November 20 ~ Gifts for Audiophiles

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Music lovers rejoice! Here are some perfect ideas for everyone on your list who loves music…

Make It

spacer iPod Touch Cover
Robyn of Dog Named Banjo shares an iPod Touch Cover which will hold your favorite device safely in a snazzy case.
spacer Zip-Up Earbuds
Say good-bye to tangled wires with this Zip-Up Earbuds Tutorial from LauPre.
spacer Piano Bag
Help them keep all their music books and notes in one place using this Piano Bag from Char at Crap I’ve Made.
spacer Guitar Strap Cover
Cheryl from A Pretty Cool Life designed a Guitar Strap Cover so musicians everywhere can rock and roll in style!
spacer Sock Media Cozy
Mique of Thirty Handmade Days created this Sock Media Cozy for Skip To My Lou. These make quick and inexpensive gifts that would be great for anyone regardless of gender or age.

You might also enjoy these related tutorials from the SMS archives: Sparkle, Rock, Music Lovers, and Wear!

Here are just a handful of fabrics we love for some of these projects. Click on the fabric images to visit the Sew,Mama,Sew! shop:

Buy It

spacer Microphone Stand Beverage Caddy from All Natural Accoustics
All Natural Accoustics provides unique accessories for the musician on your list. The Microphone Stand Beverage Caddy will hold their beverage of choice beautifully while hands are busy playing.

Mix It

spacer Black Walnut Infused Cognac from Lucid Food
Relax and enjoy your favorite tunes while sipping Black Walnut Infused Cognac from Louisa at Lucid Food. If you would like to sample more of Louisa’s delicious recipes, be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog post where we will be offering her cookbook, Lucid Food as a giveaway!

Print It

spacer Rock the Night Away Invite
Lexi of Love Obsess Inspire offers this free Rock the Night Away Invite for you to download and print-up for your next party.

Win It

Tweet #handmadeholidays anytime this week for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!

Comment in today’s post for a chance to win one of these books! Visit our prize lists to see some of the other great giveaways this month.

By Krystina Castella
(Storey Publishing, $24.95, ISBN: 978-1-60342-576-6)

From the Publisher:

Tour the world of cake! Cakes are at the center of life’s celebrations, big and small, in every corner of the globe. A bite-size lamington is a treat with tea in Australia. In Africa, golden fritters bursting with sweet fruit are popular street snacks. Honey cakes celebrate new beginnings in Jewish tradition, and peach buns are a symbol of longevity in Taiwan. Fruitcakes, from Germany’s stollen to Italy’s panettone, are popular Christmas fare. This delectable cookbook offers more than 150 irresistible recipes accompanied by mouthwatering photographs, ideas for delicious variations, and fascinating historical and cultural facts. This is a must-have for anyone who loves making (or eating!) cake.

By Tina Givens
(Lark Books, $24.95, ISBN: 1-60059-425-5)

From the Publisher:

Star fabric and pattern designer Tina Givens offers up her singular designs and unique color palette to stitchers looking for patterns for children. Embellished with Givens’s own vibrant watercolor illustrations, and showcasing her strikingly original fabrics, this multifaceted volume includes garments, accessories, and home décor. More than 30 projects range from a dreamy bed canopy and whimsical mobile to comfy lounge suits and delightful dresses. With a section on techniques, even beginners will quickly master the patterns.

By Mary Abreu
(Stash Books, $25.95, ISBN: 1607051885)

From the Publisher:

With 23 projects in sizes 2-6, you can create a closet full of clothes for any little girl in your life. Everything you need to learn is here, from the basic sewing to the stylish finishing. It’s all about handmade!

Green Grocery Bag Challenge

The Green Grocery Bag Challenge is a project to encourage sewists to wrap their holiday gifts in reusable cloth grocery bags, thus reducing the amount of wrapping paper entering the waste stream while simultaneously getting multi-use bags into the hands of consumers. Please include Mother Earth in your holiday plans. Read more here and join us on The Green Grocery Bag Challenge Facebook page where we’ll be posting wrapping ideas, sewing patterns and tips for reducing waste this holiday season.

