Elephant Cuddle Cushion Free PDF Tutorial

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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

Jenny Wilding Cardon is here today to share a free PDF download for the Elephant Cuddle Cushion from her book, ReSew: Turn Thrift-Store Finds into Fabulous Designs. Learn more about Jenny at her WildCards blog and in her introduction.

Download your Elephant Cuddle Cushion PDF Tutorial today! Your comment on this post also enters you to WIN a copy of ReSew: Turn Thrift-Store Finds into Fabulous Designs.

There are two days left to enter our Pillow Contest! Create a pillow and enter to win some fabulous prizes.

Comment on any post this week for your chance to win one of these great prizes below, courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics:

1 fat quarter pack of Betty Dear, 5 Kona Cotton color cards, 1 fat quarter pack of Night & Day in the Summer Colorstory, 10 sets of 5 Kona charm packs

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201 Responses to Elephant Cuddle Cushion Free PDF Tutorial

  1. I love elephants and reusing/re-purposing/recycling is the best way to go in my book!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE the pillow, and I love that it gets the wheels turning about other ideas for recycling clothing. I want to go through all of our clothes RIGHT NOW!

  3. Evelene Sterling says:

    Wow that elephant pillow is really creative and adorable. I have to make one for my granddaughter who loves elephants. When she was four she wanted a stuffed elephant that would fly like Dumbo-too cute:-) Thanks for a chance to win the book.

  4. Karen Norris says:

    seriously whimsical pillow!

  5. Jaele McColgan says:

    Thanks for the PDF! This will be a nice addition to DS’s collection of elephants!

  6. Cassie says:

    Oh that is cute. What a great idea!

  7. meghann says:

    What an awesome book, and a really cute project! (And of course an awesome giveaway.)

  8. Carla says:

    Would love to win a copy of this book! I’m always scouring the thrift stores for treasures to make into my own treasures. Thanks for a chance to win! πŸ™‚

  9. Jennifer says:

    That elephant’s trunk is so awesomely cute!

  10. katevet says:

    This one is super cute!

  11. Joanne says:

    Great project

  12. Deb says:

    Great frugal idea! I’d love to win that book!

  13. Ashley L. says:

    Super cute! Will have to keep on file for when my brother and sis-in-law have a niece or nephew for me, since they both love elephants!

  14. Linda says:

    Who would have thunk it! What a wonderful imagination! I love it!

  15. Dana R says:

    This elephant is adorable! I have a box of sweaters that I have grown out of over the years and this will be a perfect way to put them to use! Thanks!

  16. Caroline says:

    thanks for the free pattern! adorable πŸ™‚

  17. Bethany S says:

    HOW CUTE!!! Planning on a neutral nursery for Baby #3…this little elephant pillow would be a great project to design the entire room around!

  18. Jocelyn says:

    I love to thrift shop, and I’m always looking for things to re-purpose. This looks like a great idea! Thanks!

  19. Gail C says:

    How cute. Very much interested in upcycling and this is a great project.


  20. Wendy D. P. says:

    This is so cute! I love that it reuses an old sweater as well!

  21. Susan C. says:

    How adorable! Thank you for the free pattern!

  22. jenn says:

    love him!

  23. susie says:

    i love thrifting! can’t wait to get my hands on this book. my pillow entry is all about thrifting!

  24. kim says:

    I can recycle from my own closet. A whole herd of elephants!

  25. turtledove says:

    I love refashions…so creative!

  26. Marcia W. says:

    This is very very cute.

  27. Susan says:


  28. Nichole says:

    What an awesomely cute way to recycle ! Can’t wait to see what else is in the book.

  29. Allison B says:

    LOVE this! My girls are so into elephants and have two sweaters just waiting to be recycled into something great – now I know what to do with them! Thanks!

