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We hope you enjoyed a little mid-summer Christmas cheer this week. In case you missed it, you can go back and meet some of the contributors to Fa La La La Felt and save the free projects from the book. Comment in any of the posts from earlier this week for a chance to win a copy of the book or a big bundle of felt! We’ll announce the winners Monday.

While you’ve been planning your ornaments, we’ve been unpacking boxes. Look at what’s arrived!

Fulham Road

Fulham Road cotton lawn from Alexander Henry

Opal Owl

Opal Owl by Tina Givens

Meadowsweet 2

Meadowsweet 2 by Sandi Henderson

2D Yuletide

2-D Yuletide from Alexander Henry

New Patterns

A plethora of new patterns–both paper and pdf–from Patterns by Figgy’s, Sew LiberatedScientific Seamstress, Sweet Pea Totes, Keykalou, The Handmade Dress and Sew Spoiled.

We’re going to give away a yard of fabric to 4 people and a pattern of choice to 2 people.  We just finished a week of Christmas in July, and we’re already planning November’s Handmade Holidays series.  Tell us the truth–when do you really start planning for the holidays?  Also, do you buy holiday-themed fabric?  We want to know!  We’ll randomly select the 6 winners on Monday (plus the 5 book winners and 1 felt winner!)  Have a great weekend.

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626 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Lisa H. says:

    I usually start thinking about Christmas in October, but THIS year, I’ve already started. I just knit a pink sweater for my niece’s American Girl doll. I’m going to make some more doll clothes and put together a little package of clothes and accessories for her.

  2. I start thinking about Christmas quite alot in October. I don’t buy holiday fabrics. Maybe if a Christmas project really caught my interest I’d buy the fabric to complete it.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I love that Opal Owl! I start thinking about the holidays when one Christmas has just finished, but actual crafting doesn’t start until October or November. I’m having a baby in September, so we’ll see what happens this year! I don’t usually buy Christmas themed fabric, I applique images instead.

  4. Gretchen says:

    I start thinking about Christmas in late August, once the kids are all back at school!! I LOVE all the fabrics!!!

  5. bwilliams says:

    Before starting grad school I begun Christmas projects very early, during summers off from school (I am a high school art teacher). But for the last couple of years it has been pretty much last minute, and I feel really bad about the lack of personal touch in my gifting. I NEVER buy holiday fabric; it seems such a waste to have something so seasonal; I prefer things that can be enjoyed EVERYDAY. Besides, who has room to store all those seasonal things; that space is better utilized for crafting/making stash!

  6. Holly Storm says:

    I can’t even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving! Which is terrible and I plan to change that after every years’ gift scramble! I never buy holiday fabric because if given as a gift, it usually gets put up after Christmas and I would much rather give something that has a longer range of use. I am all about full use and waste not.

  7. Debbie Rushing says:

    I usually start in October, don’t buy holiday fabric unless it truly unusual.

  8. Pattij says:

    I usually start this month sewing for gifts. I don’t buy too much Christmas fabric unless it’s a little different from the rest.

  9. Sue says:

    oh I forgot to put the Xmas themed fabric in.. I buy that for the napery

  10. Sue says:

    I always seem to have to get my families birthdays out of the way 1st, before I can think about planning for Christmas. The last birthday falls on 1 Dec, and as soon as that’s done, I start on Christmas.

  11. Rita says:

    Once July hits my friends will start to hear me say “It’s almost Christmas!” in which they always reply, “Don’t say that!” lol! 😉 I start thinking about it early, but I probably don’t actually plan anything til around November. To be honest, I love Christmas themed fabric but I rarely ever use it!

  12. Barbara says:

    I’m afraid that what really gets me started is turning my calendar to the “December” page. I bought some Christmas-themed fabric for a tablecloth once (I use it every year), but that’s about it.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Honestly, I start thinking about Xmas gifts for next year in Jan, which is when I buy my discounted Xmas themed fabric for next year. Through the year I buy fabric for pillowcases, napkins, whatever I plan to make for Xmas. The trick is to actually make the projects, not to make too much, and not to forget that I’ve actually got gifts lined up…

  14. karen says:

    Well…I just learned I’ll be making a t-shirt quilt for my daughter for christmas! lol

  15. karen says:

    I start planning Christmas right about now. I really pay attention to gifts that were given the year before and how they were received.

    Two years ago my daughter and I agreed to do ‘homemade’ only gifts and we have really enjoyed it. She does crafts and I sew and make quilts, aprons and embellish towels, etc. I also bake fresh ground w/w bread, cakes and cookies.

    I will make gift bags like the seasonal ones from Barnes and Noble to fill full of homemade goodies for all my kids and family.

    I enjoy your website and find it to be a place of comfort…hehehe.

    thanks so much!
    Karen Vasquez
    Ind Consultant for the Pampered Chef.

    PS…I LOVE Opal Owl in red…just precious!

  16. Morgan says:

    Every year I vow that I will begin holiday projects during the summer and every year, it usually actually doesn’t begin until December. But this year will be different! I mean it this time! 🙂 I haven’t bought any holiday themed fabric for many years but seeing some of the adorable Alexander Henry fabric, I may actually get some. I have been meaning to sew some simple gift bags/sacs for gift giving to avoid all that paper waste.

  17. Jodi says:

    I love the Opal Owl!

  18. Abby says:

    I always procrastinate! I occasionally think about gifts when I see something someone in particular would really love, but I don’t even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over, and I usually don’t finish shopping until about December 22 or 23. I do manage to get a tree and get decorations out about two weeks before Christmas. 🙂

  19. Shannon F. says:

    I started the Oh Franson! advent calender in September last year!

  20. Cindy says:

    I don’t buy holiday themed fabric, only the colors associated with that holiday. I usually start my holiday planning during the week of Thanksgiving so I’m ready for Black Friday. I love BF.

    I’m hosting a Melly & Me giveaway on my blog. Check it out.

  21. virginia says:

    LOVE the owl! some pretty neat patterns also. can’t wait to start sewing

  22. Janet says:

    I tend to make things that can be used all year round so don’t plan for holidays as such and don’t buy themed fabric – OK call me scrooge! but I love hoarding pretty fabric all year round.

  23. Donna says:

    I try not to buy themed fabric, but own a couple boxes of it, so I don’t always resist. More often I buy a few of the coordinates that don’t scream Christmas too loudly. I start worry about Christmas beginning in Sept/Oct., but don’t start planning until November or later if I can help it.

  24. Sandra says:

    Meadowsweet is beautiful! I start buying gifts in January because I buy on sale year ’round. We have a company Christmas party and plans for that begin in August.

  25. JennB in AK says:

    I started preparing for the holidays in July! Some think I’m crazy for thinking so far ahead but I love to plan and organize! I have been looking at some holiday fabric and need to narrow my choices. There is soooo much to choose from. Thanks for the give away!

  26. Kristen says:

    Oooh! I was just looking at Christmas fabric and thought I’d click on over to the blog – can’t wait to see your Christmas in July stuff. I ususally start “planning” in November, but I don’t actually do much until maybe the 2nd week in December? I’d like to make more gifts this year, which would require starting earlier, so…. we’ll see.

    I don’t usually buy holiday fabric (in fact, never have), because what I’ve seen is all, well, ugly. But I’m just now finding cute stuff, like the 12 Days of Christmas line you have – I want to make a cute tree skirt with fun fabric this year. Yay for Christmas!

  27. brittany says:

    i am already knitting christmas gifts, but the sewing always comes a little later!

  28. Shirley Clark says:

    I bought Christmas fabrics on sale after Christmas last year. I usually start planning holiday celebrations in Nov., but I don’t like to Christmas shop until it’s closer to Christmas. I just love being in the Christmas spirit when the weather is cold, windy, and rainy.

  29. lorena says:

    I tend to shop year round if I find something that I think the recipient will really like. As far as holiday fabric, I do buy it if it’s cute or I like the print, but in small quantities since I don’t ever know what to do with it. 🙁

  30. Amanda says:

    I usually start thinking about planning for the holidays in October and really start planning in late November. The doing is always last minute. Maybe that will change now that I have a baby? Probably wishful thinking.

  31. Ashley Bailey says:

    The owl and tree prints are too cute! Those would make beautiful kitchen housewarming gifts!

  32. Amy says:

    I start thinking about handmade gifts sometime in late August/September but I don’t get serious about making anything until around Thanksgiving. And a big NO on the holiday fabric, although I do like flannels with a winter theme (snowflakes, etc.). Great for winter pajamas!

  33. Colima says:

    Planning? What is that? The most planning I think about really is when I’m going to start putting up decorations! I have a small family and we don’t do the big “gift” thing, which is nice.

  34. nique says:

    I always do stuff year round and store it away. It makes the holidays much less stressful and leaves the option of traveling in early dec an option

  35. Tara says:

    I normally don’t think about the holidays till last minute but I’m proud to say that I have already begun my list and started working on some gifts. Now it will just be hard for me to not give them before the holiday. Hopefully, I won’t forget about them either.

  36. Kitty says:

    I don’t start much Christmas planning until after Thanksgiving. I like to enjoy each holiday as it comes around. I haven’t bought too much holiday fabric so far, but I love all the new colors and prints I’ve seen. Maybe new Christmas stockings this year…

  37. Kimberly says:

    I usually start in July because I like to do handmade gifts and need all the time I can get to finish them. I don’t buy holiday themed fabric.

  38. Cathy Staeven says:

    I just can’t muster up the mood to get ready for that hectic holiday until late Novemer OR later! Maybe if I started earlier it wouldn’t be so hectic – HA! I haven’t purchased holiday themed fabric in years, although what I’ve seen here is very inspiring. Thank you!

  39. Becca Smith says:

    I LOVE the holiday season. In my head I have this vision of decorating and planning like Martha Stewart. Of course, I have two children, one husband, and another baby due right before the holiday season begins this year. So…decorations, planning, fabric buying, crafting, and sewing might be a little sparse this year. However, if I had my ultimate crafter/sewers dream wish, I would decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving (because I love Fall decor almost as much as I love Christmas decor), be able to continue being a fabric snob and search until I found that perfect vintage Christmas fabric and make oh so many cute shirts, ornaments, and other decor. Oh, this makes me want to decorate right now. I think I am going to go and sew something now.

  40. Liz says:

    um, i start planning in november, which is why most of my handmade gifts don’t happen! 🙂

  41. Paula says:

    The Fulham Road line is lovely! I have no particular plans for holiday making – that causes me to stress out! If I have finished something in the fall, I will give it as a gift … I don’t usually buy much holiday fabric – I tend to like it best if it’s not “too Christmasy.” I love blue fabrics with snowflakes on them – wintery,rather than Christmasy …

  42. I don’t plan for the holidays in advance anymore. I used to make sure I was 100% finished with shopping/gifts by Thanksgiving so I could enjoy the holiday season without stressing…giving me more time for baking, etc. Now my “gifting” list is really short, so I don’t think much about Christmas until Thanksgiving. I hate getting my summer quilt magazines with all the Christmas stuff in them…it’s depressing to me. Let me enjoy my summer and save the depressing days of winter for winter. As far as holiday fabric goes, I rarely purchase anything. I have a few items I bought just because I loved it, but I have/had no plans to make anything. I do like the 50’s retro Christmas prints of the past few years, and I’m hoping that trend is still around because I didn’t buy any of it last year. I think I could get in the mood to make a wall hanging using retro 50’s fabric.

  43. Lisa D says:

    I think about it starting right after Christmas. That doesn’t mean I get started on my ideas, I just start collecting them. Every year I vow to start earlier. Maybe this will be the year. I have used holiday themed fabric for placemats, table runners and such.

  44. Crystal says:

    I started planning my holidays earlier last year. I used to leave it for the last minute, but now I start early, planning in July and starting in August, partly because I make more gifts myself now and need the time. I haven’t bought holiday fabric in the past, but had some gifted to me earlier this year and had a lot of fun with it, so I may purchase some for simple gifts this year.

  45. sherr says:

    Please enter me.

  46. jackie says:

    I’m always on the outlook for gift ideas, but July I start making things. Even so there are years I’m buying fabric and sewing right up to the end! Wow great fabric, the Alexander Henry animals are too cute

  47. Eva says:

    Usually I try to buy presents way ahead. Around the beginning of June I’m keeping my eyes open and if I see something that reminds me of a certain person and would make a good gift, I buy it. I don’t make lots of presents myself, Christmas can be stressful enough without the added pressure of finishing a handmade gift. I like making things for our home, though. I try not to buy holiday themed fabrics unless I have a project in mind. The 12 Days of Christmas collection is very beautiful, though, and very tempting. With that pretty a collection at hand the project-ideas must just come flowing in …

  48. Lizzie says:

    I don’t normally start planning for christmas until November. I have used Themed fabrics before but tend more to combining fabric to create a christmassy feel.

  49. Jacqui says:

    I start _thinking_ about Christmas in July, I start planning around October and start panicking and actually doing something around November. It’s kind of a tradition I have going. And no, I don’t really buy themed fabrics. I got some nice Xmas fabric last year and it’s languishing somewhere unused because I’m just not the kind of person who has that kind of decoration around the house. Though obviously I’d like to be as I bought the darned stuff! Maybe next year…

  50. I usually do some home decor pieces for the new year but I don’t buy holiday fabric.

  51. Eva SB says:

    We don’t celebrate Christmas so I don’t have to plan much at all.
    Around the begining of December we start to print the cards we need for the friends who send to us.

    For the holidays I do celebrate I am terribly disorganised. Luckily presents and cards aren’t really a tradition (because I’d never get them sorted in time).
    However cooking and guests are very important. I normally invite between 6-10 people in addition to the family so I spend a day cooking. For me being organised means I remembered to shop beforehand.
    I always make a couple of new recipes which can be exciting/terrifying (especially when I realise I don’t have a vital ingredient at the last minute!) but everyone keeps asking to come back so it must be OK.

  52. Corky says:

    Ooooh, i really love Tina Givens’ owl print! It is so cute. We are so lucky with all the really amazing fabrics to choose from nowadays, aren’t we?

    Let’s see…Christmas. I usually start decorating and ‘planning’ right after my Thanksgiving dishes are done and the leftovers are divided out amongst the kids to take home with them. Jokes! I wait until morning!

    I haven’t purchased Holiday fabric the past 2 years because I am haunted by the fabric I have and haven’t used yet!! but, I do make stuff every year so I am whittling it down and maybe this year I will reward myself with some fun new prints.

    Thank you for the offering.

  53. priti says:

    oh wow………..this is fun.Well I am an Indian & for us the big festival is Diwali:)
    I start shopping for clothes,fabric,gifts at least a month in advance:)
    The real fun is in lighting oil lamps all around the house & kids enjoy crackers.So the shopping for lamps,crackers & traditional Indian sweets is done a few days in advance.
    India being a Cosmo country now,we do celebrate Christmas too!
    We decorate the tree a few days before Christmas & take the kids out to meet Santa too:)

  54. annie says:

    I like to start in July, but a lot of times that never happens. It is more like October. . . If I wait any longer, then they just get money. heh

  55. Cindy says:

    I plan for the Holiday’s all year long. If I don’t get a project done in time for the Holiday, I finish it and save it for the next year! I buy Holiday fabric every year.

  56. MissMary says:

    October… when I really start planning. I only buy holiday fabric on clearance or sale. I’m not a big holiday girl, but I love giving away hand-stitched goodies 🙂

  57. Joy Mosley says:

    I would love to win!!!

  58. MichalAnne says:

    Planning for the holidays starts about the first week of November. Last November, I skipped the new fabric purchase and opted for scraps of green fabrics leftover from my wedding. I made our whole family (even the dog!) crazy quilted stockings with embroidered initials. These holidays, however, I plan to make many handmade gifts, so new fabric purchase will be necessary

  59. jerimi says:

    I never buy holiday fabric – it changes fashions so often that this year’s fun fabric will be dated in a year or two. It’s not too hard to find fabric in the right colors, without it having a printed holiday theme on it. 🙂

  60. SoozeM says:

    I try and do Christmas projects all year round, I am not known for finishing things so if I do a little bit here and there I occasionally end up with something pretty to decorate with 🙂

  61. Sara says:

    I usually don’t buy Christmas fabric until I start planning for hte holidays, which is unfortunately in October…

  62. Chrissie says:

    I’m a bit of a procrastinator and tend to pull all nighters around holidays so I can finish everything! themed fabric is a must in my gifts and projects!

  63. I think about Christmas gifts all year round and often start preparing (even in small ways) early in the year. I try to be more and more organised with each passing year (although this year, with a two year old to care for and an international move just completed I seem to have let the Christmas gift giving preparations go…!!).

    I definitely buy the Christmas fabrics!

  64. Dakota says:

    Oh I love the owl prints! I start planning for Christmas now… I start looking for good ideas for projects and thinking about what would work for everyone in my family. By October I like to have things collected, and then I’m usually sewing or crafting right up to the last minute… despite my best intentions! I don’t usually buy holiday themed fabric.

  65. Jessica B-N says:

    I think about Christmas all year long 🙂 – But I probably start the actual planning at the beginning of November. This year I plan to buy a couple of christmas fabrics and make twin quilts for both of my little ones. I hope they turn out (it will be my first attempt at quilting!). Then they’ll be able to pull them out year after year and enjoy them during the holidays.

  66. Jeanne S says:

    I start randomly planning sometime midfall. I love Christmas fabric, but usually fall behind and don’t quite get to those cute pillow or placemat ideas.

  67. Helena says:

    I start planning for Christmas very last minute, with a large family(seven in our house alone) we lean towards very small gift exchanges more of spending time with each other. I don’t really ever buy holiday themed fabric usless I have a project in mind.

  68. Jessica says:

    I start planning early but never seem to get around to making until much later!

  69. Laura Bozzolo says:

    I used to do all my Christmas preparations in the last two weeks before, but now that I have young children I start around mid-November. I never buy holiday themed prints and I prefer to use solids if I need anything in holiday colors. I do occasionally use season-themed prints for children’s items (e.g., polar bear flannel pajamas.)

  70. Jess says:

    When do I start planning for the holidays? Oh, usually about December 1! Ha! I’m determined to start earlier this year and am dedicated to having a handmade holiday season. I’ve actually already started making lists of things to make and who for. This is a big step in our house of procrastinators!! Thanks for a great giveaway! What awesome new fabrics!

  71. Doomie says:

    I usually start about now – I have a big list and make an effort to make all of my gifts. Some things (like handknit sweaters) require months of planning, but luckily sewing projects can be started relatively late!

