November 14 ~ Gifts for Teachers

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Show a favorite teacher how much you appreciate them with these great gift ideas which we think are sure to please teachers everywhere.

Make It

spacer Embroidered Ribbon Sleeve
The Ribbon Sleeve from Ellen of The Long Thread is a quick and easy gift kids can make to perk up their teacher’s desk or classroom.
spacer Patchwork Notebooks
Jennifer’s Patchwork Notebooks she created for us are another great way to add a little color and help a teacher stay organized throughout their day.
spacer Stripe-y Yellow Teacher Tote
With eight pockets perfect for separating out school supplies, we think this Teacher Tote from Kirstin & Jordan of Kojo Designs will be the only bag a teacher will need!
spacer Teacher’s Coverall Apron
Chris at Pick Up Some Creativity likes to add coordinating fabrics and a little ric-rac to her Teacher’s Coverall Apron which is great for keeping spills and splatters off clothing.
spacer Round Pencil Case
Protect and organize their favorite writing tools in style with our Pencil Case designed by LiEr. You could make it extra special by adding their favorite pens or pencils for a thoughtful and unique gift.

You might also enjoy these related tutorials from the SMS archives: Teach & Learn, Write!, Gifts for Science & Tech Lovers, Gifts for Multi-taskers, Gifts for Bookworms, and more Gifts for Teachers.

Here are just a handful of fabrics we love for some of these projects. Click on the fabric images to visit the Sew,Mama,Sew! shop:

Buy It

spacer Know It All Pencil Set from Paper Pastries
Margaret writes,” I actually came up with the idea for the Know It All Set because my sister is a teacher and complained that there weren’t any ‘cute’ pencils. They were so popular that now there’s 6 different sets!” Check out all the sets and more “Confections for your Correspondence” at Paper Pastries Etsy Shop.

Mix It

spacer Pepperkake
Melissa from Tiny Happy shares her recipe for Pepperkake which is also known as Christmas Spice or Gingerbread cookies. Add a little frosting and dip in hot coco for a sweet treat.

Print It

spacer Holiday Lights Gift Tag
Kristina Walton of My Heart Behaves designed these free, printable gift tags for Creature Comforts and also included quick & easy DiY instructions!

Win It

Tweet #handmadeholidays anytime this week for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!

Comment in today’s post for a chance to win one of these books! Visit our prize lists to see some of the other great giveaways this month.

Edited by Kathleen McCafferty
(Lark Books, $14.95, ISBN: 1-60059-700-9)

From the Publisher:

Want to Craft-In? The recent resurgence of interest in craft circles, stitch-and-bitches, and indie craft fairs shows that crafters want to connect in person. But what group projects will scratch everyone’s crafting itch? Each of the 12 booklets in this boxed set is chock-full of projects by standout authors, top etsy designers, and the brightest indie crafters. The host of each booklet provides a unique perspective on prepping the gathering space, the best supplies, and even music to get everyone in the mood. The hip projects include a retro paper doll, funky crocheted cacti, “shrinky dink” earrings, and an embroidered pet portrait. Beginner friendly and easily portable, Craft-In is the perfect way to get friends, families, and craft dabblers together to try something new.

By Kajsa Wikman
(Stash Books, $22.95, ISBN: 1607050072)

From the Publisher:

“The first flowers of spring, the smell of the sea, the warm colors of the maple leaves…” inspire Kajsa to stitch, sew, and share. Each season is a new beginning and a great reason to take on a new project. Her bright, colorful designs are sure to make you smile.

By Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader
(Lark Books, $17.95, ISBN: 1-60059-558-8)

From the Publisher:

More and more people are rediscovering quilting, and these newcomers want a youthful, fresh, and fashionable approach to the craft. Here it is: a comprehensive introduction to quilting with a thoroughly modern attitude, plus creative ideas and timesaving tips. Now available in paperback, it presents all the basic tools and techniques, and 20 spectacular projects—from small wall hangings to large blankets—reveal the amazing versatility of today’s quilting. Everything’s created with the beginner in mind…and each quilt is fabulous!

