Elizabeth Hartman Fat Quarter Pack for Kitchen Window Quilt

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Elizabeth used her skilled eye to compile a beautiful fat quarter pack which she recommends for the Kitchen Window Quilt found in her book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork.

Kitchen Window Quilt

the version of the Kitchen Window Quilt found in the book

Elizabeth says,

I think the fat quarter set would make a lovely version of the Kitchen Window Quilt.Β  The colors and prints make me think of a pumpkin patch.Β  The subtle oranges and crisp greens are perfect for Fall, without being over-the-top and theme-y.

Kitchen Window Pack

In addition to 12 prints, the quilt requires 1.625 yards of a dark fabric for the window frames and 2 yards of a neutral for the sashing and quilt borders. Elizabeth recommends Crossweave Brown Gold for the dark and Kona Snow for the neutral.

We have a limited number of the Elizabeth Hartman Kitchen Window packs in the shop so grab one now, or tell us about the view from your kitchen window for a chance to win one!

Kitchen Window Detail

detail of the Kitchen Window Quilt found in the book

(Coincidentally, Elizabeth chose some of the same prints that Jennifer Casa used in her beautiful Fall Lines Reversible Table Runner. So if you’re not up to a quilt, perhaps a table runner is in order!)

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797 Responses to Elizabeth Hartman Fat Quarter Pack for Kitchen Window Quilt

  1. Karin says:

    my kitchen window view is out to the deck where my husband is usually standing there grilling and not noticing i am looking so one time i stood there with my shirt up and waited for him to notice! Ha was sooo funny….now he ALWAYS notices me looking out the kitchen window at him grilling!

  2. Celine says:

    From my kitchen window I have a tree with falling leaves in those wonderful warm autumn colors of gold to red. It is in our garden just in front of the kitchen and it’s lovely
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    Although we have an inside kitchen, it overlooks our family room. I can see through to the sliding glass doors which opens to our porch and yard. We’re in Fl so there is always greenery and flowering trees to see.

  4. Cathy Staeven says:

    I look out my kitchen window and see the beautiful flagstone patio that my husband designed and built – the pattern it makes reminds me of a patchwork quilt done in browns, greys and taupes. Today the oranges and golds and rusts of my marigolds really pop against the stone backdrop.

  5. brenda says:

    I see the lake from my kitchen and lots of colorful trees, similar to the colors of the fabrics.

  6. alli forsyth says:

    From my kitchen window….I see a huge cherry tree and four really cute garden boxes. There are also trikes and bikes:).

  7. Marilyn in San Antonio, TX says:

    I have an inside kitchen..so, there is no window…however..I do still love the concept of a kitchen window quilt.

  8. Joanna says:

    My kitchen has two windows. The one looks across the shared driveway into my neighbors’ kitchen, so we often exchange smiles and waves as we are cooking dinner. As the seasons turn cold, both of our windows get steamier as we turn to stews and home brew. My other kitchen window looks onto my backyard, where I can often watch my dogs sunning themselves and, in spring, a big cherry tree blossoming in bright pink.

  9. Sammie says:

    The view out my kitchen window is, unfortunately, our neighbor’s fence and nothing more. I’m hoping to do some landscaping soon and maybe add some climbing floral plants out there to improve the view!

  10. Sharon says:

    my kitchen window view?
    it’s from my 10th floor room with a view of the city skyline including downtown highrises backed by the sunrise and suburban treetops goldened by the evening sunsets…
    camera country πŸ™‚
    thx for asking!
    and for the giveaway! MUCH appreciated ..

  11. Lizzie F. says:

    The view out my kitchen window is my backyard where my son loves to play! He has a lot of his adventures back there, learning about worms and dirt and trees and hide & seek. I go out there every morning in spring, summer and fall for my coffee and like to watch the sun come through the trees. I love my kitchen window, it gives me a place to dream while I do my yucky dishes haha

  12. Carrie says:

    I tend to see Pandora, my neighbors cat, staring back at me from her window.

  13. Stace says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my backyard. It includes a beautiful pear tree, a little pond, and a bird-feeder. I think it is especially lovely in winter because we have a pair of Cardinals that visit us every year.

  14. I love how bold and chunky the big print fabrics featured in the windows are! I’ve already ordered the book from amazon (I’m drooling over everything on this blog tour) and have added your blog to my Google Reader. This fat quarter sampler is lovely – my house has a lot of greens and neutrals in the living areas and my creative juices are flowing just looking at this fabric! πŸ™‚

  15. Melanie says:

    From my kitchen window, I see newly built condos… It used to be the woods, i would often see animals.., it is so sad now!

  16. Glenys says:

    The back of another house. I know YAWN!

  17. Maria says:

    The apricot tree has brightly coloured Rosellas in it and the ginger cat on the kitchen window ledge doesn’t know whether to try for one of those or keep after the bugs hitting the window. She has just had her dinner but likes bugs for desert.

  18. Kari says:

    I can see the Rocky Mountains from my kitchen window.

  19. Tanis says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of my yard, my little garden, and usually my dog running around and throwing things he likes to sneak like shoes, or else making a nest for himself from the stolen bbq cover =)

  20. My view is not so great – it’s the neighbors shed…which is rusty. LOL.

  21. bfree says:

    from my kitchen window I see a rock hillside with vinca and manzanita and a little white shrine that needs a little shine.

  22. Patty says:

    From my kitchen window I can see the flower garden my DH has made for me.

  23. Claudia says:

    I see the Bistro table and chairs with morning glories as background. It’s inspiring.

  24. Kelly says:

    The view from my window right now is fantastic! Can you guess why? It’s because this is the year that my children have learned to rake and can’t get enough. So I look out my kitchen window and I see three smallish boys raking and raking and stuffing leaves into bags and laughing. This is bliss.

  25. Kim says:

    We live in a passive solar house so my view is the whole south side of our yard…..the garden and forest beyond that. The foliage is past and the leaves are dropping, but it is still beautiful even in the greys of November.

  26. Meikjn says:

    the bird feeder lots of finches, chickadees, and sometimes cardinals and blue jays. and sneaky squirrels .

  27. Liz Deck says:

    The view from my kitchen is a meadow full of autumn leaves, and wild turkeys drinking from our pond…

  28. Brandi S. says:

    The view out my kitchen window right now is of all of the beautiful fall colors!

  29. Breanna S says:

    Out my kitchen window I can see a cardinal at the birdfeeder, leaves tumbling in the wind and the small pond adjacent to the city park. Cars wizzz past on our busy street but I try to overlook them and enjoy the bounty that nature provides just outside the window.

  30. Patti M says:

    I don’t have a kitchen window, as the kitchen opens up to our nook and family room. Those have sliding doors, so I get to look out to our backyard pool and hillside. It is east facing, and I love that morning glow on the water.

  31. Mama24Monkeys says:

    from mt kitchen window I see into my neighbors living room window. So something pretty around the window would be great.

    kbsteuber at yahoo dot com

  32. Mama24Monkeys says:

    from mt kitchen window I see into my neighbors living room window. So something pretty around the window would be great.

  33. Morgan says:

    I overlook the swimming pool and magnolia trees.

  34. Colette says:

    I live in the rural New England country side and my view from my kitchen window is a beautiful forest, a winding creek, and lots of wildlife. I love it here!

  35. Karen S. says:

    Monty, the miniature wild bunny, is one of the creatures we can spy on from our kitchen window. I watch the trees shedding and growing leaves over the seasons, observe the woodpecker in the apple tree, and giggle at the sparrows and chickadees chasing each other around the birdbath. My husband was very thoughtful to place our kitchen window where he did when he built our house 4 years ago. I’m blessed.

  36. iris says:

    The view from my kitchen is to the apartment building next door. It’s slightly non-aligned with my next door neighbor’s kitchen. I can see his collection of serving spoons!

  37. Fran says:

    We have a view of a beautiful garden surrounded by
    aspens & giant evergreens. Full of birds & wildlife….
    it is fascinating to watch the seasons change. Makes
    doing dishes fun ! ( Did I say that ?!!!! )

  38. Shanea says:

    My view is townhomes but some trees are sprinkled in so it is not all bad. I do enjoy seeing what my neighbors are up to so I love when it is summer with all of the gatherings on decks.

  39. Brooke says:

    Lovely fabric assortment! Always need some more beautiful fabric around here! πŸ™‚

  40. Kerstin says:

    I live in a first floor apartment and my windows look out to a thick mass of trees. In the winter, however, the trees lose their leaves and expose the glassy lake behind them. Beautiful!

  41. Melissa says:

    I live in Singapore and when I look out my kitchen window I see lots of other apartment blocks just like mine! Hmmm… there’s an idea for a quilt!!

  42. Cayce says:

    squirrels! everywhere!

    beautiful fabrics. they’d look awesome with that quilt pattern.

  43. Debbie says:

    Sadly, I don’t have a window in my kitchen, but, when I recently had it remodeled, a wall was removed, so now I can look across the dining room out two large windows. There is a row of cedar trees and I see a varitey of birds at the feeders. It is a lovely view!

  44. Annemarie says:

    I love looking out my kitchen window because my children are usually in the backyard playing.

  45. Peggy Somers says:

    I look out my window to see the fall leaves and the cats, Jack and Princess, playing in the leaves, they are like my kids jumping and throwing them in the air, them running madly away.

  46. pamela Nees says:

    Outside my kitchen window are two tiny red maple trees, usually home to various chickadees and cardinals. My cat Henry has a chair that is permanently turned to the window so he can watch the birds flit on and off the branches. The bird feeder is just beyond the second tree and that is where all manner of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and yes, we have 5 deer (2 families-2 doe mothers and 3 babies) which have been visiting all year. My husband puts corn out for them twice a day! So we have our own version of Eden…Lovely fabric…

  47. I see trees that I LOVE. More importantly though is the fact that I hear them. I LOVE the sound of rustling leaves. It brings peace to an often hectic day.

  48. beth says:

    I see rain drenched big boulders lining up from my kitchen window . Summer I see beautiful birds perching on the holes in between the boulders.


  49. Pamelak says:

    3 things I have sewed are a purse, I got many compliments on it. I made a prom dress or 2 or 3 for my daughter. I also have made a shower curtain,it was awesome, had beautiful sunflowers on it.

  50. Pamelak says:

    I have a lovely view of my back yard from my kitchen window. I can watch the birds and squirrels while I do my dishes.

  51. Jennifer Olsen says:

    Out of my kitchen window is a view down the front walkway to the street. Every once in a while we see a car zip past the narrow viewpoint, and a passing garbage truck is pure excitement for my toddlers.

  52. Eve says:

    I don’t have a kitchen window. My kitchen is in the center of my home and looks into the main living area of the house. I have a bright home and always looks very lived in. πŸ™‚

  53. Sherry J says:

    From my kitchen window, i see my hollyhocks in the summer, black eyes susans in the spring, and our cows in the pasture year round.

  54. Heidi P says:

    I look out my kitchen window and I see my favorite tree! I love it this time of the year – with the changing leaves. Then I go outside the kitchen door and end up having to rake them, but I do it with pure joy!

  55. Teresa Block says:

    The view out my kitchen window is my neighbor’s trampoline. Not that it’s an unpleasant sight… the neighbor’s daughters have lots of fun times jumping on that trampoline!!

  56. Jennifer says:

    My kitchen window is one of the reasons we chose this house… almost the entire back wall of the kitchen and living room is a big window/glass door combo, so there’s tons of light and we can see pretty much the whole backyard (and the 4 adorable girls playing there! : )). I love it–but since the sink’s right in front of the window, it’s a pain to keep clean.

  57. mary posuniak says:

    Pretty fabric Elizabeth. Would love to win those fat quarters.out my kitchen window on sunny afternoons a pair of sandhill crane hangout!

  58. Elizabeth says:

    Out my kitchen window…someone else’s window, someone who looks like she might be an artist. Is it wrong to spy?

  59. Mama Spark says:

    The view from my kitchen window it to some amazing bird feeders backed by the woods. I love to wash dishes and look out that window.

  60. Dinisha says:

    I can see my daughter’s hand-me down playset and our umbrella-style clothesline.

  61. SewLindaAnn says:

    From my kitchen window you can see straight ahead a riverbirch and tulip poplar with a bird bath set back behind them, to the left a bird feeder and bird bath in a small garden area in front of the picket fence that’s in front of my large garden boxes and mini-deck with swing. To the right my new decking being built and lots of very old oak trees in my neighbor’s yard.

  62. WestieSew says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my driveway and neighbors house or the garage, the covered patio and part of the backyard!

  63. andrea says:

    Deli girl
    Gallery. Director

  64. Ruth says:

    The view outside my kitchen window is a lovely courtyard patio.

  65. Sheila says:

    I live in a really generic townhouse condo complex, and out my window all I can see is a row of identical houses. It’s daily motivation to finish my thesis and move!

  66. Amber Chieffe says:

    Out of my kitchen window I see a beautiful little pond, frequently covered with mist in the morning. Beyond that, a patch of conservation land that bald eagles, gray herons, and even a family of otters call home.

  67. Elaina says:

    Out my kitchen window is a ’73 Chevy Vega, millionth edition. My hubby’s pride and joy. It’s a bright can’t-miss-it orange.

  68. Jo Chu says:

    From my kitchen window I can see our backyard. The backyard isn’t really pretty but at least I have a view of the beautiful blue sky!

  69. Crystal says:

    The view out my kitchen window looks onto our big lawn and the farm across the road, where my husband and his brother farmed together for many years. I could always watch him walking home and knew it was time to set the table! I love the quilt pattern and the fabrics – oh, my – my favourite colors! Thanks for sharing!!

  70. Evelyn says:

    Love that set of FQs! The view out my window is the rock wall and ivy at the edge of our tiny back yard. At least it’s sunny for a change today!

  71. Deborah L says:

    Looking directly out my kitchen window I see my driveway and my neighbor’s house. Looking out farther I can see the woods.

    Thanks for doing this give away! The winner is going to get some beautiful fabric!


  72. Lisa says:

    gray deck, green grass, bare maple and walnut trees, red sumach leaves and green cedar at the back. big old house behind.

  73. Jennifer says:

    The view from my kitchen window lets me see my sweet 3 year old riding his tricycle on the driveway or swinging with his daddy in the big oak tree! Sweet memories! Thanks for the chance!

  74. Paula says:

    I see a bunch of great fall foliage that’s hiding the parking lot for the time being!

  75. Denise M. says:

    The view from my kitchen window? The front porch and the driveway.

  76. Laura says:

    Unfortunately, the view from my kitchen window is another building’s brick wall. It’s better than the view from my bathroom window, though, which is another bathroom – can sometimes see the next door neighbor in the nude! And – it’s not pretty.

  77. Paloma says:

    The view out my kitchen widow is a little garden with lots of flowers and trees with a small cafe table and a hammock, my own little relaxing oasis.

  78. The view from my kitchen window is a wooded wonderland every day. There is rarely a day that I do not see deer roaming around. We often see fox,coyote, and skunks. I feel so blessed to be in the country where there are so many reminders of the beauty in nature. They are also inspiration for crafts and quilting.

  79. Fabienne says:

    From my kitchen window I can see an old barn with red doors, fields of corn and a small meandering river

  80. Dawn-Marie says:

    Love that fabric…my kitchen window looks out on our neighbors yard, who by the way barely cut their grass. Thankfully the weather has cooled down and the grass isn’t growing anymore, at least until next year…sigh.

  81. Sherry says:

    When I look out my kitchen window I see the neighbors back yard and the top of the house next to theirs. If I stand on my tiptoes I can see the rose bed along our fence. Right now I have a few fall decorations on my window sill.

  82. Anna says:

    The view, through my kitchen window, is the shared drive between my neighbor and myself and my neighbors mobile home. So my real view isn’t exciting, but my imagined view is of the woods or the ocean or whichever fantastic views I have seen in my life. My views are infinite and exciting.
    The quilt and the colors are stunning and inspire imagination. Thank you for sharing.

  83. elisabeth says:

    the view from my kitchen window is into our cozy little backyard, with my dog staring into the window, hoping someone will see her and let her in.

  84. Patty says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of a HUGE Oak Tree and a big’ol parking lot!

  85. Erica K says:

    I love that quilt! From my kitchen window (I just love having one) I can see huge trees and the sunset through them. Unfortunately, there is also a partial view of the side of my neighbor’s deck, and they are deck dwellers. But recently they put up a barrier, and all is well…

  86. Estela says:

    We have bay window that look to the back yard and the kids when they are outside, it’s peaceful. No curtains to block the view.

  87. Nicole says:

    How nice it would be to win the fabric to make a Kitchen Windowpanes quilt, because our apartment doesn’t have a kitchen window! I can use my imagination when I’m washing dishes at the sink, because our apartment also doesn’t have a dishwasher. In my ideal world, I’d be able to see either a nice front yard garden, or a backyard with my husband playing with our new baby (we’ll have our first baby by spring)

  88. Alexis says:

    From my kitchen widow I can gaze out upon the forest of Donner lake. I marvel at the towering pines swaying in the wind and the gold colored under brush painting the soil. If I am lucky I can see the squirrels dashing about and sometimes even a family of Deer making their way up the mountain. It is Idyllic.

  89. Erin says:

    The view out of our back window is partially shaded due to the stained glass my husband and father made. It nine panes of glass cut out of primary colors and put into an antique window frame. I love it! Through the various colors, I often see our boy dog chasing the cat while our girl dog (the lazy one) sits and watches. On pretty afternoons, our toddler is chasing them all or kicking a ball!

  90. Jane Sheffy says:

    The view from my kitchen window is the naturalized area of my front yard. Looking beyond this, I can see my neighbors’ houses in the quiet semi-rural area where I live. In between is the street with occasional vehicles–sometimes traveling slowly within the speed limit, sometimes not–or bicyclist–or a dog walking her person.

  91. Sally says:

    I am blessed to have a kitchen window above my sink, looking out over a lovely deck that is adorned with pumpkins and Fall mums.

  92. Moon says:

    Though our kitchen is redonkulously small, and the window’s even smaller, I love looking out at the brick buildings that make up our neighborhood profile, and our container garden on the back stoop. The fall colors and gorgeous clear blue skies ain’t half bad, either πŸ˜‰

  93. Kerri Kowal says:

    Oh… and the view from my kitchen window right now is of trees turning color and swaying gently in the wind.

  94. Kerri Kowal says:

    I love that green and orange combo… one of my favorites. And Elizabeth always puts together the best fabric collections. I think I have bought just about every bundle she has created! Waiting on delivery of my pre-order book from Amazon even as we speak!

  95. danna says:

    Awesome! I love it. πŸ™‚

  96. Gloria says:

    From my window I can see a huge tree.A stoop,A lot of cars and the people that love sitting outside.I live in the city,so I don’t really see a lot of nature-ly stuff around here.

