National Tie One On Day!

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Celebrate National Tie One On Day, November 24th!

EllynAnne Geisel from Apron Memories writes, “On the day before Thanksgiving, November 24th this year, pause in the preparation of your own meal, wrap a loaf of bread or other baked good in an apron, tuck a prayer or note of encouragement in the pocket, and tie one on… An apron, of course! Deliver the wrapped bundle to someone without your bounty… A neighbor, friend or family member in need of physical or spiritual sustenance, a bit of recognition or just a kind word.”

Visit Apron Memories during National Tie One On Day for your chance to win lots of great prizes, including one of five $15 gift certificates to Sew,Mama,Sew! Plan ahead so you can tie one on and share a spirit of caring!

Apron by Morgan of One More Moore, via the fabulous inspiration of the Tie One On photo galleries.

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38 Responses to National Tie One On Day!

  1. Love the apron in the photo! The color combo is really fun! 🙂

  2. Posted the apron patterns on my blog today for Tutorial Tuesday, and was able to talk a bit about Tie One On Day on the radio this morning here in Virginia Beach. Great cause, glad to be a part of it. Thank you SMS for bringing it to my attention. Sometimes its the little things we can do to help 🙂

  3. Rhea says:

    I will be spending my first Thanksgiving with my new in laws. My mother in law especially has been so welcoming and supportive. She is someone I am truly thankful has come into my life.

  4. Melissa H. says:

    What a wonderful coincidence! This year I was planning to make aprons for Christmas gifts and now I have the incentive to get them done a month early. The message is wonderful. Not only are you putting the “giving” back in Thanksgiving, but you’re also remembering who you are “Thankful” for.

  5. Margie Bennett says:

    I love this idea too! My problem is that I have about a dozen that I want to give one to.

  6. Heidi Myers says:

    I did not know about this holiday, I am glad to have the heads up so I can get sewing and deliver a sweet gift

  7. Holly says:

    Too cute!

  8. Emily says:

    i love this idea! i need to get thinking on who i can share with!

  9. Ezekiel's Garden says:

    This is such a cool holiday! I am not going to be able to do it on November 24, but think I might do it the Sunday before. I know somebody (okay 4 or 5) who could use a lift. 🙂 The only question is if I’ll be able to do something for all of them or if I have to pick only one or two…

  10. Tina K. says:

    What a fabulous, FABULOUS, and thoughtful idea! Will definitely be “tying one on” this year!


  11. Laura Reich says:

    So sweet! I love this idea.

  12. jenn says:

    love, love, love that idea. I’ll be dropping a loaf off at an elderly neighbors house. Thanks.

  13. What a wonderful plan. I will do this for sure.

  14. Cindy says:

    I love that apron and the tie one on day!
    What a great way to give to someone in need!

  15. Dianne McLean says:

    Sounds like the beginning of a family tradition!

  16. ~Helena~ says:

    That sounds awesome. I can’t wait to give to someone else.

  17. Susanne says:

    The cogs are turning 😀 WHO do I deliver it too????? : )

  18. Lauren says:

    This is such a neat holiday! I plan to start this tradition with my family this year. Thanks for the info =)

  19. Rosieq says:

    I really love this idea!!! Such a nice thing to do for a neighbor you haven’t met yet! If your neighborhoods are like most, people just don’t neighbor!!! A nice idea for an icebreaker!

  20. Beth says:

    What a neat idea. Of course, someone nice might show up at my door with one of these … Nov. 24th is my birthday! Honestly, though, what a neat way to celebrate it by giving to someone else.

  21. Love to “tie one on!”. lol!! Cute post!!

  22. Caroline says:

    This is a great holiday idea! I love it! What a great way to share the wealth and celebrate the thanksgiving holiday!

  23. What a delightful idea. Last year, all of our Thanksgiving guests put on vintage aprons

  24. Shannon H says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!! I didn’t know about this but will participate this year 🙂

  25. Gill says:

    I’ve never heard of National Tie One On day – What fun!!

  26. Pat says:

    What a fantastic idea. I bought some fall fabrics just the other day that would make perfect aprons. Thank you, as always, for your creativity!

  27. VickiT says:

    I remember this last year but found it too late although everything I’ve ever made in my sewing room is given to someone. I bake often and love giving those things out to friends and relatives too. This year I have plans for that day without remembering my plans were made on Tie One On day so I’ve already gone and added my name to the list. I can’t wait and hope my hand cooperates with my plans since I’m having hand surgery on Nov. 2nd.

  28. Jane Sheffy says:

    3 favorite fabric collections:
    –African prints
    –Alaskan wildlife
    –old blue jeans

  29. jes says:


  30. Jane Sheffy says:

    3 favorite fabric collections:
    *African prints
    *Alaskan wildlife
    *Old denim jeans

  31. RaeLyn says:

    I love this idea! We will be out of town on the “National Tie One On Day.” But I will be celebrating this day a wee bit early!

  32. Dana says:

    Awesome idea, I love it!! thank you for sharing.

  33. Blossom says:

    That’s such a great idea! I had never heard of it, but I love it!

  34. Chris says:

    What a wonderful idea. Thanks

  35. Shannon F. says:

    A great day to celebrate!

  36. Kristie says:

    What a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  37. I am in the process of creating a ‘flirty skirt’ apron free tutorial in honor of Tie One On Day – Hope to post on my site for Tutorial Tuesdays!

  38. Michele says:

    I had no idea of such a holiday, but now I do, no excuse not to give when I have been Blessed with so much in these times.Thank you for spreading the word.

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