    I dislike the look of holiday prints usually, but I do love smart, color-coordinated projects (greens and reds for Christmas, blue and white for my Chanukah friends, pastels for Easter) so items can be used off-season as well.

  72. lisap says:

    The colors in Fulham Road transcend season; i would be happy to pull it out and create with it in October or February!

  73. i usually don’t start planning til maybe november! this year i’m planning sooner because i decided to make quilts for some family members. i’d wanted to before, but planning in november never gave me enough time lol.
    i think i’ve only once bought “holiday” fabric, and that was last year. i bought a pre-printed turkey at thanksgiving to make for my baby lol.

  74. Beal says:

    I kinda procrastinate and start in the fall. I also prefer to buy fabric that is festive but not so holiday specific.

  75. I always make like a thousand projects, but in the end I never have the time to do nothing, well I’m addicted in fabric so usually I buy them just because I beleive it’s pretty, lots of Christmas spirit, already with ideas hope this year will be different;)

  76. Sara says:

    Every year is different. Last year I wanted to sew a quilt for my daughter, so I started early because it we my first quilt. I don’t buy holiday fabrics because we don’t celebrate it in the traditional sense.

  77. joanne says:

    I love your fabrics, I’ve been sewing grandkids dresses and I enjoy it so much. I can never wait to give the finished items to the recipients therefore I never think of anything I make as a gift. So even after all my sewing, I have nothing made for Christmas.

  78. omama says:

    After Thanksgiving the Christmas/Hannukah madness truly begins. I can’t manage 100% handmade so I decide on 2-5 handmade items in October and then do purchases after Thanksgiving – although I don’t dare go the day after Thanksgiving. I have never purchased Xmas themed fabric and don’t plan to this year. It just doesn’t suit me.

    By the way, the Opal Owl fabric is wonderful! It makes me want to escape to whatever imagination land it came from.

  79. Julie W says:

    I start planning for Christmas in October, but usually don’t get started on making Christmas gifts until December, usually just a couple weeks before Christmas (although every year I say I’m going to start 3 months ahead it never happens!).

  80. Loving all the new patterns! Yay!! I just got back from vacation and I can’t wait to start sewing again. I honestly wished I had brought my sewing machine with me! hehe!

  81. Caro says:

    I start planning all my projects now but get real in mid-December when I haven’t started anything. I’ve needed a Xmas tree skirt for three years now!

  82. Chris Davis says:

    We usually start thinking about presents for certain family members around this time of the year but don’t really start planning in earnest until around the end of October.

  83. Kristina says:

    I usually start preparing for the holidays after I put together our new school year timetable, around the middle of September. It is not easy to fit everyone’s timetable into one managable one, when you have 3 kids, as we all know 🙂
    I don’t usually buy holiday themed fabrics, unless for some special holiday thing, otherwise I use fabric from my stash.

  84. jean says:

    I unfortunately start planning for the holidays WAY too late. Like in the middle of November. I pull out my Christmas decorations and try to figure out how I am going to put together those handmade stockings I’ve wanted to make for four years now! So I don’t buy holiday fabric 🙁

  85. Nancy J says:

    I start thinking about holiday gifts in July but don’t really start sewing until Sep/Oct. I love holiday prints, have yards of it.

  86. Kimberly says:

    I always think in my head that I’m going to start planning early but it never seems to happen before December. This year is turning out to be no exception!
    I’ve never bought holiday fabric, but I can’t say I’m totally opposed to it 😉

  87. Rochelle says:

    Planning for Christmas starts mid-October for me and kicks into high gear from the get-go. I do buy Christmas themed fabric but it’s always mid-October so I end up with a lot in my stash….not sewn into projects!

  88. Lisa says:


    Honestly, I’m a bit of a procrastinator, I usually don’t start until November. Hence, my New Year’s resolution will be to shop early (perhaps throughout the year) for Christmas. This should alleviate the stress of planning for the holidays and offset cost. I actually don’t buy Christmas fabric because I’m new to sewing and this website. I started sewing only two months ago but I’m absolutely excited to have finally begun. It’s a whole new world for me.

  89. Joanna says:

    Well I don’t celebrate the holidays so I never have to stress about planning for them. Makes life easier.

  90. Usually, I don’t start planning until Octoberish. This year I’m hoping to give a lot of homemade gifts, though, so I should probably get started much sooner!

  91. JB says:

    I love the Meadowsweet line. I’m thinking of so many fun things I can do with that…
    Holidays are my nemesis. I procrastinate until the last minute! It may change someday.

  92. Sara A says:

    We don’t celebrate Christmas, so Thanksgiving is the bigger one for us. I start on that right after Halloween.

  93. Tanya F says:

    well ive already started purchasing shop bought gifts, and usually pick up little things through the year, and new decs & paper at the post-xmas sales. i like to change up my xmas colour theme a bit each year so this is an affordable way to do that! ive bookmarked alot of xmas crafts/gifts to make but as yet have not started! we’re also building a new home & will be moving in early november so im in 2 minds whether i should do it all now, then pack and move it, or wait until my new sewing room is set-up & crank it through in the few weeks before…?

  94. Jill B says:

    I start planning too late. Probably in December. I haven’t bought any themed fabric yet.

  95. Rosa in the Antipodes says:

    Honestly, I don’t! I never bought any Xmas theme fabric, maybe because I’m still waiting for THE one…

  96. Brina says:

    I don’t really plan for the holiday…if it happens, it happens…id rather make someone something for no particular reason vs. a holiday gift…
    i do like holiday fabrics…but usually only consider them at deep discounts and after the holiday

  97. Valerie says:

    I started to make my holiday gifts around this time last year. I’d better get started now! I usually don’t buy holiday themed fabric. I go more for “people I’m making for” themed fabric!

  98. Chris Aiton says:

    I start thinking about projects now, make plans and buy fabrics in Aug & Sept, get sewing in Sept and Oct – I like to be finished by Thanksgiving. Normally I don’t buy holiday fabric but I did buy a little bit last year to make a table runner – I combined the new holiday pieces with some other basic pieces in my stash. thanks for the chance to win

  99. Alice says:

    I don’t buy very much holiday-themed fabric, though I must confess that I don’t start planning for the holidays until November or so. I’m choosing to blame this on college.

  100. KT says:

    I start planning for the holidays in January, but don’t really kick into high gear until the fall when I start stressing out because I didn’t get as much done earlier as I had planned on. I do buy Christmas fabric–always intending to make something with it, but haven’t done so yet.

  101. katevet says:

    I’ve started *thinking* about the holidays, does it count? 🙂

  102. Miz says:

    Unfortunately, I only start planning in November, after Thanksgiving! I’m usually burned out from Halloween, which I go all out on, and forget that another big holiday is so soon after.

  103. jeri says:

    I love the whole Meadowsweet 2 collection! I’m just learning how to sew and really love it, so a couple of patterns would be great! I like to “attempt” to make things for my grandchildren and the third one is due in 2 wks. As far as getting stuff done for Christmas, I will pick up some gifts here and there during the year so I’m a little ahead of the game, but somehow I am still running around like a crazy person and wrapping till 3 a.m. Christmas morning. It’s always great fun with the babies anyway!

    I have not purchased holiday fabric as of yet but i might pick some up if i find an easy tutorial for something holiday themed.

  104. Sara says:

    I already have several gifts bought for Christmas and have already started looking at holiday fabrics, but haven’t purchased any yet. Actually, I take that back – already purchased Halloween fabric! I love the holidays and try to be in the spirit for as long as I can!

  105. Charlotte says:

    I PLAN to start in July. I ACTUALLY start in about November. And one of the things I do with Christmas themed fabric is make little gift bags like Beth T. Saves soooo much last-minute wrapping – just pop in a bag and go.

  106. Hem and Ha! says:

    I try to start planning the month before. And yes, I do buy holiday themed fabric- I can’t help myself!

  107. Erin says:

    I only buy holiday themed fabric if I have a specific project for it. I plan gifts year round, but I really get to it around October.

  108. Susan says:

    I will start in October. I hope to try Christmas bags this year.

  109. Addie says:

    I guess it varies each year… sometimes I really start early, like October, making gifts and lists… and other years it creeps up on me and it’s November and I’m just starting to think about it. Ideally I like to prepare little bit by bit so I can make creative useful gifts that involve sewing, knitting, etc. I don’t often use Christmas fabric because it doesn’t generally appeal to me and I’d like whatever I’m making to be used throughout the year, rather than just at the holidays. I can imagine using some of the French General fabrics in red and cream, so fresh and cheery any time of year!

  110. Genifer says:

    I have already started planning for the holidays (I hate the stress of waiting until the last minute!)

  111. Beth T says:

    I start planning for next year as soon as the previous year is packed away…and sometimes, I’m thinking about what I’ll give next year even as I’m shopping or crafting for this year. (So many ideas!) This year I made a chart to keep track of the quilts I wanted to make for Christmas gifts. I logged my progress as I completed various stages (pattern, buy fabric, cut, assemble top, assemble borders & backing, to the quilter, binding and labels). This way I was able to work steadily, keep focused, and even to reassess as necessary. (I decided that four of the quilts will be given on couples’s anniversaries throughout next year rather than all at once at Christmas. (Big sigh of relief.)

    And yes, I do buy Christmas fabric, to make very simple bags into which I put gifts. I encourage the recipients to re-gift those–less waste, better for the environment.

  112. Jenny says:

    Ideally, I’d start in the summer (like now), but no, I usually start sometime in October.

  113. Sharon T. says:

    I start “planning” the holidays in the spring. But usually don’t get around to doing anything about it until a week or two before Christmas. I’m starting to think I want to focus more on birthdays and just send cards at Christmas.
    As for holiday themed fabric…I’m new to sewing so I haven’t yet, but I figure once my husband and I have children I probably will.
    BTW, I love this website! I just found this website the other day when I was trying to figure out a pattern I was working on, and have already gotten a lot of great information. Thank you!

  114. Deanna says:

    To be honest, i don’t start planning for Christmas until the end of November. I don’t buy holiday fabric every year, only when I find some that’s really cute. D

  115. Laura says:

    I don’t typically buy holiday themed fabric, but I do plan on getting some classic or clever prints this year to make reusable wrappings. Honestly, I start thinking about gifts in the summer and try make mental notes of people I love need admire or enjoy. I get my craft as soon as I am done with Halloween sewing.

    I love the AH lawn, and I have had my eye on the new patterns by Figgy’s and Sew Liberated the past week.

  116. Wendy says:

    I started thinking about it in June, and really planning this month. We usually have everyone write out their Christmas lists in July. I buy holiday themed fabric–mainly for placemats/napkins and aprons.

  117. sarah says:

    So, I plan all year and then procrastinate sewing/crafting until December:)And yes I do buy holiday themed fabric.

  118. Daisy says:

    I allways have the best intentions, but I can’t really think about it untill the weather really starts to turn. And then I kind of procrastinate untill the last second, but I have the best intentions, and one day I’ll start early! I swear!

  119. Amanda N. says:

    The truth? I usually start the day after Christmas by saying “I will never do THAT again!” 😉 Or saying, “this is what I want to do next year instead…” hehe. And funny thing: I just purchased some Christmas-themed fabric TODAY. It’s my fabric weakness!

  120. laura says:

    I don’t really plan for holidays. I dream up fabulous things during the summer, but by the time it all rolls around, I’m nigh-deep in work and school and all that. So, if playing make-believe counts, I’m always planning for the holidays.

  121. Amy says:

    I generally start planning Christmas gifts in November. Once I had things made months in advance, and one other time I was sewing up until Christmas morning… so I guess it varies. But Ideally, November. 😉

  122. Deanna says:

    I start in January–seriously. It isn’t something that I think about every day all year long, but I keep my eyes open for ideas and get started.

    The Fulham Road fabric is amazing and a new pattern would be nice. I have started sewing clothing and really enjoy it.

    Thanks for the chance.

  123. Katie says:

    I have good intentions to start planning my X-mas gifts, but I’m a procrastinator – what else can I say???? I need to by some holiday themed fabric this year for a tree skirt. :o)

  124. yvonne says:

    A Christmas quilt is on my list of “better get started early” holiday projects. So many good intentions!

  125. Alex says:

    Honestly, I don’t even think about the holidays until it gets cooler and school starts!

  126. V Reed says:

    I’ve already started planning for this holiday season. I started planning last month and will start making things in August. It’s the only way I’ll manage to get everything done!

    Holiday fabric- I rarely buy it. It has to really grab me and say “YES! Take me home and make X!” That doesn’t happen very often at all.

  127. Rebecca says:

    I try to start my holiday shopping in August. Planning for the actual events? Unfortunately, beholden to my husban’s schedule and his hate(and his family’s!) for planning, not until the 1-2 weeks leading up to the event.

    As to the purchase of holiday themed fabric, it’s on the rare occasion that I see soemthing that I absolutely fall in love with and can incorporate into something that can be useful year round… except for my Christmas Alphabet quilt… that’s a special one.

  128. Monica says:

    I have been eyeing the Alexander Henry print and love the Meadowsweet collection!

  129. alisha says:

    I start thinking about making gifts as early as January or February, but rarely actually start before late October or early November. I usually don’t buy holiday themed fabric, but I plan to make a Christmas quilt this year so I’ll be buying some this year.

  130. Emily says:

    I can’t get in the mood to start planning for the Holidays just yet. Too busy enjoying summer. 🙂

  131. Kate F. says:

    Great new fabric… I’m lusting over those owls. I bought Funky Christmas in September last year, the first year I had a sewing machine. Now I have only a few scraps left, but I just haven’t found any Christmas patterns that would go with all my Funky Christmas things.

  132. monica says:

    We start making holiday plans in September since we have to deal with so many divorced parents and in-laws. As far as making stuff for the holidays, I just bought my first sewing machine and can’t wait to make stockings for my toddler girls ASAP! LOVE those 2-D fabrics…

  133. Jen L says:

    I really don’t plan until October, and I don’t buy holiday fabric – I get holiday feel from plain fabrics

  134. Debbi says:

    I have already started a list of items and have the patterns and some of the fabrics. It’s always the notions that kill me at the last minute – I need three buttons or something like that to finish an item the day that it is supposed to go in the post!

  135. Octavia says:

    I always have my eyes open for gift ideas, but I really start to buckle down at the end of September (the last of the birthdays is over) or beginning of October.

  136. Gabrien says:

    I don’t start thinking about the holidays until after Halloween! I love Halloween too much to let Christmas get in the way. The down side is I’m scrambling to get gifts done at the last minute so maybe if I focussed on the holidays earlier, I’d be under less stress in November!

  137. I don’t plan as much as, try to make something each week to have as gifts for the holidays.
    But, I always end up making a million things at the last minute.
    I buy holiday themed if I love the print.


  138. Donna C says:

    I prep for Christmas pretty much all year long. I just picked up fabric to make Christmas cocktail sized napkins for gifts!

  139. Kelli says:

    I try to start thinking of holiday stuff around the end of summer. Realistically though, I don’t “actually” do anything until after Halloween. Hopefully, that’ll be different this year and maybe I won’t be as stressed out like usual.

    This year I’ve also been on the look out for Christmas themed fabric. I’ve got my heart on whipping up some sewing projects to add to my decoration stash.

  140. Amy says:

    Honestly…. a couple of weeks before Christmas. I am always in a mad dash on Christmas Eve getting the last of my shopping done. I say every year that “next year is going to be different.” Since we are running around willy nilly .. I never actually get to use my cute christmas fabric in the year I buy it. I usually use it the summer after.

  141. kelly jo says:

    I think about Christmas presents all year, whenever I see something I think would be perfect for someone, and sometimes I even write them down. Unfortunately, I never start until October or November (too late for me!) and only my very favorite people actually get something handmade!

  142. Laci says:

    I had planned to start making gifts around now, but summer has been busy. 🙂 A mom needs all the time she can get!

  143. bonnie says:

    My intentions are good in January with planning the next year’s project. But by Summer plans are to the way side, that is until the weather gets a little cool and then I am off and running. Right now I am finishing up with some special events planned for August and September. Then I have 6 charity quilts in the planning stage for a December Delivery and for family and friends I work on their items at that time to. So no stress, just fun making things for the people I love.
    Themed fabric, not so much. Maybe some holiday colors for special projects but that is about it. I want to make something I can have out for more then 1 month. I love looking at the fabrics, but I just don’t buy that much of it.

  144. Eleanor says:

    I love holiday fabric! I can’t get enough of it! I usually start Halloween projects in July when I’m sick of the hot, humid weather. And then I start Christmas projects around Halloween because I’m in a holiday mood but bored of all my Halloween projects. 😀

  145. Amy L says:

    I’m a procrastinator and don’t start until November, but since I’m due with our 2nd child the week before Thanksgiving, I’m definitely going to need to plan ahead this time. I’m thinking about trying to craft more gifts this year, so maybe I should start now!

    Love the new Sandi Henderson line!

  146. ashley says:

    This year we have decided to go really light on Christmas gifts for our family, so I haven’t started planning yet. The gifts that we do give will likely be homemade but I haven’t had a spare second to think very far in that direction yet. I don’t usually buy holiday themed fabric, preferring instead bold reds and greens that don’t look crucial Christmas when paired together. I love Meadowsweet 2–looks gorgeous!

  147. Jill says:

    I plan my holidays early as I’m a knitter – its mid-October when I realize that I won’t get all of my knitting done and start oogling fabric 🙂 Great giveaway!

  148. Paige says:

    I guess I’d have to say that I start preparing for the holidays around mid-October/November. And yes, I love holiday fabrics!

  149. Lisa says:

    Typically I start in October or November on the gifts that I know I want to make. Otherwise late November. I tend to put things off as long as I can. As far a buying holiday themed fabric it depends on my need, but not that often.

  150. Erin says:

    I used to have all my Christmas Shopping done by November, I’d start in July, but then I discovered Black Friday and would get it all done then. Since I’ve gone back to doing more handmade stuff and generally wanting to spread out the cost of Christmas, I’ve once again started shopping in July. I already have all my side of the family’s gifts purchased!

    I’ve been contemplating buying some Christmas fabric to start on some decorations for my house in August.

  151. Katrina says:

    I literally start right at the new year, it will take me that long to finish everything i start! And actually i’ve been doing pretty well this year. I usually don’t buy too much christmas fabric, unless i make gift bags.

  152. Megan says:

    To confess… I start planning for the holidays about now… but do not actually start making things until November 🙂

  153. I start THINKING about the holidays, well, now! But do I actually plan gifts? No. Buy them? No. Hmm….I wonder why?

    And, no, for some reason, I don’t buy holiday fabric.

