Giveaway Day ~ We welcome your feedback.

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Well, that does it for the biggest and bestest Giveaway Day yet! We had over 550 participants, which is truly spectacular! We love to bask in the generosity of the sewing community.

Someone asked me how Giveaway Day started, so I’ll tell you. During our Handmade Holiday series in November two and half years ago, I kept getting emails about people wanting to offer a giveaway on one of our daily posts. We love to support small crafty businesses but we were overwhelmed by the workload involved with keeping up with not only the HH posts, but the giveaways as well. Beth and I talked about it and we thought, why not schedule one day when all these people can post their giveaway on their own blog and we’ll promote the heck out of it? It was win-win-win –crafty entrepreneurs received exposure in front of our HH traffic, our readers were introduced to new handmade products and blogs during the holiday season, and we could rest better knowing that we didn’t have to make any hard decisions about which businesses to support or not support by offering a giveaway slot.

That’s how it started and it was a hit! Since then we’ve done it every December and May, so this was our 6th Giveaway Day! There have been a lot of questions posed directly and indirectly about this, so we think you should know that we don’t make money off Giveaway Day. It is a labor-intensive and server-intensive endeavor that costs us, but it is a project that we willingly undertake as a way to give back to the sewing community that we love so much. (But we won’t deny that we are happy about the side-benefit of the exposure we get to new audiences.)

Finally, I should say that I keep saying “we”, but really Beth does all the work. She takes in all the emails, organizes them, formats all the posts, responds to all the complaints… ALL OF IT! I just wake up one morning and go, “oh yeah, today is Giveaway Day.” Seriously, I don’t know where I would be without her, so here is my big, public hug and kiss to Beth. THANK YOU!!! xxxooo

We are always looking for ways to improve Giveaway Day, so we welcome your feedback.

  • Tell us what worked or what didn’t so we can do better next time.
  • If you are a veteran of Giveaway Day and have some tips for newbies, feel free to share. We’ll consolidate these tips and include them in our instructions.
  • Amazed by some of the giveaways? We’d love to hear about them.
  • How did your own giveaway go?


Choose your winner(s) asap! We think it is a good practice to email the winner rather than just posting on your blog and waiting for them to email you. It is easier for everyone involved.


Thanks so much for being part of Giveaway Day!

(PS–We have been told about Blogger comment issues and we’re sorry that it happened in the middle of all this.)

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145 Responses to Giveaway Day ~ We welcome your feedback.

  1. Sung Boulger says:

    Wow, being a single parent I have a lot of time on my hands in the late evening. So I love to fly through so many of these different blogs on line and just see what new things I can find. I just wanted to thank you for yours and I do look forward to reading more.

  2. Sherri says:

    Late to the party, as usual! First, thank YOU for organizing this twice a year–oodles of work for you, lots of fun for us! I SO enjoyed giving something away: it was a major thrill to turn on my computer every morning and watch comments rolling in from across the globe–it meant a lot to me to know that eyes in other countries were on my little blog, if even for a moment!

    Agree about breaking lists into “fat quarters” “tote bags” “baby items,” etc. (if possible–lots more work for y’all, I realize). For example, I am just not that interested in fat quarters (lovely and generous prizes, just not for me).

    And finally, I’m disappointed to read the (fortunately, only a few) commenters complaining about the “quality” of items offered–what the heck?! Items were offered with a generosity of spirit and should be graciously accepted in that same spirit, IMO. If you don’t like what you see, click to the next blog, but please don’t complain–think how the person reading these comments might feel about something they took the time to make and offered to you. And of COURSE many prizes came from people’s stashes…where else would they have come from? Anyway, thanks to SMS and to all who came to visit my corner of the blogosphere.

  3. Katie says:

    Thanks for all the amazing hardwork that goes into giveaway day. It’s a blast to participate. That said, I have a few suggestions.

    1.) More time. Just opening the first massive list was a letdown. I wanted time to browse and look around.

    2.) I am more than willing to add blogs I like through Google Friend Connect or Reader, but Facebook is my domain. If you REQUIRE that I like you on Facebook, I close the tab immediately. I don’t care how gorgeous your blog or shop is. I have been known to unsubscribe to blogs I’ve read for years when they started pushing the FB boundary.

    3.) For those of you giving away items, please do something special that showcases what makes your different. Mug rugs, wallets, coffee cozies, pouches and no-sew infant hats are great to win, but let’s face it… They’re not interesting. I’m not gonna to check out your shop or subscribe to your blog if you’ve done the same thing my 10 year old nieces do. You have to show us what makes you AWESOME. On a similar note, giveaway day is not the time to go through your craft supplies and package all your unwanteds together as a giveaway.

    4.) Descriptions would be nice. I don’t knit, so have no need for knitting supplies. Other people don’t have babies around, so have no need for baby items, etc. Also, a gift card section would be handy.

    5.) Also, not a fan of the alphabetical lists. I felt bad for the “Z” people, so I started at the bottom. πŸ˜‰

    6.) Emailing your winner should also be a requirement.

    Thanks for all the work guys. You are brilliant!

  4. Marci Girl says:

    I honestly think the whole thing is perfect, the length of time, everything! I had so many visitors, it kind of blew me away for sure! Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. meghann says:

    Loved Giveaway Day & will definitely be participating with a giveaway of my own next time.

    My only suggestions echo some of those already made: First, since it’s already open for three days (and thus not really Giveaway *Day*), why not just make it officially a week? I also felt like I didn’t have a lot of time to really explore the blogs, instead just entering giveaways and moving on to the next one, which I think isn’t really in the spirit of the thing. (I did bookmark ones that looked interesting to go back to later, but it would be much nicer if I had time to just poke around at the time I entered the giveaway.)

    And I didn’t enter any giveaways that required you to be a follower/”like” on Facebook/whatnot for an entry. It just seems like a lame attempt to increase “numbers” and frankly, it’s stupid because it doesn’t actually reflect how many people really like a blog well enough to follow it. Likewise those contests that offered “second/third/fourth/twentieth” entries for “liking”/following/Tweeting/spreading the word by carrier pigeon. I don’t know whether that should be “against the rules” but again – it seems to be outside the spirit of the thing, using participants in Giveaway Day to inflate traffic stats, and from what I’ve read it turns off a lot of people. So it might be worth pointing out in the guidelines next time that it can be a turnoff.

    Otherwise – it was a great event & I can’t wait for the next one! Now I just have to figure out what I want to give away… xo

  6. IÒ€ℒve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  7. This was my 3rd year participating. As always there were so-so, good, and great giveaways. But some of my evaluation is simply based on my crafty preferences.

    My only suggestion is to let the giveaway last 5 days, Monday through Friday. Many of us like to look at everything. And many folks start at “A” and go forward. My blog, Sew In Stitches, alphabetically low in the list. I had a few folks say they just didn’t have time to get to mine.

    Thanks for the fun!

  8. daiyami says:

    I looked at the long list of blogs and skipped the entire thing.

    However, re people need to send you a link on Friday but can’t open the Giveaway until Monday—people could create Giveaway posts in advance and then edit them later, so that the list actually links directly to the Giveaway post.

  9. jill says:

    I loved this and i participated too. But unfortunatly my winner did not leave an email-adress or blogadress. so i can’t contact her. I published 3 post on my blog to say, that she should mail me her adress. Hm, no response till today.And now?

  10. Sara says:

    You did a wonderful job organizing giveaway day! I spent an hour online and entered in about 40 giveaways. AND! I won something! I am super excited and have shared so many new blogs with friends.

  11. Georgie says:

    I love Giveaway Days, and will add my voice to the “More Days, Please” contingent!
    I had 70 lovely comments on my giveaway; I was really happy with those 70, but wondered why some of the blogs I visited had 300+! I know being near the end of the alphabetical list probably reduced the number of comments, but now I am wondering if perhaps it was difficult to comment on my blog? My blog’s not fancy, but I would like it to be as cozy and easy to use and comment upon as possible. Perhaps before the next Giveaway, the SMS blog could invite others to share some blogging tips.
    Thanks, and huge love to SMS!

  12. Ana says:

    ps. I agree with other commentators that a longer time frame, both to look through the lists and get stuff in the post would be really helpful.

  13. Ana says:

    Hi. Thanks for a great Giveaway Day. I had 4 Giveaways and got about 600 visits to my blog which was great. There were so many bags this year – perhaps it would be fun to have a seperate Bag-away.
    Of course I also have a few grumbles, none of which I hasten to add are aimed at SMS! Even though you asked not to do it, many giveaways required you to follow a blog before you could enter. Many were on Facebook pages which put me off too. Also some giveaways had no photos so you couldn’t get a good idea of what things looked like and/or there was no indication in the post title that there was a giveaway in it. Perhaps you need a READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! banner in very large letters for next time ;¬)

  14. Susan says:

    This was my first time participating and I am so glad that I did. As I am also a quilting podcaster (The History Quilter)I kept my giveaway opened for a week and am minutes away from announcing the winner to allow my podcast listeners a chance to enter. I asked commenter’s to tell me something (weather, favorite food, first love, worst boss, etc.) and I received the best comments. I had so much fun reading the 498 (omgosh!) comments that I barely entered any giveaways of my own, but that was not the point. Thank you for hosting this day and I will be sure to participate in December.

  15. Dianna says:

    I had the best traffic on my blog to this date and loved being part of the big Sew Mama Sew give away. I looked and I looked and still didn’t have enough time so I would have to say, if run for best part of a working week it would be fantabulous. Well done SMS I will definitely be up for the next one.

  16. N. Perez says:

    Like most people, I wish it was giveaway week rather than giveaway day. I spent quite a few hours entering into the giveaways and still din’t cover them all. I felt rushed to move on to the next one and din’t get much time to get to really visit each blog they way I usually do.
    Also, i guess this is up to the individual blogger but I prefer not ‘having’ to become a follower or ‘like’ on facebook to widen my chances of winning. With such little time, I skipped these steps and knew that a lot of people had double the chance of winning than me.
    Overall, I love the event. I even won one giveaway! and am looking forward to being a host, for the first time, in the upcoming giveaway.