More Handmade Holiday Ideas (& don’t miss our Handmade Holidays photo pool!)… Gift ideas for:

19 ~ Deck the Halls
18 ~ Dads & Grandpas
17 ~ Hipsters
16 ~ Pet Lovers
15 ~ College Students
14 ~ Teachers
13 ~ Foodies
12 ~ Deck the Halls
11 ~ Sleepyheads
10 ~ Travelers
9 ~ Preschool Kids
8 ~ Outdoor Adventurers
7 ~ Tweens
6 ~ Crafters
5 ~ Deck the Halls
4 ~ Moms & Grandmas
3 ~ Babies & Toddlers
2 ~ Girlfriends
1 ~ Imaginative Friends

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All links and photos from blogs on our Handmade Holidays posts are used with permission.

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422 Responses to November 20 ~ Gifts for Audiophiles

  1. Seanna Lea says:

    The zip up ear bud cozy looks awesome. I cannot even remember how many of my friends are still using ear buds (I’m lazy and they fit me well), but I’m sure that some of them are!

  2. Cricket says:

    Forget Christmas… I think every. single. pair. of earbuds in this house needs a zipper. Perfectly ingenious.

  3. cate says:

    ooh, a nice guitar strap for my other half? geneius!

  4. Paulina says:

    iPod Touch Cover looks nice!

  5. LOVE the zipper ear buds!

  6. BreannaS says:

    Zip up ear buds what an awesome idea and I also like the ipod cozy.

  7. Katherine says:

    My husband is rhapsodizing over the zipping ear buds, and I think he needs a drink holder for his music stand.

  8. Emmmylizzzy says:

    How fun!

  9. that microphone cup holder is BRILLIANT.

  10. Marcia W. says:

    The Sock Media Cozy is cute.

  11. desiree says:

    That Cake book looks amazing!

  12. Mel says:

    zipper earphones! yes!!!

  13. Tish says:

    So much lovely!

  14. Paula says:

    My daughter just started having guitar lessons so the Guitar Strap Cover would be perfect for her. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Southern Gal says:

    Zipper ear buds? How ingenious!

  16. Ariane says:

    Love the Ipod cover. My daughter would love that. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  17. Laurie says:

    My teens would love the guitar strap and ipod cover–very cool!

  18. Kristen says:

    Little girls, big style – Think I could modify those to fit me?? Big girls, big style!

  19. Mama Gwen says:

    That piano bag is adorable! So clever!

  20. Keri says:

    The piano bag is cute!

  21. Lisa F says:

    Those sock media cozies are such a great way to repurpose.

  22. Jennifer says:

    My teen brother would love the zip-up earbuds. Great idea!

  23. Cindy says:

    Zipper earbuds = clever

  24. Cass says:

    How cute is that piano bag?! 🙂

  25. KeriCan says:

    Guitar strap cover for my hubby. . . coming up!

  26. Jennifer says:

    The ipod sock cover is a great stocking stuffer!

  27. Carrie says:

    The zip up earbuds are such a great idea. Those cords drive me crazy!

  28. Laura W. says:

    Super cool ideas!

  29. Kirsten says:

    My earbuds are always tangled. I want to make that for myself!!

  30. I love the piano bag!

  31. Rebecca says:

    LOVE the IPod touch cover!

  32. WandaFish says:

    I love the ipod cover tute in particular. Just what I need, thanks!

  33. Jen says:

    I love cake!

  34. Natacha says:

    The idea of using a simple zip to solve tangle problems is really ingenious, and so simple!

  35. Squeaks says:

    Those zip-up ear buds crack me up!

  36. Jeannine says:

    The zipper ear buds idea is fantastic!

  37. Jessica C says:

    Yum… I’d like to be sipping that Cognac now!

  38. Heather says:

    The zip up earbuds are going to make an appearance this Christmas for my teen-age daughters.

  39. Jasmeen says:

    The zip up earbuds are clever and funny.

  40. Stacy says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  41. ChrissyB says:

    the cognac is perfect for our friends! Thanks.

  42. Danielle says:

    The ipod touch case is perfect for my hubby! Thanks for the links!!

  43. Stephanie S says:

    Another set of great ideas! Can’t wait to see whats left.

  44. Betsy says:

    My earbud wires are always tangled.

  45. Tiffany says:

    The Zip-Up Earbuds are cute, I wonder if my cousins would like a pair.

