Sew Tina!: 30 Cute Projects & Adorable Décor Items for Kids Interview & Giveaway

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Tina Givens does it all, and does it all very well! Chances are you’ve fallen in love with at least one of the prints from one of her beautiful fabric collections (Pssst: Opal Owl is on sale…), and Tina also designs wonderful stationary, patterns and more. Tina’s work features her signature, detailed watercolor art.

Today we’re excited to be a stop on Tina’s book tour for the newly released Sew Tina!: 30 Cute Projects & Adorable Décor Items for Kids. The book includes many darling clothing patterns for kids, featuring designs that allow for fun and movement. You’ll also love the thoughtful, delightful, kid-focused home décor projects in the book. Tina answered all of our quirky questions below, and is also offering a prize package for you to win today. Your comment on the blog today enters you to win a prize package that includes a copy of Sew Tina!, four yards of fabric, two boxes of stationary and two sewing patterns! Lark Crafts is also hosting a giveaway throughout the blog tour; for details and the tour schedule you can visit Lark Crafts (they’re offering three free projects too!).

Enjoy our interview with Tina, and be sure to comment for your chance to win!

Sew,Mama,Sew!: The designs in Sew Tina!; 30 Cute Projects & Adorable Décor Items for Kids look like clothes kids can actually move and play in. Do you create with fun in mind?
Tina: Absolutely. Kids are nutty and physically free. My daughter is constantly upside down and walking around on her hands, and Jonty slides into the room on his belly… So the garments, whether for infant or older kid, are always inspired by their movement, free expression and fun. I love a unique silhouette and love using loads of fabric, so the swingy-er the better!

SMS: What is your favorite children’s book?
Tina: Funny… I recently reacquired my favorite book as a kid and my daughter is reading it to me. Oh, wow, did it bring back memories! It’s called Miss Z, The Dark Young Lady, by Angela Carter and illustrated by Eros Keith. I am amazed at how much I loved the illustrations and when I opened the book recently (last I saw it I was about 9 years old) I was again mesmerized, and the lady in the book has a sewing machine and makes a magical dress. I love children’s books and have many favorites but this is my most recent experience.

SMS: Have you incorporated any of the book’s projects into your own home? Is there a dreamy bed canopy or whimsical mobile in your life?
Tina: Oh, yes, everyone must have a canopy whether it’s in a kids room or elsewhere. My Amelia has one over her bed. And mobiles, yes… They’re in my studio too, whether from fabric or paper. I love making the tassel that is shown in the book hanging under the canopy; I make these for around the house. I make many things for around the house. Quilts of course, loads of pillows and cushions, wall art, and even fabric-covered bulletin boards in the kids rooms, the studio, the laundry room… Anywhere I want color. I slipcover a lot of ottomans and some chairs, I cover lampshades and add things to light fixtures… Oh, I am getting antsy to do something new!

SMS: Do you believe in fairies?
Tina: Absolutely. I do. I paint many fairies for my stationery lines and would love to install a fairy door in my house… That is a must!

SMS: Do you have a favorite clothing design in the book? One that’s been particularly well-received by a child friend or one that you think is especially versatile?
Tina: The Zig Zag dress is my favorite and I have even made this for myself in chiffon. It’s sweet for kids, easy to wear and fun to make!

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Tina: Not so much super power but magic or like Samantha, so I could wiggle my nose and have all the dishes cleaned up, or the fabric bits and pieces magically disappear off the floor, or all the laundry done. I’d cook of course, sew and make things… It’s the clean up I have a problem with. That’s where the magic powers are needed, yes?

SMS: We’re big fans of all you do, from your fabric collections to your stationery and the beautiful watercolor art at the foundation of it all. Do you have tips to share about how to nurture a creative life?
Tina: Be yourself… Stop for a while and wonder and start by doing something you’d like to do whether it’s jewelry making, pottery, painting, sculpting. For me it was a millinery class after I quit my corporate job. It gave me time to play, and get my mind in a creative place. Next came the paint brushes and pencils, while I continued making hats… Just make the time to find it!

Then, nurture it by doing it and having fun at it. If it’s not fun, stop. Try something else. Always find a weekly pocket of time for yourself and if you don’t have a corner in the house that’s all yours, then create one. Get a perfect little desk or table that you love, put it in a semi-private corner or room, find a little comfy chair that’s all yours… You need a lamp for soft light, and voila!– Your own space to sit, create, think, read… blog….

Thanks for having me. I hope you love the book, it’s a fun concoction of fun things to make. Remember, don’t take yourself so seriously when you sew… Have fun with it!

Thanks, Tina! These photos are all projects in the book; clothing pattern sizes in the book range from 3m-18m (infant) and 2T-7 (kid). Readers, don’t forget to comment for your chance to win the fabulous prize package. Tell us about your love for Tina Givens, or perhaps you’d like to share what your super power would be or your favorite children’s book?!