  17. The changes I would suggest have been mentioned multiple times already. I agree, a couple more days would be nice. It took me a couple hours a day to get through the lists. Also, more specific categories or having a photo link with the giveaway item in the photo would be great. I know that would be a lot more work on your part.

    Mostly, I want to thank you for hosting such an amazing event. I wish I would have found it in time to offer a giveaway as well. I am looking forward to participating in the next giveaway!

  18. Donna says:

    This was my first time participating. Hats off to Beth and everyone at SMS for organizing such a fantastic Giveaway Day.

    I was thrilled with the number of comments, more than I expected, so I selected a second winner. Both were notified via e-mail and I posted the winners on my blog.

    I agree with most of the suggestions. Especially extending the number of days. And the A-Z and Z-A comments. Being near the bottom (“T”) of the list, I am sure many people never reached me. So reversing the order half of the time would be great.

    Count me in for the December giveaway.

  19. Bethany says:

    It was a lot fun to give things away! I like the fun of getting to look at all the fun blog! I don’t really like the face book giveaways because you have to like it to enter! The ones that were on easy were interesting, but better the Facebook! I really don’t the having to follow or like or follow on twitter to enter. It is fine to see extra for that, but having it mandatory is frustrating. I think more sub categories would be nice, but understand that takes time and people change their minds last second. It was lots of fun to look at stuff and win things! It might be better to have it open longer with the amount of blogs involved! It was hard to vert rough them all in just a couple of days! I do live doing and participating in this. Thanks for hosting this and all that you do to get it ready!!!!

  20. Vivian B says:

    This was my second time experiencing giveaway day(s) and it was amazing! I literally spent hours on the laptop looking at the blogs. For me, I didn’t enter for everything, I tended to enter only when I found things that would be useful to me…although I don’t have a baby boy in my vicinity there was a baby boy quilt that came close to tempting me anyway! LOL!

    I added a few blogs to my blogroll, I added many to my follow list, and I think I found a kindred spirit or two. I was really impressed and surprised to receive personal emails back from some of the blogs that I entered. Holy smokes, they have so many people enter and I still received a “hey you” email? How cool is that. I certainly didn’t expect it, nor is it an expectation for future giveaways, given the # of entrants..holy smokes, but I was touched by those that did have the time to do so.

    And I was a winner!!!! I won one of the giveaways so it was VERY worthwhile!

    Thank you, thank you Sew Mama Sew blog for hosting, thank you to all the participants who took time out of their busy, creative lives to hold a was wonderful to get a peek at your little corner of the world.

    Hey, maybe next time I’ll join in with a giveaway too!

  21. Erin says:

    Let me add my heartfelt thanks to Beth for organizing Giveaway Day. I have participated in all 6 giveaways and I love it in part because, as a student, I often don’t have the money for new supplies or the newest fabric lines. But more importantly, I have discovered so many new blogs and have a greater appreciation for the size and diversity of this community. I continue to be blown away by the generosity here and am proud to be a part.

    I echo those who have requested more categories. I don’t have more to add as I think there have been some great categories already suggested.

    This was the first giveaway day I’ve participated in in which a number of blogs didn’t have the giveaway posted. I wasn’t sure if y’all knew that this was going on, hence my facebook comment. (I’m sorry if it seemed critical. The intent was to share information.) Since I don’t have a blog or a store to offer a giveaway for giveaway day, I happily volunteer to help check to make sure the requirements are met. I imagine that is a huge job and I would love to have a way to help and “give” on giveaway day. I also managed to check almost all the giveaways in a single day so it would have been easy for me to keep a list to send in.

    I would strongly encourage there to be a single set of rules for giveaway day that do not require “following”. I understand that lots of folks want “followers” or facebook “fans” but I feel used when that is a requirement of the giveaway. To me, it is not in keeping with the spirit of the day (although perhaps I am projecting my own values…) I support the suggestion that giveaway day be a one comment-one entry event. This would help folks read and enter more of the giveaways and encourage readers to actually read and check out new blogs instead of spending that time jumping through hoops to enter a third and fourth time. Last, I just found out that many of my “following” entries might not have counted because I tend to subscribe to blogs through blogger, instead of using friend connect. There are so many different ways to follow a blog, it’s hard to know if I am doing it the way the blog-writer wants.

    Many many thanks for organizing. I look forward to the next one!!

  22. Linda Gabbard says:

    Everything was great except there was not enough time to look at, read and or enter all. I only got to enter less than half of one category. I did not get to the other two. There just was not enough time.
    That is my only complaint.

  23. Tina says:

    This doll – you have to see it!


  24. Tina says:

    I don’ t think i won anything (also I participated at many pages) but I won anyway:

    So many wonderful, amazing blogs I didn’t now about!
    I was so frustrated yesterday about my life as stay-at-home-mum, and then I read at – yeah, and it was as if someone totally understanding me was talking to me.

    I had an wonderful time browsing through the sites, seeing all these wonderful crafted things- amazing.

    Isn’t these doll with her baby so lovely?

    Greetings, and thanks for organization this event,

  25. Richelle says:

    I think we need more time to get through all the wonderful blogs. Maybe extend the time to last all week. There has been some times that I have missed the whole thing because I haven’t checked my reader for a couple days. Otherwise it is great!

  26. Shelly says:

    I love Giveaway Day! I agree with many others that it would be nice to extend the timeframe or maybe stagger out the different categories 2-3 days each over a week. I also found several blogs listed that didn’t seem to have a giveaway post. I know it would take a ton of time for you to research all of them, but I wondered if there could be a simple way for us to “flag” a link and say that they’re not participating. After x number of flags, you’d remove the link.

  27. Katy says:

    Firstly, thank you for all your hard work pulling things together. I have a few observations:

    1) It was a lot of fun finding new blogs, but extremely difficult for someone with a full time job to get round everything on working days – incorporating a weekend would be helpful.

    2) I’m another that would be a fan of more specific categories. I realise it would be a lot of work for the organisers to assess this, so perhaps have people choose their own category on sign up? I’m allergic to wool, and have no kids, so that would have helped me cut out a good few blogs, as both knitting and kids items were popular subjects.

    3) Finally, I hope Blogger is behaving next time, I kept having to leave apologetic anonymous notes for people due to its current ‘issues’ (which I now happen to have a solution for, but 2 days too late!). On that note though, it did mean there were a number of giveaways I couldn’t sign up to as ‘Anonymous’ wasn’t an option – I imagine there’s probably a number of people that don’t have accounts for blogs etc who would have been excluded, maybe get people to turn on the ‘Anonymous’ option for giveaway days?

  28. MC says:

    I had a great time visiting all of the blogs to see what my fellow crafters are up to. There were some extremely talented participants.

    Unfortunately it seems that you need a Google account, a blog, or a Facebook account in order to be allowed to comment on most sites. I don’t have any of those things so I wasn’t able to enter a lot of the giveaways.

  29. This was my first giveaway as a blogger and reader. I had an AWESOME time. I agree with some of the others that maybe another day would be beneficial so everyone has a chance to view them all. But without Sew Mama Sew hosting this event I wouldn’t have all my awesome new followers and the oh so many page hits πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much–I look forward the next one.
    (I hear its semi annual?)

  30. cheri says:

    Yes! Master winner list! there is no way I am going to reclick through all those posts again to see if I won, but I also do not know if the blogger is REALLY going to email the winners, or if maybe my post lost my email address! there were a few problems with the blogs, I could not login sometimes etc, so I just dont know if they can even ‘see’ my email address. I do not like posting the address in the comment…I figure email address harvesters are smart enough to reinterpret bob at gmail dot com. I know I could write that parser…so I am sure the pro’s can.

    Thank you though! And…through this I discovered what a great resource SMS is~

  31. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE Giveaway Day! Maybe I will be able to offer one of my own next time! It is so awesome that you put this together. My only problem is that there are SO many giveaways that I want to enter and it is hard to keep up with them all and still get any work done. πŸ˜‰ Is there any way you could extend it to four days instead of three?

  32. Irina says:

    sorry! forgot to mention that what I like the most about it is the new blogs I find, plus in my giveaway I asked people to tell me what their favourite blog was so I could even have a bigger list of blogs to discover!I love it!

  33. Jacey says:

    I had such a fantastic time participating, and I saw a huge response from the crafting community for my prize. I didn’t include any “hoops”, just a comment, and I was thrilled at the response I received. Thank you for setting this up, Sew Mama Sew team! I will definitely participate again. I had time to enter in several contests as well, and I really enjoyed the exposure to new blogs (and new readers!).

  34. Staci says:

    This was my second time hosting at Giveaway Day. I had nearly 700 comments for my prize. It is a really fun event, thank you for hosting it. I truly cannot imagine how much work it is for you! My only recommendation would be extending the time. There are so many blogs participating, three days just wasn’t enough. I know personally, I didn’t even look at one of the lists, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the computer. ;-D Yep, Monday was a no sewing/frozen pizza kind of day! Thanks again!

  35. Em says:

    I happened upon giveaway day last December, and what a fabulous idea. Felt like being let loose in a candy store and Christmas all at once. It is a great way to discover new blogs, and inspiration. It must take a lot of work to organise, so thank you!

    Not living in the US I appreciate that you separate the list out, and also that so many people are willing to ship internationally. Postage for some of those goodies wouldn’t be cheap!

    I tried to get around as many as I could and have a wee look at more than just the giveaway entry, but at times felt like a complete blog slut! With the list even longer this time I’d have to concur that more time, like a week (including a weekend) would be good. Or, spreading it over a month with a theme(s) for each week – knitting, patchwork/quilting, kids, sewing, supplies etc. That would certainly give people the chance to take the time to check blogs out properly rather than just jumping from one to the next.

    I also objected to the ones that required you to follow to be able to enter, or ‘like’ them on Facebook. Interesting to note that’s against Facebook guidelines. Also, having just had a look at your guidelines, see that you recommend against this. I don’t mind if people offered ways of getting extra entries ie if you were a follower, or if they asked a question that made you look a little harder at their website or comment on something on their etsy shop though. To me, part of this is all about people getting exposure and feedback. I liked those that asked a random question, and had fun reading other peoples comments. Also those that asked for a link to a favourite tutorial, I’ve discovered some great ones to bookmark.