By Elizabeth Hartman
(Stash Books, $24.95, ISBN: 1607050080)

From the Publisher:

Try a fresh, relaxed approach to making quilts with this new “go-to” book. The bright aesthetic and clear, simple instructions guide beginners and intermediates alike through the entire process of creating fun and useful quilts that they’ll be proud to call their own.

Green Grocery Bag Challenge

The Green Grocery Bag Challenge is a project to encourage sewists to wrap their holiday gifts in reusable cloth grocery bags, thus reducing the amount of wrapping paper entering the waste stream while simultaneously getting multi-use bags into the hands of consumers. Please include Mother Earth in your holiday plans. Read more here and join us on The Green Grocery Bag Challenge Facebook page where we’ll be posting wrapping ideas, sewing patterns and tips for reducing waste this holiday season.

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We respect the copyright of all crafters. All links and photos from blogs on our Handmade Holidays posts are used with permission.

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601 Responses to November 14 ~ Gifts for Teachers

  1. Mel says:

    those know it all pencils are hillarious! I miss the days of pencil cases…

  2. Stacy says:

    Love the teacher’s tote. I think that I’ll make it for my self since I am the teacher here in our house!

  3. missknitta says:

    Love the pencils! What a fun gift!

  4. Squeaks says:

    Loving those gifts tags!

  5. Melanie says:

    My sister (a teacher) would love some of these original gifts — no more apple-scented bubble bath! 😉

  6. Ange Moore says:

    Might have to add a few notebook covers to my list of things to make this Christmas!

  7. Angela says:

    love! Especially the apron

  8. katevet says:

    The Embroidered Ribbon Sleeve is super cute!

  9. Had alrady bought me a pile of notebooks I planned to cover, but hadn’t decided how…have bookmarded this tute! Art apron is also a great idea.

  10. Laura J says:

    great ideas!! really wishing for scandinavian stitches!!!

  11. Jen C. says:

    cute projects

  12. Kathleen says:

    Love the apron!

  13. Beth T says:

    Is there no end to the wonderful ideas? The Know-It-All pencils will make great stocking stuffers, and I just added the Modern Contemporary Quilts book to my wishlist. Thanks, as always.

  14. Rachel says:

    The round pencilncases are great!

  15. Amy DeCesare says:

    I love teachers, and I love these gift ideas. Those reindeer gift tags are sweet for anyone!

  16. Nicole in VT says:

    I love all of these!! Great ideas!

  17. Rochelle says:

    Those pencils are hilarious!

  18. LiEr says:

    This is sadly funny but I just came over here to see what I’d missed the past week, and said, “Hey, gifts for teachers! I should look at those!” I need some ideas for the girls’ teachers this year since they are in the same preschool with the same teachers, and I’d probably already exhausted all the possibilities from when the eldest was there. And then I saw my own pencil cases. I never thought of those – I was all about totes and cosmetic pouches and things like that! This has just been a Bad Brain week for me, I think. So, er, thank you for the reminder!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaways here – those are wonderful books all of them, but I would love the Scandinavian Stitches, especially!

  19. Kelly B. says:

    So many great ideas!

  20. amber says:

    Love those notebooks! i think i need to make at least 2!

  21. cate says:

    the patchwork note book cover is adorable! i’m too old for a teacher, but can think of many people who’d like one, myself included!!

  22. Devon says:

    That patchwork notebook definately caught my eye, I bet my daughter’s teacher needs one for sure!!

  23. Jennifer says:

    I think the notebook covers would be loved by our preschool teachers.

  24. kelli says:

    Love, love the patchwork notebook!

  25. Tish says:

    Love these ideas AND the giveaways!

  26. The round pencil cases are adorable 🙂

  27. Connie says:

    Love these!

  28. Faith says:

    I wish I had kids who had a teacher I could make these for. 🙂

  29. Malia says:

    Oo cute pencil cases ad note books! That would be a great gift for artists too!

  30. Erika says:

    These are great for others too!

  31. Mary Anne Fl. says:

    Love the pencil case!

  32. sara says:

    The pencil sets are perfect, love those.

  33. Anna says:

    Not that these projects aren’t cute, but I was really hoping for an idea on something to make a guy teacher. The tote could arguably work for a hip young male teacher but not so much for a 60+ male teacher.

