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This week we’re celebrating the release of Amy Butler’s newest book, Amy Butler’s Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags! We’ll share a project from the book, a video from Amy Butler, a review of the book and a surprise or two. Plus, every day you’ll have a chance to win a copy of Amy Butler’s Style Stitches. Today we’re kicking things off with a Super Style Bag Swap!

Super Style Bag Swap Details

  • You can sign up to swap a hand-crafted shoulder bag, handbag or clutch.
  • We’ll assign swap partners based on type of bag you want to make/receive & shipping preferences.
  • We’ll email your partner name/contact info by October 1st October 2. (Edited to add: Sorry– Still emailing! You should hear from us by Saturday morning!)
  • Once you have your partner’s contact information you’ll need to email your partner to confirm shipping addresses, style preferences and just to say, “Hello!”
  • You must mail your swap bag by Monday, October 25th.
  • We’ll publish a list of all participants and note when swap partners complete their swap.
  • We have a Flickr group to post photos of your bag.

How Do I Sign Up?
Email: by Wednesday, September 29th, Subject: Super Style Bag Swap

  • Your name
  • Blog name/URL (if applicable)
  • Flickr photostream (if applicable)
  • Your location
  • Will you ship internationally?
  • Which type of bag will you make: shoulder bag, handbag or clutch?
  • Which type of bag would you like to receive: shoulder bag, handbag or clutch?
  • Fabric designers, fabric collections or fabric styles you prefer and/or dislike. (For example, “I love Denyse Schmidt, Cosmo Cricket and Alexander Henry florals. I dislike novelties and batiks.”) We’ll assume this style will be reflected in both the bag you’ll make as well as the bag you’d like to receive.
  • Would you be willing to be a swap Angel? That is, would you jump in for an extra swap if someone has to bow out or would you be willing to make an extra bag in case someone doesn’t follow through?

Questions & Answers

  • Does the bag have to be made out of Amy Butler fabric or does it need to be made from a pattern in the new Amy Butler book?
    No! We are just inspired by the beautiful bags in Amy’s book to host a swap!
  • How do I know the swap will be “fair?”
    We encourage you to do your very best work to create something you would love to receive, with beautiful fabrics (not the stuff gathering dust from summer garage sales, if you know what we mean?!). We’re also making note on the participant list on the blog when partners complete their end of the swap.
  • What do I do if I can’t finish my bag?
    If you have any pending events that might hinder your ability to participate in the swap, then please don’t sign up.  If you have an emergency in the middle of the swap, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll try to get an Angel to fill in for you.
  • I’m not an advanced sewist. Can I still play?
    Of course! Pick a pattern that suits your skill level, but also consider this an opportunity to stretch your skills a bit. Sewing for someone else might be just the motivation you need to really fine-tune some sewing and finishing skills that you might not be so particular about if you were making something for yourself. You might be surprised what you can do!
  • Shoulder bag? Handbag? Clutch?
    We would consider a shoulder bag to have straps long enough to be worn over your shoulder. A handbag, on the other hand, would have shorter cloth handles or wood or acrylic handles. (We concede that there is some overlap here. Sometimes handbags can be worn on your shoulder. You can clarify with your swap partner.) A clutch is a small bag that is usually carried in your hand. It might or might not have a frame. It might or might not have a small strap.

Need a great pattern?

We have tons of patterns for bags in every shape, size and style you can think of in both paper and PDF formats.

Win one of five copies of Amy Butler’s Style Stitches! Comment on any post this week. Today in the comments please give us a link to your favorite shoulder bag, handbag or clutch tutorial and/or tell us about your favorite bag pattern.

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156 Responses to Join our Super Style Bag Swap!

  1. Alana says:

    I received my bag today and it’s gorgeous! Thanks Jennifer.
    I made a buttercup bag (yes I’m a beginner) for Jennifer.
    BTW- Where do we post pictures?

  2. Marsha says:

    I made an Amy bag and everyone loves it! Thanks!

  3. Deb V says:

    This looks like a great book. I have made some of Amy’s patterns and I am never disappointed.

  4. susan says:

    WOW! Thanks for the Blossom Handbag tute! I’m starting it next week. Would LOVE to win the Amy Butler book! Fingers crossed 🙂 thanks again!