    Those new prints are great! My hubs loves owls, so those caught my eye, but the Meadowsweet choices are gorgeous!

  154. Deb says:

    We start planning in November, but start playing Christmas music in September.

  155. andrea says:

    Well, now that I’ve caught the sewing bug I better start buying and making now!

  156. beverly says:

    I start thinking about November, but never really start planning crafts & cooking until December. I do start the buying a little sooner than everything else.
    I always think about buying holiday fabric, but never do.

  157. Farscapegirl says:

    I usually start looking around for cool gifts in September. I really only start homemade X-mas gifts in Oct/ Nov. I use holiday themed fabric to make myself decorations, but rarely use holiday themed fabric in gifts I give. But with some of the cool christmas fabric that can be for anytime of the year (Moda has some great ones.)I may just use some this year for gift giving 🙂

    I adore the Opal owls… Really LOVE IT!!!

  158. Debbie Bishop says:

    I generally start planning in October, mentally, or maybe even picking up some gifts if I see good sales. I have purchased holdiay fabric with the hopes of getting something sewn but never do make the time to actually do it. Our current residence has been too small to really decorate for the last 3 years. We’re moving to a house in September so I have started the mental planning already, which is crazy, I’m just excited to be able to put up a real tree and get all of the decorations out of storage!!

  159. Kelly says:

    I love the Holidays! I also love procrastinating. 🙂

    I usually start with my decorations early December. I don’t think I’d normally buy Holiday fabric, because of its limited use. I would love to get one of these free patterns!

  160. Moriah says:

    I am just thinking about the up coming school year…christmas planning will come in a few months:) Love the new patterns in the shop!

  161. SheilaC says:

    I plan for the holidays later and later each year!! There was a time when I was done with shopping before Thanksgiving but now that is when I am just getting started.
    I am usually baking/wrapping on Christmas eve!! heheh


  162. Brooke says:

    I totally start thinking about Christmas planning early….I want the holidays to be a relaxing time so I try to start planning around October.

  163. I started planning christmas gifts this week. I hope to have them done by the end of November. I’ve purchased holiday fabric, but I haven’t made anything with it yet. It’s too cute to resist though. The plan is to make an advent calendar with it!

  164. Sissi says:

    If I’m lucky, I start physically getting ready for the holidays the first week of December. I start thinking about it and making grand plans the 26th of December though!!!

  165. Kate says:

    I start thinking about it December 26 of the previous year (more like “gee, next year I’m going to do xyz to make it go smoother). However, I find myself shopping through Christmas eve EVERY YEAR! Not this year though (hehehe)…

  166. melissa says:

    I really start thinking seriously about the holidays in August or Sept. I start thinking in general terms about now. If the fabric isn’t tooooo gaudy, I absolutely buy it.

  167. Jeni says:

    I am such a slacker! I like to get in right after Thanksgiving, but usually nothing starts until 2 weeks before the holidays!! I dont know how I am going to do anything this year, I am expecting my baby boy the day after Thanksgiving!!!

  168. DebbieKL says:

    I don’t start buying/making gifts until after Halloween. I haven’t bought any holiday fabrics yet, but some day I may!

  169. Laura says:

    I love this motivation to plan ahead and complete holiday projects. If I could get the work done, it would relieve part of my holiday stress.

  170. SewLindaAnn says:

    I do start to make things in January of the New Year – and the hope is that I continue making things so I’ll be done by Christmas. The reality is it doesn’t usually happen, but at least I have an idea of the direction I’m going. I usually choose an item to make with individual tweaks for my friends and family. One year it’s mostly lap quilts or bags, etc. It gives me a chance to be creative while in the groove of feeling comfortable making something a bit similiar over and over. I purchase Christmas fabric at all times of the year, who can resist when the new lines come out. I’m a big fan of Christmas in July, it breaks up the hot summer.

  171. Jenny says:

    I always want to plan early in the Summer, but I usually don’t get down to it until after Thanksgiving!!!

  172. Melina says:

    Everything is sooooo pretty!!! Lots of relatives to sew for, and some getting into it themselves, so I am REALLLY excited to get started!!! This would kick it off in such a cool way!!! Go everyone(and me, of course!)!!!

  173. Jennifer says:

    This year I’m already planning Christmas presents–but that’s only b/c I’m having a baby this fall and I know I’ll be a bit busy! Usually I start November or so. Holiday themed fabric–well, kind-of. I don’t like anything too Santa Claus-y, Christmas tree-y, etc, but subtler things, yeah.

  174. kelli says:

    I don’t start planning for Christmas until the weather begins to cool off, and in Florida, that can take awhile… And I only buy holiday themed fabric if I REALLY like it–I have made a Halloween dress for my daughter, and I bought some Christmas fabric last year for a Christmas throw-sized quilt, but didn’t get it made, so it’ still on the to-do list for thisyear!

  175. amy says:

    I just did a tutorial for an owl ornament! I’ve been thinking about Christmas presents….that is as far as I’ve gotten. My big plan is to begin working on Christmas crafts when my kids go back to school in a week. Usually it all happens in December, though! I’ve decided to be different this year. I do buy holiday fabric if it’s especially cute!

  176. Crystal says:

    I start holiday planning in late November. Every year I hope to do better then fail. I do not buy very much holiday fabric.

  177. Laura says:

    NEVER buy holiday fabric. I even used a slate blue linen and a berry red bottomweight to sew stockings. It looks lovely and much more homemade. I guess I’ve already started planning, mostly planning to finish all the holiday projects that never were finished last year!

  178. jenn says:

    I am NOT ready to plan.. mainly because I know I’m not going to be home for the holidays. I buy holiday themed fabric very rarely.

  179. DarcyLee says:

    I was much better last year about planning my gifts and working on them than I am this year so far. I’m usually much farther along. Right now I’m still in the planning stages and with two grandbabies coming this fall and winter, I need to get moving! I haven’t bought any holiday fabric for a few years but I always linger around it at the fabric store.

  180. Sima says:

    I start preparing probably to close but then again I do most things last minute. I haven’t bought holiday themed fabric in the past but then again I’m pretty new to sewing so maybe I will now 🙂

  181. kim says:

    well, in my mind i am always thinking about holiday gifts, but don’t actually get started on anything until the fall. i have never really bought holiday prints, but my mom always did and she made beautiful things. i think i would like to make stockings this year, so i will have my eye out for some cool prints.

  182. Stephanie S says:

    I think about planning for the holidays in August, but really can’t seem to find the time to do anything until mid-November when it’s a mad dash to get everything done.
    Sometimes I buy holiday fabric and sometimes I don’t. It really just depends on what I’ve decided to make.

  183. Emily F says:

    I usually start planning around September, but this year I’m going to try and make more gifts, so I’ve already started! and I don’t really buy holiday fabrics although I do love holiday colors and Christmas-y plaids!

  184. Sakura says:

    Oooh I love the new Tina Givens owl fabric! I usually try to start thinking of Christmas gifting around the end of October beginning of November. Nah, I don’t really buy Christmas Fabrics, they just seem too similar. Maybe if they were in diff colors other than always red and green stuff or better non typical designs I would. Thanks for the chance to win!

  185. Sarah says:

    I haven’t bought any holiday-themed fabric, but that could be that I’m more of a newbie when it comes to sewing. I usually start planning my handmade gifts in September which means that I don’t actually start making anything until November. I will have a newborn this fall so I think I just may try to keep to a schedule and not procrastinate so much.

  186. Chancy says:

    I used to shop year round for Christmas presents, but nowadays (years really) I usually start really planning for Christmas around November. And lately, I’ve started collecting some modern looking Christmas prints…but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.

  187. Renee E. says:

    Sometime in october. I would love to start sooner.

  188. Kimberly says:

    Very tentative planning starts in October, though I don’t really buckle down til November. Every year I tell myself that I really need to get geared up in October! I do buy holiday themed fabric, mostly for kids’ pjs, but for occasional home dec projects, too. I like the holiday theme fabrics that are thematic, but not over the top with lots of colors and designs.

  189. REALLY? not till the month of dec. BUT every year i tell myself around october that i will start sooner! =) so it’s nice when sew mama sew already has some ideas on line! I LOVE OPAL!!!!!!

  190. Kristen says:

    With a toddler in the house, I’m starting to plan for the holidays now, but don’t know when I’ll actually start making things. I bought holiday themed fabric for the first time this year to make the advent quilt for said toddler!

  191. Kristin says:

    I usually start in August. That early is mostly just the planning stage of determining which gifts I will be making and which I will be buying. This year I’m making dish towels for the girls in the family! I don’t particularly like most holiday themed fabric so I rarely buy it.

  192. Lynne says:

    Back in the years when children were little and it was more predictable where we would celebrate Christmas and who would be there, I would start planning late October or early November. However, if I was going to knit a gift I would start in the summer and limit myself to making just one knitted gift per year and work my way through the family. I collect stocking stuffers all through the year, whenever I see something appropriate. I do buy holiday themed fabric as I have made placemats, wall hangings and stockings.

  193. Alyssa says:

    I probably really start planning for the next holiday season in oh, March but don’t start really doing the constructing until about June/July. I don’t buy holiday fabric unless it is for something very specifically for a holiday – ie. christmas decor. Crossing my fingers for the giveaway!!

  194. Sarah says:

    i start planning xmas presents around october/november.

  195. Fran says:

    Christmas ? I start planning & jotting down notes in January. Buying & making things as
    they appear or the spirit moves me. I’m a very disorganized person so this really helps
    me & I can make more thoughtful choices and be prepared for the holidays without being
    too frazzled.

    Christmas fabric ? I have some in my stash….most has been bought on sale. I use them
    for gift bags I make….mostly subtle prints . Thinking about children’s pillowcases this
    year & those Alexander Henry animal prints look quite fetching !!!!

  196. Rose says:

    I love Meadowsweet 2! So cheery! I am such a slacker – I always mean to start Christmas crafting early, but I end up running out of time and baking cookies and wrapping them up just a couple days before.

  197. Delia says:

    “The holidays” don’t begin until the day after Thanksgiving! As for Christmas fabric, although I’m a new quilter and may change my stance, I’m pretty sure I won’t be partaking in seasonal fabric. It just seems so limiting to have holiday fabric, especially when it takes me forever to plan and finish a project!

  198. Iva says:

    Generally, I don’t start planning for the holidays until mid- to late October; and then only to attempt to find a date in which all of my children can be available. Between work schedules and extended family, this is always a major chore.

    But planning for gifts this year has already begun since many will be hand made… a quilt, knitted scarves and cardigans. Oh my, I do need to get busy!!!

    And no, I never buy holiday themed fabrics. They just don’t excite me one bit. Does that make me weird??

  199. Sara says:

    I always intend to plan early and usually do a porject or two in January after feeling the Dec crunch but then my motivation wears off and the season changes and I get distracted…Reality sets in about mid November and the hustle begins. I don’t usually buy holiday themed fabric.

  200. Alexis says:

    I’ve started thinking about the holidays already- since I try to make gifts for everyone on my list, I have to plan ahead! I do buy some holiday themed fabric- I don’t usually like it when something looks out of place for most of the year, but the modern holiday prints now are irresistible!

  201. Margaret says:

    I always think I have tons of time to make gifts and then run out of time! lol! Yes, I buy holiday fabric but seem to have lots left over every year (probably because of the first line I wrote). By the way, the new Fulham Road collection is gorgeous.

  202. Laura says:

    I have to admit I’ve already planned a few gifts! I’m not good at picking out gifts for people so I have to start early! I haven’t bought any Christmas fabric yet, but if the right one presented itself, I might be tempted.

  203. maryellen says:

    Wow. That fabric is gorgeous. I start planning my knitting projects early, maybe September, and everything else waits until after Halloween. I do like holiday fabric, especially for simple stuffed ornaments. The Alexander Henry holiday print is so pretty!

  204. Margaret says:

    Usually I start planning in earnest for the holidays sometime around October … but last year I went a little crazy, because my baby was due right around Christmas and instead of preparing for his arrival I decided that I had to make gifts for everyone on my list. This year will be tougher, with trying to plan for Christmas and his first birthday at the same time! I’m starting to look for gifts now!

  205. Magdalena says:

    Well i don’t plann mucho for hollidays and still i end up having fun every year. Sometimes improvisation is the best option!

  206. Kristi M says:

    I think about Christmas ALL YEAR LONG 🙂 but don’t actually get my booty in gear till about the end of November. Every year I think I will start sooner. Maybe this year will be the year.

  207. Camille says:

    I start planning now… when it’s super hot and I’m tired of summer. Now is when I make a list of gift ideas, which I’ll then lose and re-make several times before the holidays finally arrive!

  208. Jaime says:

    When do I start planning? Ha! I’m almost finished shopping!

    The holiday season does influence my fabric color choices, but not patterns or prints.

  209. jessi says:

    I think about holiday gifts all year long, but I usually don’t get my Christmas crafting underway until October or even early November. (Having two little ones means I have lots of great ideas for projects but not a lot of time to actually make them.) I don’t usually buy Christmas themed fabric, although I did pick up some on clearance last year with the intention of making holiday napkins to give as gifts this year.

  210. Ana says:

    I do my Christmas planning maybe in October, the problem is that only in December I star making the Christmas presents, ornaments, and decorations.
    Every Christmas I think next will be diferent…
    There are some gorgeous Christms fabric. And I do buy some. But Beautiful prints in red are so pretty for Christmas crafts too.

  211. Tina L. says:

    I usually worry about Christmas till December 1st. That is a month of stress and plenty for me.

  212. Kim says:

    I should be planning now. I usually have high hopes about making presents for Christmas.. and then life gets in the way and they become Birthday presents the following year 🙂
    I have bought Christmas themed fabric, but all I’ve made with it were some very cute Christmas cards. I should also be asking the kids what they have in mind for Halloween so I’m not a sewing wreck the days before!

  213. Greta says:

    I won’t lie…I start shopping the after Christmas sales about a week after the 25th. I have a special spot in my closet to hide little treasures safe from spying eyes. I do buy Christmas themed fabric, too…but only the most subtle (like snowflakes, or gingerbread men, etc.).
    I was inspired by this blog last year and hand-made just about 80% of my gifts! Not only was it fun (and cheaper than buying through a store), but people really seemed to like the fact that I had MADE them something. Lots of smiles I hope to duplicate this holiday season.

  214. Sarah-Hayden says:

    I start thinking seriously about Christmas at Thanksgiving. Here in Canada our Thanksgiving is in mid-October and that gives me just over 2 months to get my sewing projects/presents together. I do not buy Christmas themed fabric but gravitate towards wintery colours and plaid patterns, although I love the look of the 2D Yuletide! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  215. Sara says:

    I tend to wait until the last minute. I have been known to be searching for gifts on the 24th. But I really want to do handmade gifts this year. I was already taking a look at some Handmade Holidays photos on Flickr for ideas, and I can’t wait until November for the 2010 version!

  216. Shana says:

    I hate to say I’m a procrastinator. My daughters’ birthdays are in November and December so it’s hard to get ready until the last minute!

  217. Stephanie says:

    Oh I don’t start until at least October, but I’m a procrastinator! I do like the buy Christmas fabric! I like decorating with it and would love to make another Christmas dress for my daughter since I’m learning how to make garments now!

  218. Angela says:

    I start planning my projects now, but truthfully I rarely get anything done until the last minute. I start out with good intentions but the follow through is always lacking. Every year I swear that next year is going to be different yet year after year I am always scrambling to finish.

    I sometimes buy holiday themed fabric. I am so bad about getting things done that I usually don’t need more fabric. Most of the holiday fabric I buy I love it and have to have it.

  219. susan alexander/wilson says:

    I’ve already started planning for Christmas, making a list of projects and recipients. I don’t buy holiday fabric (yet) because I never really know what to do with it. I like it, though. Maybe this year!

  220. Lori says:

    My planning for Christmas starts January. No joke. It’s a slow month, I’m still on a high from the holiday and if any of my ideas require holiday fabric, I can usually find it on a pretty sweet sale. I make sure to have a running list to stay organized throughout the year.
    I try to have everything done by Thanksgiving. That limits my need to be out shopping in December and exposure to 46 different renditions of Jingle Bell Rock.

  221. Carrie L says:

    I’m such a procrastinator. If I’m lucky, I start planning for Christmas in November!

  222. shannon says:

    oh my gosh…you really do have the greatest giveaways! so so generous! 🙂 thank you. try as i might, and with all the best intentions, i end up not planning so well for christmas and usually stress out at the end. 😛 *sigh* maybe this year will be better. do i buy holiday themed fabric? when my budget allows, YES! 🙂

    thank for the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

  223. Kate Armstrong says:

    oooh, love the alexander henry lawn fabric! I am getting better each year, and this year I hope to start sewing some holiday goodies in September. I do buy some holiday themed fabrics for specific projects, this year I am hoping to make our whole family some long-overdue stockings!

  224. Jennifer says:

    It’s hard to start holiday planning now – I’m just getting into the hot summer groove here and making sleeveless dresses and little “scrubs” shirts for my kids. I’m impressed with those who are that “together” though… good for you!!! 🙂

  225. Joanna says:

    I’ve already been buying Christmas fabric, and some autumn fabric too. I have two wall hangings I plan to make. If I could, I would purchase every new Christmas collection I see:)

  226. Jen says:

    We start the holiday planning about November. I have to get through all of the orange and black of October before I can even start to think about the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities! I generally do not purchase holiday fabric but I might consider if it’s not too cheesy. 🙂

  227. Annie says:

    Although I start thinking about the holidays sometime in October, most years I don’t even start until after Thanksgiving. I think I’m subconsciously rebelling against all the Christmas advertising that goes up before Halloween has even arrived. I actually have never been a big fan of Christmas-themed items…I usually use more general patterns like snowflakes and penguins. 🙂

  228. Betty says:

    I don’t even think about Christmas until one week before, then it is full steam ahead. I find stores have pretty good bargains for late shoppers. The only exception I make is a hand crafted gift–I may start in early December to knit or sew something. I do buy holiday fabric. Love Halloween the most. Last year I made napkins for Christmas dinner.

  229. Doris says:

    I am kind of a last minute gal… hate to admit it, as I’d like to be an early planner!

  230. Paloma says:

    I daydream about gift giving ideas all year round but don’t actually get going until around Thanksgiving.

    I’ve never bought Christmas fabric (didn’t buy much fabric at all until recently in fact) but that doesn’t mean I never will.

