Free Fabric Friday

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Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm for our two-week Baby Shower event! It was a lot of fun.  And a big thank you to our sponsors and contributors. We had some fabulous prizes and amazing tutorials! We appreciate your contributions!

We have some lovely new fabric in the shop.

Kona Cottons

Kona Cottons in gorgeous colors!

Betty Dear

Betty Dear by Darlene Zimmerman for Kaufman
(Check out the free quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman using the collection on the Robert Kaufman site.)

Tea Garden

Tea Garden by Dena Designs

(Just the cotton at this point, but the home dec is on the way.)

Zoo Menagerie

Zoo Menagerie by Eleanor Grosch

Wild World

Wild World by Jenean Morrison

You can see even more NEW FABRIC in the shop!

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you making any costumes? Have you ever? Tell us about a memorable costume for a chance to win one of 6 yards of free fabric. Have a splendid weekend!

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485 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Recently I did a search on the issue and found a good number of persons will agree with your blog,2

  2. Great information! Ive been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  3. i think the most fun i have had dressing up was last year actually. 🙂 a group of my friends and i went as clue characters. (one was missing, of course. haha) we went to a haunted house and “carnival” that my coworker’s daughter’s school held. it was a lot of fun, and anna (her daughter) had the best time watching us “grown-ups” scream as the little kids scared us. 🙂

  4. I was a dice for halloween when I was 8. We covered a big box in white paper (this was easier back in the days when printer paper came attached in a long accordion) and stuck black paper dots on each side for the numbers 3-6. My head was the number 1 with a black hat. My legs were the number 2 with black pants.

  5. love your blog about this theme. come back soon.

  6. Marilyn W says:

    I hand sewed my son a dracula cape one year(I was too enept at figuring out my sewing machine mechanics to get it to work after 2 years of storage)…since I’ve learned to completely disassemble and repair…and I’m loving the sewing enough to not ever store a machine again…anyway…it was so hot here that Halloween that he got away with a white button down and black jeans to complete his outfit. I talked him into black hairspray and the fake dracula teeth…had a ball…had to wash his hair about 6 times to get all the black out. He won’t even discuss it again. 😉

    Wow…I sure hope I win…

  7. Amanda says:

    Oh goodness! My most memorable costume was a purple unicorn outfit that I had when I was seven. I remember we were fairly poor, and my mom saved up to get me the costume I really wanted. It was light purple and it had a silver unicorn horn on the front of the head piece. She took my down to a local pizza parlor on Halloween and we splurged and ate pizza. They had a costume contest where I believe I came in second, but I remember thinking that the whole audience was crazy that they couldn’t see how beautiful I looked. 🙂 Thanks mom for the ways you made my life special!

  8. genevieve says:

    oh, my favorite costume was actually my brother’s. we were little. he was a monk with a huge grape juice stain around his mouth and he carried around a large pottery wine glass. 🙂

  9. Channing says:

    I plan on making my 18 month old a pair of football pants to accompany his Cowboy’s jersey we already have. He’s going to be such a cute football player. I hope to continue making his costumes for years to come. 🙂

  10. Mona says:

    Last year my 5 year old son were invited to a halloween party for the first time ( we dont have the same tradition for halloween in Norway). None of the storebought costumes were good enogh. He wanted to be a mumie – lucky for me I had a couple of elastic bandages, and with the help of white clouding, bandages, makeup and creativity he was the cutest little mumie ever! Actualy I hope he will be a mumie this year too ( have to remember to bay some more elastic bandages) – realy want to se that cute mumie again! Now I have to continue sewing on the bridedress for my daugther – the graveyardbride ;0)

  11. Bethany says:

    I haven’t made any costumes yet! I was all set to make my niece a tinkerbell costume, but she informed her mama and I that she was going as supergirl (her little brother is superman). Ah well. My favorite costume I’ve ever made was an all out Elizabethan dress for myself in highschool made from a reproduction of a period pattern. I even made a matching hat. I was insane. I wonder where that is…

  12. Arianna says:

    When I was a little girl, we had a Halloween costume contest every year at my school. There were different categories, and if you won in one, you would get a gift certificate to this local shop, a crown, and this huge goody bag.
    One year, my group of friends and I each entered in the Best Group category. Our group was breakfast themed, so we were all different breakfast foods. Each of us helped make our costumes. I was a box of cornflakes, which was a white cardboard box that we all helped paint and color. My friends were all sorts of foods: a waffle, a piece of bacon, a carton of milk, and sunny-side-up egg, a pancake, a banana, and piece of toast, and a sausage. We would go to the fabric store, ooh and aahh at all of the pretty fabrics until we realized that we wasted an hour without buying anything, hahaha. BUT we won the contest! Oh, they were all so cute! I still have my cereal costume from so many years ago.

  13. Kathleen says:

    I try to make them for my girls every year. This year: Ugh. My seven year old daughter is going to be Jack Skellington and my five year old is going to be Sally. Making the ragdoll dress was a fun challenge. Making a yarn wig, not so much. And Jack wears a tuxedo! I just made the jacket out of felt so I wouldn’t have to hem and line it. She is wearing leggings on bottom. I painted white pinstripes on both. She won’t wear a mask, so we are going with a white swim cap for her skull. Then there was the whole crafting a bat head out of Fimo and attaching wire and fabric for wings for the elaborate bow tie. You’d think we were going to a costume party or something instead of just walking around the block for 45 minutes.

  14. Heather says:

    My son was a penguin last year and I though it was so cute! Sadly I did not make it, maybe in a few years when I have more time 🙂

  15. MC says:

    I was a dice for halloween when I was 8. We covered a big box in white paper (this was easier back in the days when printer paper came attached in a long accordion) and stuck black paper dots on each side for the numbers 3-6. My head was the number 1 with a black hat. My legs were the number 2 with black pants.

  16. Amanda says:

    Last year I made a wonderful Mummy costume for my son out of an old sheet, sweat pants & sweat shirt.
    And several years ago, I was Miss Piggy- that was a lot of fun!

  17. Megan says:

    When my brothers and I were small, our mom sewed our costumes. My favorite year was when one brother was Pinnochio, I was the Fairy Godmother, and our youngest brother was Jiminy Cricket- complete with green knee-highs! At 2 years old, he was just adorable trying to keep those knee-highs up… This is one of my fondest memories of growing up in a handmade household!

  18. kim says:

    The first costume I remember was Mary Poppins, complete with oversized carpet bag.

  19. Anny says:

    My most memorable costume was not just one but the Halloween my baby daughter was in heart failure, had cancer, she has immune deficient and was on hospice. I was so tired of all the crisis I wanted normalcy for my children. I locked myself in my room and in 24 hours sewed all five kids costumes. Dorothy, Tin Man, The Lion, Scarecrow, Glinda and teeny tiny baby became Toto. We managed to hit up the church halloween party out of isolation with masks for the party to not catch anything. Creating the costumes was just what this Mom needed to cope… and a Halloween I will never forget 🙂

  20. Lana says:

    Aliens! When I was young, my brother and I dressed up as aliens. We covered our bike helmets in aluminum foil with two antennae coming out of the top. We wore green clothes, and had green facial clay on our face and hands. It was definitely the most memorable Halloween, probably because my skin felt so tight!

  21. Cynthia says:

    My favourite was the pink panther costume my mom sewed when I was younger. It had plush feet and head, the works! Her Garfield one was just as impressive, actually!

  22. gina snyder says:

    I made my grandson a tin man costume. He was about 15 mo old at the time. It was the cutest thing ever!


  23. Sarah says:

    I went conceptual in 6th grade, and was the color red. I wore red clothes but that wasn’t enough: I tried to “dye” my eyebrows with red lipstick. It was pretty terrible and didn’t wash out for days. Not my proudest costume moment, to say the least.

  24. knitsewreadlove says:

    The most memorable costume I’ve ever made was fashioning crayons and a large “Crayola box” for my husband and our friends to go as a box of crayons… this was much more entertaining for all of us involved because non of us knew how to sew! Currently I’m working on a lion costume for my little one, though I’m having to get creative since she refuses to wear anything on her head.

  25. Pamela says:

    One year my sister had the bright idea of dressing up as the Von Trapp Family singers from Sound of Music. We went to the thrift store and bought some drapers (yes, just like in the movie). We studied the film and made costumes. We had someone to represent every child. It was great!

  26. elana says:

    we never actually celebrated halloween as a family when i was growing up but this year i’m making my kids’ first costumes…cat and puppy! mostly going to make ears and sew belly patches onto shirts!

  27. Natalie says:

    I remember my grandmother sewing a Wonder Woman costume for me when I was a kid – it rocked! I loved it so much that I ended wearing it for a few days after Halloween and riding my red bicycle around the neighbourhood like a super hero – what a show off! LOL

  28. Janet K says:

    my favorite was making a pencil costume for my daughter when she was 10 or 11. She and her friends were office supplies! The body was yellow broadcloth with a silver band at the bottom and she wore pink sneakers. I made a hat/pencil point with some thin foam stitched into a cone shape. So awesome!

  29. Tara says:

    This year I made my daughter’s Cinderella costume and it turned out great.

  30. Brooke says:

    I am too old to dress us for halloween…BOO! But my favorite costume was my fairy princess costume when I was a child.

  31. While we haven’t decided on this year’s costumes yet, my favourite still has to be the year my 2 year old went as Hulk Hogan. She had the worst mullet ever. So we played it up. Drew on a mustache, dressed her in red and yellow and I made a championship belt out of pleather. It was seriously awesome.

  32. Sarah D says:

    My husband was a washing machine one year! We come from a family of poor preachers and crafty, creative poor preachers wives. My mother in law painted a box, cut out a door (complete with faux glass), added knobs on the top, and attached an old electrical cord about my husband’s waist so it would drag behind him as he walked…GE eat your heart out! :))

  33. Lisa says:

    My son fell and ended up getting stiches on his forhead about a month ago. As soon as the stiches where done and I saw the cute little scar my mind went right to Harry Potter. I’ve made the golden snitch and felt glasses. Now I’m just trying to figrue out how to convert the mens long sleeve tee into a robe.

  34. Sarah D says:

    One of the cutest years we had made a Little House on the Prairie girl dress complete with bonnet, apron, and calico dress and a fuzzy bear costume for my son. Both kiddos were to die for cute, cute, cute!!

  35. Toni says:

    When I was little I wore my dad’s high school baseball uniform every year until I was too big to wear it. I love it and never wanted to give it up!

  36. Agnes S. says:

    I had a memorable costume when I was about 6 or so. My mom handmade all our costumes growing up and I hope to continue that tradition with my daughter. To this day I have a great love for the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. That year my mom made me a lovely gold Belle ballgown. I was so excited to wear it…until we had an usually cold October. Naturally, the Belle gown didn’t have any sleeves and I wasn’t about to wear a coat, so my mother made me wear a sweatshirt under my beautiful Belle gown. We tried our best finding one in a gold color to match the dress. Needless to say I was pretty bummed 😛 Looking back on it now though, I can’t help but chuckle about it all 😉

  37. Paula says:

    I never had a very memorable Halloween costume – my parents didn’t allow us to go out trick or treating 🙁 But now I dress up my car – it’s an orange VW New Beetle and it makes a great Jack O Lantern!

  38. Liz says:

    my favorite was last year–on halloween, inspiration struck! i put on black tights, a green miniskirt, and a striped black and gray shirt, ran out to goodwill for a pair of white nylons and a pair of black, made a pair of wings out of a clothes hanger, cut the feet and hips off the black tights and wore the remainders on my arms, washed my kitchen doormat (a thin woven cotton from ikea), and pinned it around myself. as a finishing touch, i made antennae out of pipecleaners and a headband, and cut out and sewed S-N-U-G onto a piece of bug-printed fabric, and pinned it on my skirt. get it? snug as a bug in a rug. 🙂

  39. Erica says:

    Halloween is not a big thing where I live: carnaval however is (40 days before easter, start of “fasting”) I’ve made see-through plastic pants for three friends of mine: they had heart-boxers under them and a smoking jacket on. Absolutely fabulous

  40. Diana says:

    My son wanted a George Washington costume when he was 7. I thought I’d just buy a pattern, but it wasn’t authentic enough for him as he made me google George Washington for pictures. In the end the pattern was nearly worthless, but the costume was about as authentic looking as they come. It was TON of work, but he wore it for 2 years and it has been used in school plays and much adored by everyone.

  41. Julie says:

    One of my favorite costumes was a poodle skirt that my mom made.

  42. Nicole says:

    My mom taught me to sew on a Halloween costume when I was 10. I was Pocahontas. I still continue the tradition and made a Zorro cape for my 7-year-old and a white sparkly Elvis outfit for the 1-year-old.

  43. Melissa says:

    My favorite costumes were Blue and Magenta from Blue’s Clues. My twins loved them so much they wore them 2 years in a row! They would dress up in them all year and pretend they were puppies. So cute!

  44. JennS says:

    Last year the kids wanted the whole family to be gnomes. After looking through several “official” books on gnomes, I came up with a pretty easy costume idea. Long T-shirts, belts, leggings and boots made up the main costume and I sewed gnome hats with a double layer of felt (to get enough stiffness for them to stand up well). We got some inexpensive beards for the boys. The costumes were a hit and the kids still pull out their hats to play gnome on a regular basis!

  45. Jeanne S says:

    My son and a friend have come up with two very memorable costume ideas. Two years ago they decided to dress up as the economic meltdown. His friend was the mortage crisis and wore a street sign labeled “Main Street” and a large hat designed to look like a house. My son had pick the wall street crisis and wore a blazer & tie with monopoly money pined all over him. He wore a Wizard hat, with toe parachuters painted gold hanging off and a “Wall Street” sign. They were passing out candy at church and along came Uncle Sam. The three of them posed for many pictures. The next year they went as a Cell phone and a teenage cell phone bill as the scariest costume they could think of.

  46. Sara A says:

    One year I was a tea bag. Yes, really. A simple costume that my best friend and I made together in sixth grade. It involved a white square of fabric the best I can remember, but what we also did was hang a lot of tea bags from it, and then give them to people when we were trick or treating.

  47. My mother was a craft whiz when I was growing up — it seemed as though she was invincible. No project too big! No costume too daunting! And when I asked to be a mummy for Halloween, she rose to the occasion. Not just ANY mummy, though; I had to be the girl mummy from a recent Scooby Doo episode, characterized by the little pink bow on the top of her head.

    My mother, wonderful as she was, wound yards and yards of medical gauze around a white jersey pajama set for me, tacking it down in strategic places. I helped with the placement of the bow on a little beanie for my head, and was thrilled that year to run around with my brothers and sister, dressed as the perfect mummy. I don’t know how she managed it, but she made five costumes every year, and fell back to the old standby of witch for herself, elaborating on her costume more and more as we grew up enough to make our own. Of all the costumes, THAT’S the one I remember best.

  48. Ly says:

    I wish I could make my own costumes. I wanted to be a rainbow by dyeing fabric but it didn’t fall through. I remember always being a witch when I was a kid simply because that was all I was given – a witch hat.

  49. Jenn S says:

    It’s not any of my own costumes that pop into my mind as incredibly memorable, HOWEVER, my brother, 2 years old at the time, decided that he would like to be…..

    a freckle.