    There were a few on the list that didn’t seem to have put a giveaway post up and others that had closed their giveaways before the end of the 25th, which was disappointing. Those that had subsequent blog entries but had a wee link to their giveaway at the top – thumbs up. And having been having a look at a few more blogs on the list since then I discovered some that had longer deadlines too, which was a lovely surprise.

    As I did, most folk probably work their way down the list, so perhaps next time changing the order from Z – A.

    There really were some fabulous giveaways, the generosity of some of the bloggers out there is really amazing – multiple prizes or a prize worth a lot. And that dress, wow! I hope it goes to a happy home.

    I agree that winners should be notified by email, to expect people to have to check back after potentially having visited hundreds of sites seems unreasonable.

    I was lucky enough to get a second suprise giveaway this time, and am really looking forward to sharing with that blogger what I make with their goodies.

    Thanks once again for organising.

  36. Karyn Ashley-Smith says:

    A small addition to my earlier post….

    I suggested breaking the event down to smaller, more manageable chunks (I see others recommending the same) and I see lots of “more categories” comments….

    If this was broken down into smaller chunks, I would NOT break it up to categories day by day (aka, see suggestions for knitting on monday, supplies on tuesday, etc). I would mix it up and offer a set number of blogs per day. I found many interesting blogs where the craft (and the prize) weren’t my main interest, but I followed because I liked what the blogger had to say, or how they said it.

    What a small world if I only travel with those who like the same things. How might I ever be tempted to try something new??

    This was a ton of fun (overwhelming, but fun). Thank you!

    Oh, one more comment to the earlier comments about “crappy” prizes — I never, ever mind leftovers. “Scraps” are fun, no matter if they are leftovers, or a charm pack. WHO CARES?? So what if an animal chewed the edge of a pattern envelope? The pattern still works! I didn’t see anything that I thought was junk….I did see things that weren’t really of interest to me…so I didn’t enter.

    KUDOS and THANK YOU to all the bloggers who offered up a prize and are paying to ship it to the winners! Times are tight all over, so I would like to offer up a big THANK YOU for your generosity!

  37. djaj says:

    This was my 4th SMS giveaway (I missed the one last year in May…) and it’s always a pleasure to discover new gifted, talented and inventive people each time !
    This time, I would say I did not have enough time to see a lot of blogs… As usual, and in spite of your indication, I saw some “become a follower to enter” (but this is not really a problem to me in fact”… What is a problem is when people host their giveaway on FaceBook : I’m not on facebook and not on twitter (I don’t want to for personal reasons), and it sometimes feel like chances are not equal, then !
    Another remark : I live in France, and I had some problems with time limits indicated on several blogs so when I found time on wednesday (the 25th) to surf on the so many sites, I found some giveaways where the winner was announced before I even could enter ! But anyway : I met great people during these GiveAways, and I’ll still want to participate next time !

  38. Irina says:

    I really like SMS giveaway! thank you so much. I participated twice before and this is the first time I could share something to give away too. I’ve been lucky the three times and been a winner!

    – I agree that since this time the number of blogs has increased, the time frame could have been extended.

    – I also think that following shouldn’t be a requirement but only a bonus entry if chosen. I’ve seen this time there hasn’t been that many of those though.

    – more specific categories would help.

    -somebody mentioned that the quality of some items weren’t great. I think everybody does and makes what they can and afford. Many people have sponsors and can have great prizes to giveaway, but let’s not get greedy and try to appreciate what is a gift. Nobody forces anybody to enter after all, if one is not interested just don’t enter…

    tip for the Z to A list suggetion ;-)… no need! I’ve always started from the bottom and made my way up to A.

  39. A a new blogger and first time to do a give a way I was blown away by over 300 comments and entries to win! What a send off.
    I was so busy figuring out stuff on my blog and approving comments that I did not enter to win stuff, well maybe one thing.
    Maybe categories could be broken down a bit smaller and maybe it should last for a week with so much to see and browse.
    However, I am not complaining and will do it again in a heartbeat

  40. duff says:

    tip for newbies: figure out how to number your comments ahead of time, even if it’s just for this one day.

    Also,PLEASE post about being a no-reply blogger. I even left comments on other people’s blogs that they are no-reply bloggers and they had no idea! there are a ton of helpful pages; I like this one because it’s short & visual so maybe you could do something like this at the top of the giveaway page.

    of course, no-reply bloggers wouldn’t have been so bad if I had numbered my comments ahead of time…..dork!!!!

  41. Lee says:

    Thank you for organizing and running this! I think the categories are fine – you can only pare them down so much. I love that they are in alpha order. Last year I started with A and this year started w/ Z. Have many blogs that are new and still will visit some. You can visit and read and not have to worry about following etc and find that reading and learning from these blogs is what this is about! thanks again (blogger had issues for me on many blogs – oh well! ) If the “prize” is not something is would want or use I just read and move on. Thank you everyone for the lovely giveaways and SMS for hosting! On another note I did not like the facebook page accounts to enter as I do not do facebook – I dont mind that some bloggers do the facebook, I just hope in the future that is not what this turns into, as I enjoy the reading part. thank you!

  42. Marguerite says:

    Hmm I don’t know why so many people are so angry about it. Free stuff, come on! If something’s not your “aesthetic,” don’t apply for it… I’m one of the people eager for the scraps (useful for mini quilts!), or the patterns where the envelopes aren’t perfect (who cares?), or the partially-pieced quilt top (hey, it was my style, and someone else did half the work!). Please don’t tell people, as someone above actually suggested, that this is only for one certain type of fabric, one certain look! And if the giveaway isn’t until Monday, but you’ve got to have your link in by Friday, chances are you aren’t posting (and won’t have a link to the actual post) until Monday, silly people.

    (Who knows, by next time, a Mr. Linky might be functional enough to have people submit that way. Or there may be something entirely new coming along.)

    (Split knit/sewing might be a good idea, though, or split off baby stuff.)

  43. I think it was a fun event and always look forward to the next one!

    But I wish it was extended for 7 or at least 5 days (i.e. From Monday to Friday)

    And I saw some US only giveaways listed in the International ones.

    Some Blogs didn’t have a giveaway post even after 3 days.

    Lastly, I too agree that they should inform the winner via an Email in addition to posting on the blog. (so that everybody knows who won)

    Thank you for organizing this fun event as I said earlier, waiting for the next one ;D

  44. wendy says:

    I loved taking part in the giveaway day and visiting new blogs, but I didn’t have a chance to visit them all. The problem is that I work full time which only left a few hours in the evening. As both a giver-awayer and someone who was trying to win, I would have really appreciated the giveaways being open for longer – a week would be ideal.

    I also spotted in my travels blogs that hadn’t posted a giveaway nor had even posted for a while which should have been removed from the list. I know that is a tough job, but maybe would could have had a way of reporting this to you to save you having to go through the list?

    On another point, the 30th is a national holiday here so I wont get my prize out til next week.

    Thanks for hosting though, the giveaway days are brilliant!

  45. Patty D says:

    I had a lot of fun both participating and entering. (Didn’t win anything yet.) I found new fun blogs. My suggestions would be more categories – like kid items, bags, fabric, knitting supplies etc – which would make it easier for all of us who want to visit everything. In a short period of time, it is helpful to prioritize!!!! I did enjoy such a tremendous response and made some new friends as a result. Looking forward to doing this again.

    Finally THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – you do a fabulous jobbing organizing this. It can be overwhelming to visit all the blogs but organizing it as well as you do is amazing. Thanks!

  46. cassie says:

    Thanks so much for hosting, I love holding giveaways. I couldn’t get over having over 1000 hits in a couple of days, so unusual for my little blog. It was fun to see what everyone else was giving away too.Thanks again.

  47. linda says:

    Love the giveaways and how it’s immediately, rather than waiting and wondering. Most people don’t want to block up their blogs either…so I like it short actually. It’s great to “meet” new folks through these giveaways…but I wish some folks would not require lots of conditions to enter. I don’t think forcing people to follow you or subscribe works anyway!

  48. Rie says:

    Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway, it was great to see new blogs & great to have so many comments on mine.
    I would suggest having the giveaway open for longer and for the requirements for entry into each giveaway is just to leave a comment and have additional entries for followers or comments on their etsy store etc…
    It’s such a pain to read all the way thru a giveaway & go great! & then go to enter when you have to jump thru such hoops… it’s a pain! I like it when the bloggers comment back (like a few have done with me) and then I go back to look at their blog at least then if I choose to follow them, they know it’s because it’s a great blog not just an entry for a giveaway.

  49. Mhairi says:

    With three different lists it was hard to work through them in such a short period of time – and the time difference meant that i missed out on some that posted late at night (Australian time) and then drew the prize before I could access the computer the following morning. (those that did extra prizes spread over a couple of days)
    You have an amazingly generous group of people who created excellent giveaways.
    Three suggestions
    1. If people don’t want to post overseas could they offer the option of international entrants paying the postage if they win.
    2. Create three entirely different lists and post them separately over three weeks with each giveaway open for five days.
    3. As above, extend the time frame so that those of us who have limited time at the computer each day can get through the entire list, investigate the blogs properly and enter the giveaway. If you do the giveaways over the three week period then the time frame could be 5 days with the draw done over the weekend.
    There are a couple of sites that I liked the look of but just couldn’t explore due to time constraints of the giveaways.
    Finally, thank you so much for organising and collating these giveaways, they are wonderful and really enjoyable (even if you don’t win a thing!!!)
    I loved finding new blogs and craft ideas. This is a great forum to be involved in. SO thank you once again and I look forward to the next one.

  50. Shola says:

    It was great, I got a major neck crick but it was worth it I won 3 things!!
    Only suggestion is that some of the blogs listed didn’t have a giveaway post on them, and going through so many I think they should be checked first to make sure they have posted as it left me searching and wondering sometimes!

  51. Erin says:

    I agree with everyone who is saying “more time”! With hundreds of giveaways, we need at least 5 days to sort through them all.