  231. Aurora says:

    I start planning for Xmas after thanks giving. And for the people closest to me I start looking for their gifts right after summer ends. I don’t really buy Christmas fabrics.

  232. Morgan says:

    To be fair, I have already purchased/made/planned many of my Christmas gifts for the year. I start “planning” around Oct 1. “Planning” being scheduling mainly.

  233. Lauren says:

    im pretty new to sewing but ive been devouring all these wonderful sites with free tutorials and tips. i check SMS everyday in case i miss a new post. so far ive successfully made some projects that would be great christmas gifts for i am already thinking about the holidays and all the money ill be saving. the new fabrics are so precious. im really loving the owls and the meadows2 set. hope i win!!

  234. Lacey says:

    I start thinking about the holidays in November. I do buy holiday themed fabric for certain projects., but not for most gifts.

  235. Amber H says:

    Quite honestly, I don’t start planning for the holidays until after Halloween. I know that’s kind of lame/sad but seriously! We’re not big on buying extravagant gifts and when I make gifts, I keep them simple, yet I DO put in enough effort to make it look like a lot of time and effort went into them. The thought process regarding gifts is kind of weird and crazy but it works for me, and that’s all that matters!

  236. Maeve says:

    I’ve already started with Christmas – I’ve made a lap quilt and a tablerunner. All year long I buy little things I see for gifts and put them away in my “gift closet”. That way, I’m always ready for a quick gift or for the nice little treats for Christmas. And, yes, I do use Christmas theme fabrics, but I prefer the Christmas batiks overall. I do not particularly like the newer “fad” look in Christmas fabrics, so I don’t buy those. Just my own preference.

  237. jenn says:

    love the birds, and the flowers remind me that summer is not over. yet. thanks!

  238. Christy says:

    Yay!!! I love this website!!!! Keep up the good work!

  239. lene says:

    Planning for the holidays…. I am such a lousy planner, so i always get started too late, except for the food 😀

  240. Jessica says:

    Well, now that I’m sewing, I plan on starting earlier than usual (not the day after Thanksgiving) so I can make gifts. And now I have a reason to buy holiday fabric!

  241. Debbie says:

    I think about Christmas gift ideas all year long, but I usually start working on hand made gifts in August…just about now. I think the holiday fabrics are lovely, but I rarely use them because I don’t have a lot of ideas for how to use them.

  242. mary Hopkins says:

    I think about planning Christmas in September, then don’t do much until after Thanksgiving! I have not purchased Christmas fabric in a couple years, as I have quite a bit that needs using up!

  243. Jennifer says:

    i do buy holiday themed fabric! usually it’s christmas related, and i typically choose subdued prints that don’t scream christmas (until they’re all put together into one project).

    usually, holiday planning doesn’t start until around thanksgiving. i am a pretty last minute person. we don’t buy gifts for everyone in my family; we do a secret santa and buy a great gift for just one person each. it’s our favorite part of christmas (next to stockings) and we’ve been doing it since we were kids.

  244. Greeblygreebly says:

    I start planning for Halloween once we recover from school starting, Thanksgiving just after Halloween and Christmas once we get through Thanksgiving. One kind of flows to the other.

    I do buy Christmas printed fabric but almost always used. Funny enough a lot of the yardage I come across at yard sales and thrift shops are holiday prints. I think people have a lot of good intentions but the holidays are so busy a lot of projects fall by the wayside.

  245. Rebecca says:

    Honestly, mid-November. However, I don’t buy a lot of holiday fabric and when I do, I wait until after the season and buy it on clearance. Thanks for offering the giveaways!

  246. Allison says:

    That meadsweet is so pretty! Christmas is such an important thing for me that I really start planning possible gifts and projects right after Christmas, i.e. all year.

  247. Julia in WDM says:

    when do you really start planning for the holidays? Also, do you buy holiday-themed fabric?
    I start planning during the current holiday, and begin a frenzied Nov. of non-stop crafting. A big N-O on the themed fabric. i might coordinate colors for the season, but not really. But I don’t decorate very much, so maybe that is why I don’t even look at themed fabrics.

  248. Jen S. says:

    Truth be told, I don’t start to think about Christmas gifts until September and definitely don’t get into the full swing until after Thanksgiving (I want to enjoy my holidays one at a time!). I don’t buy Christmas fabrics unless I’m inspired for a specific project, such as making my daughter a skirt for Christmas photos. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  249. Lynne says:

    I usually start planning once the back to school routines are in place and we are used to our new schedules, so end of September. I haven’t been sewing very long so I have not bought any Christmas fabric…yet 🙂

  250. Sherry says:

    I start planning for the Holidays early in the Fall. Right after school starts. I work at a library so I start ordering the newer holiday books I see that the library has purchased and also start ordering in my old favorites. I do have several at home and start looking throught them for ideas. I do buy holiday and seasonal fabric.

  251. Elizabeth D says:

    I start planning for the holidays. . . well, usually when I realize that what I planned for this year isn’t going to get done, but next year will be different. . .yes, I buy holiday fabric. Love it for pillowcases!

  252. Ariane says:

    September is when I really start thinking about the holidays. Since I work away from my family, that’s when I start looking for tickets home and plan my vacation, too.

  253. Michelle says:

    I try to think gifts all year long. And I attempt to stockpile, but it doesn’t always work out that way…

  254. Heather says:

    Planning … always. Doing … hmmmm … not nearly so much or as often as required for my dream gift-giving.

    What gorgeous fabrics! How I would love to win some.

  255. Sarah B. says:

    I usually only get so far as planning to plan. Then the plans never materialize and I spend the last 2 weeks before Christmas rushing to get all of my great ideas made. Here’s to changing things up this year…

  256. jenne says:

    I usually start planning in August. Just planning though. My time, mainly, how much I can make and what gifts will be most worth my time (most appreciated by the recipients).

  257. I think it is good to get an early start on the holidays, but not too early because then you get over excited to early and may lost the anticipation before the holiday even comes. I don’t often find christmas fabric I love. I love love LOVE the new fabrics. I am crossing my fingers I win something!

  258. I start really hunkering down for the holidays when the weather gets cold, about the beginning of October. It’s actually my favorite time of year. I love when the air gets cold enough to start making soup, tea, lighting a fire, grabbing my blankets, getting my sweaters out of boxes, and decorating my home differently. I start making gifts the day after Thanksgiving (which amazingly never ends up being enough time).

    I’ve never bought holiday-themed fabric since I am still new to sewing, but I’m excited to get going on lots of felt projects, and wool and tweedy stuff.

  259. duff says:

    Yes, I buy holiday themed fabric, right about now for Christmas. Gift-wise, I have everything bought/made by the end of October so I can stay in when it’s cold outside and beat the crowds! Try it–you’ll like it!

  260. Jennifer says:

    I probably don’t start planning for the holidays until October, and I’m lucky to start sewing by November. I do by Christmas fabrics; I’ve been storing some up for a quilt that I want to make someday.

  261. ara jane says:

    i never plan early enough for the holidays. i always think i will, but then thanksgiving goes whooshing by and suddenly i am seriously underprepared. and i have never purchased christmas fabric, and probably won’t, though i wouldn’t rule it out if it was exceptionally cute. (that yuletide zoo up there is *almost* tempting me. almost.)

  262. Nicole Balazs says:

    I think about what I could make for Christmas gifts all year, but I don’t get started until probably December! Sometimes they get their gifts after Christmas :-/

  263. Noel says:

    I usually start planning for the holidays in the Summer like everyone else, right. But I have never bought holiday fabrics, they are so tacky IMHO and can only be used once a year.

  264. Pam T. says:

    I start thinking about Christmas gifts toward the end of August but don’t “get it in gear” until mid-September. Generally, I don’t buy Christmas fabrics, preferring to work from my stash of gorgeous contemporary quilt fabrics. Thanks for throwing my name in the hat!

  265. I am a college professor, so the only thing I can think about now is getting ready to start school. I’m not ready to start planning for Christmas until about mid-November…and then it’s always too late! I just cannot get in the mood until then. Yes, I do buy holiday themed fabric, especially at Christmas. I end up using kits a lot at that time, because it helps me whip things out faster!

  266. Sarah E. says:

    Usually about October really. I was good a few years ago and started a project really early because I knew it would take me forever, and it did… but generally not until then. And I buy some Christmas fabric–but only when I have a specific project in mind. For other holidays, when I think of something to do with it, the holiday has passed or it’s too close and I wouldn’t have time!

  267. Rebecca says:

    Christmas is always hard for us,……. because all of my sibling’s birthdays are in November! We have to stretch out the gifts as far as money goes. So we have to ask ourselves, would we rather have stinky birthday presents, or Christmas Presents. Luckily, I’ve already started!

  268. Sarah says:

    I always have great intentions to start my holiday crafts well in advance… in reality they become a mad rush starting about December 1st! 😉

    I do have a weakness for holiday prints, especially Christmas ones!

  269. elisabeth says:

    Amazingly enough, I don’t start planning until after Halloween.But since my daughter’s birthday is Nov 24, I have three holidays to plan! It gets a little hectic but it always works out!
    Since I just started my sewing habit this year, I will definitely be buying holiday fabric! I can’t wait! And that 2-D Yuletide is too cute!

  270. Karen says:

    I try to plan all year long, but this year am definitely behind! And I do buy a few select holiday prints each year 🙂

  271. This year, I’ve been planning and sewing for Christmas since late June. I’m new to sewing and have never made anything for Christmas before, so I have quite a to do list for this year and wanted to get started way ahead so I have time to sew decor AND gifts.

    I’ve used designer lines like Tufted Tweets, Lecien, Good Folks and Amy Butler for the stockings I’ve made. For my Christmas tree skirt (a spiderweb block style skirt!) I’m using Christmas Spice and lots of solids.

  272. Julie says:

    I usually end up procrastinating until sometime in December. But this year, my goal is to actually get some things made once school starts.

  273. Gretchen says:

    I start mentally planning for the holidays as soon as the previous one ends, but I don’t actually get anything done until November.

  274. Shara says:

    Holidays always sneak up on me. I rarely start planning until Halloween.

  275. JJ says:

    It’s hard in my family because we pick names and that doesn’t happen until Thanksgiving. But, I try and make what I can early!

  276. kahreen says:

    i don’t start thinking about making christmas gifts until, usually after halloween. and i always think about buying christmas-themed fabric, and think of what i could make with it, but i never end up doing it (because i could only use it once a year, i suppose…)

  277. Jamie says:

    I start planning Christmas projects in October. I don’t normally buy holiday themed fabric; but I will buy winter themed fabric, I just feel like I can use it longer (after all I do live in Buffalo, NY!)

  278. William says:

    If you are referring to sewing projects, my wife and I are starting right now for the holidays. If you are referring to me personally worrying about them, well that’s another story….

    I tend to start on Black Friday.

    I know it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again, Opal Owl is really cute.

    I also like Meadowsweet 2. Both are very nice looking sets.

  279. I panic if I am not done shopping by my birthday, on December 1st. I like Christmas to be a calm time of the year. I typically don’t buy Xmas patterned fabrics because I don’t enjoy the pressure of creating something by a specific date~!

  280. Celeste says:

    I usually start planning in late summer, though I usually don’t start crafting until late fall. And no, I don’t buy holiday fabric as a rule–I like more year-round styles.

  281. Kristine says:

    Usually around October. I’m hoping to get started early this year. So many things I want to do! I only buy a small amount of Christmas fabric. Only for a certain project, and only if I love it!

  282. Melissa Ann says:

    I love that Sunday Picnic Blouse and Dress is so adorable! I love it!
    We don’t have a lot of cash not going to pay down debt, so I don’t have a lot of Christmas decor (or regular decor for that matter). However, I did buy a fake tree and some lights last year for a grand total of 3.99 during the after Christmas sales. I think once the debt is gone, I’d probably buy some fabric for linens and a wreath and a tree skirt. Maybe even some ornaments. But I would probably do it all at once. 🙂

  283. Michelle Balletti says:

    I try to start to plan usually the around Thanksgiving. My parents live about 2 hours away (and it’s usually snowing during Xmas) so we usually do Christmas the first weekend of December with another family in attendance also….I, unlike my husband, does not go shopping on Christmas Eve. I hate crowds and that, next to Black Friday and the day after Xmas, is the worst day to go shopping!

  284. Lea says:

    With seven soon to be eight children in the house, Christmas festivities began Thanksgiving weekend…Everything gets pulled out and placed, re-situated, and strung all around the house, including the bedrooms. My children love the holidays with all of the treats, parties, and festivities.

    We usually try to give gifts that are used year round… something that contains memories of the closing year…like pictures.

  285. HeidiU says:

    I just started thinking about what I am going to make for holiday gifts. I need to have a plan and give myself enough time or else I feel too overwhelmed in December. I like to but some holiday themed fabric for apron and such.

  286. Julie says:

    Thinking about planning starts in August. My family still teases me about it, but my organization is their ‘win’. 🙂 I think because I grew up in a house that was decorated to the gills for every single holiday, I tend to be pretty laid-back on traditional holiday-themed anything, which translates to keeping a wide berth around holiday-themed fabric. Some of it is interesting, but it’s not really my style….That insect-themed fabric in your new stash is right up my alley, though! I have a soft spot in my heart for insect fabric. 🙂

  287. iris says:

    I *do not* buy holiday-themed fabric. Unless it’s for a Halloween costume. I typically start planning for major holiday decorating a month or so in advance, not too far ahead. …or sometimes I snag the after-Christmas Christmas merchandise on ridiculous sale, a year in advance!

  288. Oh yes, I certainly buy holiday fabric! Always have some on hand too for special projects.

  289. Thanks to the Fa La La, I’m starting to plan already 🙂 I’m trying to decide on some projects for gifts.

    Maybe you could do a purse/handbag special post??!!

    Those fabrics and patterns look awesome, btw!

  290. Liz says:

    I start planning on the day after Christmas, when everything goes on clearance. But I just started buying my holiday fabric this month, however I probably won’t start on it until October.

  291. Ann says:

    No planning for me until after Halloween.

  292. Ann says:

    I have four kids, all with fall birthdays (hmmm) and cannot even THINK of Christmas until the last birthday celebration is complete on November 1. Actually, it usually takes a two week break from gift buying to begin buying more gifts. The tree goes up after Thanksgiving and that’s when the decorating starts. I don’t buy holiday fabrics. In fact, sometimes I like to decorate in non holiday fabrics and such so it’s not TOO overwhelming.

  293. Patti M says:

    Its hard NOT to think about the holidays early as all the stores come out w/ holiday stuff earlier and earlier. But, its is a good reminder for me to get thinking and get started. I try to brainstorm our annual homemade ornament/decor project w/ my daughters so we can get started in Nov. We love Christmas fabric, but haven’t bought any because other projects end up taking so long. Maybe we should reverse the order of projects so we can buy some!

  294. Mindy says:

    I sometimes buy gifts as early as September, but I don’t get into high gear until October. I don’t buy holiday prints, because of space I would rather have something more versatile, however I would break my own rule is something just blows me over.

  295. Dana says:

    I don’t buy holiday-themed fabric, but my mom gives some to me sometimes. I don’t start on holiday projects until two weeks before. That’s when I do marathon sewing sessions!

  296. momawake says:

    Sometimes I start planning right after Christmas, sometimes October before Christmas. If I get an idea I like I’ll just start whenever.

  297. Catherine says:

    Truth be told I usually start planning around now. It’s good for me to start saving, stocking sewing supplies, getting ideas for what to do with the kids etc. It’s also helpful to do it now while I’m organizing closets and other things to do with getting the kids ready for school… that way it’s smoother sailing to December!

  298. DianeY says:

    I usually start thinking about Christmas about now-but that doesn’t mean I do anything about it! In honesty, I don’t usually buy any seasonal fabrics. I, and my family recipients, usually like things that can be used year round without looking funny! But I may buy Christmas fabric before I would ever buy fall ot Halloween fabrics. Just my preferences.

  299. Karen says:

    We started “hand-made Christmas” three years ago. The first year I had some New Year’s presents to hand out. Every year I get done a little earlier. I buy holiday fabric after the holiday on sale and use it the next year. I will start Christmas sewing as soon as I get finished with the mountain of aprons I’m making for our local farmer’s market, using only my fabric stash. Love your site, the fabric and the patterns. Hopefully after the aprons get made, I’ll be able to actually buy fabric with a clear conscious!

  300. I have started thinking about the holidays – in fact I am starting on a felt applique stocking this weekend (I promised myself I would!).

    I am loving looking at all this great fabric! I have so much ‘drab’ stuff in my stash… stuff that was passed along to me. Great to sew with, but not so much fun. Maybe I will be the lucky winner this week!!! 🙂

  301. Holly Jane says:

    I am way too selfish and disorganized a sewer to plan for Christmas. Have not purchased holiday-themed fabric yet, but I have admired it longingly and tried to figure out what to do with it. Pot mitts! Ok, I have planned. ^__^

  302. Andrea M says:

    Loving the Christmas in July. In reality, I usually start any Christmas projects in October. I buy maybe, 1-2 yards of Christmas fabric, or sometimes just fat quarters. I usually buy the fabric on sale after Christmas. You blog has such great ideas for projects. Thanks!

  303. Collette says:

    I starting thinking about them now but as for actually doing? Well, probably not until at least November, stretching into December. And yes, I love holiday fabric but of course, it’s usually for me so it never gets done actually in time for the holiday. 😉

  304. Rebecca says:

    I start thinking about the holidays in January, but generally start preparing for them in Sept. If I don’t start that early I never get all my projects done! Generally I don’t buy Christmas themed fabrics–mostly prefer abstract prints or solids for Christmas projects

  305. Sara Chung says:

    I usually start making Christmas gifts in September … I always want to start earlier, but rarely do …. and I definitely buy Christmas fabric!!!! 🙂

  306. Bianca says:

    I start planning in early November, but usually don’t get it all finished until a few days before christmas.

  307. Yes, I just bought some 12 days of Christmas yesterday! I don’t really start planning the holiday until a month before though.

  308. Juliet says:

    I don’t own any holiday fabric…the yule tide 2d just might change that. I start planning for the holidays in the summertime, by planning I mean buying presents.

  309. Becky says:

    I start thinking about Christmas on December 26. I try to have all of my shopping done by Halloween and any hand-made gifts finished before Thanksgiving….that way I can actually enjoy the holiday season. With small children around, I’m finding that it really helps to get things finished early so I’m not a crazy person during the chaos of holiday schedule changes etc.

    And I love Opal Owl!!!