    How does one become a freckle?! My mother deserves an incredible amount of kudos and credit for her rendition of a freckle: A freckle is, obviously, clad in a sweatsuit, with a large felt circle in the center front and center rear of the shirt, and multiple baby freckles (created with an eyeliner pencil) dot the cheeks of the freckle suited child.

    Because my mother could create a freckle on a child’s whim, I’m not so scared of creating (without a pattern), the uniform of the Honorable Union General John Buford of the US Calvary, Hero of the Battle of Gettysburgh, in a size boys’ 8 or a “NumNum” for my own 2 year old son (who won “most creative & unique” costume at the community Halloween festivities tonight, while dressed as a Chocolate Chip cookie)

  50. Tabitha says:

    The best costume I ever put together was for my oldest daughter when she was in 4th grade. We dressed as a laundry basket full of dirty laundry by cutting out the bottom of an old basket, hot gluing mismatched socks to it and a sweatshirt and attaching suspenders to the basket.

  51. Jerilyn says:

    I was a tube of Aim toothpaste – net weight 64 lbs. Greatest. Costume. Ever. Complete with a wavy white cardboard hat as the lid.

  52. Laura says:

    My mom always made my costumes growing up and they were always amazing! The first that comes to mind was a prairie girl complete with bonnet and great boots that she splurged on!

  53. Millie says:

    When I was in 4th grade, my mom made me a genie costume with a surprising amount of belly showing! I carried around a glass salad dressing bottle that she still has to this day.

  54. countryhungry says:

    We made a jack in the box with a big cardboard box and suspenders. It was awesome!

  55. *kate says:

    I am currently making a jellyfish costume for my 4-year-old daughter. I am so amazed at the costumes she picks. Last year she was determined to be a grocery bag, and this year a jellyfish.

    When I was about 4-years-old, my mother dressed me up as an Indian (Native American, but at the time, we called them Indians). She really outdid herself with the costume, but the thing I remember most is that she stuck a feather RIGHT IN MY HEAD.

    Now … the adult me realizes this isn’t possible. However, that’s what my memory is. I have since asked my mom how exactly she fixed the feather to my head and she will not share her secret.

    I suppose that even though I’m now an adult, she doesn’t want to take away that feeling of magic.

  56. Sherri I says:

    My memorable costume belonged to my daughter. She was Snow White. Great fabric!

  57. Kelly says:

    I am finally delving into the world of costume-making this year — so far I’ve made a Tatooine Luke costume, a Jedi robe, and a Harry Potter cloak. Just one more to go — can I do it in time? We’ll have to see. I’m really having fun with it though — more than I thought I would. 🙂 Sewing, even with kids under foot, can be so rewarding.

  58. AP says:

    I have never made a costume, but my son’s preschool is doing a “non-scary” Halloween event. So, I decided to further my sewing skills by making a firefighter’s jacket for him. (He LOVES fire engines.) I’m still a novice sewer, sewing my first collar and sleeves. It’s going well, I think, especially since I’m having to make changes to the directions since I opted for cotton fabric instead of vinyl.

  59. Charity says:

    When I was little my Mom would try to get me to pick something different every year… nope, I would’nt budge! I was Glenda, from the Wizard of OZ EVERY year!! 🙂
    I LOVE your blog btw!!!! 🙂
    Charity <

  60. jessica says:

    My mom sewed a skeleton costume for my older sister and we all loved it. Over the years it has been worn by all 3 of us, and just recently was pulled back out to be worn by one of my sisters children.
    Made me so happy!!

  61. Kimberj says:

    When I was a kid we always made our own costumes. Superheroes were big at the time so being true originals my best friend and I dressed up as Sohioman and Boron the Boy Wonder. These were names from a local Ohio gasoline station. Sohio was the gas and Boron was their premium brand. This was in the 60’s and we looked beyond ridiculous and made up a song to sing everytime someone answered the door. I also made all my kids costumes. My son wanted to be the mummy so I took an old light grey sweatsuit and wrapped it in yards of raggy torn tea stained sheets using masking tape to secure each layer. He looked fabulous and was happy as a clam. It looked so authentic that other mothers called to find out how I made it 🙂

  62. Deb Cameron says:

    Growing up in Australia my parents never gave a nod to Halloween, and I didn’t know about it until I hit teenage years and saw Friday the 13th and movies of the like, so my image of Halloween is truly distorted. We now live in a neighbourhood with many children and they all dress up every year and we enjoy the knock on the door so that we can deliver treats and received the odd trick. All alot of fun.

  63. Jen says:

    Well, this year, I am making a costume for our collie (who, at my husband’s insistence, was a CHICKEN last year: (We haven’t any children.) This year, Hubby came home with a dragon costume, but it’s not long enough, so I’ve got to sew a dragon’s rear end, complete with spiked tail, for our very tolerant Ben. lol I’ve been sick all week, so need to get cracking soon!

    Though I didn’t trick-or-treat often as a child, one year my parents made a Christmas gift costume for me: thick green tights with a big box they’d cut arm, leg, and head holes into after wrapping it in green paper and putting a red ‘ribbon’ around it. A big red bow was my hat. Mom wasn’t much of a sewer, so she’s always happily dumbfounded when I make something (or even try something) new.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. DK says:

    One of my most memorable costumes was in 1st grade. I dressed up as an owl in a tree and I made it almost entirely myself out of a trash bag filled with leaves (which I wore kind of like poncho), brown sweat pants, colorful leaves from trees glued all over the outside of the trash bag, and an old masquerade half-mask that I covered with feathers and put a beak onto. I was not a very popular child, but boy could I make something out of practically nothing!

  65. kelly jo says:

    Oh my – how could I ever forget my Ronald McDonald outfit – somehow I found pj’s that were his outfit – it was hilarious and atrocious – but I was only 7, so I think it was more acceptable in the 80’s!

  66. Erin Waters says:

    My girls love dressing up for Halloween. So far I’ve made a Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pochahontas & Little Red Riding Hood. My most memorable costume was the Rainbow Brite costume my mom made for me when I was 6 or 7. She made my sister the Patty O’Green costume & my baby sister was a Sprite (& she made us wigs, also). She sewed her fingers off and we loved those costumes!

  67. Ashley Stephens says:

    I stitch-witched some black and white checkered fabric down the sides of a thrift store black dress to go to a last minute party as a race car driver. All I had to do from there was carry around a helmet and wear some cool aviator sunglasses and I was set!

  68. Jasmine says:

    One year my dad made himself a dragon costume using only cardboard, duct tape, and a marker…it was a big hit with all the kids!

  69. Nancy says:

    I have made several costumes over the years but my absolute favorite was the E.T. costume I made for my daughter Allison when she was in the second grade. The costume was padded and lined

  70. Jennifer says:

    I’m making a Joker costume for my husband. The purple corduroy pants are hilarious!

  71. Andrea P. says:

    I made my son a pelican costume one year. I rigged it so that candy could be placed in the beak!

  72. Jennifer DeVries says:

    This year I’m making a TinkerBell costume for my daughter. But her first Halloween was the best. She was a sunflower, which I made from pleated felt petals glued to a pilot cap. Parenting magazine even featured her photo on their homepage during the weeks leading up to Halloween!

  73. Camille says:

    I haven’t ever made a costume but I just adore my son’s cowboy costume this year…complete with leather chaps made by grandpa!

  74. Rachel says:

    When I was in first grade, my mom made an elaborate chicken hen costume for me. It was built off a frame that I put over my head and body, and was covered in small squares of white fabric with an intricate chicken head on top. We used it the next year in my school’s production of The Little Red Hen.

  75. Donna B says:

    The best costume I’ve ever worn was one my mom and I made when I was about 11 years old or so. I was an executioner, wearing long black hooded cloak, and carrying a large curved ax made of cardboard covered with tin foil. I was inspired by an episode of Bugs Bunny, believe it or not. It wasn’t the typical, more girly costume I would usually wear, and you couldn’t see my face, so no one in the neighborhood could figure out who I was!

  76. carrot cake says:

    Very low tech: I wrapped myself in tin foil, and went out as “leftovers.”

  77. Genevieve says:

    We do civil war reenactments so we dress up all the time. 🙂 We make dresses to wear over huge hoop skirts. The dresses take at least 8 yards of fabric!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Terri P says:

    When my daughter was in 2nd grade, I made a Sacajawea costume, complete with faux beaded trim and accessories (NOT POCAHANTAS, she explained to all!) Apparently it captured her imagination, as she proceeded to wear it to school no less than half a dozen times that year and wrote a double-digit report on the famous guide a couple of months later. Sometimes you get it just right.

  79. Kelly says:

    My sister and I had babies at the same time. I had girls and she had boys. They lived an hour away from us when the kids were 4 and 6. She would drive up for holidays. We always made the kids costumes, but I know we never talked about them. She showed up on halloween with her 2 little green dragons. I had made my girls Princess Arora costumes. We had a blast with with our dragons and princess’. I think it took a week to get anybody to take their costume off.

  80. beth says:

    The most memorable costume I’ve ever seen was the horse costume that required two people! Paper mache head, fabric body. Truly amazing! And oh, how I’d love to win some fabric. Thanks!

  81. Sophia Patterson says:

    I have made many costumes over the years, especially since my daughter was in flag corps in high school. The exotic animal costumes were the most memorable. Three costume changes that year complete with head wear. For Halloween one year she wanted to be a mermaid. I said I never wanted to sew on lame again. Love the zoo menagerie material!

  82. Ramona says:

    I generally try to use things we have around the house and make parts for costumes like cat ears and tails, or clown hats or devil horns and tails. But I have sewn a renaissance peasant dress with the corset. My one son was a clown for 4 years in a row and one year one of my daughters went as herself (she was 3) and refused to dress up. All in all I love Halloween.

  83. Kate says:

    When I was a child my mom made me a Leopard costume complete with a stuffed tail. I remember going to a church halloween party and winning a prize for the costume contest. I really wish we still had that costume so that my daughter could wear it, but we have lost track of it. I’m planning on making a duck costume for next year, she’s going as a skunk this year (I didn’t make the skunk costume).

  84. In my senior year of high school, my best friend and I dressed up as “Paradise Lost”: we spray-painted cardboard boxes white, added the dots for dice out of felt on the sides, and painted on question marks and glued on maps. Pair-a-dice Lost. I thought it was punny, but I may have been the only one besides my English teacher!

  85. Angela says:

    I made my 22 month old son a cow print vest so he could be Woody for Halloween this year. My 3 year old has his eyes on it though! My niece wants to be Jessie, so she is getting cow print chaps for her costume. Happy Halloween!

  86. I’ve never made my own costumes myself, but my mother used to make them and I’ve worn hers from time to time. She always made couples costumes. One of the sets she made was Raggedy Ann and Andy. Because she was taller and bigger than my dad, the Raggedy Ann costume was larger. When I borrowed them for my husband and I to wear, the Raggedy Andy was too small for my 6’6″ hubby, so he had to be Raggedy Ann and I was Andy – great fun!

  87. Beth Ellen says:

    My 12 year old wants to be the MAD HATTER from Alice in Wonderland, as portrayed by Johnny Depp–and I need to get to work on the components of the costume!

  88. Shira says:

    This year I’m making my own costume:
    I’m sewing a silver dress with black stars on it and wearing a star shaped sunglasses that are really cool XD
    Thnaks for the giveaway 🙂

  89. jennifer says:

    This was sort of an embarrassing Halloween…because no one could figure out what I was!

    I made a costume on year to be a bowl of cereal…I took a white sweatsuit and taped big posterboard X’s and O’x to myself and carried a large spoon made from posterboard.

    Apparently it wasn’t obvious!

  90. DianeY says:

    In the last few years, I’ve made costumes for my grandkids & it’s been fun!But I don’t do super-heroes! I think you can buy cheap ones a lot easier than you can make them! Only did 1 this year-my angelic granddaughter wanted to be an angel!

  91. Lynn says:

    My son always had interesting requests for costumes such as grass, or a carrot.
    I will never forget the year I worked at the hospital and made costumes for myself and the nurses in our clinic. We were a box of crayons. All different colors.

  92. Elizabeth says:

    When we were in sixth grade, my best friend and I went as conjoined twins. We squeezed into one large pair of paints and carried three candy bags. Lots of loot that year!

  93. Sharon T. says:

    My mom made all our costumes growing up. She still has all our old costumes so when my siblings and I have children they’ll have lots to choose from. I remember one year my brother was a California Raisin. That was a cool costume.

  94. tanja says:

    My parents made me a paper mache dragon head in fourth grade – I wore it with a big green plastic garbage bag!

  95. Nicole says:

    Betty Dear Makes me happy!

    I went as “Static Cling” with some friends one year. We were broke and wanted a good costume to parade down the Castro in. We wore black, pinned colorful underwear and socks all over us and put dryer sheets in our hair. On our backs, we each wore signs that said “Static cling got you down?” I thought they were spiffy.

  96. Ann G says:

    Last year my 5 year old son was a glass of milk and our chihuahua was a cookie. Neither particularly liked their costumes and we delighted to take them off to run around. But for a whole 5 minutes, they were precious!

  97. Marianne says:

    I made costumes for every year for my daughter who is now 28 and my neice who is now 19. My favorite was the University of Tennessee cheerleader costume. It was probably my best work and my daughter and her best friend (yes, made her one, too) just loved them.

  98. Laura W. says:

    My mom made me a Beetlejuice costume once and I won a Halloween costume contest with it 🙂 One of my happiest Halloween memories is showing off my trophy with pumpkins all over it.

  99. Eva says:

    My husband and I met at a Halloween party 8 years ago. We were both students at the time and so our costumes were very simple. I was dressed up a “skeleton”, completely dressed in black and my face was made up to represent a skull. Still, he dared to talk to me and saw my inner beauty. 😉 🙂

  100. Chris says:

    I loved the year my mom made me a red dog costume and I carried a raggedy doll and was Clifford the Big Red Dog!

  101. Colleen says:

    my favorite was the year my boys wanted to be “men in black” – good use for the Sunday dress suits – white shrits and sunglasses. I Dr’s penlight in each pocket – they were adorable and played the part! Sometimes the simplest is the best!
    thanks for the free fabric fridays!

  102. Kristi A says:

    I have made my kids costumes every year. I have made an alligator, kitty cats and Snow White. This year I am making two lobster costumes for my friends’ babies. Fun fun fun!! I love it!

  103. Deanne says:

    My daughter was 6 and wanted an animal costume. I purchased lots of black and white furry fabric and began sewing. She was an adorable skunk complete with face paint.

  104. michelle says:

    I dressed my 6 month old baby up as a zombie. Ripped up old overalls and put fake blood on her. I thought it was adorable and original, but I think some people were a little put off that a baby didn’t have a cutesy costume on.

  105. Jane says:

    I can remember being Henny Penny as a child. I loved being a chicken.

  106. Michelle says:

    I helped my college roommate to make her costume years ago, that I still think was hysterical. She wore a lamp shade on her head, we made a little table that she wore around her waist (out of cardboard) and attached empty beer cans, an ashtray, a few napkins from a bar, and a note with a phone number on it saying ‘call me’ – she was a One Night Stand!

  107. QSOgirl says:

    For the past 5 years, my husband and I threw costume parties for our friends in our previous town. Last year, I made costumes for us and we went as Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it!

  108. Ima says:

    As a kid my favorite costume was a fuzzy bear-suit. So nice and warm.

