Many of you have strong opinions about matching clothes!  I had a feeling it would be one of those love it/hate it things.  Luckily, I have an alter ego, so I am in both the Love It and Hate It camps.  I actually have really warm memories about a dress that matched my mom’s.  I’ve also cringed with embarrassment for the 5 kids boarding a plane in their special matching travel outfits.  Some of you were dying to know, so here is what inspired the question.

I’m strolling through the pattern section of the shop, fixing images and stuff.  I come across this:

…and then this:

I start talking to myself:

Self:  Wow, I just noticed that the Colette Macaron Dress is like a grown-up version of the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress!  That would be cute to make matching dresses for me and The Girls.

Alter Ego:  That’s the worst idea you’ve had all year.

Self:  The Girls would like it. We would be like a team. Connected.

Alter Ego:  Team Corny.

Self:  I don’t trust you. I think I’ll ask a few hundred other people.

Alter Ego: What’s for lunch?

I was going to leave it at that, but then late last night a trackback came in.  Darla at Everyday Chaos had written a post about matchy-matchy which I think offers a perspective worth reading.  As she says on her About Us page, Everyday Chaos “documents my efforts to either buy clothes made by workers who are paid a living wage and work in adequate working conditions, to buy clothes used, or to make them myself. I offer links to resources, tutorials on how to make clothes for those who enjoy sewing, and updates on how to contribute to the fight to reform the garment industry in the United States.”  Here is one photo of her family.

When the participants are willing and the context is right, how could you not smile at these guys?

Somehow between 1:30 am when I contacted her and 8:30 am, Darla posted a Letter Tee Tutorial.  Make one or a whole set!

The winners of one yard of free fabric are Sarah, Asta, Jennifer, JWZ, Carolyn and Melissa.  Look for an email from us soon!