  5. Elspeth says:

    I love Amy Butler’s fabric and patterns. I’ve never made any of her bags, but I’ve followed her A-line skirt patterns before (charming results!!). I have made some of my own bags, and would LOVE to win her book. =) Thanks for offering it.

  6. Ileen says:

    I still have Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling brand new in the package…best get it out and try, especially after reading your responses! Sounds like fun

  7. Katrina Hertzer says:

    I can’t wait!!!

  8. Darice Herigstad says:

    I’ve only made simple bags..I can’t wait to see everybody else’s ideas and favorites! I can’t wait to make a bag that I could actually carry in public! :o)

  9. Barbara Mayo says:

    Great idea! Would love to participate. There is so much inspiration from the all the patterns you have listed!

  10. Doris says:

    Sounds like fun…I need to see if I have the time!

  11. Kelly W says:

    How fun!! I just sent my email to sign up. I can’t wait to find out who my partner is and get started on a bag. I hope I make one she’ll love and get good use out of! Excited!!!!

  12. Just-Do says:

    This is so much fun. I really love bags and I’ll take any opportunity to make one. Favourite are shoulderbags, with lots of pockets and very colourful.

  13. Linda says:

    I am really enjoying checking out all the great tutorials posted here. I love U-handblog especially Big n’ Beautiful Betty.

  14. Diane says:

    I’ll admit – I’m a bag lover – here’s a site that has lots of bags Wish I could participate but
    this month is already over committed! That’s life with four teen girls :-). Just as a side note – I made a simple clutch in an afternoon last week for a friend who was moving – just a “mini-tote” with no handles, two fat eighths, folded it over and added a pretty flower button and a hair elastic at the top that went over the button. Took less than 2 hours to make :-).

  15. marilyn podoll says:

    I would like to make the cosmo bag. I’ve made several bags. I could use the book.

  16. Karrie says:

    Oooh, this swap is calling my name!! I’m in!! Emailing my details right now!!

  17. CarrieMJ says:

    You guys have got to stop. There’s way way too many good ideas here. I’m going to burst!

  18. AmieJ says:

    I just signed up and I am very excited!
    This is a tutorial that I liked a lot.

  19. Maria Marshall says:

    I’d love to join! I am willing to try Made By Rae’s Buttercup Bag. It is a handbag that can be worn over the shoulder. Thank you for organizing such a great swap. 🙂

  20. Roberta says:

    Well…I’ve gone and done it 😉 Yep…signed up for the swap and hopefully my bag will not be awful because I’d hate to disappoint my swap partner. But I also want to push my sewing and the only way is to take on a project because if I try to do it for me it just doesn’t make it to the top of my long to do list. Anyhone else have these issues? Would love to get Amy’s book just for the pure inspiration.

  21. Sherri S. says:

    I haven’t made this, but I’ve had it bookmarked for ages: Buttercup purse by Made by Rae…cute!

    Thanks for the giveaway, lurve Amy Butler!

  22. Carla Finley says:

    Sounds fun! The book sounds nice also.

  23. Kim says:

    I love Amy’s bag patterns and fabrics! Her patterns are so well thought out and every direction you could ever need is in there. Wish I could enter this swap but I’m up to my ears in 2 halloween costumes! 🙂

  24. Jerimi says:

    All signed up. 🙂 I’ve never made a bag before, and this is a great excuse to be brave and try it out.

  25. Bethany S says:

    What a GREAT idea! My favorite bag as of late is definately the curved gusset bag… which I found the tutorial for on Sew Mama Sew. I have been making a lot of them for friends and church auctions lately. I expecially LOVE putting little bird, owl, or tree appliques on with vintage scrap material!

  26. Kris says:

    Thanks to everyone for sharing all the great links!

  27. Kelli says:

    I love artsycraftybabe’s bags! What a cool swap. I’m thinking it over, gotta check the schedule….

  28. Rebecca says:

    Forgot to add this to my previous comment–I am very fond of messenger bags and have found that the best pattern ever was a bag that I purchased at thrift store that fell apart after much use. I’ve made several bags from it already and plan to do more. I think I need to create a tutorial for this one 🙂

  29. Ana says:

    The bags featured in Amy Butler’s book look amazing!