  30. MrsH says:

    Love it! Beats the pillowpets πŸ™‚

  31. Mhairi says:

    Love this pillow. I have the perfect jumper too. I thought this was a knitted pillow and was trying to think who would make it for me but this is so much better. Thanks

  32. Diane says:

    Ooh, got to make that elephant, he’s great!
    It’d be lovely to win the book too…

  33. Jennie says:

    Awww.. cutest elephant ever.

  34. Chancy says:

    This pillow is adorable and I have just the old striped sweater waiting for it!

  35. i Γ’β„’Β₯ elephants! thanks for a wonderful tutorial!

  36. Sherri S. says:

    Love this! I have the perfect striped sweater that I’ve been meaning to felt for, oh, I don’t know, 3 years (ahem!). Thanks!

  37. That is such a fun pillow, love all the ideas that you are showing.


  38. Debbie says:

    great idea for kid’s gifts. thanks for the inspiration!

  39. Stephanie S says:

    Cute! The trunk and ears make it perfect for toting around πŸ™‚

  40. L says:

    Those color cards drive me nuts! They’re out of stock everywhere I try to buy one, but there are 5 here, taunting me!

  41. Kati M says:

    This is so cute!!! Wonder if I have a pink sweater to use..that would be cute.

  42. sharonj says:

    What a great way to reuse old sweaters and the elephant pillow is super cute!

  43. Carol A. says:

    How adorable! I have 5 grandchildren who would all love me to make these.

  44. Fay says:

    I think that this is such a fantastic idea. I’ve always loved thrifting, but I generally have no idea what to do with things when they don’t turn out the way that I expect. This is a fantastic idea!

  45. Margaret says:

    Very cute! Love the idea of re purposing old garments or anything made out of fabric.

  46. Blossom says:

    Cute! I love those colors, and such a clever idea!

  47. Sara says:

    So cute!!

  48. Damaris says:

    Seems like a real fun book!

  49. Lisa Garrett says:

    Cute Pillow! This book is on my wishlist.

  50. Colette says:

    super cute!

  51. Lynda says:

    This is adorable!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  52. Beth says:

    That is such a fun pillow so bright.

  53. Papgena says:

    I really want to play with it! It’s very cool!!!
    And I’m really curious about this book!

  54. Kay says:

    Thanks for the pdf. This is very cute!

  55. Rosa in the Antipodes says:

    Sooo cute!

  56. linda says:

    Love turning something old into something cool and new – wow!

  57. Helena P says:

    This is so adorable, how very clever.

  58. Anita says:

    Fab! I’m always looking for new ways to re-cycle and re-use.

  59. priti says:

    aw………….i am going to make this for my son if I win it!
    thank you for the opportunity!

  60. Gloria says:

    Very cool! I would love to win a copy of your book. I love my thrift store.

  61. Amy says:

    I love the striped sweater- what a great way to use up old clothes! Great inspiration- Thank you!

  62. Jessica C says:

    Great use of an old sweater!

  63. Mary says:

    Great set of giveaways! I’m enjoying all the pillow tutorials and looking forward to seeing the finalists.

  64. Nikki says:

    I continued to be amazed at the clever people in this world!

  65. AnnetteB says:

    What a great project! I have a very pregnant friend, recycling minded, that would love this. I promptly downloaded it and am anxious to find the right 2nd hand find to make it! Thank you very much for posting this. I need to head off to find the book now, too!

  66. Gina F says:

    Maybe this is the project! I’ve been keeping a really great since 7th grade, but never quite have the heart to actually take scissors to it….

  67. Mellisa says:

    Thank you so much for the PDF, it looks adorable! I’d love a chance to win the book πŸ™‚

  68. Nicole says:

    I know 2 nephews and a niece that will love this. Thank you!

  69. Ashlee says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! so fun:)

  70. thrift store eepurposing is my favorite!!

  71. Jackie says:

    Super cute!

  72. Robyn says:

    that is amazing, thanks so much for sharing!

  73. Heidi Anderson says:

    I love finding new ideas to “re-craft” things! Thanks.

