Green Grocery Bag Challenge Wrap-Up!

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I made and gifted 27 bags for Christmas, and I must admit that I was surprised at just how excited all the recipients were about their new grocery bags! For the portion of Christmas that was just me, the kids and my husband, we had only a tiny bit of wrapping paper. Let me tell you, we did not miss the clean-up! Although I was busy sewing until the 11th hour, I was really happy with the results and will definitely continue the tradition.

Don’t forget about the Green Grocery Bag contest on Crafster! Post your photos for a chance to win one of two $25 gift certificates to Sew,Mama,Sew!

I hope you had a good experience. If you have photos to share, head on over to our Flickr group and post them. We’ll surely refer to them next year. And if you have any thoughts or stories to share about your experience giving reusable bags, please comment here. We’d love to hear how it went!

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12 Responses to Green Grocery Bag Challenge Wrap-Up!

  1. Jess says:

    I finally posted picture and blogged about my experience! It was great!

  2. Kristy says:

    I made some bags (lunch grocery and other) for gifts this last month or so (Christmas and birthday) and think this will be my go to wrapping from now.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Pics have been uploaded to the flickr group.

  3. ebygomm says:

    I completed a total of 9 re-useable drawstring bags made from tea towels this Christmas. Hope to expand on that next year, and vary the bags I make a bit more. I was a little rushed for time this year.

  4. Barbara Long says:

    I made grocery bags for my grandkis, that can be use for sleepovers and etc. or their moms can use them for grocery bags. I made 8 bags this 2010 Christmas. I plan on making 10 more to use for birthday gifts this year, now that Christmas is over, I more time to sew.

  5. daphne says:

    I made 2 bags for my best friend, she now only has one because while she was getting something someone actually stole one of them. WOW I guess that’s a compliment. WHO DOES THAT??? Oh well time to make more.

  6. Suzi says:

    I decided to take the challenge and gifted all with either grocery bags, tote bags or small makeup bags. I was soo glad I did. I, too, was finishing up bags even the day of with the handmade gifts. Not sure that the grocery bags were received as they were intended but hey…with time they will all understand and hopefully appreciated.

  7. I ran short on time (or course) so I only made two bags to “wrap” gifts for my nieces. I think their moms were more excited about the cute little bags, though! I’m getting a head start for next Christmas. I figure if I can make just a few bags each month, by Christmas 2011 I’ll be good to go.

  8. elsa says:

    I made a lot of bags this year myself ~ tho not were all grocery bags. Mostly did zip bags and inside a few of those were bags. Many of my friends are knitters/crocheters and zip bags make perfect project bags! All in all, I think I made about 20 bags and maybe around 40 zip bags. It was great fun and loved giving gifts in them! thanks for the challenge!

  9. Andrea says:

    I didn’t exactly make grocery bags. For my 4yo son, I made a 3/4 size Professional Tote from The Creative Thimble ( did the measurements) for his kid laptop and leapster and games. Also made my mom a placemat organizer to take her projects with her when she goes to the dr office or somewhere that she is going to have a long wait and has a sewing project she can work on by hand. That way she doesnt have to use a grocery bag and its all organized. For the Professional Tote, I have made 3 now, a full size, 3/4 size, and a 1/2 size. By August I will have made at least 2 more. The half size one would be perfect for a Nintendo DS or maybe a PSP. Going to make one for my 6yo for his birthday for his kid computer and leapster and games also. Fun and easy once the first one is out of the way.

  10. Mhairi says:

    Although mine weren’t grocery bags I did make 18 bags for the children in my mum’s group to hold their presents and to use as library bags. They were lined with a calico panel on the front to write their name. In the past I have done this with kindergarten children and they have used Posca pens to decorate theirs. I also made a bag to hold my Kris Kringle present that can be used for anything, but will be used as a gym bag by my friend.

  11. Nikki Rainey says:

    WE have been using homemade gift bags since 2006 for our family gift giving. The only gifts wrapped in paper is one gift for each child from Santa. I also have shared some of my bags over the years in the hopes that it would catch on. I think it is great to give someone a gift in a fabric bag and then they continue the tradition. I would love to one day get a fabric bag from someone else. I write the date on each bag. When my children leave the nest I will let them pick some bags to take with them to start their own collection. I also used the patterns on the blog this year to make some produce bags and lunch bags for family members. Thanks for sharing as always.

  12. Cara says:

    I made a reusable grocery bag tote for my mother-in-law. She loved it!

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