  46. Kate says:

    Love the zip-up earbuds… and the cake book looks fabulous!

  47. Kelly Irene says:

    I made an iPod cover for my sister last week, and she loved it!

  48. Amanda says:

    Great projects!

  49. Robyn says:

    Great Ideas!

  50. Blossom says:

    Really cute projects!

  51. Donna B. says:

    What a great idea for the earbuds…….will make a great way for each of the kids to know which is theirs too.

  52. Donna B. says:

    The strap is a great idea……………

  53. Krystina says:

    Cool! A guitar strap cover!

  54. Rebecca says:

    Been looking for a good ipod cover tutorial. Thanks!

  55. erikam says:

    I like the sock ipod cover!

  56. Lauren says:

    I love the piano bag! And thanks for sharing the beverage holder for a microphone. That would be perfect for my sister!

  57. Ing says:

    wonderful things.

  58. Christina D says:

    I would love to win either of the books about sewing girls clothes! My baby girl will be here in less than 3 months!!!

  59. Jessica says:

    Black Walnut infused Cognac sounds amazing. I would love to try and bake with it!

  60. Joann says:

    I think I am going to have to try the zip up ear buds.

  61. Ange Moore says:

    Loving the piano bag – perfect for the hip-and-groovy music teacher I think!

  62. Mary Jo says:

    sock media cozy –love it.

  63. Charissa Godfrey says:

    the cake book looks so interesting!

  64. bruinbr says:

    The ipod cover tutorial is great and I love the printable invite!

  65. C. Michele says:

    So cute. All of it!

  66. Love the guitar strap!

  67. Collette says:

    Wow to the zip-up ear bud holder. Fantastic!

  68. erin says:

    The little girl sewing book looks fun!

  69. Celeste says:

    The ipod cover looks so classy compared to other tutes I’ve seen–thanks!

  70. Martha says:

    Love the media cozy from a sock! It can’t get much easier than that.

  71. Meeta says:

    Piano bag is perfect for my daughter!

  72. Kristi says:

    More great ideas!

  73. Rachel Locke says:

    Love the iTouch cover!! Been looking for a great tutorial.
    Thanks for another day of great ideas.

  74. Amy C says:

    Loving the kids sewing books – too many are usually geared for babies!

  75. Susanne says:

    I seem to have so many odd socks that I could make a sock cozy for everyone I know! 🙂

  76. Cat says:

    I totally love the guitar strap . . . I will have to try that one out!

  77. Malia says:

    I need to make one of those camera straps!

  78. Charmaine says:

    I love the ear buds on a zipper!

  79. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  80. SofiAlgarvia says:

    My kids love the zip up earbuds!

  81. Nicole says:

    Zip-Up Earbuds! Where have you been all my life?!?!

  82. Michelle P says:

    Love the sock idea-thanks for the daily inspiration!

  83. Jen says:

    Love the iPod cover!

  84. Alicia says:

    I am amazed at the great themed tutorials that you find! Thanks for the great ideas!

  85. Laura J says:

    love the little girls, big style prize!! cute ideas too!

  86. Hadn’t seen the zip up earphones before. Very cool.

  87. Mary says:

    Love the itouch cover, I will add it to the list, lol

  88. Laura says:

    Fantastic ideas, thanks!

  89. Deb Cameron says:

    I lurve the piano bag, what a lovely idea for a pianist!

  90. Julia says:

    guitar strap cover is a great idea!

  91. nadine says:

    love the guitar strap cover!

  92. Christina says:

    That piano bag looks cute! 😀

  93. Cool — as a musician AND crafter — this is a fantastic collection! i’m making MYSELF a new guitar strap for Christmas! 🙂 p.s. did someone say cake???

  94. Jansie says:

    Love that piano bag. Too cool.

  95. Debra says:

    Love the invite!

  96. Chrissy says:

    Zip up earbuds? GENIUS!

  97. Angela says:

    oh boy. I needed some of these tutorials a few months ago. So much cuter than what I thought up.

  98. Ashley says:

    The piano bag is so cute!

  99. Shirley Clark says:

    I love the iPod touch cover and the sock media cover. I know I will have to make some of those.

  100. Woodbines says:

    I love the guitar strap!

  101. Hannah says:

    Those zip-up ear buds are genius!

