Today we help you find the perfect gift (or two or three) for the teens on your holiday list!

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Make It

spacer T-Shirt Hat
Kalleen shows you how to create a T-Shirt Hat with cute embellishments on her blog, At Second Street.
spacer A Very Biased Skirt
Appeal to a teen’s sense of style with this Very Biased Skirt from Katy at No Big Dill.
spacer Most Flattering Shirt Dress
We love this Flattering Shirt Dress at Prudent Baby. Jaime shows you how to design your own pattern and takes you through the steps to make this easy fitting, chic dress.
spacer Reversible Bag
Be sure to check out Novita’s Reversible Bag Tutorial at Very Purple Person. She has a clever way of sewing a lined, reversible bag to keep up with those constant wardrobe changes!
spacer Makeup Brush Holder
Keep those brushes clean and organized with Susan’s Makeup Brush Holder at Freshly Picked.

You might also enjoy these related tutorials from the SMS archives: Pleated Uniform Skirt, Aflutter Head Band with Applique, Sleep, Frame, and Celebrate!

Here are just a handful of fabrics we love for some of these projects. Click on the fabric images to visit the Sew,Mama,Sew! shop:

Buy It

spacer Zombie Scrub from The Bubbling Cauldron
The Bubbling Cauldron offers a Zombie Scrub for all ages. It’s a fun way to get rid of dead skin with scented oils and sweet sugar.

Mix It

spacer Homemade Oreos from Kitchenist
We can’t wait to try Ele’s Homemade Oreos recipe which promises to be just as good if not better than the original. She shares this recipe along with some entertaining memories on her blog, Kitchenist.

Print It

spacer Christmas Candy Box
You can print, assemble and pack these Christmas Candy Boxes with lots of goodies thanks to Melissa at I Still Love You.

Win It

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By Akiko Mano
(Trumpeter, $17.95, ISBN: 978-1-59030-648-2)

From the Publisher:

Sewing with all-natural fabrics can make an incredible difference in the quality of the items we make, with a look and feel that provides the ultimate in comfort. The twenty-five simple sewing projects in this book offer home accessories made from linen, wool, and cotton, from durable linen aprons to cozy wool blankets and washable cotton lunch bags.

This book is full of beautiful photographs, clear step-by-step instruction, and detailed diagrams that are reflective of the Japanese craft style. All of the projects are perfect for those new to sewing, yet the unsophisticated charm and useful nature of each item will appeal to every sewer.

By Ashley English
(Lark Books, $19.95, ISBN: 1-60059-491-3)

From the Publisher:

Have you heard the news: chickens have left the farm and made themselves at home in neighborhoods everywhere!  For anyone ready to put their eggs in this basket, here is the perfect beginner’s guide to raising chickens, with information on choosing a breed, acquiring the chicks, and housing, feeding, and caring for them. Plus, it provides the lowdown on eggs, including “egg”celent recipes, and profiles of people who have taken on the chicken-rearing challenge. Includes two projects with exploded woodworking illustrations and photos: a simple nesting box and a wildly creative mobile chicken tractor.

By Susan Wasinger
(Lark Books, $19.95, ISBN: 1-60059-465-4)

From the Publisher:

Meet the most creative power tool in a stitcher’s arsenal: the ordinary sewing machine! Cutting-edge author Susan Wasinger turns it into a source of fun and experimentation with more than 20 innovative projects—some with surprising variations.

Susan encourages sewers to play with their machines, giving them eye-opening techniques to try: stitch without thread to puncture non-fabric materials; use leather needles to sew through layers of fused felt; reorient seams to transform flat projects into 3-D.  Along with the familiar fabrics and recycled garments, she gets into the spirit of exploration with unexpected materials, from paper and tire tubes to neoprene. And with the skill level set at beginning to intermediate, every crafter can join in!

Green Grocery Bag Challenge

The Green Grocery Bag Challenge is a project to encourage sewists to wrap their holiday gifts in reusable cloth grocery bags, thus reducing the amount of wrapping paper entering the waste stream while simultaneously getting multi-use bags into the hands of consumers. Please include Mother Earth in your holiday plans. Read more here and join us on The Green Grocery Bag Challenge Facebook page where we’ll be posting wrapping ideas, sewing patterns and tips for reducing waste this holiday season.

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27 ~ Eco-Conscious
26 ~ Deck the Halls
25 ~ Artists
24 ~ Co-Workers
23 ~ New Parents
22 ~ Scholars
21 ~ Sports Fans
20 ~ Audiophiles
19 ~ Deck the Halls
18 ~ Dads & Grandpas
17 ~ Hipsters
16 ~ Pet Lovers
15 ~ College Students
14 ~ Teachers
13 ~ Foodies
12 ~ Deck the Halls
11 ~ Sleepyheads
10 ~ Travelers
9 ~ Preschool Kids
8 ~ Outdoor Adventurers
7 ~ Tweens
6 ~ Crafters
5 ~ Deck the Halls
4 ~ Moms & Grandmas
3 ~ Babies & Toddlers
2 ~ Girlfriends
1 ~ Imaginative Friends

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