Benita from Bettsy Kingston is up later this morning with a Baby Shower tutorial just for you. We asked her to tell us a little more about herself…

From Benita: I’ve been sewing on and off since I was a girl. My grandmother was a seamstress but her love was knitting. My mom also sewed so I was never short of handmade clothes. I tend to love making things for my children. I usually have a list of ‘things to make’ especially from my eldest son ranging from jackets to little pouches to keep his Nerf bullets organized. I find sewing is my creative outlet and I went ‘hard core’ when my second son was born. Within my circle of friends, I’m the only sewer. We have a great balance… A baker, a sewer and restorer, etc., all rewarded through each other. Ties with my Etsy team: BrisStyle Etsy is very important to me; my ‘craft friends’. Blogging has also been a revolution, joining fellow sewing enthusiasts together, bouncing off ideas and techniques.

I work full time as well which makes sewing even more important– It’s my own time. I have three children. The eldest is almost 9 and the youngest is 4 months. I don’t stay up late sewing like I used too. There are periods where I don’t sew at all and times where I get a couple of hours in. That is why my patterns are usually no fuss, for busy people. Bettsy Kingston as a business is possibly the most rewarding of all but behind the scenes takes up a LOT of time. I’m indebted to my partner who shares domestic duties with me (if not more so).

I make sure we have a holiday once a year. I love traveling overseas and our last trip was Japan but another overseas trip will have to wait until Alessandra is a bit older. I’m not a jet setter, but every few years I have to be somewhere completely different. We will go to the beach every year and Queensland has some of the best beaches in the world. The picture you see was taken on our holiday at Noosa. I love skiing and currently planning a trip to Thredbo (in Australia) next year which is the first time in four years. I’m thinking the next overseas trip will be the Nordic countries but my partner is Italian so we might venture back there instead. As you can see I’m a big dreamer (aren’t we all?).

I’m due back at work soon. My sewing focus has been solely personal, creating skirts, wrap dresses and work tunics. I’m enjoying it (although a lot of black) and will use the time to consider ideas for some new women patterns. If I lived in an ideal world I would have a permanent studio for sewing and could focus my days on sewing and my family. But who wants perfection? My sewing room is a cupboard raided consistently by my older son. My pins and buttons are a magnet for my younger son and I’m forever sorting things back together. There is always something I should be doing other than sewing and there is a tense battle over the pile of clothes I’m either not washing or choosing not to fold. I try to remember to take a broad general view of the world and that everything changes. A clean house will never remain so, the same shirt will be in the wash again in another week and a bad dinner is usually forgotten.