  102. Kim says:

    Very cute ideas!

  103. Kati says:

    I know the band at church would love those microphone/drink stands! There is never a good place to put your bottled water when singing!:)

  104. Tierney Barden says:

    Black Walnut infused Cognac…a thing of beauty. Can’t wait to see the cookbook.

  105. Chasley says:

    Love the guitar strap cover and fantastic prizes!

  106. Annwen says:

    Again, great ideas!

  107. Megan says:

    Thanks for giving me ideas for my husband’s Christmas gifts! The zip-up ear-buds would be perfect for the ipod while he’s mowing the lawn…

  108. Kimberly says:

    Zip up ear buds = genius!

  109. Caroline K says:

    music to my fingers 🙂

  110. Tammy says:

    The zipper ear buds are so funny!

  111. Artkat says:

    Love the zip up ear buds. Very clever

  112. Louana says:

    That piano bag is very cute!

  113. carrot cake says:

    These ideas make me smile! Such great inspiration.

  114. Tracey says:

    Great ideas for my kids.

  115. Heidi says:

    I would love to win a book to make a closet full of clothes for my little girls

  116. Beth T says:

    Just placed the “guitar strap cover” on my To Do list. You guys are keeping me busy…er, inspired.

  117. Debbie says:

    Love the piano bag – will have to give that one a try!

  118. Mama24Monkeys says:

    The world of cake book looks delicious!
    kbsteuber at yahoo dot com

  119. Anna says:

    The sock cozy is perfect!

  120. susan mzf says:

    ah, finally a use for all those mismatched socks!!!

  121. Janice S says:

    Great ideas to stitch up quickly!

  122. I will make one of this for my niece.

  123. miktha says:

    The zip-up earbuds is genius…love…love…it…

  124. kate c. says:

    My husband was trying to make some kind of liqueur with black walnuts, but became distracted after collecting them. They sat in the mudroom for about a year and rotted through their cardboard box.

  125. Jennifer says:

    My husband had a good kick out of the drink caddy. Since he plays the guitar, a guitar strap might be in his future… Thanks for the idea!

  126. DebbieKL says:

    The zip up ear buds are awesome!

  127. michelle says:

    I love the piano bag. Thanks for the great idea.

  128. Jamie says:

    Zip up ear buds are a great idea. Going to have to try that — my 9-year-old has been through two pairs of ear phones just this year.

  129. lomagirl says:

    I like the sock cozy and the ipod cozy- I might have to modify one of these for my passport data drive. Right now it’s in an airplane sock. (You know, the ones you get for free on some airplanes.)

  130. Holly says:

    l.o.v.e. the zipper buds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Renae says:

    The piano bag is cute. Thanks!

  132. SewLindaAnn says:

    Walnut infused cognac, how cool is that!

  133. ~Helena~ says:

    Ok, this handmade holidays seems to get better and better. great job pulling all these ideas in one places 🙂

  134. kathyh says:

    I just got done making the scarf featuring sewing with bobbin elastic (featured earlier this month). The tutorials are all great and definitely inspiring.
    I don’t need the piano bag but it’s calling…

  135. Melissa says:

    Love the ipod touch cover.

  136. Maria says:

    The piano bag is a wonderful idea.

  137. Jenn Lee says:

    My goodness, that iPod touch cozy is too cute.

  138. AP says:

    I could use that ipod touch cover.

  139. Sophia Patterson says:

    Good ideas, especially the sock media cover!

  140. Cinnamon says:

    That little girls, big style book looks fabulous! I must check it out.

  141. gillian says:

    Those zip up earbands are a clever play on the zipper necklaces that everyone likes now…also, my sister-outlaw would go nuts for A World of Cake!

  142. MJ says:

    almost makes me want an mp3 player…

  143. kate C. says:

    Love the little kids big style book! And the sock cover for an iPod – great idea!

  144. SheilaC says:

    LOVE those Zip up ear buds! How clever! 🙂


  145. Andrea Ryan says:


  146. Gina says:

    The zip-up earbuds are a genius idea, and the guitar strap would be a great stash busting project. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  147. Janet K says:

    I need a cozy for my Touch – but that’s not really on the agenda yet (stuff for me). After the holidays…

  148. Brooke says:

    Great idea for earbuds!