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278 Responses to Sew Tina!: 30 Cute Projects & Adorable Décor Items for Kids Interview & Giveaway

  1. Melissa says:

    Loved the interview! I’d pick the same superpower as Tina. To have all the cleaning done with the wiggle of a nose. How perfect! That would leave so much more time to do things I actually enjoy doing.

  2. Nathalie says:

    The book seems to be great. Hope to be the lucky winner 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    What a great idea. I would love the fabric and book for my granddaughter.

  4. simone says:

    the book looks like it will be beautiful. As a child I loved the Narnia series. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Heidi Myers says:

    oh man, that book looks great! I would love to win this

  6. Mary Beth says:

    My fav kids book is Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle! I love the fabrics and would love to check out the book!

  7. Shelly Garcia says:

    The book make me want to have another child (only if I am gauranteed to have a girl!). Another child is out of the question but I do have a niece. Very excited to look inside!

  8. Melissa says:

    What a lovely book! And a very generous giveaway! Please count me in!

  9. Terri Baker says:

    Just starting to sew and would love to make these sweet items for my grandchild to be!!!
    meterr70 AT gmail DOT com

  10. Jody C. says:

    I wanna see her zig-zag dress for herself. Great ideas – beautiful book.

  11. empirewaist says:

    My superpower would be to stop time so I could have more time to sew! Love Tina Givens & this awesome giveaway!

  12. Shelly says:

    Ooh, I didn’t know Tina was coming out with a book! I love her fabric – I have some Treetop Fancy that I’m having a hard time cutting into because it’s so gorgeous. I’d love to win this prize!

  13. Dana S says:

    I was unfamiliar with Tina, but love her style! I’m a new fan!

  14. Melissa says:

    That looks like a very cool!!

    thanks for an opportunity to win!!

    Melissa from Naches, WA

  15. Daisy says:

    Great giveaway I would LOVE to win! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  16. Melissa Whittle says:

    How Inspirational!!! What darling ideas, such a creative person….LOVE IT!!!

  17. Heather says:

    Oh, the book would be fun…but how can I win those mess-cleaning super powers? That would really be great! 😉

  18. Allison S. says:

    I wish I could communicate with animals! Or maybe I should change that to babies, since I have one on the way…. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  19. wow Tina, the book looks amazing, just like you. All my very very best, Jennifer

  20. Joy says:

    My favorite childrens’ book is THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE.

  21. Lynne says:

    Looks like a wonderful book! My favorite children’s book has to be “Oh the places you’ll go” by Dr Seuss. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. morgan says:

    Looks fabulous Tina! Sew Great! 😉

  23. Chris Davis says:

    Lovely interview! My favorite children’s book is Babar.

  24. Kayla says:

    Love it. Hope I win 🙂

  25. kimberly says:

    This would be great for my girls!

  26. Suzanne says:

    Fingers crossed, pick me:-)

  27. Wendi says:

    I haven’t seen the actual book, but following the blog tour makes me think this book is something special. Love the little dress with the bird on the front. So cute. Our favorite children’s book is the “Poky Little Puppy”. I read it to my children so often I still have it memorized. “Five little puppies dug a hole under the fence and went for a walk in the wide, wide world…”

    Thanks for the chance to win

  28. Terri P says:

    Both the fabrics and the childrens’ patterns are amazing!

  29. Sharon T. says:

    What an inspiring interview!

  30. Katie says:

    I love that she believes in fairies!

  31. Marlena says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks.

  32. kelli says:

    I agree with Tina, my super power would be for cleaning too. And wouldn’t I be the most popular super hero ever. I could swish and flick from across town and clean my friend’s houses for them. Just think how much sewing I could do if I never had to stop to clean house!

  33. Lucie says:

    I love her stuff. Wonderful. My super power would be to instinctively know what people need and make them feel better. Favorite book–Curious George, of course!!!
    Lucie (

  34. DebbieKL says:

    Looks like a great book! I always thought it’d be awesome to be able to fly. 🙂

  35. Laura says:

    I adore the bird inspired fabrics. My favorite book to read with my babies right now is The Moon Shines Down by Margaret Wise
    Brown, but only recently published. The rhymes enchant us all.

  36. Rosa in The Antipodes says:

    Awesome book! Me, me, me!!!!!

  37. I LOVE Tina’s fabrics! They are so pretty and cheerful fabrics. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  38. Shannon H says:

    What an awesome book! I would love to win it 🙂 Her fabrics are beautiful!!

  39. Blossom says:

    I love it!

  40. Katie says:

    This would be great. 4 yards of fabric and all the other good stuff. Does this book have the pattern for the bassinet? That’s what I really want!

  41. Sivje Parish says:

    Oh so pretty!! I love to make outfits for my daughters. I would love to try some of the patterns. Thank you for the chance.
    I have sewn with Tina Given’s fabric quite a bit, though usually I make aprons with it.

