today Kathie shares the third and final installment in our Skirt Sew-Along! Start with Part One (Materials, Preparing Pattern, Cutting Fabric), then follow along with Part Two (Sewing the Waistband & Shirring) right on through to today’s instructions where you’ll sew the whole skirt together! Tomorrow we’ll post a Q & A to make sure any questions you have in the comments are answered. We hope you’re ready to sew along!

SummerSkirt1.jpg title=

Sewing the Skirt Body:
1. Pin one pocket piece 2” down from the top edge of either side of both sides of your top skirt panels, aligned as in the photo.

SummerSkirtPocket1.jpg title=

Sewing pocket pieces on the panel.

2. Sew the pocket pieces on to the sides of the skirt panels.
3. Place the top skirt panels right sides together, with the pocket pieces flared out.

SummerSkirtPocket2.jpg title=

Sewing skirt panels together, with pocket.

4. Pin and sew from the top down the side of the skirt panel, pivoting and sewing around the outer edge of the pocket, then continuing down the side of the skirt.

SummerSkirtPocket3.jpg title=

Stitching around pocket piece.

5. Repeat on the other side of outer skirt.

SummerSkirtSerging.jpg title=

Serging the sides.

6. Serge to finish, if you so choose.

SummerSkirtPockets5.jpg title=

Pressed skirt panel with pocket.

7. Finish bottom of outer skirt with a rolled hem.

SummerSkirtOuterRoll.jpg title=

Rolled hem.

8. Baste 1/2” around the top of the outer skirt for gathering.

Sewing the Skirt Lining:
9. Pin and sew down both side seams, matching underskirt panels up right sides together.

SummerSkirtUnderlayer.jpg title=

Serged underskirt.

10. Serge to finish if you so choose.

SummerSkirtUnderlayerRoll.jpg title=

Rolled hem on underskirt.

11. Finish the bottom of the skirt lining with a rolled hem.

SummerSkirtBaste.jpg title=

Baste to gather.

12. Baste 1/2” around the top of under skirt for gathering.

Join Skirts & Waistband:
13. With skirt body right-side out, place the underskirt inside outer skirt, also right-side out. Place skirts inside waistband, which should be upside-down and inside out.

SummerSkirtPinSkirts.jpg title=

Pinning skirts.

14. Match up side seams of both skirts and waistband. Pin.

SummerSkirtGathering.jpg title=


15. Adjust gathering by pulling up basting stitches to get all skirt layers to match width of the waistband. (Use a lot of pins– It gets messy.)

SummerSkirtSewingTogether.jpg title=


16. Sew.

SummerSkirtSergedDone.jpg title=


17. Serge to finish, if you so choose!


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