  109. Katie B says:

    I made my 3-year-old son scrubs, and he was going to be a doctor. The other day, he said, “Sorry, Mama. I don’t want to be a doctor. I want to be Spider Man.” So there goes that idea!

  110. bess says:

    my mom always dressed me as raggedy ann when i was little, so i made my own grown-up version in college – love it!

  111. craftytammie says:

    When I was 4, I was a flower girl in a wedding. The dress was made of eyelet lace, with a full floor length skirt. I was a princess for Halloween for three years in a row in that dress! My mom just kept adding lace ruffles to the bottom. I loved that dress, wish I still had it for my daughter!

  112. Hayley Pickett says:

    This is my first year making my sons costume, and he is going to be a doctor. So far, so good!

  113. katreena katz says:

    memorable costume… would be for this coming halloween! hubby had just bought me my first ever sewing machine yey!!! and i made our 4 year old son a pirate costume (lol not so new idea).. i made him his pirate pants (just pj’s with jolly roger print)and a black vest. he’ll be wearing my ruffly bouse (though i didnt tell him it’s mama’s blouse)a pirate hat and a toy sword

  114. Barbara says:

    We don’t celebrate Halloween were I live, but for Carnival some years ago my son wanted to be a knight in armor. The costume ended up being so stiff, he couldn’t even sit in the tram on the way to town. But we all had fun anyway!

  115. Anne says:

    My daughter and I made a costume for her last year, when she was seven, as “Sally” from _The Nightmare Before Christmas_ (a family favorite). We went crazy with the scraps from my scrap bag, and she helped me whipstitch the pieces onto the dress. We drew stitches on her face and arms, straightened her (slightly wavy) hair, put tights with stitches on her legs, and put that Gothic makeup on her eyes and lips. There were only two types of reaction to it: either “So, who is she?” or “Oh WOW. That is PERFECT.” 🙂 I’ve never made such a good costume– and it was nice having a helper for the first time.

  116. sally says:

    when I was young, I went to my local fair day and there was a fancy dress competition which I entered every year. My dad always found it harder each year coming up with more unusual ideas. Then one year he came up with the idea of a plug! Made from a large cardboard box and lots of crepe paper…I won first prize for my age group and best in the competition 🙂

  117. In 6th grade we had just moved from Southern California to Santa Fe, NM. For reasons that I cannot remember, perhaps intentionally blocked from memory, I was a giant red chile pepper. I still have my 6th grade class Halloween photo with all students wearing “normal” halloween costumes except for the freak off to the right that has red shoes, red tights, a giant handmade shiny chile costume topped with a green felt stem hat!

  118. molly mundt says:

    last year, my boyfriend & i went as “crime & punishment”
    he was “crime” and was a prisoner.
    i was “punishment” and was a dominatrix (in a costume of my own making…amateur at best!)
    scandalous, literary & awesome.

  119. Bonnie says:

    My family wants to do Wizard of Oz this year so I might be whipping up an adult Dorothy costume (they are so expensive and yet shoddy at the store!)

    My best year was when I was Wonder Woman, but those thighs were two kids ago 😉

  120. Steph says:

    This year my girls will be a pair of butterflies. I bought the wings and they’ll just wear dresses they already have, and I’ll make the antennae.

    As for most memorable costume, I worked for the statistical department at our company and we dressed as nerds. So actually we weren’t wearing costumes.

  121. Tami says:

    When my youngest was about 2, I bought a shirt at a thrift store that kind of had an India feel about it, found a pair of tights that matched. Then I got a paper crown at Burger King, spray painted it gold. He was a perfect little Prince.
    I love the Betty Dear collection!!

  122. Tepary says:

    I’m in the midst of making a hen costume for my daughter. I’m going to be a fox. We’re either the little red hen and the lazy fox or Henny Penny and Foxy Loxy (If we do the later, my husband will be in a similar costume to my daughter, but Goosey Loosey).

  123. Ade O says:

    My first memorable costume was not actually mine, but my brother’s costume. He was a mummy one year, and my mom and I spent two hours wrapping him up!

  124. Heidi Myers says:

    One year I really wanted to be an “Accident Victim” it turns out it is really hard to trick or treat on crutches, ha!

  125. emily s says:

    When I was about 8 I was determined to make my costume all by myself. I couldn’t come up with a good idea until Halloween day when I decided that I was going to be a die (one of a pair of dice). So i covered a large box in white paper with dots on all sides. I thought it was pretty creative 🙂

  126. summer says:

    I make our costumes every year.. this year we are an organic free range farm. My oldest is a horse and my youngest a chicken and I am the farmer. We love to be themed together and I cant wait to see my babies in their super cute costumes!

  127. Mandy says:

    I’m really diggin the prints in that Betty Dear collection, a lot of them remind me of my Mimi!

    I was excited to see that you asked about a memorable costume because just last night I was thinking about how disappointed I’ve been with so many past costumes. The main one I remember loving the most was my princess costume when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I felt on top of the world in that costume, it was a white dress with bell sleeves, and the pointy cone hat with the sash coming out of the top of it lol, I think I had a wand too, I LOVED that costume!!!

  128. Jennifer says:

    Those fabrics really are wonderful. I love the solids–I’m looking at making a patchwork-style quilt and am always in need of good basics. I am going to be a diatom for Halloween this year.

  129. Karla says:

    My mother made me a “Laura Ingalls” costume when I was in the first grade…I wore it for 4 yrs straight! It was rather short by fifth grade! 🙂 This year I made my daughters fairy outfits sewn from several different dresses purchased at goodwill!

  130. Amanda says:

    A few years back I needed a cheap costume. My mom and I brainstormed and came up with Betty Crocker! She looked in her stash and found some yardage of retro teal striped print. She whipped up a skirt that Betty might wear, teased my hair till it was bouffant and pinned a hot pad, measuring spoons and wooden spoon to my skirt. I wore a plain white blouse, pearls and carried a mixing bowl and whisk. I looked quite fetching!

  131. Beth T says:

    I’m not much of a fan of Halloween–dressing up as an adult just makes me cringe. I think I’m in the minority there, so I just try to enjoy others’s enjoyment. But one year, when I was about 13, I wore an elaborate Renaissance costume sewn by a friend’s mother. It was a gorgeous dress, and I felt enchanting in it. I think I caught a glimpse of Halloween’s magic that night.

  132. Roberta says:

    Halloween is my Mom’s birthday so every year everyone in my family dressed up for her birthday and my dad was like a little kid getting the house all spooked out. My favorite costume was one I made one year for my son..he was a Troll…it was so cute and everyone at the party just love it. It was all pink colored felt and lots of stuffing and to this day…my son is now 23 and he doesn’t mind being called…Hey Troll 😉

  133. Amy says:

    Just yesterday, I made a football costume for a 3 month old baby. I used a brown microfiber pillowcase to make a bubble suit, and embellished it with white felt to make the stitching. It was really easy, and my friend loved it for her baby boy! Dad will be the football player, mom the coach and baby the football! Too cute!

  134. Tara says:

    Two years ago my husband and I used our Halloween costumes as a way to announce that we were expecting our first baby. He was a baker and I wore an oven with a bun in the front.

  135. Miquela says:

    I am up to my elbows in blue and white fabrics…Alice in Wonderland was the choice this year, but I really wish I had thought of a Japanese Anime character!

  136. Jill says:

    I’ve made a lot of costumes over the years but one that stands out tonight was when my husband and I went as the “Brain Guys” from Mystery Science Theater 3000, which chances are you have never heard of! I made our costumes and we carried our brains around in bowls. I have a brain mold that you make out of jello and it looks just like a brain! We had soooooo much fun!

  137. m.s. says:

    Lady bug – lady bug.

  138. I’m from NY so Holloween is always freezing. I was ten years old and my mother made me the bestest princess gown ever. I was determined for everyone to see my costume, and was trick or treating without my coat on…..needless to say, I got to a few houses and that coat was on, buttoned up to the neck !

  139. Heather in Oregon says:

    Oooh. I love the Betty Dear collection. When I was five my mom’s friend, her son, my dad, and my mom all collaborated to make me the most perfect Tooth Fairy costume ever. It had a white satin and tulle dress, wings, a wand, a tooth necklace, a tiara, and sparkly white shoes. The whole costume was made out of re-purposed materials and a few standard craft/sewing supplies. And for some reason, in over 10years of dressing up for Halloweens as a kid, this is the ONLY costume we have no pictures of.

  140. Jill says:

    I’ve been in love with Betty Dear since I first saw it was coming out. I really “need” to get myself some. I think my best halloween costume was the Charlotte ala Charlotte’s Web that my mom and grandma made for me as a kid. I had on some sort of black leotard and then they made me a black back and legs and it had a web attached. It was pretty awesome.

  141. Sonya M says:

    I made my daughter’s halloween costume for the first time last year. She wanted to be a vampire, so I made a simple a-line dress, and a long, voluminous hooded cape – both out of leftover navy blue satin-back crepe from my bridesmaid dresses 8 years ago!

  142. SewLindaAnn says:

    My favorite costume memory is being a witch. I loved my tall pointed hat. Love that Betty Dear line!

  143. Jennifer says:

    Two years ago I sewed a racecar driver jumpsuit for my 2-year-old from a vintage pattern, and I printed toy logos (Tonka, Lego, Matchbox, Hotwheels) and transferred them to the jumpsuit with Wonder Under. I love that costume!

  144. Lindsey F. says:

    My favorite costume that I sewed for my girls was a bumblebee. probably the most clever costume I made was a no sew costume – a packet of dental floss.

  145. beverly says:

    Last year I made a Cleopatra costume for my 5yr old. This year she’s Princess Leia & the 3yr old is Luke Skywalker. We’re were all so excited to make the costumes this year!!!

  146. Angie says:

    I have had lots of fun creating great costumes for my kids over the years but the best one was for myself. Mrs. Potato Head with all her changeable parts!

  147. Miranda says:

    My husband dressing up as the guy who wears women’s clothes on MASH. I can’t remember his name but i’ll never forget seeing my husband with a pink feather boa!

  148. stacy says:

    Haha, memorable costume. One year I was a card. As in out of a regular deck of cards. My mom bought two poster boards, we drew the front and back of a card on them and tied them together with rope. It was awkward to walk around in and carry my bag of candy, but it’s practically the only costume I remember. When money’s tight, craftiness comes in quite handy!

  149. Beverly says:

    When my 31 y/o daughter was 5 there was a costume contest at the church we attended. We were on a limited budget so with a clown pattern in hand, a hidious red, white and blue striped bed sheet (that my husband had before we were married) I made a clown costume.. I tied red yarn into big pom pom buttons down the front.. I used a white sheet for the clown collar.. I bought a cheap a red felt hat and added white felt circles and a white pom poms out of the top.. She took first prize! That was my first lesson on how to make for myself what we could not afford to buy.. that lesson has served us well thru many years of marriage.

  150. Monica T says:

    when we only had one kid:) made costumes of Larry Boy -my daughter,and the Rumor Weed- me, my husband was a disco man, puffy hair and all! still make the costumes, now the kids (4) put something together themselves and i make the extras needed. they don’t even go trick or treating!!!

  151. Annie says:

    I’ve never made a Halloween costume, per se, although I can put together a mean pirate costume anytime! My most memorable costume was probably the Snow White costume I wore 3 years in a row (it started in kindergarten) because my mom was so convinced it was “right” because I had black hair. Oh, mother…

  152. Jezibels says:

    Most memorable was the ghost costume my Mom made for me, it was a white sheet or pillowcase (I was 2) with 2 holes cut out for eyes, I still LOVE this costume!

  153. Jocelyn says:

    I was never very good at providing my children with costumes. Sheets and ribbons were turned into capes and gowns. But I remember one year I made my son a King’s robe from some gold fabric and trimmed it with decorative trim all around the borders. A clasp and button held it together. Yep, that’s the extent of my garment costume sewing 🙂

  154. PeachRainbow says:

    Since we don’t have Halloween here I haven’t made any 😀

  155. alisha says:

    We’re going to be a family of gnomes. But I’m running out of time! I haven’t even finished one of the three costumes yet.

  156. Amy says:

    We got our adopted son when he was 2 1/2 years old on October 20th of 2008, and I was determined to make him a costume for his first Halloween with us. So, in addition to becoming a new Mommy, in just 10 days, I whipped up the cutest little monkey costume for him!

  157. Cristi says:

    My most memorable costume is when I wanted to go as ‘Where’s Waldo’, but I couldn’t complete the outfit. I ended up going as a French man instead. My husband tells me it wasn’t my best look:)

  158. JennE says:

    oh, these are gorgeous….

  159. Last year, my daughter asked me to make her a Little Red Riding Hood cape as she planned to go out with her friend who was dressing up as the Big Bad Wolf. OK…now picture this…my daughter is 25 years old, 6 foot 2 inches tall, an athlete. And, her friend, the Wolf, is a very petite girl, 5 foot 2 at the most.

  160. Natalie J says:

    Beautiful fabrics as always! A few years ago, I dressed up as Meg Griffin from Family Guy. It was quite uncanny how much I looked like the cartoon. Last year though, I convinced the husband to dress up with me and we were H1 and N1. I made team jerseys, with little pig emblems, and our team names were “Porkchop” and “Wilbur”. 🙂

  161. Jeni says:

    I’ve never sewn any costumes myself, but when I was in middle school my Mom made me a wizard costume! I was obsessed with Harry Potter! It had a dress and then a wicked clock and of course a hat with stars and moons on it! 🙂

  162. Becky says:

    My favorite costume as a kid was the black cat that my mom created for me. It was so simple. Black tights, black ballet shoes, black leotard, and a long tail made by covering rolled newspapers with black fabric. I had to carry the tail so it wouldn’t drag on the sidewalk. I wore that costume for 3 years, changing sizes on the tights and leotards because I was growing. It was so comfortable and fun. Of course I had a black nose and whiskers drawn on. Bring on the candy!!

  163. Renee says:

    I am pretty excited about the costumes I am making this year for my entire family. We are going to be the cast from Alice in Wonderland, I am making a Mad Hatter for my husband, the Queen of Hearts for myself, Tweedle Dee for my oldest son, The white Rabbit for my next son, Alice for my daughter and The baby is going to be the catapillar. I am even making a mushroom costume for his stroller. This is so exciting and hopefully will be memerable for the kids 🙂

  164. amye says:

    my favorite costume was when i was 7 months pregnant and i made an all white outfit dress with a cutout for my belly and my belly was covered in bright yellow fabric….i was a fried egg. my husband went as bacon of course.

    loving the kona solids 🙂

  165. Tammy says:

    My mom made me a pilgrim costume when I was three or four years old! I loved wearing it!

  166. Already left a comment but noticed after that the e-mail was incorrect.

  167. Just sewed a costume for my grand daughter from a vintage pattern I used for my daughter when she was her age.

  168. Heidi P says:

    My memorable costume was actually not mine. I have a co-worker who loves Halloween. Part of her tradition is making elaborate themed costumes for her family – and she shares the spirit with all of us at work. One year their theme was the Renaissance, and she made such a beautiful costume – it is THAT costume that convinced me to buy a sewing machine! Since then, I have joined them in their costume making – from flappers, pirates, to the Wild West! Without those Halloween costumes, I may never have learned how to sew!