    I also agree that having specific categories would help such as “handmade items for children”, “fabric”, “knitting supplies”, “handmade items for you!”, then those who don’t have children in their life wouldn’t need to check out the children’s section and it would save them a bit of time. And if there are charity posts (I’ve run across some over the years) those should be in their own category as well, maybe even promoted more…

  52. Pat V. says:

    I agree with everyone who says “more time.” I spent pretty much two entire days at the computer (is that sick or what?) and didn’t even look at one of the lists. I did find some fantastic new (to me) blogs to follow, and I thank you for that (didn’t win any prizes tho, as usual).

  53. Divya N says:

    I am a giveaway newbie(this was the first time ever that I gave away something on my blog) so it was fun. You guys did a great job of providing the opportunity..thanks. and the division into international/ local shipping was great.But I do wish the next time the giveways are organised by the type of items given away. As there are so many happening in such a short time, I think that it is a shame to sit there waiting for the page to download only to realise that its an item that you have no use for..had great fun though and used up most of my data usuage in 3 days …lol

  54. Annie says:

    Thank you so much for organizing this! It’s always so much fun! I only wish that there were more time allotted. I spent an entire evening just entering the “Handcrafted Items” giveaways. And that was just to enter the giveaways and not spend any time looking at all of the fun blogs!! Unfortunately, I didn’t have 3 full evenings this week to also enter the supplies and the supplies + handcrafted items. It would be nice to take my time more and explore the blogs. Maybe have the giveaways open for a week?

  55. Leigh says:

    I adore Giveaway Day, and it was part of the reason I started my blog! I’ve noticed a lot more people stuck to the “just leave a comment” model rather than forcing people to follow, tweet, etc. Honestly, unless it was a prize I REALLY wanted a shot at, I skipped those. I am happy to leave a specific comment, answer a question, etc. But I have a hard enough time keeping up with my Google Reader, so I just can’t add every sewing blog.

    I don’t know how to feasibly do this, but I wonder if there’s a way to guide participating blogs on what kinds of things your readers are looking for. SMS focuses on modern fabrics, modern designs, and some of the giveaways were just SO far from that aesthetic. I came across one late last night that only had 9 entrants and I felt terrible for her, but the item was just something with SUCH a limited appeal, something so particular, it just wasn’t what this audience is after.

    Lastly, I think the time needs to be extended again! I remember when it was one day, and then when there were 300 or so you extended it, but with over 500 I barely managed to click on them all, and I only entered the ones I was very interested in.

    Overall though, I think this whole thing goes so perfectly, thank you so much for all you do!

  56. Cassandra says:

    Giveaway Day was a blast!! Thank you sooo much for hosting it.

    I agree with some of the other comments, about breaking down the categories a bit more and having the giveaway last a bit longer.

    I did participate in a giveaway and was very pleased with my turn out especially since I’m fairly new to blogging (just ending my 5th month). I loved reading all the compliments on what I was givingaway.

    Thank you again!

  57. Nicole says:

    As I’ve read through, my feedback has been pretty much covered, but I’ll list them.
    1- Set end time and date. – Some ended their give away before midnight EST. What about the West coasters? They deserve till midnight of the end date too.
    2- Signing in through these different accounts just to comment SUCKS! I couldn’t respond to alot.
    3-Set categories. I really don’t need anymore little bags, and there were a whole bunch of bags!!!

    Other than that, great job. I’m hoping to win some more fabric to make simple reversible A-line dresses for the tornado victims. πŸ™

  58. Moira says:

    Thanks so much for hosting this! It was so much fun checking out the blogs and reading the comments on my giveaway! I will definitely participate again in the future.

    I agree with others about having the listings broken down into more categories. I don’t have kids, so I found a lot of the “handmade” listings weren’t for me. It was a busy few days looking through all the blogs, but I kind of like the time constraints: I limited the giveaways I entered due to time, but I’m happy with the ones I entered.

    I like it when people can enter just by leaving a comment, but I also like the added incentives for followers. My giveaway was open to anyone just for leaving a comment, but I had extras just for followers. Sure, a lot of those people might decide to unfollow me later, and that’s fine, but even if just a few stick around, I’m happy with that. It’s such a busy day that adding a new blog to my list is not such a big deal. I’ll check it out more later and decide at my leisure if I want to remain a follower.

    From my experience, it’s totally expected to follow someone to enter a giveaway. I mean, if someone is offering something good for free, why not at least promise to come back one time? For blogger stuff, just hitting follow is no big deal to me. I’m sure I’ll find some great new blogs just from doing that. I think having the extra entries means that only people who really want to win are going to bother and others will just skip it: that’s probably better for the people who want to win, eh?

    That being said, I didn’t like ones where I had to be a follower to enter. Especially when it was on a platform other than what I use because I didn’t want to have to sign up for something new. I’m sure I missed out on a few giveaways because I didn’t want to do that. I was completely confused by the etsy ones because I didn’t know what to do to enter. And I didn’t want to like anyone on facebook to enter because I don’t like facebook very much.

    But, really, not everyone is going to be happy. I think it’s perfectly okay to just skip anything you don’t feel like doing, but if other people don’t mind it, no biggie.

  59. Maeve says:

    I think this whole thing is a great idea and thanks to your site for the hard work. I too would like to see it last for a few more days, as it is difficult when you have many other things to attend to, to spend so much time on the computer. In addition, I think it would be very helpful to narrow the categories, so we can get to those giveaways that would be of greatest interest to us. Saves time. And lastly, it would be great if we did not have to jump through hoops to enter – no having to sign up as a follower or google/twitter/facebook “like”, etc. Just a comment and be done with it, just as it is on this site. I so appreciate the way SewMamaSew does things!

  60. Barbara says:

    Maybe add a day or two to the event. I couldn’t do any of the lists until Wednesday and then Google email was giving me sign-in problems so I got to very few blogs.

  61. Page says:

    It was great and I found a lot of new blogs I enjoy.

  62. Kate says:

    Everything went great for me, but I have one gripe, and it’s not really something you control. It might be nice to mention to people that it’s very rude to just leave a comment like “Hey, I’m here from the SMS giveaway too, visit my blog”. It was essentailly spam! I wouldn’t have minded approving those posts if they had taken a few seconds to respond to my post appropriately, not just pitched theirs. Makes me really glad I approve every post.

  63. Bonnie says:

    Thank you again for another great Giveaway Day!
    My only suggestion would be to make it easier to leave the comment on the sites. With so many wonderful blogs to go through and look at, I find it slows things down when I have to jump through so many hoops just to leave my comment. Leave a comment, let me know if you follow, name my new puppy….
    It would be so much easier just to be able to leave ONE comment.

  64. Michele says:

    Fun stuff! Thanks for putting this together. I enjoyed browsing around and found some nice blogs of my interests. Suggestions- I don’t know what all it takes to get this together or to blog but maybe another way to enter rather then having to follow, url,gmail etc…not even real sure what all this means as someone stated earlier.

  65. Angelina says:

    Break it down into smaller groupings and stagger. Handmade items
    (broken into smaller groups of course) on Monday and Tuesday, patterns on wednesday, fabric and notions on Thursday and Friday, etc.

    I echo someone else about non-participation on the jump through hoops giveaways. I understand that you want to up your follower count and so forth but when I see blogs get ‘greedy’ I find myself no longer following them.

    What about forming a scavenger hunt?

  66. The only thing I can think of to make it better is to divide the “supplies” portion into groupings. I don’t knit or crochet but I had to weed through lots of that to look at the sewing stuff. Having a list of hobby categories like sewing/knitting/others might make it easier and those of us can focus on our own hobby.

  67. Mary Haub... says:

    Loved participating, loved being exposed to new blogs! My number of followers jumped tremendously during this event, although I didn’t ask for it.

    On that note, I’ll say that there were several giveaways I did NOT enter because “become a follower” was a stipulation. In other giveaways, bloggers actually said things like “All you have to do is leave a comment. I don’t like it when people make you follow in order to enter.” I encountered this sentiment several times, and although it was nice to see others who shared my feelings, I felt it might be easier to avoid this by simply saying that ALL giveaways are to come with “no strings attached”. Several bloggers said “Leave a comment for one entry and become a follower for a second”. That was a pretty good compromise. I guess I rebel against jumping through hoops. It’s fake, and I don’t have room for fake in my life (too busy being fabulous, etc.)

    Another sentiment I’ll echo: extend the time. It’s the end of the school year (at least in the South!). Teachers are worn out, moms are frazzled, and sitting at a computer for several hours just isn’t practical. I spent hours–HOURS!–and still didn’t get to all the giveaways I wanted to check out, much less investigate other posts by the bloggers. A couple more days would be ideal.

    Love that there’s a time limit for posting prizes. Love that you differentiate between international and non-international shippers. Love that you broke down into categories, although I like the idea of even further distinguishing it (patterns v. children’s v. quilting v. knitting/crochet/embroidery).

    Thanks so much for ALL the hard work you did! It totally paid off and was a wonderful experience!

  68. Gabrielle says:

    I think it would be great to add a “Handmade Item for Children” category. I don’t have kids, and I only have one friend with one little girl, so most of the kid stuff wasn’t interesting to me. On the other hand, I know there are loads of mommy-bloggers out there that really love this stuff and would like to go through that list carefully. There always seems to be a lot of handmade childrens stuff in the giveaways (because they are small, cute and fun to make maybe?) and I think the numbers justify their own category.

    Otherwise, as always, an amazing giveaway day! I got a little bump in my subscribers, which I am very excited about. Now I have to plan some great summer projects to keep the new readers interested πŸ™‚

  69. Sandi says:

    Thank you for hosting this every year – I’ve participated a few times, and it’s always interesting to see what others are sharing. I agree with what several others have said as far as extending the time the giveaways are open and categorizing the lists further. While I enjoy checking out other blogs, it can be frustrating to click on a link only to find that it is a for completely different craft. I like that you split the lists into handmade items, supplies, and both, though.

