From Beth: Kelly, from, is a top-notch writer, a homeschooling mama to two and she can also often be found sewing up a storm. Kelly’s up next on the blog with some Back to School inspiration; she’ll show us the Nature Satchel Kit she created for her daughter Phoenix’s exploring adventures.

From Kelly: My name is Kelly Hogaboom and I am a wife to my soulmate and computer-geek robot-drum-machine-building (really!) husband Ralph. We are parents of two autodidactic homeschooling children and our household also hosts three kitties, a couple goldfish from the summer carnival, and six laying hens. I sew, write, cook, read, and play about in our little coastal ex-logging town in beautiful Washington state.

I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl, although I didn’t get serious about it until after the birth of my first child. I love to make clothes for children– mine or other people’s– because I find children so incredibly inspiring, hilarious, creative, beautiful, and wild! Sewing and creating will be a part of my life as long as I’m able. Other interests include watching B-movies, knitting now and then, making and eating pickles, going to rock shows, and drinking Bloody Marys.