  169. Katherine says:

    My favorite costume idea comes via my sweet husband’s grad school days. He and a good friend split an army green camo outfit, and attended a costume party as “Upper and Lower GI”. I keep a snapshot of their crazy outfits on my bulletin board. It always makes me smile. 🙂

  170. I have sewn my kids costumes every year! But now that they want to be a scary spider and a penguin, I am buying. I couldn’t get excited about making those projects! They are happy and I am relieved.

  171. Jan says:

    I have two memorable costumes, that my 40ish daughters still talk about. One was when they were 2 and 4, I dressed them as pixies. The costumes and hats were made of green felt. The other was the following year, I made red tomato costumes. Both were very inexpensive, a major requirement.

  172. Wendy D. P. says:

    In college I made myself a Pocahontas costume… but my most memorable was a clown costume my aunt made for me as a child (got me over my fear of clowns!)!

  173. Janna says:

    Love the zoo menagerie! I had a bat costume as a child that my mom made. I loved it and wore it three years in a row

  174. Sandy says:

    One year I dressed as the leg lamp from a Christmas Story!

  175. Mindy says:

    Lovely colors in the solids. I have a hard time buying solid fabric,; I love print so much.

  176. We always had little homemade costumes when I was a kid, so for some reason the costume I remember most was my first and only store bought costume. Tweety Bird. It was a plastic suit with a plastic face with a elastic string holding it on. Remember those? Funny.

  177. Beth says:

    My husband proposed to me on Halloween so I guess that makes my most memorable “costume” a fiance! I still have the plastic jack-o-lantern that he filled with ring pops and Hersey’s kisses and hid the ring box in.

  178. Katie N. says:

    When I was 8 years old my mom made me a “bunch of grapes” costume with balloons and a little felt stem hat and purple tights. I think I won the school costume contest and that creativity and simplicity inspires me when I make my little girl’s costumes.

  179. Brandi S says:

    I made my first costume this year. It is an Indian maiden dress. I made one for my friend’s daughter as well!

  180. JennX says:

    I’m about to make my three year old son his/my first costume- a little felt vest so he can be a cowboy.
    My most memorable hallowe’en costume was a clown costume made by my mom (my sister got a witch costume with a gorgeous hat).

  181. Tami says:

    I just made my dog a “dancer” costume. She has a fluffy pink costume with four matching leg warmers!

  182. June says:

    My favorite….and only halloween costume was The Mad Hatter…but everyone had to ask who I was…(obviously this was before all of the recent Alice In Wonderland hype…)

  183. Sandi says:

    I used to work at a place that encouraged Halloween costumes. One year I went as Flo the Truckstop Diner Waitress. I made a pink dress and white apron, and teased and sprayed my hair nearly to Marge Simpson height.

  184. The first Halloween we had with our little boy, My husband and I dressed up as Robin Hood and Maid Marian and I made an adorable Little John costume for our little guy 🙂

  185. Kate F. says:

    oops! Posted before including my Halloween costume memory. When I was in 3rd grade, I made a praying mantis costume– a lime green hoodie sweat shirt with 2 Liter bottle eyes, and fabric tube legs stuffed with packing peanuts.

  186. Kristin Q says:

    My most memorable costume is my daughters genie costume of purple satin, complete with gold coins and a coordiating genie hat. This year she is going as an autumn fairy!

  187. Kate F. says:

    The yellow print in Betty Dear is giving off a 70s vibe to me. Love it!

  188. ara jane says:

    one year, in a last-minute pinch, i put together a simple costume to be carrie for halloween. just a prom dress from the second-hand store, a long wig, a tiara and a lot of fake blood. it’s still one of my all-time favorite costumes… i love the gory ones the best!

  189. Holly says:

    This didn’t involve any sewing, but I made my 5-year-old an astronaut costume last year by covering a thrift-store snowsuit (it is cold here for Halloween!) with white duct tape. When I was about 10, my mom made me a 4-foot stuffed carrot to go with my bunny costume.

  190. Emily B. says:

    Hmm…most memorable costume would probably be the Halloween where I was a fairy princess. I had a beautiful huge white skirt and a glittery top…and I got sick all over it right before we left the house to go trick or treating. Definitely the most memorable costume!

  191. Mama Lusco says:

    I’m making the girls and I Pioneer Girl dresses, bonnets, pantaloons & aprons this year.

  192. Theresa N. says:

    I’ve never sewn a costume for myself, but when I was around seven or so, my sister made me a bunny suit for a costume contest, and it took first place. I’ll forever remember that experience!

  193. JD says:

    One year I was a woman in a hot air balloon inspired by a Cirque du soleil costume. Similar to this:
    It was a great costume, but very difficult on a windy halloween night!

  194. Kimmi says:

    When I was little I wore a Strawberry Shortcake costume my mom sewed for me. This year my third daughter is wearing the same costume…with a few new additions/updates.

  195. olivia says:

    My mother made all my costumes growing up… and now that I’m expecting. I hope to do the same. My favorite was a full body rabbit suit sewn from faux fur. Kept me warm all night! Especially the furry hood complete with wire ears!

  196. Sara says:

    My favorite (and first hand made costume) was a giant M&M. It got the most laughs out of any costume I’ve worn to date.

  197. Lexi says:

    I have made my husband a wizard costume. He looked amazing. It feels great to dress up even when you’re an adult!

  198. Lynn says:

    So many fabric choices! Last year my husband and I dressed as Miss Muffet and the spider. He was Miss Muffet complete with wig and apron. I was the spider.

  199. Peggy says:

    My favorite costume was when I was 8 months pregnant and I painted my bare belly to look like a jack-o-lantern with a baby peeking out!

  200. kira says:

    The very first thing I sewed was a bee costume for myself for Halloween, back in high school! I wish I still had it…

  201. Jill B says:

    My best friend and I in matching siamese cat costumes made by her mom. We got lots of wear out of those costumes!

  202. Patricia says:

    So I am gearing up to sew my son, age 16 months, a pierogie costume. Oh my!!! Keep your fingers crossed!

  203. Texana says:

    It wasn’t for Halloween, it was a costume for Thanksgiving years ago. My kindergarten daughter came home and announced after dinner that she had to dress as a pilgrim “tomorrow”. I scrounged for some fabric, made a hat, collar and apron from unbleached muslin and a long skirt from dark brown corduroy, and paired it with her black turtleneck shirt. She won the “best costume” award.

  204. Anya says:

    When my son was in second grade, I showed up as a bag of jelly beans! Thanks for the chance!

  205. Heidi says:

    My dad always made our Halloween costumes when I was a kid. Well, one year I went as a Blue M&M. Not too terribly creative, the costume was basically two very large circle pillows. However, I was able to stash 2 crates of eggs in my M&Ms and I was the designated egg carrier during an evening of mayhem. In my own defense, I did not throw, crack, or cause any damage to an egg. My older sister… not so much 🙂

  206. Mhairi says:

    My mum made me a womble costume with a long nose and furry body. It was fantastic and an absolute favourite when i was 7. I think I wore it so much it fell apart. The hair was made from a wig my grandmother used when she fell off a foot hill in Mt Everest at the age of 65 and needed to have her head shaved. Lots of memories in that costume.

  207. nopinkhere says:

    The zoo menagerie sure is cute! For my son, I’ve made mummy costumes twice. One year he refused to wear it, and then he wanted to be the same thing the next year. For myself, I remember two that my mom made. Wonder Woman when I was in Kindergarten. And a Sunkist lemon in 4th grade that became a bean bag afterward. I can still hear her cussing that yellow fake fur.

  208. cassie says:

    My first Halloween with my boyfriend was a disaster… It’s my favorite holiday and I insisted we dress up and attenda party he was invited to (but really wanted to skip.) I made a darling little school girl outfit and dressed him up in a vintage tweed suit and away we went. As it turned out, the party was a monster prom party and my sassy little outfit didn’t go over very well!

  209. Andreia says:

    Lovely fabrics!!!
    Here we have not the tradition to wear an Haloween costume (we use costumes on february by Carnival). It was funny to read about all the costumes that are being made.

  210. Laura Reich says:

    The first thing I EVER sewed was a teddy bear costume for my then 10 month old child. I always thought it looked so easy… You can imagine how that went. It took me about 25 working hours and a lot of intervention from my MIL. It did get done and he looked adorable along with our next 2 kids who were all forced to wear it. 🙂

  211. Celeste says:

    When I was in high school, my friends and I all dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz. Hay was falling out of my boyfriend’s pants wherever we went! It was a lot of fun, though!

  212. Andi says:

    My most memorable costume is one my mother made for me – a bonnet and simple apron worn over a long skirt (one of hers, safety pinned to fit) and I was Laura Ingalls. I loved it so much I wore it again at Christmas and again the following Hallowe’en, and I actually still own it!

  213. gillian says:

    When I was 10, I was a bag of “Gilly Beans.” My name is Gillian (pronounced Jillian), so the name was suiting. I wore a giant clear bag with the name and my weight painted on the front and my mom filled it with small multicolored balloons. The pictures are pretty cute. 🙂

  214. Kati says:

    When I was a kid I made two of my costumes. One was a clown costume (that I did sew by myself!). The other (and one of my favorites) was a dish soap box (Sunlight). I got a cardboard box and spent a few weeks working on it. Painting it, making sure it matched the real box. I loved that costume!

  215. Hilary says:

    fun fabric. My favorite costume was a hershey kiss (costume stuffed with newspaper. It was heavy sleeting throughout trick-or-treating so I melted and had ink runnign down my legs but fun non the less.

  216. Jocelyn says:

    This is the first year I’m trying to “make” costumes for my girls. The quotation marks are because I bought plain one-color clothing, and I’m tring to make the accessories for the costumes. Everything is completely trial and error, and it has me STRESSING!
    My favorite costume as a child was when my brothers were the cowardly lion, scarecrow, and tin man, my sister was Dorothy, and I was Toto. (I was Toto for several years afterward– while my siblings moved on).

  217. bruinbr says:

    I have never been brave enough to sew a costume, but I would have loved to for my daughter this year! My favorite costume so far though has been for my dog a few years back. We got him a pumpkin costume and he was so freaked, he ran straight for the dog door, leaving it in the door since it was so puffy!

  218. linda says:

    Wow, lovely colors. Tea Garden by Dena Designs is especially lovely!

  219. Leslie says:

    When I was about 5 years old, I wanted to be a helicopter (weird for a girl right?). Well my uncles who were in their early 20’s at the time decided that I should get my costume so they made it for me out of cardboard with painted paper attached. I had a propeller for the top of my head and everything. But the best part, and I am not sure how they did it, was that I had lights that I could turn on and off with a little button. It was great!

  220. Well, maybe it’s not the costume that was so memorable (I was a bride and my mom let me wear her old veil…which was pretty huge to me!) but I remember we had a blizzard and couldn’t go trick-or-treating or anything. Totally snowed in with our costumes on. It was a very memorable Halloween!

  221. Erin says:

    This year I’m making a tree for my three year old. Wish me luck!

  222. Sarah says:

    This year I am sewing little “A” her first costume. She chose the pattern…Princess and the Frog. True to form I will be spending this weekend finishing it since I am only halfway done! Oh well, I didn’t dare give it to her too early, it would be worn out by now! What is it with the 3 year old set and the princess anyway?

  223. Marcia W. says:

    My most memorable personal costume was literally a bag lady — using a giant trash bag as the body of the costume. This year we are working with my niece to put together a bat-erina costume for my 5 year old grandniece. She definitely will have a twirly tutu skirt of netting and ribbons, and a bat top/headgear to finish it off. Kona cottons and Betty Dear look good for a fall quilt.

  224. elisabeth says:

    I attempted a flapper girl for my daughter as a costume earlier this month just to see how it would turn out. Not too shabby but she’s decided to wear another costume for halloween. Such is the mind of a 5-year-old.
    Oh and the Tea Garden collection is just darling!!

  225. My favorite costume was one of a pair of fuzzy dice that my mom made for me and a friend to wear!
    BTW love the new fabric!!!!

  226. Brianna says:

    I once spent tons of time sewing matching Greek god & goddess costumes for my husband and I to wear to a campus house party at Halloween. They were made from white fabric and we had “crowns of laurel” (silk leaves) to go with it. As soon as we arrived at the party, some drunk kid promptly dumped his plastic cup of red wine on my costume. I couldn’t get the stain out. That’s the first (and only) costume I ever sewed.

  227. Collette says:

    My favorite costume what when I went as a flower in a pot. I took one of those giant plastic pots and drilled holes for suspenders, cut the drip plate (is that what you call it?) in half and strapped them to my feet and made a flower head/face piece. Like a giant daisy in a pot! Oh wait, maybe it was the 2-headed purple dragon my friend and I went as. Try driving in that costume. [Yeah we were in our 20’s, not kids. Why do you ask? ;-)]

  228. Carolyn says:

    When my son was a one year old I sewed him a skunk costume. Super cute with a long black tail and a stripe up his back!

  229. Amy L says:

    I made an Indian Chief costume when my older son was 2 using a brown felt…I admit I didn;t sew 1 piece! I used rawhide to ‘lace’ up all the sides & fusible web to attach native american ribbon trim. I also used the rawhide to attach beads & feathers. Overall it was precious, but not sewn! Now that I am taking lessons to re-learn sewing, and have a toddler again, I hope to actually SEW his costumes 🙂

  230. Susie M says:

    The best costume EVER at our house was the year my first child was 4 and I made him a metallic blue dinosaur/dragon costume. Made a hoodie jacket with plates running from the hood down to the waistline. Then made blue pants. And also, maybe most importantly, a tail/belt that was stuffed and also had plates running down the length of it. All three of my boys wore that over the years and it’s one of the few costumes I’ve save for posterity…or is it the future grandkids?

  231. Keola H says:

    Never made my own costume, but I do have two memorable costumes I’ce worn in the past: a Strawberry (one of the first costumes my Mom made for me) and an old lady (man, was that mask creepy!).

  232. Caitlin T. says:

    My mom made me many costumes over the years, though one of the most memorable was a Rapunzel costume. It included a long yellow yarn braid and faux corset.

    Happy weekend!

  233. Kristin says:

    I made my daughter a witch-bee costume at her request (bee costume with a witch’s hat complete with antenna). My littlest will be a butterfly.

  234. Amy says:

    I can’t wait to see the costumes every year, but sadly, I have never partook in making one myself. Someday…

  235. deborah says:

    i always wanted a storebought costume and my crafty mama always wanted to sew me one! one year, i got my wish with a storebought q-bert costume. the plastic piece of #*$@ ripped from the crotch to the neck a few houses into trick-or-treating and had to be duct taped. that was my one and only storebought costume!

  236. Margaret says:

    Made all my daughter’s costumes when she was young. Best one was a cat costume that I gave to a co-worker for her kids when she grew out of it. Those kids still play with that costume all year round. My daughter was 5 when she wore it and is 16 now. Now that’s a costume. 🙂

  237. Carol in E TN says:

    I love the Kona solids and Dear Betty! I remember a clown outfit that my Mother made for my brother when he was a yr old and then using it for my own children. My brother is now 67 yrs old and mother still has the outfit!

  238. Jennifer says:

    My mom made me an angel costume when I was little=)

  239. Andrea M says:

    Most memorable-when I slaved over an “I Dream of Jeannie” costume for my then 8 year old. Serged seams, pressing some kind of glittered gauze, fitting it perfectly. She was so excited! On the night of Halloween she put it on and exclaimed “it itches” and started to cry! Then I started to cry! Oh well. Live and learn!

