Amy from Badskirt is back to help us with Jump Rope Dress details for View A. Today she covers belt loops, the sash and attaching the skirt, bringing us so close to a finished dress. We hope you’re having fun as you sew along!

Jeanne’s finished Jump Rope Dress, View A: Night Knitter.

View A Details
Today we are going to:

  • Create the Belt Loops
  • Attach the Skirt to the Bodice
  • Finish the Belt Loops
  • Create the Sash

We are nearly finished with View A. We’ll work on a few details today and then finish with buttons and hemming tomorrow.

Create the Belt Loops
If you’ll remember during the cutting and tracing post, it was suggested we add 1” in length to pattern piece 8 to create the belt loops so we can use Kristin’s Magic Tube Turning Trick. We will use a ¼” seam on our belt loop tube.

Once you have created your tube, snip off the turning ribbon and press flat.

Edgestitch along both sides to create a finished loop for your belt loops.

Then snip your loops into four 3 ½” long sections.

Attach the Skirt to the Bodice
Next locate all four notches on the bodice and baste the belt loops in place as shown in the directions. The center notch will not have a belt loop on it. It will be used only for skirt alignment.

Alternatively, you can baste the belt loops to the notches at the gathered skirt. I prefer to baste the belt loops to the gathered skirt because it helps ensure there are no awkward gathers just below the belt attachment points. The belt loops tend to draw your eyes to the gathers immediately below them. Both methods will have the same end result.

With either method, you should baste lightly in the seam allowance.

Next we want to create our skirt gathers. These gathers are much simpler than the sleeves because they are all on straight edges. Since you’ve already put in your sleeves, you’ve already mastered gathers. If you’ve forgotten how to pin for gathers, refer to Jeanne’s handy notes and remember to work on section at a time.

I like to begin with the back panel as the rear of the dress is usually more forgiving. Handy tip: Your seam allowance of ½” should fall exactly in the middle of your gathering stitches. You can use them as a guide and sew between the lines.

Repeat for the front panel. Then open the gathers and check that there is no unusual bunching. Also check the beltloops and make sure they haven’t gone off course at an angle. If they have, as shown, simply undo your stitching, and correct the problem. Don’t beat yourself up over the mistakes. It happens to all of us.

Finish the edge with your preferred method. As Liesl suggested, I’ve trimmed the edges, then sewed them together with a zigzag stitch over the raw edge. Then from the front, I used a wide edgestitch to make sure I caught the gathers and seam.

Finish the Beltloops
For me, this is one of the fiddliest bits on the jump rope dress. My first piece of advice is take your time and go very slowly.

First press the end of your belt loop ¼” under. Make sure your press is absolutely straight and there are no raw edges sewing. Tip from Jeanne: To help hide raw edges, you can put an extra 1/8” fold in before the ¼” fold. This will help keep the edges from poking out…
Then pin the belt loop in place. I’ve found using two pin keeps the edges tucked under nicely.

Because it’s such a tight space, I remove both pins once I know that the presser foot has adequate pressure to keep the belt loop in place.

Stitch the belt loop in two places as directed.

Repeat for the other belt loops.

Creating the Sash
There are no special tricks to follow with the sash. Follow each step as directed.

The process will feel very similar to the construction of the belt loops though it will be easier since the sash has a much larger scale. Begin by sewing the short edge of your sash pieces together to create one long continuous sash.

Fold the ends of your sash under by approximately ½”. Then fold the sash in half down the long side of your sash as shown in the directions.

Finally, turn the sash right side out and edgestitch around the entire sash.

Both of our dresses are now nearly complete! Jeanne will talk us through hems, buttons and buttonholes tomorrow.

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