  30. Pepie says:

    what a great idea with the super style bag swap :-).

    Email was sent so you can count me in :-).



  31. Jana says:

    Buttercup is one of my favorites. I am not sure I can commit to swap!

  32. Sophia Patterson says:

    I love anything Amy Butler! This book looks worth trying. I wish I could join the bag swsap but I have a lot on my plate right now. Bags are so expensive that I would like to start making some of the more specialty bags such as an evening clutch and other small bags.

  33. Rebecca says:

    Marvelous idea! I think I will have to get in on this one!

  34. Samantha says:

    I love new bag patterns! Amy’s new book looks like a good one. I’ll have to put it on my Christmas list. One of the best bags I’ve made was made with the Miranda pattern by Lazy Girl Designs. On my list of want to make–The Tanglewood Bag by Alicia Paulson, complete with Liberty scraps, the Junk Bag by Jackie Clark, and there are a few by Artsy Craftsy Babe that I would love to do.

  35. Kate F. says:

    I love the Made by Rae Buttercup bag… and as a bonus, it’s FREE.

    I love that it was simple enough that I (a very beginner sewist) could not only construct it, but easily adapt it. I also love browsing the buttercup bag flickr pool and seeing what a chameleon the bag is in different fabrics.

  36. Kristina says:

    Ups, forgot to add – one of my favourite bags

  37. Kristina says:

    I would love to be part of that project. I am not from America, is that a problem?

  38. Stephanie says:

    My favorite bag tutorial is for the Phoebe Bag:
    I love that it’s so simple to make and that’s is the perfect size purse for me.

  39. Jenn Furber says:

    Oh, I’d love a copy of Amy’s new book. Wish I had the time to do the swap — so much fun.

  40. Alana says:

    This looks like a lot of fun, and I’m excited about Amy’s new book!

    I love this tutorial for a reversible bag.

  41. bruinbr says:

    My favorite bag has got to be the Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae (

    It was the very first bag that I ever sewed and it was quick, easy and the instructions were CLEAR! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. carrot cake says:

    Such a great topic!

    I love this adorable pleated bag… plus the pattern is freeeeeeee!

  43. CindyP says:

    My favorite bag tutorial is
    I sewed one up a few weeks ago…beautiful and easy!

  44. Amanda says:

    I recently made the Bird Watcher Messenger Bag from Cassie Borden’s book entitled “The New Handmade”. I love it! I’ve also made Amy Butler’s Nappy Bag for several new moms, to rave reviews. Would love the opportunity to win Amy’s new book!

  45. Penny says:

    OK! Good to know…the link thing happens automatically! Guess I am just learning as I go!

  46. Penny says:

    I love bags! I have this new Amy Butler book already and it is spectacular! My current favourite bag is Anna Maria Horner’s Multi-Tasker tote. I don’t know how to make a link to it but it is on her website. It is fun to make and it holds everything!

  47. I want this book so bad!! My favorite bag that I’ve made of Amy’s is her Birdie Sling!!

  48. Andrea says:

    I love sewing bags! Unfortunately my sewing room is being overtaken by a child, so no sewing or bag swap for me for a while. 🙁 I don’t have a pic and can’t find a link, but one of my fave bags to sew is a good ‘ol Simplicity pattern – great lines and lots of room for creativity and customization.
    I also love the diaper bag pattern in Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones book!!

  49. empirewaist says:

    I love bag patterns & I can’t wait to check out everyone’s recommended tutorials!

    I love Amy’s Butler’s Birdie Sling pattern. It’s fashionable and fits everything!

    And I also love this free pattern & tutorial:

    I’m also loving Amy Butler’s Cosmo Bag — it’s the bag on the cover of her new book. It’s the perfect size for shopping.

    Happy sewing, everyone!

  50. Lydia says:

    I’ve made several tote bags from Vogue pattern V8214. It’s a very versatile basic pattern and by adding lots of exterior and interior pockets, the bag can easily be adopted into a stylish diaper bag or just super handy work bag. My mom and sister both love their bags.

    A tutorial that I really like online is the famous Buttercup bag by Made by Rae: It’s great to see how so many people have made the pattern their own with their own styling touches.