    Loving the “Betty Dear” fabric!

  240. amanda says:

    I haven’t made any costumes for my son yet, but my mom was the queen of homemade Halloween! The best one was a hatching duck costume she made for my brother when he was a toddler.

  241. Tong says:

    I was 50’s housewife last year – I wore a circle skirt, white button down shirt, pearl necklace, and an apron I made myself, and carried around a pair of oven mitts! Thanks for the giveaway!

  242. Iz says:

    My most memorable costume would have to be the last one I wore–a witch one. I want to say I wore it six years in a row! Not that I loved it or anything, but I was never the girl that wanted to be the pretty princess, the sexy cat, or anything over the top. It was just a knit tube with jagged edges. I had a hat and a stick. Not a broom, a STICK. I wore it from ages 6-12!

  243. Colette says:

    I remember when I was in high school my best friend and I made orange and black tie-dyed ghost costumes out of white sheets to wear trick or treating. We even embellished them with a felt “Boo” and a bow tie. Such fun! Now I have fun making costumes for my daughter.

  244. Sophia Patterson says:

    My daughter was in flag guard with the band in high school. A group of volunteer moms made all the flags and all the costumes, West Side Story, pirates, and exotic animals. Many times there was more than one costume and flag per girl. I don’t know if I will ever sew lame(you know, that slippery stuff) again.
    Thanks for a fun two weeks.

  245. Fran says:

    Favorite costume that I made was for my son…I think he was then
    in 2nd grade. He was the Frog Prince. I used bright green cord &
    worked the head part over a baseball hat…he peered out of the mouth
    of the frog!

  246. sohobutterfly says:

    One year we got all the guys to dress up as flowers (think BIG foam flower petals with their shining little faces smiling in the middle) and all the ladies dressed as gardeners, resplendent with bug net hats, rubber boots and watering cans! SO. MUCH. FUN.

  247. Carrie L says:

    My kids are going to be Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. (My younger son is the wolf, so maybe it will be the Little Bad Wolf!)

  248. I remember the first costume I ever made–sixth grade. I bought a clear plastic garbage back from a vending machine at the laundry mat, and I made leg holes at the bottom and armholes at the sides and filled the bag with multicolored balloons. I tied the “neck” up with curly string, and I was a bag of jelly beans! I was SO proud of myself, and I won a prize at the rec center.

  249. Katie says:

    I would love some new fabric! We have a woodland theme this year – my baby will be a gnome, my toddler an owl, my husband a wolf and I will be a mushroom!

  250. Bailey says:

    Last year my daughter was teething and was a bit cranky, so I made her into the teething witch, complete with little black and orange tutu. I named the witches brew in the cauldron, the anti cranky brew.

  251. My older brother has down syndrome and for several years he was Superman. Yes, he wore the same costume each year and it shrunk as he got bigger. My mom tried to bribe him every year with different things but he always wanted to be superman. We still laugh about it to this day haha and he still has the costume.

  252. Taysha Riggs says:

    In 8th grade I was a hooker. Oddly enough my best friend had all the essentials: white fur coat, spandex pink mini skirt and black crop top.

    My Mother wouldn’t allow me to wait for the bus that morning because my stop was on a corner and I was the only kid there. I was attending catholic school at the time. I was called out of my classroom midday but it was so the ladies in the front office could take pictures of me cause they loved my outfit.

    My classmates nicknamed me Kiki for the day 🙂

  253. Michele Craig says:

    When my younger daughter was 3 I made an awesome ladybuy costume out of a old sheet…dyed it red and added black dots with paint, cut out armholes. She wore it with black tights and shirt and atenna headband.

  254. Tiffany says:

    When I was about 9, my mom made me a “Gypsy” costume. I wanted really big earrings, but we couldn’t find any that worked. SO we took a couple lids from mason jars, tied a piece of yarn to each one, and hung them from my ears! It was perfect!

  255. I am sewing a witch costume for my daughter. I have made her a bumble bee costume, a princess costume, and a Dorothy costume. My favorite costume is an American Indian costume my Mom made for me when I was a kid. It was made of face suede and beads. Fringe and all. Loved it.

  256. autumnesf says:

    I made a renaissance dress for my daughter one year. The cost was insane and it was hard work…but it was also used for a medieval girl scout badge so at least we got more than just halloween out of it!

  257. Cass says:

    We don’t have Halloween in Australia, but I enjoy looking at all the cute costumes on the internet that are created every year!

  258. Ellen Ban says:

    My most memorable costume experience was the year I made 2 Jasmine costumes for my daughters and it was the coldest halloween we’ve had in Atlanta. I had to run out and find some long underwear for them to wear (so I didn’t finish one top and had to pin her in it!

  259. Christine M says:

    So many beautiful fabrics and not enough time (or money) to use them all!

  260. Meggan says:

    I’m a simple sew kind of gal. I made my girls matching princess tutus and they were a HIT!

  261. Larissa says:

    My favorite costume memory was when a childhood friend of mine and I dressed up as Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle Dum. I, rest-assured was NOT Tweedle Dum…hee hee! Happy Fall to All! 🙂

  262. I just finished making my 1 year old daughter a Raggedy Ann costume! It is so cute! Now I just have to convince her to keep the wig on! Haha!

  263. Colima says:

    The most memorable costume I’ve made was a giant frog costume for myself. It was a full body fleece suit with giant paws, spats for my feet and a huge stuffed head. For Halloween the whole town pretty much goes down town and walks around, and people kept hitting the stuffed head! By the end of the night I was so done!

  264. Nichole says:

    I made a Bellatrix costume and spent the day scaring all my students. My wig confused them and they didn’t know I was their teacher at first.

  265. Betty says:

    When my kids were little money was tight and I made their costumes from a printed panel. They were the cutest little costumes. I was proud that I could make them costumes.

  266. rose says:

    Most memorable costume ever: 1984 – 6th grade – Octopus! As if there could possibly be a better age to have the most awkward costume ever. Nonetheless I went all out, 8 tentacles (four mine, four hand sewn from orange fabric) sewn to a giant orange globe plus orange tights and turtle neck. To top it off I purchased two white bath tub mats and spent hours painstakingly cutting off each suction cup and gluing them to all the appendages. I was incredibly proud of my efforts. However, the glue I used (this was long before hot glue guns were common in the craft arsenal) didn’t hold up to multiple events and I shed suction cups all over school, my friend’s party, and the path traversed for trick or treating. People would come up to me with suction cups they had found for months after. I still maintain that it was my best costume ever (but next time I’m using the hot glue gun!).

  267. Michelle says:

    When I was 9 we moved from California to Arizona a week before Halloween and my parents had very little money after the move and we never bought premade costumes so my parents took boxes, covered them in aluminum foil, got broken bits from moving and attached them and dressed up me and my brother like robots. It was amazingly creative and cheap. Out of all my costumes, THAT is my most memorable costume.

  268. Cammie Heaston says:

    I love those solids!
    I just made a Princess Leah Cape and an Ewok headdress for myself and my newborn..

  269. Lori says:

    My favorite so far were the ketchup, mustard and relish bottles we made for the kids after the new baby was born. She was mustard. 🙂

  270. Karen says:

    Gorgeous fabric, as usual! The craziest costume I ever made was the year I decided to go as a witches’ cauldron….a month of papier mâché, and light up flames (Xmas lights) was not enough. Oh no, I just HAD to use dry ice in canisters so the cauldron would smoke and bubble as well. Needless to sat, this was before I became a mom. Now it’s all about my daughter’s costume!

  271. Katy says:

    I am a novice sewer. My 4 year old son wanted to be a ghost this year. His idea of a ghost was from the Charlie Brown Halloween movie and that is a costume that is not sold in stores. So I had to make it for him. I was petrified but it is working out nicely. I even added my own adjustments to his costume and I made a Charlie Brown shirt for him to wear under his ghost costume.

  272. Becky says:

    The first year my now DH and I were dating, I dressed up as a pirate and he dressed up as a parrot (I sewed both costumes). DH is 6’5 and made a VERY funny parrot.

  273. Jeni says:

    My daughter is requesting to be a wolf so that means I need to make some furry fingerless type gloves and leg warmers and do some crazy face painting! She likes to challenge her mom! I did make her a clown costume a couple years ago and that was my first time using a pattern and it looked really cute!!

  274. Jennifer says:

    Oh what a great question! I had fun reading through the other entries! It would be so great to see the costumes all these talented people make!

    I just finished making 12 (not 10!) little indian costumes for my daughter’s 3yr old preschool class Thanksgiving parade. They’re tan faux suede, with red beads and feathers, and LOTS of fringe. And of course, accessories, braided faux suede neclaces and headbands, and elasticized fringe bracelets! I definitely need to have my scissors sharpened now!

  275. Kate K. says:

    My most memorable costume I had was made by my Mom when I was in kindergarten. I was the Pillsbury Doughboy and my baby brother was Little Sprout. I treasure the pictures from those days. The best costume I’ve put together for myself was Jem from Jem and the Holograms. I went through a lot of pink makeup that year….

  276. VickiT says:

    When my children were younger I made their costumes always. I refused to buy those plastic ones from the store. (ick/sorry to anyone who might) One year I had the most adorable fabrics to make clown costumes for my twins which were big bloomer type pants and a top that was quite full almost like an old fashioned painters smock without a front opening. I had bright colored fabrics, circles on one and stripes on the other and then a third bright green I think for the ruffled collar. When I made their outfits I reversed the fabrics on them so one had the stripes on his top and the other had stripes on his bottoms. Then that year I happened to find beanie caps with the little propellors on top and they wore those. They were about 2 yrs old and just adorable.

  277. Emily Murphy says:

    My favorite costume was quick and easy. One year in high school I was a black-eyed pea! I cut out the letter “P” and taped it (because i was crafty but lacking in the skills department) to my shirt and blacked out my eye using eyeliner pencil. It was a hit!

  278. jes says:

    Last year I was extremely pregnant, So I decided I was going to make my costume for this party my husband I were invited to. The day off I turned myself into a pregnant bat with full on wings and ears. The wings & ears were felt with a fabric inside. Then we arrived at eh party and my husband forgot to tell me it was a dead celebrity party.

  279. Jaimie says:

    The one costume that i will never forgot was a costume my mother made for my older sister. She wanted to be a bunny for halloween so my mother came up with an idea. We live in New Hampshire, so we never know what the weather is going to be like on the 31st, cold like winter, or just a slight chill like anormall fall day. So my mother bought my sister a pair of Pink Long johns, and glued cotton balls ALL over them. and i mean ALL over them. And she made her some ears, and a cute little tail too.

    needless to say my sister was sweating the whole night! by the end of our trick or treat run her wiskers and nose had melted off!

    I will never forget that. Oh and I was a porclin doll once for haloween that was pretty cool also!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  280. Angela says:

    Ohhh!! I love the new fabrics! Especially the Zoo Menagerie…so fun!

    This year my son (2 yrs old) has been stuck on wanting to be a “tractor driver” for nearly 3 months. He hasn’t changed his mind once…unlike my oldest, who auditioned at least 15 choices before settling in on hers. Daddy and I have been hard at work for a couple of weekends, painting cardboard boxes green and yellow and adding straps to fashion him his very own “John Deere” tractor to “drive”, but the end result looks great. (We even found working “headlights” at the dollar store!) I’ve taken lots of pictures along the way, and know we’ll always treasure the memory of working together as a family to make his costume special.

  281. Wendy says:

    So pretty!
    I’m making *pieces* of costumes this year. Alterations, some boot covers and a Buzz Lightyear head covering for some thrift store costumes. In years past, I’ve always made my boys’ costumes (indians, knights, Ewoks, jedis, etc.), but they’re getting too commercial for me now…they want to be Darth Vader and the like! I have a handmade witch costume I wear myself…my husband has a coordinating wizard one. Sometimes I think girls would have been more fun. 😉

  282. jennee says:

    In love with the Wild World line. My most favorite and memorable costume was homemade. I was a dice. A box with holes cut for my head and arms, painted like…a dice. I wore a black shirt and tights.

    The thing I love the most is that that night I passed out candy to customers at my mom’s pizza parlor. People STILL talk about it. I guess it made an impression. Adult and kids I grew up with remember receiving candy from a certain 9 year old dice 🙂

  283. Kristine says:

    My favorite costume was Mother Nature. I wore yellow satin with leaves on it and a huge grapevine wreath on my head. So much fun.
    Now I have kids and they are going to be their own superheros, Super Ladybug and Super Butterfly.

  284. Erin says:

    I like the Wild World- and those gradient lines.

  285. Amy says:

    My favorite costume was last year when I dressed all in black and was a Calvin Klein Photogher and my husband wore some Calvin Klein underware and went as a Calvin Klein underware model…it was hilarious!

  286. Love the fabric! My nephew is going to be Harry Potter. It fits perfectly, because he is one and he already wears black glasses that look like Harry’s. So adorable!

  287. Heidi says:

    I just finished making my 2 yr old son a turtle costume for halloween, the first costume I’ve ever made. Instead of scrapping something together, I went all out and followed a pattern! It turned out great, just like the picture. I was reluctant to make it too far ahead of Halloween in case he changed his mind and decided to be a giraffe instead. But, he loves it and he’ll be nice and warm for trick or treating.

  288. Stunning fabrics!!! Last year I made my girls bunny costumes and this year I’m working on fleece dinosaurs! They are 3 and 4 and look absolutely adorable in anything!

  289. stacey says:

    i’m planning on making my first ever witch costume!

  290. Molly says:

    Did I mention…the box was held up with rope over my shoulders?

  291. Michelle says:

    For the past few years I have made all of my kids costumes, and this year is no different….my 11 year old will be Medusa, my 10 year old will be a vampire, my 17 month old will be a garden gnome and my 1 month old will be a toadstool mushroom. Can you tell which costumes I picked out? I only have so much time where I can get the kids to wear matching costumes!

  292. Molly says:

    I’ve made many of homemade costumes over the years. My most memorable was one year when I decided to be a flower…in a flower pot. My mom and I saw it in an American Girl book, so I decided I would do it. We painted a cardboard box to look like a planter…my face was brown, like the inside of a sunflower and we made yellow leaves. I look back at that picture and just laugh at how ridiculous I looked which I was oblivious to then. It was fun making the costume though:)

  293. when my son was 4 months old, I made the cutest Beaver costume for him. It was one of the most ambitious projects that I had tackled at the time. One of the reasons I decided to sew one instead of buying ready made was to save some money. however, when all was said and done it ended costing me over $60!! It was worth it though, and 12 years later I still have it.

  294. Kristyn G says:

    I’ve never made a costume, but our son is super excited about being spiderman this year 🙂

  295. Natalie says:

    I have a fond memory of a purple unicorn… however, I think it’s because it was the only year I wasn’t a clown. The ultimate costume was my aunt’s handmade Rainbow Brite costume!

  296. naomig says:

    Oh, these are all beautiful! When I was preggers with my second, I couldn’t muster any sort of enthusiasm… so I was homer simpson, in his robber costume… he always wears all black, with a black stocking cap. With my huge belly, it worked very well. 🙂

  297. Debbie says:

    When my nephew was in second grade, he mentioned to me on a Sat. that he told his teacher I would gladly make three vegetable costumes for their play on Mon. evening! I worked hard to get them finished that weekend and my Father helped me make them; it is one of my fondest memories of my Father.