  34. L says:

    Those gift tags are adorable!

  35. Deb DeChurch says:

    That coverall apron is great! I want one of them…

  36. BrendaDe says:

    LOVE the pencil cases! I think I need to add that to my hodge podge of teacher gifts for this year — and fill it with pencils and pens.

  37. LeeAnn says:

    Love the “know it all” pencils!

  38. Samurai Mom says:

    I have a weakness for notebooks and covers

  39. Meghan says:

    I love the patchwork notebook – what a great idea!

  40. Wendy Robinson says:

    I’m drooling over the Practical Patchwork book!

  41. Marcia W. says:

    Practical Guide to Patchwork is a book that I would like. I used to be a teacher so like the teacher tote and pencil case. Thanks.

  42. mama lusco says:

    Great apron!

  43. Paige says:

    I love the embroidered ribbon sleeve!

  44. Mama24Monkeys says:

    Practical guide to patchwork is on my christmas list

    kbsteuber at yahoo dot com

  45. Kristen says:

    I’m loving that ribbon pencil can! It’s so cute and looks easy enough even for young kids. Also, the Scandinavian Stitches book looks great – perfect for my Swedish family! Thanks so much for highlighting all of these wonderful books!

  46. Carrie says:

    These are some great gift ideas for my sister who teaches.

  47. Sarah says:

    Very lovely ideas. My sister is a teacher, and she gets really overwhelmed with food gifts at the holidays. I’m sure she would love any of the sewn gifts to spiff up her room.

  48. SewLindaAnn says:

    Love the round pencil holders (or the other million uses it has). Must give that one a try.

  49. Elizabeth says:

    Great ideas! Love the notebook covers! Planning to make one of those for myself!

  50. Chasley says:

    The pencil case is really nice.

  51. Kelly Sas says:

    So many great idea…. so little time! Thanks for the great book selections too.

  52. nadine says:

    great ideas!

  53. Sarah L. says:

    The gift tags! Adorable! Command-P.

  54. Kristen says:

    I’m a teacher, and I’d love to have any of these gifts! Very cute!

  55. Deborah says:

    The Scandanavian Stitches book looks very interesting!

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  56. Teresa p says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Scandinavian Stitches has been on my wishlist for a while 🙂

  57. Angelica Macklin says:

    What a great post! I’m always looking for things to make for my son’s teachers.

  58. Mary says:

    I totally forgot that one of my friends is a teacher until I saw the pencil set and thought, “this would be great for her!”

  59. giveaways galore… i love creative gifting!

  60. carrie says:

    Love the gift tags… too cute!

  61. Ann says:

    Great ideas and what fun pencils!

  62. Jenn Lee says:

    Definitely have to try that pepper cake.

  63. Desiree says:

    I love those pencils so much I got some for my sister. They are the perfect gift for her.

  64. Jennifer says:

    I love the apron!

  65. Gwen says:

    Thanks for the great ideas and the giveaway!

  66. Mel P says:

    I always find teachers hard to craft for – thanks for the ideas!

  67. Colette says:

    Aaack! Look at that super cute Embroidered Ribbon Sleeve!! Also, those pencils are fabulous!

  68. Jasmeen says:

    I’ve never made a quilt. Simple Contemporary Quilts would help me with my first one.

  69. ~Heather says:

    Scandinavian Stitches looks amazing!

  70. Shannon says:

    What great gift ideas again! I keep coming back for more…thank you.

  71. Catherine says:

    I can totally see my mom – a teacher – using the pencil cases, particularly since she has a small room (with little storage) and works with small numbers of students at a time.

  72. Rachel Locke says:

    I know several teachers who would love to recieve the patchwork notebooks!! Thanks again for all the great ideas.

  73. The smart pencils are so cool! My daughter would LOVE those; and maybe her teacher too!

  74. Southern Gal says:

    Love these ideas. I used to make pencil holders out of tin cans, paint and pasta when I was young. Love the ribbon idea.

  75. as a teacher… I’m really hoping some of my families are reading this blog! Down with coffee mugs! Time for some quilted notebooks!

