You may recognize Cherie Killilea as the smiling face toting duffles at StudioCherie. In addition to selling her sewn items and PDF sewing patterns, Cherie is the mother of three– 2 boys and one fairytale character. You can learn more about Cherie and her work on her blog, and watch for StudioCherie sewing patterns in the Simplicity catalog starting this December. Today she’s here to share this easy and fun Hooded Cape Costume tutorial. The tutorial helps you create a one size fits all 26” long play cape 
with pointed hood!

In our house, we love fractured fairy tales. Take a classic story and tell it from another perspective. For years we ate those up at bedtime. One of our recent favorites came out in film format, Hoodwinked.

Inspired by Red’s costume, I made this super quick pointed hood and cape for my daughter. The costume is completed with a blue mini skirt over bell bottomed jeans and a plain tee shirt. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. As you can see, dressing like an animated movie star is a big hit with Gabrielle.


  • Cutting mat, long quilters ruler, and rotary blade OR
  • Large table, measuring tape, straight edge, non-permanent 
fabric marker, and sharp scissors


  • 1 yard of 44” wide red fabric

Using the cutting layout as a guide, cut as indicated by dashed lines
. Round the bottom of the cape (optional– the cape in the photos was not rounded). Cut the top triangle off of the cape piece so that the top edge of the cape measures 12”.

After cutting, finish all edges of your three pieces. I used a rolled edge on my serger for a narrow hem all around. If you do not have a serger, you can do any kind of narrow hem or none at all.

I also turned the hood front under another 3/4” along the long (bias) edge, and hemmed it there.

1. The front of the hood is stitched to the back of the hood, right sides together. Use a narrow seam allowance. (Red dotted lines indicate stitches.)

2. The top of cape is centered on hood back and stitched right sides 
together with a narrow seam allowance. Turn right sides out, and it is ready to tie on.

All you need to finish your Hoodwinked-style costume (if you want to go all out like we did):
1. Add some trim to the bottom of denim bell bottoms
2. Pull a blue mini skirt over the top of the jeans.
3. (My favorite part) Wear a plain tee shirt.

Have fun with your costume!

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