From Beth: Catherine’s up next with her review of the new Amelia Shirt PDF Pattern from Frog Legs and Ponytails. We wanted the perspective of someone relatively new to sewing and Catherine was happy to tackle the project on her new machine. Catherine sews beautiful clothes for her daughter and shares her family life at Happy in the in Between. Check it out, and look for Catherine’s review next.

Catherine Altmaier is a graduate student, an English teacher, an avid reader, a lover of traveling, and, most importantly, a wife and a new mommy to six-month-old Molly. She also happens to be teaching herself how to sew (and still in the very, very early stages of the process), having been inspired by all of the adorable baby clothes she could make for her daughter. She blogs about her family, her job, her crafty endeavors, and every other little morsel she can think of at Happy in the in Between.