Join us for a Jump Rope Dress Sew-Along

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Our fabulous hostess, Amy from Badskirt, is here today to tell you all about our two-week Jump Rope Dress Sew-Along. If you still don’t have your pattern, purchase today and get caught up this weekend!

Welcome to the Jump Rope Dress Sew-Along at Sew,Mama,Sew! with your cohosts Amy of Badskirt, Amanda of Sasikirana, and Jeanne of Night Knitter. This sew-along is based on the Jump Rope Dress pattern by Oliver+S. Patterns are available for purchase at Sew,Mama,Sew! and Badskirt (shipping from Australia). But be quick! This pattern has been discontinued, so don’t miss out.

We’ve setup a Flickr group to show off your progress, look for inspiration and ask questions. We hope you can join us.

Sew-Along Schedule
We’ll be sewing together over the course of the next two weeks, but you’re welcome to come back and use the sew-along for reference at any time. Below is the rough schedule that we’ll be following. We’ve left a long weekend in there for those who can’t sew at night or need to play catch up.

We’ll also have a surprise or two along the way!

A Few Things about the Pattern
Pattern Styles
The Jump Rope Dress pattern comes with instructions for making two different styles of dresses, both with rounded collars and plackets. View A has short sleeves featuring folded cuffs and sleeve tabs. The dropped gathered waist is completed with belt loops and decorative sash. View B has long sleeves, an A-line shape and bias gathered pockets.
Note: The sleeves are interchangeable between the dresses. Fabric requirements would need to be adjusted to swap the sleeves.
During the sew-along, we will be showing both views and helping you through any tricky bits. If you’re concerned about pattern difficulty, it would be easier to start with View B.

Pattern Sizes
The Jump Rope Dress pattern comes in two sizes 6M-3T and 4-8. This pattern is designed to fit a bit slimmer in the chest, so be sure to look at the finished sizes for the garment when selecting which size to make. The smaller pattern runs a bit snug, but the larger pattern is a truer fit. When in doubt, always go up in size. Children will always grow into things.

Pattern Notions and Supplies
Only a handful of notions are required for the pattern:

  • Thread
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing
  • 3/8”-1/2” Buttons – 7 for view A and 3 for view B
    Tip: If buttons and buttonholes are intimidating, you can substitute snaps.

Sewing Tools:
Only very basic sewing tools are needed to complete this pattern. If you’re new to garment sewing, have a peak at Sew Sally’s very helpful Garment Sewing Toolkit post at Sew,Mama,Sew!

Once you’ve gathered your supplies we’re ready to get sewing!

* Win a new Oliver + S sewing pattern of your choice, courtesy of Oliver + S. (4 winners, See the selection at Sew,Mama,Sew! & Badskirt)

* Win a pack of 12 fat quarters from the new City Weekend fabric collection by Liesl Gibson for Moda, courtesy of Sew,Mama,Sew! (3 winners)

To enter the drawing:

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62 Responses to Join us for a Jump Rope Dress Sew-Along

  1. Kate S. says:

    I’m behind as usual, but these Sew Alongs are making me fearless about sewing!

  2. Dawn Alley says:

    I found out about the sew-along too late to participate, but I have the perfect fabric and would love to make this dress! Thanks for all the great tips. I’m sure I’ll refer to them when I start. I’d love to win an Oliver & S pattern!

  3. Sharron says:

    This is my first sew-along! What a great way to sew such a fun dress! This is my first attempt at a collar and button placket, and my first success at set-in sleeves! Yippee! Thanks for the tips! Plus my first project with my BRAND NEW machine! Bliss!

  4. Emily says:

    I would love to win a pattern or fat quarters!

  5. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to see all the fabulous photos of everyone’s projects!

  6. Just got my pattern today, can’t wait to get started!

  7. April says:

    Gotta get caught up this weekend! I’m so excited! My first sew along. . .

  8. sarah barnette says:

    Would love to win any of the Oliver + S patterns. They are all sooo cute.

  9. Jamie says:

    I have been sewing all of my life but this last month just really picked it up again, I was just on the Oliver + S blog this morning admiring their patterns and contemplating making one. Winning one would be awesome!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Yay! So glad I found this sew along. Now maybe I will find the courage to make it. Thanks!

  11. jkeall says:

    I love that jump rope dress pattern…I would totally wear the “B” style if it came in adult sizes!

  12. teri pastorino says:

    oh i would love a chance at winning one of the patterns. i am following along but due to company can’t start sewing yet. but am getting ready to make this dress next week

  13. Laura O. says:

    What a cute dress! I can’t wait until I have the skills to make something like that!

  14. Dacia says:

    I am so excited for this! I am a little late starting, but I think I am ready to jump on in to the jump rope dress! AND I LOVE oliver + s!

  15. Amelia says:

    Love this dress, both views! I would love to win an Oliver+S pattern. I would also love some time to sew these days so I could sew along. I live vicariously through the flickr pool. Some day.

