Kristin will be here later in the week with her reflections on 2010 and predictions for 2011, but in advance we want to note that Katy Dill from no big dill is one of the bloggers we’re looking to as a rising star this year! Just look at the things she creates for all five of her darling girls… Katy joins some great company (Kim Kight, Valori Wells, Katie Pedersen, Kathy Mack, Shelly Figueroa and Susanne Woods) with her sewing industry reflections for 2010 and predictions for the new year. Enjoy!

Sew,Mama,Sew!: Looking back on the sewing scene of 2010, what trends stand out in your mind?
Katy: Recycling, repurposing, upcycling… Whatever you want to call it; women have gone back to the old adage: Use it up, make it do or do without. It’s a thrill to see something being transformed from one design to another, and to know you’ve re-used something that might have just been thrown out.

SMS: What were some of your favorite things?
Katy: I love the accessibility of foreign fabrics, especially Japanese prints. We were over in Korea and Japan last year and I loaded up on fabric, thinking I’d never be able to get it again, but discovered that it is still accessible in the states online. That appeased my anxiousness of never having those beautiful prints and weaves in my hands again!

Katy’s Lace Skirt

SMS: What was the best thing you made in 2010?
Katy: I am really pleased with how my lace skirt turned out. It was one of those projects that could have gone either way, and it happened to go the right way. I loved the process of dying a big variety of fabric with different contents and how they all accepted the dye differently. I also loved Olive’s dress in my Easter dress series for my girls. I pictured in my head and just began sewing with really inexpensive fabrics, but what resulted was a dress that looked like it came from a fancy boutique. That’s always thrilling!

Olive’s Easter dress, made by Katy (part of a series for the whole family).

SMS: What do you think 2011 has in store?
Katy: I’m not the one to ask for predictions. I thought every single time I was pregnant I was going to have a boy (we didn’t find out) and I had five girls. But I do think we’ll continue to see a rise in pattern production from smaller companies. I think it’s exciting to have so many options open up as opposed to just the big brand pattern companies.

SMS: Anything you’re ready for the world to get over?
Katy: Embellished t-shirts.

SMS: Can you tell us anything about what to expect from you in 2011? Any big projects, life changes or goals you can reveal?
Katy: I have a big project coming up in March that will include many big name sewing bloggers. I’ve also been invited to participate in the Project Run and Play children’s design competition that should be fun, but gives me butterflies, like I’m in a spelling bee in elementary school. (“Material” was the word I missed– Ironic, no?)

Thank you, Katy! Remember, you can add your thoughts too. Answer any or all of our questions for a chance to win.