  74. karin says:

    love it-thanks for the pdf!

  75. Jess says:

    Oh wow, I love that! I’m a big fan of the thrift store makeover projects because I just don’t have the finances to buy a lot of new fabric at the fabric store!

  76. Claire says:

    Another great excuse for me to go second-hand shopping!

  77. angelina says:

    genuis. i love it.

  78. Kris says:

    My mom repurposes all the time – will pass this pattern along.

  79. lillianb says:

    as if i need any more excuse to go thrifting…

  80. Christine says:

    Very cute! I think my nephew might like one.

  81. Thanks for the pdf and the opportunity to win!

  82. Paula says:

    This pillow is really cute, love it!

  83. Nana (Patty Cowherd) says:

    This is SO cute! I can’t wait to try it.

  84. amanda says:

    that is too cute! i love everything about it, especially that is is recycled πŸ™‚

  85. Ann says:

    What a great project. My grandson will be getting one of these as soon as I find the right sweater for it!

  86. monica says:

    Okay, this is going in my To-Do craft folder ASAP. What a great idea!

  87. What a great book; I have seen some of the photos from the book and they don’t look like resewn at all!

  88. Erin says:

    Loooove this! I wonder how experienced at sewing you have to be to make it?

  89. Sarah says:


  90. Valerie says:

    My daughter would love this. I like to reuse clothes rather than give them away!

  91. Kari says:

    Love this…my daughter collects elephants and what a fun project to add to her collection.

  92. Karen says:

    Whar a creative way to reuse a sweater.

  93. Sarah Beth says:

    So cute – I’ve got to get to a thrift store soon to get a “stash” of things to repurpose.

  94. amber says:

    I’d love to win this book…or really any of this weeks prizes!
    Thanks, amber πŸ™‚

  95. Bailey says:

    So cute! Now, if only winter was over, I could cut up one of my sweaters and make it!

  96. Andi says:

    Turning thrifted threads into something new – one of my favourite things! πŸ™‚

  97. Crystal says:

    I LOVE the things you can do with a sweater, Jenny!! The ears and the trunk are just adorable on this little guy. I’m looking forward to seeing your book. Thanks for sharing!

  98. Emily says:

    Super Cute pillow!!!

  99. Hiedy says:

    What a great way to refashion knits! My nieces will love this little guy.

  100. Jodie says:

    This is one of the absolute cutest things I have seen. It is good for boy or girl. Thank you for pattern!

  101. Holly U says:

    So cute! My son would love that!

  102. Bekah says:

    so fun!!

  103. AMy gabriel says:

    Simply adorable!!! Thanks for the pattern!

  104. Marla says:

    Too cute! Great bright colors! Makes me want to jump up and head out to the thrift store! :o)

  105. nik says:

    I had a similar elephant pillow as a kid only mine was plain grey, not such crazy cool colors…this one is so much nicer!

  106. Kathleen P says:

    This book looks great!

  107. Tracey V says:

    What a great idea, my granddaughter would love this she is elephant crazy so might have to have a go :o)

  108. Christine M says:

    That elephant cushion is just so cute. Any child would love it!

  109. Jenny says:

    I love thrifting, and I’d love this book!

  110. CJ says:

    Great example of what I said in your intro post. I only see an old striped sweater. I would never have seen an elephant hiding in there! So cute.

  111. Melissa B. says:

    That elephant is darling!!!

  112. Palila says:

    That elephant is adorable. Feeling inspired to make a stuffed toy today after seeing it!

  113. JJ says:

    Gorgeous. I love to repurpose – so much so that I have storage allocated for items I want to recycle – mostly items with a memory attached but some specifically bought from thrift stores because they had that “I can do something with that” look about them. I’m about to go rummaging to find something to make this elephant out of it – perfect for my sons jungle themed room :o)

  114. Cynthia says:

    How fun!! My son would love that pillow. Thanks for the tutorial!

  115. love, love, love this pillow… thanks for the free PDF!

