Giveaway Day Wrapup

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Thank you to everyone who participated this week as part of Giveaway Day! We saw some amazing handmade items up for grabs and loads of very generous packages of fabric, yarn, patterns and other supplies. We hope all the giveaway hosts enjoyed it as much as the typing-with-fingers-crossed readers!

Giveaway hosts, you should be wrapping up your giveaway today or tomorrow and announcing the winner. Please have your winner’s package in the mail by Monday.

The Spring Giveaway Day is usually in May. We’d love to hear your feedback about this one. What did you appreciate? What do you think would make it more user-friendly (from a host’s perspective or a reader’s perspective) next time? Any surprises you’d like to tell us about?

Have a great weekend, everyone! It’s the last one before Christmas, so we hope it is fun and productive!

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46 Responses to Giveaway Day Wrapup

  1. Sara says:

    I thought it was great. This was my first year hosting a giveaway and also participating in all the other giveaways. I found a whole bunch of new blogs to follow (I did visit every blog), it’s wonderful to make some new connections.

  2. Eerika says:

    This was my third time taking part in Giveaway Day, and it was just as fun as all the previous times. Thank you ever so much for organizing and hosting this super event!

    I also really liked that there were a lot more simple “just one comment” giveaways this time around, instead of lots of blogs requiring us to jump through hoops. I also appreciated the longer running time for the giveaways, that gave more time to go through all the participating blogs and to get to know all the other participants better too.
    My only gripe is that it would have been nice to have the Giveaway Day earlier in the month, that way there’d be a chance for the winners to get their prizes on time for Christmas. And now by mid month people are already busy with all the holiday hooplah that it’s harder to find time for the giveaway.

  3. Gali says:

    LOVED it. hope i win something. ๐Ÿ™‚
    did you publish the rest of November’s winners?

  4. ManLe says:

    I’ve only recently stumbled upon the Sew Mama Sew blog, and this was my first time hosting a giveaway. I have to say it was AWESOME!!! I’ve gained so many new followers, readers and found lots of great blogs full of inspiration.

    The process to host was so easy, and I loved the master lists of blogs to hop along for giveaways. I will definitely be participating again as both a host & participant. Thanks so much for organizing this wonderful event!

  5. Limor says:

    It was fabulous as usual. I’m just sorry that my brain was too scattered to participate this year. I’ll blame it on being pregnant. I can’t wait to take part in the May Giveaway Day.

  6. Kerry Leslie says:

    It was great – I loved it both as a host and as an entrant! I thought of one thing that might make it easier from the entrant’s point of view and that would be if a master list of the winners was posted here, basically the same lists that you have up already but with the winner’s name by each host.
    Anyway, it was lots of fun and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

  7. happy zombie says:

    This was my first time participating in the the Giveaway Day and I LOVED IT! I felt like I was having a little holiday party – and every time the doorbell rang… there was a kind new friend at my door with a plate of cookies and a giant hug!

    I loved visiting the other blogs and discovered some new favorites and now have some new additions to my Google Reader. I also discovered wonderful new blogs from the comments left. I also loved that most all the participating blogs didn’t do the multiple comment entry nonsense – thanks for putting that gem in your guidelines!

    I big giant thank you for hosting Giveaway Day! I’d ring your doorbell and bring you a plate of gluten free cookies – but you don’t have a doorbell, and I don’t even knock… and I don’t bake cookies. [[[[THANK YOU!]]]]

  8. SewLindaAnn says:

    While I too love giveaways, the fun, excitement and probability, I do agree with the requests to keep it simple in regard to commenting.

    Giveaways are great, and it’s wonderful to see so many blogs we might not have. On the other hand, playing devil’s advocate here, I think having so, so many blogs to comment on in a short period of time lends itself to not checking out the blog or the person, but only what they have to give.

    This time I only commented on the blogs I regularly follow and just a couple of new ones. I personally do not have the hours and hours it takes to view all of them.

    I totally appreciate the work going into it, but at this point it would be great to brainstorm a way to make it easier to navigate and in a longer time period.

    I hope you don’t think I’m being negative, I do love your blog and all you do. Just giving you honest feedback.

  9. I loved it, too and definitely want to take part in the next one! WHAT FUN! Thanks for a fun time! Happy holidays! รขโ„ขยฅ

  10. mck says:

    I had never blogged before your give away. The wonderful gifts inspired me to find out how to do it. Thanks to you and all the participants!