    Finally, I know this is not something you have any control over, but I was often frustrated by bloggers who insisted that you Follow them in order to enter their giveaway. It’s one thing to give extra entries if you Follow, but to not allow an entry without it seems excessive. Also, I saw many bloggers making some sort of statement about “no reply” comments, often saying that if you were no reply they would have to choose someone else. That’s all well and good for people who have Blogger accounts, but those of us who use WordPress, TypePad, or others don’t have the ability to provide our email address – Blogger doesn’t allow it. We can provide our blog URL, so they can click over to the blog and check the About Me page for an email, but I’m concerned that some bloggers aren’t willing to go to that much effort. Again, I know this isn’t something you can do anything about, I just wanted to share the information.

  70. Lisa Gapen says:

    We LOVED being a part of give-away day. I would like to have won something.. lol
    I agree with others that an extra day or two would be great. More time would mean more ability to really see the blogs. I admit I clicked, decided quickly if the prize was worth my time, and left. A couple of the blogs were so fabulous I did spend a bit of time.
    As for suggestions to participants… I personally did not enter for many where following a blog was mandatory and where the giveaway seemed like items just gathered from ones personal stash of stuff. I loved when I was asked to answer or talk about something interesting or inventive.
    I am in marketing as my primary field and I am really eager to see how the various shop owners follow up with their new viewers to turn them into steady clients!
    Thanks again – it was a great event and you guys are fabulous for taking the time to do it and help all of us!!

  71. Eileen says:

    Thank you Sew, Mama, Sew! I had such a wonderful time both hosting and entering the giveaways during Giveaway Day! It was a spectacular event! πŸ™‚ I’m still going through the list! Next giveaway day, I’m going to take the day off so I won’t miss anything! {and I know what I want to giveaway, too!} I love the categories. I thought they were broken down nicely! I really enjoyed not knowing what item was being given away! It was a surprise each time! πŸ™‚ One category I think would be great to add is one for baby and kids items! It’s not a category I would generally shop, but I think there are A Lot of people who would love that! If someones looking specifically for kids, that would fabulous for them!
    Thank you, again for all your hard work and putting this together! It’s much appreciated! πŸ™‚

  72. PersiaRose says:

    My only thought was to limit the giveaways to a certain number.
    It’s too daunting to click through them.
    Also tiring when you click through several that are for young children…so maybe more catagories?

  73. Donna Baker says:

    this was so fantastic! I plan to participate as a giver some day! I also think the time frame could be a little longer – I only got to comment because I was home sick from work Mon & Tues, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get through much at all because of other commitments. Maybe extend it over the weekend in the future? Also more specific categories would be great! thanks again although I didn’t win anything (maybe next time *grin)

  74. Amber H says:

    One thing that I did to make it easier as a giver is that I used google spreadsheets as a way to keep track of entries. I found this FANTASTIC tutorial that explains how to do this. I got MANY comments on my blog stating that it was MUCH easier to fill out this form, and how much easier it made it for them to enter. In addition, I noticed while entering other giveaways that blogger’s comment system went down for a few hours which when you only have two days to enter in a ton of giveaways is precious time lost; and when about 80-95% of people use blogger this is NOT good. The spreadsheet is implemented into the html of the blog post, so if for some reason the comment system of a blogging platform goes down, people visting can still leave comments.

    And again, I disliked the bloggers who requested followers before an entry could count. I passed up on quite a few things that I would have liked a chance to win simply because of this. I did not make it mandatory, and I only gained 7 new followers through google friend connect; however I’d like to think they decided to follow me because of the content of my blog and not through arm twisting obligation. This isn’t a popularity contest people.. there are better ways of getting your blog and name out there! Requiring people to follow you at a chance to win your giveaway is not the way to do that in my opinion.

  75. Kelsey says:

    It’d be great if we could “sign-up” to participate in a linky or the like (I think there is a free text-only linky option) so that we can verify our urls are correct prior to giveaway day opening.

    Of course, I suggest this because I’m the one person dorky enough to misspell their own blog url. πŸ˜›

    Alternatively, maybe one of us software engineer sewists could put together a little site for signing up that has a confirm page where they can actually click on and try out the url, and beth (or other admin) can login and see all entrants. Or even better, alert the user if the url is not found. I’m sure one of us wouldn’t mind it as a volunteer side project. πŸ™‚

  76. Marguerite says:

    Yes, what Candice said about reversing the alphabet! I noticed as I was plugging through (lucky me: had a day off work!) that the people farther down the list had far fewer entries. And also the facebook thing – you can’t enter facebook things without a facebook account, and some people don’t have them (or use their facebook account for their (non-crafty) business, and don’t want tons of “pick me!” posts showing up in their activity feeds, or keep things a bit quiet on their facebook accounts for privacy reasons, etc.); but you can enter most blog-based things so long as you have an email account. And the week-long thing. By next December, I’ll put myself back into international shipping and move way up the list and get more comments again πŸ™‚

    Other than all the griping – it’s great! found many new sites to subscribe to (I click “follow” if they ask me to, but I don’t use that, so I subscribe to the ones I actually *like* in my feed reader), made a few etsy purchases, got a few great ideas… it was excellent.

  77. Karyn Ashley-Smith says:

    This was my first experience with Giveaway Day. I’m new to the blogging world (really, really new…mine isn’t even set up yet!). So, ignoring all technical issues I had (there were several blogs I loved but couldn’t figure out how to follow, and some that I just couldn’t find a place to leave a comment no matter what I did), my feedback isn’t much different from what everyone has said so far.

    1. MORE TIME! Over 500 blogs? I was up till 2am 2 days in a row, and still didn’t make it very far. You guys put a lot of time into this, and the shops put a lot of time, effort and money/prizes into this event….take advantage of the captive audience. I’m going to be going back to the blogs to actually read them. I felt like I was on one of those old school game shows where they turn you lose in the store and you have 60 seconds to toss as much in your cart as you can.

    2. Not sure I like the demand to follow in order to enter. I understand it (why enter for my prize if you don’ t like what I have to say), but seriously? 500 blogs to blow through…how can I take the time to see if I like what you have to say? Can you imagine if I followed every blog that was in this, to find the ones I liked? No idea how to get around that. I plan on visiting everyone at my leisure to find the most useful for me.

    3. Maybe instead of such a huge extravaganza with all kinds of different categories, it could be broken up over the year. Those that fall into multiple categories can participate as often as they fit. Maybe do Supplies in Jan, Yarn crafts in Feb, fabric crafts in March…..something a little more manageable…and repeat each category a couple times a year….. Maybe not…..maybe that becomes too regimented. Maybe the chaos of blog-jumping is part of the charm. Another alternative is to release X number of shops per day for people to visit and have the contests run 3 days from each release or something like that (just some way of making it more manageable and realistic).

    This was a blast! I’m excited to go back and really dig into the blogs to see what is going on out there. I found what was most appealing to me were blogs that had lots of “how to’s”, and blogs that were very personal, off the beaten path but still light and fun.

    There were places I went and thought “hmmm, that’s interesting, who knew there could be an entire store/blog dedicated to that” (sometimes that was a good thing, other times, I shrugged and moved on). I saw things that I loved that prior to, I had always thought a tad ridiculous (fell in love with a coffee cup sleeve thing — I’m so sorry, I didn’t make a note of your shop name, but I left you a comment on it and will be coming back. Didn’t see it for sale in your shop, but think it’s a new product– up until yesterday, I thought those were a bit silly…now, I want one *grin*).

    I saw books I want (both for reading and for reference), discovered new artists & sources…. all around, in the blur, I saw a lot, but didn’t feel like I had the time I wanted to really look around and get a feel for the blogs.

    My long winded answer? PLEASE give us more time!

  78. Kari says:

    I’m amazed at the efficiency in which you put it together. It is the first time I have ever had a giveaway on my blog and I was amazed at the response. It’s too soon to say whether I’ll have any followers or friends out of it, but that would be great if I do. I know I found some blogs that I will now follow from the others. THANKS!!!

  79. Anne says:

    I suppose my comment will die in “awaiting moderation” mode. I wasted my time. Thank you.

  80. Beth does a fantastic job and the giveaway is a great idea.
    Improvements – since there were so involved have it last longer.

    I clicked through to several blogs but couldn’t find the giveaway post maybe using a linky tool so that the link goes directly to the specific post.

    Breakdown the categories – I clicked through to several who were giving yarn, beautiful as it is, I don’t have a use for it :o(

    Don’t allow those participating to make the people signing up ‘jump through hoops’, I don’t want to be forced into following, tweeting, FBing etc. If I like a blog I will follow it or bookmark it and return to have a good look round. I don’t mind answering a simple question as an answer, in fact I quite enjoyed reading through other comments on blogs that did that.

    Thank you for doing a great job Beth and a double thank you for putting those who do and don’t ship internationally in separate groups.

  81. all8garden says:

    Perhaps it would be easier on Beth, if each week of the month there was a specific giveaway. Fabric, patterns, kits, handmade item, etc., etc. With some of the giveaways, I didn’t make it to them before they had posted a winner last night.

    It was great seeing all of the different blogs and whatnot. I tried to really read each blog but towards the end I quit reading more than just the post for entering.

    Great stuff.

  82. Amanda says:

    It was great but too much! I agree with the suggestion to break things down further into categories. I was overwhelmed and ended up mostly picking and choosing blogs I was already aware of, which kind of defeats the purpose, I guess! And the alphabetical listing surely leads to more hits for those early in the alphabet…
    Thanks so much for putting this together, and for having this wonderful blog.

  83. Paloma says:

    Thank you so much for organizing. Giveaway day is really wonderful. My only suggestion would be to perhaps make it “giveaway month” and release a list every friday or something of that month with those giveaways open for a week before posting the next one. The list of blogs is so overwhelming to go through in such a short span of time and I felt badly madly dashing though so many blogs just so I could see what was being given away. Of course, I will go back to many of them, but feel that some may have gotten short shrift just because their top post may not have been as enticing. I am amazed by the generosity of all the participants. Thanks again to all.

  84. Candice says:

    You guys have done such a wonderful job organizing Giveaway Day! My only suggestion is perhaps in May list the blogs from A-Z and in December from Z-A? Thank you!

  85. Jennifer says:

    I really love Giveaway Day! My giveaway doesn’t end until tomorrow, and I nearly have 400 entries. Amazing!

