Book Review: Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

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Little Things to SewI was very excited when Liesl Gibson invited us to be part of the informal blog tour for her book, Little Things to Sew. I love the Oliver + S patterns and had seen previews of the projects, so I was eager to get a look at the book and try it out.

There are 20 projects in the book with full-size pattern pieces for each.Β  Each project has several full-color photos as well as illustrations for the procedures.

Oliver + S Puppet Theatre

Not surprisingly, the book is wonderful. The projects, like this Puppet Theater, are creative and fun.

There are lots of practical items you can make for your own children, such as a Reversible Bucket Hat, Bento Box Carrier, Art Smock and Messy Kid Bib.

Oliver + S Cloth Balls

There are also charming little projects that would make wonderful gifts like the Juggling Balls with Bag, Bear Puppet Bath Mitt and Cozy Winter Hat. (Perfect for all those birthday parties your kids get invited to!)

I wouldn’t want to “review” the book without actually giving the instructions a spin, so I decided the make the Messenger Bag for my 8-year-old daughter.Β  (I used Alexander Henry Barclay, Kaufman Organic Twill between the layers, June Dot Pink inside, and Kona Coffee for the straps.)

Messenger Bag Inside

As with the Oliver + S patterns, the instructions and illustrations were very clear. I also learned some new tricks (straps with adjustors and a pocket with an inverted pleat), which makes sewing fun!

The pattern pieces are printed on both sides of large sheets of paper so you have to transfer the shapes in some way to another paper or directly to the fabric. I used tracing paper, but next time would probably follow this method.

Overall, I think it is an excellent book and well worth the price for the 20 great Oliver + S patterns you get.

The publisher, STC, is giving away one copy of Little Things to Sew to one of our readers. (Be sure to check out the STC blog for lots of great info about all their books!) For your chance to win, tell us about one of the best little things you’ve sewn.

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657 Responses to Book Review: Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

  1. Maryanne says:

    I’m a total novice sewer, So would love a book like this to help me on my way.

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    I love that cute little bag. I’ve wanted to make a bag for a while now!

  3. Liane says:

    I’m working on some ties for my boys right now (pattern from purl bee). Love Oliver+S patterns!

  4. Shawna says:

    My favorite little thing to sew is a baby kimono. They always turn out so sweet!

    The penguin backpack on the front cover would go over quite well here!

  5. Lesley says:

    I’m such a scaredy-sew, but I recently made the decision to get on and simply ‘have a go’. I’ve made pin cushions, fabric hearts filled with lavender and a scrappy mouse. I’ve also stitched floral cotton borders on two of my hand towels and I’m extremely chuffed. The book looks awesome : )

  6. Tamara M says:

    I love Oliver + S patterns. Very easy to read and follow. I made the sand box pants and love them. I’m getting ready to make my daughter a dress and can’t wait to get started. I know the book is going to be amazing!!

  7. Teresa Capelli says:

    I am a huge fan of Liesl Gibson…thank you for the offer!!!

  8. Danielle says:

    I’m actually in the process of learning how to sew for my 1y/o daughter (I’ve previously just knit her sweaters). I’m going through some tutorials on simple tops & sun dresses, so this book with actual patterns & clear instructions would be perfect!! My fingers are crossed!

  9. Jennie says:

    The best little thing I have made are little hats and cardis for my neww daughter farcy.

  10. AnEmily says:

    The best little thing I’ve made is a tiny cape for my son’s first grade class hamster. It even had his initials on it! (FW for Fuzzy Wuzzy)

  11. lizzie says:

    I have made the pjs from O & S – beautiful. I have also sewn a little elephant.
    I would love to win this gorgeous book and the first thing that I would make would be the sun hats.

  12. margie says:

    This book looks great. One tiny thing I sewed is a little envelope where I put little notes. I tuck into my daughter’s lunch bag as a little ‘surprise’.

  13. Katie says:

    I would love this pattern book! I have been addicted to sewing lately. This weekend I sewed a couple t-shirt hats, one for me and one for my daughter. They are so comfy I love them.

  14. Val says:

    I like to make bubble jumpers for my wee toddler. She’s not as small as she was last summer, obviously, but now that the weather is warm again I’m looking forward to seeing her little booty in those poofy jumpers. Too bad she’s lost most of her thigh chub.

  15. nora says:

    The best thing I’ve made is a little blanket for a teeny friend.

  16. avital says:

    I sewed a little wool felt coffee cup cozy a few months ago, and it gives me great pleasure to use it every time I get a coffee to go.

  17. Kirsten says:

    Oh NO WAY – the book comes with paperdolls! And how absolutely divine is that little red cape on the cover?! Typically gorgeous of Oliver and S patterns – I’m sure the book will be scrumptious.

    My favourite ever little things I’ve sewn was a whole bunch of newborn sized cloth nappies for my youngest son. They were SO soft with minky outers and bamboo inners. It satisfied my nesting instincts along with my practical nature.

  18. Alyssa Sorenson says:

    I love sewing most anything but my best thing (so far) might have to be a dress for myself from a vintage pattern. My next project is a dress for my daughter (vintage pattern) that I am hoping will be awesome, I’ve learned a few more techniques. Crossing my fingers.

  19. Kimberly says:

    Cute book. I just made a top for my daughter out of a remnant of gorgeous floral lawn. Love finding deals like that.

  20. Janice says:

    The latest tiny thing I’ve made is a tea wallet.

  21. Soko says:

    My favorite little things to make involve felt. I LOVE making felt food for my little girls to play with. Sew much fun! πŸ™‚

  22. carole whitridge says:

    I just love the Oliver and S patterns, so nostalgic and practical too!

  23. Charity says:

    My favorite little thing recently is an Ottobre corduroy coat that I made for my daughter back in the Fall. I have an Oliver+S ruffle top slated for this summer though. πŸ™‚

  24. kari says:

    I made a stuffed elephant with a squeaker inside for a few babies born last year but now that I have my own baby, I can wait to sew cute outfits for him!

  25. Anne says:

    For Christmas gifts I made a trio of stuffed fabric elephants, altering the pattern to get varying sizes. When the kids woke up, they each had one–created special for them with varying appliques–waiting under the tree!

  26. Nicole says:

    Lovely! I so want this book especially for the hat pattern. I made up my own for my 13 month old and failed miserably! The best little things I’ve sewn that my daughter LOVES are dresses for her stuffed puppy dog. Puppy never grows out of them!

  27. Jennifer says:

    My favorite sewing project lately has been hand puppets for my toddler! Looks like a fabulous book!

  28. Mary says:

    Oh, thanks! I’ve made lots of tiny things, but the most special is a teddy bear that I made based on my little boy’s bear drawing that he did when he was 3. It was the perfect size for his tiny hands!

  29. Oh I love Oliver+S patterns. The book looks adorable and for me it is the sun hats… gotta make them for my little girls! Hope I’m lucky! Thanks for the giveaway

  30. LisaAnn says:

    Best little thing I have ever sewn is a set of my sons drawings that I made into a little wall hanging for him. I love the little bonnet! So sweet.

  31. Mary Jo says:

    I sewed a little bag for my son a long time ago and he fills it with toys every time we go to church. Very handy!

  32. Kandice says:

    Recently I have sewn some doll clothes for my daughter…i found and awesome score at a thrift store of about 13 patterns for 18″ doll clothes! I may be making a lot more…she loves them! Thanks for the great giveaway! I have been drooling over this book!

  33. Somer says:

    I made a Lady Bug rattle for a baby shower gift. The antennae were folded over ribbons and the spots were minky, a little cat toy inside made it rattle. It turned out so cute I almost hated to give it away.

  34. Sandy says:

    The best little things I’ve sewn lately are burp cloths and baby quilts. I would love to win this book, it looks like there are a lot of fun projects in it!

  35. Lisa says:

    I recently made some little trinket keepers for my son. I made little drawstring bags for him to keep all his little toys in.

  36. Susan Ponte says:

    This looks like an adorable book. Sew many cute things to sew.

  37. Katie says:

    I have been itching to get my hands on this book! today i’m sewing little bibs for a friends baby!

  38. Trisha says:

    The books looks like fun – I love the hat pattern!

  39. Amanda says:

    This book looks great! My favorite things I’ve sewn were vintage aprons I made for all the ladies/girls in my family for Christmas two years ago.

  40. Betsy M says:

    That book looks adorable! I think that may be the gift I give a friend who recently found out that she will be a Grandma soon. As for little things, I am making some bibs for my 6 mo. old today. (Our supply of boy bibs is limited and I feel soo guilty putting a pink one on him. :))

  41. Jessica F says:

    One of my favorite little things to sew is skirts for my little girl. And little blankets or quilts for newborn babies- that’s always fun and quick to whip up! Thanks for a great giveaway- the book looks great.

  42. My most favorite things I’ve sewn are my children’s Valentine’s outfits 2 years ago. The pride they had in wearing them meant the world to me.
    I would love to receive this beautiful book!

  43. Amy schroeder says:

    I recently made a doll blanket for my niece. I’d love to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. Jessica says:

    I really want this book! I just got a new-to-me sewing machine and can’t wait to use it!

  45. JENNIFER says:

    love it! looks like a beautiful book!

  46. SabineC says:

    Oh, how wonderful! What’s not to love about Oliver + S… I couldn’t tell!
    My favorite “little thing” that I recently sew was a bunch of “Dino treasure bags” for my eldest son’s 6th birthday party. I made them in linen en “army green” for the boys and in linen + dusky pink for the girls – simple bags, but the dino appliqué made it stand out.

  47. Cath says:

    Friends and I have a little sewing group we’ve started, where we can sew anything without interruption, one night, every week – it’s bliss!!!

    I love sewing clothes for my kids, and have been procrastinating about making a small backpack to house my son’s Nintendo DS – once I’ve finished this backpack, I think it’ll go down as one of my favourites!

    I do always look at the Oliver + S patterns and think they’re divine πŸ™‚

  48. Cheryl says:

    What a darling book! How fun for you to be able to do a review. I love making little pincushions and pincushions and more pincushions. Little projects make me feel like I’ve accomplished something great!!

  49. Beth Troncoso says:

    the oliver & s sailor pants for my two year old boy are the sweetest things i’ve ever made! I didn’t know there was a book out! so excited!

  50. Anne says:

    Burb cloths, baby blankets, bibs and stash baskets are what I have been working on. I have been looking forward to the release of this booka dn would love it so much! Thanks for the oppertunity to win!

  51. Katie says:

    one of the best little things i have sewn is a doll that was meant for someone else but my three year old daughter fell in love with and adopted as her own.

  52. Sandra in WA says:

    Oh, I love the projects from this book. Would love an opportunity to win this prize. Thank you.

  53. Melissa says:

    With a 5 year old son and 5 month old daughter all I make now are “little things”!! I just love sewing items for them- clothes, bedroom accessories such as cushions, and useful items (like my nursing cover-up!) I have the Oliver & S school days jacket pattern but wish I had one of each pattern! They are all so beautiful and unique-there isn’t an Oliver & S pattern that I don’t love!!!

  54. jamie says:

    i just made Elizabeth (from Oh Fransson)’s laptop sleeve from the tutorial on Sew Mama Sew. I have wanted to try apparel and would l.o.v.e. to get this book!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Gerwerken says:

    The best little thing I have sewn, by far, is play pants for my children. I made them over-sized and ankle length a few years ago. Now they fit just right as capri pants, and my kids still love them. You can’t beat simple, classic kid’s clothes.

  56. I love to make little dolls for my baby girl!! I love the look of this book!! awesome!


  57. Libby says:

    Cute things in this book! I’ve seen some lovely finished projects by many of my favorite bloggers. I’d love to have a go at it. The best little things I’ve ever sewn were heated rice therapy bags. They get a lot of use around here! Sore muscles, cold feet, body aches…or just for snuggling with. Practical and pampering!

  58. Jennyroo says:

    I love sewing baby blankets with soft snuggly minky backing, and lots of bright and colourful patchwork changemats!

  59. Renae says:

    I love to make teeny tiny baby shoes for shower gifts! I love Oliver + S and would love to get my hands on this book!

  60. amber says:

    I love making little bonnets using the tutorial on Sew Mama Sew!! I just rediscovered sewing and the bonnets are a great project to get my confidence back & they look so impressive!!
    Amber πŸ™‚

  61. I don’t sew many little things, but I recently got some fabric and plan to turn it into some lovely pillow covers. The book looks lovely.

  62. Lindsay says:

    I made some Oliver + S PJs in an Elmo print for my niece and she’s completely worn them out in 6 months.
    I would LOOOOOVE to win this book! I’ve been meaning to pick it up.

  63. Christina says:

    The best little things that I have made have to be a clutch or some super hero capes.

  64. Mary says:

    Just made my son a set of numbered bean bags, small and fun!

  65. Rosa in the Antipodes says:

    I’ve been sewing Habitual Summer dresses( special little ladies the whole Summer and I just loved it! Now it’s Autumn in the Antipodes and I’m more ambitious: I would like to make some woolly jackets for the wee ones. This awesome book would give plenty of good ideas…hummm!

  66. Kara says:

    The last “little” thing I made was a baby quilt with 9-patch blocks that finished at 3 inches. The little squares were only an inch.

    I have a friend who is ready to have her first little blessing and some of these patterns would be wonderful for her, as well as my own children.

  67. Jern says:

    I’d like to try these patterns. I like the paperdoll graphics they use.

  68. Penny says:

    I would adore this book. I have a sweet baby niece and just today a good friend had her first child, so I’ve got lots of little people to sew for right now as well as my not so little 7 y/o πŸ™‚

    The last thing I made for a little one was a dress for my niece, and I’m in the midst of a big self induced sewing marathon and have 40 dresses to sew for Dress A Girl Around The World, thanks to the wonderful fabric and money donations from others that wanted to help but didn’t know how to sew.

  69. kathyh says:

    The patterns are what your children want.

  70. Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! I love Oliver + S patterns!

    One on the best things I made recently is a superhero cape for my son!

  71. lynn says:

    i’ve been making tiny 2″ rabbits from sweaters i’ve felted. i can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  72. Ana Seixas says:

    At the moment I’m fascinated by fabric book covers! Their super easy, quick and fun to make. Thanks for the opportunity to win this delicious book! From Oliver + s I’ve made two identical lasy days skirts for my beautiful identical twin daughters.