  76. Erin Gustafson says:

    As a teacher, I’d love to get any of those gifts!

  77. Those cookies really look delish!

  78. Lauren says:

    I love that apron! And this list just reminded me, I have teachers to actually give presents to this year =)

  79. I love the ribbon container!!! What a terrific gift and it would be easy for kids to make (and me as well).

  80. Elizabeth says:

    The pencil cases are so cute. As a teacher, I can say I would be happy to get any of those gifts 🙂

  81. Kristy says:

    My list of things to make is getting longer and longer…

  82. Katie says:

    scandinavian stitchers is on my wish list!

  83. Deidre says:

    More great ideas – Thanks!

  84. Jane says:

    Wow, that scandinavian book or elizabeth hartmans book look AMAZING! what fantastic prizes, and fabulous tutorials… just need to decide which one..

  85. Mary says:

    This pencils are awesome. My nephew might like them!

  86. Cindy Rutledge says:

    Love the round pencil case!

  87. Heidi Anderson says:

    love the little notebook, too cute!

  88. Ashleigh Elson says:

    Craft-In! It’s the book I’ve been looking for! I’ve got lots of crafty friends and we’ve had some “crafternoons”, but it’s a bit loose… but I’m also afraid of being too strict… so maybe this would help find a happy middle ground!
    Thanks for the tips!

  89. i love the patchwork notebook ♥ adding it to my list…

  90. Robyn says:

    Great Ideas!

  91. Katrina says:

    I love the pencils!

  92. Madeline says:

    I love the kids can do projects! Its nice to the others involved on the christmas gift making!

  93. Rebecca says:

    I need a new apron. I love the one shown here! I need to get started on it soon!

  94. Jocelyn says:

    What fabulous creative ideas.

  95. Heidi says:

    I think I want a teacher tote

  96. Emory says:

    I love the little pencil cases!

  97. Nicole Balazs says:

    great ideas!

  98. Michelle P says:

    Another great day of inspiration!

  99. Margaret says:

    Love the pencil cases and would really love to win Elizabeth Hartman’s new book, thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Elizabeth says:

    Ooh! I love those round pencil cases! Classy!

  101. Alex says:

    Thanks for the chance! I see a number of gifts I could make for NEXT year from these books!

  102. Rachel says:

    Those round pencil cases are lovely!

  103. Kim says:

    mmm those cookies look yummy

  104. Jessy says:

    I don’t have any teachers to make these for, but who wouldn’t want a coffee cozy?

  105. Betsy M says:

    Gosh, I would love that apron for myself!

  106. Jessica C says:

    The apron would make such a great gift, who doesn’t need one!

  107. Krystina says:

    Thanks for the ideas and thanks for another chance to win Elizabeth Hartman’s book! I hope I win!

  108. Paula says:

    Great gift ideas! And giveaway prizes! Thank you!

  109. April says:

    I love the pencil case! I’m definitely going to whip up a few of those.

  110. jkeall says:

    I love the colours of the teacher tote!

  111. Anya says:

    Love the ideas! Thanks for the chance!

  112. Tiffany says:

    Those Embroidered Ribbon are so pretty, I wish that I had some of those

  113. Erin says:

    Oooh – the Scandinavian book would be fun to peruse!

  114. Kati says:

    The Patchwork journals are great! I might need one for me!! 🙂

  115. Sarah Wick says:

    Great ideas! The ribbon sleeve seems so versatile. Thanks very much!

  116. Keri C says:

    Love that there’s a gift my kids can make.

  117. Rebecca says:

    Love the give-aways for this post! And am looking forward to trying the patchwork notebooks and the stripe-y bag.

  118. Jennifer says:

    My husband is a teacher, I’m going to “man” these up a little and surprise him 🙂

  119. Sherri S. says:

    That first photo just made me smile! Love it… Thanks!

  120. Jennifer says:

    Great ideas!

  121. Hannah says:

    Love the embroidered sleeve!

  122. Thanks for the great ideas!

  123. Betsy says:

    The reindeer tags are adorable!

  124. Rita says:

    the quilts on the cover of those books are enough to make me want to run home and pull out my rotary cutter.