    I definitely agree on the suggestions on more specific categories. I think that would help readers get through the list faster. There were a good number of blogs that didn’t have a giveaway up, and a few that were in more than one category with the same giveaway, both of which were a little annoying to deal with.

    Some of the best prizes I saw were quilts or gigantic fat quarter sets. It’s inspired me to go even bigger next year! Thanks for such a fun event. I can’t wait for the next one!

  86. Because there were so many participants I think the time we have to search the blogs should be longer. I have done this before with One World One Heart giveaway blog hop and we had about 10 days to really look at the blogs and decide if we would like to follow them, not just sign up for a giveaway.
    I plan to participate as a “giver” in the next one.
    Thank you for organizing this wonderful way to search for favorite blogs!

  87. Phyllis says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This was my first to participate in as a giver and as a looker!
    You helped me get in since I read the directions wrong and can’t wait to do the next one.
    Thanks so much!!!!!

  88. Chancy says:

    Just FYI: Monday is a federal holiday and all post offices in the US will be closed. So my guess is Tuesday is a much more appropriate deadline.

  89. Anita says:

    This was our first time as givers but I participated as a gift seaker in December. I love the whole idea of this but do have a couple of suggestions.

    – More time to go through the listings. I only made it through the Handmade items catagory before the giveaway time was over. Wish I had an opportunity to look at the other two catagories before they closed.
    – More specific catagories would be great. There were alot of totes/bags and I have way too many already. Also our giveaway was fairly unique, dog toys, which Im sure some people aren’t interested either.
    – The facebook and etsy shop giveaways were pretty confusing. I didn’t even enter them just cuz most of the time I couldn’t find the giveaway info. When you have over 500 giveaways you want to look at you don’t have time to search around for the info.

    Thanks so much ladies for all your work in putting this together. Can’t wait till December for the next one!

  90. Rachaeldaisy says:

    I had a wonderful Giveaway Day. I had so many fun comments and gained lots of new followers. It wasn’t a requirement to become a follower but I do offer an extra comment to followers as they’re the people who visit and support me all year round. More time and more categories would be great. It’s such a big event for 1 person to organise, I’m impressed!! Well done Beth!!!

  91. Melissa P says:

    Fist of all I wanted to thank you for putting this event together, I appreciate all the hard work it must take to get it organized. I too would like to see more catagories. I also think it would be nice to have a FINAL GIVEAWAY just for the blogs that participated.

  92. kathyh says:

    Wow, awesome and entertaining does not begin to cover giveaway days at SMS. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved.
    Organizing all of the giveaways has got to be so labor intensive.
    Like most people above, I did not manage to get around to all of the blogs but I bookmarked several for future reading.
    My favorite giveaway comment question was from Crafty Tokyo Momma who asked that you share a supernatural or otherworldly story to be entered and she led off with her story from Dayton, Oregon.
    I always feels a special connection discovering bloggers/crafters from my own neck of the woods.

    And finally, shooting for the moon here; one suggestion noted above came up with idea of small thumbnail photos. I have no idea how unwieldy that would be with 550 giveaways but it bears thinking about.

  93. Sarah says:

    Oh and thank you for categorising for international postage, that made it just so much better

  94. Sarah says:

    My first giveaway day and I loved it! Thank you so much for the organisation, I’m looking forward to December already!

  95. Jessica says:

    Thank you for doing this – I entered as many giveaways as I could and wished I had more time. It was awesome!

    Do you have set timeframes in which you can sign-up to be a partipant in Giveaway day? I don’t know how I missed your posts (and reminder posts), but I think I need to put it on my calendar because I’d really like to be a part of the next ones. Thanks again!

  96. Rachel says:

    I LOVED Giveaway Day. The only thing I would suggest is make the list of the giveaway participants a little more detailed. Describe what that individual is giving away. It was really time consuming to go through each link looking for a specific type of item. I, for example, was looking for giveaways for baby items. Seeing both sides of the process as a giveaway participant and a customer, I think it would behoove both parties to have a little more information.

  97. Alethea says:

    This was the first time I’ve participated in this and I thought it was really great. Here are my comments/thoughts/whatever.

    For SMS: There were soooooo many blogs to go through and I couldn’t get through them all. It was overwhelming. What about breaking it up to cover the whole month of May? Post a set number of blogs (order/week is randomly selected) each week for giveaways. If that’s not easier for you, I totally understand, but it would sure be easier for the readers, I think!

    For bloggers:

    There were some really awesome prizes in there, like PDF patterns, great fabric, tools, etc. But some were…well, not as awesome. But that’s OK. I just didn’t enter for the prizes that weren’t for my taste or weren’t relevant to my interests (e.g. knitting stuff). However (and I don’t want to hurt any feelings here or be an ingrate) some people were giving away small cut-up leftover fabric scraps, used patterns that had been chewed on by pets, and half-made quilts. Recycling/upcycling/swapping is awesome and I know that not everyone can afford give a pile of shiny new Moda fabric, but for a big event like this, it would be nice to offer better prizes, even cheap ones. I certainly wouldn’t give away used stuff during a big event like this, though I would still give it away on my own (like “Hey, anyone want this?”).

    I didn’t like having to jump through hoops — be a follower when I’m not on Blogger, “like” the Facebook page, create an account to comment, etc. — but I loved just leaving a comment with my email and answering fun questions! Also, Blogger is a jerk (not your fault!) and wouldn’t load comment sections for me, so I couldn’t get into most of the giveaways, even the ones that only required name/email for commenting. Definitely turned me off to ever signing up for Blogger.

  98. Robyn G says:

    -More time , because I didn’t have time to get to all the blogs. And the blogs I did get to, I only had time to make a generic comment and move on.
    -Blogger commenting problems
    -More categories to help narrow down the items I would be interested in.
    -There were also a handful of blogs where I couldn’t find the give away after looking around for a few minutes (sorry, I didn’t write them down).

    Overall, I love the giveaways. Thank you so much for hosting. I always star the lists in my google reader, so I can go back and really get a good look at the blogs.

  99. Allie says:

    I thought I might be the only one to skip it, but I see Christina did the same. I saw the huge lists and didn’t click a thing. Reading here about so many places that required following or Facebook comments makes me glad I skipped it all – I do Facebook but I keep that strictly close friends & family. I don’t have accounts anywhere with any of the blogging places so if there is not a way to leave a comment without signing up, I wouldn’t have bothered. Also, I wanted that those doing Facebook contests should take a closer look at the rules before doing another.

  100. suzee says:

    I love entering these!This was my first time to enter any of them as from before I was always working. Now that I’m home I sat with my mug of coffee for two days and tried my best to enter them all! well..I did miss a few but I won something!! yay for me! I found some beautiful blogs and can’t wait to get a lazy day to go through their sites and browse. It was so much fun, as others say I think maybe categories would be nice but I like all sewing and crafts so thats a minor issue to me. I am sooo jealous of alot of the winners that I wanted! lol but so glad and they won. I can’t wait til the next one and I think I have a few friends/family members going to join next time.. thank u again πŸ™‚

  101. Hilary says:

    OH yes, that vintage prom dress was incredible! I also liked the box of zippers and the beautiful Australian buttons.

    This was my third time as a giveaway day blogger, and I found it a bit frustrating. It’s fantastic that there were so many blogs participating, but I agree that listing them in a way that provides more info about what you’ll find there (at least as the giveaway prize) would be incredibly useful. I would love to look at 550 blogs, and I did manage to do it in 3 days, but that’s not realistic for most people. Breaking down the categories further would help people decide where to visit. I like Amy’s idea of perhaps staggering the giveaways at different times of the year. I’d rather have 100 visitors who actually read more than “how to enter” than 1000 visitors who just say “I want to win something.”

    I like Giveaway Day not just because I might win some fabric or a handmade pillow, but even more because I find interesting new crafters to follow. As a blogger, I discovered that people were blowing through my site and entering the drawing but not poking around. The first two times I participated, I found that people were reading older posts and clicking through to my shop. Perhaps people felt rushed by the huge number of participants? Again, categories (self-identified by crafty interest or giveaway prize) would be helpful.

    I had more visitors but fewer entrants this time, which is likely a result of giving away something hand-knit. Sewing prizes are far more coveted! But my beret has found an excellent new home. Thanks for all you do, SMS!

  102. Erin says:

    I think adding a few extra categories is a great idea. I know it’s more work, but even broad categories would be great – like fabric, sewing, knitting, etc. I ran across a few that were knitting supplies and that’s great, but if they were separate I could have easily skipped them and saved time, since I don’t knit. Having it go over a weekend would be great, too.

    Also, there isn’t anything you can do about this but I think it’s interesting. With Blogger, you have to log in to comment, and I think this is confusing to people and annoying. You have to be a “no reply” blogger which means your email address has to be public, and so most people use a throwaway email address if they do publish it. That or you have to type your email into the public post. With WordPress and Typepad, you don’t have to log in – you just enter your name, email and website and your comment, but your email is only shown to the blogger not to the whole world. It also hyperlinks your name with your website so others don’t have to click through to a profile page to visit your blog. So if anyone out there is thinking about starting a blog, that’s something to think about. It’s also not the blogger’s fault that you have to log in like this, it’s the blogging platform. A WordPress plugin also chose the winners for me so I didn’t have to count. Love WordPress πŸ™‚

    I know this time you asked people to make it easy to enter, but there were still blogs that wanted you to follow, friend connect them, etc. to enter. I skipped a lot of these because I’m not going to follow a blog just to enter their contest and I wouldn’t want anyone to follow me for only that reason either. (If someone wants to have a contest for just their followers, do it on a day other than SMS Giveaway Day!) I did find about 10 new blogs that I added to my RSS reader and will enjoy following, but I chose to do that – it wasn’t required. I use Google Reader but not Google Friend Connect which is what a lot of them were asking you to use. A few gave bonus entries for that stuff, which was a great compromise. I didn’t mind answering a cute question, and even though I didn’t ask a question on my blog lots of people answered my question from the post before the giveaway post, which was awesome. Total I spent about 3-4 hours and I made it through the supplies list and about halfway through the others.

