February 15 ~ Pillow of the Day

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Machine Appliqué Rooster Pillow by Angela, The Artist’s House

Angela brought you the fun Turned-Edge Appliqué Pinwheel Pillow tutorial last week. We love her great machine appliqué pillows, including this rooster.

Enter our Pillow Contest! Create a pillow this month and enter to win some fabulous prizes.

You can also comment on any post this week for your chance to win one of these great prizes below, courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics:

1 fat quarter pack of Betty Dear, 5 Kona Cotton color cards, 1 fat quarter pack of Night & Day in the Summer Colorstory, 10 sets of 5 Kona charm packs

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75 Responses to February 15 ~ Pillow of the Day

  1. Rosa in the Antipodes says:

    Seriously cute!

  2. Jen says:

    This is my favorite pillow so far. I love it– it’s inspiring me to branch out a bit with my sewing!

  3. Beth T says:

    Cute applique, and the chicken fabric really makes it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Loves it. Chickens are my favorite and pillows are my second favorite!

  5. Hi, this is Angela. I wanted to say that the fabric I used is from the “Alexander Henry Farmdale” line. I absolutely love it too –what a great designer! Also, the pillow is still available for sale in my shop.

    Happy making 😉

  6. Suzy says:

    Love the fabric choices!

  7. Christine says:

    I love chicken fabric. I want this pillow. I should be out looking for this fabric right now.

  8. Lynda says:

    This is a great one to have in the kitchen, it would match perfectly!

  9. Debbie says:

    cute pillow!

  10. sharonj says:

    Great fabrics and so fun to do!

  11. Kathleen P says:

    My 2 year old says “chicken pillow!”

  12. monica says:

    So fun and whimsical!

  13. WandaFish says:

    What fun – this is too cute!

  14. Sarah McGrath says:

    Very nice!

  15. Cat says:

    ah! I love that chicken

  16. Sonya M says:

    I think of my mom when I see this rooster fabric – she has roosters and chickens all through her house – which happens to be on a chicken farm!

  17. Marcia W. says:

    This is one cool pillow – my mother loves that rooster

  18. Heidi Anderson says:

    These are so fun! I love the elephant pillow!

  19. Tori Stuckey says:

    This is awesome. I love pillows and anything chicken. Y’all run such an awesome website here. Thanks for the great work!

  20. kathyh says:

    Great idea.

  21. Neza says:

    Roosters and polka dots – love!

  22. Margaret says:

    How cute is that? Great use of that fabric.

  23. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! I love how the appliqued chicken works perfectly with the fabric!

  24. Kelly P says:

    This pillow totally makes me smile!

  25. Tara says:

    Uhhhhhhhhhh I WANT that fabric!

  26. Joanne says:

    Love those polka dots!

  27. Sara says:

    Love your applique, Angela. Thanks again for the great tutorial last week!

  28. Stephanie S says:

    Love the rooster and chickens – so playful!

  29. Krystina says:

    oh my gosh this is so cute!

  30. That’s really cute – love his button eye!

  31. Anita says:

    What a cute pillow!

  32. Cat says:

    I love the fabrics you use !

  33. Tonya says:

    Love it! It would look great on a window seat in the kitchen.

  34. I really like this one and with the rooster fabric, really fun piece to make up quick.


  35. Coleen Hauth says:

    I am totally diggin’ the rooster pillow!

  36. Rebecca says:

    Oh, I want to try applique next!

  37. Jacqueline says:

    Perfect for a country kitchen bench.

  38. Jessica says:


  39. I love it! I’m all about roosters – There everywhere in my house.

  40. Dawn S. says:

    Hee hee, the roosters are so fun!

  41. Joy says:

    Angela makes some very cute pillows!

  42. Melissa says:

    Love the rooster!

  43. Deb says:

    Wouldn’t that pillow be a great welcome sitting in a rocking chair on a farmhouse porch? I love it.

  44. Rebecca says:

    So much fun!

  45. Tong says:

    so awesome!

  46. Robyn says:

    love this one!

  47. Shelley says:

    Love it!!

  48. Maya says:

    Very cute!

  49. jm says:

    Love that chicken fabric!

  50. susan h says:

    i lovee this one!

  51. Greeblygreebly says:

    Isn’t that cute! What a great idea to take the rooster from the print and make an appliqué to match it!

  52. tracy_a says:

    How fun! I love that farmdale fabric – what a great pillow!

  53. Jacque says:

    Loving that rooster! Great fabrics….I’ll have to try this one.

  54. Susan C. says:

    I love this fabric line – what a great use of applique!

  55. Colette says:

    Eeek! This is totally adorable!

  56. Anya says:

    Great pillow!

  57. Mary says:

    The rooster fabric is amazing! And I love applique, so this is just adorable to me. =)

  58. Wendy D. P. says:

    Roosters – so fun!

  59. bess says:

    this pillow is so great – LOVE the rooster!

  60. Kate F. says:

    Anyone know what the rooster fabric is?

  61. patricia says:

    How happy this pillow is. I would love to have one like this in the kitchen somewhere to perk me up in the mornings.

  62. Jenny says:

    i love seeing Farmdale in action!

  63. Lori says:

    I love that rooster fabric! Great pillow!

  64. Becky T says:

    so super cute

  65. Andi says:

    Another fun pillow! I love the polka dot on the bottom of this one.

  66. Cass says:

    Love that rooster!

  67. Rebmara says:

    lovely done!

  68. Paula says:

    Love this pillow, it’s so cute!

  69. Suzie says:

    So cute – I love it!

  70. Valerie H says:

    Wow, that’s some delicate applique!

  71. linda says:

    Hilarious design…very neat!

  72. Crystal says:

    That rooster is just delightful, crowing at his friends running the other way!

  73. Vanessa says:

    I love it!

  74. CJ says:

    I love the grey/white dot with the farm print. Cute applique.

  75. Desirée says:

    lovely! I like it for a children’s room!

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