  11. Runa says:

    This was the first time Ive ever seen something like this. I live in Mumbai and giveaways are unheard of here. Its been so exciting for me to be able to connect with so many like minded sewers and crafters from across the world. I have never seen something so organized. The best part was that most of the participants realized that there were many blogs to go to so they only asked for a comment each which was nice. Getting to facebook, twitter etc gets a bit too cumbersome. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to win something and hopefully participate next year too. Its overwhelming to see that people will send gifts to anyone across the world. Thank god many are ready to ship internationally otherwise I always get left out sitting here in Bombay:) I wish you all a great Christmas and thanks a ton for making me feel included sitting half way across the globe!

  12. Raquel says:

    I want!!!!!!

  13. Jeannette says:

    Thank you for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  14. Jo Burke says:

    I loved it – the range of blogs and items was amazing and I have discovered quite a few new blogs to follow. My only comment would be that it would be lovely to do in the first week of December as it is a very busy time so close to Christmas and I was tempted away from my own craft projects!

  15. Heather says:

    I have loved being a part of the giveaway. Thanks to those of you that just needed a comment left.Some I didn’t enter because it involved going to look at other sites. Sorry I didn’t manage to visit all of the giveaway hosts. It is very time consuming at this time of the year, will be better organised next year. Looking forward to drawing a winner for my giveaway and putting a smile in someone’s day ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes it was fun and would definately take part again.

  16. Heather says:

    I have loved being a part of the giveaway. Really appreciated those that just needed a comment left.Didn’t manage to visit all of the giveaway hosts. It is very time consuming at this time of the year. Looking forward to drawing a winner and putting a smile in someone’s day ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Leigh says:

    This was my 3rd time hosting and I love it! I gained a TON of new followers and found some fantastic new blogs. I’ve contacted my winners and am just waiting to hear back with their addresses! Like many others have said, I appreciated so much that there were more “just leave a comment” giveaways this time, rather than the Tweet/Facebook/dog’s maiden name type requirements. Also I noticed that there were fewer giveaways that didn’t fit the Sew Mama Sew demographic. I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning in the explanation for potential hosts, but it seems to me that most participants are interested in modern fabrics and items. I always feel a little bad for the blogs who have something very “country” or out of style that only have a handful of entrants when most blogs have hundreds. Of course, for the people who DO want that prize, their chances are better, so maybe it’s not really an issue!

  18. Just Jenn says:

    I’d never participated before and it was a heck of a lot of fun! Don’t know if I’ve won anything or not but I loved seeing all the new to me blogs and being really inspired by both the generosity and the craftiness of the hosts. I’m looking forward to giving something away myself in the spring. Thanks again for putting on such a FUN event!

  19. I was so pleased to have so many responses to my giveaway. I’m just waiting for a response from the winner so I can mail her gift out.

  20. Lori says:

    This was my first time giving something away and I loved it! Everyone is so kind and it’s such a thrill to be on either end of a giveaway. It’s so well organized and so much fun!
    The only thing I would have changed at all would be to make it right at the beginning of December, it’s such a hectic time of year!

  21. Carol Kramer says:

    Buttons, any buttons, all buttons…love them. Carol in Clermont

  22. Jennifer Cheek-Payan says:

    Wow – the number of participants was dizzying but it was great! I really enjoyed seeing people’s blogs that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Thank you so much!

  23. Rochelle says:

    Bummer….such a busy week that I missed Give Away Day altogether. Next time I’ll program it into my calendar!!

  24. Laura W. says:

    I loved it! I loved finding blogs that liked the same kind of sewing/fabric that I do, and entering all the contests was fun. I especially appreciate how easy the entries were. Thanks for setting up the event!

  25. Caren says:

    I am relatively new to the cyber-land portion of crafting, and this giveaway event was amazing! I found so many great blog sites! I love it that there are so many creative folks out there willing to share their ideas! Kudos to SMS for setting up this event – I had so much fun hopping from blog to blog – now I have a bunch of sites that I want to go back to and search for inspiration!

  26. Em says:

    I think you guys have done a great job! I love giveaway day!

  27. Carol says:

    This was my first Giveaway Day, both as a “fingers crossed” participant and a host of a Giveaway. I had no idea how much fun it would be!! Thank you so much for organizing this amazing event. I just started my blog last month and have been literally begging people to come, look and comment. Wow–I can’t believe the traffic — not like some of the big, more established blogs, but for my little blog –like I said –unbelieveable!! I like the blogs that say “leave a comment” or give you one assignment like “what is your favorite Holiday tradition.” I don’t want to have to tweet, like you on facebook or become a follower — that should be my choice. (Although I am now following some awesome blogs.) I can’t wait for May!! I definately will participate again — this time I will be more prepared. The bloggers out there are so generous and I would never have found some of my new favorite blogs without Giveaway Day. Thanks Again — Carol

  28. Valerie Boudier says:

    I loved it although didn’t have time to visit all the blogs

  29. sharmie says:

    i really enjoyed it! i think that a lot of the ways to enter were really simple, and having the two lists on international and domestic winners was really great.

    just in terms of the big list, a teeny tiny detail would be putting a line break in between letters of the alphabet, so all the a blogs, and then an extra line break, and then all the b ones. it would just make tracking which ones you’ve visited a little easier. but it’s a very tiny detail.

    i think everything went over very well. i hope to get to participate more fully in the next one!