  73. Gen says:

    One of my favorite little things I’ve made is a skirt for my little sister.

  74. meg says:

    I love making booties for new babies, mostly because of how ridiculously small they are! and cute, of course.

  75. Susan Dempster says:

    I love to make little slippers for babies and toddlers – it seems all my friends are having babies, and these simple gifts are quick to whip up in time for a baby shower or 1st birthday. They are fun to make and always get “oohs” and “ahhs” when given.

  76. Mel E says:

    Daddy as a Spider – I turned my nearly 3 year olds drawing that she presented to me of “Daddy as a spider” into a recycled felt toy. Dad was stoked with it as a Christmas present and my wee girl loves taking it to bed when Daddy is away.

  77. Christa Gutheinz says:

    This book looks like so much fun! I love Oliver + S patterns. They always come out so perfect looking!

  78. Kelly says:

    I’ve been making gifts for friends who are having babies…burp cloths, leg warmers and onesie dresses. It would be nice to have some new ideas!

  79. Kata says:

    I recently made two aprons for my 3years old twin girls so that they can help me out in the kitchen. They love it and that’s what counts!

  80. Jennifer says:

    I made a whole doll diaper bag–diapers, changing pad, blankie, wipes in a wipe container, etc.–for my god-daughter. It was so much fun!

  81. Andi says:

    So cute! I love this little book.

    It looks like a lot of fun.

  82. Sharon says:

    One of the best little things I’ve sewn would be a mermaid towel. It’s made a lot little girls happy – especially my own! Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  83. Meg says:

    Pillowcases are the best little things I’ve sewn recently. They’re quick and easy to make and everyone enjoys them!

  84. Carla says:

    That book looks wonderful!! I’d love to win it! πŸ™‚ The best thing I’ve sewn so far is a slouchy bag & wallet for my daughter. I’m new to sewing so am quite proud that they came out so well! πŸ™‚

  85. Kim H. says:

    Such a cute book. One of my favorite little things I have made is the Fabric photo book from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches book. I have made two so far with a 3rd one in the works.

  86. Heidi Anderson says:

    Wow, what a terrific book! Too fun. I haven’t been sewing very long so my choices of the best of anything are limited, but one of my favorites was a small tree wall quilt made with scraps from my daughters favorites baby clothes.

  87. Crystal says:

    One of the best little things I’ve sewed is doll blankets for our granddaughter. She loves to wrap up her dolls. So much inspiration is in that book! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!!

  88. Paula says:

    I made some drawstring bags to help keep little toys organized. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  89. Christine says:

    Since having my first baby, a girl, in august I have sewn a number of little things for her–a little crinkle blanket, a bonnet, an Oliver + S bubble dress for her first Christmas, an owl pillow, and I just finished a little bunny doll. I have always loved sewing but it brings me even more joy sewing something for my little girl. I can’t wait until she can help!

  90. pamela Nees says:

    One of the best “little things” has to be the mug rugs that I made for family members at Christmas. I think I made 8 of them-all random patchwork. The “men mug rugs” were strippy and in browns/dk. greens~ the women’s were in aquas, purples and gold. Also made several with Christmas fabric…fun way to use up the scraps!

  91. Liane says:

    I recently made two small baby quilts using City Weekend. Oliver + S designs are a favorite and I would love to try some of the patterns in the book! Thanks!

  92. Shannon says:

    I haven’t sewed anything very small yet, but I really want to learn to sew clothes for my sons, ages 3 and 8 mos. This weekend, I’m going to try to make the baby some shoes out of a pair of worn out jeans!

  93. Galatina says:

    I love their stuff but have never made any of them. What an opportunity to try. I love making little things for my friends’ kids. My favourite was a free-style reversible apron for my friend’s little girl. I put little secrets in the pockets.

  94. Wendy says:

    Great book for the novice sewer! Excellent

  95. Rachel Tripp says:

    Love the look of this book! I made a little tea towel for my toddler’s play kitchen. Rather irritating that her play kitchen is so much better appointed than my actual one….

  96. Beth T says:

    I made a doll quilt for my niece’s daughter. It was a tiny work of love for a little girl I love very much.

  97. Mika says:

    My favorite little things I’ve sewn are whimsical dolls that come together as I make them, although books like this are a necessity in my life for creating things that have a little more functional purpose!

  98. Amber says:

    I love those bucket hats.

  99. Erin says:

    Oh man! I love the puppet theatre!!!

    My last sewing project was PJ’s for my daughter’s pajama themed birthday party. I appliqued a cloud onto a white shirt, and made matching cloud pj pants.

  100. Valerie says:

    Little sheep pillows, my nieces and nephew love them!

  101. catherine says:

    I recently made 2 pencil / art diary totes for my lovely nieces, and I really need to get around to making one for my daughter! Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  102. the cutest little things i have sewn are diaper covers for new born babies. fingers crossed!

  103. Jenny says:

    Oh boy… I think it would be a tiny sweet little applique onesie that I’m waiting for my niece to grow into.

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  104. Erin says:

    I made snack and sandwich bags for both kids today. Love the book and I LOVE the messenger bag you made!

  105. Alana says:

    I can’t wait to learn how to make a messenger bag for my daughter for her kindle πŸ™‚

  106. Sherry J says:

    ilove this book and her designs. thanks. please pick me, mr random!

  107. Rayna says:

    I love Oliver & S patterns and I love making little things. My 3 kids keep me so busy I only have time for littles these days! I don’t know that I have a favorite, maybe a 1 yard baby quilt for all the new babies I know.

  108. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been making little zippered bags to use as a gift wrapping for little presents for my friends and family.

  109. Tanya says:

    What a sweet book. I made my daughter a little bandana summer hat today, it’s pretty cute!

  110. cee says:

    Well, lately the most wonderful project was a little doll pattern I learned from a blogger at the Black Apple. I made it with my two big girls and then they helped make one for an aunt that just lost her husband. She lived far away so we wanted to send her a hug. She loved it.

  111. Cindy J says:

    Oh, every one of these projects crys out to be made first!

  112. Judy D. says:

    i made a patchwork ball for my son…would love to win a copy of this book – thanks!

  113. One of the best little things I have sew is the christening gown and hat for my first grandchild – my granddaughter. It was a lot of work with pin-tucks and embroidery, but it turned out great and her parents loved it.

  114. angelina says:

    i really want this book!!!

  115. Jen V says:

    I sewed a hat for my son almost two years ago from the Eddie Cap tutorial that he still wears with love. I used a blue stripe woven cotton that is reminiscent of a railroad cap but lighter. I highly recommend the tute – quick & great results!

  116. radiya says:

    i made some crayon roll presents!

  117. Sivje Parish says:

    My favorite little thing I have sewn today is my new ironing board cover but that is most likely not what you are asking. So I will say that the pillowcases I have made for my daughter, complete with Princess shoes and her name. So cute! Thank you for the chance to win.

  118. galen says:

    lovely book. i’m sewing owls these days.

  119. Emily Selden says:

    The littlest thing I have sewn was a pouch for Renaissance Faire, it turned our alright for one of my first sewing projects. This book sounds great.

  120. Lorraine says:

    I made a set of fifteen tiny beanbags in different colors, and my 18-month-old son carries one around in each hand most of the time.

  121. Nikki says:

    I enjoy sewing little zippered bags!

  122. Eve Grand says:

    I once smocked an Easter dress for my cousin’s daughter. It was a beautiful little dress and she looked like an angel. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  123. Lisa says:

    I’ve never tried an Oliver and S pattern (are they even sold in Canadian stores?) but I’d be interested in trying one out. Currently I’m sewing a baby quilt for a friend and 14 dragon hand puppets as birthday loot.

  124. ~salix~ says:

    The first little toy that I sewed successfully was a small little character who was dubbed CooCooBoots by his new found friend. I’ve since become rather obsessed with making stuffed creatures, especially for those who are wee. With a propensity towards paying far too much attention to politics I have a tendency to dwell on all that is negative. I’ve found that making things for small people is a way to bring joy in to the world, create ripples of smiles, and combat ills of the world with love.

  125. Kari E says:

    Just recently I used a bunch of scraps to make gift bags so that the family can try out a paperless Christmas next year. They turned out to be quite cute, and I think will easily take the place of ripping up all that paper.

  126. Faith Pray says:

    My five year olds and I just made little dolls and doll dresses for orphans in Haiti.

  127. Allison says:

    My favorite little thing that I’ve sewn…probably a rag-doll-type Easter bunny for my niece. With a sewn wardrobe and knitted sweater. This book looks fabulous…thanks for a great giveaway!

  128. Audrey says:

    I think this book looks awesome! So many cute things!

  129. Jen says:

    I would love to win this! I love a tinkerbell costume I made my daughter not too long ago!

  130. orchardcity says:

    I sewed finger puppets for my friend’s son: A whole collection of small fantasy creatures, sized just right for his tiny hands!

  131. I just started sewing, so I’m practicing a little of everything. But so far my favorite projects are my little tea towels.

  132. Jodie says:

    I just made a cute little polka dot dress. One year old size. You can see it on my blog here:

  133. Eleanor says:

    This book looks just darling. The best little thing I’ve sewn was a tail onto a pair of my daughter’s pants. I know it sounds silly, but those pants are her #1 favorite dress up item!

  134. Lisa says:

    With all of the wonderful little girls’ patterns out there, it has been difficult to find cute things to sew for my little boy. One of his and my favorite little things to sew is toys/animals. I let him go with me to pick out the fabric for the body (we often have disagreements over it) and the clothes, if appropriate. He likes to take the finished toys to preschool show and tell…..after sleeping with them for awhile.

  135. Amy says:

    I’m a novice/wannabe sewer! I made a nine patch quilted pillow that I love. I would love to make those cute bucket hats for my boys!

  136. em mil says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn lately was an apron for my niece. She just got a play kitchen and I decided to try to branch out into the apron realm. Turned out adorable! If a little big. Ooops. But at least she’ll get a LOT of wear out of it!

  137. Cassie says:

    Got it to work! So I will enter the giveaway here! πŸ™‚
    My favorite little thing I’ve made is a wall hanging quilt, recently I have been lucky enough to see a little one having lots of fun with it!

  138. Kristin says:

    I made a little apron for my 2 year old, it turned out so cute!

  139. Shara says:

    Oh, I want this book SO badly. Maybe it’s not the cutest, but I’d say the most useful cute little thing I’ve made is a reuseable snack pouch. My toddler needs a constant supply of Cheerios when we’re on the go!

  140. Maren says:

    I made a bonnet for my niece’s baby blessing, complete with hand embroidery, to match the gown her mother had purchased. She looked so beautiful in it. Now I’m having my own little one – this book would be perfect!

  141. Shelly says:

    One of the best things I’ve sewn were some baby pants for my daughter. They weren’t hard or impressively adorned, but they were simple, cute, and very functional. I love making practical things (okay, and some fun things too :).

  142. Susan says:

    I’ve been sewing up a storm from online tutorials. I made the Click to Carry bag for one of my nephews and liked it so much that I made one for myself with a longer strap!Fabric Five Stones sets have been a hit, too – my daughter requested a double set to play with her friends.

  143. Terri says:

    I’ve made little dolls, little hats, little t-shirts and my favorite little boxer briefs for my little guy!!! : )

  144. Isabelle says:

    This book gives me plenty of ideas. I sewed mostly halloween costumes and pocket diapers, but I wanna make a pretty dress for my almost 9 daughter. Lately I made a little bag with a zipper to carry a couple of diapers and wipes when I run errands with my son.

  145. erin says:

    I just made my girls some yoga style skirts. They practically live in them now!

  146. sandra says:

    made Sock monkey with grandson Drew and need more things for Grands to make would love to WIN book

  147. meikjn says:

    I love little things! this book looks perfect for my 3 girls I made a really cool play set of princess and the pea for my daughters birthday. I think she will love it.

  148. Sarah Chase says:

    I am still learning to sew. I love when I make things for my daughter like dresses or skirts.

  149. Meghan says:

    I made a field bag from recycled cargo pants for my 6 year old son. I filled it with a journal, pencils, magnifying glass, pocket guides and specimen containers.

  150. PaulaT says:

    I love sewing small projects for my one year old. My favorite was a recent wee wonderful Tag-a-long doll. She sings to the doll and rocks her in her arms!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  151. melanie says:

    hum, i love sewing easy and quick projects, one of the fun ones was a car shaped pillow, and this afternoon i’ll start on a travel-creative kit for a birthday party tomorrow!

  152. Jennifer says:

    Love their patterns and this book looks neat!

  153. Lucie says:

    I have made a doll for my niece, which is absolutely loves because she looks just like her. Lucie

  154. Jana says:

    I seem to make many pajama bottoms!

  155. Sarah says:

    One of my favorite little things that I made recently is a Toddler Backpack from Rae. The bag came together nicely, and my daughter totes it all over the place.

  156. Shannon says:

    Oh, I’m dying for a copy of this book!!! Recently I sewed a couple of doll quilts for my nieces and will be making another one, or two, or three, for my daughter and her stuffed “buddies” πŸ™‚

  157. Andrea P. says:

    This book looks so cute! I made a little lunch bag with an elephant print.

  158. The last little project that I sewed was a pair of Mug Rugs for a swap that I was in. They were pretty fun!

  159. sandy says:

    So I think the best thing that I have sewn is capes for my boys. Not the most difficult, but I love to see them fly through the air with them.

  160. Kristin says:

    I made a cute little doll not too long ago. She turned out adorable!

  161. Kristin says:

    I made a sweet little doll not too long ago. She turned out adorable!

  162. JodieZ says:

    The most recent little thing I have sewn is a Rag Quilt for my friend’s toddler for Christmas. This would be a great book to add to my new collection. πŸ™‚

  163. Michelle P says:

    This book looks so wonderful! Would love to win this!

  164. deede says:

    I made a baby throw with red Minky on one side and Michael Miller flannel Lil Cowpokes on the other. It was adorable and much appreciated by the momma and new baby. Soooooo sweet! Thanks for the giveaway.

  165. Sherrie says:

    I made a dress for my daughter’s first birthday. It was adorable!