  116. amber says:

    I plan on making this as a gift for a baby shower I have coming up. I was stumped on what to make and now I am excited to get started. Thanks for sharing your idea and the free PDF.

  117. That is sew cute!

  118. Krystina says:

    How cute! And what a great idea for a book!

  119. stacey says:

    so cute! my kids would sure love this!

  120. RoLo says:

    Sew cute–I have kids and nieces/nephews that will love this. The book looks great for my teenage daughters who what new and different, while I want cheap!

  121. Muireann says:

    That’s so cute! I wonder if my husband would miss a jumper or two …

  122. jess says:

    i LOVE to upcycle, so i would love a copy of this book!!

  123. Sarah M says:

    Oh, wow. I have tons of things waiting for repurposing. I love this idea!

  124. what a lovely pillow elefant! i am sorrie that my kids are already to old for this, but i really like it!

  125. Jacque says:

    This is so cute! I just remembered an old sweater that will work perfectly for this. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  126. Ramona says:

    Just love this elephant and I have the perfect sweater for it. I can’t wait to make it.

  127. craftytammie says:

    adorable! thanks for sharing the pattern!

  128. Ramona says:

    Just love the elephant. I have the perfect sweater for one. Can’t wait to make him.

  129. Jennifer says:

    That is so cute! Great use of old sweaters.

  130. Naomi says:

    OMG love this! Definitely going to have to check the book out.

  131. SewLindaAnn says:

    Fun pillow!

  132. Sherry J says:

    i love this pillow. i need, I want, i must have this book. thanks for the pattern.

  133. Erin d. says:

    Super cute!

  134. Mandy K Court says:

    I SEW want to make one of these!

  135. rebekah says:

    brilliant design and love the use of stripes.

  136. Lorrie Orr says:

    Such an adorable elephant. Thanks for the pattern! I love re-purposing things.

  137. Tiffany says:

    What a cute project.

  138. kathyh says:

    Cute pillow.

  139. Amanda says:

    I love these thrifty ideas. I love to save money any way I can : )

  140. Morgan says:

    Cute! I have been buying up sweaters but haven’t actually done anything with them yet. Doh. This could be my chance!

  141. Jennifer N says:

    My kids think this is so cute. We’ll have to start checking out thrift stores to find the right kind of sweater. Thanks for sharing.

  142. Laura says:

    so cute, I love it!

  143. Rebecca says:

    What a great way to save a favorite or special handmade sweater!

  144. Carolyn says:

    Fabulous cushion!! I’ve got my fingers crossed for this book πŸ™‚

  145. erica says:

    Too Cute, “Elephants are the new owl”. Definate pattern keeper!
    Many thanks

  146. Cassandra says:

    Super cute idea!

  147. Cat says:

    That book seems really neat . . . again more people that are way more creative than me!

  148. Jennifer says:

    Love this, as a graduate of University of Alabama (mascot: Big Al the elephant) this is perfection for gifts. Thanks!

  149. lisa says:

    i so would love to win this book. what great wonderful ideas!!!! especially, when we/i repurpose!

  150. ste says:

    This looks fun! Always curious about things I can do.

  151. M.F.Peterson says:

    This book is such a great idea (and I love the pillow PDF), but I won’t need thrift store finds – I still have all my sweaters from high school and college to disassemble first!

  152. Cool idea — I want to know where she is getting these awesome stripey sweaters though!!! πŸ™‚

  153. ~Carla~ says:

    Absolutely adorable!!!

  154. Karen S says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  155. Edie says:

    Very clever!

  156. Roberta says:

    Gettin’ so that I hate to take anything to the thrift store because I want to find ways to recycle them…lol Thanks for a great giveaway.

  157. Heather says:

    I love this–I’m definitely going to have to make some for the kids in my family!