  125. Staci says:

    Love the teacher tote!

  126. Rebecca says:

    Love the apron!

  127. brittany says:

    yum! those gingerbread cookies look so good!

  128. Patti says:

    I am going to have to make the teacher tote for myself as a diaper bag. I love the size and all the pockets.

  129. Llamabean says:

    Love the apron and pencil cases, what great ideas.

  130. Yes please!

  131. anna dorothy says:

    i love those pencils….

  132. Cath says:

    love the ribbons of the 1st gift of the list and I’m definitely thinking of making this with my son !
    Thanks for your lovely ideas !

  133. Nichole says:

    All great ideas !

  134. Meeta says:

    Thanks for making life easier…in matters of gifting.

  135. Sarah-E says:

    What sweet teacher gifts! I like that embroidered ribbon sleeve.

  136. Lisa C. says:

    Wonderful ideas…thank you!!

  137. Katrina says:

    Love that pencil case!

  138. Katiegirl says:

    Cutie pencils!

  139. Cindi C says:

    I have so many friends that are teachers. Great ideas! Thanks.

  140. Jessica says:

    Those pencils are a great teacher gift idea!

  141. Chrissy says:

    As a teacher, I can say I would be delighted to receive any of these things!

  142. Jaimie says:

    love the pencil cases!!!

  143. Jessica says:

    Love the pencil bags!

  144. stephanie says:

    those pencils area adorable!!

  145. Julie says:

    As a former teacher, I can say that the “stripe-y yellow teacher tote” would be an awesome gift! I got a similar gift my first year of teaching and used it for many years after.

  146. Missie says:

    Love the embroidered ribbon sleeve. Super cute!

  147. alison says:

    Great teacher gift ideas!

  148. Amanda says:

    I love the mini patchwork on the notebook

  149. Ellen Ban says:

    Gotta get a set of those pencils-too cute!

  150. Cindy says:

    Awesome ideas again thanks.

  151. Dacia says:

    hmm…so many things to make, so little time!

  152. Sarah says:

    The Craft-In book looks so cool!

  153. Paulina says:

    I used to have a notebook to keep my daily duties in track. The Patchwork Notebooks is a great gift idea not only to teachers in fact.

  154. Summer says:

    Great list!! I can’t wait to get a copy of Elizabeth Hartman’s book.

  155. Kayla says:

    These are such great ideas!

  156. Tierney Barden says:

    Scandanavian Stitches…Love it! Such a sweet book with so many beautiful, handmade, special pieces.

  157. SofiAlgarvia says:

    Great ideas, love the round pencil cases 🙂

  158. Theresa says:

    Ah, that coverall apron!

  159. Christine M says:

    I love the round pencil cases. The spots are really cute!

  160. Anna says:

    The embroidered ribbon sleeve is such a clever idea!

  161. Catherine says:

    perfect inspiration – gifts for people who inspire us!

  162. Runa says:

    Everyday there are so many wonderful ideas that my “to make” list has gone for a six 🙂 I want to make most of the gifts…I did make the patchwork bookcover for my sister’s boss as a birthday present and he loved it…I like to think I’m the reason he’s extra nice to here these days ha ha ….thank you all the entire team for putting all this together for us…Love u!

  163. Maria says:

    Love the teacher bag – mine is falling to bits. I sense a new one in the making for the new school year. Thanks for the pattern.

  164. Christy says:

    fabulous ideas! love the recipe, printables and all.

  165. carrot cake says:

    Simply lovely! Thanks for the inspiration!

  166. Ciel says:

    DD is too young for teachers but I need to make that apron for me, although that’s not really the point is it!?!? 🙂

  167. linda says:

    Great gifts – thanks for all the ideas!

  168. bruinbr says:

    Love the patchwork notebook! The pencil case tutorial will come in handy too! 🙂

  169. Denise says:

    Luvn all the handmade goodness!!!

  170. kimberly says:

    Great ideas!

  171. Cinnamon says:

    The embroidered ribbon sleeve is so my kind of project. Love it.

  172. sofie says:

    I love all the ideas. My kids are ready to disown me, though, because I spend too much time at my sewing table now!

