Mary from Hot Potatoes is fairly new to blogging but she’s been in the craft/sewing scene for a long time! She loves to sew clothes and shares some tunic tips next for that perfect summertime wardrobe staple… Check out Mary’s sites for more information about her work, and come back for her tunic post later this morning!

Hey there. I am Mary O’Neil and I like to make things with my hands. I love color a whole lot and I love fabric and rubber stamps and all kinds of art supplies. I have just started sewing with a new passion and I like to make clothes. I am simply thrilled to be doing a tutorial for Sew,Mama,Sew! and hope to get a whole lot of new pals!

I have been pretty sick for a few years and now that I am coming out of the fog I have a new love for creating wonderful things to wear. Oh, by the way, I am healthy as a horse now. I gave up gluten and dairy and I am a new person. That is another story.

I own a rubber stamp company called Hot Potatoes. I have that name because for many years I carved stamps from potatoes and hand printed garments to sell. I was on The Carol Duvall show for years, which put my sweet little company on the map. Now I make stamps, design for a home-builder here in Nashville and work at a very cool fabric store. I have a garden, dogs, a hundred year old house and a sweet husband.

I am trying to blog and that is a whole new thing for me. My claim to fame is embossing velvet and if you sew then you should know and use this technique.

I like to be busy all the time and my husband says I could have fun in a box.