February 14 ~ Pillow of the Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gathered Heart Pillow by Vanessa, V and Co.

Vanessa writes, “This pillow is super fast and easy to make, perfect for a little girl’s room, or for the holiday season. Wherever you place it, it will bring a little bit of color and texture and will be wonderful to look at.” Vanessa has a tutorial for this pillow on her blog. She also writes that you can find more patterns in her shop.

Enter our Pillow Contest! Create a pillow this month and enter to win some fabulous prizes.

You can also comment on any post this week for your chance to win one of these great prizes below, courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics:

1 fat quarter pack of Betty Dear, 5 Kona Cotton color cards, 1 fat quarter pack of Night & Day in the Summer Colorstory, 10 sets of 5 Kona charm packs

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64 Responses to February 14 ~ Pillow of the Day

  1. Karyn says:

    Shortly after I saw this post, I saw a tutorial for creating an inset heart with finished edge at pickupsomecreativity.blogspot.com. Like Chris, I am inspired by Vanessa’s pillow, and I can’t wait to combine these two techniques.

  2. Beth T says:

    So sweet. Who wouldn’t love this?

  3. Jessica says:

    So sweet!

  4. Susan says:

    Very sweet!

  5. Kelly P says:

    So beautiful! Now if I only had a little girl to make this for. . .

  6. Love the texture in this design, great idea.!

  7. Mary says:

    White is the perfect color… it makes everything around it look twice as appealing. This pillow is the perfect example!

  8. mims says:

    cute pillow. and i love the snowdrift ruffle pillow tutorial on her blog too!

  9. Simply beautiful!

  10. Marcia W. says:

    I like V&Co’s blog and this pillow is just the cutest

  11. Joy says:

    Very sweet…thanks for the tutorial!

  12. Emily says:

    Super cute.

  13. Jacque says:

    What a cute pillow to make for a special valentine!! I’m headed to her blog now!

  14. Alisa says:

    That is a super sweet pillow.

  15. Heidi Anderson says:


  16. Suzy says:

    Cute idea for valentines!

  17. Kelly Sas says:

    What a wonderful pillow for Valentines Day, but yet perfect for ANY day!

  18. sara says:

    love this pillow – so sweet!

  19. kathyh says:

    Very sweet.

  20. Melissa says:


  21. Cat says:

    super cute

  22. really nice – there is something about red that just makes my heart sing!

  23. Valerie H says:

    I love the fabric for the heart! Stunning.

  24. Stephanie S says:


  25. Sara says:

    I love this pillow!

  26. Kathleen P says:


  27. Tiffany says:

    I love the white and red. The white would never stay clean in my house though.

  28. Bethany says:

    so pretty and elegant!

  29. Joanne says:

    Very cute pillows!

  30. Genevieve says:

    This is such a beautiful pillow!!!


  31. Crystal says:

    The samples just keep getting better and better! These are adorable!

  32. jm says:

    Love the heart pillow!

  33. Meg says:

    Very sweet!

  34. Anya says:

    Cute! Thanks!

  35. Cynthia says:

    I love it! So pretty.

  36. Rebecca says:

    So sweet!

  37. CJ says:

    Love the gathers to give it some texture.

  38. Dawn S. says:

    I love these pillows! I made a bunch of them and they’re cuddling on my couch right now! 🙂

  39. JennE says:

    These are beautiful. I am making the ruffle one for my daughters new room. Thanks!

  40. Chris says:

    Love this design. I already made one, and it’s happily on my couch.

  41. Jacqueline says:

    Couldn’t be any more perfect for today.

  42. Robyn says:

    so cute!

  43. Krystina says:

    Aw, it has been said today, but perfect post for today!

  44. Cat says:

    I think I’m in love… Thanks !

  45. Rebecca says:

    Love the ruffled pillow!

  46. SewLindaAnn says:

    Love the gathered heart!

  47. Susan C. says:

    How perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  48. Maya says:

    The gathered heart pillow is very cute. I like the reverse applique technique.

  49. Sarah says:

    That is beautiful and actually much simpler than I thought it would be!

  50. Tong says:

    very cute!

  51. Blossom says:

    Very cute pillow!

  52. kelli says:

    I bookmarked this right away when I saw it on Vanessa’s page. It’s so cute and simple. What could be better!

  53. Sara says:

    Gorgeous and girly!

  54. Suzie says:

    Aw, perfect for Valentines Day!

  55. Tara says:

    This is just precious!

  56. Lori says:

    So sweet!

  57. Becky T says:

    so pretty

  58. Andi says:

    Cute! I like the ruffled one behind it, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  59. linda says:

    Very cute pillow…I’m wondering which ones of this whole series I will be making…so many fabulous options!

  60. Catherine says:

    Pretty pillow & I like the photo styling, too! 🙂

  61. Vanessa says:

    I love this one. I was planning to do it for today actually.

  62. Cass says:

    Cute pillow. I love the heart! 🙂

  63. Sarah McGrath says:

    Very appropriate!

  64. Desirée says:

    oh how sweet is this, i am going to check her blog!

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