  97. juliehahs says:

    What beautiful fabrics! Sorry, I do not have a kitchen window. I guess I’ll give it to someone who does Ha!

  98. sohobutterfly says:

    The view from my kitchen window is right into the neighbor’s and their back yard. Always something exciting happening back there, like puppies playing or bunnies stealing from their veggie patch!

  99. Jenna says:

    Kitchen window is, like most typical kitchen windows, a window that faces our backyard and is set above our kitchen sink. However, instead of spending my dish time staring out to the backyard (which is quite small and in need of some landscaping) I usually face half sideways for talking and giggling with my family : )

  100. Mary says:

    The view out my window is my back deck, garden boxes, trampoline, and the backyard neighbors’ house. It’s a good view to keep an eye on my kids while they play. Glad the neighbor’s put up curtains, that way I don’t have to be an unintentional peeping Tom.

  101. Michele says:

    I look out onto trees and neighbors. Before we moved, it was just trees. Have to say I enjoyed that view much more than the current view. Just goes to show that we need to appreciate what we have while we have it.

  102. Vicki says:

    From my kitchen window I can see my neighbor’s yard, a line of hedgeapple trees, and the fancy neighborhood behind ours. There’s also a big power line that sometimes has cool birds on it.

  103. Tanja says:

    When I look out my window I see an avenue of ferns and apartment doors. I can also see a small lawn where my kids sometimes play frisbie or test their paper airplanes.

  104. Carol says:

    Birds in the birdbath under the dogwood tree. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Rachel says:

    Through the kitchen window in my apartment I can see the neighbor’s apartment and two little trees

  106. Christine says:

    The view from my kitchen window is a big orange tree and our neighbors fence!

  107. Donna says:

    The view from my kitchen window over the sink is just beautiful. I look through my screened-in porch (my favorite place to spend time) to my herringbone patio that my husband and I did ourselves, out onto the 7th hole of a very nice golf course. I don’t play golf, but I appreciate all the manicured green space that I am able to see every day.

  108. Elizabeth says:

    The view out my kitchen window is kind of like Jimmy Stewart’s in Rear Window — from it we can see many, many other windows in the building that backs onto ours on the next street. So far we haven’t detected any criminal activity (of course, I’m not Grace Kelly either), and I have put up colorful cafe curtains so no one can see what we ourselves get up to.

  109. Andrea says:

    I have a view of my kids swingset. Perfect for keeping an eye on them while I’m inside.

  110. angela d. says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of our patio – full of bamboo plants and birds. Thanks for the give away!

  111. Jennyroo says:

    The view from my kitchen window is into my backyard…. I can see my neighbour’s clothesline with towels flapping in the breeze (someone really ought to buy that woman some new towels, my goodness! Bleach stains and worn out/fraying at the ends. UGH!) and my two little boys chasing each other around the yard.

  112. Marianne says:

    The view out my kitchen is of a lake where I get to watch the alligators glide by!

  113. Shirley says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my bird feeders and the beautiful trees that are changing colors.

  114. Lauren says:

    all the orange and green is basically what the view from the kitchen window is like. it faces the backyard and right now in texas its still warm with boughts of cold fronts making all the pine trees shed their orange needles over the green grass.

  115. Sylvia Nadeau says:

    A view of my wandering bantam ducks and chickens weaving through my flower garden searching for delectable bugs and leaving a trail of bobbing blossoms is what I see from my kitchen window here in Maine.

  116. Brandy says:

    Unfortunately, the view from my kitchen window mainly consists of the side of my garage. I dream about knocking the garage down so I can enjoy the view of my kids playing in the backyard!

  117. Catherine says:

    from our window, I can see a camellia that has just dropped its last flowers, an open sandpit (better pop out and close it) and a paintbrush from today’s water painting…

  118. Nanci Byers says:

    When I look out my kitchen window I see hummingbirds from April to September visiting my hummingbird feeder. They also sip nectar from the honeysuckle vine I planted six years ago and hover over the lavender plants like giant honeybees. The volunteer sunflowers that line one side of the driveway draw house finches and black capped chickadees to the ripened seeds. I love seeing these visitors to our front yard.


  119. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    My kitchen window overlooks my strawberry patch, spice garden, and the street. My dogs hang out there a lot, and I love to watch them play…

  120. Addie says:

    Lovely fabric!
    Front window view is the driveway, dogs, turkeys, pine trees, sky, etc. And every few days there are rabbits out there hopping by!

  121. Carol in E TN says:

    The view from my kitchen window is a wooded area and we cannot see any houses, etc. Wonderful!

  122. Kara S. says:

    What a great collection of fabrics! I have a great view of my backyard, although lately when I look out I’m reminded about all the leaves piling up in that need to be raked!!

  123. Rene' says:

    From my kitchen window, I can see the back yard which has mature oak trees where squirrels like to hang out πŸ˜‰

  124. Krista says:

    The view from my kitchen window in the spring/summer show lovely shades of red from the rhododendrons and stellar jays and finches to brighten my day. During the fall I see the leaves change from green to yellow and orange and then to red and brown.

  125. Elizabeth says:

    My window overlooks what is now a closed-for-winter-pool in my apartment complex…at least it’s nice in the summer!

  126. Kate says:

    Out my kitchen window I see our back patio, and my garden. I like peeking out the window to see how the plants are growing – just planted a fall garden about a month ago, so it is nice to see how the sprouts are progressing.

  127. erica says:

    My window looks out over my backyard, full of trees and squirrels running around our fence.

  128. Barb in MI says:

    Nice fall colors – and thank you for the giveaway!
    Looking out my kitchen window, I can see trees and every once in a while a few deer come by (and eat my flowers… I still love seeing them though).

  129. carrot cake says:

    Ooooh! I love the fall colors in this fat quarter pack.

    The view from my kitchen is my yard. When I’m really lucky, there are bluebirds and turkeys hanging out there!

  130. Betsy M says:

    My kitchen window looks out to the swing set in our fenced in backyard. We had our first hard frost last night so the flower gardens are wilted and brown. The leaves have now all blown off the grape trellises covering the fence as well. Altogether a very blustery evening out there tonight.

  131. KimW says:

    Those colors are actually a pretty good representation of what lies outside my kitchen window — lots of red, gold and orange leaves, some still green but sadly, some already brown. And the most fun — the white and green cobwebs my neighbor and her daughter have draped over ALL of the bushes in their yard. Lots of Halloween Spirit!!

  132. Meghan says:

    A beautiful tree in fall colors, and a spent looking end-of-the-season vegetable garden. Also, a lonely swing, and a leaf-covered sandbox. A very typical rainy-day view here in Seattle…

  133. Carolyn says:

    I look out onto my sad little garden from my kitchen window. It wasn’t a good year for growing in the northwest, but it is still nice to see something green out the window. Thanks for the giveaway – I can’t wait to read your book.

  134. delia says:

    No kitchen window in my apartment!

  135. Lisa R says:

    The view out my kitchen window isn’t much. It looks out over the air conditioning units four my building. At least they are surrounded by some bushes so there is a little green to see. I hope I win this giveaway so I can creat a new Kitchen Window view.

  136. Amy says:

    right now the view from my kitchen window is full of a wall of vines in autumn colors, I love this time of year!
    Thanks for the chance!

  137. Mystica says:

    We live on a hill with a small valley below and then another hill rising on the other side so when I stand at my kitchen window I see the next hill full of green. Lots of houses but all covered with trees.

  138. Lynne says:

    My view out my kitchen window is of our deck and backyard. We are on a corner so I also can see the street and the neighbors backyard. Thanks for the giveaway. Congrats on your book.

  139. Kathy says:

    Out our kitchen window is a view of the garden, a work of love that we’ve embraced enthusiastically for the year that we’ve lived in the house thus far… home repairs are beyond us right now with two little ones, but, man oh man, do we love to dig in the dirt!

  140. Love the questions you’re asking with these giveaways — even MORE fun! I have an urban view from my kitchen window, but when I look up, I see beautiful trees and a big yellow moon as it rises!

  141. Denise says:

    Out my kitchen window I see grape vines that need cutting back, trees turning yellow, and kids walking home from school.

  142. Paula says:

    Sadly, I have no kitchen window … I live in an apartment, and the kitchen is sort of in the middle. I used to have a view of English Bay in Vancouver, from the kitchen window in my old apartment. I miss it, but having a dishwasher and gas stove makes up! Thank you for the giveaway!

  143. Sara says:

    Beautiful quilt – and I love those colors!

  144. Diana says:

    My kitchen window faces a brick wall, so to brighten it up I put a beautiful picture of my 6 month old son, and a vase of sunflowers and pretend I’m still living in the country instead of the big city!

  145. Ramona Burke says:

    I really need to start working with orange more… it’s a scary color to me… this combo looks lovely, though!

  146. Elizabeth says:

    The view from my kitchen window is our fence covered in lovely purple/blue Morning Glories.

  147. Nancy S. says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of my backyard – and behind that, the neighbor’s backyard.

  148. Petra Carden says:

    I live up on a hill, so my kitchen window feels kind of like being in a treehouse where I can watch the birds flying and the squirrels running up the trees. I love it! πŸ™‚

  149. Elizabeth B. says:

    Who says southern California doesn’t get fall?! Sycamore (and other) leaves above lace curtains.

  150. Shirley says:

    Lovely quilt…
    I see my garden, which I just put to bed for the winter.. but I also have a rabbit and some cardinals that are still feasting on seeds and roots.

  151. Laura says:

    I see leaves falling on my son and daughter as they play together. It’s beautiful πŸ™‚

  152. Denise says:

    The view outside my window right now is that of falling leaves. The wind today has stirred them up. My cat is entertained by all the movement out there. Still enough left on the trees to make it golden out there with sun shining thru. Love Fall.

  153. Heather says:

    My kitchen looks out onto the city streets of Chicago. I have some large trees outside that are currently changing color, but I also see buses, cars, people walking their dogs, and people entering the shops across the street. I love being secluded in my kitchen one story up above the street, but I can just look out and be reminded that I’m in the middle of a huge city!

  154. Melissa says:

    My kitchen window looks out at the Catholic church parking lot across the street. Not much for inspiration. Now, if I look down in the summer, I can see all the chalk drawings my kids have decorated the sidewalk with. Much better view. πŸ™‚

  155. Keri says:

    I look out my kitchen window to see my tomato plant that thinks the cooler weather is the time to produce tomatoes.

  156. Pam A says:

    The view from my kitchen window is pretty lame, a backyard that needs some trees! We have a new house built in a old cotton field.

  157. Theresa says:

    I wish the view from my kitchen window looked as pretty as Elizabeth’s quilt! I look out to the side of my neighbor’s house!

  158. Kathryn says:

    When I look out my kitchen window, I see a freshly harvested corn field, our scrawny trees that we planted in the spring, and the enormous fire pit my husband built – over 6 feet across!

  159. Therese says:

    Outside my window is a large pile of red and brown leaves that I have gathered thousands of times, and each time my children run through it and throw it up in the air. As a result of this I have hundreds of pictures of laughing children in my camera, and their wonderful laughter still ringing in my ear. I love fall.

  160. April from SD says:

    Out my kitchen window I see…my neighbor’s house. Not that exciting! Those fabrics are amazing!

  161. Anne Hill says:

    Through the wide window above the kitchen sink, I look down a gentle slope to a dry creek that runs when we’ve had a lot of rain. Though we live in an old suburb, I’ve recently seen a coyote dozing in the sun, a Cooper’s hawk eating a chipmunk, and three deer placidly strolling through the yard.

  162. Sophia says:

    From my kitchen window I can see our back garden. Right by the house is the woodpile, plant nursery and polytunnel. Then we have rows of veg beds, then the pond, then more veg beds, compost heaps and the woodworking area. Lot’s of activity!

  163. Linda says:

    My kitchen window overlooks our driveway and our neighbors’ back yard. We used to see the neighbors’ Siberian Husky enjoying the weather (sadly he crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks back) and we’re often treated to several cardinals flitting back and forth trying to attract lady friends.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  164. Stephanie says:

    My view from my window is quite beautiful. There are so many dark purple and yellow fallen leaves from Aspens & the other surrounding trees!

  165. Kathy G. says:

    I have a beautiful view of tall trees, full of bright orange and read leaves, and my son playing in his sandbox underneath it all, happily playing with his dump truck and shovel!

  166. Natalie says:

    My kitchen window overlooks the vegetable garden and the wild meadow (aka ‘lawn’). The plan is to convert the entire backyard to vegetable beds over the next few years. Right now the beds are mulched with leaves, getting ready for their winter nap. I can’t wait till next spring when life returns…

  167. Susan says:

    The view out my kitchen window is of a green space with a walking path.

  168. Allie says:

    Through my kitchen window, I can see our backyard. Most importantly, I can see the chalk mural that my daughters painted the last week of August, which is still there, despite all of the Seattle rain. That thing is never coming down!

  169. When I look out my kitchen window, I see our big screen television in our game room which is the perfect incentive to convince the hubby to do the dishes even when the game is on. It is the best thing about the addition to the back of the house!

  170. Ashley Stephens says:

    I can see the teeny tiny patch of grass and the side of my neighbor’s house. Not very appealing, but I can JUST make out a palm tree in the distance. Good enough for me!

  171. JennS says:

    I just see my driveway and often my nosy neighbor! My kitchen is definitely in the wrong place!

  172. Em says:

    We look out onto the apartment building next door, with our neighbours kitchen opposite ours. They have space on their window sill for planter boxes, so we are treated to a display that changes with the season.

  173. Patrice says:

    Would love to win the fat quarter set!! The view out of my kitchen window is of my birdfeeders and my children’s playset. My two favorite “hobbies”…other than sewing. πŸ™‚

  174. Cammie Heaston says:

    I see a maple tree with red leaves ready to fall. Today, this tree is covered with a chilling layer of snow.
    It’s beautiful.

  175. Allison Rogers says:

    The view from my window is snow, snow, snow. It went from a beautiful fall to the dead of winter in about 24 hours. BRRRR!!

  176. Diane says:

    I look out my kitchen window and see an old wire fence with multicolored leaves blown against it. Fall mums are added colored along the walk. Soooo fall!! Love this time of year – God’s miracle of color.

  177. Janelle says:

    My view is of our garage and apron which usually has our vehicles parked on it since the (two stall) garage is so full of stuff that we haven’t parked in it in years.

  178. Alex says:

    love the fat quarter combo. Lovely! The view from my kitchen window is my backyard – swingset and scattered toys! πŸ™‚

  179. Meagan says:

    We are in the Toronto area, but when we look out the kitchen window, we see our blank slate of a backyard that looks out at a farm complete with cows! I love it!

  180. Linda says:

    The view from my kitchen window is a big, old redbud tree that has an assortment of birdfeeders hanging from it. Often there is quite a show going on.

  181. Dianne says:

    My beautiful yard!!!! The elm tree is dropping it’s leaves and the colors are spectacular. I love this
    Time of year

    Btw: those fabrics are awesome

  182. Deb G. says:

    From my kitchen window I look into the family room which has been built on, but then through double glass doors to our patio deck where everything has been painted in a variety of fun, happy colors, along with various greens from tropical plants. I love the colors!

  183. Megan L says:

    My kitchen window looks out onto our porch! In the summer, we have lots and lots of flowers all over the porch, and in the winter it’s usually beautifully covered in a thick coat of snow!

  184. Rebecca says:

    beautiful fabrics!! I see 5 yr old boy and a 2 yr old little girl running around happily- swinging, sliding and playing together!

  185. Bryanna says:

    My kitchen is in the middle of my first floor but in the areas around the kitchen are windows that going out to both the front yard, and the back where I love to look because we have a lovely pool and cedar fence. So peaceful looking.

  186. Julie says:

    When I look out my kitchen window, I see rose bushes up against the fence. And over the fence, I see my neighbors standing on their back deck smoking. The whole family smokes together, but I love that they go outside so as to not fill the house with smoke.

  187. LeanneB says:

    I look out from my kitchen window and see two pheasants strutting around in the grass in the garden that desperately needs a cut unaware of the cat at the cat flap also watching them with wide eyes.

  188. Beth T says:

    From our window I see the flat green of our mowed backyard, and the fuzzy, rolling green of the un-manicured hills beyond. Most days I see our dog Mary, keeping watch over the neighbors horses, while Mary’s less-vigilent kids (our four 7-year old dogs), nap or wrestle or chew on sticks.

    wordygirl at earthink dot net

  189. elana says:

    my kitchen window looks out onto my garden (still producing tomatoes!) and our bird feeder. perfect breakfast-time watching.

  190. Lisa says:

    Oh, I love those colors Elizabeth chose.
    My kitchen window lets me see a tiny glimpse of the city if I look off to the distance, but if I look right outside I get to see my girls playing.

  191. Erin says:

    We have a beautiful large picture window in the kitchen… that looks out on the ugly side of our neighbor’s house! But the natural light is fantastic, and with a stained glass pane made by a friend and lots of plants, you don’t even notice the house next door.

  192. Shiela says:

    I see my neighbors beautiful gardens!! (She’s a master gardener by trade. No pressure. πŸ˜‰

  193. I see two mountain tops from my kitchen window. I will sometimes see deer, turkeys and a porcupine now and them. Lots and lots of trees too. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  194. Heather says:

    I look out my kitchen window and I see the neighbor’s dog…peeing on my tire. I would like to make the kitchen window quilt, and actually use it as a window treatment!!!!!

  195. Jeanie says:

    My window doesn’t have the best view, so I could make a great view with this beautiful fabric! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  196. kyishia says:

    The view from my kitchen window is another apartment community; however the view from my bedroom is THE BEACH!!!

  197. Miranda says:

    I see wind blowing the leaves around, a bit of snow already and my flower garden asleep for the winter.

  198. WandaFish says:

    Beautiful fabric choices πŸ™‚ From my kitchen window I can see the gorgeous hues of autumn trees and a neighbour’s well tended garden.

  199. Lottie says:

    My kitchen looks out over a tiny park (I live in the suburbs of London, England) where there is a Grade 2 listed ice house (where people used to store ice) with an ancient sweet chestnut tree to shelter it. There is also a lily pond and squirrels and paraqueets!!!

    Despite the fact that my studio flat is the size of a wardrobe – it does have a very good view!!!

  200. Alice R. says:

    How beautiful! We bought the house with the tiniest backyard in our neighborhood because it has woods in back of that so that’s the view out my kitchen window. I love it!

  201. Inger says:

    I see a stack of wood that will keep us warm this winter and my daughter’s swing under the Juneberry tree.

  202. Cynthia says:

    The view from my kitchen windwow is woods and a lake.

