August 21 ~ Back to School Pattern: Hippy Chick Skirt

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Don’t forget to see our Free Fabric and Pattern Friday post this weekend for instructions on how you can win!

Pink Fig Hippy Chick Skirt

Pink Fig Hippy Chick Skirt, photo from Chelsea Andersen

The Hippy Chick Skirt pattern includes instructions for two skirts: a Bohemain skirt with a dropwaist band, 2 different fabrics and a ruffle hem, and a Classic skirt with a dropwaist band, 6 different fabrics and a hemband.

Pattern Info:
This pattern works for sizes 10 through 16 Years!

WIN THIS PATTERN! Pink Fig Patterns has generously donated this pattern for some Back to School fun! Comment below for a chance to win. We’ll randomly select and announce the winner on Monday.

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110 Responses to August 21 ~ Back to School Pattern: Hippy Chick Skirt

  1. Christen says:

    Great skirt!! I love that it’s for older girls.

  2. Tonya says:

    That’s beautiful– esp. in AB love!

  3. Tabitha says:

    Older daughter would love this one!

  4. Casey says:

    Totally cute, and I love their patterns!

  5. This has actually been on my wishlist since I found it! I would love, love, love to win this! Please, please!

    Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  6. Michele says:

    Another great looking pattern!

  7. Annette says:

    Love it. Can’t wait to make one . . .

  8. Starjumper says:

    i would need to find some gorgeous fabric to go with it! 😉

  9. Christine G says:


  10. I was just looking for a skirt pattern and this may be it!

  11. stacy says:

    Very cute, love that it is a size for older girls.

  12. Sharon says:


  13. Samina says:

    I’m not a huge fan of ruffles, but I really like the skirt on the left & in the top picture!

  14. Roberta says:

    Such a cute skirt and great to see something so trendy and stylish for teens !

  15. lisa says:

    i would love to make these!!

  16. Joy Mosley says:

    Oh, I hope I win! I would love to make these!!

  17. Nicole Cooke says:

    what a great way to use up scraps!

  18. Alyssa says:

    Love that pattern!

  19. Melissa says:

    This looks like a fun pattern to sew!

  20. Liliana says:

    This is really lovely!

  21. Alina says:

    what a cool pattern!!! thanks

  22. Maggie Howe says:

    These are utterly adorable!!

  23. Jill B says:

    So pretty!

  24. Jen says:

    Now THAT is adorable!

  25. super cute! i just bought fabric this weekend that would make a lovely skirt 🙂

  26. Janine says:

    These skirts are too fun, even my girl who lives in her jeans admitted they are pretty!

  27. alison says:

    I love that these skirts are for older girls – and are age appropriate!

  28. Marla says:

    cute older girl skirts. looks fun to make!

  29. Stacey C. says:

    I love these skirts! Love the length and the colors.

  30. Cary says:

    I love wearing skirts, and have a few of the Amy Butler fabrics featured on the pattern cover. Fun, fun!

  31. Laura Reich says:

    I love those skirts! Super fun and cute. Thank you!

  32. Christi G. says:

    Oh these look fun!

  33. Stephanie says:

    I love the panel skirt! Such a good reason to go buy some more fabric!

  34. BethG says:

    Love the cute skirt! The fabrics are awesome!

  35. Robin E. says:

    WoooHooo! A bigger girl pattern. I want this one ;).

  36. Beal says:

    So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Emily says:


  38. Sarah says:

    Such a cute skirt pattern! Love it!

  39. Aileen says:

    Oh I should clarify, that’s not a comment on this pattern, which is really pretty. But all that time and money spent on kids clothes!

  40. Aileen says:

    Wow this back-to-school monthly theme makes me sooo glad we have school uniforms in Australia.

  41. Joanna says:

    Those are great designs. Can’t you wear them if you’re over 16?

  42. Em says:

    I love them! Very original – love the bright colors!

  43. Susan Spiers says:

    This is so cute! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  44. Mama Lusco says:

    Great pattern for big girls. I want it in my size, too!

  45. Christine says:

    So cute!

  46. jscME says:

    Love this pattern! Both of my daughters would be so happy to get a new skirt.

  47. Carrie says:

    These are so adorable! I have been wanting to make a skirt like this for a while now. Love that there are two options!

  48. Moriah says:

    SO cute. Love the use of the Amy Butler fabric! Bright and cheery 🙂

  49. Heather Bush says:

    Awesome, I can’t imagine any of my firends wouldn’t love these for gifts!