  16. mjb says:

    We’ll have to do a sew along for boys sometime soon!

  17. Megan says:

    I’ve long admired the jump rope dress. Maybe this is a good excuse to finally make one. All of their designs are timeless and beautiful.

  18. Michele says:

    Excited to watch this unfold…I’m tempted to purchase the pattern for my girls.

  19. jackie says:

    i think oliver + s patterns are awesome, cant wait to see the sew along

  20. Rebecca says:

    very cute! Unfortunately, I don’t have any munchkins in my immediate vicinity to sew for 🙁

  21. Nikki says:

    I wish I had the time to participate in this!

  22. Abbington says:

    Awesome prize – I love these patterns, they are so easy to follow and have lovely, professional details!

  23. Amy says:

    I would love to win an Oliver+S pattern. I love that there are great patterns for boys, as well as girls.

  24. Jo says:

    Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with — the photos are the best part!

  25. Shirley Clark says:

    It will be so interesting to see everyone’s projects in the end.

  26. Louise says:

    I have wanted to make this dress for ages, but there are some tricky parts – this sew along is going to be so helpful.

  27. Ashley L. says:

    I can’t wait til my niece is old enough to wear these adorable clothes, but I don’t want her to grow up so fast! Dilemma!

  28. Tara says:

    These patterns are cute 🙂

  29. Rachel says:

    If I had a little girl I’d love this dress, but maybe I can win a pattern for my little man.

  30. dana says:

    This is so cute! I love the details!

  31. Melinda R says:

    not quite ready for this project but its cute

  32. Tara says:

    i would love to win a Oliver+S pattern

  33. Shannon says:

    Would love to have one of these patterns – they’re so great!

  34. I want to sew along, but I have no one to sew this for!! 🙁

  35. mamabear says:

    I want to make one of these for my daughters but need to build more skills.

  36. libelula de acero says:

    love this dresses! I’m going to start sewing for my neeces.
    Love to all

  37. Melanie T says:

    This is past my abilities, but I am so inspired! What a great idea:)

  38. Hilary says:

    Why has the pattern been discontinued? It’s so popular!

  39. Marie says:

    I am still waiting for my pattern in the mail and will have some catching up to do, but I can’t wait to get started!

  40. This is such a cute pattern. I have been eyeing these patterns for some time now. Crossing my fingers!

  41. That dress pattern is adorable. Should I make it now for when Audrey gets a little bigger?

  42. Lucy says:

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to see how everyone’s projects turn out!

  43. Regina S says:

    I love the drop waist pattern!

  44. Tara says:

    I’m waiting for this dress until my sewing proficiency is a little greater, but I’m following along for tips in any case!

  45. That dress is so cute!

  46. Rosa in The Antipodes says:

    What a brilliant idea! I won’t sew along, but I follow everything with my eyes wide open!

  47. Colleen Butler says:

    I am looking forward to all of the sew along! I am in it for the learning for other projects! Thanks.

  48. Jolene says:

    Oh I wish I had a little girl to make this for!! I don’t think my husband would appreciate me making a dress for our son :). However with a new Oliver + S pattern, I could pick out a great boy pattern for him!

  49. Kate S. says:

    I’m in- already behind, but I’ll catch up! The Kidlet starts school this week! Mommy can sew then!

  50. Cyrene says:

    OH I so want to sew along.. I’m from Malaysia.. and O + S patterns costs quite a dear sum 🙁

  51. Rachel says:

    This snuck up on me, I just ordered my pattern and can’t wait to get started.

  52. Jodie says:

    This is looking like another great sew-along!

  53. Jennifer Lachman says:

    I’m a new reader to this blog and I didn’t get here in time to start with you on this so along but it looks like so much fun. I’ll be watching the progress and I plan to join on the next.

  54. Cricket says:

    Now who couldn’t use another oliver & s pattern?! I know just which one I would choose.

  55. Kimberly says:

    I would love to win a pattern or fat quarters. I’m hoping to join in the second week of the sewalong.

  56. Jennifer P says:

    SO excited to get started. Waiting for the postman to bring my pattern as well… and my fabric! Can hardly wait!

  57. Amy says:

    excited to get started, still waiting for the postman to bring my pattern… fingers crossed to have it tomorrow!

  58. Jenn S says:

    I’m biting at the bit to order some of the new fall patterns tomorrow, plus the Sunday Brunch pattern. I’m thinking the Picture Day dress would be delicious in wool!

  59. bruinbr says:

    About half way through the ice cream dress and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to try the jump rope dress as well!

  60. Cameron H says:

    Ooh, I’d love to win an Oliver + S boy pattern.

  61. christina says:

    I’m hooked on O+S too — so polished.

  62. beth lemon says:

    I’ve already cut my fabric! It would be awesome to win an Oliver + S pattern. The new fall designs are amazing.

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