  166. Beth says:

    I’m new to sewing and all I’ve sewn so far are dresses for my little!

  167. Margaret says:

    Looks like a great book! The best little thing that I have made was a dress for my daughter when she was 4, knitted on the top with a great cotton yarn, sewn with fabric on the bottom. When she grew out of it, I passed it along to someone with two girls….it was beautiful.

  168. Michele says:

    Right now I am in a fabric flower making phase. With 3 little girls I can never have enought flowers, plus they love it when I make them things. The book looks wonderful!!

  169. Aubrey says:

    Just made my son a birthday crown – a very quick project, but he looked adorable as he smashed cupcake into his face. πŸ™‚ I also make a lot of the baby shoes as shower gifts that are always a big hit with mamas.

  170. Claire. says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn was a little dress for my baby sister. It didn’t fit, but it was really cute! I’ll have to try again soon….


  171. Ramona says:

    I have made lots of little things but my favorite still is a carrot with a zipper that was full of little bunnies that I gave my daughter for her first Easter.

  172. JennX says:

    Ooooo- so excited! The best ‘little thing’ that I’ve sewn is a kiddie sized apron. I’ve made about a dozen now and every kid is delighted (and so are their parents!). Fun fabrics make all the difference. Looking forward to making just as many ‘reversible bucket hats’!!

  173. Heather says:

    I’ve only just started to get back into sewing. I’ve got two favorites so far – my fat quarter handbag (thank you!) and a kimono dress I made for my one year old using a pdf pattern bought from Etsy. I’m having so much fun!

  174. Annie says:

    What an inspiring book and what an inspiration to have a little thing to sew for!!!!

  175. Jodanna says:

    I sewed my daughter a tablecloth and napkins for her kids table. Our tea parties have never been fancier!

  176. Tara says:

    I would LOVE this book. I made little pouch bags (similar to the Book Bags you featured recently only smaller) for my little ones to collect “pretty things” they’d find along our walks.

  177. Glenys says:

    One of the best little thing I’ve sewn is a pocket tissue holder using jeans scrap. Embroidered on them and gave them to my mom and friends. Well, I don’t really know how to make patterns to sew stuff. So this book would be great for me!

  178. Pat Kelley says:

    My favorite little thing I have sewn recently were “Little Artist Drawing Cases” by Craftapple for my grandsons who love to draw. It holds 6 crayons and a drawing pad. I made them in their favorite prints (sports related). I would love to win the book to see what else I can make for them.

  179. Chiska says:

    Favorite, my husband thinks I don’t understand what that word really means. I made a sleep over pal from the Wee Wonderfuls book that I love. I also love the free skirt pattern from Oliver plus s. I made one for my 2 year old daughter and we both love it!

  180. Morgan says:

    Oliver + S patterns are awesome! For a little project, I like to sew Barbie clothes.

  181. I love making “little” projects because they (usually) go pretty quickly so I feel like I’ve accomplished something. My current project is newborn bibs–

  182. LittleWit says:

    I just made a tea mug placemat for my mother’s birthday and I love it. I would love to make the bucket hats in the book, possibly even in my own size. πŸ˜‰

  183. Mirja says:

    My son has been asking and asking for puppets and a puppet theater!

  184. Holly u says:

    I have often admired their patterns. How great it would be to have a book full! My most recent creation is a stuffed bunny from felted sweaters for my son’s Easter basket. Turned out so well i’m going to make more for my Etsy shop, and presents for my son’s friends!

  185. Ellen says:

    It’s gotta be the little dress I made for my 3 month old to wear to a wedding. Cute!

  186. Gali says:

    my best little thing is the my new baby’s crib bumper.

  187. Clodagh says:

    The books looks awesome. One if the best little thing I did was a little car carrier for my son so he can take his favourite little cars along to the coffee shop etc.

  188. Jo says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous book. My latest little thing to make is crayon/pencil rolls.

  189. Sara says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. A recent little project was a tee from patterns by figgy. I’m still working to get the collars right on those though.

  190. wendy says:

    I’d love to win this book! My favourite little thing to sew (and I should probably go make a couple more, just for fun) is little teeny tiny dolls. So cute!

  191. Emmmylizzzy says:

    My favorite “little” thing would be the dress I made for my daughter’s first birthday.

  192. Shannon O. says:

    I made two miniature sampler quilts, one for each of my grandmothers. I would love to use this book to make some cute things for my nephews.

  193. Helen says:

    Mine and my daughters favourite small thing I have sewn is doll diapers. She just loves putting them on and taking them off, we even used velcro.

  194. min says:

    Wow, looks like it actually has patterns that people would make. Everything mentioned here sounds very fun. Bucket hats! How cool? The demo purse is also awesome.

  195. Cecily says:

    This looks wonderful. I actually just finished six super-hero capes for a birthday tomorrow.

  196. bree says:

    My favorite little thing is a strawberry pin cushion with embroidery. I love this book and really want it!

  197. mims says:

    the littlest things i’ve sewn were some gift bags for christmas presents. i should probably sew some doll clothes for my daughter, she loves taking clothes off her dolls…

  198. Anita says:

    My favorite little thing I’ve sewn is a fun play mat for my baby girl. She’s gotten GREAT use out of it too! I would love to have the book and makes lots of cute little things.

  199. Emily says:

    Clothing for my daughter’s American Girl doll. I LOVE to show her the clothes, hear her squeal and say “AAWWEsome!”.

  200. Lindsay says:

    I made a little dress for my one year old daughter last weekend. It was my first attempt at sewing clothes for her, and now I’m dying to make more.

  201. Laura says:

    The only little thing I have ever sewn is a baby quilt but since I have a 1 year old I would love to get my hands on this book so I could learn!

  202. Olga says:

    Looks like a great book. I just made a super funky shirt for my 5 year old son. He loves it and so do I.

  203. Lisa says:

    Little hipsters to wear at your waist! They can also be a sweet wristlet.

  204. Colleen says:

    I’m not sure if this counts as little but last weekend I made my step-son a tee pee. He’s already camped out with a lantern, pillow and quilt to read and tonight he’s going to set it up so he can see the telly to watch a movie from there. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been on a baby clothes making spree (almost wrote baby making spree there. Oops!) for girlfriends with wee ones but my favourite baby item that I’ve made are some soft winter blankets (we’re in Autumn here in Aus).

    Love the look of this book!

  205. Jessica says:

    After many years without a sewing machine, I have finally returned one to my home! I was just looking at a review of this on Amazon. My favorite little thing I’ve sewn was probably my hand-sewn hexagon quilt top.

  206. Jennifer says:

    The book looks great. I have 2 little guys and love making them things. I made little super hero capes last. They love them!

  207. stacey says:

    favorite small thing–my daughter’s pj pants! simple, and oh-so-needed!

  208. Hannah says:

    One of the best little thing’s I’ve sewn is, of course, made from an Oliver + S pattern. I love their 2+2 blouse and skirt pattern. If I don’t win this book, It’s going on my mother’s day wish list!

  209. Cass says:

    I’d love to win this book. So many gorgeous projects!
    The best thing I’ve made is the bag I use as a library bag. It’s cute, pink and so well used!

  210. R.Beyer says:

    MUST HAVE THIS BOOK!! I gatta make some cute summer stuff for my baby boy!

  211. Adrienne says:

    I adore the Oliver + S patterns! I’ve made the tea party sundress and a halter top for my daughter. I’m dying to try the penguin back pack from this book.

  212. Sarah says:

    The littlest things I’ve sewn are a doll dress for my daughter’s doll, infant clothes, and pacifier clips. This book looks great!

  213. Jennie says:

    Little skirts for my little girl are my favorite!

  214. Tierra says:

    This book looks like it would be fun to toy with! The most resent thing i made was a baby changing mat for my 2 month old son! (my daughters gymnastics center doesnt have a changing station!) i used a vintage star wars fabric for it! its super fun! Would be awesome to win this book! Good luck everyone!

  215. Michelle S says:

    The last thing I sewed was my daughters soft doll for Christmas. We just moved and I haven’t been able to get back into sewing yet. Hopefully soon! I would love to try some of these patterns.

  216. Meghan says:

    I would love to have this book – I want to make a messenger bag for my son! My favorite small thing that I’ve sewn lately is the Folklore bag from One-Yard Wonders. I used one of the Kokka Echino fabrics, and it turned out beautifully!

  217. Maman A Droit says:

    The cutest little thing I’ve made is felt finger puppets-my bunny was probably the cutest.

  218. Angela says:

    The entire book looks amazing!

    My “little” project will be some summer rompers and sun hats for my 15 month old.

  219. Christine says:

    Looks like a fun book! Little thing I have sewn … toddler mittens!

  220. Kelly says:

    Oh, I love the patterns!

    So far I’ve made several baby clothes (cute dresses and rompers)…

  221. Gracie Mae says:

    One of my favorites the Oliver + S playsuit–easy to make and so cute on the babe. I also adore the Mr. Gnome pattern from Wee Wonderfuls.

  222. Jessi says:

    I made drawstring bags for my kids (pirate-themed for my son and princess-themed for my daughter) to keep their things separate on car trips. They get used often and sometimes even prevent arguments over whose toy is whose.

  223. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I’m going to have to get my hands on a copy of that book, somehow!

  224. Jenn says:

    Actually, one of the best little things I sewed was a takeoff of an Oliver + S gathered patch pocket. I made the pocket pattern larger and made a little purse for my daughter to match an upcycled dress I had made for her from a skirt and shirt of mine!

  225. Jackie says:

    Wow, Really looks like such a great book! Would love to win it! It’s nice to have something for boys also, as I have only grandson’s so it’s nice to make something special for them! The last small projet I made was a small bag using a one sided zipper.(neat)

  226. Jane says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn is a gathered skirt for my niece’s recent 5th birthday. She loves clothes and was so excited to recieve it!
    It was accompanied by a ‘Princess and the Pea’ toy set which I made from a Softies book that I have – such a great toy for hopefully hours and hours of imaginary play in the future!

  227. cse84663 says:

    I LOVE oliver and s patterns. I made a little dog softie for my daughter.

  228. Molly says:

    I am drooling over this book! I love sewing little things for my littel girl. Doll clothes, hats and doll size blankets. Thanks for the generous offer and giveaway.

  229. Stacy says:

    I love to sew little things. I just got finished with a cape for my son.

  230. Claire says:

    I’m Claire. You referenced my blog post about tracing patterns. Cheers! I’m glad its helpful.
    I’m not sure I can enter the competition as I don’t live in the US. But I’d love a copy if possible.
    The best thing I ever sewed was a baby carrier for my doll, when I was 5. My daughter loves it…almost 30 years later :o)

  231. Nandini says:

    I’ve made a flannel blanket for my daughter, she’s too big for it now, but still walks around with it πŸ™‚

  232. Meg says:

    I made a keepsake wedding dress for 18″ dolls that a customer ordered. The fabric came from her own daughters wedding dress, and she wanted to give her granddaughter. It was lovely, complete with a miniature veil, ring pillow, embroidery, and bouquet of flowers.

  233. Liz says:

    I just made the sweetest little sundress for a friend’s 18 month old daughter. I hope she likes it!

  234. It really is so hard to pick just one favorite thing … but, I can say that my favorite things to sew are softies for my kids. πŸ™‚

  235. Tabitha says:

    I have wanted this book since I saw that it was coming out! Such a great collection of little things. I think my favorite little things to make are “things that go on your head”. I like to make hats, headbands, hair accessories, scarves, etc. I also like making little pouches. Fun!

  236. Angela says:

    With the exception of diapers, the most useful little thing I made was matching 1940’s aprons for my two kids. I used PUL waterproof to line the inside for extra protection on the messiest of projects.

  237. Elisa says:

    Very cute ideas in there. It looks like a cape is in there like the one I had as a girl with a matching one for my favorite doll.

  238. Norma M. says:

    What a cute book! One of the little things I made that I’m most proud of is a pair of baby shoes.

  239. Jasmin says:

    Love the designs. Looks like a great book filled with fun things to sew.

  240. Susan says:

    Looks like an awesome book. I love sewing small projects, something about ADD… I’ve made overnights bags for my sisters and purses for myself as well as clothing.

  241. taysha riggs says:

    I made a tiny case for my Mom’s mp3 player. I also made zipper headphones to go with, now she’s super cool

  242. I love the book… one on the little tings I’ve made is silk jewelry bags. Perfect for a dainty pair of ear rings or a chunky ring.

  243. Heather Joy says:

    Little things are the best to sew! Its hard to pick my favorite, perhaps baby shoes for my friend’s newborn.

  244. Sarah says:

    I made a cute apron for my 4yo. Now I have to make a matching one for her older sister!

  245. Cate says:

    Goodness, I’m really coveting this book. I really want to make my son the backpack. But the best thing I’ve ever sewn was a pair of linen pants. I finished all the seams and I was really proud of the outcome!

  246. SaraD says:

    I want this so bad it hurts! My favorite things to sew are for little girls like my two daughters and their friends – skirts, dresses, dolls, doll quilts, bibs and so on.

  247. kate C. says:

    I made a small purse for my sister in law and I really loved it – maybe I need to make another. The messenger bag reminded me of that!

  248. Christine M says:

    The best little thing I made was the first outfit I made for my first baby son (he’s now nearly 15!). I made little cordaroy trousers and a windcheater trimmed in the cord to match. I was very proud of it.

  249. Amanda says:

    I would love this! I made little string backpacks for all of my cousin’s kids and put their christmas gifts in them. The kids use the bags all the time and that makes me happy.

  250. Sandy says:

    art totes for my kids!

  251. Valerie says:

    I love Oliver + S patterns and the book looks fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway!

  252. Sorahart says:

    I just made my Little Buddy a “Rollie Pollie” beanbag chair using a pattern from MADE. So much fun to sew and even funner for him to use!

  253. English says:

    I made small owl pincushions from the Quilt Festival magazine – they are adorable!
    I love that this book has some very practical yet cute projects ie the hat, bag….

  254. Jessica says:

    Each year I make matching pajama pants for myself, my husband, and our two sons to wear on Christmas Eve. In 2009, I added one more project to my sewing list: a tiny pair of pink flannel pajama pants for my brand new, and long awaited, daughter (actually born December 27). I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a sewing project as much as that!