  203. Helen Finch says:

    Through the raindrops forming kaleidoscope colours on the window I can see the old neighbourÒ€ℒs vegetable patch. Lost of onions, cabbage and potatoes sown in neat rows Γ’β‚¬β€œ just as we would like! The green beans entwined in the orange plastic netting and a pheasant that is using the foliage to shelter under from the weather.

  204. Catherine says:

    I have a great view from my kitchen window, straight out front I look out over our street which is a cul-de-sac so I can see everyone coming and going, to the right I look out to bush covered hills and can see the weather closing in so I know when to get the washing in and to the left I have a beautiful view of the pacific ocean and sometimes I can see cargo ships going each way in the very distance.

  205. Susan says:

    I don’t really have a kitchen window πŸ™

  206. Shev says:

    I live thousands of miles from the USA and we are currently enjoying temperatures in the 80s! When I look out of my kitchen window I see beautiful flowering bushes overhanging from my neighbours’ garden, and my lemon and grapefruit trees. (Thanks for the great offer!)

  207. Karen says:

    The view out my kitchen window is into the garden where I see the bird table, trampoline and childrens climbing frame. generally they are all in use!

  208. marg says:

    I see a bird nest and a lovely pond with a beautiful green lawn

  209. Charley says:

    I’m jealous of all the ladies that have kitchen windows, I’d love to have one. If I peek around the corner of my kitchen, I look out the living room window and I see my gorgeous yellow and deep burgundy mums. It’s the last of the fall color here so I love having them near my window. And today, I also saw snow and I’m so not ready for that. But very soon I’ll be seeing the hanging bird feeders with black sunflower seeds when I look out too. And then I’ll see all my feathered friends coming to say hello each day.

    The fabric is lovely and reminds me of the beautiful fall colors I see out my window a little earlier in the fall. Many thanks.

  210. Kerry Leslie says:

    I don’t have a window in my kitchen! lol

  211. Serena says:

    From our kitchen window i can look over our tropical inspired patio complete with palms and frangapagnis – dreaming of beach holidays!

  212. Debbie says:

    Oh I love the look of this quilt. Elizabeth is so talented in her choices of colour and designs. I can see baby lambs frolicking in the field.

  213. Kathleen says:

    We look out our west-facing window to a park landscaped with old trees, to houses across the park, and to a bike path that runs along the park. People are always coming and going with their children and dogs. I especially like to see the children running around and playing with their dogs. There are park benches scattered through the park, lots of green space, and clusters of trees that lend themselves to playing hide and seek. So beautiful to see the change of seasons in the park.

  214. Dianne says:

    I look over rows of vines on the hillside opposite my house. They look perfect in autumn, from flaming red to green and everything in between. Lucky me!

  215. Jill B says:

    Ha ha! The view from my kitchen window is my neighbour’s red brick wall. Ugh!

  216. Alana says:

    From the kitchen window, I see coconut palms swaying in the wind and lush mountains in the distance. After a light rain, I see full rainbows across the sky. Thank-you!

  217. Sandy N says:

    Our kitchen window (well technically, sliding glass door) faces the back yard where there are cherry, apple , plum and, and mandarin trees. Great quilt! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  218. Jessica Grant says:

    I see where the vertical garden is going to be when I get around to that; I see the future grass and berry bushes and flowers and swing sets in the expanse of excavated mud; and, if I am very lucky, I see the inhabitant of the compost pile, a wee hedgehog, who has inexplicably decided to take up residence in this muddy madness.

  219. Miz says:

    The only window in my kitchen hangs over the sink, so that I can look out on the lovely big tree that may one day crush the house while I’m washing up. (I mean crush it any time, not just while I’m washing dishes!)

  220. Jennifer says:

    The view from my kitchen window lets me daydream while I’m washing dishes or making dinner. Our back yard is small but it is still unfinished. So I can dream about the plants I’d like to see growing there.

  221. alisha says:

    I used to live in Vienna, Austria and had the most beautiful view of the city and the mountains beyond. Now I live in Oklahoma and don’t have much of a view at all.

  222. Susie says:

    Well with the 60 mph winds, I saw outside my kitchen window a huge tree in the neighbor’s yard go down, seriously. Nobody was injured & it went straight on the lawn, so it’s safe to say: hurrah! that tree was long overdue to come down! On a normal day though the view is not as exciting πŸ˜‰

  223. julie says:

    I see two happy children dancing around a 200 pound pumpkin and pulling on a string of ghost lights:)

  224. Kathryn says:

    What a pretty quilt – as always πŸ™‚ The view from my kitchen window is out into our patio which is the children’s play area. Great for watching them play while I cook. I also look out over the lake across the road. Such a nice view!!

  225. Linda says:

    The view out my kitchen window is actually out my dining room/sewing room window. It is the patio fence of the row of apartments in front of mine. Not too inspiring, unfortunately. Thanks for the chance to win!

  226. Tessa says:

    My kitchen window view is the other wing of my beautiful brick 1920’s apartment building. The neighbors across the way have a great design sense, so I usually see their bright patterned curtains or their cat keeping an eye on things.

  227. My kitchen window looks into our small backyard where two Japanese maples are flaming bright in red and orange right now. The dahlias are starting to fade, but the grass is lush and green in the rain.

  228. sandra says:

    not much out my kitchen window I’m afraid. next doors fence, a few plants and a woodheap!

  229. traci says:

    my kitchen window view is what sold me my house. i look out on my window box full of still blooming petunias. then i see my backyard full of giant rhododendrons (seriously about 12 HUGE ones) and a dozen 80-100 foot tall douglas fir trees. 3 varieties of maple trees, huckleberries, salal, oregon grape and hydrangeas round out the view. usually a few squirrels, tons of birds (including woodpeckers, hawks, nuthatches, juncos, towhees, etch) and about a hundred little tiny tree frogs. it really is that spectacular!

  230. Leslie Schmidt says:

    We live in a twin home complex, so looking out my kitchen window I see the kitchen of the neighboring house! I also see the flowering crab tree of our neighbors’ with little red apples and a few stubborn leaves hanging on.

  231. Emily S says:

    Sadly, I’m in an apartment, so no window in the kitchen πŸ™ But we close on our first house in 4 days, so hopefully I’ll be looking out of one soon!

  232. Annmarie Tegen says:

    When I look out my kitchen window I see birds at the 3 tiered feeder hanging 6 inches from the window: goldfinches, nuthatches & grosbeaks are frequent visitors. Love em and love the giveaway fabric too………….

  233. Linda says:

    My kitchen window view is prettiest in the late spring, when the window box is full of colorful blooming flowers and the backyard trees create an inviting space for reading a good book. Oh, and it’s even more enjoyable to see freshly washed laundry – sometimes including quilting fabric – blowing on the umbrella clothesline. There’s still nothing like the scent of outdoor-dried laundry.

    Thanks for your generous giveaway and the chance to win.

  234. Cory says:

    From my kitchen window today I saw three inches of white fluffy snow covering the last of my tomatoes in the vegetable garden. More of the white stuff pinning my fragile nectarine limbs to the ground and a perfect place to spend the afternoon with my 2 year old making sand pail snowmen. It will all melt tomorrow but today it was a winter wonderland!

  235. Alicia Jacobs says:

    From my kitchen window I can see the back deck and our cars. There are a lot of plants on the deck, which often have beautiful blooms. There are often a few squirrels and several birds hanging out nabbing a snack in the sunshine!

  236. Liz says:

    my kitchen window looks across to my neighbor’s house, with my driveway and their side yard in between. a section of their fence kept falling down this summer–i’d go to bed and it would have been stood back up; get up in the morning and the cats would have knocked it back down by using it as a ramp.

  237. Erin says:

    I love those fabrics! The view from my kitchen window: two lemon trees and a grapefruit tree, the kids’ swing set, birds at the bird feeders, and lazy cats on the patio.

  238. Lexi Lucas says:

    Unfortunately, I look at a fence.
    When I look there though, I day dream about beautiful, pretty things. Quilts, fabric,fields of grass and children running in them. Ah, those kinds of things…

  239. Wendy says:

    The view out my kitchen window is of the gravel drive leading up to our house. My son and I stand and look out the window each evening, watching for the first glimpse of Daddy’s truck as it ’rounds the bend.

  240. Heather says:

    The view from my kitchen window is the siding on my neighbour’s house! How exciting is that? Things look a little more appealing from our living and family room windows.

    Love the fabric choices!

  241. Valerie says:

    The view outside my kitchen window has constant activity! My finch feeders are just a few feet away and I have been so lucky to attract the most beautiful birds. They are getting so used to me, that I can raise the window and do dishes and they don’t fly away! Thanks for the give away!

  242. Kathy says:

    From my kitchen window I can see the the chicken house and yard where the chickens, geese, and ducks range all day. Very interesting to watch life in the yard.

  243. Susan says:

    I look out my kitchen window and see my neighbor’s children jump on a moon walk.

  244. Cathy A says:

    I see the backyard out the window…I can watch my kids play, which is great!!

  245. Heather says:

    Beautiful fabric pack!!

    Out my window is the beautiful garden of some surgeon. There are lots of tress and plants and vegetables. This spring was wonderful watching everything grow and flourish and now it is fun to watch all his tree change colors.

  246. Susan Spiers says:

    Looking out of my kitchen window I see azalea bushes. When in bloom, variegated reds & white. Green grass leading to a forest of hardwood & pine trees, so thick nothing is seen beyond them!

  247. Judy says:

    I too have a view of my neighbors’ wall and siding! And on this windy fall day, lots of leaves flying through the air πŸ™‚

  248. cori says:

    I am lucky , my view is beutiful. I live on top a hill. The view looks over a forest and a pond

  249. Maggie Schmitz says:

    The view from my kitchen window is that of the autumn woodlands and fields. Sometimes, there are deer or chipmunks, but mainly there are squirrels that are fattening up for the winter. πŸ™‚

  250. Sam E. says:

    Oooooh, I love the FQ pack, and that lovely quilt design! The view from my kitchen window is into my neighbor’s back porch, a lovely older couple who spend a lot of time playing cards.

  251. Marisa says:

    Outside my kitchen window I see big, beautiful trees swaying in the breeze. I see my children laughing and playing on their swing set enjoying the last warm days of Autumn!

  252. Suzy says:

    Unfortunately in this house, I don’t have a window in my kitchen:( In my previous one I looked onto a grasslands park which was frequented by deer and bears…aahh

  253. Emory says:

    We recently bought our first house. The kitchen window is very large and it looks out to the backyard. Right now I look out at the beautiful Japanese maple tree with leaves that are every shade of autumn.

  254. Ileen says:

    We love Hawaii so much and particularly Kauai, that we have planted bamboo and hibiscus to remind us of all the fun times and adventures there. I love having a big window! Thanks again!

  255. Amy says:

    I can see the trees turning so many beautiful colors. I’m enjoying every last leaf because the trees are going to be bulldozed to build a 55+ community. So sad.

  256. Lindsey says:

    I get to see our neighbors two horses Dusty and Cinnamon. My daughter can’t walk in the kitchen without asking me to pick her up so she can peek to see if they are out playing!

  257. Katie says:

    The view from my kitchen is straight to the back of my garage πŸ™ boring. I’m jealous of Teresa’s ocean view!

  258. Unfortunately, my kitchen window overlooks my deck, but at least I have a window to look out!

  259. Mama Lusco says:

    Beautiful! I’m looking at the snow-capped mountains in Eastern Oregon πŸ™‚

  260. Christine says:

    My kitchen does not have a window! Boohoo. But, as I look beyond the kitchen, through the great room, I see Charlotte the banana spider hanging out on her web just outside that window.

    Someday I’ll have a home with a kitchen window again, just not now.

  261. danielle says:

    my backyard, my kids toys, our chooks, and the neighbours boat!

  262. Angela says:

    I see the changing seasons, with leaving swirling around the now empty deck chairs.

  263. Maeve says:

    Oops – forgot to say that the view out my kitchen window is of acres of grass, beautiful old trees (mostly oaks), blueberry bushes, a family of deer who regularly visit, wild turkeys, and lots of birds. It is a lovely view!

  264. NicciP says:

    My view is not exactly inspiring……wooden fence with apartments across the alley. I’d like to think that if I created some beautiful oasis out there it would make me love doing the dishes, but I think I am just fooling myself. There are just too many other things I would rather be doing; like turning those FQ’s into something beautiful!

  265. Maeve says:

    Love this combo of fabrics/colors/prints. Would love to win this packet!

  266. Sarah Craig says:

    From my kitchen window, I can see the horses that live behind us – they come up to the fence and mooch for apples and old bananas. My granddaughter loves to feed them, and my border collie thinks she can order them around – the horses just snicker at the dog!

  267. Milica says:

    My kitchen window has a view of a pine tree- more specifically, the ugly scraggly part at the bottom of a tall pine tree, an air conditioning unit, an ugly concrete block retaining wall and a bit of grass.

  268. bess says:

    my kitchen window looks out onto our big backyard – i love it. πŸ™‚

  269. Tricia C says:

    My view is of my very small backyard. It’s shaded with a huge old oak tree and contains the swingset, garage, and basketball hoop. I truly enjoy working at the sink and watching my kids play.

  270. MoeWest says:

    Out my kitchen window I see the arbor by my back gate, and a couple of nice trees. The arbor frequently has a cat sitting up on top of it, staring back at me or just snoozing in the sun.

  271. Kasey says:

    Out our kitchen window for the next three weeks, all I can see is the neighbor’s siding pulling away from their house in the wind. BUT as soon as we move to our new house, I’ll have a kitchen window that looks out upon a beautiful yard surrounded by mature trees!

  272. Erinn says:

    What a great collection! My view is usually of squirrels chasing each other up and down trees.

  273. Chen says:

    The view outside my kitchen window is my bird feeder which is always filled with all kinds if chirping!

  274. Carrie says:

    creeping fig
    sweat lodge
    ikea table

  275. Lauren says:

    Some of these comments are making me so jealous of the different views people have outside their kitchen windows. We live in a town home. And the view I see out my kitchen window when I’m doing the dishes is this hill that is pretty much weeds and a few pathetic little trees. In the winter time, it is very sparse! Perhaps this is why I often avoid getting the dishes done…

  276. Robyn says:

    the view from my kitchen is of my neighbor’s giant, out of scale house that he can’t sell. but I love my house so I am okay with this one “flaw”

  277. Larissa says:

    Game day or not, my over-the-back-fence neighbor is always BBQing in one of his dozen or so Eagles Jerseys.

  278. Julia says:

    The pool that our dear retired neighbors have never asked us to come over and swim in πŸ™

  279. Sandy says:

    I am jealous of Teresa above me….my view is of my seriously played-out mini van….(-: But out of the corner of my eye I can see my daughter’s bike, so really, it’s a great view…

  280. Vicki says:

    We have a very large lot, but neighbors border our lot at the rear. Thankfully, I sew at the kitchen table right next to a double window and can watch children playing, neighbors working in the yard, and our dog when she ventures out.

  281. traceyjay says:

    I see rice fields out my kitchen window… thankfully, harvested now. πŸ™‚

  282. Chris says:

    I wish I had a view…my kitchen has no windows. But I can look out past the bar and across the dinning area to see out the sliding doors and my deck. Right now it’s covered in frost. I love the interesting shapes you can find in frost when you look close. Plus there is a scattering of paw prints where my dog ran out and melted the frost. Brrrr…

  283. Jessica Fernandez says:

    My kitchen window view is of my boy’s playground, a.k.a. the “Hall of Justice.”

  284. Bec Clarke says:

    I have the best view, I look out onto a little creek that has a huge Willow tree on it’s bank and lots of lovely smooth stomes at it’s edge. For now the grass is green, but even when it goes brown in the Summer it’s still the best view ever.

  285. Jyotsna says:

    Another one with a view of the neighbour’s kitchen window. Wesmile & wave at each other πŸ™‚

  286. Grace N. says:

    One window view is a brick wall. The other is a city vista from my hilltop!

  287. Kelsey Rose says:

    Don’t have a kitchen window. πŸ™

    But in my someday dream house, maybe a nice view of the Colorado Rockies?

  288. Aniza says:

    outside my kitchen window I can see my backyard where my DH, sons & their friends playing football

  289. TicaMarie says:

    I see the rooftops of my neighbors on a rainy Seattle day. I spice it up with a bunch of brightly coloured bottles in the window sill, though.

  290. Jana says:

    I can see my sad looking garden and the bird feeder from my kitchen window.

  291. Laura V says:

    My view is of my lovely garden. Something beautiful to look at in every season!

  292. Hilary says:

    The view from my apartment kitchen is my living room. But the living room has a view of a tree, which you can see from the kitchen! πŸ˜‰

  293. Connie Heffner says:

    Right now when I look out my kitchen window I see a beautiful Maple tree that is losing all it’s pretty fall leaves.

  294. julie says:

    I have a butterfly/herb garden outside of my kitchen bay window. Now, it is overgrown and drying up from a lack of rain. The butterfly bus and lantana plants are about 8 ft high. I watch butterflies, anoles, geckos, and sleeping bees from the window.

  295. Amy C says:

    The view from my kitchen window is this beautiful old tree surrounded by green grass. You can see the birds and the squirrels hanging out.

  296. Phoebe says:

    sadly, the view from my kitchen window is of our neighbours’ above ground pool. . .

  297. Laurie Anne says:

    From our kitchen window I see my fading vegetable garden, my greenhouse, the two birch trees we planted this spring waving hello to me in the wind. Oh! and the grass is covered with beautifully coloured leaves fallen from trees.

    Beautiful Quilt!

  298. Cindy says:

    I have a beautiful view of my neighbor’s irises outside my kitchen window. In the Spring it’s awesome.

  299. Staci says:

    There is a vacant lot, which has a large population of jack rabbits. We see javelina and coyotes out there some times, too.

  300. Allison says:

    We live in an apartment complex, and our view is of the playground. Beyond the playground, there are big wild fields and mountains in the distance. It’s quite pretty!

  301. Jessica says:

    There is a small tree right in front of our kitchen window with 2 bird feeders, so we have little visiting birds and squirrels all the time.

  302. Lynne says:

    Beautiful fabrics!
    My view is of beautiful maple trees, changing colours.

  303. From my kitchen window I see my front porch, a huge maple tree, my detached garage and across the road and empty field.

  304. diana says:

    I stay in my kitchen and see…well…my son playing in the living room :D. We have an opened kitchen and it actually doesn’t have any windows, the living room has huge ones. Then again, I only see my kid because the curtains are closed, the neighbours are building a new roof and I really don’t like to be looked at by workers. Could use the fabrics in imagining a nice view, though πŸ™‚

  305. Fay C says:

    My kitchen window overlooks our family farm. The barn and the silos look beautiful against the fall foliage!

