Get Ready for Giveaway Day!

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Back by popular demand, once again we’re hosting… Giveaway Day! Mark your calendar for Monday, December 13th!

On Giveaway Day everyone with a shop or blog can give something away. We list all of the participants here to create a master list, and we leave the list up for several days to give readers a more relaxed browsing experience. We also provide some structure with categories and international shipping info. We get an overwhelming positive response each time we host Giveaway Day! It’s lots of fun if you win something and it’s also fun to give something away (and to have tons of new readers visit your site).

Here is some background about Giveaway Day, plus information on how to participate:

Why do it?

    Readers benefit because a) they get exposed to blogs with great ideas; b) they get directed to shops with wonderful items; c) they get the opportunity to win a cool handmade prize; d) they know exactly when to tune in! Participants benefit because a) they get new readers (many participants end up with hundreds of comments & visitors); b) they get potential shoppers/readers; c) they can experience the joy of giving something they’ve made to a virtual friend.


  • Your giveaway item must be either handmade (for example: jewelry, bags, etc.), or something that can be used for making handmade gifts (for example: buttons, ribbons, etc.)
  • You need to write a post about the item and ask visitors to comment on that post. This must be posted no later than 9 a.m. eastern on Monday, December 13th. We’re checking the links at 9 a.m. eastern and if there isn’t a giveaway post we will delete you from the list. You can post the night before if you want to be sure to remember!
  • Decide how you want to choose the winner (random, best answer to a question, etc.).
  • State in the post whether you’ll ship the item internationally.
  • Leave your giveaway open until December 17. This gives plenty of time for people to visit you.
  • Ship your item by December 20th, one week from Giveaway Day.
  • Spread the word! Make December 13th a Giveaway Day everywhere! If you’d like, grab our button and link back to this post to let your readers know you’ll be participating. Here is the image url: and here is the link url:


  • Make it easy for people to enter to win your giveaway. If there are multiple steps to enter (sign up to be a follower, tweet about it, etc.) you’ll likely scare some folks away who might otherwise stay, browse and come back!
  • Keep your Giveaway Day post as your main entry for several days. If you post other things, just be sure to include a link at the top directing readers to your giveaway post. Again, you want to make it really easy for folks to visit.
  • Include a picture of your giveaway in the post.
  • Have fun!


    Want to participate? Email (Subject: Giveaway Day) by Saturday, December 11th. Please include the following info:

  • Blog or Shop URL (the URL where people will find your giveaway post)
  • Blog or Shop name (the blog or shop name where people will find your giveaway post)
  • Tell us your location and whether you’ll ship internationally
  • Category for your giveaway (pick one): Handcrafted Item(s), Handcrafted Item(s)+Supplies/Materials, Sewing Supplies/Materials, Knitting Supplies/Materials

On Giveaway Day we’ll post a master list of participants on our blog divided into a series of three posts. Stop by to verify your information (check all three lists for your name first before freaking out!), explore other sites and try your luck at winning a great giveaway!

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57 Responses to Get Ready for Giveaway Day!

  1. Paula says:

    tks fr this great giveaway!!! πŸ˜€ absolutely adore it!

  2. jewel says:

    Thanks for giving away items πŸ™‚ love it and amazed how the fabrics can come together to form the picture

  3. Lee says:

    I just found it on the the top of the page:) This is fun!

  4. Mackenzie Brasher says:

    this sounds like fun!

  5. lisa says:

    wheeee……give aways are so much fun! hope to win some!

  6. Leigh says:

    Yippeeee! Got my post written and ready to post first thing in the morning!

  7. Nelly says:

    oooo! where can i find the list of all the blogs/shops that are participating!

  8. Karen says:

    I just found out about Giveaway Day. How fun. I am really excited about this.

  9. joy says:

    so sad. I didn’t e-mail till this morning.

  10. Pippablue says:

    This is our first time joining in. Very excited!!!!

  11. Enhac Adira says:

    This is our first Giveaway Day and… we’re excited about this!


  12. Sharon T. says:

    Super excited about this. Anyone else having problems with the button? I’m a newbie blogger and I can’t get the button to post.