  173. Wendy B says:

    Great ideas for our teachers. Better than another mug.

  174. Tracey says:

    The Apron. Yay!

  175. Julia says:

    Pepper cake sounds delicious! And those pencils? Super-rad!! As a preschool & K/1 teacher, I’d LOVE, love, love any of those handmade gifts!! Good job 🙂

  176. KrisTX says:

    Oh these are great ideas! Thanks and thanks for the giveaways!!

  177. danielle says:

    gorgeous ideas once again!

  178. Jennifer says:

    I love these ideas! That practical patchwork looks so good!

  179. sew mama sew has the bestest giveaways

  180. Jessica h says:

    Wonderful books as always.

  181. Danielle says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. EllaJac says:

    i love those pencils!

  183. Sherrie says:

    I am LOVING this! Next year, let’s see something interesting for male teachers!

  184. Nicole says:

    I love the notebook. Jennifer’s patterns are always easy to follow. Thanks for the ideas!

  185. Trillian says:

    I’ll have to give the bag a try. One can never have enough pockets.
    (also secretly coveting the Practical Guide to Patchwork, having started in on my first quilt)

  186. Melissa says:

    Love the embroidered ribbon sleeve. Great craft to do with my kids!

  187. Lauranie says:

    YAY!! for teachers!! Thanks for all of the inspirations!

  188. Janice S says:

    As a retired teacher, I can tell you, I would have loved any of these gifts!

  189. Tabitha says:

    Those gift tags are just wonderful!

  190. Katie says:

    Would LOVE to get my *quilt* on…the patchwork book looks wonderful!

  191. Michelle J. says:

    Love the apron

  192. Lauree Myler says:

    some cool ideas here. love that notebook… the scandinavian book as well as miss elizabeths book look fantastic. thanks for a chance.

  193. Lucie says:

    The teacher tote is absolutely darling. Awesome ideas!!!

  194. Jen S says:

    What cute projects and even for kids. Thanks for that. I’d love to check out the Scandinavian stitches book. This reminds me of all the wonderful crewel work and other embroidery my grandmother used to do.

  195. kim says:

    Looks great!

  196. Renae says:

    The pencil cases are adorable!

  197. Deb Cameron says:

    If I were a teacher I sure would be hoping that some of my Mum’s kids read Sew Mama Sew, great gift ideas for teachers…will save this one away for when my two start school.

  198. Chris says:

    I’m just tickled you included my teacher’s apron. I designed it for my mama who teaches first grade.

  199. Ashley O. says:

    So much cuteness!

  200. Maureen says:

    Great ideas for anyone not only teachers.

  201. Betsy says:

    More great ideas. Thanks!

  202. LisaMarie says:

    great book list! I’m completely in love with the pencils. i really love the smell of old fashioned wooden pencils. it reminds me of early grade school, when I still liked school.
    Thanks so much for the book give-away!

  203. LMarie says:

    as a long time student…i love pencils and pencil cases! great ideas! thanks!

  204. Jill B says:

    I’m a teacher and I’d love that tote 🙂

  205. Virginia says:

    likin’ the notebook cover!

  206. Deanna says:

    So many fun ideas. I am making totes this year.

  207. kate c. says:

    Such a cute pencil case! Great ideas!

  208. Amy says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win the Scandinavian Stitches book. The Craft-In book would be cool, too.

  209. Christy says:

    oh i NEED that Craft-In book!!!

  210. Cindy says:

    fun ideas! i can always use ideas for teacher gifts. i really really want the scandinavian stitches book, i will have my fingers crossed for this one 🙂

  211. jenw says:

    these are fabulous gift ideas! i especially love the yellow bag! yahoo!

  212. Penny says:

    Yes! I so need to get on the teachers gifts for this year! Thanks for the ideas!

  213. Kirsten says:

    As a teacher, I can tell you I’d appreciate these gifts so much more than the 500 coffee mugs I have in my cupboard. 🙂 I love the pencil case, it might get made for my daughter.

    I hope I win, I’m totally coveting that Elizabeth Hartman book right now.

