New Fabric and Free Fabric

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We have some great NEW fabric in the shop!

We have the latest group by Sandy Klop of American Jane. If you have pieces from Wee Play, Peas and Carrots or Happy Campers, these new prints will coordinate.


Punctuation by Sandy Klop of American Jane

Well, this isn’t exactly new, but we’ve restocked Del Hi at an incredible price–$5.95/yard!

Del Hi by Valori Wells


We moved Free Fabric Friday to help raise awareness for an important fundraiser! Visit Handmade by Alissa to learn about Action Kivu and donate. Comment at Handmade by Alissa this weekend for your chance to win a yard of fabric from Sew,Mama,Sew! Your comment alone enters you to win one of ten yards.

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76 Responses to New Fabric and Free Fabric

  1. joanne says:

    must get me some Alphabet Blue and Monarch Teal. Both are just lovely.

  2. Phyllis G says:

    OMG, what a blessing this would be to win that much Fabric for my 9 grand daughter’s, I could make a little something for each of them, they especially like Butterflies! I love the Del Hi look!!

  3. Yvonne Harberson says:

    I love the selection of fabrics! The retro kitchen ones are amazing. I want to break out the sewing maxhint tonight!

  4. What could be better than punctuation and fabric – combined??

  5. Wendy says:

    Great giveaway and great project.

  6. Gloria says:

    Hope I win! Crossing my fingers!

  7. adzka says:

    I love Pom Pom Sage ~ Del Hi fabric and Ditto Daisies Green ~ Punctuation.
    Great Giveaway!

  8. Corky says:

    I follow SMS through the RSS feed, and I just returned from a trip, checked my feeds and ran into this amazing offer.

    Thanx so much!

  9. Deidra says:

    What a great fabric colletion!? Love it.

  10. Carole says:

    I found this give a way by looking for vintage material, like table clothes from the 50s.

  11. Carole says:

    I found this give a way by looking for vintage material, like table clothes from the 50s. So cute!

  12. Marcy M says:

    I am such a mush for the Punctuation fabrics — love the vintage look!!

  13. Stephanie O. says:

    All of the fabrics are so beautiful, so much potential, sigh!

  14. Melissa says:

    Love the fabric- so fun and bright

  15. Casey says:

    Both collections are delightful!

  16. Effy says:

    Love the Valori Wells Del Hi collection. Have a great week!

  17. Katie says:

    Love free fabric that you can bust out of the stash and make an awesome impromptu gift with.

  18. Rosa in The Antipodes says:

    Puntuation fabric, I love you!!!!

  19. SheilaC says:

    I would love to get some of that Punctuation fabric 🙂 So much fun!

    Thank you!


  20. Rosie says:

    I love the Del Hi’s. Very posh and super cute.

  21. Katrina Hertzer says:

    Wow, both collections are interesting!

  22. BetsyD says:

    The Del Hi fabrics are beautiful!

  23. Sonja Greene says:

    Beautiful fabrics. That Punctuation line is gorgeous and fun!

  24. AP says:

    The Punctuation fabric would be perfect for a project I want to make.

  25. Virginiarose says:

    I love this collection! It would make perfect Christmas presents for my niece!

  26. Stephanie says:

    I think I’m a bit partial to the Del Hi collection. Both are gorgeous though!

  27. Amber Chavez says:

    I love the Del Hi fabrics! So so cute!

  28. Dani says:

    Love the fabric!! Great colors 🙂

  29. Maya says:

    I really like the Del Hi collection.

  30. teri pastorino says:

    oooooh both collections are really nice. since i am sewing school clothes right now punctuation would be a fun one to make somethign out of!

  31. heather b says:

    Love the new fabric!

  32. Vicki says:

    Great fabric! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  33. Megan says:

    Del Hi is beautiful!

  34. Elle says:

    Such pretty colors.

  35. Pattij says:

    Love the fun fabric!!! So adorable!

  36. JaiCi says:

    just gorgeous fabric! I am loving all of it

  37. Suzee says:

    all that fabric would make awesome christmas presents :))) i follow you on FB and always look forward to free fabric fridays!!! (still haven’t won yet..darn)

  38. Tanya says:

    love Del Hi by Valorie Wells…got a few projects in mind already…..