  149. Genevieve says:

    The piano bag! I’m a piano teacher and I’d LOVE that bag for my teaching stuff! 🙂


  150. Suzanne says:

    Neat projects. I am really interested in the Little Girls, Big Style book. It is my goal to make my DD some outfits for next summer and her first birthday.

  151. Holly U says:

    Oh man, I HATE tangled ear bud cords. Love that zipper idea!

  152. Crystal says:

    Zip up earbuds? GR-rreat!

  153. mama lusco says:

    Great ideas! I need to make a guitar strap cover for my friend now 🙂

  154. Krystal says:

    The zip up earbuds are super creative!

  155. Heidi Anderson says:

    My niece is getting an Ipod touch for christmas, the pouch will be perfect for her!

  156. The zip-up ear-bud holder is just too cool!

  157. lindsay says:

    The microphone stand drink caddy is a must for my family of musicians! Although, I must admit, it probably won’t be holding coffee!

  158. Melissa says:

    Fun stuff!

  159. Amber says:


  160. The sock-turned-media-holder is a great idea!

  161. Love the ipod case!!

  162. Lixa says:

    My son just got a guitar for his birthday, and the guitar strap is exactly what he needs!

  163. Steph W says:

    Cool, cool, cool!

  164. Melissa B. says:

    Very cute stuff today!

  165. Kat says:

    The guitar strap is great!

  166. Kathy says:

    A World of Cake…. oh my!!

  167. Tiffany says:

    Wow. ALL of those things look great! I might have to make myself an iPod Touch case!

  168. Lucie says:

    That microphone caddy is so cool. What a cool idea.
    Lucie (

  169. tiffany says:

    lol at the sock cozy!

  170. Paige says:

    The piano bag is just too cute!

  171. Debbie says:

    Love the guitar strap cover, never thought of that before!

  172. Jessica h says:

    The cake book looks yummy!

  173. Christina says:

    zipper earbuds — clever.

  174. Christy says:

    I love the zip-up ear buds! What a cute idea!

  175. Elizabeth says:

    The zip-up ear buds are very clever. I just went on a flight last night where I was trying to hold my three month old in one hand and untangle my earbuds in the other…not very easy.

  176. VickiT says:

    SO many wonderful projects and printables here. I just LOVE Lexi’s site. It’s filled with awesome printables. She’s very creative and does a fabulous job.

    I love the guitar strap the most today and am hoping to make one for my son. Thank you.

  177. Christine M says:

    The ipod touch cover looks great. Now all I need is an ipod touch! lol

  178. Cherie says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You for the ipod touch cover tutorial!

  179. Andreia says:

    The piano bag is amazing!

  180. Christine says:

    The zip-up earbuds are soo cute!

  181. Morgan says:

    What cool ideas!

  182. Sarah says:

    A world of cake? WOW!

  183. Great ideas, especially the piano bag.

  184. Vieve says:

    Fun gifts! I think I like the sock cozy best!

  185. Helena P says:

    These are such great ideas for the hard to make for tweens!!

  186. Janelle says:

    I love that piano music tote!

  187. Melissa says:

    Wow! That cake book looks amazing!!

  188. brittany says:

    i think that t”a world of cake” might be the coolest book i have ever seen!

  189. Amy says:

    Great ideas — love the zip up ear buds!

  190. Rachel L says:

    I love the ipod touch cover, and have been looking for something like this to make for myself. Thank you!

  191. Kelly says:

    I heart this season. For all the family, friends, giving, chilly weather, the Eggnog Latte from Starbucks, but mostly for this blog and all of its holiday cheery goodness. 🙂

  192. How clever is that sock cozy!! I always see cute children’s socks that I have no use for, but this is perfect. 🙂

  193. JenRichards says:

    Oh I definitely need to make the ipod cover!

  194. jessica says:

    the zip up ear buds are the best idea ever! and so is the cake book!

  195. rebecca says:

    another great roundup!

  196. Joke says:

    Love that piano bag! I’ve been wanting one like that for ages…

  197. christine says:

    loving the zip up ear buds. how unique!

  198. kelli says:

    My brother is a first year choral teacher who got stuck with an intro to guitar class too. I should totally make him that guitar strap as a gift! He would actually think it was really thoughtful!

