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We’re on the Puppet Play: 20 Puppet Projects Made with Recycled Mittens, Towels, Socks, and More blog tour today with an interview with the author, Diana Schoenbrun. The book is full of puppets to make, just right for you or for your favorite kid to create. For more information about the book you can watch the Puppet Play book trailer here (and the extended version here). Diana has a blog, website and the book has a Facebook page too. Enjoy our interview, and comment below for your chance to win a copy of the book.

Sew,Mama,Sew!: Congratulations on the publication of your book! Can you tell us a little about your work with puppets?
Diana: In the past I have co-taught puppet and playwriting classes at 826NYC for elementary school children. The children came up with there own characters and wrote a short play. Then they created their own props and puppets to perform with. I have also taught creative writing classes for after school workshops for Writopia Lab. I currently work at Puppet Heap and I make puppets for theater, film, and television.

The Five Little Pigs

Sew,Mama,Sew!: Have you always been drawn to puppets? What got you started in puppet making?
Diana: I began my interest in Puppetry when I was a child. I was first hooked watching Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I also enjoyed seeing stop motion animation puppets in films. I started making puppets and 3-D characters in college as a way to
bring my 2-D characters to life.

Sew,Mama,Sew!: We recently had an article on the blog about the zero-waste trend in the sewing industry. You encourage the use of repurposed materials in Puppet Play; recycled materials are an important part of your work. Can you tell us a little more about this?
Diana: I enjoy teaching craft projects with children. I think using repurposed materials is a great way to teach art, creativity, and recycling. There is usually a way to give new life to an object rather than throw it away. I think its important to rethink how “we take out the trash.” I try to incorporate recycled materials because I don’t like wasting things. Its also nice to have a story behind an object. Rather than getting rid of that beloved single sock or mitten you can turn it into a new toy.

Betty the Elephant

Sew,Mama,Sew!: My son and I particularly like “Betty the Elephant” and “The Five Little Pigs” in Puppet Play. All of your puppets seem very accessible and kid-craft-friendly. Where do your puppet ideas come from? Does your work with children help you create new types of puppets?
Diana: My ideas are usually spontaneous. I love creating anthropomorphic animals and characters. Betty the elephant is made from a leg warmer I had. I think I was sitting at my drawing table trying to imagine what the long piece of fabric/tube could be made into. I thought of an elephant’s trunk. During the winter I had lost a mate to a pink pair of gloves and thought of the nursery rhyme, the Five Little Pigs. The punk rocker puppet was inspired from my junk metal collection.

Sew,Mama,Sew!: How do you maintain a creative life?
Diana: I’m passionate about art and my job. I enjoy creating things with my hands and draw. I love to learn about art and go to museums.

Thanks, Diana!… Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win a copy of Puppet Play. There are more opportunities to win on Diana’s book blog tour. Check out all of the tour dates and sites on her blog.

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88 Responses to Puppet Play Interview

  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. Amanda Mitchell says:

    I LOVE this! It would be PERFECT for my in-home daycare! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Crystal C says:

    This book looks like fabulous fun, for both mama and kids!

  4. Esmeralda says:

    They are adorable , the perfect present for a lovely kid!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  5. Rachel says:

    Really enjoyed reading about this, and exploring the author’s website.

  6. Jenny S. says:

    I think this book would be so nice. I love making little gifts for my nieces and nephews!!! So Cute!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    As a mother and an elem. teacher, I would love to have this book.

  8. Pauline says:

    Awesome stuff! I think I would enjoy making every puppet in the book!

  9. Sherry J says:

    I love puppets! i have been using them in my preschool classroom for years! i would love to have this book.

  10. StephanieS says:

    The examples you show here are adorable.

  11. Aimee says:

    My boys love puppets… what a great resource! Love the creative use of materials.

  12. ChezPooh says:

    I know an elephant lover that would delight to receive a Betty the elephant. And I have a stash of perfectly good socks without a mate just waiting for a craft project.

  13. My little boys would love to have this book! We enjoy making all sorts of puppets together! Thanks for the chance!

  14. Jennifer L says:

    We’ve just set up a puppet theatre for the kids and it would be great to make some puppets with the kids to go with it.

  15. Rachel says:

    What a fabulous book! I can’t imagine the fun my kids would have with it!

  16. Jill B says:

    Eek! This looks so cute! I’d have so much fun making these with my kids.

  17. stacey says:

    sooo adorable!

  18. Glenys says:

    So cute!! I would like to know how to make them.

  19. Larissa says:

    I’d love this!

  20. monica says:

    Adorable! My youngest daughter is fascinated with puppets. She would love any of them!

  21. Andrea P. says:

    What a cute book! I’d love to win!

  22. angelina says:

    cool giveaway guys!

  23. kathyh says:

    Everyone loves a puppet show.
    I need to make the elephant.

  24. Maggie says:

    Super cute! I’ve been wondering how to repurpose some socks!!

  25. Lucy says:

    OH, that would be SO fun here!

  26. Colleen says:

    This book looks great!! I am an elementary school teacher and could definitely use it with my class. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!

  27. Andi says:

    Making puppets was how I got started sewing! I love using them in my classroom and making them with my students.

  28. Andrea M says:

    Seriously cute book-I’d love to win it! I have always enjoyed puppets…and that sock elephant…too cute!

  29. Palila says:

    Cute! We love the Center for Puppetry Arts here, and of course need to make more puppets at home!

  30. Mar says:

    Oh my! If I get my artsy crafty hands on that book!!!!!

  31. Cynthia says:

    What a fun book!

  32. Valerie says:

    Looks like the book is full of wonderful ideas! Would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Kate says:

    I’d love a copy for my new sweet girl. It would make story time much more exciting for her. 🙂

  34. barb tupy says:

    hi I love puppets.I aways tell children that if you have a puppet you are never lonely ,you have some thing to talk to.

