So y’all like the Magic Tube-Turning Trick, eh?  Well, we can let you in the club too.  (And no, Shelly, it is not like Fightclub, lol!)

In case you missed it this week, you should go back and check out these two fantastic pattern reviews:

On to the shop news…

It has been all about the non-prints this week!  We’re stocking up on alternatives to printed cottons.  We have some beautiful options for making your stash more versatile and well-rounded.

Carolina 1″ Gingham (yarn-dyed woven)

Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons

Island Batiks

We also restocked  Essex Linen and Kona Cotton!

Here’s a funny question for you.  How do you feel about matchy/matchy outfits for families?  You know–mother and daughter in matching dresses; vests for the boys and skirts for the girls; Dad’s tie and baby’s diaper cover.   Do you love it or hate it? Is it possible to do well?  Have you ever sewn matching outfits for your own family?  Do you have any good stories?  What about pictures?  Tell us your opinion in the comments.  Six people will be randomly selected to win a yard from the shop. Have a wonderful weekend!