  199. Brigette says:

    I pod touch cover and zipper ear buds, really cool.

  200. dorothy says:

    Fun stuff.

  201. Jill says:

    Wow! those zipper ear bud covers are amazingly cute!

  202. D'Lane says:

    Wonderful ideas, as usual!!

  203. beverly says:

    great ideas!

  204. Lindsey G says:

    Nice drink holder!

  205. Sue says:

    All the ideas, the cute fabric, and the books here today are so great.

  206. alcheme says:

    Wow! Great piano bag!

  207. Courtney says:

    Love the printable invitations!

  208. Adrienne says:

    I’m going to make the ipod touch cover for myself!

  209. Emily says:

    Love the zip up earbuds and the micophone drink caddy!

  210. Leesa says:

    Thanks for sharing some more great projects.

  211. BrendaDe says:

    great ideas! thanks

  212. Sherri S. says:

    I need that sock media cozy for ME! Thanks!

  213. Sarah says:

    More great sewing books. There are so many.

  214. Trillian says:

    The zip up earbuds are such a good idea. I keep getting tangled in mine. And the sock cozy would be a great use for some of the odd socks left over from the laundry monster.

  215. Emily says:

    I’m so making the guitar strap covers for my husband and daughter! Love it!

  216. Leigh Anne says:

    Such cute ideas!

  217. amy craven says:

    I love the piano bag! Need to make 3 of them:)!!

  218. Michelle H says:

    I think I’m going to make a bigger version of the iPod cover for my iPad!

  219. Sonja says:

    The cup holder is real fun!

  220. Natalie says:

    An impressive selection as ever, I love the piano bag!

  221. Christy says:

    someone on my list is getting that guitar strap!!

  222. Anya says:

    Another great choice of projects!

  223. Annabel says:

    The Guitar strap will be great for my brother, and he’s a difficult one to make for- thank you! bellgirlsblog [at] gmail [dot] com

  224. Julie says:

    So many great ideas! I would love to win one of these to try some new ideas out!

  225. Jen says:

    Great stocking stuffers for the hubs!

  226. Betsy M says:

    That piano bag would be a perfect gift around this house! Thanks for the ideas.

  227. Stacy S. says:

    I really like the guitar strap cover!

  228. sook hyun says:

    wonderful gift ideas as always thank you!

  229. Alyssa Sorenson says:

    Love the sock media cozy, I hadn’t seen that before!!

  230. Kristin H says:

    Wonderful ideas! I might end up making the ipod touch cover for myself 🙂

  231. jeni says:

    I love making new things from old things–love the sock cozy…

  232. Consuelo says:

    Love the ipod cozies! Thanks again for the ideas.

  233. Carly says:

    I’ve been wanting to make an ipod case.

  234. katevet says:

    The piano bag is adorable!

  235. Louise says:

    Cool Stuff

  236. patricia says:

    Black walnut infused cognac, a cozy for my ipod and (finally winning) a copy of Sew Tina sounds like a wonderful way to spend a pre-holiday evening.

  237. GM says:

    That infused cognac looks awesome!

  238. Chris says:

    Love the guitar strap cover! thanks for the ideas!

  239. Linnet says:

    The piano bag would be an excellent gift to give!

  240. mamabird says:

    Lots of ideas! Again, lovin’ the books. HOWEVER, as a musician, I absolutely detest bags that look like pianos. And as a person who taught music lessons for some time, it isn’t hard to get too many gifts that have musical themes and pictures on them.

  241. Katie says:

    That piano bag is so clever!

  242. Christy Lamm says:

    Lovin “Little Girls Big Style”, that would definately keep me busy:)

  243. Tanis says:

    Great ideas!

  244. I can’t wait to see Mary’s book!

  245. Wendy D. P. says:

    Love the piano bag – I have a friend who would just adore it!

  246. Beth says:

    With two musicians in the house, these ideas will come in handy!

  247. Jennifer DeVries says:

    I think my cousin needs a piano bag. She’s a very talented pianist!

  248. Robin E. says:

    An ipod Touch is on my wishlist for Christmas this year, and if I get one I’ll be using the cover tutorial immediately. Great handmade options today.

  249. Hannah says:

    The guitar strap is really too lovely!