    And as for holiday fabric…stripes, polka dots, etc. yes…prints not so much, though I’m loving the holiday 2d animals up there, so maybe I’m reconsidering:)

  310. Brooke says:

    I typically start thinking about Christmas gifts around October. For me, it’s a good time of year because it’s not so far out that I can’t see the time passing by, but far enough out that I can actually get things done before December and then enjoy the month stress free.

    I do buy holiday fabric, but I’ve had to limit myself because I have a hard time justifying purchases like that when the item only has a limited lifetime (say, only to be used in December).

  311. Sandy N. says:

    I wish I could say that I plan well and have all my shopping done by December 1, but I can’t. Usually I am scrambling to finish by Christmas Eve.I just sneaks up on me so fast every year!

  312. Jessica C says:

    If I’m making a quilt, I start planning for the next year almost as soon as Christmas is over. For my immediate family I try to start thinking about it as soon as the kids get back in school. I do sometimes buy Christmas-themed fabrics, but that’s about it. I don’t typically buy other holiday-themed fabrics.

  313. Kat says:

    This year, I actually did start planning in June, which I’d been wanting to do for years. I don’t have any gifts done yet, but I’ve made some prototypes for some that I can quickly duplicate, and I’ve started some decorations. I’m mostly in the planning stages, which is not a stretch for me. I’m always full of a zillion good ideas, it’s the follow-through that’s got me. If only we had an extra four hours in each day!

  314. Sarah says:

    I rarely get it together on Christmas planning until November, which explains why I keep putting a partially finished tree skirt under the tree each year. And I usually only buy a teensy bit of Christmas fabric, but often I don’t buy any.

  315. Well I’ve already bought my girls their big Christmas gifts which is unlike me – but I can’t pass up a good deal 🙂

    I don’t usually buy holiday fabric, but have made a couple table toppers and runners from some in the past. Kits and panels for those definitely appeal to me and make a nice gift.

  316. Rene says:

    I usually don’t start planning until the very last minute, but this year I seem to be a little more motivated!

  317. Annika says:

    Well. I start PLANNING on the previous Christmas, but I don’t start executing until sometime in November.

  318. Jessica C says:

    Ok, I can’t start Christmas anything until mid to late November. In fact I avoid the stores as soon as Halloween is over to avoid Christmas music. I don’t buy ‘Christmas Fabric’ but I do like some holiday colors. (Not red and green, which my husband says are the only real holiday colors). I actually won’t allow anything red and green in our house ever. I think it’s a bad color combination. However, once the Christmas mood sets in, I want to decorate and get presents ready!

    By the way, that 2-D Yultide is a Christmas fabric that is tasteful. Though my favorite new collection is Opal Owl!

  319. Lynnette says:

    I have already started! I don’t really buy holiday themed fabric though.

  320. Katie Wilson says:

    I start to late every year:) I havent bought holiday fabric before, not sure what to make with it.

  321. Mary Lou says:

    I start thinking about Christmas possibilities usually in the spring or summer. I’m usually done with most by Thanksgiving, or at least the presents for relatives I won’t be seeing at Christmas.

  322. JennE says:

    I have a plan to make things for Christmas (makeup bags) however, right now it is still in the planning stages, haha. I ususally don’t use Christmas fabric unless my kids request something made from some.

  323. Kimberly says:

    Summer is when we start planning for Christmas. In fact, we just bought all our gifts for the adults just yesterday! 🙂 I’ve not ever bought holiday themed fabric before but I only just started getting back into my sewing this year. I did some some fun fabric at my lqs and have been pondering it for a wall piece.

  324. Lorrie says:

    I usually begin in mid-August, the planning that is. I try to be mostly done sewing and crafting projects by the first of December, but, ahem, it’s not going to happen this year. A move in April, combined with a daughter’s wedding in September is throwing things off kilter in a major way.
    I do buy Christmas fabric and am loving some of the newer stuff out there.

  325. kerri says:

    I don’t really buy Christmas themed fabric, probably because it would mean I had to start ahead of time w/Christmas projects! I’m so happy you have started carrying the lawn fabric. Delicious!

  326. Samina says:

    I don’t even start thinking about Christmas (other than for my 2 year old) until after Thanksgiving.

  327. Beth says:

    I start thinking about the holidays around Thanksgiving. Before that I and I risk getting too tired out from it all before it ends. The first snow is also a trigger for me of holiday cheer.

    I rarely use holiday themed fabrics unless I’m making something like a Christmas stocking. (I mostly sewing clothing though, so there’s limited use for me of holiday-themed fabrics.)

  328. Melissa says:

    I don’t usually buy Christmas fabric it is overpriced and I just can’t get myself to give in. I usually start planning what I am going to make for Christmas presents about now so your Christmas in July has been a great reminder!

  329. marilyn podoll says:

    I do buy Holiday Fabrics. It is much easier to “get in the holiday mood” around the holiday….but from experience I know that it’s too late by then, too stressfull. Better to start now.

  330. Judith says:

    July is perfect for Christmas sewing! Nice not to be pressured when it turns into a real task to get it done.
    If I buy any holiday themed fabric it is in small quantities and I use it for dog toys and novelty items.

  331. Vanessa says:

    I’m not one to start planning for holidays until November. I should probably start earlier! I only started sewing this year, so I’m not sure if I buy holiday fabric–none so far.

  332. Sally says:

    I don’t start planning for the holidays till after labor day . the Summer is just really busy. P.S. got to love the butterflies

  333. Christina says:

    That is all awesome fabric. I also knit, so I start knitting for Christmas presents on 12/26! Crunch time is October. I tend to not make too much holiday themed items, unless I find inspiration for something really special that I feel could be used year after year.

  334. Megan says:

    That Opal Owl is fantastic! I start planning the holidays over the summer since I try to make so many gifts. Of course, the planning doesn’t always turn into doing until Fall, when I start to get panicky! I don’t usually buy Christmas themed fabrics but I did this year (Glitzmas and the new Kate Spain Christmas line) to make Christmas quilts for my kiddos. We’ll see if they actually GET those quilts this year …or maybe next.

  335. Andrea Roa says:

    I start planning for the holidays after Halloween, once I’m done with my custome and Halloween is out of the way I can start daydreaming about the holidays. I do not buy holiday-themed fabric, I think it’s nice to make a gift that will look good all year round 🙂

  336. Natalie VV says:

    Does daydreaming count as the initial start to making holiday plans? ‘Cause I started early in that case! I buy fabric asap… it’s about being struck with inspiration… it happens around here a lot!

  337. Becky says:

    Holdiay planning… i always seem to start too late lol. About holiday fabric, i’ll buy it if its on sale, but besides that i won’t buy it. This week of Christmas in July is making me think that maybe i should start some presents… 🙂

  338. Kara says:

    I suppose I start planning for the holidays sometime in November. I haven’t bought Christmas fabric before except to make my tree skirt.

  339. jes says:

    I plan for Christmas around November for craft projects. Once the weather get cold I like to hand sew while watching TV with my husband. My list is always longer than what I can get done in time. I buy some holiday fabric. Once I have a sewing room set up I think I’ll be on top of things a little more.

  340. Jennifer Stone says:

    I usually wait until November to start planning. This year I have started already because I’m trying to make all of my gifts!
    I don’t buy Christmas fabric usually.

  341. Rachel says:

    Last year I waited until November to start- needless to say my 100% hand embroidered LARGE advent calendar did not get done before Christmas. It’s sitting on my project table now mocking me to actually do some work on it. I’m planning to get back to work on it and some other holiday projects in the next few weeks to avoid being pressed for time again.

  342. I don’t buy holiday themed fabri. I think it’s too kistcy. I do make lots ofgifts for friends and family. Spending time in my studio is so much more fun than shopping in a crowded mall. I don’t usually get started before november.

  343. Jan says:

    I am more spontaneous with holiday planning. If I see things through out the year I buy them and put them away – although I guess I’m most on the look out from summer holidays onwards. I like to have it all sorted well in advance so it’s not a last minute rush. I love buying Holiday fabrics to make decorations, cards, gifts, stockings etc. I have quite a stash but am always looking to add to it.

  344. Oh, I wish I had the gene that makes you plan stuff in advance! I start thinking about it after Halloween. I don’t do a ton of handmade gifts, and I try to order most gifts off the internet so I don’t have to shop. I’m good at getting done a week or so before Christmas, at least!

  345. Ramona says:

    I always put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and decorate the house that weekend. I don’t have a huge list of people I shop for so do that during the fall. I am trying to plan sewing projects earlier this year. I do have some plans for that now. As far as holiday fabric, I do buy some.

  346. Betsy says:

    I start sewing for Christmas around October, after I’m finished with Fall birthdays. I don’t usually buy Christmas themed fabric. I more sew presents.
    One of these weeks I’m going to win this!

  347. Auroravfs says:

    Planning for the holidays? Every year in January I think “this year I will do all my holiday shopping and making in July and then I will enjoy the holidays stress free,” but what I really do is ignore them until the week before Christmas and then madly try to shop and knit and sew things for people I will see on Christmas and then I spend the week/s after Christmas taking care of everything I didn’t get done before Christmas. I don’t think I would buy expressly holiday themed fabric, but the fabric you have in is lovely.

  348. Katy Yo says:

    I’ve already started planning for Xmas- finally, I’m thinking ahead! Unfortunately that meant that my daughter’s 2nd birthday was a slapdash affair, but one can’t be perfect! I’m hoping to get organized enough to make an advent calendar from the 12 days of christmas charm pack I bought two months ago.

  349. Beth Ellen says:

    Since I celebrate Chanukah, not Christmas, I have to plan based on when it falls each year. This year it is especially early (the first night of 8 is Dec. 1!!), which makes the season seem to last forever, since I still have many non-Jewish friends who celebrate Christmas and for whom I get gifts or bake things! This year I will be planning in October and November!

  350. Kate says:

    I start making holiday gifts around now! I have already made quite a few… partly because I get crafting and make multiples of things and then save the duplicates to give away as gifts.

  351. Melissa says:

    I don’t usually start planning for the holidays until after Halloween. I love Fall too much! I usually buy holiday-themed fabric for pillowcases. Holiday pillowcases are a family tradition.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Those fabrics are so fun.

  352. Sandy says:

    I start planning for Christmas in the summer but don’t kick into gear until October. As for Christmas fabric, I buy lots of it!

  353. Laura Jeanne says:

    I always start thinking about Christmas in the summer, and start buying gifts to put aside. This year is different, because I’m going to try making more gifts, so I think it’s actually a good idea to get started early!

  354. I always end up doing things last minute and I don’t holiday themed fabric.

  355. LeeAnn says:

    I tend to forget about holiday planning. I try to plan ahead so I can either make presents or buy them online as I hate shopping around the holidays…

  356. KristenA says:

    Honestly, I don’t start planning for the holidays until around November, maybe even later. I usually don’t buy too much holiday-themed fabric, but that 3D Zoo line might change my mind–so cute!

  357. Tabitha says:

    Love that Opal Owl fabric! I try to work on and buy small things throughout the year for the Christmas holiday, but I kick into high gear about October. Sometimes I finish in time and sometimes I don’t. 🙂

  358. Lauren says:

    I’ve got one Christmas present quilt top 80% done. Getting it quilted on time is the challenge! I just started thinking about Christmas scrub hats ( to finish enough to sell on my web shop. But I haven’t bought any Christmas fabric this year. (I still have some from last year, tho).

  359. Carly says:

    I usually keep a running list of gift ideas going at all times and then start shopping by mid-December. I can always get decorated and organized in plenty of time for Christmas but the problem comes in getting the decorations down in a timely manner. I may or may not have left the tree up until March this year…

  360. Lisa says:

    I planned last year. I started in October or so. I am not making things this year unless it’s for myself or my kids. I start in November on their christmas p.j. I may make a fun lap quilt this year.

  361. Karen Compton says:

    I’ve already started planning a new advent calendar I need to start and I just bought holiday themed fabric to make it with. I now have 2 little girls, and my old calendar won’t fit 2 items in each pocket. Time to upgrade!

  362. alli b says:

    I never plan for Christmas, but always endeavour to starting in the summer for crafty projects. My sister is sickening as she will have presents done for everyone before the snow flys. Maybe someday I’ll out do her 😉

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  363. Dana says:

    I’ve bought Halloween fabric and now I’m looking at Christmas. Honestly, I don’t know when I will start sewing, there is always something that needs to be done now.

  364. Gina says:

    I start the holiday planning in the summer, but I usually do not get around to actually doing anything about gifts until November – I am such a procrastinator! I do buy holiday fabric, especially Halloween. We love Halloween at my house!

  365. Cristi says:

    Well, I didn’t start sewing until last January, so I have never purchased holiday fabric. If I do, it will probably be after the holidays because I don’t like to spend $! And when it comes to planning–I’m super last minute. But honestly, that doesn’t bother me. I would rather spend time creating cool memories with my family than worry about what gifts to give…I saw an idea for a winter picnic on the beach that I think we’ll try this year!!

  366. Elizabeth says:

    I am not much of a planner, but I do like to make gifts and am always on the lookout for the right gift for the right person. So if I find something appropriate, I will try to make it no matter what time of year and stash it. Last October, for example, I found some extraordinary silk at an extraordinary price and made several scarves from it. Right now I am making small purses for several relatives.

    As for holiday fabrics, no, I never purchase them! I would much rather have some beautiful cotton lawn. Your Alexander Henry print lawn looks gorgeous!

  367. Cammie Heaston says:

    I start shopping in August. I’m still just learning to sew and I plan to use holiday fabric this year. I can’t wait, some beautiful fabrics have started showing up in stores!

  368. Liz Noonan says:

    oh my goodness, i am BESIDE myself over some of this fabric!
    to be honest, I’m a buy all year kinda gal. I do wait until Black Friday to pick up a few of the kiddos wants (barbie, zhu zhu pet dealios). Also in November I start the kid making presents part. But i hat to shop over the holidays, it is AWFUL.

    I dont’ buy themed fabric generally but I think that I may have to change my mind on that one…

  369. Elaine says:

    Can’t seem to think about the holidays until the kids are back in school!

  370. Erica says:

    I start planning in January & February. I try to buy things or at least supplies for gifts throughout the year. I’ve been working on a quilt for a Christmas gift. I also buy the fabric for Christmas pajamas and Christmas outfits throughout the year.

  371. Molly says:

    I start thinking about the holidays in November, planning by the second week and decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’ll buy holiday fabric if I have a specific project in mind to use it for – but I absolutely adore it.

  372. nopinkhere says:

    I usually start planning gifts in October and activities in November. I keep meaning to buy some sale or clearance fabric to make gift bags, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.

  373. Heather says:

    I start thinking about it in September but don’t start actually planning until after Halloween.

  374. abi says:

    I don’t get started as earlier as I’d like on the holidays. Seems like they always sneak up on me. I love holiday fabric.

  375. Katie says:

    I don’t usually start planning for the holidays until the last paper of the fall semester has been turned in and then several days are spent burning the midnight oil to get everything done in time. A fun, and usually successful, challenge!

  376. jana says:

    Um yeah! I start planning because I try to do mostly hand made items as gifts. I do buy holiday fabric. I try to make reusable/fabric gift wrapping exclusively, so I get a couple yards of holiday fabric each year.

  377. Sherry Rinaldi says:

    I firmly believe that the best way to save money Christmas shopping is to start shopping about one week before Christmas. This way you run out of time and and are forced to stop buying! If I start in July, I will shop and shop and shop up until Christmas Eve. If I start a week before Christmas, I power shop till I drop. Yes, I may pay more for some items but overall, I save tons of money with this method!!

    Yes — I do buy holiday themed fabric but mostly for decorating. I love the new collections I see here! I just discovered this fabulous website and I love it!

  378. Elizabeth says:

    When fall arrives I always get in the mood to get cozy and crafty. That’s when I start my holiday planning!

  379. Tawny Bee says:

    I never start planning Christmas until it’s almost too late! Like November 30th or so hehehe But I do buy Christmas themed fabric if I have some sort of Christmas decoration in mind that I want to make. 🙂

  380. kami says:

    I plan for the holidays in about October because we have to give to about 30 people! Beautiful fabrics, by the way.

  381. Jennie says:

    I plan Christmas presents during the summer, and try to knock out half of them during July and August, then a few each month, between September and December. I know it sounds crazy, but I work for a University, and my job is crazy during the school year, but much tamer during the summer. Sometimes I do individual presents suited to each person, and sometimes I pick a theme and do a bunch of the same type, tailored to each person. This year all the ladies are getting quilted potholders, matching tea towels, and a jar mix of some sort. The boys are getting vintage mugs, full of homemade shaving soap. 🙂

  382. I don’t start planning for the holidays until about a month before, although I THINK about the holidays long before! I’m not accomplished enough to give my hand-made projects as gifts yet, so I don’t have to plan ahead in terms of my gift making tasks. Thanks for this great offer.

  383. SofiAlgarvia says:

    To tell you the truth… I always plan it in advance! Sometimes I start it in January… but it stays only in my thoughts, by the time we’ve rechead March I completly forgot what I had in mind, so I put the thoughts aside, until… October or November. At that time, I will not have the time I need to make everything that I want, so I keep thinking “Next year I will start in January, or March!” 😉
    That’s all true!
    But this year I will buy some holiday fabric and make something different for our home, I will, I promise!

  384. Amy says:

    Planning for the holidays starts in November, usually late November. I feel accomplished if we have a good picture of the kids for cards by Thanksgiving. Last year I made a bathrobe for a gift and that I didn’t even start until November. Summer is for summer!

    Long ago I bought holiday fabric on sale after the holidays, thinking I’d make table linens but never did. Last year I finally used it up making reusable gift bags to wraps gifts in istead of paper. Might do that again.

  385. read2sew says:

    I’m making gifts now for Christmas. I use Christmas fabrics for the occasional project but use it mostly for pillowcases and napkins.

  386. alison says:

    I don’t have a set time that I start planning for the holidays, but I always seem to be behind, even the year that I started planning in September. It just depends on when I decide what I’m going to make for the holidays. I think I start off great but loose steam come December 15 and become over-stressed. I do sometimes use holiday themed fabrics – it just depends on the project, who it’s for, etc. This year I’m thinking of making my husband, myself and my kids holiday themed pj pants so we all look festive on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. Oh I better start early this year then!

  387. Meg says:

    I do buy holiday fabric. My husband was born on Xmas Eve, so the holidays tend to be a big deal in our house–two trees, a wreath on the front door, lights in the hedges out front, and a Christmassy quilt on each bed with another one on the couch for cuddling!