  255. Megan says:

    Bibs. I’m a big fan of bibs and sock monkeys! But I’d sure love to add some more gender neutral stuff to my repetoire now that I have a nephew.

  256. Cinnamon says:

    I so, so, so want this book! Hmmm, the most practical little things I’ve sewn were the produce bags made out of netting with yarn draw strings. I use them all the time and the grocery store and the farmers market.

  257. Courtney says:

    I made a little rag doll for my daughter, and my 3 year old son has spent the last few months toting it around everywhere, and refuses to go to bed without it. Best little thing I’ve ever sewn!

  258. Courtney says:

    Looks like an adorable book! I am a newbie when it comes to sewing and so far the little thing I have made are some pacifier clips – they turned out great, wish I would have started sewing earlier so I could have made some for my 2 year old!

  259. heidi says:

    I love to sew for my kids and for gifts, so little things are my favorite! I just finished a tiny little skirt for my 9-month old, a matching one for her 6-year-old sister and a little matching necktie for my 3-year-old son.

    This book looks lovely….thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  260. Jane says:

    I just sewed my son curtains and a bedspread, would love to get to use this book!

  261. i have sewn nearly all of the little clothes for my little boys – pants, tee shirts, undies, cloth diapers! so fun! i also knit little sweaters and hats for them and love every second of it!

  262. Barbara says:

    ooohh! I have been eyeing that book! The best little thing I ever made a drawstring bag for my son to put his Lego’s in! now he won’t lose them and I don’t have to worry about stepping on them anymore either! πŸ™‚

  263. Allison S. says:

    I like to sew stuffed animals (usually elephants) for the children in my life. My little girl on the way will definitely be getting some Oliver + S clothes! Thanks for the chance!

  264. Limor says:

    My 5yo daughter requested a special outfit for her birthday. So I made a denim skirt and cropped jacket. I used some really pretty lace from a skirt I wore almost 20 years ago for her skirt. I also made a matching outfit for her 6 week old sister, complete with ruffled undies.

  265. Erica says:

    Hmmm.. one of the best little things I’ve sewn was a monkey doll and coordinating quilt for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I think I’m going to make it a tradition – I have about six weeks to make both the doll and a quilt for my son when he turns 1 in May!

  266. Malia says:

    I have been wanting to get this book ever since it came out, everything looks so cute!

  267. Lisa says:

    I made some cute cloth diapers for my daughter’s babydolls and she loved it, but my favorite thing I’ve sewn has to be the baby blankets I have made for my kids thru their daycare days. I love sending it with them knowing I made it for them.

  268. Mollie says:

    The best little thing I’ve made is a crib set for my little girl to match a vintage baby quilt (handed down in the family). Soft greys and yellows with a little bubblegum pink and turquoise thrown in for some brightness! Can’t wait to take a peek at the book…

  269. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I put re-cycled clear vinyl pacakging back to work recently and sewed up a paint tote for my daugheter. It has pockets for the tempra paint wands and a space for her brushes. It wipes clean easily and has a pretty ribbon trim round the edge with velcro closure. Just a “little thing” to keep my little-one crafting alongside me! …. and more fun to use than the plastic grocery sack we had been using.

  270. Katie Hartsell says:

    Ooooh, what a lovely looking book! I would love to have a copy! The most recent little thing I’ve sewn is a set of zippered accessory bags for my purse. This book looks to be full of fabulous things to make, just what I need!

  271. MB says:

    My favorite sewing project thus far has been the bubble dress from Oliver + S!

  272. JennS says:

    I love this book! I just made little tooth pillows for my kids. One experience trying to find a tooth under a pillow in the middle of the night without waking up my daughter was enough for me. How did my mom manage that?

  273. knitsewreadlove says:

    Oh my how I love Oliver + S! I sewed the Jump Rope Dress as part of the sew-along featured on your blog, and it was my first O+S; since then I’ve made the 2+2 Blouse countless times, and just finished the Hopscotch Skirt and Top. I would love this book!

    My favorite small thing I’ve sewn was a toddler-sized diaper bag with pretend diapers for my little one to use while playing dolls. =0)

  274. Ellu says:

    I made a mini-sized beanbag (dimensions of a LEGO DUPLO gentleman), as a symbolized contribution to a real armchair for a 70th birthday. Great fun!

  275. Emily says:

    The last two things I’ve sewn are an apron and a cover for my Kindle. This looks like a great book – thanks for the giveaway!

  276. Sheryl says:

    This looks like such a great book! I love Oliver & S stuff! I think the best little things I have sewn have been clothes for my daughter’s American Girl doll! So tiny and cute!

  277. Candace says:

    oh, i love this book! I love to sew little things for my girls. Some of my favorites are pajamas.

  278. ah, this is going to be one of those classic books like Weekend Sewing…i have never tried one of Liesl’s patterns but wouldl ove to. I love her style. Best little thing i have made? There are so many…kid flavour napkins that mean i don’t have to wipe grubby faces after meals, magician cape, puppet theatre. Big fan of amy karol’s smock pattern.

  279. Sarah R. says:

    This book looks great! My favorite little sewing project recently was a pair of baby pants.

  280. Kari says:

    Love love love! Reusable snack bags for my kids and their friends. Can’t seem to make enough to keep up with the demand!

  281. Kerry says:

    Pajama pants for my nephews! πŸ™‚

  282. Jennylou says:

    it is sooo pretty, would love to win this book and get to sewing again!

  283. Samantha says:

    Thanks for peeks inside the book. I think it’s a must-have! The best “little thing” I’ve sewn is a sweet heirloom dress for my daughter. Some batiste, some lace, some embroidery. Very sweet πŸ™‚

  284. MamaBee says:

    I *love* Oliver + S’s patterns! Their lazy days skirts have been a staple for my daughter (and some of her friends) for the past 4 years!

  285. Jessica says:

    The smallest thing I have sewn is a felt pincushion! It has a bottle lid on the bottom for structure & a really cute mushroom top! I embroidered the sides – trying out a few new stitches – and was pretty pleased with myself!!

  286. Rebecca says:

    I just completed the reversible bucket bag from this site. LOVE how it turned out. My mom and sister saw mine and demanded one for their own. I also just did a sweet tiered ruffle top that was a free Oliver + S pattern for my niece’s 2nd birthday. Turned out adorable. I want one in my size.

  287. Wendy says:

    One of the best little things I’ve ever sewn was a button-down shirt for my son.

  288. Yvonne says:

    I loved the stuffed baby ball I sewed for my little niece. I posted it on my blog if you want to take a peek.

  289. Jessica h says:

    I would love this book. Recently a made a cute little gathered clutch with a fabric rose sewn to the front.

  290. Nicki says:

    I always seem to have fabric cut for bibs and the newest little person in my life.

  291. Morgan says:

    My best little things are T-shirt pants for my 2 year old (which hardly count as sewing, to be fair) and an apron for the same little guy.

  292. Heather L says:

    I’ve sewn a few great little skirts for my girls but recently sewed 16 little simple drawstring bags for our preschool St. Patrick’s Day snack. It took a bit of time but I started early, learned some new skills and I’m told the kids loved having their very own treat bags! I love this new O and S book…thanks for the chance to win it!

  293. Penelope says:

    The best little thing I sewed was a purse for my daughter, not because it was spectacular, but because she was thrilled with her new very own purse.

  294. Cayce says:

    I adore this book. How nice that it’s in a giveaway! My favorite little thing was the first embroidery my daughter made. She cut it and a backing and asked me to sew it together. She stuffed it and hand-sewed it closed. I had no idea it was to be a gift for me! My favorite little bit of fabric.

  295. Blossom says:

    Hmmm, I sewed some little drawstring treat bags for my daughter’s 13th birthday party.

  296. meghann says:

    What a darling bag! I was thinking about buying this book so I guess I’ll cross my fingers that I get lucky in the giveaway! πŸ™‚

    I’ve just started sewingÒ€”I learned when I was a girl but I haven’t really done much until the last few months, and now it seems I’m working on some new project all the timeÒ€”and what I’m loving right now is the beanbags I did for my kids (with my 2-year-old’s help) this past week. I’m also really keen on the apron I made for my daughter a few months ago.

  297. Shauna Lynch says:

    I usually sew kids clothes, but my favorite project was making denim library bags with their names embroidered on the front.

  298. shannon says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book – I need to make 4 of those bucket hats for my littles for this spring and summer.

    My most recent small project is sewing little pouches as favor bags for my son’s pirate dinosaur birthday party at the end of April. He’s going to be 3!

  299. amandah says:

    What a sweet, little book. Would love to get a free copy πŸ™‚ Lately, I’ve sewn mainly quilt tops, but would love to be stitching up some sweet, little girl goodies.

  300. Kara says:

    I love the purse I just sewed for myself – bright happy yellows makes me happy!

  301. Karen says:

    I love Oliver & S! This book looks so great. My favorite little sewing project is the lazy days skirt from Oliver & S. My daughter loves them and they make great birthday presents.

  302. Annette says:

    The best little thing I have sewn is some dolls from Sew Wonderful

  303. carrie says:

    …the littlest thing?? A scarf for my daughter’s longneck dino.

  304. Vida says:

    The last little things I sewed was a little apron and smock, both from One Yard Wonders. I’d love to be able to try out the patterns in this book as well.

  305. Celeste says:

    Messenger bags for my toddlers. (And can I just say–I am DYING to get my hands on a copy of this book. It looks so great! Thanks for sharing it here.)

  306. Caroline says:

    I made my daughter a zippered Bible cover for her birthday.

  307. Heather says:

    This is a nice book. I had a chance to see it at the book store the other day. My favorite outfit I made for a little one was a pair of pink overalls and matching ruffled floral print blouse.

  308. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite thing that I have ever sewn was the back to school dress from Christine Hayne’s “Chic & Simple Sewing” book.
    I used a blue plaid fabric and it turned out really cute! My favorite thing about the dress is the huge pockets, which is perfect for me as a teacher!

  309. Amy says:

    Wow… what a great giveaway. The best little thing I’ve sewn are my childrens aprons. The pattern was done by an employee of my local quilt shop. I am still a beginner so I had to go back to them about 3 times for clarity and help. Thanks for the chance to win, I have been eyeing this book for a while.

  310. VickiT says:

    Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to have this book. I was just very lucky recently in a quilt shop to find they had a 50% off area in their back room. In that area I found tons of fabric and then some patterns too. There was one Oliver & S pattern and I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. I have read SO many comments about how wonderful those patterns are so I was very excited to find this one. I haven’t made it yet but did open it up and read all the instructions to see how well it was written. I am not the best at sewing and yet this pattern looked excellent. Because of that, now I want more Oliver & S patterns so this book would be wonderful.

  311. Sarah J says:

    Still a novice at sewing, but I recently made a wall hanging for my daughter to put books and little treasures in – pattern from Amanda Blake-Soule’s “Handmade Home.” Would love to win this book – patterns look fantastic.

  312. gigi says:

    i’m really looking forward to getting this book. & the messenger bag you made looks fabulous! i love your fabric choices.

    & the best little thing i’ve sewn has to be the little stuffies i’ve made from bit of whimsy patterns. i’ve made the kitty cat & the fox for birthday gifts for my kids’ friends. they have all loved them & have been so appreciative of a handmade gift. i’ve got 5 kitties all cut out to sew up as i type w/ oliver & s city weekend fabric. looking forward to it πŸ™‚

  313. Leah says:

    Just last weekend, I made a kimono-style dress for my niece’s American Girl doll. I loved how it turned out.

  314. Jesse says:

    I sewed a cute little apron for my son. So we each have our special homemade apron’s that we wear when we bake together. I love having things I’ve made so frequently in use! thanks for the chance to win this lovely book!

  315. Anna says:

    Juggling balls! Bento box carriers! I love it. The most loved little thing I sewed recently is a frilly peasant dress for my little girl. Perfect for twirling.

  316. Lucy says:

    I made my little girl some diapers for her babydoll. I’m working on mug rugs as gifts right now though. I would love to win.

  317. Sorcha girl says:

    Pillowcases are good small projects–quick and easy to sew and well received by all.

    I’d love the book and thank you for the opportunity to enter. The messenger bag you made is cute and seems the right size for children.

  318. Laura Reich says:

    I just sewed some doll clothes for a friends daughter. It was really fun, but harder than I had imagined to sew something so small.

  319. Rachel T. says:

    I haven’t sewn much for my son, but I recently made an adorable hooded monster jacket for my 3 year old brother. I’ll probably make one for my son when he’s a little older.

  320. Alex says:

    I made a tooth fairy pillow based on the tute from Sew Mama Sew!

  321. Jackie H says:

    One of the latest was these plush bunnies I made for the kiddies – I originally made one for bean #4 but then everyone saw it and I ended up making a few more! πŸ™‚

  322. Kati says:

    Love the colorful bucket hats!! πŸ™‚

  323. Holly says:

    My favorite thing I’ve sewn is a little quilt for my son. It’s a favorite nighttime snugglie!

  324. Anya says:

    The best thing I’ve made lately is actually what I helped my 6 year old daughter make. She’s learning to sew and made her doll a sundress. Now we’re working on a sundress for her!

  325. Sara says:

    Every project I recently finish is my favorite…then I move on and have a new favorite, lol!

  326. Kristi says:

    I just got done making a bucket hat for my 16 mo. old. He loves it!

  327. Julia says:

    I’ve sewn pants for my baby-to-be, a bib, and a nursing cover for myself.

  328. Jenny says:

    i sewed valnetines day dolls for my kids and they are the greatest!

  329. Julia says:

    I’m expecting my first baby in about 2 weeks and this book would be so useful!

  330. Consuelo says:

    The book looks great with a wide variety of patterns. Thanks for the review. The thing I’ve sewn recently has been a little carry bag for a Zhu Zhu pet. It was fun and turned out alright. Thanks again.

  331. Kimberly says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn was a bunch of tissue holders for my girlfriends — teeny-tiny projects that were quick to make.

  332. Amanda says:

    I made lots of bibs in a range of sizes. They’ve been used so much!

  333. Andrea says:

    I just made “the charlotte dress” for my little one and would just love to get started on some projects from oliver + s!