  42. Carina says:

    Ooh I would love to have this book, awesome projects for all the teeny folk in my life!

  43. MJ says:

    Soo pretty!

    My favorite books growing up were always Curious George!

  44. Patty says:

    This book looks so delicious! I would love a copy for my bookshelf.

  45. Laurie Pangborn says:

    I would love to win this book so I can peruse it and make some awesome projects during the long, cold winter nights coming up here!

  46. min says:

    For whatever reason, I loved the book “Snipp, Snapp, Snurr, and the Buttered Bread,” as a kid. It was about Swedish triplets and making homemade bread and butter. How weird is that? I would love to find a copy again and see what was so fascinating. My foodie beginnings in life must’ve stemmed from it or something!

  47. Karisty says:

    Such beautiful fabric and great ideas!

  48. Samantha says:

    Beautiful book! My name is already Samantha, so maybe I’m half way there??? I would love to be able to twitch my nose and have magical organizational powers! I’ve recently moved into a new sewing room and am having trouble getting things unpacked and organized so I can get in there and be productive!

  49. Elle says:

    Love the book, love the fabric. Superpower- Maybe not needing sleep so that I could get everything I want to do done. (and still be a good mom, friend and wife!) The cleaning power would be great but I leave it for the fairies 🙂 Edward Munsch is one of my fav children’s authors!

  50. Fran says:

    Beautiful book….love that little pink dress !
    And the photography is over the top !
    Would love to win it….& thanks for the
    giveaway plus a great interview !

  51. tricotaria says:

    Great giveaway! I try my chance to win this wonderful book!

  52. emeline says:

    Super power, eh? TELETRANSPORTATION!! That way, I could just blink and be transported to oh, you know, Bora Bora! Thanks for the great interview!

  53. Kelly Irene says:

    ooo. I love the sense of whimsy Tina brings to her fabric designs, and the pictures you have posted from the book show the same! Thank you for the chance to win! (I’m a big fan of anything by Roald Dahl. I have already started reading his books to my 13 month old daughter who couldn’t care less at this point 😉

  54. Tanja says:

    So cute! We would love this in my family! My favorite kids’ book is the Maggie B. I still have my copy from the 1970’s, and my kids love it too!

  55. Nichole says:

    The fabrics and projects are so fresh and bold and bright. What a great giveaway !

  56. Tina Givens says:

    Thanks so much for having me… and wow what wonderful inspirational comments from all of you guys… makes me want to do more. Thanks again it was a pleasure reading your words….
    Tina G

  57. Monica says:

    I love Tina’s fabrics and sent my new granddaughter the Opal Owl book! What a great give-away!

  58. Amy says:

    I would love to have this book! Looks like cute stuff.

  59. Melissa Williams says:

    Ooh, I would love to win! My 2nd daughter was just born on Sunday and eventually I hope to make both kiddos a few things!

  60. Tina Rice says:

    I love making clothes and things for my 11 little granddaughters. Would like to also make things for my 4 grandsons. This book is beautiful!

  61. Colleen says:

    I just got some opal owl… it’s one of those that I’m afraid to cut into because it is just so beautiful! I’ll figure out just the right thing. Maybe a project from the book if I win? Thanks for the chance!

  62. Tuesday says:

    I would be so happy to have this book,my little lady and so many friends with wee ones I could make things for!

  63. Alicia Jacobs says:

    Hi! I love the projects, how fun! Would love to win the contest!

  64. Katie says:

    Some beautiful pictures, I wish I could see the zig-zag dress.
    My favourite kids book is Harriet you’ll drive me wild- by an Aussie icon Mem Fox. such a real story about our imperfections as a parent.

  65. Karen says:

    I’d love to win!. That looks like an amazing book!

  66. Lia says:

    oooo I want the booookkk 😀

  67. Susan says:

    The book looks like it has wonderful projects for my new granddaughter. I would love to win and surprise her with some very special gifts.

  68. My favorite children’s book is The Happy Prince. Made me cry as a child and it still does!

  69. Deb DeChurch says:

    My favorite children’s book is Half Magic, but Edgar Eager…loved it from my own childhood. It would be fantastic to win this great giveaway!

  70. SofiAlgarvia says:

    I didn’t know Tina’s book. I’ve just had a look at her site and the fabrics and the colours are so beautiful! I think that winnig this giveaway would be a great way of getting to know her work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  71. Louise says:

    Love this book! My super power would be the ability to sew all the beautiful things I wish with a Samantha/Tabatha wiggle of my nose. I see wonderful tutorials here and bookmark them but don’t seem to get around to making them!

  72. Stacy W. says:

    Sounds like a great book. I hope there are some boy projects in there too! As a mom of 3 little boys, it is much more difficult to find projects to work on for them. Definitely love her fabrics…

  73. Pattij says:

    This book looks amazing. Can’t wait to have a look!!!