  306. Tiffany says:

    I see the street from my kitchen window. I know, sad. Sometimes I see my husband driving onto the driveway though! That is always good… unless I am doing something I am not supposed to be doing… like reading blogs instead of making dinner.

  307. Marilou says:

    I see a forest and a walking path… sometimes with people whizzing by on bicycles!

  308. Dana says:

    The view from my kitchen window is boring, the side yard of my house, one huge hibiscus growing there, and the side of my neighbor’s house.

  309. Beth says:

    The view from my kitchen: about forty feet back are a wall of fir trees, with several mixed into the back yard. So pretty much, all I see is green (and brown). When my kids were little, I could see there swing-set from the window, but it finally rusted too much last summer and we took it out. I certainly need to add some new colorful items to the inside of the kitchen to make up for all the green outside.

  310. Fremont Judy says:

    I look out on the cul de sac I live on. I love watching all the comings and goings of the neighbors, the kids playing, the dogs being walked…it makes me feel connected even when I am in the house doing dishes.

  311. laura says:

    Out of my kitchen window, I can see the woods and the occasional family of deer wandering by. My husband saw some baby raccoons out there the other day. We actually live in a suburb but we seem to see a lot of animals in our backyard!

  312. kim says:

    Massive white pine trees, my sad ol, summers gone raised vegetable beds and quite often a flock of wild turkeys.

  313. Nathalie says:

    My kitchen window looks out onto my back porch and a brick wall. I keep the curtain closed most of the time because then I can “see” the park and “lake” that is beyond the brick wall more clearly.

  314. Ramona says:

    I have a beautiful dogwood tree and burning bushes but best of all I can see the walkway up to the door that brings home family and visiting friends! Rally love the look of this quilt.

  315. Rachel says:

    My view is of leaves blowing all over the backyard today! It’s SO windy here!

  316. Mindy says:

    Right now my view is of a lovely patch of blacked Susans. This quilt is beautiful.

  317. Beverly says:

    My view from my kitchen window is wonderful. My husband planted pink and white coneflowers for me. I love them. In the early spring we have tons of tulips too! Plus my baby maple tree which is wonderfully red right now.

  318. Peggy Bennett says:

    Thanks for the great give away.
    My view is of my back yard with fruit trees and wire fox terriers playing.

  319. Jenny L says:

    Out my kitchen window are glowing orange and red maple trees that have lost just enough leaves for me to see when the school bus is coming down the street in the morning to pick up my daughter. Yay for stealing those 5 extra minutes spent outside waiting. From now until spring we’ll be able to wait for the bus while having daily dance parties in the kitchen.

  320. Maja says:

    My view from the kitchen window is our hedge and gate and beond that is the playground where all the little kids are playing around. We bought the house just because of the playground.

  321. Melissa says:

    We live in a townhouse complex so outside our kitchen window, we see an enclosed grassy field with a small hill, huge cherry trees, and many, many squirrels scurrying about.

  322. Dianne says:

    The view out my kitchen window looks out upon our back porch and then our back yard full of trees and our wooden playset. Every day when I look out that window I’m so grateful that our back door goes right out to the porch/yard so I don’t have to worry about my little one going up and down stairs, etc. Plus, she’s right there where I can always see her!

  323. Ashley says:

    What a beautiful quilt! The view from my kitchen window is my backyard bird feeder with cute little fat chickadees hopping around spilling and eating birdseed.

  324. michelle says:

    It’s not the view from our that makes me feel content. Our house has 22 casement windows down the kitchen side of the house. when we moved in, I had to remove them all, reputty them and then paint them for rehanging. It was a 12 week job as you have to wait for the putty to dry before painting. So every time I look out those windows, I feel very satisfied

  325. Jodi says:

    I stare out the kitchen window and see the lovely pear trees which were planted this year, and are starting to change to their fall colors!

  326. Victoria says:

    Outside my kitchen window I see the garden that did not survive the summer’s heat and drought and my goofy 60 pound furballs (who think they are lap dogs) not caring one bit that my green thumb turned a crispy brown this year.

  327. Regina says:

    The view out my kitchen window is large Redwood trees and lots of leaves.

  328. Nancy says:

    My view is of a beautiful pergola my husband built. It wasn’t on the top of my honey-do list but am sure glad that he built it.

  329. Kirsten says:

    From my window: my 3 sweet boys playing in the fall sunshine!

  330. Kelly says:

    Oooh, those colours are so delicious! I would LOVE to make this quilt!

    The view out of my kitchen window is obscured a little by spider webs…hmm, it may be time to clean them! πŸ˜‰

  331. Sara A says:

    Apple trees, a bit of meadow and then some woods. Not bad for condo living!!

  332. Svea says:

    We watch squirrels playing in the pear and beech trees from our kitchen window. My daughters love seeing them play chase. And the plastic bag that the storm blew into the tree last autumn is still there. My daughter’s comment? “someone has lost a bag!”

  333. Sharon T. says:

    If it weren’t for the creek (and, therefore, trees) right next to the house I’d have a fabulous view of the beautiful Big Sky sunsets. It’s still a pretty great view even with the trees. The other kitchen window looks out onto the plains.

  334. Jennie says:

    The view from my window is a sad old garage that we share with our neighbors. But to pretty it up, I’ve filled it with colorful glass sun-catchers made from recycled bottles.

  335. erica says:

    i can’t see much from my kitchen window…usually people at the bus stop in front of my house! it is what i get for living in a city πŸ™‚

  336. Sue says:

    Out my kitchen window I see the garden we made, the flowers are blooming and everything is green, I love spring. The BBQ and outdoor tables and chairs are ready for the family to come on Sunday for lunch and the grass needs mowing again.

  337. mims says:

    The view from my kitchen window is a close-up of the side of my neighbor’s house. sigh…

  338. Julie in WA says:

    I put in a bigger kitchen window just so I could enjoy the view of my backyard…apple and plum tree, vegetable garden, lots of flower gardens, green grass…and best of all is when my bichon frisse tries to catch a squirrel! Laugh Out Loud funny!

  339. Mary says:

    I look out my kitchen window and see crab trees getting ready to drop their apples for the deer who have been eyeing them for the last week or so. Just last night a raccoon was up in the crabtree helping himself to a little apple delight.I see the pines that line the back of the backyard in front of the swamp that houses all kinds of wildlife (igrids, ducks, geese, turtles, etc). It is very peaceful and inspiring. The colors of the fat quarter pack are very close to the colors I see out back these days.

  340. Alicia says:

    My view is of the neighbors roof, apartment buildings, and a bit of green from a few trees.

  341. Amber says:

    I don’t have a kitchen window, but from my kitchen I can see a wall full of black and white photographs I’ve taken all framed in black and white frames and my 55 gal fishtank with its bright blue background, lime green plants and vibrant fish.

  342. Val says:

    My backyard full of robins! They come every October and they are everywhere!

  343. Dianne McLean says:

    My view is a small vegetable garden with a child’s play structure to the side. Most days it is a peaceful, pastoral setting. Other days, don’t ask about the weeds, raccoons or fighting children.

  344. Ezekiel's Garden says:

    I love the view from my kitchen window. Our property slopes gently down to the creek. On the left, I can see our Crimson King maple turning that gorgeous coppery color. The pine trees down by the creek are still a bright green. If I look to the right, I can see the gate of the pasture where the goats like to stand and beg for attention. Yesterday, I saw two of my sweet doelings nuzzling each other affectionately. I can also see my chicken pasture just north of the goat pasture, and it is always a delight to see my lovely, graceful Light Brahmas walking around and pecking for bugs or my “mutts” lounging around in dirt holes they’ve dug.

  345. artbeth says:

    To reach my kitchen window, I must first tiptoe over the quilt-in-progress spread out over the kitchen floor. I have a smallish amount of backyard then woods. It’s currently all shades of greens and browns with hints of orange.

  346. Teresa says:

    We recently moved into a house, and even if it’s not the best view, I love being able to look out the window of my own kitchen. My 3 year old daughter and I put up a bird feeder right outside so that we could see the birds from the kitchen. And I love that I can look right out the window and see my husbands car pull into the driveway…it’s one of my favorite moments of the day. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! πŸ™‚


  347. lisa says:

    the view from my kitchen window includes: overgrown bushes, the neighbor’s houses, 5 trees, green grass, and a couple spiders, and in the summer, the kids playing. Love it all because its my home.

  348. Alicia says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have a kitchen window…

    But when I am cleaning up and it is cold outside, I can light a fire in the fireplace that happily is in my line of sight.

  349. Jacqueline says:

    Birds, squirrels (lots of them) blooming flowers and thriving garden. I live in Florida, so it’s pretty lush right now!

  350. Marcia W. says:

    From our kitchen window I can see the flowers blooming in the pergola, the new orchard of fruit trees to the left, and across acres of fields to the treeline around a pond. What I do not see: another house or cars.

  351. Michelle says:

    Sadly, I don’t have anything close to a kitchen window… nearest window is my patio, where I have a view of my pink hydrangeas.

  352. Angie says:

    My view outside my kitchen window is the beautiful Koolau mountain range which has waterfalls rushing down from the rain.

  353. ara jane says:

    my kitchen window currently looks out over the descending branches of our very lovely big leaf maple. unfortunately, in about a month, all those leaves will fall leaving us with a view of our neighbor’s ugly house.

  354. Suzanne says:

    There is no window in my kitchen!! I do have skylights that show me the blue sky, but if we ever remodel, a window will be added.

  355. Angelina says:

    The view from my kitchen window is a parking lot. Yay for ground floor apartment living!

    Thanks for the chance to win. These fabrics are beautiful!

  356. Christine says:

    I can see my neighbor’s kids jumping up and down on a trampoline. It’s so funny to see just a face or just a hand up over the fence.

    I love the kitchen window quilt.

  357. Jansie says:

    Sadly, my kitchen window does not have a view because there is no window. But…I can peer down the long dining room and through the living room to where I can finally see a window that looks over the back deck. There are some chairs and usually a dog or two out there. πŸ™‚

  358. Deb Cameron says:

    We have an open plan house and the kitchen window is acutally looking out the back door and the whole raft of windows along the back of the house…luckily for me it looks out onto a Eucalypt forest (we live in Australia)…it is beautiful and as I prepare dinner at around 5.30 for my family, my favourite time of day happens, sunset…and all the ghost gums (which are white) are lit up in colours of russet, orange and lavender…truly breathtaking and it makes me thankful for the wonder of the world and the beautiful home we live in πŸ™‚ (and yes, it makes me feel very poetic LOL).

  359. teresa says:

    my view is of the ocean, sand and sea oats.
    please don’t hate me

  360. Amanda says:

    The view out my window could use some work. I have a field full of weeks and power lines behind me. But my garden looks wonderful so I guess they cancel each other out.

  361. jessieaucoin says:

    sadly, the view from my kitchen window is my nextdoor neighbors wall. but the kitchen itself is all orange and brown and blue….so those fat quarters could certainly get used for something appropriate.

  362. Tamar says:

    We have a great bay window in our kitchen and now that the leaves are all falling off of the trees, I can see clear to the other side of town!

  363. Lynne says:

    Out of my kitchen window I look onto the everchanging scene of maple trees that bud out in the spring, have full foliage in the summer, change gorgeous colors in the fall and then drop and reveal a local park with a stream and a pond with an island. I love our view!

  364. Celia says:

    Beautiful quilt pattern, I’m definitely putting the book on my wish list! The view from my kitchen window is mostly bright green leaves and an ivy-covered fence. I plan on stringing up some outdoor lights there soon, to make doing dishes a little more cozy and festive πŸ™‚

  365. Laura Reich says:

    I can see our lemon tree and my kids swing set from my kitchen window.

  366. Deborah says:

    The view from my kitchen window right now includes a stunning Maple tree with fabulous fall color. There’s also lots of other yellow trees and evergreens….beautiful in either the sunlight or the rain.

  367. Brooke says:

    My copy of Elizabeth’s book is heading my way as we speak! So excited. Hmmm…the view from my kitchen window? An ugly swamp the HOA didn’t fix this summer. Ugh!

  368. Sally says:

    I love the view outside my window. I can see all our pumpkins trying to turn orange before Halloween. There are also quiet a few flowers and the front yard. I love looking out the window.

  369. Amanda says:

    The best view from my kitchen window is my husband pulling into the driveway bringing home dinner and wine!

  370. Andi says:

    Outside my kitchen window, a view of the harbor across the water. Nearer is our yard with the boys’ dump truck and digger next to a pile of mud, er, volcano.

  371. at the moment, all I look out to is my married-student-housing breezeway–but if I’m lucky, my kids’ shining faces are out there and joyful, so it’s a good compromise. thanks for the chance!

  372. Samina says:

    Our back yard abuts a “green zone” so I look out at trees & the occasional deer, hawks or owls that like to mosy on by.

  373. Erin says:

    The view out my kitchen window is of my woodsy driveway and my neighbor’s fence. A tree fell in our driveway during a recent storm and is eagerly awaiting becoming firewood for this coming winter.

  374. Rebecca says:

    My kitchen window looks out into my backyard. I can see my husband and children playing out there when I clean up after dinner. I love my view!

  375. Carrie says:

    The view from my kitchen window is where I can look outside in the front and watch my son attempt new tricks on his skateboard and making sure he doesn’t get hurt.

  376. Dawn says:

    My kitchen window has a great view of my raised bed garden and my many bird feeders. Plus the many squirrels stealing bird seed.

  377. Sharon says:

    Out my kitchen window I can see the front yard, lovely trees and grass that is beginning to brown for fall. My backyard window is the best view — our back yard, which my five grandchildren call “the forest” because we have six lovely/huge trees and they just love to be out there. Thanks for the chance to win some lovely fabric for my stash.

  378. Bonnie says:

    when I bought my house, everyone thought I was strange for planting in the middle of my yard, and putting a little pond just feet from the house. But now that my hard work blooms year round, people no longer wonder about my strange choices, for as I wash my dishes, I see a wonderous place of peace and tranquility. The pond had a bubbling fountain and the birds and squirrel visit it often, butterflies dance over the lantana placed at the ponds edge. There is also a little arch which surrounds the kitchen window and in the spring the roses climb and surround the window view with beautiful blooms. There is a feeder that hangs from the middle and the hummingbirds visit all day long. If you look further in the yard you see the pompass grass gently bowing in the wind. At night the sounds of love are in the air as the frogs call their loves to the pond. Yes I love enjoying the beauty of nature as I look out my Kitchen Window.

  379. Leslie says:

    From my kitchen window, I see fall. It is dreary, but somehow it makes you yearn for home. I see falling leaves, bird’s and squirel’s nests that were hidden until now. Beautiful mums and flowers that have faded away.

  380. monica says:

    hmmm the view from my kitchen window is now brighter as our trees just got trimmed. i quite preferred it before, as we had loads of lovely reddish japanese maple leaves filling my view before!

    i would love these lovely fall fabrics to make a quilt or table runner or something lovely and homey for fall!

  381. Angela says:

    I see my covered back porch out of my window. It’s got lots of shade and is surrounded by lots of trees and bushes. I also have my wooden chimes hanging there that sound so relaxing on a lazy day!

  382. Megan Hodge says:

    The view from my second floor kitchen window is leafy trees that are changing colors and all my neighbors gardens and laundry hanging out to dry.

  383. Sydney Simon says:

    wait – you have a window in your kitchen!? That sounds great! Beautiful fabrics and a fab quilt pattern — I’d love to combine the two.

  384. Erica says:

    From my kitchen window I can see fall turning the leaves in my small garden. Some flowers are left, I hope they will survive the first frost!

  385. Virginia says:

    My view is of my driveway, leaves blowing around and some trees before my neighbor’s house =) It’s a beautiful, sunny day today!

  386. Genevieve says:

    We have a gorgeous sunset maple that we can see from the kitchen. It’s BRIGHT red at the moment. Ah fall!


  387. Roberta says:

    Out my window I see my patio and my hammock and it calls to me so often πŸ˜‰

  388. Rebecca Carey says:

    The view from our kitchen window is of our lovely garden down to the veg patch and the chicken house and run!

  389. Deb says:

    The view out my kitchen window is of fields and cows grazing and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. i love the beauty!

  390. Sonja says:

    The view from my kitchen window is lame but everytime i look out i can see a crazy man cleaning his balcony. EVERYTIME! And i do look out of my kitchen window pretty often.

  391. Erica says:

    I live in urban Los Angeles, so the view from my window is a giant apartment building. Not too glamorous, but at least I have lots of windows so we have lots of light in our apartment.

    Love those fabric choices, and I just got The Practical guide to Patchwork in the mail and I am excited to try the patterns out!

  392. aimee says:

    Great giveaway, thanks!! My view right now is gorgeous fall foliage – inspiring!

  393. Anna says:

    i can see a frosted, natural tree line behind a patch of green frotsted grass, with a cute bird bath in front of them. and of course our neighbourhood cat peeking through, waiting for the kids to come out and play with him. πŸ™‚
    thanks for the chance!

  394. Natalie says:

    I’m looking out at the brick building next door from our kitchen window, so I much prefer the view of the trees from the other side of the house. This fabric would make a much better view!

  395. Paula says:

    My lovely small garden with all it’s autumn colours!

  396. Jessica C says:

    Neighbor’s fence and some grass. One day we plan to pull our fence forward and put a dog run in there, but for now it’s just grass.

  397. PaulaK says:

    My kitchen is in the middle of our house and has no window! When I am at the kitchen sink I look into the family room and behind me is the dining room. I like being part of everything that is going on in these two rooms while I prepare meals. Love that fat quarter bundle – now, when I am sewing I have a beautiful view of our 5 acres!

  398. From my kitchen window I see leaves falling in the forest. We’re mostly still green around here, but some brown leaves are falling all day long.

  399. Chris says:

    I have no kitchen window as I am away at college, but I will imagine one!

  400. Kara says:

    I live in an apartment, and sadly, I have no window in my current kitchen. My last apartment had a great window that allowed me to look out into the play yard of the Montessori school next door, and I really miss it!

  401. Ima says:

    Our kitchen window looks out on our garden, especcially on the little herb-patch I made a few years ago. Above those herbs is a bird feeder, which provides a spectacular view at the moment.

  402. Casey H. says:

    My view is my neighbour’s stucco…but everytime I look out I imagine the view from my future farmhouse.

  403. Stephanie S says:

    Out my kitchen window I see the leaves of our big elm tree just starting to change, our dog barking at a squirrel in the tree, and my daughter’s playset.

  404. Judith Hogan says:

    I live 20 minutes north of Victoria, British Columbia. My kitchen window faces south and I get a spectacular view of the mountains on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

  405. alexandra p. says:

    Our garden colours brown and orange. At the window, our cat waits patiently to get in, to take a nap in the sofa.