  334. Nicole says:

    I love to sew mug rugs!

  335. Meagan says:

    I sewed a binkie clip for my son, so he wont loose it. He is a bit “attached” to the thing. πŸ™‚

  336. Lisa uotinen says:

    Yesterday I sewed up a quilted book cover for one of my favorite books using basically scraps of fabric and binding.

  337. Mama Lusco says:

    I’ve been wanting this book! One of the funnest things I made for the girls were Bunny Bags for Easter.

  338. nopinkhere says:

    I just made some little snack bags for my son’s lunch box.

  339. alison heafitz says:

    I am a new sewer and just began with Halloween costumes last year. I would love a book to get me started and going!

  340. Kristy says:

    the most recent best thing I sewed was a split skirt for my 5 year old, she wears it ALL the time!

  341. Kathy Glaves says:

    I make little fabric baskets for my grandchildren: One made from Cars fabric held my toddler grandson’s beloved pacifiers. Another held his sister’s hair elastics and barrets; another held Matchbox cars. One for me held my hot curler clips, and another our remotes.


  342. Kara says:

    Neither are very glamorous, but my favorite little things that I’ve made recently are pillows and a pincushion. Both make a daily difference in my life!

  343. Beth says:

    I just finished up the Eddie doll from Wee Wonderful’s book – it’s a birthday gift for a very special little boy in my life and I was amazed at how quickly and easily it came together. I’m a novice at sewing and knowing I can make a doll so easily was just a shock and a great surprise!

  344. Lori says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn lately has to be snack bags for the kids. We use them every single day and they’re great!

  345. adelina says:

    That sounds and looks like an awesome book! I made burp cloths for my newborn son – they have been the best since he was born a month ago!

  346. Julie says:

    I made my daughter a little doll diaper bag and diapers for a Christmas present.

  347. sara says:

    I would love to finally try an Oliver + S pattern – the book looks great. Small projects lately – fabric shoelaces & little chick bean bags for Easter. πŸ™‚

  348. Adelle says:

    The best little thing I have sewn probably has to be swaddlers for my son.

  349. MK says:

    While I just began sewing mid-Decemberish, my favorite thing would be the travel changing pad that I made for my cousin-in-law for her baby shower. Here it is…

  350. Heidi says:

    Looks like a beautiful book! I just finished the O+S Ice Cream dress and I just loved how it turned out.

  351. Lisa says:

    This books looks great – I’ve added it to my wishlist, but would love a chance to win, thanks!

  352. Nichole says:

    Little dresses for my little girls are probably my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  353. April says:

    So far (I have only been sewing for 3 months) it is my tote bag! Here is my blog post about it. (

  354. JTribley says:

    Last completed item was a little bunting for my daughter’s first birthday party. I’m currently working on a red “Iron Monster” cape for my son. I would love a copy of this book! (but first i’m going to make something for myself)

  355. Jennifer says:

    This little house, from UK Lass in US’s free tutorial:

  356. Alethea says:

    Love the book! I’d love to try a few projects from it. I’m really starting to get into sewing for my daughter.

    I made curtains, a crib organizer, a crib skirt, a quilted pillow, and two boppy covers out of Simply Sweet fabric for my daughter’s room. I’m working on making a toddler quilt from the leftovers.

  357. margaret says:

    The cutest little thing I’ve made was a pair of corduroy overalls. adorable!

  358. Elisabeth says:

    The best thing I’ve sewn so far was the bandolier for my nephew. He loves Thomas the Train so a few of the trains can fit into the slots on the front perfectly. It’s like the Chewbacca bandolier but with toy trains! It was so cute and I can’t wait to make one for my son! Thank you for the chance to win such a great book!

    imadiversgirl (at) gmail (dot) com

  359. Rebecca says:

    I just sewed up a 8 little bags to fit Bible/psalm books for church. They each have a Bible text accross the front. One of my favorite projects so far!

  360. Jen B says:

    The best little thing that I’ve sewn is a Cat in the Hat hat for my son for Christmas.

  361. Elizabeth says:

    Ooh! I love that it has ideas for little boys. So many of my friends have boys and I’m always wanting to make little girl things (hair clips, tutus, etc) and I feel sad. I’ve made several baby items, and am planning a cape for Halloween for a friend. So many things on my to-do list and so little time!

  362. Debra says:

    The best thing I’ve sewn is the Oliver + S pajamas! My kids love them and the patterns are so easy to understand. Love Oliver + S!

  363. Tess says:

    That book looks amazing! One of my favorite little things I’ve made was a small “backpack” (really turned out to be a shoulder bag) in adorable cherry fabric for one of my son’s friend’s 2nd birthday. It was great to make something girly for a change, and she absolutely loves to use it!

  364. Charity says:

    My girls love the birthday outfits that I made them this past fall and still ask to wear them all of the time. I love the little art totes I made for them. Posted here

  365. Summer says:

    I am a complete beginner, but am scouring this site and getting so excited by all of the creative ideas and resources. As a new stay at home mom I need some inspiration on making cool things for kids and this book looks loaded with them.

  366. M.F.Peterson says:

    Oh, I’ve been ogling this book! The best thing I’ve made is the Heather Bailey Ollie elephant. It was my first real pattern and I had lots of help at a workshop, but now I am very excited to try some more patterns!

  367. Dana says:

    Best little things I’ve sewn Ò€” a sleeve for a Wacom tablet.

  368. Mandee Jo says:

    I made pajamas for my little one

  369. Susie H. says:

    Oh I think my most favorite small thing I’ve made is a dolly for my daughter. Actually, we made it together, from a kids’ craft book she likes. We used the sleeve of an old dress shirt, a sock, a glove, and the softest handspun yarn I had. It’s definitely home-made, but she adores it, and I love that we made it together πŸ™‚

  370. Edra Chamberlin says:

    I just made my daughter a Princess detective cape. She loves it. It is Pink with a crown on the back.

  371. Melissa says:

    My favorite thing I’ve made so far are a pair of really cute pants for my little boy.

    I’ve been eyeing this book since it came out!

  372. sara b says:

    I love the bibs I made for my son. It’s so nice to use something I made at every meal!

  373. Addy says:

    One of my favorite projects was a king’s cape and crown for my nephew.

  374. Liz says:

    What a great book! One of the best things I’ve sewn is a knitting needle roll/organizer. I love it and it’s so functional!

  375. Bethany says:

    okay Oliver and S is my most favorite pattern company. I love many many many companies, but they are still my fav. I hope I win this it would just make my month, year!! Thanks for the chance!

  376. Leana says:

    I would love to use this book to sew more little things — my best project yet has been a dress that combined knitted top (handknit by my cousin) with skirt sewn by me for my daughter and my three nieces.

  377. Nadila says:

    I’m just getting into sewing, I made revisable tote and a needle book. And next my daughter want a library book, she picked the fabrics and ask me to make one for her..

  378. sarah says:

    i just made the cutest insulated lunch bag for my sister – now i want to make lots more of them for everyone i know…

  379. I’ve made aprons for the kids. So easy and fun!

  380. Ashley says:

    Sounds like a great book! I like that it has gender neutral projects (it seems like many sewing books focus more on girls, and I only have a boy).

    So far I’ve made some baby pants and a pacifier clip for my baby boy.

  381. Kimiko says:

    Hmm…the best little things I’ve made are probably handstitched felt barrettes for my girls. They get a little too detailed sometimes, but I really enjoy taking my time on them, when I have it.

  382. erica says:

    My favorite things to sew are things for kids, mostly because they are usually pretty quick projects. I think one of my favorite things that I have sewn recently was the hip carrier from your website. I had a chubby baby to carry around and the front carrier we had was killing my back, the hip carrier was a lifesaver.

  383. kim says:

    I love to sew little softies of my kids drawings. They love it too!

  384. Risa says:

    The book looks awesome! The very first sewing project I’ve done is a fabric keychain and though it’s wonky in places, it really kept me sane when I slip it through my wrist and never felt like I lost my keys as I can feel the weight of it. Definitely one of those instant satisfaction sewing projects. πŸ™‚

  385. KarenH says:

    My favorite little thing to make would be tissue holders.

  386. Rachel says:

    I sewed the Oliver & S 2+2 blouse and skirt for my daughter’s first day of kindergarten and loved it. I was a bit intimidated, but the instructions were great and I was really happy with all of the little details that elevate the garments. If I have to pick a favourite little thing it would be the matching nightgowns I made for my daughter and her friend and their dollies.

  387. Cara says:

    I love making personalized Christmas stockings. They make great baby shower gifts. And this Christmas I got to make one for my own munchkin.

  388. Diana says:

    I make kid size aprons which are great for pretend cooking in their play kitchens. I usually make a matching set (Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me) as gifts for my friends with toddlers. It’s so fun to everyone’s reactions to the aprons. With our first child on the way, I’d love to have this book and create fun things for our little one.

  389. Kristin says:

    I have been eyeing that book. Just yesterday my daughter picked out fabric for a bag and the messenger bag pattern looks perfect! The best things that I have sewn are baby blankets and bean bags…the bean bags have gotten lots of use this winter!

  390. Jessica M says:

    I am just getting into sewing, but I recently made a couple of hooded towels for my daughters…they love them. Not very small, but I haven’t sewn since HS. πŸ™‚

  391. Katy Yo says:

    I made a felt pig for a christmas tree ornament. It’s still kicking around my house and I love it!

  392. I recently sewed some little hooded towels & soft washcloths for friends’ babies, but I am expecting one of my own now & can’t wait to get started on all sorts of little projects…

  393. Lorrie Orr says:

    One little thing that I’ve sewn recently is an apple-shaped pincushion out of a scrap of flowery spring fabric. It cheers up my sewing table.

  394. Grandma G says:

    I made a play diaper bag for my granddaughter for Christmas. It contained a changing pad, diapers, and baby wipes in a holder… all of which I also made. It was so fun, and she loved it!

    See it here:

    Now I’m into making clothes for her baby doll. If you click on the ‘sewing’ link in my left sidebar, you can see them, too. πŸ™‚

  395. Joanna says:

    As my daughter normally refuses to wear anything homemade (grrr) the most I have been able to sew has been elastic waist pants. However, she looked at this post with me, and now says she wants me to make her a bunch of clothes, especially the bucket hat. Magenta, of course, with flowers.

  396. Cathy says:

    I’m not finished, but I am making a play quilt for my kids and there are little dolls and tiny sleeping bags to sew. The quilt itself is nearly done-hurray!

  397. rebecca says:

    I would love to add this book to my collection! Thanks so much. The last “little” thing I sewed was a summer skirt for my daughter. I didn’t have a pattern and had to make three to get it right!. Luckily she loved them all.

  398. Nataly says:

    The best thing I made were two dolls for two sisters (2 and 4 years old). Their mother had just given birth so the kids were very happy to also have their own babies. I think it was the best thing I made because of the girls smile. Nothing in the world compares to children smiles!

  399. nichole says:

    a mug rug!!!

  400. Cassie says:

    I recently sewed some baby shoes for my nephew – it only took a couple of hours and they were just adorable. Will be making more in the future for baby showers, etc. (I also need to make another pair for my nephew – the ones I sent just barely fit!)

  401. anne says:

    Oh, I would be SO THRILLED to win this book! The best little thing I’ve sewn? That’s tough! But the funnest thing to sew was a toddler backpack.

  402. Cherie says:

    I’d love some ideas on how to sew little. Most of my little projects never come out right. I have had success with little baby pants, and the “fancy” burp cloths.

  403. Sara says:

    One of the best and easiest little things I have sewn lately are knit skirts for my daughter made from larger sized women’s shirts. Quick, easy but most important? She will actually wear it! I mean, let’s face it if you spend your preciously non-existent free time sewing something for your little one, you want them the actually use it, right?

  404. Tez says:

    Love this book and I’ve had my eye on it!
    My favourite little thing to make right now, is a little zipper/snap wallet. It is so easy to make in a variety of sizes and looks really cute!!
    I follow this tutorial

  405. bess says:

    my daughter and i have been having sewing lessons lately. last time, she made a small doll-sized pillow – so simple, but she is so proud!! i’m really enjoying sharing my love of sewing with her. πŸ™‚

  406. Sarah says:

    I love Oliver + S!! I’ve made a few little Velcro closure bags to keep toy pieces in. It’s a good way to keep the clutter down, and my liitle girl loves putting her wooden blocks in and out of their bag.

  407. Erin P says:

    Just finished a garland for over my boy’s crib and a quilt for a friend.

  408. Samina says:

    Very cute stuff in the book. I’ve made some small tissue package holders that turned out very cute.

  409. Susan V says:

    One of the best little things I have sewn is handwarmers. They are easy and my kids love them.

  410. Charity says:

    I sewed up a little CD holder for my daughter. She doesn’t need to struggle with the cases, and the soft fabric is great for avoiding scratches. πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  411. Chris says:

    I made Geo cache treasure drawstring bags for my cousins!

  412. Colleen says:

    What a great looking book. One of the best little thinigs I have sewn is little needlecases for my friends.

  413. mamamouseiam says:

    Ohhhh, the sneak peek you gave us makes me very excited for the book! So many cute, little things to make! Lately, I’ve been sewing big things, except for a couple of quilted covers for pocket-sized tissue, requested by a friend. πŸ™‚

  414. Tong says:

    what a lovely book! last christmas i made 2 little pencil rolls for my little cousins and they loved them! i don’t have any kids myself and none of my friends have babies yet, but some of my coworkers are expecting this summer and i expect to be sewing up some little things for the new babies!

  415. heather b says:

    Love the Oliver & S patterns – I’d like my girl to stay little to wear all of them! Can’t wait to see the book.

  416. Elizabeth says:

    The “little things” I have sewn the most of are sun hats for baby shower gifts and black apple dolls. (

  417. Susan M. says:

    We’re expecting our first grandchild this September, so my knitting needles have been clicking away at a furious rate, my crochet hook has been hooking, and my son and I are collaborating together on BabyMo’s first quilt. So my best sewing is yet to be…

  418. Sarah says:

    One of my favourite things that I have sewn was a set of felt food for my daughters’ kitchen. Two years later, and they still look great, and get played with all the time!