  51. K8T C says:

    I LOVE Amy Butler’s patterns, they always look so lovely and somewhat easy to make (I am a beginner) I have her In-Stitches book at home and can’t wait to get started on the loads of projects in there. Look forward to the bag installations!

  52. Christie says:

    Neat swap idea. This is my favorite bag tutorial – it outlines the basics wonderfully and I have adapted it to all different sizes.

  53. Melinda says:

    I haven’t done a bag yet, but I just bought the Backpack tote mentioned above by Liesl &Co. I can’t wait to try it!

  54. Vanessa says:

    The swap sounds great-I am considering it. I love the clutch tutorial by Made by Lex. I just made one and I love it!

  55. alisha says:

    I love the Buttercup bag. I’ve made it with the free pattern that uses a fat quarter and would love to make it in the larger pattern as well.

  56. Sandra says:

    My current favorite (it changes 🙂 ) bag pattern is the Amy Butler Sweet Harmony pattern. I’m working on a tote right now because I like a big bag!

  57. Paige says:

    I think my favorite bag has to be Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling – I’ve made two, and they’re just so great; big and sturdy and easy to carry on your shoulder, plus super cute!

  58. Heidi says:

    sounds like fun

  59. Christine says:

    I love amy butler’s designs and fabric. Nice.

  60. What a great swap! The purse next on my list to try is:

    But I also just picked up an old Vintage Vogue purse pattern which might make the jump to the top of the pattern pile :).

    Have fun everyone!

  61. Patti Johnson says:

    There is a great diaper bag pattern at:
    that could very easily used as a shoulder bag.

    I love Amy Butler patterns, I have made her diaper bag & changing pad.

  62. lindsay says:

    I love the Highbrow, for me it is the perfect size and you can change so many things on it.

  63. Christine M says:

    I’ve only made 3 bags and don’t really have a favourite. Although I do love looking at all the bag patterns!

  64. Andi says:

    I haven’t made a lot of bags, but I really love messenger bags and when I couldn’t find a tutorial or pattern I liked, I made my own! I then recently discovered this tutorial with a zipper and want to give it a try next:

  65. Munaiba says:

    October is really busy for me otherwise I might join this. Good luck!

  66. Tammy says:

    What a fun swap. I love making bags, I have made a different one for my mom the last 3 years for Mother’s Day. I wish I could do this, but my sewing machine went in last week and they still haven’t called with an estimate.

  67. JennE says:
    This hobo bag is cool and looks nice. Modifications are easy to make. My fav bag pattern is the Ali Foster slouch bag.

  68. Annwen says:

    Great idea and a lovely book too! I love to make a bag (or two!) and although I tend to mostly create them as I go, rather than using a pattern I would list this pattern by ‘Made by Rae’ as my favourite. I have created it a number of times with ease and success and love it!

  69. Angela says:

    I think I’ll participate, and I’d LOVE to own this book!

  70. Genevieve says:

    I haven’t made this one but it’s such a lovely tutorial!!


  71. Deb Cameron says:

    How fun and how fabulous of all you bloggers and readers to share your favourites!

  72. Marcia W. says:

    Though time constraints do not permit signing up for the swap, would enjoy seeing what the participants create. Amy Butler has wonderful bag patterns.

  73. I so want this book! I love Amy Butler anything

  74. Jenifer says:

    My very favorite bag has been AB’s Frenchy Bag (I’ve made it 4 times!). 🙂

  75. Susanne says:

    I LOVE Amy Butler : )

  76. kathyh says:

    This looks like a lot of fun.

  77. i’d love to participate, but I’m in brazil 🙁
    I love shoulderbags, i made a few, i use them all the time made of african fabric, very simple, but very handy!

  78. Kelly Sas says:

    I am a huge Amy Butler fan! Her patterns are amazing. One of my fav bags is from my niece. She made monogram bags for all her bridal attendants (of which both my daughters were). I don’t have the name of the pattern, but I did make 2 of my own and then gave it back to her. It came from her mom’s quilt store.