  298. MissMary says:

    This year I am going to be Daphne from Scooby Doo. When my boyfriend and I decided to do Halloween with his brother and sister-in-law, we decided Mysteries, Inc., would be easy to do. I had a Simplicity pattern on hand, and we found purple suede curtains at a garage sale to provide the material. All that’s left to do is the hem! (I’ll make mine longer than Daphne’s so I can wear the dress again…)

  299. Crystal says:

    A few years ago my grandmother made a beautiful Dorothy costume for my 3 year old daughter. She looked adorable, especially with her bright red shoes. My oldest son (then 5) was the lion, middle guy (then 4) was scarecrow, and my littlest son (then 9 months) was the tin man. They were perfect.

  300. Laura says:

    Last year made my new baby a fleece sleep sack framed in huge flower petals. She slept through trick or treating toasty warm while her brother, the gardener, “watered his pretty flower” 🙂

  301. Heidi says:

    My costume that always sticks in my mind was the year it was snowing and SUPER cold. So in attempt to make a costume that worked with a winder coat I became a bunch of grapes. Purple winter coat and a bunch of blown up purple balloons pinned on. With stem and a leaf at the neck. Go MOM!

  302. Kathleen C. says:

    Eons ago my mother made me a Little Red Riding Hood costume–from solid red like the Kona cottons. The yellow would make a great chick costume, the orange for a pumpkin, the brown could be an acorn (!) or a squirrel–oh, so much can be done with solids.
    The new collections of prints are all lovely; I’d love to be a winner some day.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  303. Elizabeth says:

    Last year I made my daughter quite a skirt — can you say red stretch lame? — with ruffled tiers of the lame alternating with mesh. With it she wore a red tee, red rights and a headband with devil horns — and carried a brown paper bag with the Prada logo. She was The Devil Wears Prada.

  304. My best costume was a little red ridding hood costume. It is beautiful. I used some amazing hand woven fabric from a local weaver to make this beautiful cape. It has a big open hood, and is so full when my daughter spins it makes a full circle. It is heavy and warm enough for my daughter to where it in the cold mid-western air. I love it.

  305. Pearl says:

    When I was a kid, I made my own costume, a butterfly. I wore a leotard and my mother helped me make some butterfly wings. I was so proud!

  306. SaraD says:

    I’m making my daughter a blue satin Sleeping Beauty costume. My favorite costume as a kid was the one year my mom sewed it, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

    Love that Betty Dear line!

  307. melissa says:

    In college, my friends and I were a rainbow, each of us dressed head to toe in one color.

  308. Teresa says:

    I love the tea garden fabrics! And I think the most memorable costume for me, is one that I made my daughter two years ago. She was only 2 and she wanted to be Jessie the Cowgirl. It was the first thing I ever sewed for her. Adorable little fleece cow-hide print pants, and a little yellow vest…she was SO cute! And it was the first time I realized that I didn’t need to have a pattern, or even make it perfect, for that matter…just making it at all was enough to make her happy. And I’ve been sewing since, and have made her lot’s of different dresses, outfits, skirts and play outfits…and it all started with that thrown together Jessie the Cowgirl outfit…and being so proud to walk that little cutie around the neighborhood. 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful fabric giveaway!
    ~Teresa 🙂

  309. Anie says:

    I am making a pirate costume for my son who is 3 and a half. we are making it together. he enjoys sewing a lot with me.

  310. Katy says:

    My daughter is wearing her costume from last year:
    I highly recommend that pattern (Simplicity 3663) I just hope its cold enough on Halloween for her fleece / feather bird coat!

  311. Mary says:

    My best costume was when I was 10. I went as Pippi Longstocking. My dad bent a wire coat hanger over my head and my mom braided my hair around it so they stuck out. I wore mistmatched clothes and won 2nd prize at a costume contest at the grocery store!

  312. Rebecca says:

    One of my favorite costumes that I ever made was a vampire outfit for one of my college friends. It was almost entirely made of repurposed thrift store finds: a red velvet dress was chopped and slit for a skirt, a black lace sleeveless dress which was way to tiny at the hips, but fit great up top, was cut off for a bustier and a too small white blouse went under it all. Add bright red lipstick and some vampire teeth and she was ready to party!

  313. Jenny says:

    When my sister and I were little my mom made our costumes one year… a Lipton tea bag and a tea cup. My favorites, I think.

  314. a memorable halloween costume was early elementary — I was a cat. Black leotard (I was a gymnast and dancer), with a stocking cap that held black cardboard ears in the brim, and a long tail safety pinned to my back.

  315. Nicole says:

    I remember these costumes that my sister and I had when we were younger, I don’t remember what they were called. But the top that went on your head was a giant blow up alien type head and the bottom was just a body suit. Mine was blue and hers was red and the face paint that came with it…oh! It cracked your face so bad it hurt, even to wash it off! I wish that we had pictures of it but we haven’t found any yet…maybe that’s a good thing. 😉 I haven’t been brave enough to make any costumes yet. Thanks for the great contest!

  316. Alexandra says:

    My most memorable costume was when I was 4 and was a Rainbow Princess for halloween. My mom made the costume!

  317. Gabrien says:

    My first handmade costume was a purple dragon complete with 3 foot long stuffed tail with purple satin spines and stuffed satin wings for my then 2yr old daughter. Then we made an Optimus prime (transformer) for our son complete with reflectors and working headlights.

  318. Tabitha says:

    About 18 years ago, my mom decided that she wanted to be able to show in Native Arabian Costume (we showed arabian horses) and instead of buying one of the outrageously priced ones we would make our own. We worked really hard on all the horse’s parts and then she started to make pants for me to wear with it – balloon genie style pants. Well, the first try didn’t fit and it was pretty funny. I did eventually have a pair to wear and did enjoy showing in that class several times with the 2 cotumes we made.

  319. Gillian R says:

    My bald, six foot three husband wants to be Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. I reckon he almost looks like that already!! Just need to get him a big heavy black coat and some black eye make up. Easiest costume I’ve ever done!!

  320. Liz says:

    I made myself a Pebbles Flintstone costume once when I was a teen.

  321. sook hyun says:

    my best friend and i were sushi for halloween a few years ago. we bought cotton batting for the rice and shiny dark green fabric for the seaweed wrap. then we sewed fish tails to the back of our costumes.. it was a big hit! thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  322. Julia says:

    I’m making a black tutu for my 8 month old who’s going to be the cutest witch ever and my son wants to be Hiccup from How to train your dragon so I’m making a viking costume. I love halloween!

  323. janimal says:

    Oh those fabrics are lovely!
    I just made my daughter a Muno costume. Folks not hanging out with toddlers won’t know what that is! A character from the preschoolers’ show Yo Gabba Gabba. The costume is serving double duty because we are going to see the live Gabba Gabba touring show this weekend, so she gets to wear it then AND for Halloween. Score on getting another wear out of costume!

  324. Jenny says:

    I’ve never been that into dressing up for Halloween, but now that my girls toddlers, we’re all about dressing up for the holiday. They’re both going to be sparkly princesses this year and they’re so excited!

  325. Kelly says:

    Love the Kona fabrics!!! Costume, when my daughter was small, she wanted to be a clown for halloween. The problem there was I am deathly afraid of clowns, clown costumes, clown wigs, clown makeup….But guess what, she was a clown that year!!!

  326. Liz Mouse says:

    Well, there was that Halloween when I made two matching pirate girl costumes for my daughters and then my oldest insisted on being a ghost. Really?! You want me to cut eye holes in a sheet when I have and waste all this talent!

  327. Serena says:

    My mom dressed up my little brother as a clown and then made the mistake of showing him himself in the mirror. He did NOT like that, and he looks deeply unhappy in all of the pictures from that night.

  328. Diane says:

    Love the Tea Garden! My best costume was in grade school, when I went as a jack-in-the-box using a clown mask and large cardboard box.

  329. Tea garden line is so sweet.. and love the zoo menagerie too 🙂
    We don’t celebrate halloween here but once in a while someone decides to give a costume party. In one of those parties a friend of mine went dressed like Wolverine, with claws made by wood that looked exactly like his claws… amazing costume, really.

  330. kimberly says:

    When i was about four, my mom made me am elephant costume. Ears, trunk, hand amd foot covers…it had everything! I loved that costume! I still have the trunk and ears somewhere. I bet my girls would think it is just as fun as I did 25+ years ago!

  331. I love tea garden and wild rose….so pretty.

  332. Jes says:

    When I was a child, my mother and grandmother collaborated on the most beautiful butterfly costume for me. I wish I had a picture uploaded so I could show you the amazing work they did on this colorful piece. I only hope I’ll be able to make something as gorgeous for my daughters.

  333. Mrs. Pear says:

    My favorite costume was dressing up as a clown with full on make up, wig and hat. It was so much fun!

  334. Ileen says:

    I have now made two ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dresses, one 17 years ago for my oldest daughter. After all these years I had to make another for my now 7 year old daughter…I wish I had kept the first one. Halloween and kids keep you young!

  335. My favorite costume of all time was a mummy. My brother (who was too old to trick or treat himself) painstakingly wrapped me in strips of an old sheet, tacking it to my clothes as he went. My memory may be a little skewed at this point, but it seems like it took hours. Add to that a creepy, greenish face and it was a fantastic costume!

  336. Amanda says:

    My kids always want something challenging…grr. Last year My daughter wanted to be Ahsoka Tano from star wars so had to wing the costume and papermache a head/ hair thing. This year my son wants to be Bowser (bad Turtle from Super Mario Bros) SOOOO… yes I made the turtle outfit with spikes, mohawk, and horns. I am always excited once it is done and always up for the challenge 🙂

  337. duff says:

    Wow, that Zoo menagerie is super cute! A costume? Last year I was Aunt Fannie–lime green polyester pants with a matching houndstooth polyester top (complete with belt!) I donned some 1/2 glasses, fashioned my hair into a beehive, and stuffed a pillow into the back of those pants. It was hilarious! It’s especially memorable because I was looking at the outfit at a garage sale and the owner said, “If I could get into that I’d still be wearing it” YIKES!

  338. Rebecca Rendon says:

    My favorite costume ever was as an opera singer. I had I sequined red dress and a red feathered hat.

  339. Ashley L. says:

    Hoping this year will be memorable! I have an almost 3 year old boy and an almost 4 month old little girl, so I HAVE to make their costumes match! Hoping to finish their cute cow costumes so I can show off my “herd” at a trick or trick on the square! 🙂

  340. Carolyn says:

    When I was little, my mom made an awesome felt crayon costume. That was the most memorable costume I have ever had.

  341. Melissa Ann says:

    My twin girls are going to be The Tortiose and the Hare 🙂 I sewed running number for them but purchased the rabbit ears and borrowed a turtle shell.

    However, I’m also working on a complete Regency ball gown ensemble for myself. It’s for English Country Dancing, but I would wear it on Halloween… if it’s done 😉

  342. AnnaLyon says:

    A friend of mine always made his costumes at the last minute.
    My favorite is the time he went as a sandwich man. He just stapled 2 slices of wonder bread on his T-shirt, one in the front, one in the back. Hilarious!

  343. Anna says:

    When I was about 10, I had a killer Rainbow Brite costume. Rainbow leggings. Wig. Matching treat bucket. It was awesome. Sadly, it’s all been downhill since then. Haha 🙂 Would LOVE some free fabric! I sew lots of skirts and dresses for my two little girls and new fabric is always inspiring! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  344. My favorite costume was the year my best friend and I went as the two-headed monster from Sesame Street. I must admit, we were adults at the time, so there was a LOT of purple fur involved…and using the restroom was quite the ordeal!

  345. Pattij says:

    I made my granddaughter’s spider princess dress this year out of black satin, lavender satin and black spider see through fabric. Her Mom bought Goodwill boots and glitter spray painted them and adorned them with spiders. I can’t wait to see the whole thing together. She is 4 and so excited!

  346. Rachel Mitchell says:

    I love the ZOO fabrics,
    Hallooween isnt a HUGE thing here in new zealand
    but my kids are attending a “Heroes and Angels” party
    for hallooween, so I’m making 4 hero costumes for the boys and 2 Angels costumes for the girls

  347. Char says:

    when my daughter was about 3 or 4yrs old she insisted on being a Princess. I bought a pattern and sewed a shiny pink princess costume- it was quite involved and took me way too long to make it! In the midst of it I thought “why I am spending so much time on a costume she’s wearing once?” Turns out she wore it many many times. Even to the daycare center weeks later. she just wanted to be “dressed up” all the time. She’s an adult now, and I keep the princess costume in the cedar chest. just couldn’t bear to part with it!

  348. Eleanor says:

    My son wanted to be a spaceman. I cut a hole out of the side of a 5 gallon bucket, painted it and added some hoses. of course, he wouldn’t wear the 5 gallon bucket on his head. LOL Would you?

  349. Katie Strong says:

    When I was 7, my mom bought a pack of cheap curtains and managed to fashion out of them a spectacular princess dress. The aluminum foil hat was so tall I needed a teacher/assistant to help me, and the false eyelashes so dense I could hardly see. I’m linking to my blog, as I just posted on the importance of a handmade halloween. Love your giveaways!

  350. empirewaist says:

    My best halloween costume was a giant foam sandwich. 1″ foam, with white felt for the exterior, edged with brown felt for the crust, yellow felt for cheese & green felt for lettuce, peeking out. It was so easy to put together. Who doesn’t love a delicious sandwich?

  351. Sara P. says:

    My husband used to be the Chief Engineer (CHENG) on his Navy Destroyer. I made him a kangaroo costume and he went to work dressed as the “CHENGAROO” with his navy uniform over the suit and the tail sticking out the back. It was a hit!

  352. Lindsay says:

    I am making my first costume this year, for my son. He’s going to be a vampire, but he doesn’t like the hat! So maybe he’ll just be wearing the cape… I love the Wild World! So colorful, with exotic prints!

  353. Courtenay says:

    Memorable costumes? Last year I made my husband a Captain Hook costume that was hilarious, the hat i made was AMAZING, but the wig made him look a little silly, more like Dartanion from Three Musketeers than Hook…this year though, my little 3 month old will be a gnome. It’s my FAVORITE costume I have ever made.I really want some fabric for FREE!

  354. Alice S says:

    My husband and I made a knight costume for my son to wear this year. I sewed a tunic, cape, and sash. My husband made the sword, shield and helmet from cardboard and duct tape.

    My mother made all of my costumes growing up. My daughter still plays dress up in them to this day.

  355. Sara P. says:

    I made my husbanda kangaroo costume when he was the Chief Engineer on his Navy destroyer. The short name for that is CHENG. So on Halloween he went to work dressed as the “CHENGAROO”. It was a hit!

  356. Christina says:

    When I was younger I wanted to be a keyboard, but not just any keyboard, the one that I owned! So I put on black tights and a turtleneck and my poor mother spent countless hours painting a big box to look just like my keyboard. We cut holes for my arms, legs and head and presto! A Casio keyboard I was!

  357. melanie says:

    My daughter is going to be a Japanese Anime Character/ Harajuko girl, it is so much fun playing with fabric and trims! I am going to sew a chocolate chip cookie costume for my 10 mos daughter!
    Thanks for all the great goodies!