  13. Carol says:

    This is my first Givaway Day — can’t wait:)

  14. Gabrielle says:

    I am so excited about this! I just sent in my email today and I have my giveaway items photographed and ready to go! Thanks for organizing this event.

  15. Deborah says:

    I’ve got my handmade item ready to go…just need to write the post. My item was inspired by Inchie Quilts.

  16. Susan says:

    This shall be fun thanks for hosting. Sent my info

  17. Roberta McSparren says:

    I love giveaways. I love learn new things and make them.

  18. How wonderful! I think I’d like to participate too. Sending my information.

  19. Kristy says:

    Hooray!!! I am so in for this year. Just finished writing a blogpost spreading the word about this.

  20. Sonya M says:

    I’m so excited to be doing this for the second time this year!

    stay tuned for handmade goodies from missbossypants and Avery’s Garden (on Etsy)

  21. I’m so happy to be able to participate. My information has been sent.

    Cheers! And let the fun begin! πŸ™‚


  22. Farscapegirl says:

    Very excited to participate again! Loved last winter!

  23. Thirza says:

    Oooooo, I want to join!!! What to give away?! *Runs to sewing room* I don’t know! Panic!

    will let you know over the weekend!

  24. Henrietta says:

    Can’t wait! it was so fun last year

  25. Sent my info to you, excited to be a prt of this!

  26. Jingle says:

    I just sent you my email! So excited!

  27. Gail C says:

    i am so very excited about this – of cousre I am going to be involved.



  28. WendyMT says:

    Way cool!! Thank you sew much for this huge event!!!

  29. kristin says:

    fun! what a great idea – i will email you with my info πŸ™‚

  30. yay! Can’t wait to join in the fun!

  31. bonnie says:

    I’m In now what to offer,,,, off to search my sewing room…

  32. Tierney Barden says:

    YAY! This sounds really really fun. I can’t wait!

  33. Chris says:

    I am going to be doing my very first giveaway for Giveaway Day. Can’t wait!

  34. JenD says:

    Did it last time and it was so much fun! Thank you for running this give a way day!!

  35. Amy says:

    Can you do 2 separate posts with 2 separate giveaways?

  36. Mary B says:

    WooHoo! I love your giveaway days!!!!

  37. Shannon says:

    I’m SEW excited!!! Bring on the bloggy goodness…

  38. happy zombie says:

    I’m so excited!

  39. Leah says:

    Ooh what fun. I`m looking forward to it, unfortunately I can`t add anything else to my plate, so won`t be participating this time… Just too swamped.

  40. Corvus says:

    Can’t wait!

  41. Michele says:

    give aways are fun, whether i win or not, ooh the possiblities. makes me want to give stuff away too…

  42. Mary says:

    I was just wondering if there was going to be one this time!

  43. Emmmylizzzy says:

    Exciting! I might be able to round up some great Heather Ross prints to give away πŸ™‚

  44. OOH! Maybe I’ll throw something in the hat!

  45. Christine says:

    I love when you guys do giveaway day! It is a lot of fun to look at new websites. Hoo hoo!

  46. Em says:

    Sounds like fun! I love giveaway day!

  47. Leah says:

    Sounds like fun! I’m looking forward to participating in it.

  48. YOYO says:

    haven’t done this before but i am looking forward to it.

  49. Olelé says:

    Thank you so much for organizing the Giveaway, I’ve taken part on past editions as a ‘visitor’, but this time I’ll be giving away something, I’m so excited! πŸ˜€

  50. Stephanie S says:

    I’m really looking forward to this!

  51. ~Helena~ says:

    Just signed up. Can’t wait this is always so fun to check out other people and there interests. Thanks for putting this together

  52. Rochelle says:

    I love Give Away Day!! I better get all my Christmas chores done ahead of time so that I can spend 2-3 days on the Give Away blogs.

  53. Sound great, this is the first time I read about this and I’m excited to participate.

  54. Whitney says:

    I’m so excited! December 13th is my birthday, which means I basically HAVE to win! πŸ™‚

  55. Kristina says:

    Great idea. Thinking about it….

  56. Johanna says:

    Thank you so much for organizing it, I love giveaway day! And I will definitely participate (just send an email)


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