Introducing ~ Kylene

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From Beth: We have a treat for you, coming up next. Kylene from Samurai Mom and Miss Moss Demi-Millinery is up next to show you the ins and outs of demi-millinery. What is demi-millinery, you may ask? Read on and have fun with your own creations!…

Hi, I am Kylene, I am a wife, mother and demi-milliner. Crafting is in my blood, either that or I picked it from my mother through osmosis. I am always, always making something; even at the beach you can find me building a sand something or balancing rocks. I knit, sew, crochet and have serious love of hand embroidery and babies. I love all things vintage but I really enjoy living in the future.

I was thrilled when Sew,Mama,Sew! asked me to do a tutorial; it is so exciting to show you my latest endeavor, demi-millinery. Miss Moss Demi-Millinery is what I call my little hair adornment shop. “Demi” because I make “partial” hats. I hope to single-handedly bring back hats!

You can see my adventures in hat making at and read my passions at

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One Response to Introducing ~ Kylene

  1. Beth T says:

    You really enjoy living in the future? Intriguing…does that mean you are a wisher, hoper, dreamer, daydreamer? I guess I’ll have to head over to your blog to find out. Welcome to Sew, Mama, Sew!

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