  358. Alissa says:

    A couple years ago I made a pumpkin costume for my daughter where we stuffed balloons inside. She was huge! It was the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever had.

  359. Alyssa says:

    I have made myself several costumes but the most memorable was my black cat costume when I was a kid. I made paper mache ears, a tail out of black tights & a wire hanger.

  360. Sarah says:

    my two year old daughter really wants to be a “princess roller-skater” for Halloween this year. Of course, I’m not going to let her on real roller skates, so I made her some fake ones out of fleece to put over her shoes. Then, I got her some elbow pads on sale and made her a princess costume. So, the real question is, Tiara or Helmet?
    I’m in love with the tea garden and betty dear. Very beautiful!

  361. Cecily says:

    I like the Zoo Menagerie. I worked as a seamstress for a costume shop for a while. While there, I was able to borrow Titania’s costume for a costume party: purple sequined bra, turquoise unitard, flowy chiffon scarfy thing, peacock feather mask, and a black curly wig. It was a blast to wear, especially because no one new it was me.

  362. starjumper says:

    i’ve only made my own costume once before, i just never start in enough time!

  363. Vickey Harris says:

    The first costume I ever made was an indian maiden dress for my daugther’s Thanksgiving program in Kindergarden, she is now 22. The dress passed down to my younger daughter as well who is now 19. When they were in the 2nd grade, they had to have a charater costume. One was Cinderella and one was Belle from beauty and the beast. The funny thing is that when my youngest wore her “Belle” dress again 4 years later in the 6th grade, it still fit exceot for the length and she won Best Costume during the homecoming activities. We still have all the costumes to hand down to “future” granddaughters!!

  364. Melissa Balaban says:


    Two years ago my girlfriend and I went as PB&J! She was the peanut butter and I was the jam. We made these huge slices of bread out of two tones of brown felt and I used red tulle as the jam on the front of my body. We put galvanized wire on the interior of the costume to keep the frame! All that stuck out was our feet at the bottom and small face holes we put on the front of each “slice”. It was cute because went we came together we made a sandwich :D.


  365. Lori says:

    Halloween snuck up on me this year! No time to make costumes. 🙁 Last year our whole family dressed up as Harry Potter characters and we had tons of fun!

  366. Gill says:

    My DS3’s pumpkin costume he wore to play the part of fire in a history lesson re-enactment of the Blitz in WW2!!

  367. Lisa says:

    The first year my husband and I were together, I made us matching outfits – we dressed up as to jesters, or ‘fools’. I always thought we were just 2 ‘fools’ in love ha ha ha.

  368. christine says:

    Loving the tea garden line. Simply stunning. As for a costume, I am pretty sure I am going as Octomom this year. I know that is terrible but she really is an easy target the costume is so simple – wig, lip liner on the lips to make them appear bigger, 8 baby dolls in a sling and i am good to go. Is that bad?

  369. Tamera says:

    Hey! I’m making my daughters costume for the first time…she wants to be a witch – which is a big change from the norm of a total princess.

  370. Megan says:

    When I was in Year 1 my class did Jack and the Beanstalk for the item at an assembly. I was the cow. My Mum, a very crafty lady, whipped me up a pair of brown pants and a brown long sleeved tshirt. Out of terry towelling. High styling!

  371. Valerie says:

    My most memorable isn’t the most exciting. When my daughters were 2 and 3 years old respectively I made them black cat costumes for the halloween party at their playgroup. It was cold so in addition to furry ears and long black tails we made mittens with paw prints and furry legwarmers – they were just too cute

  372. Patty says:

    I remember one year I was “Ms. Halloween” – I made all kinds out cut-outs and hanged them from a sign with a witch’s hat. I thought I was pretty cool stuff!

  373. Linda says:

    Oh the costume that had a hand sewn spiderweb across the cape with the big 1 1/2 foot spider! I worn that and scared the kids silly and they loved it.

  374. Robyn Wing says:

    I love those whales in the Zoo Menagerie collection! So cute!

  375. Mel H says:

    Last year I made a witch costume for the 7 year old. I let her pick out the fabric (nice shiny orange) and I made it too short. I was lucky and had some black to make a ruffle on the bottom. She ended up being the super cute witch. This year, I made her a Gypsy/pirate/fortune teller from some fabric that has the mirrors on it and some scraps from a friend. It really looks fab!

  376. sy says:

    i made a robot costume two yearns ago with cardbaord boxes wrapped in tin foil, i wanted to patch it to wear this year too.

  377. Nicole Balazs says:

    I have never made a costume and probably won’t this year with it being next week! Hopefully next year I can find some time. My favorite costume when I was younger was one my mom made… it was a cat 🙂

  378. Addy says:

    I would really love to make my daughter a Native American costume. Would any of you amazingly creative seamstresses out there have a nice tutorial for one?

    Last year my baby and I were matching black cats. I wore her in a black Moby Wrap, and we were sooo cute. 🙂

  379. Christina says:

    I’m currently making a colonial era dress for my preschooler — 4 yards of fabric wrapped around that tiny little girl. She’s gonna love it…

  380. char says:

    About 14 years ago I made my daughter a Sailor Moon costume. She says it’s still her favorite.

  381. Katie says:

    In college, my roommate went as Mary Poppins and I was Burt, the Chimney Sweep. I had an old dirty broom and soot all over my clothes and face. We were the hit of the party!

  382. Cynthia Shands says:

    I once dressed up as a palm tree. I had coconuts in my hair/fronds and a monkey clinging to the trunk. At the time, I worked for Hyatt Regency and they encouraged the employees to dress up…I worked the front desk and you should have seen the looks on the Delta pilots’ and flight attendants’ faces when they dragged in at midnight.

  383. Linda says:

    One year when my daughter was in grade school, I made a bumble bee costume complete with nylon net wings and antenna…the whole works. It took FOREVER but she was cute and we had fun.

  384. Yay! I love solids 🙂

    Memorable costumes? My mom made our costumes. I was a ghost with long yellow braids made from yarn. One year she made us Jester costumes and I think they were worn by a neighborhood kid every year until they fell apart. The goofy hats were the best part! I was a mummy made out of cheesecloth and a white sweat suit and a gazillion safety pins. Many, many years we were all just coats (it often snowed in Chicago on Halloween).

    My brother has won many college and beyond costume contests as a GIANT Tetris piece. That was such a hit he also made a Mega Man costume- he painted squares for the pixels on a giant piece of foam core and cut out the shape, with holes for his eyes.

    Why am I telling you this? Because I’m going to try to make him a Mega Man quilt this year, hopefully using Elizabeth’s quick square piecing technique. Inspiration comes from many places, I suppose 🙂

  385. Kimberly says:

    Love the Tea Garden! My mom made elaborate Raggedy Ann costumes for my sister and me when we were very young, yarn wigs, ruffled hats, and all. I didn’t appreciate them then, but I do now.

  386. Erin says:

    I will never for get the year I was 6 and my mom (brilliant woman) made a Raggedy Ann dress for me. The ensemble was complete with a pair of white tights that she laboriously striped with a red marker and an orange wig made from the (rather ornate) fringe of a big orange chair in the living room!

  387. Emily says:

    I am attempting to refashion a graduation gown (that I found at Goodwill for $3) into a Darth Maul costume for my 8 yr old. 🙂 Pretty new fabrics!

  388. Tara Thomas says:

    I made a strawberry costume in high school and wore it for probably 4 halloween’s. It wasn’t made very well but it was one of the only things I sewed in high school so I have good memories from being a strawberry 🙂
    This year I am being a cat again, maybe next year I’ll recreate the strawberry.

  389. Deb DeChurch says:

    One of the best costumes I ever made was of a lady gnome. I knitted a pointed cap from my handspun wool, and sewed a long skirt and apron of a home-spun look fabric.

  390. Kristie says:

    My kids are both bats this year. I made fleece capes with bat appliques and fleece hats with bat ears. They’ll wear black clothing underneath. I also made them trick-or-treat bags.

  391. The most memorable costume was one I helped my mom make and it was a sack of potatoes. It was made with burlap for the sack and the potatoes were stockings stuffed with cotton. It was very cool.

  392. I was just thinking about my most memorable costume growing up. My best friend and I decided we were going to be Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum for Halloween one year in Middle School. If we didn’t get big hoola hoops and staple those red pants and white shirts all around, add a baseball cap with a thing that whizzed around, and collars with our names on them. You know we won first prize!

    We laugh years later because I was in charge of getting our names on the collars – I was Tweedle Dee, and she was Tweedle DUMB (I didn’t know it wasn’t spelled that way! Lol

    Memories…ahhhh, love them!

  393. Kristine says:

    My favorite Halloween costume that I ever made for myself was Mother Nature. I wore a large grape vine wreath on my head with all kinds of dried flowers on it and a yellow satin gown/ cape combination with leaves hot glued everywhere. We lived in Austin, TX at the time and went downtown where everyone walks down sixth street to show off their costumes. For whatever reason, there was a large group of Chinese tourists in the area and I repeatedly got stopped and photographed. It was about as close as I’ve ever gotten to being a celebrity. This year the kids are their own super heroes: “Super Ladybug” and “Super Butterfly”. I will be “Crafty Mom.”

  394. Norma says:

    my favorite costume has to be the Jesse (toy story) costume I made for my then 2 year old daughter. I worked so hard on that thing and she ended up getting sick on halloween. She would have nothing to do with anyone at the party. She was pretty grump until the trick or treating started, then she forgot all about how sick she was!

  395. Jen V says:

    I’ll never forget the Pink Panther costume my mom made me when I was 4. I was so proud! It rained on Halloween night (typical NW weather). My brother dutifully walked behind me to carry my tail so as not to get it muddy while we trick or treated.

  396. I’ve never made a costume for myself but, I did make one for my son. He was a little bumble bee. I used black and yellow felt to make a jacket, Then I used coat hanger bent to look like wing covered with black pantyhose stockings. A couple of antennas made balls of tin foil attached to a hat spray painted black. A black nose and he looked pretty cute if I do say so myself!

  397. Jen Higgins says:

    For my daughter’s first halloween I dressed her as a ladybug. SHe was the cutest thing! Now she’s almost seven, time flies…

  398. Melanie Ham says:

    My Mom made me a Scarlet O’hara costume one year, I think I was 11, she made most of my costumes growing up :).

  399. Alice says:

    Heh, I think last year’s costumes were the most memorable. I was sewing for myself, my roommates, and two other friends, so it was quite the rush!

  400. Bethany says:

    My favorite book when I was little was “Nurse Nancy” about a little girl who wanted to be a candy-striper like her older sister. So my grandma made me a candy-striper costume that year, and a little nurse’s hat (do they have even HAVE candy stripers in hospitals anymore?) One year, she also made me a pink and yellow clown costume that was worn by my younger sisters as well.

  401. Jenny says:

    I make costumes for mine each year, but my all time favorite Halloween costume was a green Crayon my Mom made for me in Kindergarten. I loved it then (as evidenced by the beaming smile in the Polaroid) and still love it today. I think my kids will be Crayons next year…
    Thanks for the chance to share that happy memory.

  402. erin d. says:

    i’m making my son a charlie brown shirt for halloween – and found an adorable plush snoopy backpack he can wear with it to complete the theme – so excited about it! he’s my first baby so this is my first attempt at costumes – and i have to admit, i’m going pretty darn easy on it!

  403. Ashley L. says:

    When I was a kid, my mom made a Rainbow Brite costume for me. She spent weeks sewing and even made a yarn wig for me. The costume looked professional and amazing, and when I think of all the wonderful things my mom has done for me, I think about the hard work she put into that costume.

  404. laura says:

    I’ve never made a costume from scratch, but my mom used to sew me costumes when I was a kid. One year I was cinderella, complete with a crown and scepter made out of wire and pony beads. My aunt came with me and she was my fairy-godmother in a dress she got at goodwill. It was AWESOME. I was like 5 or 6, and I can still remember how awesome my dress was. Theres a photo somewhere, now I really want to find it.

  405. Stephanie says:

    I am making a costume this year — for my infant daughter — she will be a parrot {my son is a pirate}. a memorable costume: as a child, my mother came up with a gypsy costume for me, complete with raiding my grandmother’s scarves and costume jewelry. she was so proud of herself. the kicker was that i didn’t want to be a gypsy, and i hated it the whole time… i need to remember that story when my kids get a little older!!! halloween is about the kiddos, not my crafty ideas!

  406. Melanie T says:

    I keep thinking about it, but am so afraid. How can I make elf ears??

  407. Jessica says:

    I was Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings one year for halloween. I made big fuzzy felt feet and a gray ‘cloak’ out of fleece. I finished it off with the leaf broach he wore – I made it out of friendly plastic and silver wire. The stuffed feet were especially well recieved!

  408. Katrina says:

    My most memorable halloween costume was when my friend and I were both witches and my 4 month old brother was our black cat.

  409. Sara says:

    Love Kona so much!!!

  410. Jen says:

    My mom made me a rainbow bright costume one year. I even had a rainbow hair wig to go with it and I got to put a star on my cheek. It was my favorite!

  411. April says:

    My family (the 4 of us) are being the Rubbles/Flintstones and I am making all 4 costumes. I am Betty as I have short dark hair, my husband Barney (he looks just like him), my 2 1/2 yr son Bam Bam as he is blond, and my daughter is going to be cousin Pebbles. She is 6 months old. My sister and her husband are being Fred and Wilma. I have finished 2 of the costumes and have 2 more to go by next week! They are looking great! Can’t wait to finish them! My most memorable costume is one my mom made for me as a child. It was a super cute Clown costume I wore when I was 3. My mom passed away almost 3 yrs ago so I am trying to follow in her footsteps.

  412. Julia Rubel says:

    I made my daughter a snow princess costume this year. I just couldn’t let her be a princess in the 40 degree MN weather without some cover.

  413. Mel says:

    I’ve made a couple of costumes for my kids. I’ve done a telly tubby, and a wizard. My most memorable though was when I was little, my sister went as a bunch of purple grapes (stapled purple balloons on a purple outfit).

  414. Joy newman says:

    One year I was the jolly green giant. My mom had made a costume of fabric leaves and I was painted green all over!

  415. Rebecca says:

    We always did costumes growing up but it almost always rained on halloween so we would end up wearing a big raincoat over it most times anyways :p

  416. Eva Scott says:

    I was pregnant two Halloweens ago. So, I went to a party as a Leprechaun. My belly was my pot of gold. I had a rainbow going into the “pot”. And my husband went as the Abominable Snowman! You can see our picture here:

    It was a lot of fun!!

  417. Amy says:

    My most memorable costume was the Tootsie Roll costume my mom made me as a kid. The one I that I like best that I’ve made for my children, is a furry lion. The tail is even tipped with fur and drags along behind them. My oldest two have worn it so far and my youngest will wear it next year. It’s the only costume that all three will wear. I can’t wait to compare the pics.

  418. Melissa says:

    I “made” my daughter’s costume this year. She is dressing up as Jessie from Toy Story. Super easy to make- I covered jeans with cow print fleece for the chaps, and covered the top of a white button down with yellow cotton. I then added red cord for the detail on the shirt. It turned out really cute!