  74. Those bloomers are just too cute! Thanks for the chance to win! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  75. caron says:

    This book looks like such fun!

  76. Evelin says:

    Great looking book and a fun interview.

    My superpower is two-fold. I would have the ability to 1)make baked goods that are universally loved and 2)eat as much as I want (including aforementioned baked goods) and stay a slender size 2.

    Bwahahahaha! Evil Genius!

  77. Tanya says:

    Looks like a great book! My favorite childrens book was A Day at the Beach! I lved the illustrations!
    Thanks for the chance!

  78. Sara says:

    I’m waiting to be in a house for a while- then I’, installing all sorts of fairy doors!

  79. Mhairi says:

    I love the dress and the soft toys but I have to add my favourite book from childhood. “The Lion in the Meadow” by Margaret Mahy. If you haven’t read it try to find an old copy the ending is better. Love the look of the book. Can’t wait to see more

  80. Anne Marie says:

    Oh do I want this book!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. Lilly says:

    My favorite children’s book is Sleeping Beauty.
    Thanks for this great giveaway! I would love to win that book.

  82. Wendy says:

    Congratulations to Tina on her new book. Looking forward to checking it out!

  83. Claire says:

    Tina’s book looks like a ‘must have’. As a beginner, i enjoy getting inspiration for fabric choices and future projects. Thank you for a fantastic interview.

  84. Suzie says:

    What a lovely book and what a lovely interview.

  85. WandaFish says:

    What a great interview and that book is definitely top of my wish list! I’m dreaming up lots of ideas for Opal Owl too:) As my daughter would benefit most if we were lucky enough to win this amazing giveaway, I thought I’d let you know her favourite book – I Love You, Blue Kangaroo by Emma Chichester Clark; perfect for toddlers and their mums everywhere.

  86. carrot cake says:

    My favorite children’s book is Caldecott Medal winner “Officer Buckle & Gloria.” It’s a must-read!

    Thanks for the wonderful article and great giveaway!!!

  87. Katrin says:

    This book looks really great!

  88. Helena says:

    oh, this book looks beautiful, making things for your own children is such a wonderful thing to do and Tina’s projects look like the kind of things I would love to make for my little one. My favourite children’s book has always been “Horton Hatches an egg”!!

  89. Mama Lusco says:

    Looks like a great book for my collection! I would have a super cleaning fairie 🙂

  90. Oh I would have Elastigirl’s power for SURE. What better super-power for a mom than having super stretchy arms? In fact, my husband thinks I have the temperament of Elastigirl so it’s a perfect fit.

  91. Stacy says:

    OOOOh, this is the first I’ve heard about this book – and now I’m excited about it!

  92. Leah says:

    That book looks wonderful! My girls would love it!

  93. Leslie Schmidt says:

    I love that Tina’s designs are kind of grown up and kind of childish (in a good way.) They don’t limit you to infants or toddlers. And her colors aren’t babyish. Great give away!

  94. Teresa says:

    I think this book looks awesome! She seems like such an amazing and inspiring artist…I can only aspire to someday be this creative and productive! 🙂

    Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  95. SoozeM says:

    Oooh I would love this book, it seems so much fun!! My favorite kids book is “Oh Dear!” by Rod Campbell, I have spent many many hours reading this with my kids 🙂

  96. alisha says:

    The projects pictured here are so cute. It looks like a great book!

  97. Seema says:

    Woo hoo would love to win her book…Great interview.

  98. Tina L. says:

    Looks like a interesting book with cute patterns. Would love to win this.

  99. Holly says:

    Great projects and adorable fabrics!

  100. Christie says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway..fingers crossed!

  101. Jill B says:

    One of my favourite children’s books is Harold and the Purple Crayon.

  102. BB says:

    The first set of fabrics I bought from etsy was from Tina givens. Thanks for this giveaway


  103. Brookiej says:

    My super power would be SUPER ENERGY…I could do more than anyone b/c I wouldn’t need sleep. Or endless caffeine. 🙂

  104. Meghan says:

    So cute!! I would love to win this book, and have a go at making some of this stuff. Thanks!

  105. Jodie says:

    What a beautiful book!

  106. Genevieve says:

    Oh yes, I want that superpower too! 🙂

  107. ANNIE says:

    Hi, i’m argentinian and i love win this book. that’s a great interview. thanks

  108. bruinbr says:

    Love all of the girlie goodness in this book! What an amazing giveaway!

  109. Betsy M says:

    That book and those projects look beautiful! I had a new baby last week so those patterns would be very nice. My favorite book is A Garden of Verses with Eloise Wilkins illustrations.

  110. Julia in WDM says:

    _Andrew Henry’s Meadow_ — this book is about being yourself. can’t wait to find the book on my own.

  111. Soo says:

    I love Kevin Henkes books. Someone should design fabric incorporating his mouse characters.

  112. Shasta says:

    This book looks fantastic! And the giveaway is so generous! Thanks for the chance!