  158. Shirley says:

    WAY too cute. Love the fact that he was an earlier mistake turned elephant. I love elephants. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a God Filled Day

  159. Wren says:

    Oh my goodness!! That is just adorable!! I envy people with thrift stores. There are a lot of things missing in our little town–movies, swimming pool, anything related to entertainment, and….thrift stores. Thirty five (35) miles to the nearest one, and I’ve long ago depleted my own closet. πŸ˜‰

    I can see this being someone’s favorite snuggy!!

  160. Emily says:

    I love this!! I think I need this book too. πŸ™‚

  161. kelli says:

    I love this pillow! I want to get my craft on and make this pillow. It makes you smile just looking at it.
    Downloaded the pdf and now I’m looking for a sweater with bright colors. Thanks Jenny

  162. Cammie says:

    That is so fun! Thanks for the download.

  163. Alana says:

    Very creative! There’s nothing more satisfying than taking an object and creating something totally new.

  164. Rebmara says:

    What a great playfull pillow for kids!

  165. Kimberlee says:

    Awesome! I love up-cycling!

  166. Rebecca says:

    What an adorable pillow! Love it!

  167. Rebecca says:

    What an adorable pillow!! Love it πŸ™‚

  168. Rebecca says:

    My daughter would love this pillow! Thanks for sharing!

  169. Vanessa says:

    How funny! My nephew would love this one!

  170. Lisa Wiehle says:

    Looks like a great book!

  171. MK says:

    Love the ideas in this book! How creative! Would love to win and make some of these creations!

  172. Kvossler says:

    That pillow is uber-cute and I would love to win the book!

  173. Erin says:

    Oh my! I LOVE it!!! And a fabulous book idea too…

  174. Kristi says:

    Nice pillow! I love upcycling. Sounds like a cool book!

  175. Faye says:

    that is so adorable. i want to make this for my niece and my aunt! hahaha she loves elephants. sign me up for the book giveaway please!! ive never won anything so i dont know how this stuff works. thanks for sharing!

  176. Kirsten says:


  177. Tara says:

    Repurposing as its best! I love this… and my daughter will flip out when I make her one! Thanks!

  178. Jenny says:

    i love thrifty crafts and reduce reuse recycle!!

  179. Carin says:

    Always looking for fun projects to reuse nice clothes that don’t fit anymore. My daughter will love to make this!

  180. I love this project!!! Thank you for the PDF tutorial. πŸ™‚

  181. Nicole in VT says:

    This is so adorable!! Thanks for the pdf!

  182. marilyn podoll says:

    sooo cute.

  183. Cat says:

    it’s so funny ! my boys love this one !

  184. Gina S. says:

    Wow, great idea!

  185. Christine says:

    I never would have thought to make an elephant from an old sweater! How cute. The book looks really fun.

  186. mrsshood says:

    Cute! Cute! Idea- just think in my ignorant young years I gave all those weird sweaters away. Wish I could get them back now! Thanks

  187. Melody says:

    Such amazing inspration!

  188. Sourkraut says:

    What a great project! I love the idea behind the book.

  189. Kristin says:

    So sad, I just gave an older sweater to the thrift store. It would have been perfect for this darling pillow; and my grandson would have LOVED it!

  190. JaiCi says:


  191. My daughter loves elephants. After I downloaded the PDF I realized you made this out of a sweater, what a great idea. Fabulous recycle project. Thank you!

  192. Dawn S. says:

    So cute! I have a stripy sweater that’s been waiting to be given a new life!

  193. Gill says:

    What a great cushion!

  194. sook hyun says:


  195. Anya says:


  196. Brenda says:

    So cute. I downloaded for the future. Thanks for the tutorial.

  197. Tong says:

    such a fun pillow!

  198. Lesley says:

    I just love this elephant! Now I just need to find a suitable sweater.

  199. Jen says:

    What a cute re-purposed pillow! Love it!

  200. nicke cutler says:

    such a fun pillow and a great way to upcycle!

  201. So cute! I love thrifting and am always looking for new project ideas.

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