  419. Michele Judd says:

    I just checked this book out from our local library yesterday – it is fabulous and totally worth purchasing! My favorite little thing that I’ve sewn has been a Dorthy costume for my oldest whenever she was two years old – it was one of my first complicated projects, I hadn’t been sewing for very long at that time.

  420. payal says:

    I love this book! I have been wanting to buy it for a while. My favorite thing to sew so far has been pillows (inspired by your pillow contest). I have sewed them for the kids, floor pillows, throw pillows and a pillow with a handle & pocket for sleep overs.

  421. Michelle says:

    Since I had three boys, I’m am especially happy to sew dresses for my Grandaughters.

  422. Kristal says:

    I love making little receiving blankets with Minky on one side a pretty print on the other side.
    That book looks awesome!

  423. Sara C says:

    I love their patterns! I made daughter a very cute dress out of a blue western fabric. I can’t wait to check out the new patterns in the book!

  424. Anna says:

    Gosh. I’m really proud of a big, teen-sized messenger bag I made for my son, with pencil pockets, a car safety-belt strap, zipper pocket in the flap, and pirate skull appliques. Even hethought it was pretty cool.

  425. Emilee says:

    Most useful best little things I’ve sewn: bibs from dishtowels. Amazing. Cutest little thing I’ve sewn (lately): jumprope dresses (5!) from Oliver + S. I’m a little obsessed.

  426. the littlest thing i’ve ever sewn–a wee owl ornament for my 9 month old’s first christmas! i free-handed the pattern, which isn’t easy for a beginner sewer, and decided that i need to work on my hand-sewing skills! it will go on the tree next year!

  427. I am a bag lady, pure and simple. I love bags. Oh, wait, and hats. Ummm … and … kitchen-y things!

  428. Jen Richards says:

    I love making baby items – bibs, burps, blankets, etc…. and little dresses and skirts. This book looks terrific! It is definitely on my list!!! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  429. Amy says:

    Oooh Oooh! I have this in my Amazon wishlist! I sewed a really fun crib set that I’m in love with right now.

  430. Emily says:

    I’ve had my eye on this book…would love to own it!! One of the first things I sewed was the Oliver + S popover sundress. It came together so nicely that I’ve made several more…one of my favorite things to sew. πŸ™‚

  431. grace says:

    this book is too darling. i think that the best little thing i’ve sewn is a little toy giraffe for my daughter. i did it all freehand and it came out great.

  432. Laura W. says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn is a felt birthday crown for my son’s first birthday. He’s 18 months old and he brings it to me and points at his head, asking to wear it. I feel so proud that he likes it that much!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  433. nicke cutler says:

    such a fun book! i have it saved on my wishlist on! love the bag you made. super cute fabrics!

  434. Chris V says:

    Oh how I would LOVE to win this book!!!
    One of my favourite things that I recently sewed was a pair of Sunday pants for my little guy (2 1/2). Using a basic pattern I totally pimped them up and they are so cute, if I do say so myself… ;o)

  435. Cat says:

    What a lovely book ! I had a preview on Soulemama blog, with the lovely hat she made for her daughter…

    I love making gifts on baby’s birth, so… i usually make a set of bib, wash mitt, soft toy in an assorted drawstring bag.

  436. Megan says:

    I just made a teeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiny mohair owl for a 4-year old friend who wanted “the littlest owl ever”.

  437. Mindi says:

    I would love to win this book!! My favorite thing to make right now is dresses for my 18mo old little girl!

  438. Beth says:

    I love to make bags. I recently made some cute little “project” bags. The book looks great. I can’t wait to look through it.

  439. Marci Girl says:

    The best “little” thing I have made? Maybe my son’s christening gown. It was the most complicated for sure!

  440. Liz says:

    Well, I’m a brand new sewer, so my past projects are limited to some coasters, napkins, a quilt and some receiving blankets. I use the coasters all the time, and have some really fun memories of them as my first project. I think my favorite little thing though is the 1st receiving blanket I made for my son who will be born in about 9 weeks. I’m just so anxious to hold him and wrap him up in it! I’m trying to branch out with my sewing, so this book would be an awesome way to learn some new stuff. Thanks for the opportunity!

  441. Sara says:

    My penguin-obsessed 4 yr old would love that backpack on the cover! The best little thing I’ve sewn is a petticoat – it gets worn so often, adding some warmth and a peek of lace at the bottom of skirts!

  442. Courtney says:

    The favorite thing I’ve sewn so far is a twirly dress from a Bizzkids pattern for my daughter.

  443. Amy G. says:

    The best thing I’ve sewn are clothes for my niece and nephew. There’s nothing like seeing them in something that I made! And they ask for new things too!

  444. Jennifer R. says:

    One of my favorite little things I’ve made is a notebook cover that I made for my 3rd and 4th grade Awana class. They were so cute and the girls really loved them.

  445. Hilary says:

    I love making pincushions. They’re a great way to use precious little pieces of fabric that you like too much to throw away, and who doesn’t need a pincushion near every sewing surface?

  446. Megan says:

    One of my favorite ‘little things’ I’ve made is a stuffed elephant toy for a friend’s baby. He loves playing with the ears and pulling on the trunk!

  447. Holly says:

    I LOVE that this book is coming out! I love just reading them!

    My favorite little thing I made right now – is a Cinderella dress – the “maid dress”…with an apron (a chicken bag, my daughter called it). She used the apron to feed her chickens in the book/movie. πŸ™‚

    How fun to create so they can play!

  448. Lee says:

    The best thing I sew are baby blankets for Newborns in Need. Very satisfying and lots of fun.

  449. Kristin P. says:

    My favorite little things to sew are baby booties and bibs for my friends babies!! Next i am going to try a kids apron and chefs hat, looking forward to it.

  450. Jacque says:

    My favorite little things were the pajamas that I’ve sewn for my kids…lots of fun fabrics, like Super Mario! Would love to try the bucket hat in the book!

  451. elsa says:

    I love to make zip bags ~ they are the best little gift to give someone and you can slip something inside them too!

  452. Denise says:

    My favourite sewing experience in recent years was learning to sew a skirt tailored to fit my exact measurements. It was based on a DIY pattern taught to me by my good friend’s mother who was visiting from Malta, where she designs and makes costumes for the ballet and theatre. There’s nothing like custom sewing – it fits perfectly! To see images of the process an final product check out my blog:

  453. ohdessa says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn was a pair of cute pants from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches. It had a matching shirt that got lots, but my son wore those pants like crazy and they were so cute.

  454. Chrissy says:

    I made my daughter’s Easter dress last year and it turned into her picture day dress, her birthday party dress, her tea party dress, etc. We both love that simple dress!

  455. Katie says:

    My mom loves vintage aprons. I sewed her a few a while back that were so tiny! She loved them!

  456. Sionann says:

    I am so excited for this book! I am a ridiculous novice, but if these patterns are as well explained as I’ve been told, some of these should be doable. Such great, classic cuts!

  457. Megan Lazzar says:

    One of the best things I ever sewed was the little baby jacket I made using Anna Maria Horner’s baby in the hood pattern from Hand Made Beginnings.

  458. mn2nm says:

    I am really looking forward to this book! Thans for the review!

  459. One of the best little things I’ve sewn are my kid’s baby quilts. So sweet and sure to become heirlooms.

  460. krystina says:

    I love Oliver + S patterns. They are by far my go-to choice in making kid clothes. I’d love to win this one!

  461. The book looks fantastic! With four kids, I’ve made a lot of things over the years. However, my favorite items have been the ones inspired by my children and their art projects.

  462. Kim Corradi says:

    I love their stuff! Such a wonderful classic style!

  463. Lisa Parnell says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite thing I have sewn is a tunic top for myself.

  464. Heather J. says:

    Of little things, the best and most loved in our house is the tooth fairy pillow I made for my son. He came home from kindergarten with a very wiggly tooth, and I realized that day or very quickly thereafter I’d need a place for that first lost tooth. I sewed up a little pillow out of leftover plaid flannel from his favorite pajama pants; cut out a tooth shape out of white felt; embroidered his initial on the felt in his favorite color (orange); and made the tooth into a patch pocket on the pillow. He still sleeps with it on his bed every night, loose teeth or no!

  465. Paloma says:

    The best little thing I have sewn hands down would have to be a red skirt I made for my daughter. I made it for her when she was three and it still fits (albeit differently) nearly 6 years later! Last year just for fun I pulled pictures of her wearing it throughout the years and posted to my blog, I’ll have to update with a 2011 pic!

  466. Timmi says:

    I have just started pattern sewing, and even though a tank top isn’t super neat, for one of my first projects it is.

  467. Sarah Mosher says:

    I love the photographs in this book. All the projects look so lovely and well-made. I’d love to have a copy myself.

  468. eve says:

    I sewed a set of blocks for a friend’s baby at church. I also sewed bath towels for friends babies. πŸ™‚

  469. Lynn Cabral says:

    I made a little tote bag with cherries fabric for my daughter when she was wee. It’s the perfect size for her ballet slippers now that she’s older.

  470. Palila says:

    Bibs! Apparently, the ones I’ve been making actually fit the kids with tiny necks, and they’re large enough to really cover the kid. Will be making a few more for my friend’s (and my expected) babies!

  471. Jaclyn Wolfe says:

    I love sewing little conductor hats out of corduroy for little ones!

  472. Westin's Mom says:

    One of the best little things I made was a crocheted bird that my daughter loved immediately

  473. Jane says:

    Years ago I made a number of Raggedy Ann dolls, they are still being loved by another generation of children. I would guess they would be my “best little thing”

  474. Cammie says:

    The balls, the bucket hats, everything looks so fun!

  475. I like to sew our Halloween costumes. Little baby Toadette was amazing. OK, so the best part was the crocheted hat, but it’s was still amazing! I still sewed the shirt, pants, and vest!

  476. Genyke says:

    Before I left for a 6-month trip, several years ago, I sewed several small bags (like shoe-bags). I spent those 6 months living in my backpack, and used those smaller bags to put everything in, so when I had to open my suitcase in public (either in a dorm, or at the customs), I was never afraid that the first thing people would see were my underwear…

  477. Kayci N. says:

    Wow, that looks like an awesome book! I have 3 little ones and one on the way, so I need lots of little things to sew! The best little thing I’ve sewn was a dolly for my baby girl.

  478. joy says:

    Probably the best little thing I’ve sewn was the scalloped baby blanket from Bend the Rules Sewing. I sent it to a friend in Holland along with a matching bib when his daughter was born.
    It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever sewn!

  479. Sally says:

    I would say my favorite thing I’ve sewn that was little were the dolls/bears/toys. At first my kids didn’t like them but now they love playing with them.

  480. Emily says:

    i just finished a pair of pants for my toddler son, and now i’m working on a little shirred dress for my niece. this book looks wonderful!

  481. Wendi Gratz says:

    One of the best little things I’ve sewn was when I took my favorite stuffed bunny pattern and turned it into an Easter hat for my daughter. So cute!

  482. Sarah says:

    This book looks so fun! The best little thing I’ve sewn is a teeny little piggy with a pink nose and curly tail. But all my friends are starting to have babies so I can’t wait to make little things for little people.

  483. Rachel says:

    I have this book on my wish list for sure!

    The best little thing I’ve sewn is a wool coat for my 3-year-old from the Oliver + S School Days jacket pattern. Although it took time, the instructions made it easy and clear. My daughter gets compliments on it all the time, and I made it in gender-neutral navy wool with a multi-colored lining so my son can wear it as well. I love that it is timeless quality that I can pass down.

  484. Jasmine says:

    A mermaid for my daughter, using the Wee Wonderfuls book…she has blue cordouroy hair!

  485. Sara says:

    I would *love* to win this book – otherwise, I will have to wait ages to get it from my library!

    The best little thing I’ve sewn recently is a dress from a Farbenmix pattern – all curved seams and complicated pieces, but tons of fun.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  486. Lili says:

    I sewed little tiny kitty cat finger puppets for my 2 year old niece!

  487. One of the best little things I’ve sewn came together just this morning! It’s a little bunny ornament that I’m using as a baby gift topper/tag, but could easily become a springtime or Easter decoration. It’s a quick, sweet project with a smidge of hand embroidery.

  488. Jessica says:

    What a great giveaway! I haven’t tried many little things (no kids yet!), but I made a fun artist’s smock for my niece, and I have several projects in the works for friends having babies.

  489. Ann says:

    Just made a sweet little boxy zip pouch. I hate traveling with my big ugly navy toiletry bag and now finally after about 10 years I have a cute pouch to use. It was so fun and quick to make that I think I will make a few more.

  490. Kelly says:

    Would so love to win this book-I’ve been waiting for it! I sew a LOT of little things, but I think my favorites would have to be the pajamas I make for my nephews–just easy flannel pants or cotton shorts, and tiny fleece robes. Simple, yes, but those little pants and robes are used (and loved) every day, which makes me so happy.

  491. sangeetha says:

    The best thing I haev ever sewn is taggie blankets for my little boy – or not so little anymore. He has had them for 4 years now and is still not ready to give them up πŸ™‚

  492. Mary says:

    I have made several little backpacks for my kids’ friends for birthday presents.

  493. Deanna says:

    That book would be a great addition to my sewing library. Thanks for the chance.

  494. Aja says:

    my favorite little thing, okay things, because it’s too hard to pick just one, are a plush monster we named Talula and a messenger bag that i use every day. thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  495. The best little thing I’ve sewn is a set of Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals from a vintage pattern. So fun and cute.

  496. Katie B says:

    I made some really cute mini quilt wall hangings for my son’s room. This book looks awesome!

  497. Rita C says:

    Ohhhhhhhh…. I’d sooooooo love to get this book!
    The last thing I sewn for my daughters were aprons for them to ‘help out’ in the kitchen. They turned out adorable πŸ™‚

  498. Maggie says:

    I love the little bunnies I made for my girls last year from a pattern from “Bit of Whimsy” on etsy. I still look at those and think, “I can’t believe I made those”.

  499. Sarah says:

    I made a green stuffed duck for a friend! Lol, it was little and fun.