  113. My super power? The ability to clone myself so I can be 8 places at once.

  114. Kathie says:

    Another great book to wish for. Thank you for sharing.

  115. Kim says:

    I have been obsessed with Tina Givens fabric for years – I have made baby blankets, bib, dresses and even curtains from her material. I CAN NOT wait to have her book – BTW, I believe in fairies too!

  116. stacey says:

    i do so love her fabric! nice interview, too!

  117. Jennifer W. says:

    what a fun interview! My favourite children’s book is called “The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish” by Neil Gaiman. Hilarious. Both my 4 year old and I can’t read it enough!

  118. Katie says:

    I’ve had my eye on this book ever since I saw it on the elsie marley blog. I’d love to win it!

  119. Gloria says:

    I would totally love to win! ‘Cause I hate spending a fortune on my kid’s clothes!

  120. Papgena says:

    what a great giveaway! I enjoy the interview very much!

  121. Heather C says:

    Ok.. I’ve stopped drooling for the moment. I love Tina’s patterns and fabric. Simply amazing and now I think I should install a fairy door, too.

  122. Great interview and the book looks awesome.

  123. Deb Cameron says:

    A magical dress, that does conjure up all sorts of ideas in my imagination, in fact, I think I’m going to spend some time trying to draft a magical dress for me to wear! If only I had a little girl to make one for too, although I’m sure my boys would appreciat an outfit made with magic in mind! Great book, great interview – I love that the clothes are made for movement, with kids hanging upside down and slithering around on their bellies, so TRUE!

  124. annie says:

    awesome book…..thanks for a great interview and a great give away. XXX

  125. LOVE IT!! My favorite story is one I read today called Hallo-Weiner. Its about a Weinberg dog and it makes me laugh every time I read it

  126. kate C. says:

    Thanks for the great interview! And the chance to win!

  127. Jessica h says:

    This book look like wonderful fun. I’d love to win it!

  128. Jodie says:

    Sounds fun. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. tario says:

    This looks like a fun book. Definitely inspiration!

  130. Rebecca says:

    My favorite children’s book is The Giving Tree, hands down, for picture books. But all time fav children’s book has to be the Pooh series by A A Milne, with original illustrations!

  131. Marcia W. says:

    Thank you for such a thoughtful interview and book review. The sewing patterns look sweet.

  132. Erica says:

    Great prize package! Pick me!

  133. April Hurley says:

    oh I would love to have this book for me and my daughter! Thank you for the giving me the opportunity for a sneak peek into the book!!

  134. Serena says:

    Superpower: flying! Children’s book: The Ordinary Princess.

  135. Celeste says:

    Love these projects–super versatile and very sweet!

  136. Kristin says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to see the patterns in this book! Thanks for the interview!

  137. Amy says:

    Would love to win. Great interview!

  138. Amy says:

    My favorite children’s books are all from Elsa Beskow thanks to my introduction to them through my daughter. They are old and gorgeous and absolutely perfect each one of them.
    Thanks so much for this great interview and wonderful giveaway!

  139. Jennifer says:

    Love her work!

  140. Nikki says:

    I can’t wait to see this book, Tina has such a fun and unique style! All of the projects pictures are just adorable.

  141. sy says:

    i love tina’s fabrics and patterns. will definitely check out the book.

  142. Jenny says:

    How cute! These look like they’d be fun to make.

  143. Jennifer P says:

    Oh my! I was so reminded of my toddler daughter reading this interview. Just this morning she refused to wear anything but the brightest, twirliest jumper she owns… nevermind that her only plan for any day is getting as dirty playing outside as possible. I love my whimsical, funny, girly girl, and I love finding patterns that cater to her style! Thanks for the opportunity to win! =0)

  144. Jessica says:

    What fantastic work!

    My favorite book as a child was always “Journey for a Princess” in which a plain young woman (who also happens to technically be a princess) takes a physical and personal journey to find the strength and power within herself. And it all starts when she wears a long forgotten blue dress of her aunt’s which gives her the courage in the face of a daunting task. It could explain why I have so many blue dresses in my closet today!

  145. Abby says:

    I LOVE Opal owl and am on my second order, it looks so cute as I knot dress on kiddies, but I want to make a bag for me out of it, dying to see what the book has in it!

  146. Susan says:

    My superpower would be to be able to sew at the speed of light! Then I could make all the projects on my wish list and more!

  147. JennaBella says:

    How adorable! What cute gifts these would make for all of my nieces and nephews!!

  148. kira says:

    I’m new to sewing and hadn’t heard of Tina Givens before, but I’m a fan after reading this post! And those little bloomers are to die for. It looks like a great book!!

  149. annie says:

    I love these photographs…those colors and prints….such fun and whimsy. Thanks!

  150. Cindy says:

    That was a great interview! Thanks.

  151. Angela says:

    Love her book! One of my favorite children’s books is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I’d love to somehow incorporate that into a sewing project.