  406. Michelle says:

    The view from my kitchen window is pretty much the worst in our house… It looks directly into my neighbor’s living room. Maybe if I win this I can whip up this quilt and hang it over the window for a prettier view πŸ™‚

  407. mjb says:

    My kitchen window faces the street and my front yard, but it’s technically in the breakfast nook – my sink is not under a window!

  408. Evelyn says:

    Sadly my driveway and my next door neighbors fence. Nothing spectacular. Lucky me my hubby does most of the cooking.

  409. moira says:

    The view out my kitchen window is of my lovely neighbor sitting on her porch who sadly is dieing of cancer. I’ve wondered many times if 50 years from now I will be the elderly neighbor sitting on my porch being watched by a young mother in her house. I hope so.

  410. Carrie L says:

    I look out into our big yard with a pond behind the back fence. We live in the middle of the city, but we found this nice little street that doesn’t have neighbors in the back. It’s lovely!

  411. Kristin says:

    The view from my window is forest trees, golden leaves shining in the bright November sun and brilliant red Japanese Maple trees dancing in the cold breeze! Thanks for the reminder to stop and take it all in!!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  412. Crystal says:

    I love her blog! She is so wonderful and is VERY helpful with learning how to sew!! I so want this book!! I love how fresh this quilt is!!

  413. Andi says:

    My kitchen window looks out over our back deck and gardens. In the summer I watch the veggies grow, in the winter I watch the snow pile up, and in all seasons it is not unusual to spot deer running through the yard (and as long as they are running and not eating my plants I don’t mind them!)

  414. Brooke says:

    My view is to my back yard and driveway, and the neighbor’s front yard (corner lot). I spend alot of time there and love to be able to see the kids playing (when I can get them outside, that is).

  415. Amber G says:

    I just moved into an apartment, and while the view out my kitchen window isn’t overly amazing (the backs of other apartments across the courtyard, which itself is just grass with some bushes scattered around), the amount of light I get through the window is awesome! Very airy and outdoorsy feeling, and in the evening when the sun is about to set, my kitchen is bathed in very warm yellows and oranges.

  416. ellesquare says:

    At home, my kitchen view is the back yard. I just took down a rogue redbud tree that was growing in bush formation. It was pretty in the spring, but would never amount to much. PLUS it was growing right at the base of an amazing river birch. Now I can see the beautiful birch bark — the perfect focal point for my yard now that the summer blooms are gone.

  417. Kylie says:

    My kitchen window looks out over the backyard and the main pasture for my goats and horse. Usually I can see the chickens too, though right now they’re molting and look terrible.

  418. Heidi says:

    The view from my kitchen is an empty canola field. IT’s all harvested and covered in snow right now. IT’s wonderful that I can see all the way to the highway, but no houses in sight.

  419. Chancy says:

    Since I live in an apartment, my kitchen doesn’t have a window (so sad, I know). But the view from my parent’s kitchen window where I grew up is off the gigantic bird of paradise that they have. It has gotten so big, it’s taller than their house. I keep teasing them that they must live on top of a nuclear waste site because the bird of paradise is so awesomely, freakishly tall.

  420. Michelle says:

    We just moved to our first home (a condo) and our view is of two giant abandoned silos!

  421. amber! says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my neighbor’s back patio. It’s like 30 feet back from our patio door. Luckily they are a always keep the blinds shut tight type of family, so I can keep our windows open to let in all the fabulous sunshine.

  422. Katherine says:

    The foothills of the Sangre de Christo mountains in Santa Fe. I can see one snow topped peak in the far distance and a ton of cholla cacti in the foreground.

  423. my kitchen window view is not pretty: i see another house right in front of me. so i disguised it by sewing a very pretty little curtain which lets the light in but keeps the neighbors out πŸ˜‰

  424. Sudi-Laura Overstreet says:

    I looked at the FQ bundle, and immediately thought of the pumpkin patches I pass each day in our small town. The view from my kitchen window is directly into the woods. So, right now it is a mass of gold and orange. At dusk it looks as if it is a glow. Truly makes doing dishes enjoyable!!!

  425. Jen says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of the street in my neighborhood. I live on a military base. My window faces the street so i see my front yard and the house directly across the street from me. Nothing too exciting!

  426. Rebmara says:

    The view from my kitchen window is the street (for cyclists only), a green patch and the houses opposite, which are currently being reconstructed, to great pleasure of my youngest son who loves building vehicles πŸ˜‰

  427. I see a bunch of cars parked & grass outside my kitchen window!

  428. Tina Hansen says:

    Elizabeth’s kitchen window quilt is much more lovely than what I see from my kitchen window. From my window I look upon the block wall that separates my property from that of my neighbor. Also, I have perfect sightings of their tile roof!

    I would love to win the fabric–thank you.

  429. Emily says:

    There is a whole bunch of snow outside my window, time for some tea & crafting!!!

  430. Sharon M says:

    The view from my kitchen window is across our backyard and out over a field which is covered in hay bales right now.

  431. kristen says:

    LEAVES! Some raked into piles, some with paths plowed through them, some not raked at all. Twice they were raked to the curb, and there are still some on the tree. We are having a lot of fun with them πŸ™‚

  432. Erin Marie says:

    Our kitchen window allows us to peek into our neighbors backyard. We’re up half a story, so we can peek right over their fence. I’m short, otherwise I’d be able to see out on our deck…

  433. Carmen says:

    My current view is of lightly falling snow with about 3 inches on the ground. Winter is here!

  434. Jennifer O. says:

    Technically, I don’t have a kitchen window since I live in a condo. But my view out the living room/area window (which you can see from the kitchen) is of the street and people waiting for the bus directly outside.

  435. knitsewreadlove says:

    I see our summer garden which needs hoe-ing under and my very dirty toddler “helping” rake leaves. It’s just so much easier to rake leaves OUT of the pile than to form a new pile yourself! ;0)

  436. nikki says:

    the view from my kitchen window is usually the dogs romping through the overgrown grass in the backyard.

  437. Rachelle says:

    My kitchen window looks at my neighbors house. But the sliding glass doors look out over my back yard where my children play and then at a fabulous pond right beyond our fence where the geese gather. I love my view especially in the fall.

  438. dawn says:

    When my kids we young, I would look out my kitchen window at the playset my husband built. I could keep an eye on my girls. Now that they are grown, the area is turned into a garden with a bench.

  439. Ann says:

    I’m looking out to a fresh dusting of snow and three horses staring at me for grain!

  440. Krista says:

    Towering cedar and fir trees. It’s one of the reasons we bought this house.

  441. Sarah says:

    I have a gorgeous view of Pocatello hills and mountains from my kitchen window that I look at while I do my dishes. Yesterday they got their first dusting of snow!

  442. Lori says:

    The view from the kitchen window is the best part of the house. A six foot wide window opens the kitchen to the back pasture, view of the chickens, and frequent glimpses of visiting deer. Thanks for the giveaway – the fall-ish fabrics are PERFECT! πŸ™‚

  443. Heidi Myers says:

    saddly, I don’t have a kitchen window. One Day I hope to have one, with a view of the mountains, somewhere in the country, maybe a barn out there too

  444. ~Michelle~ says:

    The view from my kitchen window is our back patio, where I like to watch Norbert, our resident hummingbird, fend off his territory. My 2 cats also like to watch Norbert and his frenemies!

  445. Tobey sharpe says:

    While looking out my kitchen window this morning, I actually saw a possum waddling along!! Where was my big dog when I needed him to chase the darned thing away!!

  446. liz says:

    unfortunately, if the blinds are open, I look right into my neighbours kitchen. Not the stuff of dreams πŸ™‚

  447. Helen says:

    Hi – I look out of my kitchen window and see the swirling leaves of the ash tree as they fall in the autumn sunlight, beyond the hens scuffle up the bark searching for food. If I’m lucky I’ll see the red squirrel scampering in search of hazelnuts and yesterday the pair of jays returned to the garden. Happy days!

  448. Emily V says:

    The view from the kitchen is into the nook, which looks onto our backyard which is…concrete and rocks. It’s the reality of living in Phoenix. πŸ™‚ I prefer looking the other way from the sink, into the family room, which is where we play. Much happier!

    As always, I love Elizabeth’s color choices!

  449. Meg says:

    The view from my kitchen window is our backyard, which I love. I can watch my kiddos play and make dinner at the same time!

  450. DianeY says:

    My kitchen window looks into our patio area with lots of tropical plants & blooming ginger, hibiscus & a few other things. I love it & I love that it looks that way year round!

  451. Becky says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of our backyard including our tiny little upstart garden and on a good day, my girls giggling in the grass!

  452. Rita says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my neighbor’s back yard. They have a lot of potted tropical plants, so it isn’t terrible. It isn’t a view of mountains or rolling hills either.

  453. Kelly Irene says:

    I get to look out to a shared backyard and see the fruits of my neighbor’s labor (flower garden and bird feeder & bath full of birds)! Thanks for the chance to win.

  454. Jaclyn says:

    The view from my kitchen window is mostly my garage, but in between is my beautiful wood deck, and a large berry bush that turns the most amazing red in the fall.

  455. Clemma says:

    I am looking at our back yard covered with maple leaves, strewn with my kids’ outdoor toys, and squirrels playing on our bouncy corn line hanging from the tree.

    I LOVE this quilt pattern.

  456. Martina says:

    When I look out of the kitchenwindow I just see another building with other kitchenwindows. Thanks for the chance to win!

  457. Linda says:

    The view from my kitchen window looks out over part of our side yard. All the trees and plants make for a beautiful view while I’m washing dishes or prepping for meals. Love the fall colors!

  458. Connie says:

    The view out the window over the sink is tall evergreen trees blocking the view to the neighbors house. However, I can turn my head to the left and see through the patio doors in my backyard a water fountain and red roses on the fence.

  459. bookboxer says:

    I can see my neighbors’ driveway … wouldn’t a kitchen window quilt help out the view? Many thanks for the chance!

  460. beverly says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of our backyard. It’s small, with a big hill, but I can look at my garden & watch my kids play outside while doing the dishes. It’s so fun to spy on the kids when they think they are on their own.
    My kitchen window is my salvation during the winter. I can quietly do dishes & watch nature surviving the snow & cold.

  461. Katie says:

    Love that quilt!! There’s a really nice view from my little kitchen window. There’s a nice view of all the lovely palm trees and bushes, and in the morning the rays from the Galveston sunrise pour in.

  462. Bobbie23nc says:

    Out my kitchen window I see squirrels hurrying to plant acorns in the flower beds. They must not have a very good memory as I have to pull out numerous trees every spring.

  463. The view out of my kitchen window overlooks the backyard, a birdfeeder which is slightly vacant at the moment, the railroad tracks that are used for tour purposes only and occassionally you might glimpse a family of woodchucks. My dog really enjoys barking at the woodchucks!

  464. VickiT says:

    OH my gosh, I LOVE the bright colors in that quilt. Just beautiful.

    The view from my kitchen window is of my side yard where I have an apple tree and my lilac bushes that span the entire width of my entire yard. I sure wish lilacs bloomed much longer so I could enjoy the beautiful scent and gorgeous blooms. The apple tree though, especially this time of the year, bring lots of cardnials, blue jays, and shockingly enough for me living in the city limits – DEER, to come and snack on the apples now that they are ready. I love watching the birds and when the deer show up it’s so much fun watching them since they really should not be in the city. LOL They are great fun to watch though. I love my beatifully colored birds out the window that I can watch even more which is something I got from my Mom and her love of the outdoors.

  465. Noga says:

    What a wonderful quilt! The colors are stunning. Can’t wait to see the book.

  466. Crissy says:

    The view from my kitchen window isn’t great… I’d much rather see a scene made up from this palette!

  467. Kate K. says:

    The view from one of my kitchen windows is my backyard and the ongoing shenanigans of my two golden retrievers. One is sniffy about and chasing bugs. The other is sunning himself on the sidewalk. The view from my other kitchen window is my neighbors messy/junky side yard. Guess which kitchen curtains I keep closed:) The fat quarter selection is beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  468. JennX says:

    The view from my kitchen window is first our messy back porch (spiderman boots, 2 strollers, canning jars, coats on a rack, leftover supplies from our recently installed bathroom fan etc.) and then our backyard in all it’s fall glory- utterly covered in yellow leaves bordered by two 12foot high cedar hedges.

  469. Janet says:

    Unfortunately, my kitchen window looks right at our neighbor’s house and into HER kitchen window (though at a reasonable distance unlike many newer houses). We did build an arbor over our gate and planted a jasmine vine that has filled in beautifully – so there’s a little more to look at and it smells delicious when in bloom.

  470. Christiane says:

    The view is to the parking ground of our house, not so nice cars, but wonderful old trees ( oak and acorn) overlooking ecerything. Very relaxing view.

  471. Jenny says:

    I love my kitchen window view! I’ve been known to wash dishes by hand just to enjoy it. Having moved to a new town, we rented a house on the lake, so my view is spectacularly dappled with orange, red and gold in the rolling mountains and reflected in the calm lake. Brilliant.

  472. Tiffany says:

    I can see the parking lot from my kitchen window. I live near the university in college student housing so I try to park across from my window so I always know my car is safe. Its not a fun view… one day I will have a pretty view and maybe I can win these pretty FQs to make a kitchen window quilt that is much cheerier than the current kitchen window view I have πŸ™‚

  473. Celeste says:

    I have a backyard view from my kitchen window, so oftentimes I watch the children playing outside. I have also lined up a couple Pellegrino bottles to hold the sweet bouquets they bring inside.

  474. Molly says:

    Lovely! I would just love to win this set! When I look out my kitchen window I see what the neighbors are watching on their TV πŸ™

  475. kathy says:

    from my kitchen window i can see falling leaves and that dumb squirrel that loves to tease my dog into running all over the yard!

  476. Kristine says:

    My kitchen window faces my patio, which is pretty sad right now. It’s a small window, too, so I can only see some leaves from the nearby trees.

  477. Ellen says:

    The view from my kitchen window is… My neighbour’s kitchen window. πŸ™‚

  478. anna says:

    my view is of the bus going by, and an indian restaurant across the street, and a nice fat sliver of sky up the street.

  479. Tricia says:

    My kitchen window faces the backyard, so I can keep an eye out for the kids when they are happily bouncing on the trampoline.

  480. Anita says:

    The view from my kitchen is of the grass in my backyard and the big empty spot (except for weeds in spring) that we had intended to put a play structure. We have since changed our minds and are trying to figure it out – I hope we figure it out soon!

  481. Andrea says:

    The view from my kitchen window is not very exciting from the inside, but our neighbor’s ginger cat often sits on the windowsill and watches me cook or do the dishes, and he seems to enjoy the view from the *outside*… πŸ˜‰

  482. Dianne says:

    Sadly, I have no view from my kitchen because my kitchen has no windows. : (

  483. Maya says:

    The view from my kitchen window is filled with a few trees and bushes. It blocks my neighbors house. Ivy covers the ground around the trees and shrubs. It is a nice view. I can currently see the changing color of the fall leaves.

  484. Regina W says:

    My kitchen doesn’t have a window. But my dream kitchen would overlook a large yard with a beautiful garden and lots of grassy area for kiddos to play in. πŸ™‚

  485. Pattie C says:

    I love watching all the birds and small animals that visit my back garden with all the huge walnut and oak trees. We have deer, chipmunks, squirrels, owls, woodpeckers and many small birds that my cats love to watch and chase now and then.

  486. Sascha J. says:

    The view from my window is the University of Alberta campus… covered in a no-longer-fresh blanket of white snow.

  487. Julie says:

    My kitchen window gives me a slight glimpse of the ocean and beautiful sunsets…I love to stare out of it while cooking dinner after a long day in the office! Thanks for the giveaway!

  488. Sherri says:

    The view from my kitchen window is mostly our garage, concrete, and the neighbor’s. But I’ve tried to look on the bright side and realized that if we’re going to get rain (which I love) the clouds usually come from that direction…so I am always checking the sky from my kitchen window if there’s any chance of weather!

  489. Jen says:

    When I look out my kitchen window right now, I see our sweet gum tree in beautiful shades of orange and red. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  490. christine says:

    When I look out my kitchen window, I see a small koi pond with waterfall and if I am really lucky, I get to see a deer getting a sip of water. Love country living.

  491. Kimiko says:

    If only I had a kitchen window. Our condo doesn’t provide one. But, I can see my kiddos as I look out over the counter while I wash dishes…and really, seeing your little ones is a pretty precious view.

  492. Lisa H. says:

    The view from my kitchen looks out to a small raised garden which has some bushes and some (past-their-prime) tomato plants. I think I should pull those out!

  493. MeganAnne says:

    From my kitchen I look out to see little houses tucked into the hillside. And above them, fog rolling over the hills and the sun lighting up the tops of the clouds with a warm glow against the pale blue afternoon sky.

  494. erin d. says:

    well, i live in a condo so the view from my kitchen is my kitchen wall πŸ™‚ but around the corner are some beautiful floor to ceiling windows that let it a bunch of light and a beautiful view of magnolia trees that are always green πŸ™‚

  495. byllya says:

    Wow, I love that FQ bundle! I may have to buy it if I can’t win it! Today, I see a lot of SNOW outside my kitchen window. It is the first snow of the year and simply beautiful–definitely feels like a stay inside and sew day.

  496. Joelle Lambert says:

    I see dust streaks from the gravel dust being kicked up by workmen and the dogs. They are about to get a fake lawn to play on and I am hoping to get a cleaner house and a nicer view. In the meantime, I love looking at the fabric!

  497. Andy says:

    I have a window conveniently located over the sink, looking out into our backyard. An ideal spot for daydreaming while washing dishes πŸ™‚

    In addition to the bird feeder mounted outside the window, we’ve got plenty of squirrels, and I always keep my eye out for visiting rabbits.

  498. Sara K. says:

    Sadly the only window I have in my kitchen looks directly into the ugly laundry room/office… sad, I know! No windows looking outside… maybe if I could make a kitchen window quilt, I could hang that in my “window” and look at something pretty instead! It might make washing my dishes a lot more enjoyable :).

  499. Renee says:

    Out my kitchen window I frequently see a couple of deer – having a breakfast of whatever I’ve recently planted, or sampling the wild huckleberries that grow everywhere near my house.

  500. Kiza says:

    Very pretty fabrics!

    Our kitchen window looks out on the beginnings of our butterfly garden. It’s peaceful and serene. πŸ™‚

  501. Lorrie Orr says:

    Grey skies and rain are visible from my kitchen window today. Three big evergreens on the golf course across the street are swaying in the wind. That’s my kitchen window view.