  79. Stacy W. says:

    I just sewed up a “City Tote” from a pattern by Keyka Lou. While this is definitely what I would consider a mid-sized purse more than a tote,(I think larger when I think of “tote”) it is a very nice looking bag! It came together rather well with my novice skill set and looks “professional” according to my husband – who is my harshest critic. Oh, and I added an extra pocket and a keychain hook sinc eI like those in my purses. Happy sewing!

  80. Robyn Wing says:

    I’ve been making an over/across the shoulder bag of my own design for a while now that I love to use and give… I’d swap if my baby wasn’t due in a few weeks…

  81. Susan says:

    Great idea for a swap to celebrate the book launch. I love the big size of these bags. Susan

  82. Anja says:

    A few weeks ago I tried this tutorial:

    It’s really cute!

    But my first handsewn bag ever was Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling.

  83. Leigh Anne says:

    I’ve had this clutch on my to do list for a while…..soon, I’m gonna make it…..soon! It is adorable 🙂

  84. Lisa Marie says:

    My favorite bag pattern is actually a crochet pattern from the February 2009 issue of Crochet Today. (I know, not exactly relevant to sewing.) It makes a funky shoulder bag using Homespun yarn. I usually line it in satin. I’m interested in sewing more bags.

  85. Kathy Marsh says:

    I am a huge Amy Butler fan. The new book is on my Christmas list. I can’t wait to try some of her new clutches.
    My current favorite bag pattern is A Day in the Park Backpack Tote, available from I’ve made 4 and given them as gifts, and they just keep getting cuter and cuter.
    My favorite bag tuturial is the Little Boxy Pouch.
    It’s easier than it looks, and the concept can be adapted to different sizes, straps can be added, etc.

  86. Faith says:

    I don’t have a favorite bag link. I like Amy’s patterns that she has on her website. I have used those before. I forget which ones I have. I would love her new book. 🙂

  87. Annie says:

    bags are fun!

  88. Trisha says:

    I am a mom to two little girls, I am loving any mommy sized bags right now. My favorite at the moment is The Multi-Tasker by Anna Maria Horner. I LOVE, LOVE this bag it is big enough to carry everything the girls and I need, plus it has four external pockets which is a huge plus for finding things easier.

  89. Sheri says:

    I love Amy Butler patterns. The Birdie Sling has been my fav, but this one is very cute too.

  90. Hayley Pickett says:

    My current favorite bag tutorial is the teacher tote bag for kojodesigns.

    I already have three different Amy Butler bags, but would love to add to my collection!

  91. Serena says:

    What a fun swap!

    I love the noodleheads gathered clutch: (which has already been mentioned by others, but it’s too good not to give it another recommendation!)

    and Novita’s Reversible Bag:

    both free, both simple, both GREAT!

  92. Sharonnz says:

    Love Amy Butler. Love bags. Sigh. I love my Mama’s Bag from Soulemama’s Handmade Home. Miss 11 loves her Purl Bee Monk’s Bag:

  93. beth says:

    Well, I’ve enjoyed making several of Alica Paulson’s “Jane Market Bags”
    The pattern is easy to follow and I like combining the fabrics. Makes a great gift.

  94. Jessica says:

    I’m just getting started on making this lovely: I can’t wait to see it finished!

  95. Beth says:

    Ooh! I love making bags. I often design my own, but a favorite pattern I’ve used is from Artsy Crafty Babe for her Phoebe bag. Here’s the link:

  96. I just got back from the fabric store with fabric to make myself a new shoulder bag!! I will prticipate.

    The following website is great for beginners!

  97. MeganAnne says:

    I’m guessing you might get quite a few links to this, but I love Rae’s Buttercup Bag.

  98. Tanja says:

    I would love to participate! Thank you!

  99. Erin says:

    Oooo, bags are my weakness! I love the Bird in Hand bag from the book “Sew Liberated”.

  100. Mary says:

    I would really like to try the Tabitha bag by Flossie Teacakes:

    Not sure if I have the time for the swap, though!

  101. omama says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this clutch for a while now.

    Maybe I’ll get it done while I wait for this baby to arrive. My due date is today! My favorite shoulder bag is the Taxi Tote from Seams to Me by Anna Marie Horner. Though not a tutorial, it is the purchased pattern that I use the most & people seem to like.

  102. bess says:

    great giveaway!!

    my favorite bag pattern is the “everyday bag” by favorite things – LOVE it!

