From Beth: Karen is a self-taught sewist with a passion for sewing and fabric. She’s up next with a snapshot tour of a Japanese craft shop… First enjoy her introduction and visit Karen at Seam Ripper (where you can get ongoing glimpses of all of the fun to be had when you love sewing and live in Japan!).

From Karen: As a kid, I used my mom’s old sewing machine to make Barbie clothes (I’m sure Barbie dreaded our fashion shows), and always wanted to learn more. I took it back up again about ten years ago, and through reading, asking friends for help, and trial and error, have gotten enough skills to get by. My seamripper is my best friend, since I believe in allowing do-overs into every aspect of my life.

My job moved me to Japan last year, and I’m taking full advantage of my time here to bask in the amazing fabrics and the Japanese aesthetic. I daydream of quitting my job as a government drone and becoming an entrepreneur of some sort, and will soon open an Etsy store with things made from Japanese fabrics and t-shirts.