  502. Jill says:

    The view from my kitchen is across a beautiful valley to a truly majestic mountain range. I am so lucky! Thanks for the chance to win this fabric!

  503. maureen says:

    i wish i could say i have more of a view but living in a dc rowhouse means i only look at a fence & brick wall from my kitchen window. luckily, views of the capitol dome are just steps outside my front door.

  504. Jen V says:

    My kitchen window is a pop-out window where I have my own little jungle of house plants. It looks into the neighbor’s woodland yard where we often spy deer & raccoons and once even a hawk feasting on carrion just ten feet away. Our house plants give us camouflage so that we can observe unnoticed.

  505. Nancy says:

    The view from my kitchen window is, well dirt and a fence. But someday (soon I hope) I’ll have a few garden boxes along that side of my yard so I’ll be able to view the yummy things growing in my garden from my kitchen window. Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway.

  506. Shira says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of the path to my house… I can watch over people who are entering the house πŸ™‚

  507. Alisa says:

    I see green grass, my pink and white impatiens which are surprisingly still blooming, as well as my maple tree which is turning colour.

  508. Sequana says:

    I look out my 3rd story kitchen window and see the back yards of houses and two-flats all in a row, unless it’s summer and the tree outside my window is full of leaves. *S* Then I see that.

  509. Amy says:

    I don’t have a kitchen window! I have a view of my black painted apartment white wall. You can make me not feel so bad about my lack of view by letting me win these gorgeous prints!

  510. Zrinka says:

    Ha! my kitchen winow looks straight into the wall of our neighbors house and into his back yard. Not very useful (here in Venice, CA houses are Very close together).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  511. patricia says:

    I love the Kitchen Windows quilt! My kitchen window looks out on our back yard where our dog and little girls play.

  512. Vicki says:

    I can see my bird feeders! They’ll be busy soon:)

  513. Nancy Lewis says:

    From my kitchen window, I can see my backyard, my garden, and my quilting studio: all the places I love.

  514. Theresa says:

    We just moved, and now we look over a swimming pool instead of a parking lot – much better!

  515. Our house sits about an acre back from our road so my view fromt he kitchen window is lots of grass and trees (complete with swings in them). Pretty simple view but boy are the trees putting on a show this fall!!

  516. Annette says:

    The view from my kitchen window is our backyard, which actually has snow in it right now! I love it, because I love winter, and the kids love it too, they play outside ALL DAY!!

  517. Holly U says:

    Our kitchen window looks out onto the patio and back yard. A wonderful thing for the mom of a solo toddler who has room to play outside where I won’t mind his mess while I make dinner.

  518. Vera says:

    The view out my kitchen window is framed with some lace curtains that my aunt in Switzerland bought for me. i look out onto an arbor with evergreen clematis cascading down. In summer there are assorted flowers as well

  519. Deb DeChurch says:

    I look out on the busy street we live on. Sometimes friends will be stopped at the traffic light and beep their horn at me inside cooking dinner!

  520. Lindsay says:

    When I look out my kitchen window, I see our chicken coop, and my son looking to see if we have any new eggs! I love my view!

  521. Beth N says:

    I don’t exactly have a kitchen window – we lost it when we added on an eating area. But when I stand at my sink I can look thru the window of the eating area and see the back yard fence. On the fence are hanging a glazed clay Madonna & Child and a St. Francis with a bird. I gave them to my grandmother years and years ago. Now she is gone, but they are with me and so a bit of her is with me, outside that window. Always helps to balance out the view of the weedy grass, just below the fence. lol

  522. Kate says:

    I have a nice suburban view out my kitchen window. I see out into a grouping of four back yards with many mature trees and bushes. Two big beautiful maples are turning bright red! This is my favorite time of year to do dishes!

  523. Michelle Keenlyne says:

    I can see the beautiful fall colored leaves falling into my not-so-clean anymore pool. Oh well. Atleast the colors make it worth the work cleaning up.

  524. Danielle says:

    I love the view out my kitchen window – beautiful Rocky Mountains, the lake, and the animals that come to visit (deer, hawks, geese, coyotes, etc.)

  525. Shirley Clark says:

    This quilt is beautiful! When I look out my kitchen window, I see across my patio into my back yard. Depending on the time of year, I may see my Bridal Wreath bush blooming, or my daylilies in the spring.
    In the winter we plant pansies, and at various times my rose bushes bloom according to how warm it is. We live in a warm climate. I just love my yard and the view from my patio.

  526. Kelly B. says:

    The view from my kitchen window is into my backyard where I watch squirrels torment my dogs by screeching at them and throwing acorns–I’m not kidding!

  527. liz says:

    I look throuugh the hallowee’n decorations out to the boys playing hockey on the dtreet

  528. Andria says:

    My view from the kitchen window is my backyard and usually my pups out there running around. Now, I get to look at my fence that was taken out by a tree in a storm 2 days ago.

  529. It is snowy outside my kitchen window!

  530. Jessica h says:

    Out of my kitchen window I see a small hill covered in bark, an oak tree, the neighbor’s house, and most of the time people walking looking in my window!

  531. Emily C says:

    The view from my kitchen window just got better…We’ve been in our house for a year and just barely got our backyard put in. Now instead of seeing dirt and rocks I see a real yard — with grass!!!

  532. Kristin says:

    I don’t have a kitchen window πŸ™ But from my dining room I have a great view of the parking lot!

  533. Sonia B says:

    My kitchen window hosts a view of new SNOW this morning. I’m not ready for winter, but I guess winter means more quilting, right?! Thanks for the chance.

  534. Abby says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have a window in our kitchen…major bummer. But if I spin around I can see out our door into the wonderful park behind our apartment. Lovely in all seasons!

  535. carrie says:

    My kitchen window looks out on a honeysuckle vine that is climbing up the side of our garage. Hummingbirds love honeysuckle and frequently stop there for a meal.

  536. From my kitchen window:
    Pitt bull
    Cement blocks
    And in the mornings: the most wonderful desert sunrises.

  537. Jenny says:

    What a lovely Fat Quarter pack! I can’t wait to check out Elizabeth’s new book.

    We eat dinner every night right in front of our kitchen window. It faces the side wall of neighbor’s house and her yard. In the summer, when we had the window open and our neighbor was watering her plants, my 3-yr-old loved to yell out “HI! HI!” during dinner time until she noticed him and waved…

    The quilt is absolutely lovely. Thank you for the giveaway!

  538. marilyn podoll says:

    If you lean way out you can see Puget Sound. and pretty sunsets

  539. Kelly says:

    Our kitchen looks out to the front of our house. What I really love is the view of the sunsets. We have had some spectacular sunsets – and I would have missed them if not for the window in our kitchen.

  540. MzTallulah says:

    Looking out of my kitchen window, I see my downstairs neighbours’ garden (I so envy them), trees and gardens, strolling cats and chirping birds.

  541. Paulina says:

    When i look outside the window i can see my garden.. and sometimes deers and hares walking there. They’re very cute animals but when they start to eat my raspberries it’s not so splendid view anymore ;).

  542. Laura says:

    The view from my kitchen window improved last month when my husband built me a waterfall and flower garden. Now when I’m not admiring it myself, I also see my dog staring at the fish in the little pool or chasing the squirrels away when they try to dig up the bulbs.

  543. Lara says:

    From my kitchen window I get a great view of the sunset and my crepe myrtle tree which hangs by the window and is gorgeous in the summer!

  544. Suzanne says:

    I LOVE the quilt and can NOT wait to get my hands on the book!

  545. Nicole says:

    It’s been awhile since I was able to see out my kitchen window (pregnancy bedrest), but I can see my patio and son’s swing-set, with woods in the background. I can usually see my husband and son shooting their bows & arrows at hay bales too…

  546. Andrea in AK says:

    Kitchen window…if only I had one! My kitchen in an eat-in and through the eat-in window I can see the beautiful Prince William Sound.

  547. Anna says:

    The view out my window is of a beautiful mesquite tree, mountains on the horizon and city lights between the two. I get to see the Arizona sunsets! I’m happy with it. Love the chosen fabrics together!

  548. Michelle Fuller says:

    From my kitchen window is the side yard where our second garage door is and the trash can. Not the greatest of views, the only time I like it is when my husband gets home and I can see him coming through the gate with a big smile on his face because he’s happy to be home.

  549. Bertha says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of my driveway. Not very exciting, but at least I know when people get here!

  550. Katy Yo says:

    My neighbor’s house is the view from my kitchen window. They always keep their curtains closed, though. πŸ˜‰

  551. Hilary says:

    My current kitchen window view is of the bricks leading to the roof of my neighbor’s house. The red of the bricks against blue skies is really lovely.

    There is also a giant window between the kitchen and my bedroom. I have a Frank Lloyd Wright statue in it, as well as cookbooks. Beyond it I see my desk and computer as well as light from the windows in the back of the house.

    This quilt is outstanding!

  552. Melinda R says:

    I look out at a fence. I live near the beach so the lots are long and skinny.

  553. Jennifer Barclay says:

    I have sliding glass doors in my kitchen with a view of Mount. Timpanogos. This morning it looks like the mountains have put on their lace dresses as we have a small dusting of snow. It’s beautiful and I never get sick of looking out.

  554. Shelia says:

    I need to win because the view from our kitchen window is just the neighbors..lol. So i need a beautiful quilt to make up for it.

  555. Erin M. says:

    I view a painted cement deer that the previous owner made and my kids love so we can’t get rid of.

  556. Kate Young says:

    The view from my kitchen window is so special. I can see right into my horses stalls. I love standing at the sink and there they are looking back at me! I painted my kitchen two years ago and I still have not chosen window treatments. I love the view so much I don’t want to cover it up!

  557. monique says:

    When I look out of my kitchen window I look down and into my neighbour’s kitchen. I can even tell what sort of dish she is making for dinner. Thankfully they close their blinds a lot so I don’t feel like I’m being nosy! (I live in Vancouver, BC, not too far from the beach but the density is quite high – small tradeoffs)

  558. Sharon says:

    I love the variegated green foliage outside my kitchen window.

  559. Tiffany says:

    Out my kitchen window are morning doves roosting in the trees next to the shed. Occassionally, our Golden Retriever’s rear-end and wagging tail can be seen up in the air as she lowers her head and tries to get at the rabbits nesting under said shed:)

  560. Lisa says:

    I don’t really have a window in my kitchen. I live in an apartment and from the kitchen I can see out my sliding glass doors onto my deck. There’s a large patch of grass out there – and my cat just sits there watching… and waiting… for something to come along!

  561. Susan says:

    The view from my kitchen window consists of a purple Bougainvillea meandering across my side yard fence, with my neighbors cactus growing ever taller every year framed by the side of their garage. Thankfully the garage is painted a lovely shade of pewter-beige and therefore sets off the sunlight rather nicely into my kitchen.

  562. well, the few from our kitchen window isn’t spectacular…
    in the summer i am lucky to see the green tree between our house and the neighbour’s – in winter i see the neighbour’s dining room and they can look right into my window. maybe some curtains would help??? maybe if i could win the fat4 pack? would love to! greetings from stuttgart/germany! conny

  563. Erica says:

    I don’t have a kitchen window. =( But my dream view would be out into my back yard where I would see my dog running around and freshly laundered sheets hanging from a clothesline!

  564. Jacqueline says:

    From my kitchen window I get to look out our small waterfall and pond built into our hillside. The best thing though is watching our dachshund chasing the squirrels up the tree and them him patrolling the base of the tree waiting for them to come back down. The squirrels are really good at taunting my poor dog.

  565. Rachel says:

    Outside my kitchen window I see our birdfeeder and all the birds (and squirrels) that feed at it.

  566. Debra says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of the neighbors house. Not too nice but she plants beautiful flowers!

  567. Kristy V. says:

    The view from our kitchen looks into our neighbors kitchen. Thats city life for you!

  568. Kimberly says:

    My Elizabeth book is arriving today and I am so excited! This quilt is beautiful. Out my window I see dozens (and I am not exaggerating) of squirrels chasing each other and hoarding hickory nuts from our trees.

  569. Nichole says:

    I have a beautiful view of fall colored trees out my kitchen window. Beautiful collection of fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win.

  570. Karen says:

    The view from my kitchen window changes daily since I live in an RV and am traveling from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to Payne Lake Campground in southwestern Alabama. Right now I am enjoying the view of Humphrey’s Peak in Flagstaff–it has a dusting of snow and some puffy clouds hovering nearby.

  571. Kristie says:

    Outside my kitchen window is a little covered deck and then the neighbor’s house. Not exactly the beautiful water view I grew up with in the country.

  572. Margarida says:

    I haven’t got any window, but I have a door, and from there I can see and reach lemons from an old lemon tree, yellow plums in the summer and the shade of a wallnut tree πŸ™‚ I can see a little garden as well with roses and hibiscus :-)))

  573. Alyssa says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of the beautiful Arizona desert! I love to see all the bunnies and quail running around and playing.

  574. Emily says:

    My kitchen window looks right at the kid’s playhouse. That way I can get something done while keeping watch on the little ones!

  575. Meg says:

    The view from my kitchen window is our deck (now denuded of furniture for the winter), our pool (covered for the winter), and a riot of color from our oak and maple trees. Fall in New England–can’t be beat!

  576. Carissa says:

    The view out our kitchen window is really quite lovely for a rental. We have a nice view of a pond and surrounding field that attracts birds in the spring and fall. Of course if you look too far to the left you have a rather unattractive view of the interstate zipping by. I just don’t look that way. πŸ™‚

  577. I’m looking at naked trees, paper birch and green ash. and my wrapped up beehive. Poor chilly bees.

  578. Melisa says:

    I see leaves blowing like small tornadoes and sunshine breaking through the almost naked trees.

  579. Tanya Barrett says:

    The view from my kitchen window looks into my neighbours dining room window. So i try not to look out it too much!

  580. Megan says:

    I love the view from my kitchen window! We live adjacent to an environmentally protected area that is filled with trees and wildlife. I get to see birch, fir and filbert trees along with squirrels, deer, a huge variety of birds and even coyotes!

  581. Christine says:

    Out my kitchen window is a large tree starting to change colour and mostly hiding the large church across the street from my view!

  582. Janelle says:

    From my kitchen window, I can see beautiful pine trees and our flock of chickens running around and digging in the dirt. They’re fun to watch. πŸ™‚ Those fabrics are gorgeous!

  583. Deb says:

    If I look out my kitchen window, I see a Bird of Paradise – not in bloom – California wildflowers in purples and yellows – towering palm trees – bright red geraniums – blue sky and sun…and my back neighbor’s morning glories, trying to come in and take it over!

  584. Trudy McLaughlin says:

    I can see my large fenced back yard that really needs some work,the neighbors house sporting a new roof and their ugly R.V.

  585. Aditi says:

    The view from my kitchen is through the back door that leads out onto the deck, beyond which I can see trees, trees, and more trees. Particularly gorgeous in the fall when they’re all yellow.

  586. Aditi says:

    The view from my kitchen is through the back door that leads out onto the deck, beyond which I can see trees, trees, and more trees. Particularly gorgeous in the fall when they’re all yellow.

  587. Sarah says:

    Living in a townhouse, I sadly don’t have a kitchen window… but the view out the dining room is of the deck with all my potted plants and where my dog loves to lay in the warm sun!

  588. jennifer says:

    What a great fat quarter pack! From my kitchen window I look my pear tree that produces the sweetest juiciest pears, yum! Right now I also get to enjoy all of the fall leaves that are floating around my neighborhood.

  589. Karen C says:

    I see my neighbor’s shrubs, and irises in the spring.

  590. Lindsey says:

    These are gorgeous! From my kitchen window you can see the very top of a hydrangea bush and our deck, which is currently decorated with potted mums and pansies and pumpkins waiting to be carved! Fall is my favorite time of year.

  591. Pam T. says:

    The view out my kitchen window is of huge California oak trees, a grassy slope where the deer graze and an occasional fox pops a head up! I can also see my favorite potted citrus trees and flowers grouped around the trees and pool.

  592. Jane says:

    my kitchen window looks out onto some trees that separate my house from my next door neighbor. I love these trees because I usually see a wide variety of birds hanging out in the branches.

  593. Mimi says:

    The view from my kitchen window is a lush green lawn, lined with magnolia trees.

  594. Carla says:

    The view from my kitchen window is a woodland view, and if I’m lucky, sometimes a deer wandering through!

  595. Erika M says:

    I see my Neighbor’s bedroom from my kitchen window. These fabrics are wonderful!

  596. Jerimi says:

    From my kitchen window, I see a Quaking Aspen just planted this Fall. It’s from my mom’s house in the mountains. We have two pink flamingos under it because we thought it might miss its buddies from the hillside.

  597. Stacy says:

    I don’t have a window in my kitchen. How’s that for a view? πŸ™

  598. Haley says:

    My view is of the lovely trees in my back yard. πŸ™‚

  599. Andrea H says:

    If I turn around from the stove, I can see a blue spruce that grows outside and the rest of our lovely apartment which we’ve turned into a home.

  600. Kathryn says:

    The view from my kitchen window is beautiful Texas trees and a lake in the distance. I love being on the third floor for the view.

  601. Kristy says:

    From my kitchen window you can see the back yard with the sparse grass that has taken us 3 years to grow! Also our vegetable garden and the lake across the street (in the fall when there are no leaves on the trees!).

  602. Larissa says:

    Like most I get to dream that I can look out my kitchen window at our hobby farm with kids having a blast with animals and such, but for now I get to stare at our suburban parked in our garage. πŸ™‚

  603. Jolene says:

    I see gnarly Mayday tree which has lost its leaves, and an expanse of still-green lawn.

  604. Linda says:

    Out my kitchen window I see the stump of the once massive and beautiful willow that used to enclose my back yard in privacy and coziness. Still pondering what might go in its place…

  605. Papgena says:

    The view from my kitchen window is fields, a new hospital that is being building and mountains at distance with a santuary on the top.

  606. Connie says:

    I look out into the beautiful red maple leaves of the trees in my yard and west to the hills of the city and sunset.

  607. Jill C says:

    There’s an apartment building about 15 feet from my kitchen window. While not too scenic, it’s city living, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  608. Marie says:

    The view from my kitchen window is the sidewalk. It is always interesting to be doing the dishes and see the many different feet/people that walk by.

  609. jes says:

    our view from our kitchen window overlooks our back yard currently full of tree leafs and chipmunks. If your lucky you can watch big grandpa possum walk over the yard to our neighbors yard. Our yard is full of trees which I love love the shade we have.

  610. Liz says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of a rural state highway, and beyond that, our one acre farm pond and distant hills. The leaves are mostly down now, but it’s still lovely.

  611. Eileen says:

    The view from my kitchen window is the fog hanging over the the orange, red and yellow leaves of the trees.