  250. Danielle says:

    neat ideas

  251. Katie says:

    Ooh, that invite is great!

  252. Nikki Rainey says:

    I would never of thought to use a sock to cover an ipod. How cool is that.
    This is so much fun checking in every day to see what is new.

  253. Lynne says:

    What great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  254. Carmen says:

    Haha, the theme i’ve been waiting for!

  255. Maya says:

    Zip up earbuds! That is so interesting!

  256. lizzy house says:

    everyone knows how much I love cake! I need that book!!!

  257. Lynda says:

    Awesome ipod cover, you’re really helping me with Christmas gifts!

  258. Tabitha says:

    The sock cozies are perfect!

  259. Sarah B says:

    Some very clever ideas today! Thanks for the inspirations.

  260. Serena says:

    I love the iPod touch cover. I don’t have one, but maybe if I make one of these, one will show up in my stocking… 🙂

  261. Madeline says:

    Fabulous! I love the i-touch cover!

  262. Lauren says:

    I’m totally crazy about the zip up ear bud idea!

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    great ideas

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    I love the zip-up earbud idea – very creative.

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    Oh, The World of Cake sure sounds fun!

  266. Shannon F. says:

    cant wait to make this!

  267. Bonnie says:

    Hmmm…might have to see if I can masculine up that iTouch cover, and then I’ve got the perfect recipient…

  268. Emily V says:

    Good for teenage sisters too perhaps…

  269. Gloria says:

    The little Girl Big style book looks so whimsical! I would just know my 5yr old daughter would be looking so stylish in those clothes!

  270. Rosemamie says:

    Love the zip up earbuds! I am ALWAYS fighting to get mine untangled….and my 7 year old his his tied in knots, this will work wonders!!!

  271. Theresa says:

    Black Walnut cognac?! I’m going to have to harvest my mom’s walnut tree next year….

  272. Mel says:

    My brother in law would love that drink holder!

  273. Lynn says:

    Those zip up earbuds are clever! Added the Little Girls/Big Style book to my wish list. thanks

  274. Brilliant! I love the zip up earphones! Too cool.

  275. Limor says:

    Walnut infused cognac sounds divine, but I’m preggers so no alcohol for me. The sock media cozy is brilliant. There are such cute socks out there in dollar bins, these would make such cool easy gifts.

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    those earbuds are so clever!

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    cute ideas.

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    great cup holder idea.

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    great stuff!! I would love the Sew Tina and the little girls, big style books!!

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    I have a musician on my list who would love the guitar strap.

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    More great ideas, Thanks!

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    My son asked for an iPod Touch for Christmas. Now I will give him a personalized cover to go with it 🙂

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  304. Gali says:

    already checked the new fabrics in the shop…

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    Really loving the Handmade Holidays again this year! It’s my first stop of the day! Thanks, guys!

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    I forgot to ask: will there be a giveaway day this year before christmas? I am guessing that everyone is quite busy (especially Beth 🙂 ) so I don’t expect you to organize this massive event but it would be nice to know 🙂 I just feel like giving something away and I would do it next week if I knew that SMS is not doing it some weeks later 🙂

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  344. Cortney says:

    ohhh the zip up ear buds are super neat!

  345. Cory says:

    I am so making the zipper earbuds for my teenage nieces!!

  346. Kristin says:

    That Little Girls, Big Style is a super cute book, I would love to have it for my little girl!

  347. Texana says:

    Thanks for even more great ideas! And thanks for undertaking this project…

  348. Kelli says:

    I had never seen the World of Cake book before. I’m intrigued!

  349. Heidi says:

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  350. Melissa says:

    love the sock cozy. Adding that to the list!

  351. Michele says:

    My sister would like the Piano Bag – it looks roomy too.

  352. megan says:

    That Black Walnut infused Cognac looks amazing.

  353. Amber says:

    yum, cake! off to check out the itouch cover, mom could use a couple! 😀

  354. Summer says:

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    love the ipod touch cover! i made one a while ago, but i think i will make another one for my blackberry!

  358. Margaret says:

    Very cute stuff today…might have to make a few iPod covers.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  359. Stephanie says:

    I really need the earbud cozy, my cords are always getting tangled!