    In years past, I’ve been much better about planning for the holidays, and had most of my shopping done by Halloween. In the last couple of years, I’ve been lucky to finish my shopping by December 15! Going to try and do a little better this year!

  388. Lisa says:

    Ummmm, I am embarrassed to say that I have already started planning,buying and making this years gifts. The thought trying to make my goal of a handmade Christmas with 2 kids 4 and under and another making his way into the world in just a few months has me sewing like a made woman.
    And yes, I do buy holiday themed fabric. Not a ton but just enough to make a few pillow covers and maybe a runner or table cloth.

  389. Suzanne says:

    October if I’m on top of things, Thanksgiving break if I’m not. I don’t tend to use holiday themed fabric.

  390. Sara says:

    i’m not much of a holidays gal, so i don’t do holiday fabric. but i do start planning and making some of my xmas gifts around july. of course i don’t actually finish them all until right up to xmas, or maybe even a few days after. good intentions, bad follow-through, i guess.

  391. Becky says:

    I usually start planning in Sept. or Oct. and I try not to buy too much holiday fabric unless I have a project in mind, but I love holiday fabrics. My Mom has a ton of holiday fabric and I’m trying to get her to stitch it all into a patchwork quilt.

  392. Elizabeth says:

    I start planning as soon as my son’s birthday is over at the end of October. I have two boys with Fall birthdays and that takes up enough brainpower to push Christmas planning back until November! Although I do admit to gathering ideas online throughout the year to save for later!

  393. Keri says:

    I don’t start planning for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. However, this year I’ve just started sewing so I’ll probably start working on gifts in October. I don’t normally buy holiday fabric, but I want to make stockings this year so I definitely will. Thanks for the chance at winning for free fabric friday!

  394. Debbie says:

    I’ve started working on some Thanksgiving fabric napkins. Once those are complete, it’s on to Christmas using Christmas fabrics.

  395. Sara Suzanne Sews says:

    I try to record my inspirations for holiday gifts all year long, but I don’t usually get serious until November. I use holiday fabrics to make gift bags (instead of using wrapping paper)

  396. Marcia W. says:

    I used to start Christmas shopping early. Now, since we draw names for presents, I start gift shopping sometime in November. I’m dipping into my mother’s scraps for Christmas fabric as may make a coffee table runner to be used in lieu of coasters. Probably will not make Christmas gifts as our family expects 2 babies to be born around Christmas time. So, I’m making baby quilts and baby “stuff” for these babes.

  397. Katie says:

    Yes, I really want to do Christmas now! I have to get started soon. Or else, Hunny, it ain’t gonna happen. Now I need to find some holiday fabric that I love for stockings and we’re good to go!

    Love the Meadowsweet line!

  398. Willa says:

    These fabrics are gorgeous! All of these Christmas in July projects have made me really excited to start some of my own for this holiday season!

  399. BFromM says:

    I start thinking about holiday crafting now, but I don’t actually DO any for a while (although occasionally, I’ll see something during the year, and think “I must make that for so and so”). I definitely buy holidy themed fabric!

  400. Holly U says:

    Most years I give a hand-made ornament to about 15 friends, and this year I got all the bits together in June, so I could make a lot of headway while watching the Tour de France. Most of my planning will really start in October, though.

  401. Kate says:

    Already bought some of my Christmas fabric, already thanked my quilt store for carrying my adored Fruitcake, but haven’t actually started any of my Christmas projects.

  402. Anna Bolster says:

    I just started! Planning on making stuffed animals for all my young nieces this year. Really excited about trying some of the felt decor though – especially the birds! I would love to hang a few on my tree!

  403. Missy Knight says:

    I always dream of starting early – but never do! I’m motivated now after reading the fa la la felt projects. I typically do not buy holiday fabric – unless it is a pattern that would also work for other seasons. I have to say, though, the 2-d yuletide fabrics look pretty cute!

  404. Bobbie23nc says:

    I’ve already started, but no matter how early I start there’s always that anticipation of getting done on time each year. I love the little felt birds and plan to have some on the tree this year. I must admit I enjoy the busyness of Christmas as long as it’s just stocking stuffers and such and not a major project that remains to be done at the last minute.

  405. LFinn says:

    I start planning for the holidays in early November usually, but I am hoping to start a little earlier this year. For the first time since we had children, we are staying at our home for the Christmas holidays (because I am expecting our third child at New Years). I really look forward to planning the holiday season without travel! Also, since i will be late stages of my pregnancy, I want to make sure I get everything done that I need to before time runs out. As for buying holiday fabric–sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Depends on the project need 🙂

  406. Kristin says:

    I do not usually buy holiday themed fabrics, but I am already starting to think about what I will make for the holidays although I haven’t gotten started yet.

  407. Jeannine says:

    I don’t usually buy Christmas fabric. Last year I did because I made my cousin a tree skirt.

    I begin planning for Christmas after Thanksgiving. I cannot bring myself to begin earlier.

  408. I make bags all year round so the holiday themes just get rolled into the mix. I love the new Meadowsweet!

  409. Stacy says:

    I start planning in late August and early September. I have to make myself wait until them usually! I do buy some holiday themed fabric but not a ton of it.

  410. Ellen says:

    I begin planning gifts around August/September, but everything else is several months later! I don’t usually buy holiday fabric, though I have seen some prints I really like.

  411. Ashley L. says:

    Last year I started making a gift for my mom around Labor Day. I finished it in February. I think the trick to planning ahead is to also plan gifts that are less complicated.

    And no, I don’t buy holiday fabric. Mom scarred me by wearing those holiday fabric puffy-painted shirts when I was a kid!

  412. Mary Read says:

    No holiday-themed fabric (unless it’s Halloween fabric), and I start planning in November. Not totally last minute, but I definitely get aggravated when I see winter holiday fixin’s in the stores in early fall.

  413. Lisa H. says:

    I start planning for the holidays at the beginning of October. But, I’d really like to make some gifts this year, so I’d better start planning sooner rather than later!

  414. mamabear says:

    I’ve already got some holiday themed fabric to make stockings for our family. I’ve also already planned out our “Homemade Christmas” and all our gift recipients are getting gifts made by me. I will begin making them around September so they will be done in plenty of time. I also want to make jammies for the kids to wear on Christmas Eve. I’m an obsessive planner so I plan quite far in advance for the holidays.

  415. jm says:

    The only holiday themed fabric I buy is Halloween prints.

  416. Jennifer says:

    I really do start planning in July, though sometimes I still don’t get everything done in time. I have four little ones and like to give handmade gifts so I have to start early. I don’t generally buy holiday themed fabric.

  417. Ana says:

    Planning for the holidays never really starts at all! We generally go to my outlaws in Germany and we don’t do presents so it’s mostly a case of pack and fly! I think when we have kids there will be a bit more effort made, and even some seasonal fabric purchased, but I find so much of it so truly awful that it’s difficult to find any I will pay money for (loving that new Alexander Henry though!).

  418. Tracey says:

    I don’t really start planning for the holidays until about a month before, although since I usually do handmade gifts it would be much less stressful if I would start in July.

  419. Connie says:

    If I am making gifts I work on them all year long. Holiday themed fabric projects I like to have done by Thanksgiving. I never specify which Thanksgiving or Christmas though. Shopping seriously usually starts in December.

  420. Dot says:

    I create holiday items and shop year round—when I see the right item or pattern for a particular person I get it then. What I don’t sew or craft I usually purchase at a show, fair or funky store. I love the colors of Christmas & winter but not the overly-done theme fabrics prefering the more subtle ones. As I work part-time at a quilt store I see way too much holiday fabric.

  421. Leila says:

    I’m a last minute type of girl, so I leave it till it’s almost too late to start planning for the holidays. Hopefully this year will be better! Usually I don’t care much for christmas fabrics, I used felt to make some decorations as pressies last year. I have seen some christmas fabrics now that I liked so I might get me some this year.

  422. Tuesday says:

    HAHAHA, I buy ‘seasonal’ fabrics since I can *never* finish things in the time I need’s safer to have ‘winter’ fabrics that I can still use well into February if I don’t get around to using them in Nov/Dec. 😉 As soon as the seasonal fabric is set out for display I start buying 😛

  423. Samantha says:

    Just after my birthday, in late november. I don’t actually celebrate christmas but I volunteer throughout the month which takes its time anyway.

    As for fabric, I have yet to buy any but this year will be a first since I have my own apartment in need of festive decorations. 😀

  424. Lori Lawrence says:

    Planning for the holidays starts for me around June {Seriously!}.. My daughters birthday is Christmas day and my son is a Thanksgiving baby so the winter/holiday season is crazy for us!

    I usually buy a couple holiday prints to make the kids some Holiday pj’s and this year I’m going to get a little red and white stripe to make myself a holiday apron… complete with embroidered candy cane pockets 🙂

  425. Hilary says:

    I pretty much work year-round on Christmas gifts. Almost all are homemade things, and with more and more babies…yeah, I’m always working on a gift for someone.

    I have never purchase holiday fabric that I can remember, but I’ve been given some.

  426. Hm … to be honest, I start to really think about the holidays in October. However, putting my “thinking” to action is a totally different story. And of course I buy holiday-themed fabrics – who can resist???

  427. Anne says:

    Most years I start just before Halloween. This year however I have already started a quilt for my little sister for Christmas because I was so anxious to use some Valori Wells Nest fabric I ordered.
    I really have not worked with holiday patterned fabric at all.

  428. Gwen says:

    Unless I’m knitting something, I usually start planning for holiday gifts until after Halloween (which is the biggest holiday of the year in our household). That reminds me – I owe my SIL a scarf.

    I generally steer clear of holiday prints because if I make something, I want it to be usable year round (or at least more than a week in December). Also, holiday prints have a tendancy to be too garish for my tastes.

  429. Nicole says:

    Now that I do a lot more handmade gifts for Christmas I start planning early November. I don’t typically buy holiday-themed prints b/c I was my projects to be useful year round and to be timeless.

  430. Jennifer R. says:

    I usually start in august-september but I plan all year long! I dont really buy holiday fabric unless I can’t live without it I usually go for fabric that is suitable all year round

  431. shannon says:

    I’ve already started holiday planning, and gift making. I usually start planning by this time each year, but don’t start making until the fall. Since I have a baby due in Oct. I’m trying to do as much ahead of time as I can. I do not buy holiday fabric.

  432. mandy says:

    I try so hard to plan my Christmas goodness early but it never goes as planned! BUT! August is a big month for me and my family, lots of birthdays and my anni with my boyfriend, and for the first time ever I’m ready ahead of time! Woohoo! Maybe I can move on to plannin Christmas stuff early this year! How great would that be? I love all those fresh yummy fabrics and hope I win something (since I haven’t yet!) <3 & xxoo


  433. Sarah says:

    I found that if I don’t start *thinking* about planning in August, then I’m just never ready for Christmas. Once Thanksgiving hits, December is OVER! Advent starts December 1 so I started working on the advent calendar with the girls in October last year and for the first time, it was done before Thanksgiving. I’m going to try that this year again! As for gifts, I start making things around September-October and try to finish everything a week or so before Christmas.

  434. Becky says:

    Love the new fabric choices! The Christmas line is too cute–time to start thinking about the holidays–they’ll be here before I know it!

  435. Joani says:

    After my birthday in November.

  436. I am TERRIBLE with the Holidays! I always go out on black Friday thinking, I’m gonna get everyone done today and then I shop, look at the check-out line, put everything back and go home. I LOVE to shop online though, so i find that I am a big online shopper. This year though, I really really want to make some presents for everyone, and I have to say that the bowl covers are such a neat idea that I think I’ll grab my step-daughter and get to sewing! I was thinking of making the bottom part out of vinal for easy wiping and then maybe adding in a cut on a side for a spoon to stick out from! I’ve also been thinking about the tote bag you can turn into a back pack and I was thinking that if I dont find that I have time maybe I can just get the pattern and redo some already made totes into the same thing by just replacing the straps! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and inspirations.
    BTW, the fabrics are amazing, I especially love the Opa Owl! I always buy holiday fabric and I use them on holiday cards because fabric on paper looks so great! Thanks!

  437. Deb DeChurch says:

    I’m a terrible planner and usually get into Christmas mode right after Thanksgiving. Still, I end up getting quite a few things made for people. Generally I don’t buy holiday fabrics, but use solid colors. I’ve been seeing the cutest Christmas fabric out there though, and may succumb!

  438. Kathleen says:

    I have to start planning now as I do a couple of craft shows in the fall and like to have Holiday table runners ready. I do purchase Holiday fabric to make my runners multi-purpose, ie; thanksgiving on one side, Christmas on the other.

  439. Sara says:

    I think we start planning around November and since I just started to really get into quilting the last year and sewing and the fabrics, I would say that I am going to try to start looking into new fabric sooner this year:)

  440. Fawn says:

    I start planning holiday gifts during the summer, plus working on them since I do some counted cross-stitching (last year I made stockings for myself and my husband). I definitely buy Christmas fabric! It’s truly my favorite:) I like going to the local quilting store near my house and buying straight from them but I’ve taken advantage of the sew mama sew sales for fabric for Christmas gifts this year too! Next month I’ll start sewn gifts, Sept homemade liqueurs, and Oct-Dec finish everything up:)

  441. Debi says:

    Simply hearing “Christmas in July” triggers the creative juices, but I don’t take action until the leaves start turning…. As I get older, though, I realize that I should start projects much earlier!

  442. Gill says:

    As soon as the children go back to school in September!!

  443. momday says:

    I am planning now, making my lists, buying fabric and patterns. I like to have my family gifts finished, made or bought, before Thanksgiving. Most of December I will make gifts for friends, teachers, hostess gifts, etc. This year Im having a baby in October, so starting ASAP. I usually buy some holiday fabric, especially for kids jammies. I love the 2d zoo print you have!

  444. Erin Waters says:

    Normally I do not get the Christmas gift sewing projects done…I have planned to start in early October this year, but with 3 kids we’ll see what happens. I have a small stack of barely begun gifts and ones that never got off the ground. I hope, hope, hope this year I am actually able to finish one!

  445. Elaine says:

    I have sort of started, am gathering patterns I would love to do for Christmas. That is about it so far.

  446. amy says:

    I would say that I start planning on xmas now, but then don’t really get around to making half the stuff I planned. I really don’t have the time to make it a handmade christmas like I’d like to. I personally do not buy themed fabric, but have used it before when given to me.

  447. Katie B. says:

    I probably start really planning in early November. I love holiday themed fabric!

  448. craftytammie says:

    Occasionally I buy themed fabric for a specific project, but I prefer prints like dots, plaids, or stripes rather than snowmen, ornaments, or santas. This year I am hoping to finish ISpy quilts for my kids. we’ll see!

  449. (You can combine this with my first comment – not trying to enter twice.)

    I generally don’t buy holiday fabric.

  450. Meg says:

    I usually start planning for the holidays around Thanksgiving, unless it’s a handmade gift. Last year was the first year I made some handmade gifts – a waldorf-style doll for my daughter and a blanket for my husband. I also made a quilted stocking for my daughter – that had to be done by St. Nicholas Day!

    I do buy holiday-themed fabric, mostly for Christmas and Fall/Thanksgiving decor.

  451. Katie says:

    I usually start thinking about Christmas in August, but I don’t actually start doing anything about it until the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’m trying to convince myself to start working on things now, so that I could enjoy the month of December a little more. I always buy Christmas fabric, but I have yet to do anything with it.

  452. Kristy says:

    Christmas planning doesn’t happen until November. I wish I were more on top of things! And I never buy holiday fabric…I hate that I have to store those things for most of the year.

  453. Christine says:

    I have only bought holiday fabric once and that was because it didn’t look like holiday fabric.

    It seems the older I get the earlier I start planning for gifts. The past few years I’ve wanted to give handmade gifts so I try to get ideas around August or September. Last year most of my gifts came from the handmade holiday gift ideas posted here!

  454. Linda says:

    Beautiful collection of fabrics. I usually start planning for the Christmas holiday at Thanksgiving. For Halloween if I’m making costumes a couple of weeks before. I purchased holiday themed fabrics to make up small gift bags.

  455. I start planning for the holidays in terms of crafty stuff and food around October, but I shop for gifts all year long. This, of course, means I’ve been the victim of, “Wow mom! It’s just like the one that’s been in our garage!” 😉

  456. Kimberly B says:

    I start thinking about the next Christmas right in January. This year I even made a couple things for the next year, but once winter is over planning ahead gets a lot more difficult – I bet I’ll pick up some handmade gift again when it gets chilly outside.

  457. Emily says:

    I like to say that I start thinking about the holidays sometime before Halloween, but realistically, it’s more like Thanksgiving. I typically don’t buy holiday themed fabric, only because I make a most of my items for gifts, and if I give gifts at Christmas, then they can’t use them again until next year.

  458. Diana says:

    I never plan Christmas gifts this early, it’s just nuts! However, I do love buying holiday fabric and wearing it year round! I’ve got my eye on some tasty RK prints to make super sweet dresses that will be perfect winter or summer.

  459. Lauren says:

    I’m actually starting to plan a little for the holidays now, but Thanksgiving is usually when I get myself in gear.

  460. Unusual to the norm every other year, this year I’ve already began Christmas shopping/preparations. Three gifts down!

    As for fabric, I generally don’t buy Christmas fabric unless there’s s specific project I need it for. And, I never buy anything with characters on it, but I did succumb to both last year. My 3-year-old saw some (tacky) Christmas fabric with “Tow Mater” on it and loved it, so I grabbed a little bit and sewed up some sweet little pajama pants for him…Cute!

  461. Holly says:

    I used to plan a few months out. But, the deeper I got in to graduate school that few months turned in to a month before. Now that I have a daughter, I am lucky to get the house semi-decorated a few days before. Thankfully I have a small family so not too many people to shop for!

  462. Laura O. says:

    Between school tuition, summer camp in the summer, and other expenses all year round, I never manage to start planning for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I always mean to hit the after-Christmas clearance sales and stock up on wrapping paper, etc., but I never get around to it. I’m an absolute beginner at sewing, but once I have some sewing skills under my belt, I want to sew some Christmas stockings.

  463. ~Heather says:

    This year WILL be different, as I’m starting to plan for holiday gifts now! We’re off to a huge family gathering and I need to start making gifts for more people than usual. ~H

  464. Trina says:

    I start planning for the holidays after my daughter’s birthday on Dec 12. No wonder I never get it all done!

  465. eadaoine says:

    Only plan far ahead if I’m making something for someone. Otherwise it’s gift planning starts in Oct everything else waits until after Thanksgiving. Rarely buy holiday fabric, rather make something that will have a longer lifecycle.

