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Sophie blogs at Roubidou, where you can find the most adorable layette sewing around as she prepares for her new little one (due this fall!). Sophie sews and knits and really inspires with her lovely projects. She’s up next with a tutorial, perfect for the younger set at a summer fête! Enjoy Sophie’s introduction, and visit Roubidou today!

Thanks for letting me a part of the summer sewing bash! I’m thrilled to be sharing a tutorial here on Sew,Mama,Sew!, a website that has not only provided me over the past years with ample inspiration but also with great sewing tips. As a co-taught sewer, my teachers being the blogosphere and my seam ripper, it’s all the more great to be an active part of this rich community. Reading the accounts of other people about their mothers and grandmothers, I sometimes get a bit jealous about all the sewing memories and the infusion of techniques with family history. Although my grandmother was a rather talented seamstress who sewed all her children’s clothes until the Wirtschaftswunder made her talent, at least in her eyes, redundant, I have never seen her using a sewing machine. Same with my mother; she actually hated sewing so much that when she was forced as part of her home economics class to sew a nightgown, she simply glued the pieces together– hoping that nobody would notice. Unsurprisingly, she was not very keen on teaching me what she had learned. Not that this cast a shadow on my childhood– sewing (or knitting and embroidering for that matter) was just not on my radar. This changed all of a sudden when I fell in love. Creating a home for us, settling down in all so many ways, sparked in me the urge to make it a “handmade home.” So I got myself a machine and project by project I learned how to sew. Now with our first daughter on her way this appetite for creating has grown with my belly and she will find a handmade nest with self-made clothes and things waiting for her. I’d love to teach her some day when she is older how to sew, how to create things you want the way you want them to be. But if she prefers glue to thread I guess that is fine just as well.

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5 Responses to Introducing ~ Sophie

  1. Beth T says:

    Welcome, Sophie! It is sweet to read that your love of crafting and creating grew out of Love itself.

  2. VickiT says:

    Oh my gosh ~ GLUED the nightgown together? LOL I’m sorry but you have to admit that really is funny. I’m sorry I laughed though because it’s also part of what makes you sad about not having the memories that you have read about in all the blogs online as well.

    Does it help you to know that I haven’t got a clue if my Grandmother sewed at all. They lived 12 hours away and we only saw them twice a year although when she died there was a tiny box found that she had put my name on. Inside that box was a handmade baby quilt she’d made for my first baby, a little girl. Sadly, she never gave it to me and had planned to later at some point when the pain was over for me, or better anyway. I lost that baby when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant so she never gave it to me. Then when I had my 2nd child she had already died.

    Anyway, my mother did make a lot of my clothes when I was younger and I took home ec in school back when all schools offered that. I’m sad that so many have stopped offering home ec for young girls to learn to sew and cook. I’m not sure why unless she was waiting for me to ask but, she never taught me much at all. I took it upon myself as a young girl and did go with her fabric shopping and the women in the fabric store would give me the old pattern books when the new ones came out. Back then the line drawings of the patterns were all in the very back of the books and they were the exact size to fit Barbie Dolls I found. That’s when I started sewing myself and since then, like you, have learned to sew mostly on my own. My Mom died just 2 months after my 2nd (1st live birth) child was born so I never was able to learn more from her.

    Sorry that really got into a ‘all about me’ type post but I wanted to let you know I totally understand how you feel because I have had those very same feelings myself in reading the blogs. But, now you’re on your way because I have already taken a peek at the adorable project you have posted here and think it is just awesome. I’ve only peeked at the picture so far but I’ll be checking that out much more because we’re expecting our 2nd Grandchild in September and that looks like something I might be wanting to make.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your first child. I remember how super exciting (and scary too) that was. I’m sure you’re going to be a super Mom.

  3. Sydney says:

    You sound like me! Just a bit more settled, haha. My mom doesn’t understand why I have a sewing machine. I can’t wait for your tutorial 🙂 Welcome!

  4. Can’t wait to stop by your blog… I’m having a baby in Dec (the news is finally “out of the bag!”) and I hope that I can make lots of homemade lovelies for him or her!

  5. Eleonora says:

    welcone sophie!I visited Roubidou…it’s full of funny ideas for babies!

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