  500. Amanda says:

    I saved all my sons cute clothes from newborn to age two. Cut out one 6 1/2 inch square from each and made a quilt…..some squares have snaps and some have buttons from his sleepers I even put the back with pocket from his first pair of jeans. Not the most challenging project but definitly the most special.

  501. I made my daughter a tiny diaper bag – just her size – for her to use with her doll. The best part … it looked just like my own, only smaller. We both love that little bag!

  502. megan says:

    i love to make little hats for my kidos.

  503. Rhonda says:

    I make gifts for EVERY child’s birthday party we go to. Not only is it very economical for our family budget, it is usually very well received. We have made hooded towels, library bags with pocket for a library card, and this year is Dolly and Me aprons for the girls and super hero capes for the boys. The Oliver S Patterns are some of my new favorites. Please pick me. I promise to have one of each pattern made by the end of the year. πŸ˜‰

  504. Corrie says:

    Oh, I have been wanting this book! Recently, I sewed the Dapper Dillinger Trousers for my sons. They turned out great!

  505. hmmmm…one of the best little things I’ve sewn??? For my boys, ties, they were them even with T shirts some days! LOL! For my girls, some little reversible handbags that delights me to see them carry over and over.
    Thanks for the fun and chance to win, LOVE Oliver + S and their unique, classic pattern style!

  506. Susan says:

    Once, a long time ago, I made short overalls for my boys with appliqued trucks on them. They were favorites for as long as they fit. Can’t wait for the first grandson to get big enough to make him some fun things.

  507. Tammy says:

    How fun! I would love to have a copy of this book. Thank you for the chance! πŸ™‚

    One of the best little things I’ve ever sewn? Hmmmmm…the first thing that came to my mind was this dress: for my newborn daughter!

  508. Laura says:

    the owl toy that my sick little girl is trailing through the house behind her

  509. Gretchen says:

    Alright, you convinced me. This book is going on my amazon wishlist…which means it’s only a matter of time…

  510. JJ says:

    I have been jumping to check out this book, it looks adorable!

  511. Emily says:

    Looks like a great book!

  512. Katie says:

    I’m just finishing up a couple sundresses for my 7 and 4 year-old daughters. It feels so optimistic to be sewing a sundress while waiting for spring to arrive.

  513. Sarah J says:

    this looks like an amazing book! I’ve always loved their patterns

  514. Suzanne says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn is definitely this little capelet

    I love it when my niece wears it.

  515. Kelly Stockstill says:

    I made seersucker bikinis for my two little girls. They were awesome! I’ve never tried an Oliver + S pattern, so I hope I win this one!

  516. Whistlepea says:

    A few weeks ago I sewed my daughter the Rose top from Citronille and I’m really proud of it because I put a lot of time into the details like blind hemming by hand.

  517. Sara says:

    well i’ve only recently started sewing little things, because my brother is having his first child. but i really adored making little bibs for the baby. so tiny and cute!

  518. Heidi says:

    My daughter would love a bag like that when she gets a little bit bigger!!

  519. Elizabeth says:

    Man, I’ve sewn tons of things for my little man. The most amazing one, (I think) is the sweet pod carrier. It’s certainly the most complicated thing I’ve ever sewn! (

  520. Jessica B says:

    I love sewing little dresses for my daughter!

  521. Katherine says:

    I think one of the best little things I’ve sewed was a little storybook doll from a 1970s pattern. Unfortunately, I never made her an outfit, so she’s sitting in a closet at my parents’ house wearing only a kerchief.

  522. Keri says:

    One of the best things I’ve made was a nursing cover. So useful, and I saved a lot of money making my own.

  523. Chris says:

    Best little thing to sew? Doll clothes for my girls.

  524. SewLindaAnn says:

    One of the best little things I’ve sewn was my first newborn blankie out of flannel rubber duckie fabric. It was such a great feeling.

  525. Carlee Dynes says:

    Most of my sewing involves making little things – bibs, hats, toys, tiny baby pants, etc. My best loved little things, are the little leather baby shoes that I make.

  526. Sarah says:

    I have 3 little girls and it is so fun to sew for them! One of my favorite go-to items for birthday parties, etc is the Black apple doll. It is simple, fast, and cute! Then, when we get extra time I’ll make them a crown or a mermaid costume. I love seeing my girls snuggle up at night with a doll that I made myself!

  527. Christina says:

    I think toy bags are always great little sewing projects — they look nicer than boxes and more colorful too.

  528. Isabella says:

    I just finished a plush Ducky Momo (a character from Phineas &Ferb) for a friend.

  529. SonjaVic says:

    This looks like the perfect book. The projects are all something I would consider making and look really attractive. I can’t wait to get a copy!

  530. Lynne says:

    I think the best little thing I’ve sewn are baby booties. So cute.
    Thanks for the great giveaway! The book looks fabulous!

  531. Wendy says:

    I just made a little bunny for my daughter. It’s so special because I used her baby clothes to make it and embroidered her name and date on the back. I know she is going to keep it with sentimental value!!!

  532. Holly says:

    One of my very first sewing projects was two little bitty messenger bags (much simpler than the one you showed!) for my two little bitty girls. They were made from an online tutorial using a pair of pants that I would never be fitting into again! My girls still use them three years later!

  533. Beth Hawks says:

    I make a lot of aprons, so my favorite project was a set of 4 aprons and a matching bib I made for a mom and her 4 daughters! Each apron got smaller until the babies bib πŸ™‚ So cute!

  534. laurel says:

    i sewed piratey hobo sacks as favors for a party recently, and they were a huge hit!

  535. Alison says:

    One of my favorite little things to make is a gift bag out of fat quarters with a ribbon sewn in to tie it shut. So easy and so much cuter than a paper gift bag. And reusable!

  536. brenda says:

    I made a cuddly bunny from a pattern downloaded. My grand-daughter loved it, it went right into her bed with all her favorites.

  537. Katie says:

    The best little things I’ve sewn are all the room decorations for my daughter Ursula. The bedding, wall pockets, blankets, etc

  538. Carolyn Wood says:

    I made an owl mobile for my grandson which was one of his favorite things for a long time.

  539. martha says:

    I have three grandbabies I sew for and to me I love the process of fabric to dress, fabric to shirt, so I can’t say I have a favorite item yet. I love sewing:)

  540. Alyssa T says:

    I have been admiring projects from this book!
    The best little thing I’ve sewn is probably lavender rice heat packs – quick, efficient, and well-loved gifts!

  541. Erin d. says:

    Definitely the little birds from spool’s bird mobile. I made one for my son before he was born and then two for friends who’ve requested one. Those little birds are just precious. Neat looking book!

  542. tonya lemos says:

    most of the things i sew are little or at least for a favorite little person and her friends, some of my favorite little things to sew are hair acccessories. here is a link

    i have been wanting this books since i read about it, looks great. their patterns are always adorable! i hope i win!! thanks for the chance!

  543. Alisa says:

    What a cute book! I’m pretty new to sewing, but the baby pants I made at Christmas were pretty adorable in my humble opinion πŸ™‚

  544. Virginia says:

    I have sewn the popover sundress dolldress over and over for my little girl’s many babies.

  545. Rachel T says:

    new cozy pjs for my little one! Hope I win I would love to sew up some more little things!

  546. beth says:

    S key not working well πŸ™

  547. Chantal says:

    I’ve made crayon roll ups and little bags to hold them and a coloring book. Every child who has received one, loves them!

  548. Leslie says:

    I am new to sewing but the best thing I have sewn is a tabby blanket for my twin daughters…each had their initial appliqued on it and gave them the different textured ribbons that expensive baby blankets have on them!

  549. beth says:

    …one of the best thing i have sewn i my chicken egg & tea pot cosies, they get so much use & make me smile each time!

  550. Leigh says:

    I just made a really nice stroller liner for my new baby’s stroller.

  551. Cindy says:

    I just finished cute little Spring dresses for my grand-daughters. The book looks like it has lots of fun projects!

  552. Ann-Margret says:

    One of my favourite “little” projects was a simple tote bag with large floral nine-patch blocks on either side, made for my niece (who was probably around 7 at the time). She carried that tote bag everywhere for a couple of years! It always made me smile to see her loving it. πŸ™‚

  553. Lindsay says:

    I would love to win this book! A new little nephew just entered my life so I would be able to put it to good use! The best little thing I ever sewed was a personalized Superman cape for another nephew. It has a big C on the back instead of an S, and I included a lightning bolt through it because he loves Lightning McQueen. He runs around the house with it on pretending he is a combination of Spiderman, Superman, and other super heroes. Success!

  554. D'Lane says:

    I have a 1 year old little girl and sewing little things is so much fun! I made her a dress to go to Homecoming last year that was our school colors. That was fun, but the best part is the accessories! Matching shoes and headbands are so cute! I love sewing little things and would love this book!

  555. Amy says:

    I once sewed a flappy hat for my newborn and it was perfect. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  556. Liz says:

    My favorite little thing sewn so far was the Robin costume I made for my (at the time) one year old last Halloween. His big brother was Batman and needed a sidekick. All of the Robin costumes for his age cost a pretty penny, so I whipped one up mask and all. And for some unknown reason he wore it the whole day, even the felt mask! It is by far my most successful sewing project for my boys!

  557. I made a little baby quilt for my nephew!

  558. Tanya says:

    My favorite “little” thing that I have sewn is a quilted bag for myself to carry in the spring. It works as a purse, a farmer’s market tote, a book bag, and more. It’s not perfect and some of the inside seams are a little funny to look at, but I was proud of making it and still love to use it!

  559. Jerilyn says:

    Some of the best little things I have sewn have to be the drawstring treasure (goodie) bags stamped with each child’s name for my son’s 4th birthday party.

  560. Em says:

    My favorite little project has been a scrappy ruffle skirt, which I came up with as a scrap buster. It turned out so well that I made two more for little friends.

  561. Kim says:

    I’ve been eyeing that book for a few weeks. Thanks for the chance to win!
    One of my favorite little things I’ve made has to be the fleece Totoro hats for my kids – my 2 year old AND 14 year old. They wear them almost every day. I love when they use what I make them!

  562. Krista says:

    My favorite little thing I sewed was snack bags for my kids, they were so easy to make and come in so handy.

  563. Kate says:

    this book looks great! One of the best little things I have sewn is baby shoes – super cute and they get rave reviews from the parents for actually staying on their babies’ feet!

  564. Janet says:

    I made a puppet theater for my girls for Christmas and it has been sooo used. Definately has made me feel like all the late night work (while the girls were sleeping and couldn’t see) were worth it. I think it will have a long life too. I designed my own and “just winged it”, but would have loved to have had the instructions in this book at the time.

  565. Sharron says:

    I’m learning to knit and I made myself a project bag and a little bag for the needles with Alexander Henry bird seed fabric that I had been saving for a while.

  566. kelly jo says:

    I sewed a cute little ball for my daughter when she was about 1 1/2 and she still has it and loves playing with! I love that bucket hat in the book – perfect for the spring and summer!!

  567. desiree says:

    the best little thing…… a vest for my son. I loved how it looked on him!

  568. dorothy says:

    I just made my toddler a tank and shorts set from an upcycled pair of my shirts. They’re pretty much awesome.

    I would love to win a copy of this book. So many projects I want to try…

  569. Foster says:

    A baby quilt using her old receiving blankets! Thanks for the chance!

  570. Michelle T says:

    I love the little wallet I made for myself…small, but has Exactly what I want and need in it.

  571. Andrea says:

    I would love to win this…been wanting to try some Oliver & S patterns…

  572. Marci says:

    I love to make things for my nephew, the cutest thing I have made him are pants out of sock monkey fabric using the pattern in Anna Maria Horner’s baby book.

  573. Jess says:

    One of my favorite things to do is to take an old T-shirt and transform it. Right now, I’m working on a T-shirt quilt for my son with all the graphic tees he loved but can’t wear any more. I recently made a few too-big T-shirts into dresses for my daughter and I have made my youngest several pairs of PJ pants from his dad’s old tees. I love it because it’s free and relatively easy, and it’s eco-conscious to boot! πŸ™‚


  574. Erin says:

    Of couse some of the best things that I have sewn are for my little girls. The satisfaction on seeing them in something that I have made is so great. And even better when they tell somebody that their “Mommy” made it. I would love this book. I have heard that the bucket hats are the best!

  575. Beki says:

    I am still learning, but my best little project has been a simple tank dress with a pleated skirt for my 4 year daughter. It had to be hot pink, of course.

  576. Lisa ONeill says:

    I love Oliver + S patterns! Last year we welcomed a new niece, KatieMae, adopted from China. She looks beautiful in the O+S birthday dress I made her. Her favorite PJ’s – the kimono PJ’s from O+S, made with a turquoise voile with a China red trim. I need to pick up a new pattern for her Easter dress!

  577. Ima says:

    Wow, I would love to win this book!
    One of the best little things I have sewn is this children’s belt:

  578. Dorian says:

    Oh I would love to win this book! Thanks for a chance. I’ve recently made my 6yo an ‘adventure’ bag. Full of pockets and hook place for taking his notebook/pens/binoculars/compass/etc out on a walking and exploring nature.

  579. tanja says:

    I’ve sewn a bottle bag for a friend.

    I printed a picture he has on his blog, on the fabric (ironed the fabric onto Freezer Paper first and then used my ink jet printer for printing) and then sew the draw string bag.

    The friend said, it was the most beautiful present he ever got, because it was so individual and creative. So I guess, it was one of the best little things I’ve sewn.

    You can have a look on the bag right over here:

  580. I love projects for children, since I have 3! My favorite project to date is a kimono jacket and matching booties I made for my new son. I found the pattern link for the Kimono here and have since made him a few, plus a few jackets and dresses as gifts, I love the pattern so much!

  581. My granddaughter loves making doll clothes and clothes for our cat. Poor Kitty is so good about it. LOL

  582. Karen says:

    One of the best little things I’ve sewn is a water bottle bag for my 5 year old. She uses it on trips to the park and the zoo.

    This book looks really fun.

  583. kim says:

    This book looks so cute. I recently made some tag blankies using bunny fabric from Japan.

  584. erinmalia says:

    I love making little boy ties with matching suspenders. Too bad they grow out of them so quickly.