  612. Alisa says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my front yard and the cul-de-sac that we live on. πŸ™‚

  613. Kristy says:

    my kitchen window looks right onto a neighbors wall and yard but it’s fun to watch their dogs antics in that yard or wave to them when they’re out playing ball

  614. Ann says:

    Nice view looking at the backyard – deck and pool. Previous owner did wonderful landscaping which sold me on the house. Wonderful fall colors here in Michigan.

  615. Beautiful fabric combination. The view out my kitchen window is to my backyard, which I love.

  616. from my kitchen, i see a house across the street, leaves on our grass, the occasional deer, and my three lovely little ones riding bikes and laughing.
    thank you for the chance to win.

  617. Rebecca says:

    One day I’ll have a kitchen window. And when I do, hopefully, I’ll see green grass, children playing and a playset! πŸ™‚

  618. Jessica says:

    Not a great view here…neighbors’ grill, sometimes their cars. But the kitchen is newish, so I’m OK with it!

    Lovely fabrics and quilt, as always.

  619. Amy says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of a spider prepping her breakfast πŸ™‚

  620. Jennifer says:

    My kitchen has 5 windows! It’s bright and you can see up and down my whole street!

  621. Cameron H says:

    Ooh, I love everything Elizabeth does! There is no window in my kitchen except the door that goes out to the porch, so my view is my son playing out there.

  622. Erin says:

    A big tree, already stripped of its leaves…

  623. Larissa says:

    I see a lot of trees and my neighbor’s house.

  624. Pamela V says:

    I love having a kitchen window over the sink. I stand there and watch the birds at our feeders. I see the late blooming of the roses, lovely in front of the harvest colors of the ornamental grasses. The 8″ rain deficient caused by the drought of the summer will be helped by yesterday’s storm that has taken many of the leaves off our pear, maple and plum trees.

  625. so we added chickens says:

    our tiny kitchen window looks out on the back lawn, and just before the woods you can see the flower bed (with a great hardy daisy-esqu flower blooming right now). Soon the leaves will all be gone and we will be able to see the lights from the house on the other side of the woods at night.

  626. elsa says:

    the view from my kitchen window is trees and the sky! I live on the top floor of my duplex and I’m lucky enough to have this beautiful view … feel like I’m in a tree house sometimes. Actually every window I look out there is a generous grouping of trees … I’m so happy to live in Portland, Oregon where there is so much green!

  627. Rachel O. says:

    Sadly, there is no window in my kitchen but the view from the window in my sewing room overlooks the parking lot of my apartment building and the lovely yard of the neighbors across the street. They always have the most beautiful flowers.

  628. yvonne says:

    Looking out my kitchen window I can see the house across the street, cars driving by and people walking past. All this because I am on the corner.

  629. Virginia says:

    Well I don’t have a window in my kitchen. πŸ™ LA living for you, but my dining room window looks out onto my patio which is in a very sad state these days. It’s on my to-do list to spruce up.

  630. Jocelyn says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! I would love a shot to win.
    The view out my kitchen window is acres of trees turning fabulous fall colors as far as the eye can see!

  631. Lindsey says:

    The view from my kitchen window is the backside of the other apartments! But I have a lovely window box that I get to decorate and it’s full of colored glass and pretty trinkets. πŸ™‚

  632. Amanda says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of my front yard which is beautiful last night with the colored leaves scattered. If I stand at just the right angle I can also see the the mountains.

  633. Megan York says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. The view out our kitchen window isn’t too thrilling – trees that separate our property from our neighbor’s. But the view out the kitchen (back) door is of our yard with a giant garden. And at this point all that’s left are the pumpkins :).

  634. Addy says:

    I look out at the creek in our backyard, which sometimes is inhabited by a beautiful blue heron.

  635. Rita says:

    those fabrics are beautiful. Right now I see the trees, and grass and sidewalk, turning orange and red.

  636. Cristina says:

    I have two views from two different kitchen windows. The first one is at my apartment, and right now it is overlooking a beautiful historic (mid 1800s) neighborhood lined with orange and red colored maple trees.
    The other view is at the house I’m remodeling (and will be living in soon). This view overlooks the forest, my hammock, and my clothesline.

  637. Betsy says:

    The view from my window is of the mountains and the sun rising (when you can see it behind all of the coastal clouds!). What a treat this pack would be!

  638. marie says:

    Right now, the view out the kitchen window is wind, wind, wind. This afternoon this could morph into snow, snow, snow…time to start on some quilting projects!

  639. Kelly Jo says:

    Since my kitchen opens to my living room – I get to watch my daughter and hubby play while I cook dinner!! But out the small window in my kitchen is the woods, which are so beautiful with their golden yellows, oranges and reds! I love the colors of the fall so much!

  640. Lori says:

    My kitchen window looks out over the neighbor’s driveway and into their backyard… but it is right over my sink and it’s tall and wide and fills my room with light, so I can’t complain!

    The above photo is stunning, and I’m sure the fabric Elizabeth chose for her Designer’s Pack will be just as lovely!

  641. Paula L. says:

    From my kitchen window I see pine trees and my dog sleeping in the grass πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance!

  642. Bethany says:

    The view from my kitchen window includes a lovely little tree and, when the window is open, the tinkling of a dainty windchime. Oh, and also the neighbor’s house. Nothing spectacular, but I love it anyway because my last 4 houses did not have kitchen windows. I’m movin’ on up!

  643. Carmen says:

    Love these prints!

    We just installed a new bird feeder, so our kitchen window view has been graced with bluejays, cardinals, sparrows, pigeons, and a whole lot of squirrels who climb the pole each morning and dive their noses right in. It’s really great!

  644. megan says:

    I’m still dreaming of the day when I have a kitchen window. From my apartment kitchen I only see my display of china hanging on the wall. My boyfriend and I have been saving up to purchase a home within the next year or so! But I’d imagine my kitchen window looking out to a lush green yard where one day I’ll see my future children play.

  645. Maribeth says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of my neighbor’s house, but she is a great gardener and has beautiful perennials planted along the side of the house. Off to the left is her huge vegetable garden and raised beds. With fall in full swing, the old trees in the yard are the same colors as the fabric giveaway-I love the colors!

  646. Annie says:

    I live in an apartment, so the view from my window is the apartment parking lot. My cat loves it, because she can watch the 6 parking lot cats all day long! πŸ™‚

  647. duff says:

    Skilled eye is right–these fat quarter mixes are always beautiful!
    I don’t have a kitchen window (it’s the “heart” of the home) so while I’m washing dishes I’m usually dreaming of Mexico with its warm, sandy beaches and amazing guacamole!

  648. Katie says:

    My view right now looks out to two sweet kitties basking in the sun!

  649. Ms. Fine says:

    I don’t have a kitchen window! So there!–that’s because my kitchen/dining is part of the great room–so there are a zillion windows there. It’s largely a view of some grass and a whole lotta retaining wall–and I’ve planted lovely rock covering plants in a variety of purples, so it looks gorgeous in the spring. I tried to plant roses on the top terrace but none of them took. Sigh. This morning, my view was SNOW

  650. Jen says:

    Unfortunately the view from my kitchen window isn’t that nice. The street and the apartments across the street!

  651. Amanda Mason says:

    I have a view of my small garden from my kitchen window. Right in front of the window is a wooden trough made by my 88 yr old Grandfather which is filled with winter bedding plants which I hope will flower & give me something colourful to look out on during the winter months. Further down my garden is a wooden deck with lots of pot plants and finally .I can see my daughter’s rabbit hutch & bunny hopping around her run. I would love to have a chance at winning these fabrics & already have Elizabeth’s book on pre-order!

    Amanda x

  652. Joy says:

    From my kitchen window I can see the swingset that my 4 year old daughter loves so much. It is so fun to watch her hang upside down from the top, giggling as her dad comes running to stop her before she falls. I love the view from my kitchen window.

  653. Sara says:

    The view from my window would be of the ocean with my son and dog running through the sand with daddy! Right now, not so much!

  654. Blossom says:

    My kitchen window faces my backyard. There’s a brick wall behind my backyard, and the wall is covered with different vines and plants and flowers, depending on the time of year – ornamental grasses in the fall, trumpet flower vines, morning glories, and wildflowers in the summer, golden leaves in the fall, and snow covered branches in the winter. I love seeing the foliage and flowers change with the seasons, and it seems that a new flower or plant pops up on the wall every year.

  655. Lindsey says:

    When I look out my kitchen window I see the swing set that our soon to be baby will someday play on, I see the grass that we get to run on, the fields of crops that we get to discover, and I see the earth that God has given us to nurish. The view from my kitchen window is full of love.

  656. Katrina says:

    Love these fall colors!
    The other day my 22 month old daughter and I were going out in our backyard. She paused and then said “look Mama – rainbows!”. I stopped and looked around. She was right – the setting sun had turned the sky pink and orange, which set off the reds, golds, and greens on the trees. A truly magical moment!

  657. Amanda says:

    Our kitchen window looks out over our back yard. It’s not big, but its enclosed by hedges on the left side and trees along the back and right side. A little patio area is up against the back of the house and there’s a cute patio set with a grass-hut style umbrella. It’s a nice little hide-a-way. πŸ™‚

  658. We live in a basement apartment so the view from our kitchen window is a large bush that is now covered in snow. Since winter is here, I would love to win the window packs so I can make a blanket to keep us warm!

  659. Debra says:

    Those fabrics would work perfectly for a quilt I’m designing right now! The view from my kitchen window is of a field of clover, that is not good for the allergies and we are in the midwest so it is blowing like crazy it out here right now. Since there aren’t any trees though, we have beautiful sunset views though!

  660. simone says:

    Lovely fabrics, lovely quilt!

  661. Lauren says:

    As an apartment dweller, there are no windows in my kitchen. All I have to look at is the backsplash.

  662. Mary Lou says:

    We have a huge bay window in our kitchen that looks over the back yard and into the back pasture. We see birds and deer and horses through our kitchen window.

  663. Jennie says:

    Ooooh pretty. I don’t like most of the theme-type fabrics for fall, but I do like this bundle.

  664. ChickenJulie says:

    Oh, I love my house, but I have a galley kitchen, which is an interior room. It’s the one thing that I actually *hate* about my home.

  665. my view is great!!!! I get to overlook a garden courtyard with tree’s and ivy everywhere.

  666. Jane Swanson says:

    THe view from my kitchen window looks out on my beautiful garden and sprawling backyard. However, when you get to the chain link fence there is a graveyard, which looks pretty spooky this time of year, so I really need this cheery pack of fat quarters to brighten up the view!

  667. Deborah S. says:

    I love the view out of my kitchen window each morning. Palm trees swaying and the mountains of the California desert. Rocky, yet majestic with changing colors each hour as the sun moves across the sky.

  668. Amy Newbold says:

    Hmm. . the view from my kitchen window isn’t pretty, currently you see a big blue tarp from the neighbor’s patio. Before you saw them fattening up rabbits to eat and their (5) dogs running around. If you catch them around Thanksgiving, they have live turkeys that are walking around waiting for the sad 4th thursday. I need a better view.

  669. Kathy Burley says:

    The view out my kitchen window is lovely all year round – as there are several live trees that change colors with the seasons, and a dead tree that often showcases beautiful woodpeckers! Also while looking out my kitchen window, I often see my dog sneaking over to the neighbors for a sneaky treat,

  670. Kathy H says:

    I have a nice view of beautiful maples changing colors right now. We usually have some deer passing through too.

  671. craftytammie says:

    gorgeous picks as always! my kitchen window view is awesome. from it, i can see glimpses of the lake below, watch our kiddos play on the swingset & sandbox daddy built them, or just gaze at the treetops and blue sky. i love my view!

  672. Kimberly says:

    Unfortunately, the view from my kitchen window is just me neighbor’s wall. Not too exciting! I love the quilt and the oranges in the fabrics she chose are gorgeous. I love me some orange fabric!

  673. pia says:

    My kitchen window looks out on our little urban garden, our neighbor’s yard and a parking lot that you never know what you’re going to see if when you peek out.

  674. Alexandra says:

    I don’t have a kitchen window. πŸ™ But If I did it would look onto an orchard.

  675. Kaelin says:

    I don’t enjoy looking OUT my window because the view is of the side of a building, but I do enjoy looking AT my window because I made some cute curtains out of Good Folks Small Gathering in Sea!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  676. Joyce B says:

    The view from my kitchen window is just beautiful this morning. I look over the fields at the wonderful colors of the trees, and in my back yard I have a gorgeous sugar maple tree, the leaves are a vibrant orange. Would love to win the fat quarter pack to make the kitchen window quilt to last all year. Thanks so much for the offer.

  677. Mary Read says:

    Our kitchen window looks out onto the back yard. My cats spend a good portion of the day fighting to sit in the window so they can keep tabs on all of the squirrels.

  678. Miquela says:

    the view from my kitchen window…hmmm…besides my two very large dogs, I get to see a beautiful mountain covered in snow! A new quilt would be wonderful!

  679. Patti Tyrell says:

    Rain, rain, rain, and leaves galore. And some sorry plants that have to be relieved of duty for the winter. This bundle will go along way toward improving the view in my kitchen!

  680. HeatherBC says:

    The view from my window… leaves falling from trees, the lake blue & glistening.

  681. The view from my kitchen window is of the dogs next door, but we can see our own pumpkin patch (3 pumpkins!) from our bedroom window! this pack is lovely πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see Elizabeth’s book!

  682. Heather says:

    That quilt looks beautiful, I can’t wait to see the entire book!

  683. tayamg says:

    Well, we are having freak 60mph winds here in Minnesota, so my kitchen window view looks like whirling leaves and straining trees. Even the grill blue off the deck!

  684. Anne says:

    Out my kitchen window is a view of our back deck where we love to entertain this time of year! The leaves have just started to turn golden colors and fall on the deck, creating a field of fall colors.

  685. Elizabeth says:

    My view from my kitchen is our neighbor’s alum. siding and light. Not thrilling but, positive spin, there used to be a tree there that collapsed due to a storm last winter. All were safe and now we have light in our kitchen.

  686. Christina says:

    Well, my kitchen window view isn’t great (driveway, apartment building behind us)… but this FQP would sure brighten things up!

  687. Katya says:

    Currently my kitchen window looks at my neighbor’s kitchen window. Not much of a view, but occasionally my neighbor and I are both making coffee at the same time and we wave to each other. In a couple of weeks we are moving and my new kitchen will look out onto the mountains in Connecticut… a much more inspiring view.

  688. Heather says:

    My kitchen window overlooks a postage-stamp sized piece of urban paradise. On the small deck are my vegetable plants and a bistro table. Going down the steps are my pots of various herbs. On the small patio is what I like to refer to as our outdoor living room: a chimenea for ambiance and warmth, seating for 4 (or more if we squish!), and the kettle grill that we use all year ’round.

    Beyond the backyard is the garage and the rest of the neighborhood. Our house is at the top of a hill, and situated so that the back of the house faces down the hill, so we have a lovely view of the familiar hustle and bustle of neighbors and friends. While I appreciate a more rural view, I don’t think I’d trade what I have now.

  689. Shannon F. says:

    Everything Elizabeth Hartman does is awesome. This book is a must for Christmas!

  690. Allison says:

    We have two views from the kitchen window of our new home. One is our backyard (which has has been going through a lot of transformations that you can see on our blog documenting our progress, nailsandwhales.blogspot.com.) We are currently planning our gardens for the spring, making sure everything will be lovely from the window over our kitchen sink. Past our fence, you can see the bay and the Boston skyline. We love it here!

  691. Robyn Wing says:

    I’m looking out my kitchen window right now at an amazing view of the mountains in some pretty pink sunrise light! It’s not always this nice, but it’s pretty spectacular now!

  692. Anya says:

    I sometimes see bears or deer out my kitchen window…Thanks for the chance!

  693. Meagan says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my barn and sheep – I couldn’t wish for a better view!!

  694. Christie says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my favorite. My last apartment in Montreal looked out into an alley; now I have the perfect second story view of a quaint, but busy, Montreal street. Every month around the beginning of the month, workers change a huge billboard on the roof of the building across the street. I eagerly await the change every month. When it was still hot outside, they would sneak the switch at night or very early in the morning, but now that the temperatures have dropped, I can catch them during the day and watch the whole process. As much as I miss both the States and the country, my kitchen window reminds me of just how magical new cities can be.

  695. Becky M says:

    I love the view from my kitchen window! We look out into the woods and currently it is all colorful with the fall leaves changed. Sadly in a few weeks it will be bare and grey. I love the colors in the FQ pack, they would be great to look at once my real kitchen view is not so great!

  696. Lindsay says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my backyard, right now lovely shades of much like the ones in this fq pack! Perfect for fall.

  697. Shayla Sharp says:

    Oh, those are lovely fall colors to work with! From my kitchen I can see most of my backyard including the blueberry bushes which have bright red leaves right now–I’m so in a Fall mood!

  698. Jane says:

    Elizabeth definitely does have an ‘eye’ not only for fabric choices, but for design as well. Love how she can mix fabric from different lines. Wonderful!

  699. susan says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of our poor sad neglected deck. Beyond that is redwood trees which have woodpeckers busy all day, squirrels and lots of other birds we see foraging from tree to tree.

  700. Karen U says:

    The view from my kitchen window is a ugly brown fence. I wish I could tell you that it overlooks a bucolic setting of lush meadows and tree topped hills, but that is strictly my vivid imagination. Thanks!

  701. Jocelyn says:

    Love the cheerful fall colors. You would be looking out the window at all the colors of fall πŸ™‚

  702. Stacy W. says:

    From my kitchen window, I can look out into a beautiful expanse of woods behind my house, just off our back deck. We have a large variety of wildlife in the woods, that often show up near the house – some welcome, some not so welcome!

  703. Katie says:

    I can see gorgeous maple trees that are changing color, the sun shining in in the morning, and a tree fort.

  704. Jacquie says:

    The view from my kitchen window is the NYC skyline πŸ™‚

  705. Esther says:

    Looking through my kitchen window, I currently see a very rainy day and a very wet backyard, with my oldest’s rabbit sitting sadly in her ‘villa’. She’s hoping for dry weather so she can play outside again.

  706. Dot says:

    My kitchen window looks out at a brick building next to mine but behind it is a magnificent maple tree that is currently shades of gold, orange & cinnamon. Along the lower floor of that building is a vareigated privot hedge that is multiple shades of green, Together the colors and textures of the tree, brick & hedge are like the fabrics in this color pack.

  707. upstatelisa says:

    from my kitchen window, I can see a lot of trees/bushes densely overgrown LOL!

  708. Alicia says:

    My kitchen “window” is my back door, and its fabulous! I love that it can always be bright (just like this amazing quilt) without the lights.