    Overall I think it was great. I got 240 comments on my blog, and lots of people said they would return to take a closer look. I didn’t require people to follow me but I got about 10 new FB & twitter followers and who knows how many RSS, probably more. If I even get 20 new followers out of it, it was well worth it in my opinion! Thank you for hosting!

  103. Sharon T. says:

    This was my second giveaway day. It was lots of fun, but I didn’t have as much time to visit many blogs since I was out of town. A longer giveaway time period would be nice. (I actually kept mine open an extra day because of my traveling schedule.)

    Thank you so much for putting this together. I’m sure there is an amazing amount of work that goes into coordinating this. I am so appreciative of your work, and I have “met” so many amazing women through these Giveaway Days & SMS, in general.

    Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

    PS. May 30th is Memorial Day.

  104. Elizabeth says:

    I love giveaway day! My thoughts (which are very similar to everyone else’s):

    1. Make it longer. It has grown so big that there’s no way to look at each entry much less spend time looking around each blog.

    2. Slightly more specific categories. I did see some blogs that looked interesting even though I might not have gone to them if the catergories were very specific.

    3. I liked that most entants had easy ways to enter. I will say, that I really dislike being made to become a follower in order to enter and if that was required, I just didn’t enter… even if I liked what was being given away.

  105. Same type of comment as the others. Without sitting at the computer all day, it is very hard to enter all the giveaways. Also, because I am ‘rushing’ to look at the giveaways, that’s all I look at. I don’t usually get a chance to look at the blogs much themselves and I’m sure I have missed some really great ones. I’ll be going through the list more slowly perhaps over the next few weeks and actually looking at the blogs to see what they are all about.

    All in all, my complaints are small and I absolutely love giveaway day! It is so fun and I love to see all the great creations!

    Thanks so much for another wonderful Giveaway Day!

  106. Lindsay F says:

    I agree with others that it would be helpful to limit the entries to just one comment (no required following, posting to twitter etc)

    Besides that I love SMS giveaway day! I find so many amazing people this way.

  107. Kathleen says:

    I think it would be nice if there could be a master winners list. I also think winners should be notified via email rather than blog posting.

  108. Anne says:

    There should definitely be more time allowed to browse, and I agree that the blogs should be separated into specific categories.

    I was ticked to discover that several bloggers’ links weren’t tied directly to his/her Giveaway Day post. I found myself hunting high and low. Kudos to those who provided a link by stating: “If you’re looking for my SMS Giveaway, click here …”

    Please, bloggers, be aware that a visitor reads your entry requirements, also known as instructions to “jump through this hoop this way,” and then clicks on a comment form that appears on another page. The visitor cannot easily glance back at your rules. For that reason, the initial entry should be simple, and it should be the same for EVERY blog! If you want folks to offer suggestions for decorating, cooking, hairstyling, etc., you should offer an additional entry for said advice doled out for your reading pleasure!

    Also, I think it’s unfair to offer a desirable prize only to those required to become followers and set aside a lesser gift to others.

    I contend that specific, detailed, uniform rules should be REQUIRED for the giveaways, AND these rules/instructions should be easy to locate at the END of the post. Visits to the blogs should be fun, but bloggers must be made aware that visiting blog after blog in such a short span of time is exhausting!

    If a blogger wishes to extend additional entries and/or discounts, these offers should appear in a separate paragraph following instructions for the initial entry requirement.

    I fully understand that bloggers participate in order to draw “eyes” to their wares, but please don’t post a photo of something you don’t intend to give away! Personally, I’m more likely to take a peek at the items bloggers offer for sale via a link rather than a pictorial ad within the Giveaway Day post!

    Whew — I feel better now!

  109. delia says:

    I only have the experience of a giveaway enterer as I have no blog or business. However, I think both parties would benefit from more specific questions to answer rather than just “leave a comment” or “be a follower.” For me, it’s more fun to share random tidbits and more thought out than writing the same generic message. For the giveaway sponsor, you can glean perspective on your potential followers/customers and show your personality.

    I wasn’t sure if I would get to go through them all, but I clicked on the last blog yesterday afternoon. Giveaway Day is the best! Thanks for coordinating!

  110. Christina says:

    There were so many blogs, I didn’t even bother. Extend it out or categorize, otherwise it’s not really about reading and finding the work of others so much as ‘tagging’ for a prize, which is not my thing.

  111. Southern Gal says:

    I think it was so much better to have categories this year. Thanks for changing that. I would like for it to run longer. It’s really hard to get through so many fantastic blogs in such a short period of time. I love getting to meet other bloggers.

  112. Katrina says:

    I had a lot of fun “meeting” new bloggers and crafters out there. I was wondering if there was a way to get more detailed about what the giveaways were…I don’t have a way (just yet) to do the sewing projects so I guess I’m a big knitter and that is what I’m interested in. Other wise that it’s a great event…I’m thinking about joining in your next one! πŸ™‚

  113. First thank you so so much for putting this together! I do love giveaway day because of all the amazing opportunities to win great things. My only suggestion is the same as most…more specific categories. It really was way too much to go through just to find the ones you wanted. I specifically was looking for fabric or cute clutches so if there had been a category for fabric giveaways and a category for say bags/totes/purses all in one I probably would have been able to find more of the blogs I wanted to see. I think the giveaway hosts might get more traffic that way as well. If they are giving away something I want I’m more incline to check out there blog. Also having them in categories gives the rest of us more time to look because we’re not wasting it opening and waiting for pages to load that we aren’t interested in.

    All in all though it’s amazing that you do this for us! Maybe next go around I’ll host a giveaway!


  114. amy says:

    I think you do a tremendous job of organizing it all & it can’t be easy! So thank you for doing it and letting us all play along. I both gave away & entered, and these are my sort of random thoughts:

    1. I didn’t understand the difference between “Handmade” and “Handmade + Supplies.” Is the second a handmade supply item?

    2. Maybe put the Facebook links in a different list–although that’s just more work for you. If it’s a blog/shop giveaway and you’re not on Facebook it’s kind of a bummer to get taken to a Facebook link.

    3. You mentioned this in your original post calling for participants so I know you already have gotten this feedback, but leaving a comment should be enough to enter a blog giveaway. I don’t like being asked to do x, y, z and I don’t want to ask anyone else to do it either, and any giveaways that put conditions on entering (for instance, it’s not enough to just leave a comment, you have to become a follower first) I skipped. I’m really pleased that some folks who entered my giveaway liked the blog enough to follow it, of course, but they didn’t have to do so to enter.

    I really enjoyed some super nice comments I received, and I was so impressed with some of the items folks were willing to give away. I’m in love with the art quilts at So many talented, creative people out there! I’d definitely participate again. πŸ™‚

  115. Crystal says:

    This was my first year sponsoring a giveaway and I was absolutely blown away by what a global event this has become! I had entries from Finland (a winner), Turkey, Portugal, Greece, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the North American countries. When I signed up, I thought perhaps 50 – 75 people would come by my blog, but I had 209 entries in the 3 days. WOW! Thank you to Emily and Sew, Mama, Sew for sponsoring this event. I can only imagine how much work it is from their end.

    I wish I could easily add a comment counter to Blogger which would have made it easier to identify my winners. Otherwise, it was very easy to participate. And everyone who commented was very appreciative about what I was giving away. One suggestion to those who are entering giveaways is to do what the giver asks of you. If she/he wants to know your favourite color or where you live, it’s good manners to answer the question when you enter your name in the giveaway. I only had a few who missed doing this.

    I’m already planning for the next giveaway day :)) Thank you so very much for coordinating the whole event!

  116. desiree says:

    I love giveaway days and have since the start! The only suggestions I make for hosts is please don’t make people become a follower… it is super annoying. And I automatically check out.
    As someone who participates in a giveaway I also notice more comments when I do not require people to follow!
    Thanks for making this round another success!

  117. Amy says:

    I had great success with my giveaway. I’m torn between wanting more time to enter but also forcing people to actually look at the blog that is doing the giveaway as that is sort of what it’s all about. Perhaps expanding the categories would work or perhaps staggering the categories to be on different days or different times of the year? I am grateful for the exposure and couldn’t ask for anything more.

    I think the prom dress giveaway was my favorite prize!

  118. Leila says:

    Beth you are a rockstar for organizing all this!! You deserve a spa treatment or something!
    I love love love give away day, thank you so much for making it happen.

  119. Keri says:

    I agree that it’s overwhelming to get to all the blogs in the time frame. Separating into more specific categories would be GREAT so that you know what you going for before you click. I know it must be a lot of work on your end though. Thank you thank you thank you for hosting!

  120. Jocelyn says:

    All I can say is WOW! My giveaway day was amazing! I participated two years ago when I first started my blog, and was delighted to find new followers, plus new blogs to visit. But this year, THIS YEAR has surpassed it for me. My giveaway was a resounding success. I had 787 comments and over 100 new followers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am just a little blog but I love interacting with other crafters and quilters. My only suggestions would be to add one more day for viewing. It was hard to get around to everyone (and I didn’t). I know some bloggers made their giveaways until the 27th, but some already drew names last night. There were several that did not have a SMS giveaway post up even yesterday. So I dont’ know what happened there. But it just takes time to go and visit. I loved the blogs that made it easy to enter, but many still had the “go to my etsy shop and take a look around”. It’s too time consuming when you are trying to visit 500+ blogs in 3 days. Also we don’t all have facebook, and a lot of the giveaways required a comment on facebook. If you have a blog, why can’t you just comment on the blog? Thanks for everything! All the hard work is greatly appreciated. Bravo!!!

  121. Vicki says:

    Maybe next time you can have a post (or a link to someone’s post) about blogger and the whole “no-reply comment” thing. I am going to blog about this, but I think it would be great to encourage those with blogger blogs to set up their comment form to “pop-up window” as it saves a lot of time, especially when the blogger has word verification (like I do).

    I agree with the suggestions for more categories too, but realize that could potentially be a lot more work on your end.

  122. 2hippos says:

    I’ve participated in Giveaway Day since the first time (both giving and entering), and it gets better every time. I love seeing new-to-me blogs and learning about all sorts of cool things and people.

