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Laura from Lupin Handmade and Bugs and Fishes has an assortment of holiday-related tutorials on her blog, in addition to several fun projects in Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations! Find all of her holiday tutorials here, and enjoy her upcoming Gingerbread House tutorial next…

Sew,Mama,Sew!: What project(s) do you have in the book?
Laura: I’ve got four projects included in the book— a colourful stocking, a cute gingerbread house, a trio of rainbow baubles and sparkly shooting stars.

SMS: What do you like about working with felt? Do you work with felt a lot?
Laura: I work with felt all the time in my business, in my personal crafty projects… and I even sell packs of felt to other crafters. I’m obsessed with the stuff! It’s really easy to work with, great for beginners or self-taught stitchers like myself!. I also find all those blocks of colour really inspiring, I get really excited when I get hold of new colours and can’t wait to find the perfect project to best show them off.

One of Laura’s holiday tutorials from Bugs and Fishes.

SMS: Do you have a favorite, go-to holiday decoration?
Laura: I overdose on Christmas movies every December (the cheesier the better) and I make my decorations while watching them. I always make lots of paper snowflakes and I also love old fashioned paper chains.

SMS: Do you have a favorite family holiday tradition?
Laura: Every year my sisters decorate our family Christmas cake with hand modeled marzipan figures on some crazy theme. It’s been their job to decorate the cake for years and every year the theme gets wilder and wilder. Even though I’ve not spent Christmas with them for a few years my mum always sends me a photo of their creations which always make me smile. I’ve not had time to establish any traditions of my own yet but I always try to bake my own mince pies, they always taste so much
better than shop bought ones.

Laura’s homemade touches for gift wrapping.

SMS: Would you like to share a favorite memory related to your holiday crafting or family traditions?
Laura: I’ve always been crafty and have very fond memories of spending months making Christmas gifts for my family and making all my own Christmas cards. I remember one year having hardly any money and a long list of people to get gifts for so I spent many weeks making 30 decorated gift boxes (using cardboard from empty cereal boxes and an old roll of festive wrap) to help dress up my cheap gifts! They took forever to make but they were totally worth it. I’m a little less ambitious these days but I still try to find the time to add homemade touches to my gift wrapping, and love sharing my gift wrapping ideas on my blog.

Comment on any Christmas in July post this week for your chance to win a copy of Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations or a great big bundle of beautiful felt!

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44 Responses to Fa La La La Contributor Interview ~ Laura

  1. AdiT says:

    Sure makes me dream of winter!

  2. Jacqui says:

    Love those pompoms – what a great way to decorate presents! Definitely stealing that idea this year 🙂

  3. Cindy says:

    I love these pom poms. What a great Christmas wrapping!

  4. Joy Mosley says:

    Ummm…yeah…I will definitely be using this for Christmas! I already use brown paper to wrap my presents and make my bows, but this looks too cool to pass up.

  5. Shelly says:

    Yarn pompoms take me back!
    I’m going to be reintroducing them back into my life this year!
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Fran says:

    The book looks great ….
    lots of fun ideas….love the
    gift wrapping !

  7. Katie says:

    I LOVE the pom poms!!! Such a cute idea that I can get my kids to help with. Now, how am I going to remember this idea in December??

  8. I love working with felt, but since I started rug hooking, I tend to use wool in my projects.


  9. Susan C. says:

    I’m absolutely going to be checking out her blog! Those projects are adorable!

  10. Louise says:

    Thanks for the interview, I do love her blog 🙂

  11. Jennifer says:

    Hand-modeled marzipan… hmmm, sounds like a good idea for this Christmas! What fun!

  12. Sara says:

    pretty beads and felt and the pom poms are definitely a hit!

  13. Michele J. says:

    Love the simplicity of the wrapping!

  14. Christine says:

    I agree. Love the pom-poms!

  15. Katie says:

    I adore those yarn pom-poms!

  16. Tracey says:

    I’ve started a Handmade Christmas Challenge meme and when I came across your site I was very excited. What great ideas! The 45 Handmade Holiday Decoratons would be so incredibly perfect for me. I love, love, love Christmas and I love, love, love crafting!

  17. Joanne says:

    I love the idea of the pom-poms! That’s a great alternative to regular wrapping ribbon which can only be used once.

  18. Judi says:

    These are so much cuter than store-bought bows … and you can’t even crush them! Yeah!

  19. peggyann says:

    I’ve followed Laura, thought her name was Lupin, almost since I started blogging over 3 yrs ago. Very fun designs and little details. She does like her tea as much as sewing!

  20. ~Helena~ says:

    nice interview

  21. Ramona says:

    Love the pom poms on the packages. So sweet.

  22. amelia says:

    I love the pom-poms. So much fun!!

  23. How easy and how cool are those wrapped gifts???

  24. alisha says:

    I love the brown paper packages tied up with yarn and pompoms.

  25. Somer says:

    I love those pom pom.

  26. Jaki says:

    Laura sounds like a women after my own heart, I’m off to her blog to be inspired!!

  27. Christine M says:

    Who would have thought that a few pom poms could make brown paper wrapping look fantastic!

  28. Kimberly says:

    I love the pompoms on gift wrap idea.

  29. sy says:

    thanks for the interview. crazy cake decorations sounds fun.

  30. Oh my gosh, I love the garland hanging from the windows! I’ve wanted to make a gold-paper garland I saw in Martha long ago, but I know my cats will just eat it. But felt is the perfect alternative! Thanks for the great idea.

  31. Katrina says:

    Thanks for the link to your blog, I just subscribed.

  32. Anne says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for the free pattern and can’t wait to see the book when it come out!


  33. Patti M says:

    I love felt! Easier for my girls to work with sometimes than fabric or even paper for scrapbooking.
    We would love the book! One of our traditions is to make our own decorations each year to contribute to our growing collection. It’s fun to look back on what we’ve made over the years.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Katie B. says:

    I love the little pom pom gift bows!

  35. Kate says:

    I love the gift wrapping ideas. So cute with the pompoms and a change from all of the fussing with ribbons!

  36. Kimberly N says:

    I love those fluffy balls on the packages (and I think my cats would too)

  37. Sara says:

    The gift wrapping reminds me of the poms poms on the back of my socks in the 80’s. They look much better on a package. What a great idea!

  38. Michelle says:

    Very festive and fun, and what a great way to use up my stash yarn scraps!

  39. jessieaucoin says:

    cute yarn balls on the gifts–my family always accuses me of making too large of curled ribbon balls for the presents. maybe i should start using yarnas my medium of choice.

  40. Your story of dressing up the gift boxes sounds familiar! This year, I’m planning to stitch almost all (maybe all?) of my Christmas gifts. I hope it goes over well!

  41. Jenny says:

    The poms poms are the cutest!!

  42. Amy says:

    Ah, what cuteness!!! Can’t wait to check out her blog!

  43. QSOgirl says:

    a treasure-trove of ideas! can’t wait for the gingerbread house tutorial 🙂

  44. Alice S says:

    I LOVE the idea of using yarn and pom-poms to decorate packages. I’m going to borrow that idea this Christmas.

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