  419. Rebekah Truba says:

    I would have to say the most memorable so far in my life was last year. My littlest one had just turned one year old and we had to dress our kids up as bible characters. So I made my 3 year old a lion costume and put the baby in a lamb costume. And they were “the lion and the lamb”

  420. Tina M says:

    My dear hubby makes our costumes for us. One year, I was Wednesday Aadams. I sewed up a headless dolly and made her into a purse that I could put my license into for when we were out. 🙂

  421. Katie L says:

    My most memorable costume was my Halloween costume when I was six. Money was tight in my home, but I was dreaming of a Strawberry Shortcake costume. Mom surprised me the day before Halloween when she told me that she needed my help for one last part. I stood on a chair in my white tights while she painstakingly and carefully basted the green strips onto the tights, measuring as she went. It was quite the adorable costume – I’m looking through the family boxes to see if I can locate it for my sweet little girls.

  422. Kristin says:

    My (now) husband and I dressed up as a priest (him) and a pregnant nun (me) one year. That costume was a hit with everyone it seemed.

  423. Sarah says:

    One year we wore huge inflatable alien costumes that you put on your head with face paint. My dad even took a video and interviewed us (as our alter-egos), talk show-style! It’s a great family memory to this day.

  424. Megan says:

    My favorite costume so far is probably the zombie princess costume that i made a couple of years ago. It was a lot of work but turned out great!

  425. Teresa S says:

    I loved my son’s costume two years ago. He had just seen the movie Ratatouille, so he wanted to be a Chef. It was simple to whip up an apron and a chef’s hat, and then he collected all his candy in a big mixing bowl with a giant wooden spoon in it.

  426. Corrie says:

    I was Laura Ingalls Wilder and Anne of Green Gables two years in a row. My amazing mom sewed me the most beautiful dresses so I could dress up!

  427. Amber G says:

    I’m making little red riding hood costume for my 2 year old, and a conquistador costume for my 5 year old. With all the planning this year, I completely forgot to come up with something for myself! I will be a frazzled and half-asleep housewife this year.

  428. savvy stitch says:

    One year for Halloween I was the bubonic plague and carried a fake rat around with me. I wore all black and had fake oozing scabs all over. My partner in crime was a mad scientist.

  429. jen says:

    When I was 6 or 7 my god mother made me a princess costume. It was made of some shiny pink fabric and a princess sash. I think I wore it a couple years. Because my god mother made it for me, I think it really made me feel like a princess 🙂

  430. KristenA says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever made costumes (bad mom, I know!). Anyway, the one I remember most was in college. A friend’s roommate put a box around herself that looked like it had drawers (like a small dresser) and put a lampshade on her head. She said she was going as a “one nightstand”…kind of funny at the time!

  431. Greta says:

    i have made costumes in the past, simple ones like witches, genies, etc. lately i’ve been modifing cosutmes that i have bought somewhere but they aren’t perfect. Most memorable costume i have is a devil costume that I now use on my dog since she fits it perfectly.

  432. ok, most memorable costume ever at my house growing up was the Sylvester the Cat that my mom made… it LOOKED JUST LIKE HIM!
    everyone wanted to use it. MY mom is an amazing sewist.

  433. LJ Owen says:

    My favorite would be the year that my mom sewed me a wonder woman costume – she even made a lasso. Out of all the costumes and props she made for me growing up – that’s the one that stands out the most!

  434. Jansie says:

    I once made myself a Pippi Longstocking costume. Used wire coat hangers to make my braids stick out, mismatched long saggy socks, the dress with patches, the boots, the works! It was so much fun.

  435. Ms. Fine says:

    My most memorable costume was way back from my own childhood. We lived in a compound of western folks in a third world country and spontaneously decided to have a halloween trick or treat when I was about 5. Obviously, tehre are no store bought costumes to be had. So, my parents got tape, scissors, paint and brown paper bags to turn me into a native american indian. It was awesome–what was less awesome was sweating so much on that hot night that by about 1/2 way through the arm holes in the bag were tearing apart. 😉 Best handmade costume ever.

  436. Mindy says:

    I am making my 8-month old a Tinkerbelle costume. I knit her leg warmers and am working on her knit hat. I am on my 3rd try with the hat. I hope to be able to get to the dress, which will be in Robert Kaufman’s green polka dot cotton. I bought her wings and a cute tutu from Etsy. I’m pretty excited. I just hope I can get it all finished!

  437. rikki says:

    i just made my first costume for my daughter…a minnie mouse dress and ears/bow. it was simple, and fun!

  438. Sascha J. says:

    I made my daughter’s Cindy Lou Who costume this year. My daughter, who is just shy of two, is trick or treating for the first time this year. This will definitely be a memorable costume and year. Happy Friday All!!

  439. Sara Kok says:

    I am making some pants which will be a part of my husbands costume… he dresses as Ace Ventura every year for Halloween, and he asked me to make him some pants since it’s so hard to find the right pants… he looks JUST like Ace Ventura, it’s awesome!! This will be my first time making a costume. My most memorable costume was when I dressed up as a pumpkin when I was a kid.

  440. Rachel says:

    I’m working on a lamb costume for my daughter and Elmo for my son. It’s my first time making costumes!

  441. Allison says:

    My mom sewed me an ET costume for Halloween one year. It had a red heart appliqued on the chest, and a red fingertip. I remember it was from a pattern–she worked hard on it!!

  442. Edith says:

    I have made every costume for my sons because you can be much more creative with ones you sew your self.
    My favorite costume was for my 4 month old, a burglar. He wore black pants, shirt and beanie. The mask was secured in the back with velcro. The eye holes were larger so he wouldn’t be bothered by them and keep it on. I made a small stuffed bag with an appliqued $ sign on the front. He held on to the top when we put it in his hand.
    he was the cutest burglar I’ve ever seen.

  443. Melanie says:

    I am making a group costume for my almost 3 year old and my 18 month old.

    The big bad wolf, and little red riding hood.

    The cape is made from a felted wool and is an orangey-red, lined with a green floral fabric that was my great grandmothers! I wanted to make it so she can wear it through the year.

    The wolf is a headpiece built on a baseball cap.

    I am pretty proud as I did it all from scratch without patterns, and they turned out really well.

    What my husband doesn’t know is he gets to dress up as the lumberjack!!!

  444. Talia says:

    One year I went to a Halloween party dressed as a knight. I knitted garbage bags together and then sprayed them silver to look like chain mail, and then sewed them together to make a tunic. I wore it over black leggings and completed the outfit with a cardboard helmet. It got so many compliments and every year I consider repeating it!

  445. Rita says:

    so much fabric, so little time.

  446. Katrina says:

    My sister borrowed a homemade shaggy dog costume once and we were invited into every house that we trick or treated, so everyone could see the “adorable doggy”. My dad always went w/ us dressed as a hobo. He would burn the end of a cork and rub it over his face to make a 5 o’clock shadow and black out some teeth.

  447. Amy S says:

    I’m actually making my first one! I’m making my dog a whimsical sea monster costume. Can’t wait to finish it!

  448. lynn says:

    I used to make Halloween costumes for my kids every year. Despite my tendencies to wait until the last minute on things, and it usually ended up a bit of a panic. I loved making costumes for them. They were witches, pirates, pumpkins, clowns, princesses among other things and one year when we had a little red teletubbie who fell into my neighbor’s cactus while trick or treating. It took hours to pull the cactus needles out of the teletubbie and the costume had to get tossed before I even took a picture. Word of caution: if you have a cactus plant bring it inside for the night.

  449. Elaine says:

    My most memorable costume was when I was a witch one year, as a child. That’s the only costume I really remember!

  450. Tina C. says:

    so far the best costume i’ve made was for my son last year. he wanted to be a snow leopard, and wouldn’t you know it but the fabric store had “snow leopard” fabric, so i HAD to make it. and I did, and the darn thing came together so nicely i couldn’t believe it, zipper and everything. just followed the simplicity pattern and he turned into a snow leopard! it was so much better than the jaguar costume i made 2 years before without a pattern…

  451. Maggie says:

    My children will no longer allow me to make their costumes 🙁 My most memorable costume, though was a Dorothy costume I made for my daughter’s wizard of Oz birthday party. It turned out great!

  452. I just finished making a Halloween costume for my six month old granddaughter. She is a mermaid! I made costumes for my children when they were little – George Washington, spaceman, ET, clown, pumpkin etc. I love making costumes.

  453. oops. Meant to type era!

  454. Mary says:

    I made a spider costume for my son one year- I rounded the edges of a large square pillow, covered it in black corduroy and stuffed and attached four black leggings. Then I attached a black turtlenck to the underside. He wore black sweatpants and a black ski cap and ended up looked quite spider-y! 🙂

  455. Before I owned a sewing machine (I was terrified of them), I set out to make monarch butterfly wings for my daughter. A little wire, black tulle, a shiny yellow slub weave fabric and glitter were stitched by hand into wings that the children still flutter around in today.

  456. Shannon C says:

    I am not making our costumes this year since I found such great deals at the consignment store. My most memorable costume came in college when my dorm hall all dressed up together as the Flintstones. It was super cute and brought a lot of unity to our hall our freshmen year.

  457. Michelle Fuller says:

    I have never made a costume before, but I do remember my absolute favorite one my Mom made for me. It was a Tweety bird costume she made from a pattern. The costume cosisted of a gigantic head, a body, and orange webbed feet. I wore it for two years in a row, I loved it so much. I actually think she still has it stored somewhere. I hope when I have kids I am able to make them a memorable costume as well. Thanks

  458. Alex says:

    I made a Thomas the Train costume for my son out of cardboard. Phew. Never again.

  459. Liz says:

    Ohhh I love that Wild World fabric! I made a Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) dress for my 4 year old. It took me two weeks to make it, but she loved it.

  460. Jen says:

    This is the first year we’re dressing up for Halloween. I’m making my daughter a fairy costume!

  461. Rochelle says:

    Costume sewing is so much fun! I made my son a cute donkey costume last year for a harvest party. This year, my daughter wants to be mist, while her 2 friends will be clouds and rain. It has been fun to collaborate with her on this costume!

  462. Jessica says:

    My most memorable costume was the year that my mom made me a clown costume. We used that costume thru all of my siblings and it has been a play outfit for years.
    Just a favorite all around!

  463. mamabird says:

    I made my daughter a Ladybug costume this year. She is 21 months old and so far will not let me put it on her.

  464. Joanna says:

    I’ve just made my kids’ first Halloween costumes: Pebbles and BamBam. Since they’re not going to get much wear and I left it until this week, I went way simple and am making liberal use of velcro to avoid having to measure precisely.

  465. Susan C. says:

    No costumes this year, but one year I dressed as a robot, made from a cardboard box covered in tin foil. It was great, but hard to walk in and I couldn’t walk up or down stairs in it! 🙂

  466. Lynelle says:

    This is my first year making a costume as our daughter is only eleven months old. I took the easy route and decided to dress her up as Mother Teresa. All it took was sewing some blue ribbon onto a cut up pillowcase. But I would be thrilled to win some fabric to make her some cute clothes!

  467. Leah says:

    Oh I love Halloween! I have been so many things! Most years I have more than one costume 🙂
    Rainbow brite
    Glenda the Good Witch
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Black Widow
    Mr. Mrs.HeSheHimHer (1/2 man 1/2 woman)
    and so many more!

  468. Mandy says:

    I just recreated a costume I used in college for my son – ah, memories!

  469. molly says:

    This year it is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars and a monkey. It is so nice to not worry to much about perfect seams when sewing costumes.

  470. Katie says:

    Last year, when my daughter was 3 1/2 months, she was a lobster and my husband and I were chefs. She looked so cute. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to top that costume! I made it too. This year, she’ll be a monkey and it’s a costume that Nana bought.

  471. Karo says:

    our three-year-old is going to be a witch (we live in germany, so for now we can still fool her that halloween costumes should be “scary” and therefor avoid anything princess or faerie) and our one-and-a-half year old will be the witch’s black cat. spooky, right?

  472. Molly says:

    I’m not making costumes this year, but one year my mom and I made a manatee costume for me. I was in elementary school, and can’t remember why I wanted to be a manatee. She made me do most of the sewing, and it was a hysterical costume in the end – a big grey blob!

  473. Laura says:

    I am making three costumes – Woody and Jessie from Toy story and a witch! I do remember my mom making almost all of my costumes as a child….one of my most memorable was a red Crayola crayon!

  474. Hannah says:

    I just finished a mermaid for my daughter, which wasn’t quite as tricky as I thought it would be. Turned out great, even with no pattern. She is not allowed to change her mind!

  475. Annette says:

    I dressed up my baby like an egg. (She’s 22 now, so it was a while ago!) I used a pattern and felt, and the inside was gold — and she wore a gold sweatsuit. The outside was white, and the egg was cracked open — so the top part was a hat and the bottom she put her legs through. It was adorable.

  476. Jessica says:

    I’m new to sewing, so I’ve never made a costume, but it’ll definitely be on my to-do list once I have kiddos of my own–maybe I’ll start with a ghost. :). I’m bookmarking this whole baby shower event!

  477. Becky R says:

    I have never made a costume, but last month I helped my mother cut out and begin making a costume for my niece. It was a great experience and had us reminiscing about costumes she had made for us when my brother and I were kids. My mother worked in the fabric department of a local department store when we were growing up, so she had make costumes for display and my brother and I ended up with the privilege of wearing them. Although at the time we didn’t think it was much of a privilege, we always wanted the plastic costumes most kids had… even though ours were by far the better costumes!

  478. The best costume I ever put together was Thelma from Scooby Doo. Orange (or yellow depending on the error of Thelma you were going for) turtle neck, red skirt, orange knee socks, mary janes. I topped it off with a short brown wig and plastic frame glasses!

  479. I love to make costumes!! My fave was probably a Dorothy costume I made. I also the next year made the good witch. That one was a nightmare!!

  480. Katie in Texas says:

    I make my girls costumes every year. It is so fun and different than my usual. This year, I made a black, (fake) suede Indian dress, complete with headband, armband and fringe for boots. I also made boxing shorts and a robe out of blue, glittery satin. I’m looking forward to making a black eye on Halloween night!

  481. Amy Newbold says:

    I think my favorite costume would have to be for my lil baby girl, Pepper. I’m dressing her up at a piece of sushi since she’s only 6mos old. She will have a white ones (represents rice) and for the fish part, she will be wearing a orange pillow that will be strapped with a green band (represent salmon)

  482. Octavia says:

    My favorite costume, when I was a kid was a homemade die. I hated it then, but looking back on it I love the idea and its simplicity.

  483. Greta says:

    I didn’t really make the costumes this year but I kind of did. I bought a t-shirt and added an appliqué for my was her choice..I was going to make a big crazy dress! For my youngest I just fixed up a hand me down outfit. I have had some great ones over the years though and when I was little my mother used to make me my costumes every year. My favorite was a Christmas tree!

  484. kylydia says:

    I made a Little Red Riding Hood costume two years ago and swore I’d never make another of the big pattern companies items, again! This year, I’m going as a Roller Derby chick, something I can pull together from things in the house, including my roller skates from middle school!

  485. Seanna Lea says:

    I was going to be making costumes, but unfortunately holiday bazaar season completely crept up on me. I need to unfortunately work on that instead.

    If I had finished, I would have had a pippi longstocking costume, but I was making the socks and they take time!

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