  360. Tanya says:

    Fun stuff!

  361. Sarah McGrath says:

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  364. Terri says:

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  365. Kimberly says:

    I hope I win Little Girls, Big Style! Thank you for all of the great holiday inspiration.

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  371. Gill says:

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  374. Susan C. says:

    Fantastic list!

  375. Johanna says:

    The piano bag is just genius! I have a little brother at home (actually more then just one) who has been carrying a very old bag to music lessons and he might just get a new bag for christmas! Thank you, I had no idea what to get him before!

  376. o0o0o… There’s that Little Girls, Big Style book I have been aching over! 🙂

  377. Kayla says:

    I love the guitar strap cover!

  378. Nicole says:

    Another day of awesome projects. And that little girls pattern book is SO going on my Christmas list.

  379. Lina says:

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  380. Sara says:

    The zip up ear buds and sock media cozy—A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

  381. Elizabeth says:

    Again, wonderful ideas!

  382. Deanne says:

    I’m going to give the zip-up ear buds a try.

  383. Jaimie says:

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  384. Jennifer says:

    Wow that little girl big style book looks fun! Love the I touch tutorial
    Thank you for gathering all these terrific ideas!

  385. Kim Mears says:

    I love the sock media cozy! Cute!

  386. Francoise says:

    The zip-up earbuds are so clever!

  387. Debra says:

    The zipper earbuds are too cute, what a great idea. And love the piano bag too.

  388. Oh, my, those zip up earbuds are sooo cute! I’m definitely going to have to do that!

  389. Sarah says:

    Those earbuds are rather unique. Good idea.

  390. Valerie says:

    I definitely want to make the ipod touch case! Great ideas!

  391. Jill D says:

    Cool ipod touch cover!

  392. Renate says:

    Love the tutorials!

  393. Rachel says:

    Ooohhh…I have to check out the zip up ear buds tutorial. What a neat idea!

  394. Love the sock media. I know a few little girls who will love it.

  395. I’m checking out the sock media cover.

  396. Mary D. says:

    Zip Up Earbuds. Brilliant!

  397. laurel says:

    great tutes!

  398. Becky says:

    I love the zipper earbud thing! Cool!

  399. Larissa says:

    Thanks for some great ideas! Now to get sewing…

  400. Jasmine says:

    Perfect timing! I’ve been waffling over making my youngest brother another gift to add to his package; those headphones will be perfect!

  401. Andrea says:

    i’m loving all these projects being made with socks! how easy!

  402. Jenny says:

    oh yes! guitar strap covers…why have i never thought of that!

  403. Julie Anne says:

    Oooh, those zip-up ear buds are the coolest! They’d be great for fitness fans, too. I’m gonna have to make several of these. Thanks for sharing.

  404. Sonja says:

    Love Love Love the piano bag and guitar strap!

  405. Ana says:

    Love the iphone pouch! And that cognac… must try it!

  406. stacey says:

    love the zip up earphone idea!!

  407. Karen says:

    lol @ audiophiles. Love the ipod touch cover.

  408. melissa says:

    That is the prettiest guitar strap I have seen.

  409. Antonia S-H says:

    What a wealth of gorgeousness! The colours are just stunning.

  410. Colleen says:

    I love the piano music tote!

  411. Jill B says:

    I will definitely make the ipod cover!

  412. Claudia says:

    What a wonderful idea! Fabulous handmade gifts! And a giveaway as well…..I LOVE this!!!
    Kind regards from Germany sends

  413. Pat says:

    Sew Tina…I love her patters. This is a must on the wish list…..

  414. Mhairi says:

    I love the piano bag. It is fantastic for music lovers and those who like something a little bit quirky. I also like the zip-up earbuds, very cool.

  415. empirewaist says:

    Handmade Holidays rocks!

  416. Cynthia says:

    Great ideas (as always)!

  417. Crystal says:

    I love the sock media cover idea! Thanks again!

  418. Amy says:

    very cool!

  419. Deborah says:

    Ooh! A World of Cake – – – yum yum!

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  420. Abbington says:

    Love the iPod cover, and the walnut infused cognac sounds amazing!

  421. Olivia says:

    I like the ideal of the cup holder.

  422. Shira says:

    The zip-up ear-buds and piano bag are so cool!

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