  50. Darla says:

    My daughter would be over the top excited if we made this skirt!

  51. Sakura says:

    Beautiful and totally fun! Love em!

  52. Laurie Moore says:

    So pretty! Can’t wait to make it.

  53. Marcia W. says:

    Great that this will fit larger sizes of older girls!

  54. DawnMarch says:

    My daughter would LOVE this!

  55. ~Helena~ says:

    I love it

  56. Becky says:

    This is super cute!!! Love the scrappy panels :o)

  57. Jeni says:

    I’m usually not a skirt or dress person, but these look cute! I want to make one and twirl around! ha!

  58. Morgan says:

    Simple and cute, great idea!

  59. maggiesmom says:

    love this pattern… please enter me to win 🙂

  60. Sarah E. says:

    I love this one! I want it for me!! 🙂

  61. Amanda P says:

    This looks perfect for late summer, thanks!

  62. Charity says:

    Very cute!

  63. Serena says:

    How fun to combine fabrics for this skirt!

  64. Kristin says:

    Very fun!

  65. Marsel says:

    I love this skirt!

  66. Cay says:

    Very cute and a great way to use some scrap fabrics.

  67. So cute–I love skirts!

  68. Heather says:

    Super cute skirt!!

  69. JennE says:

    This is so cute. My daughter would love this.

  70. Rochelle says:

    What a great back-to-school skirt pattern for my daughter!

  71. Rebekah says:

    This is so fun!

  72. teri pastorino says:

    nice looking skirt for the older girls

  73. kim says:

    such a cute pattern!!

  74. Claire says:


  75. Somer says:

    What a cute skirt.

  76. Ana says:

    Love the skirts! Look like scrap-busting projects as well. I love those!

  77. Gill says:

    I love this!! I’m sure it could be made to fit me (I’m well over 16!!)

  78. Weezy says:

    This is just such a cute skirt! 🙂 I love when there are patterns available for people my age that are fun and fresh. So many are just scaled down versions of quite adult fashions!

  79. Julie W says:

    Cute skirt!!

  80. rachel says:

    love it!

  81. Jayne says:

    ok so where may I find the ‘misses’ version/size of this ?love it 😀

  82. Hey I could make that one for me! Moms need something extra when school starts, too. Right?

  83. Catherine says:

    What a cute skirt!

  84. MamaBee says:

    I’d love to make one (or a dozen) of these for my daughter! So cute!

  85. Jennifer says:

    cute skirt! I’d love one for me too!!!

  86. Kristi says:

    Oh boy! I really like this pattern! How cute 🙂

  87. Aimee says:

    absolutely adorable…i think it would fit ME!

  88. Shelly Hemingson says:

    super cute! I’d love to make it for me & my daughter!

  89. Jody says:

    Cute Cute Cute!

  90. Sara says:

    Absolutely beautiful skirts. I am a sucker for skirt patterns though these days!

  91. sarah barnette says:

    Who would not be happy in that skirt. Great to see something for older children.

  92. jennifer says:

    I live in skirts, they are so comfortable and this one is so cute. I need this pattern!!

  93. mamabird says:

    These look wonderful!

  94. Melinda says:

    Love the “scrappy” look of this skirt! What a fun and unique thing to wear! Love your website/blog. I stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago and check it often! Love your new ideas too! 🙂

  95. Molly says:

    Finally a pattern I can use for me, the 15 and 12 year old!!

  96. Carrie says:

    Finally! A pattern for the older kids! Love it!

  97. Juliana says:

    Great skirt! Love that it’s for older girls!

  98. Lynda says:

    Wow that is so cute! I really love the fabrics they used too!

  99. way cute. love it.

  100. Jenny says:

    what a fun skirt!

  101. QSOgirl says:

    ooh, this is cute. even a grown-up could wear this 🙂

  102. bess says:

    these skirts are fabulous!!!

  103. Patty says:

    I’m glad to see a skirt that would fit both my teen daughter and myself (a teacher) to get us ready for back to school!

  104. raquel says:

    My two daugthers will be sooo happy if I win this!!!!

  105. Katie says:

    Ooh, I love the skirt. Adorable!

  106. Mama Urchin says:

    I love that Pink Fig makes patterns for older girls.

  107. This is beautiful

  108. Colleen Butler says:

    What a great pattern. I love that the size 16 will fit my 19 years old. She would love this!

  109. Sheralynn says:

    Omigosh! This skirt is too good of an opportunity to use up my scraps and some of my stash!

  110. sy says:

    these are so pretty, i love the panels.

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