    I really appreciate your suggestion to make entering easy — 1 comment rather than 5 that require other things. In fact, I’d love that to be a requirement of participating that 1 comment per person (answering whatever question or offering a suggestion or whatever) be the limit. I think it’s great to see folks with etsy shops but not blogs offering stuff but it was sometimes hard to figure out how to enter those and I think of myself as pretty web- and etsy-savvy.

    Given the size of Giveaway Day (which is awesome), I’d love more categories or a link-up system as well so people can pick and choose more carefully (for example, I don’t knit and I don’t have kids so yarn and baby/kid stuff wasn’t interesting to me). I know you say that blogs w/o posts by a certain time will be deleted but I still came upon a fair number that lacked a giveaway day post — perhaps others could help ferret out these people or perhaps the link-up option would require people to have the post posted to participate.

    But these suggestions aside, it was fun and awesome and I’m so thankful for all the organization you do to make it happen. If there’s a way to help out, I’d certainly be happy to pitch in πŸ™‚

  123. SuperMom says:

    I really had fun visiting as many blogs as I could during this giveaway. I found some new ones that I’ll be visiting again. But one thing I found truly annoying were the giveaways that had conditions… like you have to follow the blog to enter or extra entries if you follow them or like them on facebook, etc.

    I only participated in giveaways where the only requirement was to leave a comment. I don’t mind if they want you to answer a single, specific question.

  124. Wren says:

    After all the hours I spent signing up for giveaways (ok, most of those hours were spent reading new blogs!), I didn’t win a single prize. Instead, I got something better. Apparently, someone followed my post to my blog and then to my etsy shop and bought something. It was the smallest sale I’ve ever made, but what made it special is that it was the first thing I’ve ever sold to a stranger. So far, every time I’ve posted anything on etsy, a friend bought it (internet friends mostly, but still friends.) This was a complete and total stranger who wanted something I made. I smiled all day!!

    I hadn’t realized how important this was, and you can bet that I’ll be joining the giveaway in the fall. Ok, still smiling. Thank you for introducing me to this whole idea!

  125. elsa says:

    Oh, and wanted to say that I’ve got my winner and sending off her ‘win’ today!

  126. Lixa says:

    It should be more ‘Giveaway Week’ than ‘Giveaway Day’. 3 days is definitely too short, I only had time to look to 10 or so blogs, unfortunately πŸ™ Some fine grained categories would be nice to have an overall look into the big list. Or at least put a 50 character description on the giveaway link, like: ‘ 3yards fabric + sewing pattern’
    Awesome job for the organization, keep it going!

  127. MJ says:

    This is my 2nd time entering and 1st time ‘giving away’ – I love it! My suggestions would be to break the categories down a little farther (I don’t care about winning fat quarters or yarn) make it a Week and have different categories open up on each day – Mon/sewing supplies Tues/knitting supplies Wed/quilting supplies Thurs/handmade etc, then those of us that just want to enter the categories that apply to us don’t waste any time on the other days. plus that will give more time to look over the blogs and decide to subscribe if we want to or not – I HATE being asked to subscribe or ‘like’ or ‘follow’ just to enter the contests. I did it on a few, but most of them like that I just skipped completely.

  128. Maman A Droit says:

    I had a blast, although, sadly it appears I didn’t win anything πŸ™
    I agree with the suggestion of more time-maybe have all the giveaways end on Friday?
    I’m torn on whether or not to be more specific about the prizes. On the one hand, there were probably giveaways for things that would be perfect for me that I never got to. But on the other hand, some blogs that were giving away things like knitting supplies I have no clue how to use were actually really fun blogs I’d be likely to visit again despite my lack of knitting knowledge. I can see advantages both ways.

    Anyway, I think it was a really fun e-vent πŸ˜‰

  129. I guess my only feedback (and I don’t think this is anything new) is that I never have enough time to get around to all the sites! This go round I only made it through one of the lists; it’s hard to get to it all if you have a day job and can’t spend a whole day online πŸ™‚ Either extending the end date or including a weekend date would help. Also, it gets confusing with the time difference for international giveaways — maybe a suggested standard end time could be introduced? Thanks as always for all the hard work and for supporting such a fun event!

  130. krystina says:

    I really thought it was great. Good job, ladies!

  131. elsa says:

    I personally loved doing the giveaway. It was my first, so I know that there are things that I could have done better, like say when it would end, how to get the random number generator on my blog, have numbers on each comment (I counted to find the number from the generator)! I had so many comments, 343 and wish I could have sent something to each and every one of them.
    I have participated in many giveaways and have won some lovely things and so it was really wonderful to give back. I really really enjoyed it and looking forward to the one in December.

  132. Jingle says:

    Thank you for another fantastic giveaway! I really love the way you list the blogs in alphabetical order and in three categories allowing for things to be more manageable. The giveaways were great and really varied depending on what people could give and what skills they have…I think that is perfect! The only thing that I don’t care for is follow requirements. I don’t mind if there is an extra entry for following, but I really don’t care for the requirement…I know for my blog..I only want followers who really want to read my blog…I do sometimes offer an extra for following, but I don’t like requiring it and I don’t like being asked to follow for that reason…I may choose not to follow based solely on the requirement! Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you put into this wonderful event! I had a blast!!!

  133. Elizabetg says:

    My giveaway day was a huge success! It’s the third time I’ve participated and I had over 230 entries – my biggest giveaway yet! I already contacted and mailed the prize to the winner. I had my entrants link to their favorite sewing pattern/ tutorial or recipe and now I have many links to go through! Lots of fun for me! πŸ™‚

  134. Morgan says:

    Giveaway Day was A-Mazing! The prizes were fantastic. My only *wish* is that the categories were more specific: Fabric, needlework, handmade items, etc.

  135. Lisa says:

    Maybe another day? There were SOOOOOOO many wonderful blogs to finish I’m still working my way through the lists!

  136. Mary says:

    Thanks ladies for all your hard work in putting this together. It has been so much fun. I joined in last December and it wasn’t very successful, I’m in the UK and had it as a UK only giveaway, this time I opened internationally and had a brilliant response. So that’s one tip! I don’t think I can recommend giving away highly enough. I don’t have a shop, just a blog but hope to have a shop going by the next giveaway and it will be interesting to see what effect that will have.
    I didn’t have a lot of time to enter other giveaways but the few that I did I posted in the comment that I was giving away too and that brought in more comments back to me, and others did the same on fine so that’s another point. I did a bit of promotion on facebook, posting on UK fabric store walls and that helped too. I guess the more work you put in the more you get out.
    thanks again, looking forward to the next one!

  137. Hi! Thank you for hosting Giveaway Day! It was fantastic πŸ™‚ My only suggestion would be, since there were SOOO many participants if there could be a few more specific categories to make the lists a little shorter and to help everyone find what they’re looking for. For example, many people gave away fabric, so that could be one category and supplies could be another and patterns could be another (just three major themes I saw happening) and then maybe one that’s just like a “grab bag” category.
    Other than the lengthy lists, this was super fun!

  138. Joelle Lambert says:

    Thanks for the many opportunities provided. I thought it was great.

  139. This was my first time participating in Giveaway Day and it was a ton of fun! I gave away one of my handmade pillows and received 505 comments on it, I am still just blown away! Chatting back and forth with several blogging friends, we all thought it would be great if the format was more like a link up, so right away you could see the prize and decide if it fits your style, need, ect. Really, it was just wonderful!!! Thanks again for hosting such a successful event!

  140. Sunnybec says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed giveaway day, (and I won something LOL) I agree with you about people emailing the winners it’s almost impossible to check every giveaway when there are so many. I wonder if maybe it could last a little longer next time, it is hard trying to get around so many blogs in just a few days…. and try and keep up with all the blogs we are already following. Thanks for hosting this I am sure everyone appreciates all your hard work. Linda

  141. April says:

    I would actually like to see more specific categories for the giveaways. Such as quilts, fabric, crafts, other notions, etc.

    I gave away a child’s size tote bag and did that because I tend to make a lot of things for my daughter. So my giveaway was geared toward those with kids or grandkids which I feel will probably like my blog the most.

    I was very impressed by how many comments I received, even though a lot less than many others.

    Thanks again for hosting!

  142. Kristin says:

    I think you do an awesome job getting it all organized. Honestly, for me, it’s grown so huge that I feel overwhelmed by it! I only entered a couple of giveaways because I just didn’t have the time. πŸ™

  143. Natalie says:

    I love love LOVE this giveaway day! It’s so cool to see all of the different bloggers and their sites. I cant imagine how much work that is to organize it all. Here are my suggestions :
    1) more time…. What about leaving this open for a week or so. Or doing the diffferent lists on different days. It just doesn’t seem like there was enough time to really browse many blogs. Not to mention check out easy shops, etc. I felt like I was glued to the computer for a couple days…
    2) separate knitting supplies and material or sewing supplies. I was bummed after I waited for pages to load and then it was yarn they were giving away…. I only sew and don’t have much interest in winning yarn.
    3) maybe this is just me but i have no idea about blogging profiles, like a google account or if i go with aim or open id with url??? Its all like a foreign language to me. I would love so eone to break it down for me. I just entered all the contests anonymously… With my email in the comment of course!
    4) keep up the good work! Overall I’m sure it was a huge success. I got lots of sewing inspiration, and links to cool sites! Thanks!

  144. Margaret says:

    hi, I think the day is a spectaular idea. Not only do we get prizes, but we find wonderful sites we ordinarily would not have known existed. I along with many other people it seems had trouble find how to enter on each site. I spent hours the first day trying to enter on other sites but the procedure to enter was always “leave a post etc” and I never understood where to leave the post. how about an “enter here” buttton or sign. But either way, the giveaway was fun and I found some great new sites. thanks, margaret

  145. Anna says:

    The only suggestion I would have is to extend the time. It is really hard to look at all of the great blogs and giveaways unless you were to just plop yourself down in front of the computer for 3 days straight. I think I only got through half or 2/3 of them, and that was without really getting to look at all the great blogs and what they have to offer (when it isn’t giveaway day). So, if you had it closing maybe on Thursday night instead of Wed and then winners announced on Friday!

    Otherwise I loved it. I am now following some amazing blogs where I can learn lots of new things. Thank you for hosting this type of event!

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