  152. Danielle says:

    This does look like an amazing book! I have a very brown living room that needs some inspirational whimsy plus two kids’ bedrooms to decorate.

  153. Heather says:

    Love any craft books by authors with passion for the subject.

  154. S. Fay C. says:

    Enjoyed getting to know more about Tina in the interview. I wish I had magical powers and could be the winner. I believe in fairies, too. They live in my garden. Thanks.

  155. Fay C says:

    I wish I could have magical powers like Samantha and wiggle my nose and be the winner! Loved getting to know a little about Tina thru the interview. I believe in fairies, too. Have them all thru-out my garden.

  156. Sofia says:

    The book looks great!!! I wish I’m the lucky one!!!! Thanks….

  157. This book looks great! I would love to add it to my collection!

  158. Kristie Brock says:

    I have four little ones ages 7, 5, 3 and 9 months, 2 girls and 2 boys. I would so much love to win this book and fabric. Thanks for the interview. Exciting read and beautiful pictures.

  159. Sakura says:

    I adore Tina’s fabulous fabric lines and I just want more of it. They are so innocent, hip, modern and also inspiring all at the same time. It is just what I want. My daughter goes to an Waldorf inspired school and fairies are huge along with butterflies, birds, bees, cupcakes etc.. you have encompassed them all! Can’t wait to see her book!

  160. Amy says:

    I would LOVE to get my hands on this book 🙂

  161. Leigh Anne says:

    What a fun book w/ some fab ideas! Would love to win 🙂

  162. Addy says:

    Looks like fun!

  163. Kate says:

    Wow! I love the colours in the clothing shown in the pictures. Very inspiring! My favourite children’s book currently is Stella Star of the Sea.

  164. Laura says:

    Oh, this looks like a fabulous book! I loved reading the interview and seeing the adorable pictures! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  165. Tammi Yarber says:

    Tina Givens is so inspiring! I would love a copy of the book to do some sewing for my little tot. Her ideas and creative use of artsy fabrics make me want to twitch my nose for a clean house and just sew the rest of the day!

  166. Cyndi Tullos says:

    I am anxious to see more from this book!!! With two little girls this sure seems like a MUST have! My fav children’s book right now is The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. And I agree with Tina I need a Cleaning Fairy!

  167. ruth says:

    What a fabulous prize, I’d love to enter.

  168. Courtney says:

    This is so fun! Our current favorite kids book is Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin.

  169. Pearl says:

    I have a ton of Tina Givens fabric that I’ve been trying to find the perfect project for. I’d love the book to makes something for my daughter.

  170. Tiffany says:

    My superpower- superspeed! To be able to get everything I want done, and still have time left over! And my favorite children’s book when I was a child was the Tasha Tudor Book of Fairy Tales. I believe it was an older book even when I was young, but it had the most beautiful illustrations in it. Soft, colorful, but with enough detail to really bring out the whole story. And I liked that it only “cleaned up” the fairy a very small amount- the prince in Rapunzel had his eyes scratched out by the briars and everything! (from the original story, but rarely included in today’s children’s versions). My brother’s all-time favorites were the Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel- and they’re my son’s too! If you have a boy, be sure to look at them – a truly under-appreciated author in America! Oh, and I’d LOVE to make some of the projects from this book!

  171. JenniferR says:

    When I began sewing, Tina Givens fabric really inspired me to try making clothes for my little girl, because the designs were so whymsical and adorable, but not too “baby-ish.” It was love at first site. She is still an all-time favorite, and I’m excited to see her project ideas in Sew Tina. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  172. Rebecca says:

    WOW- what a fantastic giveaway- I would love to win the book plus the fabric=)

  173. Fawn says:

    I love her motivation and taking time to be creative. It’s clearly lead to some great projects that she can share with all of us!

  174. Karen says:

    Absolutely lovely!

  175. Bonnie says:

    Looks great, and it is nice to have some bigger patterns–lots of books have infant patterns but my 2 and almost 7 year old love to wear handmade things. Superpower would definitely be needing less sleep! And favorite kids book…I always loved Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. There are so many great illustrators now though it is hard to pick just one.

  176. Kim Foley says:

    Superpower…. I think back to “Bewitched” and would love to wiggle my nose and have the housework done so I can sew for my 5 little girls and two big sons all day. Tina’s book looks soooo beautiful! I would love to have it to perk me up on blah days!

  177. Tanya Fields says:

    I love the spirit of Tina’s book!fun-that’s what missing in adult lifes so very often.
    My favorite children’s book is I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU by Debi Gliori (it’s a tale of unconditional love).

  178. Becky says:

    Have mercy! That’s all I can say!

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    I love sewing for and with children! What a perfect book to add to my very small collection.

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    I agree with Tina on the clean up part. Then we’d all have more time to create!

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    What a complete interview – the book looks amazing!