  35. Nancy says:

    I’m a children’s librarian, and this looks like a great book for the library. I’m adding it to my list.

  36. lizajane says:

    I would love to have that book! I teach elementary art and have done a few puppet lessons. I’d love to have more resources.

  37. What a great idea! And totally cute.

  38. jm says:

    I love puppets!

  39. Christine says:

    Not only would my daughter love these puppets my students would too (I teach kindergarten)! I would absolutely love this book!

  40. jennifer w. says:

    Love it! I know a little girl who would love to make these.

  41. Laura says:

    this is incredible! My kids would love this! They have a puppet theater but a sad lack of puppets

  42. Leah says:

    These are so cute and would be such fun to make. I teach preschool kids and I know they’d be a big hit!

  43. Pat Kelley says:

    This book looks great. I would love to win a copy…..my grandsons would have a ball playing with all those puppets I would make.

  44. Jennie says:

    I have been thinkong about making a puppet theater for a while. These puppets would be great!

  45. Kelly O. says:

    super duper cute!

  46. Melanie says:

    This book sounds great! My son has a great love of puppets and this would be great to work through with him. 🙂

  47. Kristin says:

    Oh! Too cute and a great way to use all those lone gloves running around.

  48. Brigette says:

    looks like so much fun!

  49. Emily says:

    This book looks like a fantastic way to repurpose some things that would have to be thrown away. Plus, I think my little one would love some puppets!

  50. Jennifer M says:

    I love this idea. I’ve taught “fun with garbage” classes twice at our hs co-op. The kids and parents love the ideas. My kids love to create with found items too. We could have so much fun with this book!

  51. Caren says:

    I’d love to have more inspiration – and puppets are just the thing! My son is starting to begin the imagination play stage of life, and he loves to make things. Thanks for introducing us to this book (and its’ author!)

  52. Lucie says:

    This book looks amazing!!! I would LOVE to have this book especially since I work with children.

  53. Liz says:

    This looks like such a fun book!

  54. rose says:

    Too fun!

  55. Megan says:

    This books came out just in time – I’ve been thinking about making puppets for the grand kids and I have stacks of old sweaters and what-nots begging to be reused!

  56. Kathy says:

    This books looks wonderful! I would love to win a copy — we adore puppets here! I sewed my daughter a puppet theater a few Christmases ago and we have a lot of puppet shows!

  57. Jess says:

    This is awesome! I’m a huge fan of puppets and using found objects to craft with my kiddos. I must have this book! 🙂

  58. Helen Gillis says:

    Wonderful book! Thanks for the give-away 🙂

  59. susan says:

    My children were asking me to make puppets just the other day — I would love love to win this book!

  60. Leigh Ann says:

    I would use this book over and over again and so would my mom who is a preschool teacher.

  61. Amy says:

    I LOVED puppets when I was a kid! What a great book full of ideas. I like the author interview because it’s always interesting to hear the “how’d you do that?” behind the creativity. Would love a copy of the book!

  62. Jenny says:


  63. Rebecca says:

    SO amazingly creative! Would love to have this book so I can start on Christmas presents for the munchkins in my life!

  64. Jennyroo says:

    Would love to win a copy! This looks so cute, my kids would love it!

  65. Meagan says:

    What a sweet book! 🙂 I would love to make my little boy a few of these creatures. He would adore them!

  66. Alisa says:

    I’d love this one! I have plans to make my children a puppet theater (from Little Things to Sew) and this would be a great accompaniment.

  67. Kristy says:

    My kids love puppets. Fun!

  68. Betty the Elepahnt is soooo cute! These are so adorable and they look simple to make. off to check out her blog!

  69. Bethany says:

    That looks like fun, something that my kids would really enjoy! Hopefully I will win!!

  70. I LOVE that five little piggies puppet! super cute stuff.

  71. Anne says:

    This is great! I just started making paper bag puppets with my 2 year old! We love playing and making up stories!

  72. MC says:

    Adorable! I would love to win this for my little niece or nephew that is on the way.

  73. Donna says:

    I love the elephant! I have so many sweaters laying around that I want to use but haven’t quite found the right project for them yet. My 2 daughters (6mo and 3yrs) would love these!

  74. kate C. says:

    Wow! So cute! My girls would love to make some of these with me!

  75. Maman A Droit says:

    Oh how fun! I’ve made felt finger puppets for my son, but I’m sure he’d love me to make him lots more puppets like the ones in this book 🙂

  76. Rebecca says:

    I am in love with Betty the elephant! So fun!

  77. Emily says:

    How wonderful!!! These are so cute and look like a lot of fun to play with!!

  78. krystina says:

    Adorable book! Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. Gali says:

    they are so cute!

  80. Emily says:

    These puppets are way to cute! What kid would not love them?

  81. Janet says:

    Oh, what an adorable book! My girls love to make puppets and put on puppet shows. I made them a puppet theater for Christmas, so this book would be perfect to help us make some more characters for it.

  82. Karen Compton says:

    The 5 little pigs one is adorable. My girls would love to have some puppets from your book!

  83. Rachael says:

    these puppets are so cute! i’d love to learn how to make them.

  84. Honey says:

    I have waited sooooo long for a modern puppet book! The library has been useful in looking at construction and basics, but all of the books are from the 60s and 70s! I am so excited that a professional puppeteer has written this book and I look forward to using these ideas with kids!

  85. What adorable puppets! Thanks for a chance to win this great book, I know lots of kiddos that would love these little creations!

  86. This is lovely! I know my Russ would really get into this.

  87. Sarah McGrath says:

    What a cute book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  88. Vanessa says:

    I would love that book!

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