February 2 ~ Pillow of the Day

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Squares Slate Throw Pillow from PAWLING | print studio

PAWLING | print studio is a collaboration between sisters Janet and Trisha Snyder. This 18″ x 18″ pillow has an envelope closure, and features a screenprinted geometric illustration. You can purchase this pillow cover from PAWLING | print studio, and take a peek at their other items for sale (art prints, tea towels, cards, totes and more!).

Enter our Pillow Contest! Create a pillow this month and enter to win some fabulous prizes.

You can also comment on any post this week for your chance to win one of these great prizes below, courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics:

1 fat quarter pack of Betty Dear, 5 Kona Cotton color cards, 1 fat quarter pack of Night & Day in the Summer Colorstory, 10 sets of 5 Kona charm packs

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85 Responses to February 2 ~ Pillow of the Day

  1. Erin d. says:

    Im really going to enjoy this pillow contest..great stuff!

  2. Tez says:

    the pillow is awesome, the table it’s on….amazing!

  3. Jill B says:

    Stunning! I love the screenprint.

  4. Marissa says:

    So cute! I love geometrics!

  5. Joy says:

    I like how the geometric design echoes the shape of the pillow. Really beautiful!

  6. Sheetal says:

    I’ve eyed this pillow from Pawling for ages now! absolutely love it!

  7. Jan Thompson says:

    I love the geometric grey one….so elegant.

  8. Collette says:

    Simple and lovely.

  9. Jessica says:

    Love the clean, modern look!

  10. Lindsay L says:

    It’s great to have some simple looking pillows sometimes in amongst all the crazy colors… at least all my colors!

  11. Tiffany says:


  12. Shannon O. says:

    This is such a cool, modern look.

  13. Nancy says:

    This one looks deceptively simple.

  14. Basteta says:

    The subtle graphic and color makes this very sophisticated piece of art and not just a pillow. Brava Ladies!

  15. Jen says:

    I like the simple elegance of this one.

  16. Bethany says:

    What a great pillow! Simple neutral color with a great geometric print!

  17. Kerri Kowal says:

    Really gorgeous… love the color!

  18. inspiration indeed!

  19. Denean says:

    Beautiful pillow! Love the gray.

  20. Aniza says:

    simple yet elegant!

  21. alisha says:

    Love the simplicity of the design.

  22. Ginger says:

    what a lovely pillow

  23. Jacque says:

    I really like that pillow…it’s got me thinking about how to embroider a pattern like that! Beautiful!

  24. Amy G. says:


  25. Wehaf says:

    I love it! Like a fractal, almost.

  26. Stephanie S says:

    I love this pillow! It’s so understated and beautiful.

  27. j-j says:

    Wow, so simple and elegant.

  28. Claire says:

    Very understated and elegant. Well done!

  29. Chrissy B says:


  30. Karo says:

    this would go perfectly with the embroidered wool ikea pillows on our couch.

  31. Amy says:

    I love how pillows are yet another surface or rather “canvas” for textile art. Keep the pillows coming!

  32. Sandra says:

    Lovely design on that pillow. I am also a knitter and I am looking at the lines on the squares wondering how I could knit the same look.

  33. monica says:

    I just love all the inspiration right now and can’t wait to see the whole month’s worth of creations!

  34. payal says:

    such a beautiful pillow! i wonder if they can achieve that same effect with embroidery.

  35. Kristie says:

    Great idea. I could actually try that. kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  36. Jessica says:

    Love the design. It’s understated in the grey, but has a great impact!

  37. Really cool pillow – give me an idea for quilting a small quilt i made!

  38. Rebecca says:

    Love how simple it is!

  39. Kate says:

    I love how classy this pillow is!

  40. Lisa Parnell says:

    Fabulous pillow! So simple and so striking

  41. Very modern…love the look…may have to do something like this with hand embroidery 🙂

  42. Michele says:

    Simple & lovely.

  43. Maya says:

    I love this pillow. It is so modern feeling.

  44. Sarah says:

    very cute pillow! I need to learn how to do the “envelope” closure.

  45. Cassandra says:

    I love that pillow!

  46. Barb says:

    Gorgeous! I love all those squares.

  47. Kari says:

    Wonderful Etsy shop!

  48. Jacqueline says:

    I like how simple yet modern that pillow is.

  49. Dawn S. says:

    I love the gray and simple, geometric pattern. Gray’s always been my favorite color; or shade, I suppose, since I don’t think it’s technically a color. 🙂

  50. Shelley says:

    That pillow is gorgeous! I love the print.

  51. Amy S says:

    That is an awesome looking pillow! LOVE the color!

  52. Krystina says:

    This is a very modern and cool pillow!

  53. Laura Reich says:

    It’s so simple and beautiful. I love it.

  54. jm says:

    That is awesome!

  55. Ann says:

    I really like this print…love it!

  56. Jen says:

    Love that design!

  57. Papgena says:

    I really like the squares’ effect!

  58. Papgena says:

    I rally like the squares’ effect!

  59. Sharon T. says:

    Great pillow! All sorts of ideas just jumped into my head. 🙂

  60. Debbie says:

    Great pillow design!

  61. Ellen Ban says:

    Gorgeous pillow!

  62. Tong says:

    lovely, it’s so modern!

  63. Debbie says:

    I really like the simplicity of this pillow design.

  64. Laura says:

    don’t know that it would fit in my house exactly but it’s awfully cute.

  65. MamaBee says:

    Ooh, I love that pillow!

  66. Susan C. says:

    Gorgeous! So simple, but lovely.

  67. Linda says:

    Just beautiful!

  68. Jenny says:

    very pretty pillow. im so into gray right now

  69. Simply beautiful!

  70. Jessica says:

    Such a modern looking pillow! Love it!!

  71. Lori says:

    Love the simple, graphic design. I’ve always wanted to learn to screen print.

  72. Tanya says:

    Ooh, so chic!

  73. Louise says:

    Love the geometric patterns

  74. Wendy D. P. says:

    I love how natural/organic this pillow looks!

  75. Andi says:

    Simple and pretty – love the printed design.

  76. Simple & Bold!

  77. Kate F. says:

    I really love gray right now. This pillow is lovely.

  78. Crystal says:

    I like the tone on tone effect – perfect for my son’s apartment. Thanks for continuing to inspire!

  79. Ethne says:

    Oh I love this pillow/cushion, it just reinforces the phrase that is constantly running through my mind when crafting at present – ‘simple is best’

  80. Sarah McGrath says:

    Gorgeous pillow!

  81. Rebmara says:

    I like this pillow, it would also be nice to embroider this design instead of having it printed.

  82. Rebecca says:

    Love the geometric detail.

  83. Vanessa says:

    This pillow and the table underneath would look great at my home!

  84. So geometric! I love it!

  85. linda says:

    whoa, the design is almost like those optical illusions!

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