  103. Kristin says:

    What a fun book! I wish I had the time to sew a bag and swap…if only my kids would sleep!

  104. KTseams says:

    Right now, my favorite (waiting to be cut out as we speak) is the Taxi Tote by Anna Maria Horner the pattern is in her book Seams to Me. It’s simple, which makes it easy to dress it up if you want.

  105. stephanie says:

    i adore amy butler swing bags. they are the perfect size, easy to make and always look great!

  106. Emily says:

    i love amy butler’s patterns! this looks like it will be a lot of fun!

  107. Alethea says:

    I’m going to try to sew my first handbag! I love butterflies and I’m in the mood for a new fall purse, so I just purchased this fabric: and this pattern: I also bought some orange stripey fabric to use as the liner.

  108. Darlene says:

    I love the gathered clutch tutorial. Very cute!

  109. Shara says:

    I haven’t had the guts to try it, but I love the Amy Butler Weekender bag:

  110. Mandy says:

    This is so cool and seems really fun, I am seriously considering joining the swap! I’ve never done one before and I think this will be a great experience for me!

    One of the first tutorials I followed for a bag was this one:

    It really helped me understand zippers, it is easy to follow, and also easy to tweek and change up sizes for your own wants or needs.

    Also I really had to share this one, because it is the first tutorial I ever followed, and it helped me learn a ton, and it also easy to change the size and make larger totes from, which I indeed did many time!

  111. janimal says:

    Oh! What a fun giveaway! I like the tote bag tutorial right here on Sew Mama Sew! SUCH a useful bag.

  112. britt says:

    favorite bags : japanese knot bag (can’t find the tutorial anymore) and noodleheads gathered clutch. i do believe someone already supplied that link!

  113. wendy says:

    oooh, lovely swap idea!!! I just might need to participate – if I can make the time… I usually make up my own bag patterns – such fun!

  114. April says:

    How fun! Running off to sign up…

  115. michele says:

    my favorite bag pattern in the Yinyang bag

  116. Alana says:

    I can’t wait. I’m a beginner but would love a chance to show off my sewing skills so far!

  117. Steph G. says:

    I’m a big fan of the Buttercup bag at

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  118. QSOgirl says:

    I’ve been making tons of bags using a square-bottomed tote/purse pattern I found on BurdaStyle a couple years ago. I have a large stash of upholstery swatches that I’ve been using to make bags for gifts– and I’m hoping to start selling them someday soon, too 🙂

  119. Loni Harris says:

    I would love to win this book!

    This is (maybe) my favorite (for now, it’s so hard to choose!). I love how customizable the front is, and open for creativity!

  120. I love this tutorial from My Spare Time.

    I think it’s so simple and you can adapt it in so many ways.

  121. Beth says:

    Oh, I wish I wasn’t so busy! I would love to take part! I love all the tutorials on the u-handbag blog!

  122. Hilary says:

    Amy Butler’s Berdie swing bag I’ve made it a few time adn always love how it runs out and holds up

  123. Barbara Miller says:

    I also love the Frenchy bsg pattern. Wish I could join the swap but have house on market and it is busy time. Thanks for this sweep.

  124. Sara Upshaw says:

    The Birdie by Amy Butler is my all time fave bag to look at. I haven’t made it yet. 🙁 The pattern calls to me from the closet, but I haven’t been able to do any more than cut the pattern pieces. I’ve seen one though, and it was amazing.

  125. JaiCi says:

    This is my favorite bag ever! I pattern tested it for a company, and since then have made about half a dozen of them for friends and family!!!

  126. Virginia says:

    Sounds like so much fun! I just emailed my info to Beth!

  127. Gina says:

    I’ve never used a pattern to make a bag. I usually make boat-tote type bags. I love the colorful heavy decor cottons… stripes, polka dots, etc., with solid colored pocket tucked between two colored straps that stretch all the way around the bag. I’ve also enjoyed experimenting with reversible bags.

  128. Kristin says:

    signed up! 🙂

  129. spunkgrl23 says:

    This is a great idea and a fun way to update your accessories for fall! Nothing better than a new handmade bag! I have already purchased this book and just could not wait and LOVE LOVE LOVE all the patterns and styles. I especially like how there are projects ranging from beginner all the way up to advanced. They did a better job of varying the skill level in this book than they have in the past.