  466. Shelly says:

    I start planning for the holidays around November. In the South, it’s just too hot to start an earlier.

    I generally don’t like holiday fabric. Most of it seems a little cheezy. It’s hard to find really pretty holiday inspired fabric.

  467. Amanda says:

    LOL Planning…I start early. Usually around September. Actually doing stuff is the real question, which I do much later. Around late November, early December. I have been buying holiday fabric only very recently.

  468. Tong says:

    We usually plan for Christmas in late November, that’s normal, right??? I’ve never bought holiday themed fabric, I don’t think they are really my thing.

  469. Kimberly says:

    Usually do not start until the fall but this year is ALL HANDMADE so the planning has already started! Those fabrics are FABULOUS!

  470. Jean says:

    I buy early, but I have a hard time waiting until Christmas to give. The new fabrics are great. I love Meadowsweet 2 and Opal Owl. Thanks for the give away, and your pattern reviews are awesome.

  471. Melissa says:

    I don’t want to think about the holidays yet, I still have summer dresses to make that I dreamed up months ago! I will think about it in November probably. I like modern holiday fabric, but haven’t seen anything new for this year that I absolutely have to have. 🙂

  472. erin says:

    i don’t start planning for the holidays until november – i’ve got too much else to celebrate and have fun with before they arrive! not to mention, i don’t feel like it’s as much fun to shop in july…i live in houston, so that might have something to do with it 🙂 i’ve never bought holiday fabric before, but i sure do love that alexander henry collection – i’m sure i could find something cute to do with it! 🙂

  473. Carla says:

    Sometimes I begin buying gifts before Thanksgiving to get a headstart on the holidays. But, then, that can backfire and it ends up that I spend more that way. I use holiday fabric for the Christmas stockings that I make and did a holiday themed quilt top last year….so, not so much, I’d say!

  474. Meg says:

    Every year I always have great plans of being ahead of the holidays, and every year the holidays creep up on me. This year yet again I am vowing to stay oragnized and actually be prepared before the holidays. I guess we will see what happens.

  475. Andy Thorpe says:

    I need the mailing deadline to get me motivated to start my holiday gift making. So I focus on gifts for my family in Japan first. The gifts for my co-workers are made the weekend before the holiday.

  476. Diana says:

    I’ve already started planning some gifts for Christmas! Can’t say that I’ve ever bought or used holiday themed fabric, though if I found the right print I’m sure I would.

  477. Amy says:

    I generally start thinking about what I am going to make in November and most always end up putting construction of gifts off until it’s just the time for me to craft like mad until the day before Christmas. *sigh* I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I didn’t really start sewing seriously until this past January so I’ve never really had a need for holiday themed fabric. I would say that it would depend on what the fabric looks like for me to buy a holiday theme. Thanks for the opportunity!

  478. Maya says:

    I plan for them right about now. I like to test out projects I am interested in and get the kinks worked out so when Nov./Dec. rolls around I am ready to make great gifts. I do buy some holiday themed fabric but I try not to go too crazy with it because I want the gift to be used year round.

  479. Katie says:

    I sometimes buy holiday themed fabric depending on what I am going to make. Last year I made winter themed placemats for my family and started in December…had to sew like mad! Whoops

  480. Joanna says:

    I’m starting on matching outfits for the kids including pj’s and one’s to sell for Christmas.

  481. June says:

    I start planning in August. I make gift list for everyone to help give me an idea of when I need to start projects. Although I do usually end up rushing to get things done every year.

  482. QSOgirl says:

    I’m always *trying* to plan ahead for the holidays, but I never seem to actually get anywhere until at least Dec 1, then I get panicked! Maybe this year I’ll do better….

    I only buy Christmas-themed fabric if I have a very specific project in mind. Most that I’ve seen is too kitschy, and I like to be a little more subtle! I like the overall project to say “Christmas”, not the individual pieces.

  483. Brianna says:

    I start planning for gifts and shopping in early November, or as soon as Halloween business cools down and fades away. Usually I start thinking about Christmas when the snow starts – but I moved to Arizona recently, so maybe I won’t know what to do this year!

  484. danielle allison says:

    i start later – usually around halloween, but many times the handmade gifts are still being stitched/printed/made hours before giving them! i do usually pick one holiday fabric i just NEED…lol!

  485. Shannon says:

    I think about Christmas gifts all year long, but actual planning? Probably just after Halloween! And yes, I do buy holiday-themed fabric. My beloved grandmother always had appropriate pillows, potholders and so on decorating her house for the nearest holiday. I like to emulate her.

  486. Judy says:

    I start planning in October. I love the Christmas themed fabric and buy allot of it. Love all the lines you show.

  487. Amy says:

    I’m planning right now! Usually its far too late, as I like to knit or sew gifts for my husbands aunts and grandmother. This year, though, I’m on the ball with the gifts already started!

  488. JaiCi says:

    I start preparing for Christmas in January…and my goal is to have at LEAST 75% of it done before September…but the more kids I have, the harder that gets 🙂 🙂

  489. Rebecca says:

    We don’t really go on holidays…it sounds sad but we live on a great property with so much to do that I just don’t really want to go anywhere. When I get time to myself (which feels like a holiday) I like to knit, spin and now, thanks to the Sew Mama Sew inspiration, sew a bit. I actually finished 2 children’s double sided aprons yesterday and am working up the pattern and fabric I bought from here…

  490. Serena says:

    I usually start planning around July, but that doesn’t mean anything gets DONE before December. I don’t really buy holiday themed fabric, simply because I try to make things that can be used for a while, rather than just for the holidays. I’m not a very fast seamstress.

  491. Stephanie says:

    Planning? In some ways I’ve always got ideas floating around in my head and sometimes I even get to them before October but usually that is when the real work begins. I do buy some holiday fabric but usually when I have a good coupon at joanns. I rarely buy quality for Christmas pj’s bc we need so much for the 4 of us.

  492. Anie says:

    I start planning for the holidays in november I think. I do have a bit of holiday fabric that I mostly use for making gift bags.

  493. Karen U says:

    I do a lot of thinking and dreaming of Christmas crafts long before the season arrives. However, do my procrastination, I’m usually up until the wee hours of the morning finishing things before the day they’re needed for gifts or holidays. I try, I really do, to get things done beforehand, but just like when I was in school, I work better under pressure and deadlines. Maybe I could pretend that Christmas is really in November, then I’d be done a month early!

  494. Elizabeth Brunner says:

    I start thinking about the winter holidays in November and get irritated by the early displays by retailers. However, I do sometimes make Christmas-season crafts whenever the impulse hits, which could be spring, summer, or fall. Yes, I sometimes buy holiday-themed fabric, if it has a funky retro look. Cats & dogs on novelty holiday fabric is always a temptation too.

  495. Kaye Prince says:

    I always try to plan ahead for the holidays (Chrismukkah at our house) but it just doesn’t happen – it’s usually November before I really think about it. I don’t *really* buy holiday themed fabric but in the past couple of years there have been lines coming out that I really like (12 Days of Christmas, Holiday Happy, and Have a Sheri Berry Holiday) and I’ve been trying to use them more.

  496. I usually only start around November – it’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when it’s hot! I rarely buy holiday-themed fabric – it’s usually not really my style.

  497. Kaylee says:

    I think I’m going to start sooner that I ever do. I like to buy holiday fabric.

  498. Sigrid says:

    I’ve already started on my handmade gifts for Christmas! can’t quite believe it myself… as for holiday themed fabric, I do have some… I use it mostly for the kids (jammies, for eg.), to make fabric gift bags and things like coasters… small touches of holiday…

  499. Leslie J says:

    I usually start my xmas shopping in November. I try to buy everything online so I don’t have to go to any malls! I also never buy holiday fabric, just because I don’t usually have a holiday project in mind.

  500. lucy says:

    I already started planning for the holidays this year! I have a google spreadsheet where I am posting various ideas for handmade/bought gifts and am noting where the directions are and what materials are needed. Then I will start making them in Sept. when my weekly sewing class starts up again. HOWEVER, I’ve never ever been this organized before! I think it will be a much better xmas as a result. But no, I do not buy holiday themed fabric and I wouldn’t unless it was really really awesome (as in Heather Ross or something).

  501. amanda says:

    Oh — not until Thanksgiving at least. I am definitely not a planner-aheader when it comes to holidays!

  502. Kristin says:

    I start thinking about it now, but I don’t start until later….maybe October. I don’t usually buy Christmas fabric, though.

  503. I start around October with shopping for gifts, and a little before Thanksgiving, I plan the decor. It’s a little obsessive for me, because I love Christmas! I have some Christmas fabric already to work with. Cannot wait!

  504. Ellen Ban says:

    Unfortunately my holiday planning ends up in November but I always buy some holiday fabric in July when it appears in the quilt shop!

  505. Kati says:

    I try to start planning in October. TRY is the key word there! 🙂 I do buy Christmas themed fabrics, I just try not to go overboard since they are only good for that time of year. There are often too many good ones though! 🙂

  506. Alison says:

    I always plan to plan for Christmas early. But I’ve had limited success. This year, I’ve got a few projects that will simply have to be started a few months ahead of time. Fingers crossed! I generally don’t buy holiday-themed fabric, but that Alexander Henry 2-D Yuletide fabric is pretty darned cute!

  507. Pearl says:

    Planning for the holidays for us is just deciding whether to go to my parents’ house or his. =) We let our parents parent us, and we pretend to be kids again. We decide a couple of weeks in advance. I’ve never bought holiday-themed fabric before, but I may buy some Christmas fabric. My mother-in-law hinted that she wanted me to make her a quilt, but I’ve been procrastinating because our taste is so different. I’ve been thinking that a Christmas-themed would be a safe bet, so I’m entertaining the idea.

  508. Lesley says:

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make matching pajamas for Christmas but have never found the time. I rarely buy Christmas fabric unless it’s on sale. Shopping… I alway say I’m going to start early, but I never do… I usually actually start shopping early December!

  509. Meghan says:

    Holiday planning, I always have good intentions to start planning ahead for the holidays, but reality always sets in and my planning begins the week before christmas. But this year I have vowed to myself I will start planning once the weather cools off outside and I don’t feel so quilty not spending time outside while its warm. My goal is to make lots of hand crafted gifts for everyone.

  510. In general, I am always planning. However, I don’t actually get down and dirty until around November. Then it’s always a made rush to get everything done. I’ve never bought holiday fabic before but I always admire it.

  511. Tina says:

    We’re a new business and we just received a huge order from a boutique.
    We are going to make fun fabric flowers, flower rings, wristlets and baby onesies with the Christmas theme. Planning now!

  512. Rachael says:

    About 15th December or so… last year it was the 23rd. Oops.

  513. Susan C. says:

    Every year I think I’ll start earlier, and every year November arrives and whoops! This year will be different, though. I’m sure of it. 🙂

  514. grace says:

    I cannot get into planning for the holidays until it gets cooler. I think about the handmade gifts I want to make but don’t usually start til October.

    I don’t think I have ever bought Christmas fabric but I have bought Halloween fabric.

  515. carrie says:

    I’m a last minute/one day at a time gal. Well, not super last minute, but I do like to take one holiday at a time. So nothing gets done for Thanksgiving until Halloween and a plethora of family birthdays in November have passed. Same with Christmas, no thoughts on merry-making until after thanks-giving.

  516. Denise says:

    I try to start thinking about holiday planning and preparation during the summer, picking up small gifts for friends and family on vacations. I get serious about it the second week in September and require myself to be just about finished by December 1. I love holiday fabric for fun kid projects and holiday decor!

  517. Angela says:

    Wow I love those Alexander Henry fabrics!

    Honestly, I start “planning” for the holidays when all the pretty blog features start and when the Christmas issues of Martha Stewart and my other magazines arrive . . . but since I start planning so late it never gets done! Oh well. It’s fun to dream.

  518. Tanya says:

    I’m already starting to plan for the holidays. I like to make the majority of gifts, so it takes some time to get everything done. Doesn’t always happen – still working on finishing a quilt that was a christmas gift. Oh well, his birthday is coming up next month, seems like a good target to shot for! Not too big on the holiday prints though. Even if it’s a christmas gift I want the recipient to be able to use it year round, which often makes holiday prints inappropriate. That Opal Owl fabric collection is AWESOME! Lots I could do with that.

  519. Deb says:

    I start “thinking” about Christmas around June. I start getting serious around October–when we finally have temperatures below 80 here in Louisiana! In recent years I have used less Christmasy fabric and more reds and greens with nice prints. That way the gifts can be used throughout the year.

  520. Sandhya says:

    I start around September. Because that way I can have something for the kids for Halloween as well. I like it that way. Also I *loooooooooooove* holiday themed fabric. I always get the sale fabric after the season every year so I can use it the next year!

  521. annie says:

    I usually start planning around August or September, but don’t actually do anything until late October at the earliest. Not very good of me, since I like to make most of my gifts. Always, there’s a time crunch that finds me busily sewing until late Christmas Eve. I don’t typically buy holiday-themed fabric, though I did last year to make a set of tea towels for my mom and mother-in-law and holly-printed taffeta to make a Christmas dress for my daughter. I don’t know what to do with holiday-themed fabric, otherwise. 🙂

  522. Kimberly says:

    This year I’m planning already (making lists, buying supplies), but usually that starts around November! 2 kids now, so I figure I have to be more on the ball! I haven’t ever bought holiday themed fabric, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

  523. Beth says:

    I usually start right after halloween, then get distracted and am running to catch up at the end. I do buy holiday themed fabrics – usually for decorations and gift bags.

  524. Nicole in VT says:

    I start planning and looking for ideas in June or July, but I don’t start making them until September. We have to mail one package to England so I make those gifts first and we mail them in October! I do buy holiday themed fabric to make gift bags, pajamas for our family, and placemats.

  525. Colleen Butler says:

    I usually buy most of my holiday fabric on discount the year before. Thanks for the giveaway – I love the Meadowsweet 2!

  526. Lori says:

    I’m just now starting to think about it, but the vast majority of shopping/sewing will be done in Nov-Dec.

  527. Jeni says:

    I don’t start planning for christmas gifts until around october! And I never really seem to buy holiday fabric!

  528. Jaime Blais says:

    I love to buy holiday themed fabric – starting with hallowe’en (my second favorite holiday next to christmas). I start planning the holidays by early november and aim to be finished by the first week of Dec. This way i can sit back and enjoy the season for a short time before all the mayhem starts. Looking forward to my second christmas with the little one this year, should be a great time 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  529. Suzie says:

    My Christmas planning usually starts in November after the last of the family birthdays. As Christmas falls in high summer my colour scheme varies according to my current whims so i very rarely use Christmas themed fabric.

  530. Marsel says:

    I always start Christmas plans in my head about now…but I never seem to actually start them until the last minute!!!

  531. Sylvie says:

    I don’t usually start Christmas sewing before November. I am not in the mood for winter too early.

  532. Christine says:

    I kind of decide what I’m going to make sometime in the spring. Then, when it’s Thanksgiving and I don’t have much done, I really get busy. Some people get handmade gifts and some get books. I buy fabric when it’s 75% off at Joanns.

  533. Tina says:

    Oh my, I love Opal Owl! That is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  534. Southern Gal says:

    I’m last minute on most things. Trying to do better this year. I should be starting in September.

  535. EGB Mommy says:

    We have already started planning our holiday. The last two weeks of the year are the only vacation days we get as we are self employeed. This year we are planning on going away somewhere warm where we don’t have to cook, clean, or do laundry!
    I love love love the new fabrics!

  536. pamela says:

    life gets so busy … sometimes planning for the holidays happens sometime in December … I do not seek out “holiday theme”, but at the same time look out for seasonal fabric (ie. color, type of fabric) … many thanks!! ~Pamela

  537. Anne Marie says:

    I always plan to start early – in the summer – doesn’t seem to work out that way though!! I love to buy holiday fabric if for no other reason but that I love it.

  538. Hannah says:

    I start Christmas holiday planning, as soon as Christmas is finished. I usually have a list ready of all the handmade gifts to work on through the year, and all purchases for extra gifts are done before midyear. I just cannot stand the crazy mayhem that is the holiday season.!

  539. Maggie says:

    I am so psyched about the holidays! I’ve already made a couple things and have big plans for more. Last year Christmas was financially “tight” to say the least and I wasn’t mentally prepared and it wasn’t fun. Getting better acquainted with my reality and embracing my skills is going to make this Christmas better than ever!

  540. Michelle Z says:

    I’m liking the Fulham Road or the Sandi Henderson line. No holiday themed fabric for me. Call me a snob, but im not much for themed prints – a little too cutsy for my liking 🙂 Thankfully everyone is different.

  541. Addy says:

    I don’t start planning for Christmas until Thanksgiving night, but every year I wish I would’ve started sewing earlier. Maybe I will this year, thanks to your inspiration!

  542. holly says:

    I start working on Christmas stuff when the kids go back to school and the weather gets cool. But I’m planning it in my head now!

  543. Mary Jo says:

    My thoughts start in June or July but the rest of me does not get into the act until October.–which means the plans far out weight the finished.
    I have some Christmas looking fabric in my stash, so I guess that answer is a yes.
    I LOVE Opal Owl.

  544. Adrienne says:

    I plan on planning by September, but I always end up not doing much until mid-November at the earliest. Maybe this year I’ll start my projects earlier. I’ll buy Christmas fabric depending on what I am going to make. Went to Hancock fabrics recently and the holiday fabric was on sale, but I did not have my act together nearly enough to take advantage of it.

  545. Susan says:

    I do buy holiday themed fabrics – mostly Christmas, some Halloween and Fall/Thanksgiving. I made everyong stockings last year. I also use it for easy pillows and pillowcases. I only do handmade for a select few that i know will appreciate the effort, and the 8 other nurses in my deopartment. The rest get gift cards and an awesome assortment of home made goodies (cookies, jams and breads).
    Susan in NC

  546. linda says:

    Wow, beautiful fabric…I love Opal Owl! Hmm, I think mentally I think I’m planning way ahead…but the action part of it is always a bit too late…procrastination!

  547. Kimberly L says:

    I don’t actually “do” anything for the holidays until the month before but I have a little notebook that I’ll write down ideas for the holidays during the year. I loathe the feeling of “Oh yeah, I wanted to do such and such this year” the week after the holiday!

  548. Caroline says:

    I usually don’t start sewing for the holidays until sometime in November. I don’t generally buy Christmas fabric unless it is not overly Christmas-y.