  186. Katie says:

    Would love to win! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  187. wendy says:

    I have loved TG forever! Love all her stuff! Hope I win..

  188. Kate D says:

    I love all of her fabrics. Being a mom to a very girlie girl, our house is full of secret fairy places 🙂 I would love to win this giveaway!

  189. Kelly Sas says:

    As always, another great interview. I always enjoy the interviews because I myself would never have the chance to “talk” to the designers or authors of the books and projects I idolize. Reading Tina’s responses to your great questions are my dream come true! Tina’s fabrics are my favorite.

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    the book looks great and i love all of the colors…children ideas are so inspiring these days!

  191. Hayley Pickett says:

    I would love that book, I need some new kids clothes ideas!

  192. jen says:

    what an amazing giveaway 🙂 such cute cute things!!

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    certainly evident in her fabrics and stationary that she believes in fairies!! such a whimsical other worldness to her work!! beautiful!

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    thanks for the great interview! the new book looks great!

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    hi! i really adore the comment ‘Kids are nutty and physically free.’ so true! i am blessed with beautiful nieces and nephews and have a nephew on the way and i wanna start creating for them!!!

  199. just love everything about Tina and her wonderful line!! i would really like to take a peek at those patterns too!! thanks for the inspiration!

  200. Lynn Osborne says:

    Would love to get my hands on Tina’s book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  201. Casey says:

    I would love to have her book! I have literally hundreds of children’s books, and both of my kids, Max and Madeline, were named after characters from books.

  202. S. Majorins says:

    Thanks for the creative ideas–your fabric choices and patterns are lovely.

  203. Lisa says:

    Looks like a great book to add to my collection! The fabrics are great too.

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    My favorite childhood story was The Little House, by Virginia Lee Burton. I enjoyed reading the interview. Hopefully I can bring the book home!

  205. Amy says:

    Fabulous interview! I’m heading over to Amazon to look at “Miss Z, the Dark Young Lady.”

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    The little dress featuring the bird fabric is beautiful! I was just looking for a baby gift to make for twin girls and this would fit the bill!

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    Great interview! I love Tina Givens!! My favorite right now is of course her Opal Owls! Thanks for the chance.

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  210. Karen C says:

    What a great book and amazing giveaway!

  211. patricia says:

    Tina is such an inspiration. I cannot wait to get her book. My daughter and I share the same favorite book, “The Tales of Peter Rabbit.” My daughter likes the excitement of Peter’s adventure. I love the illustrations and because the book was not written about the well behaved bunnies.

  212. Lorrie Orr says:

    I love Tina Givens’ fabrics. They are so full of whimsy and color. It’s so hard to choose a favorite children’s book – there are so many wonderful ones out there. One of my top contenders would be Miss Rumphius. Or The Paper Bag Princess.

  213. Jane says:

    Thanks for the great insightful interview with Tina. I love her book and all her ideas.

  214. SewLindaAnn says:

    My super power would be to snap my fingers and have the entire house renovated and cleaned so I could spend all my time playing in my sewing room and gardening.

  215. Jaclyn says:

    What a cute book 🙂 I love the projects shown, I’m sure the rest are adorable as well.

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    The book looks amazing and fun!! She seems to really have a child’s playful spirit in mind!

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  224. Meredith says:

    I really appreciate Tina’s advice to have fun and not take yourself too seriously when sewing. It looks like she’s put that into good practice in her life and has made sewing fun for herself and now for so many others!

    Thanks, Tina!!

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    Oh my, I would love a magical dress – one that would always be clean of spit up and baby lunch and that would make me look and feel beautiful despite the extra baby pounds that still seem to be hanging around 9 months after the arrival of my beautiful daughter Rosie! Love the advice on taking a moment to do what you want. I love to craft and will try harder to fit this into my busy schedule as it makes me way happier than clean up!
    Thanks for sharing this interview 🙂

  231. Jansie says:

    Tina is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing her vision. My favorite book as a child was The Secret Garden. I always longed for a secret place I could go to and my ‘own bit of earth’ to garden there. 🙂

  232. Samina says:

    Wow! I’ve got a kidlet just in the right size for the projects in this book. I’m off to the website to check out more about it.

  233. Lisa M says:

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  234. Sara Kok says:

    Such a great interview! The book seems like a very fun book!

  235. Valerie C says:

    I’m guessing this book would have oodles of things for me to create for my three grandgirls! I’m always trying to come up gifts that are thoughtful and creative, not just battery operated toys.
    My magic power…there are so many things I would do! I would take all the suffering out of the animal world; and I would make myself athletic and graceful! 🙂 I would bless everyone with the gift of creativity! And, of course, we all would live happily ever after!

  236. Penny says:

    If I could have super power,it would be to do all the house chores in a blink of an eye so I have all the time I like at my sewing machine! And Tina’s book would be a perfect companion!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  237. Rebecca says:

    I love the color palettes she chooses in the lines and the almost-Scrapbook feel to a lot of her prints ~ they work well for so many projects! Thanks for the chance at winning some of her goodies!