  585. This book looks so cute! I have a *lot* of friends who have had (or are having) babies recently, so I’ve been sewing a lot of cloth baby shoes. They seem to be a big hit with the recipients πŸ™‚

  586. patricia says:

    The best little things I have ever sewn were the Christmas dresses I made for my little girls using 12 Days of Christmas fabric from Kate Spain and the Sydney hooded dress pattern from Mod Kid.

  587. Franziska says:

    the best little thing I’ve sewn was a pincushion (look here), I use it all the time.
    If you meant sewing for a little one this has been a pillowcase with straps attached to the head of our bed so that our little one lying in the middle of our bed is not able to push her head against the wood. Very useful!

  588. Toni says:

    One of my favorite things that I have made is a “bike bucket” for my son from Noodlehead’s tutorial. He just got his first bike and is always picking up rocks and other treasures but was having a hard time holding them while wanting to ride his bike. Her tutorial was the perfect solution. Thanks!

  589. Melanie T says:

    One of the best things I have sewn is my daughter’s quilt. I would love to try my hand at some of these little things. Thanks for the chance!

  590. Adriana says:

    I recently made a few tiny cloth diapers for my daughter’s “babies”. So easy and simple and she loves to play mama and baby. Love the book! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  591. Pamela says:

    I have sewn so much for my boys over the years…
    Well, which one was my best? The sleepers??? The T-shirts?? The soft books?? The card table cover playhouse?? And that was just the ’70s! I think my best work was done just recently in the making of a christening dress for a colleague’s baby girl. It was completely made out of her wedding dress. What a fun project! Sure makes me look at my wedding dress in a new light…

  592. Hannah says:

    I haven’t sewn any little things yet, but I’m hoping children aren’t too far in my future and I’ll get to start sewing little things very soon!

  593. Beth says:

    I love the hat and the messenger bag – too cute. I love sewing little zip bags for my kids and their “special things” and for myself and my lipstick!

  594. Mandy says:

    I just finished the fabric ball from Anna Maria Horner’s book. Both my boys (3 yrs and 1 yr) love playing with it. I really hope to get my hands on the Oliver + S book though – I am drooling over the bucket hat and the messenger bag.

  595. Sherps says:

    I haven’t made kid’s clothes before but I’d like to try.

  596. Cassandra says:

    i think one of the best things i’ve sewn is little plush monsters for my son. He enjoys using its mouth to eat up his toys. =]

  597. Mhairi says:

    I love Oliver + S. Please could I win this one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
    I love sewing but one of my favourites is the stuffed owl I made for my son to help him stop being scared of the dark. It worked a treat and is so cute.

  598. Greta says:

    One of the best little things I have sewn for my girls were circle skirts. They love how much they twirl with them!

  599. elana says:

    oh…i just tried to buy this book but there aren’t any right now!

    i recently sewed a tooth fairy pillow for my daughter who unexpectedly lost her first tooth. it was in the shape of a cat and it had a little tooth pocket. first thing i ever sewed with no instructions!

  600. Bernadette says:

    One of the best things is the first dress I made for my daughter. After two boys I hadn’t done much in the way of clothes sewing but I was very excited to make her first dress. Sweet pink gingham.

  601. Southern Gal says:

    My Amy Butler teardrop bag. I’ve made two and am working on my third. Plus I’ve made a reversible one piece dress that crosses in the back (dont’ know the correct term)with bloomers that was easy as pie and cute as a button.

  602. Erin says:

    I sewed a bunch of little birds out of upholstery scraps and made them into a mobile for my nephew when he was born! I’d love to do some more small sewing. Thanks!

  603. looks like a great book.

  604. Linda Fecht says:

    Would love to have this. I could make some things for my grand daughter.

  605. Deb Cameron says:

    Hmmm the best little things I have sewn has been a pair of shorts and a raglan sleeve t-shirt that I have been making my boys since they were 6months of age from an Ottobre Magazine. I am still making the same pattern and they are now 3 and 4!! Ottobre is awesome!!! I can’t wait to make some little things for my boys from Liesl’s new book, Oliver and S rock and I have yet to make my boys the nature walk pullover and pants…all cut out and ready to go!

  606. Robyn Brown says:

    I have made several of Oliver + S’s little patterns and they’re just wonderful. I’ve made the pajama pattern several times. I love the kimono top.

  607. Kathy says:

    One of the best little things I’ve hand sewn was a set of felt dinosaurs. I used a pattern I bought on Etsy and it was a huge hit with the child I made them for!

  608. rachel says:

    I just sewed a sweet little baby hat for my baby girl

  609. KJL says:

    I am learning to sew and have had a wonderful time making little things for my two little ones. The biggest hits so far were these two “funny little creatures” that were supposed to be small teddy bears, but weren’t. This was because I had made my own pattern and forgot seam allowances, which threw it all off. Instead of wee bears, the kids got very tiny and very odd, but super cute, monsters. They love the things, but I would love to win this book – clearly I need to use someone else’s patterns. LOL.

  610. Beth says:

    One of the sweetest little things I’ve sewn is the Easter dress I made for my granddaughter last year to go with a sweater I had knitted for her. I’m doing the same thing this year – working on the sweater now and have the prettiest fabric for a dress to go with it. I’d LOVE to win this book. It looks fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway.

  611. Ellen says:

    Very cute stuff!

  612. Robin says:

    I just stitched a tiny penny rug for a necklace. Check it out on my blog πŸ™‚

  613. Irene says:

    I recently made a tiny squirrel from an old glove

  614. Jennifer L says:

    The quilt for my sons bed. Its still in the process of being finished however…

  615. Karen says:

    This looks like a wonderful book. Thanks for the review. I made a little diaper bag.

  616. Cary says:

    Yesterday I sewed a very sweet little girls purse, make out of a thrift shop pair of jeans and some scrap fabrics. I used a basic pattern from Skip To My Lou and an idea from another source (sorry, I can’t remember where I found it). It is sooo cute. I’ll be posting a picture later on my blog. The messenger bag is great!

  617. charlotte says:

    one of the best things that i have sewn is an apron for my little girl – i cook a lot and all of a sudden she is really excited to join in, especially ‘stirring’ so have made her an apron – upcycled from an Ikea pillowcase with her name embroidered on the front and appliqued cupcakes. its darling – just like her

  618. wendy says:

    I made some counting bean bags for my goddaughter and second cousin. I made a set of 10 with numbers one side and an aperture the other with that number of animals in it. I filled them with split peas and they love to throw them around… not much counting going on!! I’ve blogged about them if you want to see.

  619. Sri says:

    Im a new sewist.. the best thing I’ve sewn so far is a zippered pencil pouch. T’was a very proud moment πŸ™‚

  620. A Jaguar puppet, for a birthday girls, we used yellow fabric and paint it (my son and me) with our fingers using black paint so we made the jaguar skin.

  621. isabel f. says:

    wow!!! I will love to win that great book πŸ™‚
    I love to sew my pencil cases :)) or my bookcovers !!!

  622. priti says:

    the best little thing I have ever sewn is a cute bum toddler pant for my lil girl with J shaped pockets & shirred ankles!
    she loves wearing it & I am so happy seeing her enjoy her pants!
    I also made a tut to make it here

  623. bprinz says:

    one of the best little things I’ve sewn was a ball out of hexagons and pentagons for my little nephew. he really loves this cozy toy. πŸ™‚

  624. I’ve been dying to see this book. I love their patterns and I bet the book is fantastic. I think one of the best little things Ive sewn is play crowns. I’ve done them with felt and with fabric and they are definetly one of the most used, most enjoyed “little thing” I’ve ever made for my wee ones!

  625. helen wright says:

    What a fab looking book! one of the best little things i’ve sewn recently was some trousers for my son. He loves them, has demanded a matching tee shirt and plans to wear it to school for non-uniform day!

  626. kylie says:

    I just made some bright red velvet pants for a one year old. So cute! I too can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

  627. Susie says:

    Best thing – little gadget pouches for my boy (nearly 4). Sizes to take matchbox cars, Thomas trains and a set of small dinosaurs. They all clip together with little carabiners and keep him very happy in the car, any waiting room or fabric shopping trip.

  628. Elisabeth says:

    I made a little bag for my daughter when she started pre-school and it is very well-loved. Some of the other mothers asked me to make bags for their children too. It’s nice for the kids to have bags they recognise because they are one of a kind.

  629. Gina F says:

    I’m still pretty new at the whole sewing thing, but have taken to these little produce bags. I made dozens at xmastime to “wrap” everyone’s presents in, and hope to make more soon. Little things to Sew looks like great fun! Thanks for the review!

  630. Paulina says:

    I don’t have much experience in making kids’ stuff, but when my son was to be born I made a blanket for him. I used polar fleece and flannel to make it. As I was left with some pieces of fabric I also did a pillow out of them.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  631. Bec says:

    Pick me pick me!!! I would love to win a copy of this gorgeous book!! Thanks for the chance xxx

  632. liliAime says:

    The best little things that I have sewn ? A little duffle bag for my son, based on the one of his father..
    A small thing that delighted my son… Usefull to carry cars, playmobils and even swords and pistols….

  633. Kerry says:

    The best little thing I’ve sewn? Probably my little diaper clutch – holds a couple diapers and a pack of wipes – makes life easier for quick trips that don’t require a full diaper bag!

  634. Megan Berka says:

    It’s hard to think of one thing, but one of the best little things I’ve sewn is a stand up bass costume for my 2 year old son. But I also love the little dresses I’ve made for my 1 year old daughter.

  635. wanda says:

    i made button fron coke caps made something like yoyo and put bottle caps in them and sewed them up yo make buttons then took alot of them and made like coaster

  636. Violet says:

    I made a very simple Angry Chicken turtle for my daughter in light coral and lavender fabric. She was so happy! She named it Tina the Turtle and it’s been sleeping with her ever since. That is the best thing I have ever sewn!

  637. Nacha says:

    one of the best thing I sew is the carrier that I made from scratch with no sewing knowledge at all. And it turn out so good that people liked it a lot. I lve my dogs, and can’t wait to start sewing for my kids

  638. ste says:

    I made a little baby carrier for my daughter so that when I’m carrying around her new sibling, she can carry around her baby.

  639. Andrea says:

    My latest project has been crayon holders for all the birthday parties my 4 year old has been invited to this year! But one of the best things I’ve been sewing are the Oliver and S “Lazy Days” skirts! My daughter loves the twirly-ness and she helps pick out the fabric!

  640. Kirsten says:

    I’m just finishing up the Ice Cream Social dress from Oliver + S. It is my first time sewing one of these patterns, although I own 6 or 7, and the instructions are just delightful. All the little finishes make it look so well-crafted. It’s my fave right now!!

  641. deborah says:

    i have just managed to check this out from the library and last night was wishing i had funds to buy my own copy. i want it desperately. i hope i win!!!!!

    favorite little thing. i sewed my daughter a cute mail pouch, i think the pattern was in ‘handmade home,’ and it makes me happy every time i see it. also, the sleep mask my mom helped me make out of cotton-silk fabric over the weekend. yay for little things.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  642. Ines says:

    The best little thing I have sewn is a love letter to my husband on his wedding day πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to sew for real little ones soon!

  643. Natalie T. says:

    Oh, I am in love with that book just from this post! The best little thing I have sewn (so far, still learning out here) is an origami portfolio/bag for my oldest boy to stash his beautiful origami papers and folding tools-of-the-trade. He loves it. And I love that he loves it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  644. bruinbr says:

    Great method for transferring patterns! The best little thing I’ve sewn actually wasn’t so little. It was a quilt (New Wave pattern by Oh, Frannson!) that I made for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It was the first time I mixed up fabrics from my stash instead of sticking with 1 fabric line and I pieced the backing. I didn’t reinvent the wheel, but I was so proud that I finished it in time for her big day!

  645. Andrea says:

    I recently made my toddler a bag for his library books and would love to make him that messenger bag so he can be like daddy…

  646. Billie says:

    Definitely one of the funnest “little things” I’ve sewn was a cute pleated purse for my 4 yr old niece. I used a pleated zipper pouch pattern and added cute straps to make it a purse. It was a super easy b-day gift that she loved.

  647. Ramona says:

    doll blankets and pillows. SO little, so easy, and SO rewarding. my daughter plays with ALL of them, and constantly demands more…

  648. yngla says:

    This book looks absolutely adorable… I recently sewed a onesie for a preemie. I loved sewing the garment and figuring out how ti reduce the seams on the inside to zero to protect the delicate skin.

  649. Tori Stuckey says:

    I sewed a little chicken softy for my kids (and myself if I’m being completely honest – how I do love chickens!). I’d love this book!

  650. Astreia says:

    my favorite thing to make is the Oliver + S music class skirt. I love making skirts!!

  651. JeNeal says:

    Well, I am new to sewing and thats why I love your blog!! πŸ™‚ the only thing i have really sewn is a laptop sleeve :)shown on my blog ( ) and I love it πŸ™‚ I am so excited to sew more fun things!! This book looks so awesome! I am sure my daughter would love the little purse and the puppet theater! How awesome! Thanks for your post!

  652. Dana says:

    The only little thing I’ve ever really sewn is a dolly for my girl. I’d love to have a book like this to spark my desire to learn to sew, or “respark” it.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  653. angelina says:

    i just love oliver s patterns. ive made the pjs for years now and this book would be a dream for me. sadly, hubby said no more books. soooo maybe i can WIN IT!!!!! X thanks guys

  654. This looks like a great book. I’d love to get my hands on it. My favorite little thing I’ve sewn recently is a fabric ball made from I-Spy fabrics.

  655. Emily says:

    I make quilts, but for a small project, I usually make potholders. They’re pretty much foolproof, but making something quick and useful gives me such a feeling of accomplishment!

  656. Caroline says:

    I love Oliver + S and I only did one of their collection so far, I made the School Photo Dress for my 19 months daughter as a Christmas outfit. I don’t like all these tafeta red and white holliday outfit, I wanted her to look hip and cool and she sure did!

  657. Emily says:

    Looks like such a lovely book. I recently made a little envelope style pouch with tiny pockets out of a very sweet pink mushroom fabric. It is padded and lined with variegated pink cotton. It hold my daughter’s DS and those tiny game cartridges. The messenger bag that you reviewed could be great for birthday presents!

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