  30. Sonya M says:

    Feedback? you need feedback?!? Everyone LOVES SMS giveaway days!!! I’ve been a host twice now (this week, and this past May), and it was so nice to make so many more friends on my blog! I have loved entering all the giveaways, and also appreciate that people have decreased their entrance “requirements”. I love the organization of all the giveaways. Thanks for a great event!

  31. Shirley Clark says:

    I loved finding more sewing blogs, and I also loved the ones that you only had to make one comment to enter. I hope it works out that I can participate the next time. I really wasn’t sure what to do for this one, but now I know. Thanks for doing this. It was so much fun even if I don’t win anything.

  32. Jennifer says:

    I loved it! I participated as a host for the first time, and it was a lot of fun. I can’t think of anything that needs improving upon! Thanks for organizing this!

  33. I loved it. I wish it wasn’t SO close to the holidays though. I would have loved to have something on my blog but with holiday sewing and prep I didn’t have time. ๐Ÿ™

  34. kathyh says:

    I had a lot of fun and inspiration reading comments to my giveaway.
    Thank you for organizing it so it came off effortously.

  35. Aileen says:

    It was well organized and introduced me to a lot of new blogs. The participants were generous, the rules were clear and simple. Very impressed!

  36. Seanna Lea says:

    I’m really enjoying it. I have gotten a lot more comments, and while I do not expect anyone to become regular readers, hopefully people will find my stuff interesting and come back periodically.

  37. Bec Clarke says:

    I had a wonderful response and got over 700 comments which was totally unexpected.
    I don’t have any problems with the way it is run, it is easy to get around now with the separate categories.

  38. Deborah says:

    As a host, I had a great time!

    The only thing I request as someone who enters giveaways, keep it simple. It is unlawful for a blog giveaway to require a reader to sign-up for or subscribe to anything. It is fine as an extra entry option, but not the main requirement. Please read this article for more specific guidelines:

  39. Farscapegirl says:

    I won a Onsie from TheCraftyNomad blog giveaway! It’s coming from the UK and my friend who’s expecting a baby girl in January will LOVE the handmade Onsie. So exciting to win stuff made by someone else ๐Ÿ™‚

    My blog giveaway ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST. I am blown away by the almost 800 responses I’ve gotten. So many nice people have left such lovely comments. I’m excited to use the Random number pick late tonight and will announce my 3 winners tomorrow (Sat).
    So anyone that still wants to enter, please stop by by tonight….there’s still time to enter @ Elaine’s Crafty Corner.
    Love the sew,sew,Mama blog giveaway day!

  40. Maeve says:

    Yes, I agree with amanda about the organization and the fact that we don’t have to do handstands to enter all these giveaways. Some of us don’t twitter or blog or do facebook, so it’s nice to just be able to leave a comment and be done. I so appreciate those who make it easy. And even more, I appreciate all those generous souls out there in blogland who are so willing to giveaway such nice gifts to the rest of us! You are amazing “givers”! Thank you to everyone who organized this great giveaway! It has been fun.

  41. shannon says:

    Thanks so much for having Giveaway Day. We are a new business that does not yet have many followers. This was an excellent opportunity for us to introduce our product. We look forward to participating in the spring.

  42. Jerimi says:

    What a blast! It was so much fun, and I learned a lot about the event. I’ll have a better idea of what to expect next time. ๐Ÿ˜›

  43. 2hippos says:

    I agree with Amanda. It’s very well-organized, and there were only a couple of links I clicked that didn’t lead to a giveaway Monday morning. I also appreciate the simpler “leave a comment” entries — I understand why people want traffic in their etsy stores and the like, but I really appreciated those who simply asked for a comment, one entry per person, etc.

  44. Robyn says:

    It was amazing. I just finished signing up for the last giveaway. I need a nap now, while keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for hosting!

  45. Emily says:

    This was a lovely way to find out about blogs (new to me) that provide wonderful ideas and inspiration. I loved getting to virtually visit so many parts of the United States and the world. Such talent — and such generosity!

  46. amanda says:

    I loved it! I thought it was very well organized, and is only becoming more so with each Giveaway Day! It also seems like people on blogland in general are becoming a little more relaxed with the how-to-enter requirements… it seems like a couple of years ago you had to stand on your head while patting your head and rubbing your stomach to enter a lot of em. So I’m glad the winds of change are blowing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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