  549. julie says:

    I always have intentions to start sewing for Christmas during the summer. I’m a teacher, so I have summers off. This year, I am closer than ever to starting. I have some fabric (ordered from this site) and I have a pattern (a tutorial from this site). But now, I only have 4 more days until work starts again. Better get sewing!

  550. Lindsey F. says:

    I have already started this year as it will be a handmade from the heart with love Christmas in our home. I have not purchased holiday fabric in years.

  551. Ethne says:

    I’ve actually been thinking about Christmas over the last week – considering making a table runner for my sisters florist’s shop, but don’t want it too twee so it distracts from the christmas theme in the shop, plus I’ve got a Nancy Halverston panel which I should be hand quilting
    Oh I LOVE that Opal Owl fabric it’s simply delicious 😉

  552. desiree says:

    I usually don’t start to Christmas shop or even think about it until November. But this year I did a Christmas in July series on my blog all July and I am over half way done with presents and I have a number of wonderful decorations made. I am excited that I will have time to relax and enjoy the season this year.

  553. Carina says:

    I’ve already started! The family is spread far and wide, you never know when gifts are going to have to be shipped out, so I like to make an early start. A little holiday themed fabric is a must – if for nothing else, then holiday hair accessories. And my owlies like to be festive. But my decorations are usually less holiday-specific; I love my colour schemes.

  554. Jamie says:

    I start planning for the holidays in August, that is when the adults in my family draw names. I’m hoping to get someone that I can sew for this year.

    I buy my holiday fabrics in January when they are on clearance. I like to make reusable gift bags, buntings and pillows.

  555. Lynn Poulin says:

    This may sound a little like “Type A” behaviour, but I like to start planning when I’m putting away this year’s decorations. I guess I have ideas then that I didn’t use this time around and don’t want to forget. Plus, I love Christmas and don’t want to get stressed out running around at the last minute! I don’t actually start sewing, but I do watch for sales on holiday fabrics in January.

  556. Andi says:

    I start my holiday planning in September, but because the Fall is really busy for me I don’t usually actually get to the sewing until late October or November (which always makes it a rush until Christmas – every year I think I should start in the summer but I never do….) Last year I did buy holiday-themed fabric and then never used it. I definitely think I will pull it out this year….but don’t think it will be something I will use often.

  557. elana says:

    i start planning for the holidays about 2 days before! maybe a little earlier if i’m cooking!

    i don’t buy holiday-themed fabric (i don’t celebrate christmas)!

  558. Lauren from Miss. says:

    I plan for Cristmas all year long; however, planning anf executing are two different things! I do buy some a few holiday fabrics – mostly for children’s quilts or pillowcases. Thanks for the giveaway!

  559. bonnie says:

    I never start shopping until Thanksgiving or so but I do start hand made gifts before then. I have a Christmas stocking on the knitting needles right now!

  560. Brandi shores says:

    I’ve not ever bought holiday fabric, but I plan to this year! I ysually begin thinking about Christmas as soon as it starts to cool off in October!

  561. Vicki says:

    I start planning for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving! Of course it was much different when we exchanged many gifts with family and had little ones at home:)

  562. Eleanor says:

    I try to start planning for the holidays Sept but I homeschool and that is a busy time for us. I probably should start planning now.

    I buy red and white fabric because that is what I like for Christmas. However, I don’t generally buy Holiday themed fabric.

  563. Shannon says:

    I have a rule that you can’t skip holidays so I don’t think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I feel like the secular Christmas gets stretched out way too long these days and therefore can sometimes makes the day anti-climatic once it actually gets here. This year will the exception though, as we are expecting our 2nd son right around Christmas. This year all presents will have to be done before Thanksgiving.

  564. Lindsay Forgette says:

    I dont start for the holidays until about a week before hand 🙁 and no, I dont buy themed fabric, that way the item can be used year round.

  565. Melissa D says:

    I am already planning for Halloween (have already purchased a few fabrics for kids tops) and Christmas planning will follow in September. I find that most of our mom friends are planning family photos for their Christmas cards in October and are starting to plan for the holidays. Love the Opal Owl and Fulham Road Como. I can’t wait to try that cute Keyka Lou shopping bag! and…wish those cute Figgy’s patterns accomodated up to size 10. There is a huge hole in the tween pattern market!

  566. Lina says:

    Honestly, I don’t start planning until after Thanksgiving. But lately that’s seemed like too late so I’ll try to get myself into the holiday spirit sooner. Especially since this is the first year I plan to buy holiday fabric and make holiday-themed things for people.

  567. Jenny says:

    mid november it usually hits me!
    and i tend to avoid chirstimas fabrics…but i have picked up a few here and there!

  568. Christine M says:

    I don’t tend to use very much Christmas themed fabric, only the ocassional one. I usually start planning mid year.

  569. Dana St John says:

    I start planning end of August/beginning of september, I have to, I dont work so I need to put by money and start making lists. I probably buy Christmas themed fabric September/ October time its ideal as it will give me time to think about what to make and not stress about my favourite fabric being sold out.

  570. Sarah says:

    In the past I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas until early December. But I’ve been handmaking more and more gifts each year and this year I’m already looking for ideas. I hope to get started in September and be able to avoid the last minute rush to get everything done.

  571. Valerie says:

    I always plan way ahead. The more organized I am the more calm the holiday will be! I do buy Christmas material, but I have to admit I usually buy it after the holidays when it’s on sale!

  572. I like to think that I’m an organised Christmas shopper. Here in Australia, we have a mid year toy sale where most of the stores have a sale (ie target, kmart etc). I buy up all of the kids toys for Christmas and some generic toys for parties kids may be invited to throughout the year… so in the respect to the kids, yes I’m organised.

    Adults, not so much. I usually try to have all of my Christmas shopping finished at least a couple of weeks before Christmas so that the presents can look all prettily wrapped under my tree for more than a day.

    Yes I do buy Christmas fabrics. I like to make things to brighten up the the house and give some christmas cheer.

  573. Mel says:

    I always promise myself that I’ll start as soon as the kids get back to school, but I usually start after Thanksgiving. I’m not a big fan on Christmas themed fabric, but may use it for certain kids projects.

  574. Heidi says:

    oct which then drifts into nov….i usually make my mom a holiday themed apron so if the holiday print is right, I’ll buy it!

  575. Alice S says:

    I work really hard in November getting ready for the holidays. I try to have most of it wrapped up by the first week of December. I buy very little, but some holiday fabric.

  576. I have the easy one – I don’t plan. Somehow everything just happens anyway…

  577. Munaiba says:

    I never plan and I never buy themed fabric but I really, really like that Fulham road Collection

  578. Carrie says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Lol

    I have a very large family, so planning early for Christmas is a must. And I have to say that I started planning for this years Christmas in September of last year. I know! Started planning for one Christmas before the other had even arrived. I’m making homemade salsa for gifts this year, made out of tomatoes from my own garden.

    I like chrismas fabric, but rarely buy it. And when I do, it goes into cute simple projects such as pillowcases or stockings.

    P.S. I really really really like the strawberry fabric in Meadowsweet 2.

  579. joh says:

    I love Christmas!, but I want someone to design christmas fabric for us in the south enjoying Summer at that time of year…..the fresh smell of cherries…..mound of vanilla ice cream………glorious sunsets and hazy heat laden mornings…sparkly tinsel…..evenings strolling looking at christmas lights…I think I should be making fab shorts for my 3 sons!

  580. kim says:

    I don’t plan for Christmas. There have been years when it just came and went with little notice.

  581. pedilu says:

    Err … I started planning for the holidays way too late. This year I want to sew some gifts too, so I will start in October, I hope.
    As Gina said, I’ve also been sewing for about a year, so I can’t say if I really buy holiday fabric or not. But I think I won’t buy any holiday fabric.
    Have a great weekend too!

  582. Sarah says:

    I definitely will buy holiday themed fabric this season for an attempt at a somewhat quilted table runner for my holiday table. The old store bought one is really worn out! I probably won’t start thinking about it though until after Canadian Thanksgiving at the end of October. 🙂

  583. Maria says:

    What a great giveaway! I love the ‘Opal Owl’ by Tina Givens.

    I usually start my holiday planning a month or so before.

    Have a great weekend eveyone!


  584. Fran B says:

    Nope, I never buy holiday fabric. I make alot of my Christmas gifts to save money (art on paper or a sewing craft), but it never seems to involve holiday fabric.

  585. Juli Levine says:

    If plan means to hopefully get all of those Christmas presents made before the big day and play everything else by ear, then, YES!!

    Also, I do buy holiday fabric…in fact, there are some really super, bright lines out for Christmas this year!

  586. Jenna says:

    I start thinking about Christmas in October! I have to try and spread-out the gift buying or else I’d be seriously pinching my pennies after Thanksgiving. I’ll buy themed fabric if I have a specific project in mind – like the quilted stockings I made last year!

  587. Rebmara says:

    I try to buy presents, both for the holidays and for birthdays, throughout the year. I haven’t bought any holiday-themed fabrics, since I started sewing this year 😉

  588. Katie says:

    Hi, the Christmas bug always seems to hit me in November but I try to work on presents much earlier. Last year I made some buntings for Christmas in themed fabrics. Clothing would need to be in not too obvious fabric as can’t justify a single wear.

  589. Sandra says:

    i love all the fabrics!
    i start planning holidays around october, however the ideas for christmas decorations are already coming up,

  590. Janine says:

    I start planning in November, I buy themed fabric for Christmas project such as table runner and table cloths and for other holidays.

  591. Megan says:

    As soon as Halloween is over, I start getting ready for Christmas! I don’t like most holiday-themed fabrics, as there are only so many things you can do with them, but I do like a lot of Halloween fabrics that can be used year-round.

  592. Hespetre says:

    I start planning the crafted gifts in January, and work throughout the year. But the real planning starts in September. I don’t buy holiday themed fabrics or other items, as I prefer my ornaments very simple. Classic red fabric will do, on my account.

  593. Probably way too late! DH doesn’t like to start shopping for gifts until after Thanksgiving, but I really need to get started earlier this year if I’m sewing gifts – I ended up not finishing everything and finished a couple of things two days before! Not happening this year. I’ve only been sewing for about a year, so I can’t say if I really buy holiday fabric or not – I don’t have a pattern yet! Last year I bought holiday themed fabric for some jammies for the kiddos, but that was it.

  594. Vanessa says:

    I like to buy reduced christmas fabric after Christmas for the following year, bargins! But I am always russing to get sewing projects finished. I need to get better at planning.

  595. well, actually we’re planning holidays very random. it depends on if we want to go away or stay at home.
    and the only theme-fabric i use is for christmas. because that’s a special time and usually i then make things you only use for christmas-time, like santa socks.

  596. I try to start as soon as I can in summer, but this year I don’t know what to make. Maybe some nice new fabric will inspire and give me an idea of what to make for people. I normally don’t buy holiday themed fabric unless I know what I want to make with it.

  597. Laura says:

    Wow – those first two groups of fabric are beautiful! I probably start planning for the X-mas holidays in November or so, since they’re not a big deal in my family.

  598. Leah says:

    I start planning in the summer – but truly don`t start sewing until the fall, and most gets sewn in December! As for fabrics, it really depends on the projects… usually as early as possible, but sometimes right at the last minute…

  599. Ky says:

    I always have the best of intension of starting Christmas planning but I usually leave it until the start of December. As a rule I avoid Christmas themed fabric but that Alexander Henry 2-D yuletide Print may change that:) I am always partial to a nice halloween fabric though.

  600. PeachRainbow says:

    may be from 15-30 days before!

  601. Kim says:

    Actually, I am an obsessed planner, but when it comes down to the holidays, I plan nothing. The menu comes spontaneously and the gifts I make and buy spontaneously as well from 2 months ahead. Sometimes that means I have nothing until the last minute and sometimes that means I have no holiday stress at all. Which is good, there’s no need to stress over a HOLIDAY of all things I believe.

    I started sewing only this year, so I do not yet have experience in buying holiday fabrics. Let’s see what I can come up with. Spontaneously 😉

  602. Relish says:

    When do I start planning or actually doing?? Planning begins around June then come December I begin frantic stitch mode!

    I like to make interesting holiday items but without the themed fabrics. I usually choose a colour theme and go from there (rarely red and green). So, last year I made a Christmas Tree wall hanging in pink scraps with a yellow polka dot background and then used metallic thread to quilt tinsel and a star on the tree which made it pop. I also made a beautiful wreath out of many different pink and orange ribbons and the beauty of that is my daughter turns four this week and she wants to use it as one of her party decorations – if it was holiday theme fabric that wouldn’t be possible.

    There are some gorgeous bag patterns there – must go check out the shop!

  603. Kadybug says:

    I began planning about a month ago…and have cut out the pattern pieces for 4 of the projects to keep things running smoothly. Last year we waited until a month before and were up the night of Christmas sewing until we were dizzy with exhaustion just to finish in time. I want a more relaxed hand made holiday this year.

    As for holiday themed fabrics, sometimes…last year I made fabric napkins from some pretty tree and snowmen fabrics and this year I aim to make a tree skirt…but some years I buy no holiday fabric. Valentine fabric I usually buy because it is more versatile…but Christmas fabrics are harder for me to buy and save unless I have a specific project in mind.

  604. danielle says:

    i am so unorganised, i start shopping 2 weeks before, and probably dont stop until xmas eve! and no. even though i am new to sewing i probably wouldnt buy themed fabric. my stash and funds are limited, so i have to be practical 🙂

  605. bruinbr says:

    heheeh…. i don’t usually start planning for the holidays until a little after Thanksgiving and then don’t finish until usually christmas day! I try to be better about it each year, but the time just flies! I don’t usually buy holiday themed fabric either.

  606. cinda says:

    I usually use thanksgiving as a reminder to get in gear!

  607. rachel says:

    i take notes and make plans in my head all year, but i don’t do a thing until Nov. 1. and i am one of those annoying people that likes to have some christmas up for thanksgiving… usually everything but the tree.

    i have begun buying holiday themed fabric… i love the black halloween lace draped over lamps!

  608. Theresa N. says:

    I haven’t used holiday fabrics in the past, but this year I plan on making some fat quarter gifts to sell at my company’s holiday craft fair. I’ll be donating the proceeds of my sales to a local animal rescue group.

  609. Lisa says:

    Most of my holiday planning is done in November/early December. I can usually get on top of one or two projects I want to make for Christmas and start it/them six months early.

    I rarely buy holiday fabric unless I’m making something as a neighbor gift that has a holiday theme.

  610. Steph says:

    I’m a late planner…early December is as good as it gets for me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  611. Kristine says:

    I start planning holidays probably in mid November…but definitely right after Thanksgiving wraps up. Then I get to start playing Christmas music. I rarely buy holiday themed fabric though. It feels too restrictive.

  612. Lynn says:

    I start about late June or early July planning. I try to spread out my purchases over several months so that the January credit card bill isn’t astronomical. I will buy themed fabrics for specific projects but not as general stash-builder fabric.

  613. I leave it till about 3 weeks before Christmas day and I don’t buy holiday fabric.

  614. Cruz says:

    I don”t get in the mood for Christmas until after Thanksgiving!

  615. Rebecca says:

    Well, I usually have some ideas in my head around this time of year, but at our house birthday season is coming, then Thanksgiving and Halloween so I’m usually pretty busy with crafty stuff for a while. If I don’t get some done by the end of September, I won’t get much of a chance until December and that stresses me out. I’m working on some prototypes (sounds fancier than it is) that I can work on while we drive to and from the cottage in the next month.

  616. audrey says:

    If I’m REALLY good, we’re talking planning on Black Friday. In reality, it’s more like “oh crap – its Christmas?!”

    I’m clearly on the “naughty” list as far as that’s concerned…

  617. Torill says:

    Every year I feel like I should have started planning Christmas earlier – especially when it comes to handmade gifts and homebaked cookies… But now I find myself inspired to begin making christmas ornaments and gift already in July – thanks to your blog! I usually buy some holiday themed fabric for making ornaments, but I also try to use some of the fabric that I have stashed during the year.

  618. Sarah says:

    I used to leave Christmas planning til the last minute. But since I’ve started sewing (handsewing, I’m “unplugged”!), I plan Christmas earlier, since between deciding on a project, ordering fabric and completing the whole thing, I need a lot more time. I will be starting a couple of Christmas projects in the next couple of weeks.

  619. wendy says:

    Opal Owl line is tooooo cute 🙂

    I always say I’ll start holiday stuff early …. but it’s usually Thanksgiving that kicks me into gear.

    I do buy holiday fabric!

  620. Sarah says:

    I start holiday planning earlier each year as I try to make more and more of my gifts. I bought holiday fabric last year, after the holidays for the sale prices!

    And, I like Henna Garden Speckle out of the new lineup.

  621. I buy presents for next Christmas during the after-Christmas sales. I pick things up for people all year long. But when it comes to making things for people, I just can’t get that timeline down and so I have stopped trying to make things for holidays with deadlines. Although so far this year I did finish two Boppy pillow covers and a baby quilt in time for two seperate baby showers so maybe I’m getting a little better…

    Just this year was my first holiday fabric purchase – Halloween. And now I think I’m going to do a one-block-wonder type quilt for a halloween quilt and use the fabric (a couple of half-yard pieces) as part of the backing. And I picked up some interested Christmas fabric out of my sewing group’s scrap bin thinking I will make a Christmas something for my mom this year. We’ll see!

  622. Rebecca says:

    I don’t plan for the holidays until a month before.

  623. Melissa says:

    Ooh, I try to start crafting for the holidays early, but usually end up starting in November sometime and finish on Dec 24th. I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I used to buy holiday themed fabric, but not really anymore. Unless I’m making a stocking or ornaments. I like using contemporary fabrics and some vintage. This year, I’m hoping to make fold-away shopping totes for everyone! Better get started soon..

  624. sy says:

    all the fabrics are so pretty, Opal Owl is so cute.
    i start planning for the holidays after i book the tickets home, usually in late november, pretty late >.< i haven't bought holiday themed fabric, but i'm planning to find some good ones this year.

  625. Amy says:

    I’ve already started :-). I like to spread out the fun through as much of the year as possible! And I do buy holiday-themed fabric–mostly for decor. I’m thinking I’ll make some holiday potholders or table linens this year…

  626. Deb Cameron says:

    Planning for the holidays…as a general rule, if I don’t have it all done before my birthday on the 14 December I know I’m going to be stressed! Seriously, I probably put the final touches on at 2am Christmas Morn, I plan to be more organised every year and life just gets in the way 🙂

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