  130. michigander says:

    This sounds great. I have a very basic question: for the purposes of this swap, how are you differentiating handbags from shoulder bags (it seems to me there is some overlap there)? Thank you.

  131. kate C. says:

    I’ve only made one type of bag so far – the April bags from this site: I need to branch out, but the April bag is about perfect for the amount of time I have to sew things these days!

  132. Lesley says:

    I’ve made this purse so many times. I love it!!! It’s just the right size!

  133. Oh my gosh how fun! Id love to get in on this so I’ll email you. My favorite patterns are by Mary of SweetPeaTotes and Beki of ArtsyCraftyBabe. Mary’s are especially easy to understand for beginners yet they turn out beautifully!
    Thanks for the chance to win the book. If I dont win it its going on my Christmas list!

  134. cindy says:

    My new favorite bag is from the very purple person blog I also love the buttercup bag by Made by Rae

  135. Holly says:

    My all time favorite bag is from Artsy Crafty Babe. She’s updated it and blogs about it here:

  136. Abby says:

    Love Amy Butler, waiting for my frenchy bag pattern to arrive so I can try it!
    And i got it from Sew Mamma Sew!

  137. Lina says:

    I’ve had a lot of success with the Folklore Bag pattern from One Yard Wonders. It’s a great size and fairly easy to put together. Makes great gifts too!

    I’m up for the bag swap too! Sounds fun! Apparently I’m the only dumb one who can’t figure out the difference between a handbag and shoulder bag. Is it a size thing? Would the aforementioned Folklore Bag qualify as a handbag or shoulder bag?

    What about this one? It’s smaller but is still worn over the shoulder:

    Help a confused girl out here!

  138. Diane says:

    While not technically a purse, this could be modified, but it is fantastic!

  139. Katie B. says:

    My favorite pattern is the new Runaround Bag from Noodlehead! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m confident it will be awesome.

  140. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been wanting to try one of her bag patterns!

  141. Hannah says:

    What a fun start to the week! I’m super excited about this swap!

  142. Southern Gal says:

    Ooh. I love Amy’s bags and fabrics!

    My favorite bag tutorial is Elizabeth’s at Oh, Fransson! I can’t find it there now though. 🙁

  143. My favorite bag pattern is at for a fabric shopping bag. I’ve made more than 40 of them–kept some for myself and gave the rest away. I’d love to participate in the bag swap, but I know I just don’t have the time!

  144. amylouwho says:

    How I love Amy Butler! I hosted and All Amy Butler sew & tell over at my blog last Friday and it was so fun to see all of the creations made with her patterns and fabric! Several bags from this new book too! *sigh* AB makes me happy.

  145. I love Amy Butler’s Frenchy bags. I’ve made several for friends. It’s big enough to fit a lap top if you want, but nicely sized so it doesn’t feel too big.

  146. Dawn Miller says:

    I love this! Wish I wasn’t so sick so I could get up and make a bag for the swap

  147. Alisa Stedman says:

    This sounds fun. Favorite bag, that’s a difficult question. I usually don’t use a pattern and just sort of let the bag evolve. I love making purses and bags of all kinds, because it’s all about the fabric.

  148. Colleen says:

    Amy’s new book looks lovely! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of it.
    This site a a few bags – I like number 2 – the blue evening bag. With holidays coming up an evening bag would be so nice!

  149. starjumper says:

    that’s such a great idea! i’ve never seen a bag swap… square swaps, potholder swaps, pincusion swaps, mug rug swaps, but never a bag swap!

  150. Sara says:

    i’ve been wanting to try this gathered clutch:

    it’s so adorable and would be perfect with quilting fabrics.

  151. Kristin says:

    This sounds so much fun! I am quite busy over the next few months, so I don’t think I’m going to be able to join, but I’m definitely going to have fun watching!

    As far as my favorite bag tutorial… I have way too many, but two of my favorites are the expandable tote from U-Handbag ( and the Tabitha Bag from Flossie Teacakes ( 🙂

  152. Jennwith4 says:

    How fun!

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