Angela recently celebrated her first year of blogging, and the first anniversary of her big move to Tokyo, Japan. Saké Puppets has grown through the year as Angela explores Japanese sewing in a big way.
The year ahead is set to be a “year of creative work” for Angela, so you know you’ll want to check in with her at Saké Puppets as she continues to share all she sees and learns as a sewist in Japan. Angela’s up next with a beautiful project for taking your sewing on-the-go this summer…

Hi, everyone! I’m Angela over at Saké Puppets, and I’m thrilled to be sharing a tutorial with you at Sew,Mama, Sew! I started my blog a year ago when my husband and I dropped everything and moved to Tokyo, bringing only what we could carry (er, pile onto a luggage cart). Sadly, that didn’t include my sewing machine. It wasn’t long before I found a new one and got to work-– exploring Tokyo’s craft scene, rebuilding my stash of supplies, and learning all I could about Japanese craft and culture.

Tokyo offers endless amounts of inspiration, and I’m having a great time learning sashiko (for more on sashiko, you can check out my blog, here), sewing, and eating at lots (and lots) of ramen shops.