Well, that does it for the biggest and bestest Giveaway Day yet! We had over 550 participants, which is truly spectacular! We love to bask in the generosity of the sewing community.

Someone asked me how Giveaway Day started, so I’ll tell you. During our Handmade Holiday series in November two and half years ago, I kept getting emails about people wanting to offer a giveaway on one of our daily posts. We love to support small crafty businesses but we were overwhelmed by the workload involved with keeping up with not only the HH posts, but the giveaways as well. Beth and I talked about it and we thought, why not schedule one day when all these people can post their giveaway on their own blog and we’ll promote the heck out of it? It was win-win-win –crafty entrepreneurs received exposure in front of our HH traffic, our readers were introduced to new handmade products and blogs during the holiday season, and we could rest better knowing that we didn’t have to make any hard decisions about which businesses to support or not support by offering a giveaway slot.

That’s how it started and it was a hit! Since then we’ve done it every December and May, so this was our 6th Giveaway Day! There have been a lot of questions posed directly and indirectly about this, so we think you should know that we don’t make money off Giveaway Day. It is a labor-intensive and server-intensive endeavor that costs us, but it is a project that we willingly undertake as a way to give back to the sewing community that we love so much. (But we won’t deny that we are happy about the side-benefit of the exposure we get to new audiences.)

Finally, I should say that I keep saying “we”, but really Beth does all the work. She takes in all the emails, organizes them, formats all the posts, responds to all the complaints… ALL OF IT! I just wake up one morning and go, “oh yeah, today is Giveaway Day.” Seriously, I don’t know where I would be without her, so here is my big, public hug and kiss to Beth. THANK YOU!!! xxxooo

We are always looking for ways to improve Giveaway Day, so we welcome your feedback.

  • Tell us what worked or what didn’t so we can do better next time.
  • If you are a veteran of Giveaway Day and have some tips for newbies, feel free to share. We’ll consolidate these tips and include them in our instructions.
  • Amazed by some of the giveaways? We’d love to hear about them.
  • How did your own giveaway go?


Choose your winner(s) asap! We think it is a good practice to email the winner rather than just posting on your blog and waiting for them to email you. It is easier for everyone involved.


Thanks so much for being part of Giveaway Day!

(PS–We have been told about Blogger comment issues and we’re sorry that it happened in the middle of all this.)