  214. Kristy says:

    there’s something about scandinavian style that makes me wish every christmas that I lived there! All I can do though is make things from the Scandinavian Stitches instead

  215. Mary Margaret says:

    Once again y’all have gathered a treasure trove of great ideas! I need to get on it now!

  216. Kim says:

    Patchwork notebooks are on my list!

  217. Rina says:

    I hope one of my students’ parents is reading these ideas!

  218. Melissa says:

    Love the pencil case. It would also make a great cosmetic brush case if the lining fabric was laminated cotton.

  219. Beth says:

    I think the tote is the perfect combination of pretty and practical. And I love the pencils!!–brilliant idea.

  220. Elizabeth says:

    know it all pencils! great!

  221. Eleanor says:

    I need to get started on some of these ideas.

  222. Elicia says:

    Love the link to the cookie recipe! These will make a great gift for my son’s pre-k teachers and he can help make them!

  223. Laura W. says:

    Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  224. Martha says:

    That apron is so perfect! I love all the thoughtful ideas.

  225. Laura says:

    Ooh, I’m drooling over that pencil set, and Scandinavian Stitches! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  226. erin says:

    The patchwork book looks fun.

  227. Stephanie says:

    I love the apron for teachers idea, I know it would be useful for art teachers or just those who teach little ones! Great for daycare providers as well.

  228. Amy Schroeder says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. I love those pencils!

  229. Andrea Ryan says:

    such great ideas

  230. Anne says:

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  235. Kate sequeira says:

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    I love the teacher apron idea. I’m a teacher, and one year our principal presented each of us with an apron with the school name on it. I’ve just about worn it out! It is great to keep pencils, timers, stickies, glasses, etc. handy — not to mention keeping my clothing clean during messy activities.

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  464. Rebecca N. says:

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  482. Nikki Rainey says:

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  493. Jennifer says:

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  494. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love the ribbon sleeve. I am going to put my girls to work this afternoon – and I will have them sharpening a couple dozen pencils to add to it as well Terrific and so cute.

  495. Rebecca says:

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    Gifts for teachers are always a challenge in December. Thank you!

  499. Megan says:

    That ribbon sleeve is adorable! I want one for my desk at home 🙂

  500. Beth says:

    These are wonderful ideas! As a teacher, I especially appreciate handmade gifts. As a mother of a school-aged child, I hope her teachers do, too!!

  501. Anita says:

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  502. Kayci N. says:

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  508. brenda t says:

    oh, man! more great ideas! i have so much leftover ribbon and will have to make the ribbon sleeve.

  509. Katie says:

    I’ll admit relief to not having teachers to give to yet. I’ve been doing so much handmade stuff already, I think one more would put me over the edge!

  510. Dani says:

    I love the teacher tote! It’s adorable and such a great idea!

  511. meikjn says:

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  512. I definitely need to come back here in a week or so when I’m ready to start on the teachers’ presents.

  513. Ingrid says:

    I really love those pencil cases, and the yellow teacher’s bag. They sure beat the apples I gave my teachers when I was young.

  514. DebbieKL says:

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  516. debra says:

    Oh I love the apron. Great tutorials….thanks for sharing.

  517. ~Helena~ says:

    The ideas are wonderful. There are so many I would like to make.

  518. Kara says:

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  519. Joke says:

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  520. monica says:

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  521. beverly says:

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  522. miktha says:

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    The notebook is adorable.

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    SMS just amazes me daily with all of teh great project ideas!

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    I like the ribbon sleeve – what a great ribbon stashbuster! If the kids make them, we’ll be using glue though, not sewing.
    Great ideas for the holidays, and finding a ton of lovely new blogs :0)

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  591. Alexis says:

    Fab ideas, just no teachers to gift to, but I can think of plenty of other people who would love these!

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    What a wonderful idea! Fabulous handmade gifts! And a giveaway as well…..I LOVE this!!!
    Kind regards from Germany sends

  593. Pat says:

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  594. Jo says:

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  595. Seanna Lea says:

    These are so fun. I love the pencil case with a set of the know it all pencils, but the thing I ooohed and awwed over most was the notebook cover. It reminds me of the covers a lot of people I know used to use to cover their romance novels on the train.

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