  238. Rebecca says:

    It would make my MONTH to win this! What fun I would have!

  239. maddie says:

    Oh…… this would be a great littlebook to add to my sewing library!


  240. Gill says:

    Thanks for a great interview – I love Tina’s fabric so I’m sure to love her book too!!
    As a child I was a huge Enid Blyton fan – I still think her books are brilliant today

  241. Simply Mommy says:

    Great interview! She sounds like a really neat lady, and that book looks fabulous!

  242. Amy B says:

    This makes me want to work on my creative space – I have space, but it’s usually a mess and not very inspiring. Can’t wait to see the book!

  243. Pat says:

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  244. jenn says:

    what a beautiful book! Thanks!

  245. Dione DeStefano says:

    loved the interview , so many cute things to make its hard to decide what to do first ! 🙂

  246. Love this! For some reason I am so into baby-kid related crafting and sewing lately. No, not pregnant but if these darling books keep coming out I am going to adopt more babies just to have excuses to make stuff!

  247. Kelly says:

    Awesome interview! Thanks for posting – I’m headed to check out the free projects now. 🙂

  248. OH, I’m with Tina! The clean-up part is a problem for me too! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wiggle your nose and have it all clean!

  249. elsa says:

    ooooh, love the book and what I’ve seen of her projects! would love to win it too!

  250. janimal says:

    Oh wow that book looks like just my cup of tea! What a fabulous giveaway. And now I must go looking for the childrens book mentioned here too. Thanks for the introduction to Tina. I just went to her website and it’s beautiful.

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  252. Emily says:

    Ooooh, Tina Givens is one of my favorites. I’d love to win!

  253. Robin E. says:

    I love the idea of clothing being designed with kids’ movement in mind. More than once I have made something for a kid only to have them only wear it when I made them because they couldn’t run or jump or climb the way they want to in it.

  254. Nicole Scott says:

    I want to win! Oh pick me. Pick me Random picker thingy!

  255. Jennifer Barclay says:

    It’s so much fun to sew for kids.

  256. Melanie T says:

    This book looks inspiring! Thank you for the chance:)

  257. Virginia says:

    Such inspiring pictures. I know this book will be a huge hit!

  258. Colleen says:

    Looks like fun projects in the books. My favorite children’s book is the one my brother wrote “Frogs Jump” . thanks for the chance to win.

  259. Ann says:

    Love this new book! I have a 5 year old girl and would love to make some of these things!!

  260. Sara says:

    I’m off to request this book from my library (hoping they will decide to stock it) – beautiful photos!

  261. Christen says:

    I love Tina’s fabric lines and her book looks great.
    Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to have the super power of healing!

  262. Miranda says:

    Anything that my 8 week old will sit Still for! He seems to like the classic Green eggs and ham.

  263. Abby says:

    I have to agree: the crafting is great, but the clean-up…I’d love to have it all done in an instant!

  264. Larissa says:

    That book looks great!

  265. JaiCi says:

    This book looks awesome!!

  266. Ileen says:

    I would have to say that ‘Tree Top Fancy’ and ‘Opal Owl’ attract me with her use of color and shapes, not to mention those cute owls. I have always been enchanted by The Chronicles of Narnia and The Dragons of Blueland. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  267. saganaga says:

    my favorite children’s book is “The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, And The Big Hungry Bear”

  268. Liz says:

    What a great booK and interview! Would love to win! My favorite book has always bee Alice In Wonderland and I’m hoping it will be daughters as well.

  269. Teresa says:

    Love the interview! I want a fairy door on my house!!! The patterns and fabrics look timeless yet modern so I’m sure if I win they will come in handy when I get grandchildren 🙂
    Teresa x

  270. Susan Spiers says:

    This stuff is so cute! Luv it!

  271. Norma says:

    Those projects look adorable. I can’t wait to see this book in person and flip through the pages for inspiration.

    PS you can promote your giveaway on the new Quilty Giveaways site (it’s esay and free!)

  272. Emily S says:

    I’m loving those bloomers!

  273. Amanda says:

    What a great giveaway! The book looks amazing, as does the fabric.

  274. Rachel Horne says:

    Tina Given’s sewing book looks like a great find. I could see myself doing all the projects listed, and the fabric prints are simply adorable! Oh, and as far as super powers are concerned . . . When I was a kid, I always wanted to be able to see through walls. Now days, I would love to have unlimited energy!

  275. I can’t think of a more wonderful prize package for a sewing grandmother of a six month old beautiful granddaughter! Tina is so talented!

  276. Heidi says:

    What a great giveaway! The interview was great too.

  277. I would love to win! This book looks awesome! 🙂

  278. Bethany S says:

    What a great interview! I love her idea for a private “creative space”! I also must add that the photography on this page is beautiful!

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