  709. Joanna says:

    The view from my kitchen window matches the FQ pack! We have a big bay window in the kitchen that faces the backyard, which is filled with big tall old trees that hide all the neighbors. Right now a lot of the leaves have gone orange and gold but there’s still a good bit of green.

  710. moira says:

    From my kitchen window, I usually see my cat Jamie Lee asleep in the flower border or amongst the rhubarb. Cuuuute!

  711. Carla says:

    It’s not a very pleasant view I’m afraid. When I look out I see my neighbor’s cars and front door. The good thing is I know when they are home or not. They tell me I’m their human burglar alarm.

    Love the quilt!!!

  712. Liz says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my front yard, an apple tree across the street, and usually a bunch of kids running around the neighborhood.

  713. I can see our barn, bird feeders, our large garden, and our woods out of my kitchen window.

  714. Andi says:

    I love this! The view from my kitchen isn’t all that exciting most days. It’s beautiful tall trees with a steep drop off about 15 feet from our house. But, several times a year, we see huge box turtles come up from the creek and mill around in our yard. They easily weight up to 100 lbs.!!

  715. Margaret says:

    The view from my kitchen window…hmm. It used to be an open field until they built a house as close as the covenances would allow…now its brick. I guess I have to enjoy the view from my front and back windows instead.

  716. SewView says:

    Out my kitchen window are cardinals and jays! I don’t know what kind of bush it is back there but it’s wonderful how much the birds love it. This time of year, it is very entertaining to cook a good soup while watching these beautiful colors flit around after their own comfort food.

  717. Zarina says:

    The view from the kitchen is our betel plant which has outlived the tall palm tree, currently hosting the betel plant. Survival of the fittest.

  718. Tong says:

    love this quilt, so pretty! from my kitchen window i can see our deck and backyard (both, btw, need a lot of work done but hey winter is coming so it’s ok, right?). thanks for the chance to win!

  719. Ellen Hurd says:

    When you look out my Kitchen window you see a lot of trees with some beautiful color to them as it is fall and the leaves are still on the trees but you will also see them on the ground as we need to rake already! I have some bird feeders and a bird bath, 2 visable decks that connect with a plank walk. My husband is so proud of that! And finally the ugly is a shed!

  720. Amanda says:

    I think I have a pretty great view from my kitchen window.I get to watch the neighbours gorgeous dogs running around playing in the field. The field is backed by forest where we get some pretty interesting creatures. Mostly different types of birds (from cardinals, woodpeckers and blue jays to wild turkey) with the occasional coyote.

  721. Mrsblocko says:

    My kitchen window is a skylight, so all I see at the moment is dirt and wet leaves!

  722. Texana says:

    My view. from 4 stories up, is of tree tops which are full of fall color…gorgeous, like those beautiful fabrics!

  723. Liz says:

    Oh I wish I had something pretty to look at out my kitchen window! I look straight into a brick wall =( On the bright side I did hang up a pretty curtain to make it look prettier =)

  724. Katie B. says:

    Gorgeous choices! The view from my kitchen window is my back deck. Usually my son and dog are running around out there!

  725. Micmacker says:

    I always love Elizabeth’s fabric choices. The view from my kitchen window is of neighbor’s houses. Luckily, I live in the best neighborhood in the world, and my neighbors are my friends.

  726. Kaye Prince says:

    I love this fabric bundle that Elizabeth came up with and I’m so happy that I recently won her book in C&T Publishing’s October Releases giveaway – cannot wait for it to arrive!

    The view from my kitchen window is not that great actually! My window looks over the parking area behind our house, but when I’m sitting down at the table in the window I can’t actually see the cars and rather get a nice view of our neighbour’s trees on all three sides.

  727. Sally says:

    Beautiful fabric! I agree; would make a beautiful kitchen window!

  728. Bethany says:

    Right now, the view from my kitchen window is of a really open backyard with two large (100+ years old) downed trees waiting for someone to take them away! Sadly these trees died during the drought we had here in GA ending a year or so ago.
    I love the pattern and the fabric Elizabeth chose.

  729. Karen Griska says:

    The view from my kitchen window includes trees, grass, 6 beautiful horses and their little red stables. Very peaceful. Right now one of the trees is bright yellow!

  730. Sophia Patterson says:

    I live just outside of the city limits of a small coastal town on the southern east coast. Out my kitchen window I see trees that border a salt marsh. Not only do I see the seasons as they change, I also see coastal birds, other animals and awesome sunsets.

  731. alison says:

    My kitchen window looks out on to our backyard. Even though the leaves have mostly fallen in our area there is still the green grass and the yellow and red leaves on the ground. The backyard is dotted with colors including red, yellow, black, green and blue sand toys, the aqua colored swing set and big yellow slide. The garden is now bare since the last of the carrots were pulled on the weekend in preparation for winter.

  732. AnnMarie says:

    Beautiful fabrics. I love looking at the apple tree out my kitchen winow.

  733. Tanya says:

    From my kitchen window, I can see my backyard neighbors, the street my children’s friends play on, the hill in my neighborhood that had a grass fire this summer, the southern half of my city, the lake in the center of the county, and the mountains in the background. I can see storms coming, storms going, and I can see the sky light up with pinks and oranges during the hours of dawn and dusk.

  734. Suzanne says:

    From my kitchen window, I see a backyard strewn with fall leaves. They are falling faster than they can be raked and I love it!

  735. jodi says:

    A wooden fisherman hanging on my fence, a wooden “Wedding” sign in front of fence, a little husband-made waterfall where a little toad is now living, and our chimenea, which we love to sit in front of on beautiful nights and enjoy – that’s what I see when I look out my kitchen window!

  736. Jill says:

    The view is full of beautiful fall colors but it’s also pouring down rain. Perfect morning for some warm apple cider!

    The fabrics are lovely! I hope I win!

  737. Amy S says:

    I feel lame. I don’t have a kitchen window at all. I do have a skylight though…can’t see much there though, except for clouds. πŸ™‚

  738. Cayce says:

    Those colors are beautiful! I can already see them in the quilt!

    Squirrels are about all I can see lately out of my kitchen window. In the trees, running across the street, sitting in the grass eating nuts, quietly and carefully hiding nuts in the pine needles. It’s never polite to watch a squirrel hide or find nuts so I look away.

  739. deborah says:

    I see my neighbor’s bird feeders filled with beautiful birds! She has a lovely shade garden around the feeders, so I always has a beautiful view!

  740. Kelly says:

    The view from my current kitchen window is showcasing the colors of fall in the woods leading down to the springhouse. I can also see my 2 dogs, Sarge and Pepper, playing and chasing the squirrels who sweep in to gather the fortune in acorns scattered about.
    I love Elizabeth’s style!

  741. dawn barnes says:

    The site from my current kitchen window. Unfortunately not as pretty as the quilt. Mine consists of dirt and two fruit trees that my son tells me are going to die as they were pruned incorrectly (I am in a rental home). Then the neighbors are immediately over the fence. Sigh….wouldn’t I love a nice view like my last home.

  742. Sally says:

    I can see my Rose of Sharon hedge, babied until it was big enough to be deer-resistant; the kids’ swingset; the Cannas I still haven’t dug up for the winter because they’re still blooming; and my grey cat stalking something.

  743. Ellen Ban says:

    Outside my kitchen window is a lovely view of the autumn woods and a well visited bird feeder!

  744. Millissa G says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my evolving garden. Always a WIP!!! Thanks for the chance!

  745. Jeni says:

    Sadly I have no kitchen window! Instead, I have hung up two handmade pot holders from a swap in flickr above my sink so that I have something pretty to look at while I do dishes! πŸ™‚

  746. Susan C. says:

    I adore those fabrics! The view from my kitchen window is leaves in the summer, and tree branches and the neighbor’s driveway in the winter. I prefer the summer view. πŸ™‚

  747. linda says:

    Yesterday, the view from my window was similar to Elizabeth’s fat quarter pack. This morning, however, it is white due to snow!

  748. Carrie says:

    I would love to win some of this yummy fabric!

    We live on the corner of our block, with our kitchen facing the side street. In direct view of the kitchen window is our neighbors Robbie & Kara. R & K own Harleys, and it’s fun to see when they bring the bikes out of the garage for either a ride or a wash. They always go all out decorating for every holiday. They had a big old tree in their front yard that finally toppled over after a sudden windstorm a few months ago, so their Halloween decor had to be modified from what the normally did in the past.

    My kitchen window view may not be an idylic view of gardens and flowers, but the charm of being able to wave to your friends while doing dishes works for me.

    jaynabug @ gmail . com

  749. Kirsty says:

    The view is great! Oak trees and the little country lane leading up to our house. Parfait!

  750. Kristy says:

    The view from my kitchen window is of my backyard where we usually watch the dog getting into some sort of crazy antics. Love love this fabric set and can’t wait to look at all the patterns in the book.

  751. QSOgirl says:

    My kitchen window looks out onto our backyard, which is bordered by trees and a wood fence…. It’s very peaceful (although the leaves really need to be raked again!) and I am very grateful for this window over my sink!

  752. Sylvia says:

    The view from my kitchen window has been changing daily. The view is of maple and oak trees, and with the colder weather and a very windy day yesterday the leaves have changed from green, to gold, yellow, orange and red, and now have mostly fallen off. Would love to win the FQ pack as it highlights all of those same colors.

  753. Lesly says:

    Yummy giveaway! Pick me!

  754. Kristin says:

    What fun fabric!

  755. Alexis says:

    The view from my kitchen window is fairly uninspiring, it looks into the central atrium of our condo, I can see the neighbours opposite in their kitchen, the koi pond, squash court and the gym (where every morning a little old lady walks slowly in and then does a workout including uphill situps! Puts me to shame!)

  756. beth says:

    The view from my kitchen window is golden right now. The woods behind my house are full of hickories and redbuds and they are all sporting their brightest colors. In the late afternoon, the angle of the sun on that golden wood is magical!

  757. PeachRainbow says:

    Oops, the view from my kitchen window is my mom’s house πŸ™‚

  758. KT says:

    Beautiful quilt and fall colors! The view from my kitchen window is red, orange and yellow, as the maple trees in the woods put on their fall show. Thanks for the chance to win!

  759. Hannah says:

    We live in a row of townhouses, and the view from our kitchen window is a bit of grass, and then the back of another row of townhouses. The lady right across from us has two cats that she lets out fairly often, so that makes it a little more interesting.

  760. Mary Claire says:

    Out my kitchen window is my backyard! I see a lovely old Dogwood tree and then woods. Sometimes we’re lucky and catch a glimpse of a dear or some other little critter. =)

  761. PeachRainbow says:

    her quilts are always beautiful

  762. Wendy D. P. says:

    Sadly we have no windows in our kitchen – but we do have a view of the pond in the back yard through our dining room, which is connected to the kitchen πŸ™‚ Love the color combination that Elizabeth picked out – as always she has such an eye for putting together interesting fabrics!

  763. Jenny says:

    my kitchen window provides me a view straight to the sandbox. love watching the kids work together in the sandbox…although…i think those days are over now with the cold weather coming! thanks, this is a beautiful collection of fqs!

  764. Beth says:

    That quilt is stunning!! I just cut into the same AMH prints to make Elizabeth’s 12 + 2 quilt pattern! My view out the kitchen window is into our garden and some hedges beyond it – but beyond that there is a huge sycamore tree and pine tree in the distance. This time of year as the sky starts to darken I can see their sillouettes in the distance. I love that I have this window over the sink!

  765. Lindsey F. says:

    The view from my kitchen window is like looking out into a park several backyards converge to make a wide open area wihtout being able to see other homes. Many shades of yellow, orange and fading green still linger on the trees. In the early morning, I will occasionally see a red fox, a wild turkey or a small heard of deer.

  766. lucy says:

    lovely view from my kitchen window — a meadow full of migrating birds this time of year.

  767. Nicole says:

    From my kitchen window I can see my favorite flower bed…perennials with a birdhouse on a post. There’s usually a cat or 2 sunning themselves on the sidewalk or the driveway. I can see the kids’ swingset, our big machine shed, and a bit of our gravel road. It’s a good view!

  768. Michele says:

    I see the pool and pond through my kitchen window.

  769. Lisa says:

    My old wooden sash windows were replaced a couple of years ago, and when they took away the old windows they forgot to take the kitchen window. It leans on the fence outside my kitchen window – and I’ve grown to really like looking out at it. This year I’m going to find a creeper of some kind to grow around it.

  770. Lori says:

    Oh such gorgeous fabrics! My kitchen window lets me see the kids swinging in the backyard, and I also have a good view of our little garden…so in the summer I can see if there are any red tomatoes on the vine or not. πŸ™‚

  771. Colleen says:


  772. Gill says:

    I have two kitchen windows – one looks across my garden to the wood beyond and the other looks onto a field of cows!

  773. Victoria says:

    The view from my kitchen window in my freshly manicured lawn, friendly neighbors’ homes, and the mailman delivering mail.

  774. Jacqui says:

    The view from my kitchen window is great – I look out over our street and can see all the comings and goings without seeming like I’m a total sticky-beak. Sometimes there are birds in the garden or a cat on the fence to liven things up even more!

  775. Diane says:

    My copy of this book is due to arrive TODAY!!! (Can you tell I’m excited??) The view out my kitchen window as of yesterday – Lots and lots of leaves on the ground from storms that moved through yesterday . . . and lots and lots of leaves in the gutters on the house. All the gutter covers that my poor hubby spent so much time putting on are also on the ground – the wind blew all but 3 of them off πŸ™

  776. Alice S says:

    What a beautiful grouping of fall fabric! I realized yesterday that I don’t have any fall colored quilts. I would love to remedy that with this quilt and fabric collection by Elizabeth. Right now the view from my kitchen window is of a beautiful red maple. It has been at peak fall color this week. We also enjoy bird watching from the window.

  777. Cheryl says:

    Gorgeous quilt fabrics!!! The view out of my kitchen window is one that makes me smile… I enjoy doing the dishes as I look out at the cats and dog romping in the grass… chasing birds that are nesting in the trees and watching the occasional squirrel that uses the fence for a highway to the nearby creek and oaktrees… In the spring all of our flowers are in bloom which is lovely but right now the falling golden leaves are my very favorite to watch… I love to look out my window!

  778. Donna says:

    Beautiful quilt! From my kitchen window I can see cherry trees and a weeping willow, as well a dog park (wherein I often see a cat), several apartment buildings and a car park. I can see my neighbors come and go and the seasons change.

  779. Sarah McGrath says:

    The view from my kitchen window shows a wall covered in ivy and virginia creeper, which is a beautiful shade of red just now.

  780. Maree says:

    What a neat quilt – love the blocks and the bold outline which look like ‘panes’. I have a lovely view from my kitchen window – I look out onto our swimming pool set amidst a beautifully laid out riverstone set garden and lawn. The way we have it laid out and planted, I can imagine I am looking out at some exotic tranquil island retreat. To one side we have beautiful native trees that attract native birds so we are also treated to the sounds of wildlife ….. my window to dream. Ciao

  781. Sabine Rose says:

    The view from my kitchen window is beautiful at this time of the year. It gives into my garden and I can see all the rich autumn colors in the trees. The vine leaves are turning into a deep red, the apple in the trees give splashes of yellow, the grass is still green with small spots of white and pink from the last summer roses that refuse to leave.

    Autumn is really my favorite season!

  782. Abbington says:

    From my kitchen window I can see tall trees that we planted when we moved in, and have watched grow as our family grows too. I can see the climbing banksia rose trying to take over the shed, and I can see the slender iris stems with their purple blooms. (and I can see our car, too! But that isn’t quite so picturesque)

  783. wendy says:

    Well, the view from my kitchen window isn’t that great. I live near the city centre so I can see the back of the house behind mine, our (crumbling) garden wall, lots of nettles next door, and 2 of our four rabbits playing in their run. It suits me just fine!

  784. __L__ says:

    From my window I see a school yard!! I’m teacher, but I don’t teach in the school next my home…
    In few weeks I move, and from my next home window I’ll see my big big big garden, green ’cause I’m in Normandy, the green land πŸ˜€

  785. empirewaist says:

    Oooh! What a lovely set! The Kitchen Window Quilt is a stunning design.

    My view from my kitchen window is of the stunning San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California… lucky me!

  786. Those colours are stunning. Today it’s as grey as it could possibly be – the rain is pouring into the little pond outsid, the leafs are falling fast and the wind is really fierce. The autumn colours are a perfect match.

  787. Johanna says:

    Elizabeth has impeckable taste of fabric, it is always amazing to see what she picks out!
    The view of my kitchen is pretty much non-existant because it is stuck between the sleeping room and the bathroom (apartments in Germany are unbelievably tiny and still cost a fortune).
    But my parents house where I grew up has a really great view. There is one field right in front of it and since it is the end of the small town they live in, we can watch deer and little rabits in the morning. And when we are up early enough even the sunrise πŸ™‚

  788. I can see my kids swingset in my backyard from my kitchen window!

  789. Serena says:

    My kitchen window looks out on the backyard, which is wonderful for keeping an eye on the children.

  790. Darice says:

    Tonight, I can actually *hear* the view from my kitchen window.
    We have 40-60mph winds whipping snowy, sleetly. frozen rainy stuff against the glass pane. Looking past the window, I can see snow sticking to our green grass, and the last fall leaves clinging to the lilac hedge.

  791. bruinbr says:

    What gorgeous fabric choices! They are such perfect fall colors. The view from my kitchen window is nothing exciting – just the neighbor’s kitchen window! πŸ˜›

  792. Shruti says:

    I see a huge mango tree from my kitchen! I love it in summer when there are mangoes on it and birds and monkeys visit it…

  793. Skooks says:

    The view from my kitchen is not a great one at the moment. During a severe wind storm this afternoon my window was shattered and there is now cardboard taped in its place!

  794. Ange Moore says:

    We built a house a sunny hillside and our kitchen is the heart of our home. We have 180 degree views over the city suburbs and along the River Derwent (in Tasmania) and it is even more spectacular at night!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway – the fabrics Elizabeth has chosen are delightful!

  795. starjumper says:

    the view out my kitchen window is kinda lame… it’s the deck (which is peeling and needs to be repainted), the backyard (which really should be weeded) and the alley (where our garbage pick up is!). but we do get morning sunshine, which is awesome!

  796. Susanne says:

    The view out my back window was in part why we bought this house. We have a lovely, big backyard where I can watch my two children (and usually hubby as well) playing while I stand at my kitchen sink. Such a warm, family feeling!

  797. Carly says:

    I look out my kitchen and see my dogs… sitting, staring into the window… waiting for someone to notice them and hoping I’m in the kitchen getting them some treats:)

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