Share Your 2010 Reflections + 2011 Predictions

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2010 was an exciting year for the sewing industry, with outstanding fabric collections, fun new patterns and the continued growth of a very creative and dynamic blogging community. We asked a few of our favorite quilters, sewists, designers and shop owners to reflect on the sewing industry in 2010 and offer some predictions for 2011. We’re excited to share their answers with you over the next two weeks as we welcome the new year. We’d also love to know your thoughts on the subject!

Answer any or all of our questions on your blog or in this thread in our forum, and share a link to your answers in the comments below. Your participation enters you in a drawing for one of five $15 Sew,Mama,Sew! gift certificates on January 15th.

Looking back on the sewing scene of 2010, what trends stand out in your mind?

What were some of your favorite things? (Trends, fabric collections, patterns, blogs? Whatever you really loved.)

What was your very favorite fabric collection or print? (If not listed above.)

What was the best thing you made in 2010? (Be sure to share a photo!)

What is one of the best things you saw that was made by someone else?

What do you think 2011 has in store? (Again, trends, fabric, patterns, etc.)

Anything you’re ready for the sewing world to get over?

What’s on your sewing agenda for 2011? What are you excited about? What would you like to learn more about?

Again, please don’t put your answers in the comments. Leave a link to where we can find the answers on your blog or let us know that you’ve replied in our Forum. Thank you!

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56 Responses to Share Your 2010 Reflections + 2011 Predictions

  1. Jessica says:

    I replied in the forum: Thanks for another great series!

  2. Theresa says:

    I answered all these questions. I doubt I fit anyone’s demographic or that anyone will care, but here’s the link anyway:

  3. Colleen says:

    This is my link for the questions i answered! Thanks!

  4. Candy says:

    I’ve got 2 posts! One looking back on 2010
    and another looking forward to 2011
    What a great year it was, and I’m looking forward to an even more fabulous one!

  5. JTribley says:

    I just posted my response in the forum. I’m really enjoying reading what everyone else has to say!

  6. emeline says:

    Love this idea! Here are our answers from the shop!

  7. Beth T says:

    I replied in the Forum:

    Thanks for the chance to enter, and for prompting me to reflect on 2010.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  8. Barb in MI says:

    Please see my blog post here:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. What was the best thing you made in 2010? (Be sure to share a photo!)

    These two pillows that I made for the Pillow Talk Swaps are my favorites:

  10. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been so impressed with all the new lines by Riley Blake ~ I just can’t stop ordering them for quilts, gifts, bibs, and I have plans to make 7 little dresses from the new lines for Spring.

    I’m hoping to find the right fabric line for a bed quilt in 2011 ~ I like the style of Basic Gray and Geo Grand, something gender-neutral and modern, but I want something with some more color palette choices. And no florals!

  11. Traci says:

    This was fun! I think it will be very interesting to read our predictions this time next year!

  12. Angela says:

    Fun! I answered the questions on my blog here:

  13. Liz Noonan says:

    It looks like my previous post here is missing, oh dear! Anyhow, I chose to write about my favorite sewing blogs! you can see them here

  14. Andi says:

    I am getting excited just reading everyone else’s predictions! Here are my answers:

  15. Angela says:

    Very interesting. I’ve written way too much about my thoughts on these topics here:

  16. traceyjay says:

    Here’s my link!

    It also took me forever, and I didn’t get to do as thorough of a job as I would have liked — but it was still fun!

  17. I’m in! (with just four and half hours invested in this post. thanks for getting me thinking!)

  18. kathyh says:

    I enjoyed reading the comments posted here and checking out what other people were predicting and then I figured I could predict good things too.
    here’s my link:

    Thank you SewMamaSew for this great on-line resource!
    There is definitely a connection here for people who like to create.

  19. Kelly Sas says:

    The best thing I made this year was this Nemo quilt for my 2 year old grandson. It is a rag type quilt and is 6ft long. I gave it to him this Christmas and he loves it. I make regular quilts, but this was so fun and different and for a special little boy!

  20. Kelley says:

    I posted my reply here:

    Thanks for giving me something to think about!

  21. Mara says:

    I LOVE the “Handmade for the HOlidays” blog! I am a small time crafter…and when I need inspiration or ideas, I always scour the blog section to get my juices flowing. There are so many incredibly talented people out there, I always come away feeling inspired and in awe, wish I were half as creative as these people! Please continue the blogging, people! I am NEVER disappointed!
    I still am excited to try out the gathered clutch and the large art bag…what wonderful gifts they’ll make!

  22. Marcia W. says:

    I posted my reply on the Forum Re: Sewing Industry Reflections and Predictions
    Reply #7 on: Today at 08:20:34

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. Marcia W.

  23. Catherine says:

    I am not certain about the future for crafters and craft as a whole but I think it will be busy. I only discovered the wonderful online community of makers in 2010. It is so warm and wonderful, kind and supportive. It made me determined to finish some projects (I’m with Em on this one) and begin a blog. I was going to begin the blog in the new year but I couldn’t wait and began today.

    Happy New Year


  24. Beth says:

    “Anything you’re ready for the sewing world to get over?” — OWLS. They’re *everywhere*, and I’m really rather over it myself 🙂

  25. Sue says:

    Here is a link to the questions I answered.

  26. Asiyah says:

    Here’s my response (complete with picture!)-

  27. Em says:

    I completely didn’t sew as much as I wanted to in 2010, but I will certainly remedy that in the coming year – STARTING TODAY! I have several unfinished projects (including more than a few quilts) that I want to complete, and lots of things on my ‘to-do’ list. I would love to make some of those cute pillows with children’s drawings embroidered on them for gifts for next year. I might start that soon. I just blogged about my unfortunate ADHD quilt life! I hope I’ll be able to spend more time in my sewing room completing projects in 2011!

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