  39. Jody says:

    Commented at Handmade by Alissa. What a great Blog and way to be active!

  40. anne says:

    great collection..i was wanting some fabric to make a bag.i wish i get this..

  41. Emily says:

    My, my, thank you for introducing us. I think I am in love!

  42. Kristen says:

    Wow, those are some great fabrics! Some new fabric would really help spruce up my new and bare apartment!

  43. Suzie says:

    Keep up the good work – raising awareness and delivering fabulous fabrics

  44. Bonnie says:

    I love anything American Jane!

  45. Gretchen Thomas says:

    Wow to both the fabrics and Action Kivu!

  46. Marlena says:

    I love the colors of American Jane. Love the retro vibe.

  47. Wendy says:

    Love American Jane, and that the new collection coordinates with some of her previous ones.

  48. Katherine says:

    The Del Hi butterflies are jsut to die for!

  49. Del Hi is great. I’ve already ordered some.

  50. Linn says:

    Love the Del Hi patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. Allie says:

    Great choices!

  52. Tabitha says:

    I really like the Del-hi collection. I just love fabric!

  53. Lizzie says:

    ha that is some purdy fabric- choosing is hard. I guess that is the mark of design success!

  54. Sue says:

    I’m in love with it all, everytime you post new fabric it just gets better and better! Please enter me too!

  55. Sandy Allen says:

    I love anything my American Jane! Her fabrics are delicious! Tgabsj fir the chance ti win a yard!

  56. Liz says:

    I love almost everything you guys have in your store. It’s a real problem when you’re trying to narrow it down!

  57. Heidi says:

    I love the Punctuation fabrics, particularly the red, green, and blue prints underneath the star on the top. I’m regretting my *must use stash fabrics first* rule!

  58. bonnie says:

    They are both so pretty, but I think I would just have to get some in the punctuation collection for a quilt.

  59. Ileen says:

    Love free fabric fridays!! and Love the fabric! Thanks!

  60. Papgena says:

    oh they look lovely! Thank you for the chance to win!

  61. Amy says:

    That Punctuation fabric looks like so much fun!

  62. I love the Farmdale collection. The chickens are too cute. Like Duff says above it would be GREAT for aprons.

  63. KeolaH says:

    Umm…I think I’m in love with Farmdale Pink and Garden Green/Ditto Daisies Green. It was love at first sight!

  64. I really don’t need to see more cute fabrics – I’m trying to reduce my stash (but if I win, that’s a whole different story…)

  65. SewLindaAnn says:

    That was wonderful of you to showcase the Action Kivu on your site. As I said over there blog land is a wonderful place and people really pull together to help lots of worthy causes.

  66. Kristy says:

    Fantastic, I have been looking for something to go with some Happy Campers for the longest time!

  67. Carla says:

    Punctuation! Just in time for school………I love it!

  68. brindy says:

    Your fabrics are gorgeous!

  69. Liz Mouse says:

    Love the Del Hi fabrics! I mixed them in with a Moda print I had kicking around… check it out on

  70. Meghan says:

    Loving the new patterns! Thanks Sew, Mama, Sew!

  71. Roberta says:

    So happy to participate in Alissa’s fundraiser and about ACTION kivu and she has almost reacher her goal of $10,000.00 and I’m sure it is because Sew Mama Sew spread the news here on Free Fabric Friday…woo hoo!

  72. Dianne says:

    I love both! I follow you on FB. Thanks!

  73. Lauren says:

    woohoo free fabric fridays!

  74. duff says:

    The Farmdale line is going to be perfect for an apron & I have just the friend in mind!

  75. Dione says:

    love your website looking forward to making some of the things!

  76. Anna Rueda-Barrie says:

    I love the Punctuation collection. I’ve got some vintage tea towels that are very similar to a few of the patterns in this group. They remind me of my childhood, of my mother’s kithen and all the baking we did. Just pulling those tea towels out of their drawer makes me feel like Suzy Homemaker!

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